Naomi Campbell vs. Danni Minogue (A Catfight in Monaco) by Harry 17-Dec-99

Naomi Campbell's position as the unofficial queen of Monaco was absolute. When she moved in with the Head of Benetton, an elderly but exceptionally rich Italian, in Monaco she had access to the pick of the Italian fashion and was the talk of the Formula 1 racing circuit. But that position changed when Danni Minogue announced that she was going to marry the Canadian driver, Jacques Villeneuve, who did not drive for Benetton. Danni is Kylie's older sister and considered to be the tougher of the pair. She had starred in the Australian soap opera, "Home and Away" in which her character had had several catfights, a number of hit singles and albums, appeared on TV and in mini series and was model in her own right Her arrival in the small principality had caused a stir and it became obvious that there was no room for both of these women.

Naomi had started the war of the words by pronouncing her opponent to being a third rate model, a worse singer and a fourth rate actress. Danni had retorted by saying that the has bean model ought to spend more time in an old peoples home with her boyfriend or go back to Britain. The final straw had come when Danni had held a photo-shoot to show off a new swimwear range that had completely overshadowed Naomi's shoot on the same day. Naomi was livid at being humiliated in this manner, and had vowed revenge. The catty remarks had escalated, until one day during car testing in the south of France when they met at an official function. She had been severely tempted to drive the Aussies smug face into a salad bowl, but rather than embarrass her sugar daddy she had suggested that Danni and her return to Monaco that night to settle their problem. Danni was only to eager to prove that she could hold her own with Naomi, and add to her reputation, which had never been as high profile as she thought she deserved.

Naomi agreed to meet Danni in the boxing ring at the Gym they both used in Monaco. Enough money was waved at the owner to convince him to close up for the evening and go have a few beers. Naomi was wearing a white push up bra and panties that contrasted with her tall, lean and dark figure when Danni arrived through a side door. Danni quickly removed her outer garments to reveal that she was similarly attired in black push up bra and panties, her blonde hair worn long like her opponents. Neither woman was wearing any jewelry. She stepped through the middle rope and stood in the opposite corner to Naomi who glowered at her and walked to the centre of the ring.

"So you didn't chicken out like you normally do!" snarled Naomi.

"I've never run away from a fight in my life, especially against third rate models who have to have a boyfriend old enough to be their father because she can't get a real one."

"Fuck you Danni! You talk big for a stupid little Aussie slut who can't sing and can't act. Aren't you embarrassed by having appeared in Home and Away!"

Danni put her hands to her mouth in mock horror and surprise, "Naomi that's so hurtful, and it so original, like I've never heard it before."

Enraged at being made fun of in this manner, Naomi decided that the time for talking was over, and charged forward, hands outstretched. Her hands collided with Danni's outstretched claws, and her momentum pushed her into the ropes where their bodies came into touch They grappled silently for a few moments, Danni's body pushing the ropes back to the limit. Every attempt Naomi made to bend Danni's wrists back was parried and countered, so she broke free with one hand and placed it over Danni's face, pushing her head backwards, trying to force her through over the ropes. Danni retaliated by using her now free hand to punch Naomi in the stomach causing her to grunt as she fought back the pain.

Just when Danni thought that she was in danger of losing the fight before it had even begun, the Supermodel released the grip on her face, and moved her hand so that it joined the other and, pivoting on her heels, swung her opponent across the ring. This move caught Danni by surprise, and as she was propelled forward, she tripped over own feet and went sprawling into the canvas. As she started to get up, Naomi planted one of her feet into her backside and she was sent sprawling forward again. Twice more this happened forcing Danni closer to the ropes. On the fourth occasion, Danni looked over her right shoulder and as Naomi raised her foot, rolled onto her side and lashed out with her own leg, This caught Naomi's right ankle, which was supporting her entire body and sent her sprawling, and allowed Danni time to get to her feet, no damage done except to her ego, and turn to face Naomi who had also gotten up from her introduction to the canvas.

They now both realised that this was going be no gentle roll around and work-out. Thy circled for a few moments, lashing and clawing the air with their hands, but never getting close enough to cause real concern. Again it was Naomi who charged forward in an order to get to grips with her Australian opponent. This time, when she grabbed Naomi's outstretched claws, Danni sidestepped and hooked a foot around an ankle and the pair of them went collapsed onto the floor, Naomi dragging her down. Naomi hit the floor on her back with Danni at an angle across her.

"Get off me you Aussie slut!" hissed Naomi as she grabbed two fistfuls of blonde hair which was draped down Danni's back.

