Hey, Stop That! Denise Richards vs. Neve Campbell by TNT

"Now its my turn, OK?"

"Eeeeeeeek!" SPLASH! (gurgle....gurgle) The delightful question received no answer but a surprised squeal as one gorgeous young beauty felt strong fingers grip her shoulders, squeeze painfully then push her under water. Arms flailed frantically. Beautiful brown eyes opened wide feeling the sting from the chlorine treated water. "Let me up! Enough is enough....c'mon, playtime is over ! Arggggggh!" (cough...hack cough....gasp) Neve's lungs frantically devoured every precious molecule of oxygen the second she broke the surface. She paid no attention to her wayward bikini top that had released her luscious firm left breast.

"Isn't this fun?" Denise laughed as she took in her colleagues beauty, ignoring what seemed to be both a frightened and angry look on Neve's beautiful face. Both young lovelies had just completed the shoot of the wild catfight, pool struggle and kiss scene for 'Wild Things.' The crew had left. They had stayed poolside to relax, enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet. Or better put, playfulness. Hidden jealousies, envy and a few other emotions seemed to be running amuck. But the sun, the water and the par excellence drinks were to die for.

"My turn you little bitch!" Neve snipped between gasps for air. She slipped a few steps away from Denise who had grabbed a nearby drink poolside. Neve smiled inwardly as she took in her costars' exquisite beauty. The smile broadened as an instant mental picture excited her.

"Please, noooo....STOP; you're hurting my throat!"Neve could feel Denise squirm as she wrapped her bikini top around her pretty neck. And those beautiful firm, hot, boobs! She could feel Denise's body squirm as she dug her fingers into them.

"I just wonder what Miss Denise is thinking?" though a beautiful woman watching them from across the way. She'd enjoyed every second of the action; of the entire film shoot actually - but THIS action seemed to be even more exciting; tantalizing; erotic; sensual and lustful than any she'd witnessed yet! "Hmmmmmm, maybe the two little lovelies will kill each other.....After they strip each other. Hmmmmm, I wonder..."

"Haven't you had enough already?" Neve said as she slipped up close to Denise. Her voice was sharp, angry and accusing.

"Oh please. Don't tell me what to do; or do you WANT another dunking?" Denise shot back.

She took a big gulp of the delightful drink and watched Neve's face brighten with anger, fighting the impulse to throw the rest of the icy liquid in her friend's face.

"Why you arrogant bitch! You were lucky that time! I could strangle you and drown you in a heartbeat," Neve challenged moving even closer.

She watched Denise's lovely lower lip curl and the daggers that seemed to instantly appear in her beautiful eyes. Denise reached out, placed the glass on the pool's edge and stepped out to face trouble.

"Better tuck that puppy in girl. No wait, on second thought, it'll make a wonderful target," Denise snickered.

"Hmpppphh. Knowing you, it'd be a target for that forked tongue," Neve countered as she took Denise's suggestion and slipped her breast back into the skimpy top, feeling a strange warm tingling as she doubled her fists.

"Fight already, dammit!" the beautiful observer whispered as she adjusted her sunglasses, took a sip of her exotic drink and furtively looked around to make sure there'd be no interference or interruption. She KNEW the two women were about to come to blows; there was no doubt....what she wondered was how SHE could involve herself...with one...which one....or both?!!

"ARGGGGGH!" Denise swung hard and fast....but Neve was faster! She ducked Denise's punch and drove her fist deep into her lovely opponent's belly just below her naval. Another punch snapped Denise's head to the side, and as she reeled, angry fingers flashed out, latched onto a firm left breast and squeezed hard as the fingers dug deep into the soft flesh.

"Oucccch! Ungggggh....oh, you bitch, you cruel BITCH!" Denise wailed.

"This is payback! Payback for being sooooo uppity; payback for being sooooo mean, and payback for being sooooo fuckin' HOT!" Neve snarled as she fired a punch into Denise's right breast. Then she grabbed a double handful of hair and pulled Denise's head under water. "This'll teach you who's the boss!" Neve snarled as she held Denise underwater, watching the bubbles and relishing the sight of long arms and desperate hands flailing and clawing wildly at both air and water. "How 'bout some nice fresh air, hot stuff?" Neve snickered as she pulled her gasping, oxygen-starved costars head up. She smiled as she pulled down one cup of the overstuffed red bikini and chirped, "Oh my, look whose puppy got loose! We'll have to put a leash on that bad doggie!" She gave the exposed nipple a quick, hard pinch. Denise yelped and took a weary-but-way-too-slow swing at her tormentor, then let out a loud grunt as Neve's hard backhand rocked her head back. Denise lost her footing as she fell over backward and plunged beneath the surface again. "Tccccch- tccccch- tchhhhhh," Neve clucked as she stepped back to watch her coughing, hacking friend resurface.