As the Australians head was dragged closer to that of her foe, she returned the attack and grabbed Naomi's raven black hair on either side of her head. A fierce hairpulling struggle then ensued as the two women rolled around the ring in a desperate attempt to gain supremacy. Their bodies pressed together from their heads to their toes and their faces grimaced in pain as the other woman tried to pull long hair out by its roots.

After several minutes struggle, Naomi managed to return to the upper position and spread her legs to prevent being overturned. She then released her grip on Danni's hair and placed one hand around the Aussies neck and the other over her mouth and nose in an effort to deny her air. Danni also broke the hair hold and tried to frantically rip Naomi's hands way or throw her off. But the more she struggled the more air she consumed, the less she was able to inhale and the more desperate and frantic her efforts. It was a vicious circle with only one outcome. In desperation, she grabbed hold of Naomi's nose with one hand and turned her head sharply to one side and began to punch the now exposed cheek. Naomi shrieked in pain and broke her grip on Danni and rolled away. Danni gulped air in greedily and turned her head to one side to see her dark opponent on her knees clutching her battered face.

After resting for a few moments Danni got to her hands and knees, her breath now recovered, and began to crawl towards Naomi. The dark supermodel had not expected this sort of pain, as she massaged her bruised and swelling cheek. She saw Danni approaching on all fours, her breasts swinging provocatively, and adopted the same position. They eyed each other nastily for a few moment, before leaping at one another, hands embedded in long strands of hair shaking each others head back and forth. Naomi realised that this was leading to stalemate and freed one hand to start raking Danni's back with her nails. The Australian superstar twisted with pain as the long dark fingers worked up and down her spine. But it was as nothing when Naomi slid her hand down the back of the skimpy black underwear and started to scrape away the flesh. Danni let out a stifled scream as fingers pinched the flesh of her backside and arched her back, thrusting her crotch into Naomi's.

"Like this do we Danni?" Naomi hissed malevolently in to the white woman's ear, as she thrust her own crotch forward.

Danni squirmed, caught in a vice, "Let go of me you sweaty black slut." she said to try and hide the pain, but Naomi just laughed, and it wasn't a pleasant sound. Danni released one hand from Naomi's long dark hair and used it to start to unhook the white bra across her chest. Naomi could do nothing to prevent the lacy white article fall away to reveal her perfect dark breasts and hardening nipples. Needing no second opportunity Danni clamped her hands over the two orbs and squeezed. Naomi threw back her head and let out a shriek of pure agony as Danni's fingers alternately squeezed, kneaded and pinched at the flesh. In desperation she put a hand under her opponents chin and began to push upwards hoping to force her way, but there was no apparent reaction except for some grunts. She then stopped her assault on Danni's arse and instead, took hold of a handful of her underwear and yanked it upwards, hard.

The pain in Danni's crotch as the cloth bit into her womanhood was such that she instantly forgot about her opponents breasts and diverted both hands to try and move free herself from the pain. Releasing her grip slightly, Naomi brought her other hand to bear and pulled at the knickers again, this time with both hands, "Split you in half deary" she cackled and it was Danni's turn to scream. Nothing Danni tried to do could stop the pain as her underwear was brutally forced inside her. Eventual relief came when the black silk of her underwear gave way under the strain it had never been intended to take. Both women fell backwards, Naomi in surprise from this sudden turn of events and Danni in relief.

As the Australian soap star lay on her back gingerly removing bit of her underwear from her womanhood, she came under a barrage of kicks from Naomi which hit her lower legs. After the pain she had suffered Danni started to kick back eager to avenge the attack upon her pussy. Both women realised that these attacks were not going to be decisive so backed away to assess the damage. Naomi was horrified to see the state of her breasts, covered with bruises and fingerprints.

"Won't be modelling bra's for a while will we bitch!" taunted Danni, who had removed the cloth from her sore, but otherwise undamaged crotch.

They stood up and started to circle again, a lot more wary of one another now. They locked their fingers in a test of strength and started to try and force the other onto their knees. Naomi lashed out with her long right foot, catching the left cheek of Danni's butt. Although it didn't hurt, Danni retaliated and as they circled and struggled for dominance their feet pummelled one another. Naomi thrust herself up close to Danni, trying to use her greater stature to dominate her opponent. She released her grip and wrapped both her arms around Danni's upper body, pinning her arms to her side. As the Australian struggled in this vice all she could do to attack Naomi was kick her legs, with little affect. Meanwhile Naomi used her hands to undo the clip on the black bra and allowed gravity to take its affect as it dropped to the floor, revealing Danni's firm and creamy white breasts. She used her grip to pull the white woman into her, causing their breasts to mash together and then lift her off the floor. Danni squealed as her tits were squeezed against Naomi's, their stiffening nipples jockeying for position. As much she struggled there was nothing that she could do to break free. The dark supermodel staggered to the corner of the ring with her burden, enjoying herself immensely at being in this position of power.

"Want to be let go little girl.?" she asked her trapped opponent.

When there was no response, she released her grip, and when Danni's feet hit the canvas, she pushed her back into the cornerpost. Danni screeched with pain as her spine collided with the turnbuckle and dropped to one knee. There was no chance of recovery, as Naomi grabbed her by the fringe of her hair so the at she was looking upwards, and then drove her foot into her stomach. Danni doubled over in pain, as a foot connected with her midriff.

"Kiss my feet you little slut or there will be much worse to come" she said, with another tug on Danni's blonde hair.

But her moment of seeming triumph was transitory as Danni grabbed hold of both of her ankles and pulled, causing Naomi to fall flat on her back, stunning her.

"If your going to fight, fight bitch don't talk!" sneered Danni.

With her opponent lay out prone in front of her, Danni needed no second invitation to inflict pain. She moved forward on her knees and wrenched aside Naomi's damp white panties, to reveal a hairy black minge. Naomi was brought back to her senses as Danni plunged both hands into the dark bush before her, plucking out hairs, and using fingers and knuckles to drive into her womanhood. The supermodel sat up and let out a scream of pain as her c--- was assaulted. Despite the pain and humiliation she used both hands to grab hold of Danni's blonde hair and pull her away. But the Aussie wasn't going to give up this opportunity easily and had to be dragged, loosing numerous strands of hair. Being driven mad with the pain of Danni's continued attacks, Naomi started to thrash about with her feet and legs, and by accident momentarily drove her big toe into Danni's unprotected cunt. Causing her to gasp in shock and surprise, and more importantly end her feverish manipulation of the dark woman's pussy.

Free of the pain Naomi started to crawl backwards, to get away from her opponent, and gasped in horror when her battered pussy came into view. But her thoughts of self pity were forgotten when Danni started to crawl after her. Naomi realised that she wasn't going to win this race and lashed out with her feet to keep Danni away. The pop star managed to dodge and dive the first few unaimed blows, but one caught her right breast on the nipple, driving it back into the breast. Danni let out a scream and a string of obscenities as she rocked back onto her knees rubbing her damaged breast.

"Pay back bitch!" spat Naomi continuing to crawl away.

"You ain't seen any payback yet whore!" snarled Danni looking up.

Despite her aches and pains, the Australian threw herself into a pursuit which took Naomi by surprise. In a few bounds she had thrown herself on top of the supermodel, flattening her across the canvas, her hands enmeshed in long black hair. Naomi screamed as Danni thrust her blonde pussy against her own battered womanhood. Long dark fingers sunk into Danni's breasts and nipples, squeezing and pinching. As they battled to inflict pain on one another, they let fly with tirades of abuse and obscenity. Despite the fearsome pressure on her own breasts, Danni continued to thrust her cunt down against Naomi's, from which the dark super model had no escape. Slowly Naomi weakened and released her grip and Danni was able to sit astride her foe's waist. Naomi bucked and thrashed in an effort to throw Danni off, but to no affect, so resumed her breast mauling attack. But Danni was now in the dominant position and was able to return the attacks with interest. White fingers stroked dark nipples and breast flesh before plunging into the bruised but still malleable flesh, whilst dark fingers mirrored the attacks on white breasts.

"Let go of my fucking breasts you fucking slut!" shouted Danni through the pain.

When there was no response from her opponent, Danni released her grip on her tits and returned her attention to Naomi's hair, pulling her head off the floor. When there was still no lessening of the pain she started to bang Naomi's head against the canvas. Slowly but surely the grip on her tits lessened, and after a dozen blows the fingers fell away and Naomi became motionless.

Danni savoured her moment of victory by pausing to catch her breath, before moving forwards and rub her sweaty minge over Naomi's bruised face.

When Naomi came to she was disgusted to find that her face was covered with short curly blonde hairs. Worse was to come when she discovered that her clothes and gone, and she was forced to call the Gym owner to organise clothes to get home in. The final humiliation came 10 days latter when she saw Danni at a party, wearing her clothes.

The End