Denise cut loose with some rather choice unladylike words as she quickly backed away. Both lovely contenders seemed ready to leave each other alone, at least for the moment, as they moved apart and leaned on the pool's edge. Both Neve and the observer frowned - at least inwardly - as Denise repositioned her wayward top and holstered her 'big guns.'

"Soon; very, very soon," the still unseen watcher muttered.

"Ladies, can I get you another drink?" asked a waiter who appeared suddenly, seemingly from nowhere.

"Of course," Denise said as the waiter replaced their empty glasses with full ones.

Denise kept one eye on her rival as she took the drink and began to guzzle it. Neve rolled her eyes, shook her head in a bit of disbelief, but then followed suit. Soon, they began to giggle and splash each other; seemingly having forgotten their anger.

"You are sooooo pretty," Neve whispered as she slipped close to Denise in the waist deep water, holding her glass up as she slipped her arm around her friend's shoulder. "WHOOPS! I'm sooooo sorry," Neve giggled as a her glass tipped and the cold liquid streamed down Denise's front and ran into the deep cleavage between her breasts. "Here, I'll take care of it!" Neve continued as she lowered her head and sucked up the rivulets with her rapidly flicking tongue.

"Hmmmmmm..." Denise groaned with a bit of mock eroticism.

Both chuckled, then Neve's lips were meeting Denise's for a playful kiss. Denise responded with a longer kiss and groaned as she felt Neve's hand slip up under her top as her knee pressed firmly against her groin. Then she felt the hard side of the pool against her back.

"Sorry for almost drowning your hot little body," Neve said as she finally broke the kiss.

"Me too, although it WAS fun when I held your sorry ass under water," Denise chuckled as she cupped Neve's full breast and squeezed the firm orb firmly enough to wring a soft "ouch" from her friend.

"So you do like to play rough, huh bitch?" Neve responded with a twinge of anger. She added more power to her groin-knee press and Denise grunted as Nave gave her erect nipple a painful pinch.

"You wanna play or fight?" Denise asked feeling the need for instant clarification.

"Maybe a little of both!" Neve answered as she suddenly locked lips with her friendly rival and thrust her tongue in deep, exploring the sweetness as her fingers switched from painful breast squeezing to a delightful nipple tease.

"Hmmmmm, playtime not fight time, at least for the moment," the silent completely attentive observer noted. She shifted position to watch the two young lovelies continue to make out, giggling, laughing, taunting, teasing and splashing each other. She was delightfully amazed that she remained unseen and unheard. Even the waiter had followed her orders precisely and ignored her presence behind the small lattice portal that offered her a splendid view of the action. "Gaawwwwd, they ARE hot," she mused as she watched their eager fingers tease the firm breasts and rock hard nipples under their skimpy bikini tops and she even occasionally caught a brief glimpse of an exposed pleasure mound. She groaned as her own fingers slipped under her soft white bikini top as she teased and tweaked her own pleasure buds. "More action....PLEASE, ladies."

"Let's see who's strongest!" Neve said as she suddenly grabbed Denise's hands and jerked them up high. Instantly the two interlocked fingers and began to force the other into submission.

"Uhhhhhh. Ooooooooh. Ahhhhhh," the erotic strained groans and gasps filled the air as the two maneuvered back and forth in the waist deep water. Beautiful full breasts bulged out of bikini tops, lovely faces grimaced, shoulder, biceps and forearm muscles strained as each woman breathed and hissed out veiled threats and nasty taunts.

"Argggggh!" Suddenly both women yelled in unison as they jerked each others arms outward and down hard. Four full firm breasts slammed rudely, erotically together as the two met in a most sensuous clash. Long fingers pinched and squeezed hard struggling for victory.

"You're going down," Neve snarled as she stared into Denise's beautiful determined eyes.

"Like hell I am. You're going to beg me to stop very, very soon girl," Denise countered. She smiled as she realized Neve's full breasts were almost completely out of her top. She pushed her chest harder into her friend's and whispered, "I can't wait to strip you naked."

"Come on, take her down already." Miss observer was getting impatient.

"YIEEEEEEEE!" Denise screamed in pain as Neve suddenly squeezed her fingers incredibly hard, twisted her wrists, backed up and jerked her forward. Neve quickly released her rival's fingers, grabbed her by the hair and tried to push her under. For some reason the threat of being stripped naked didn't set well with Neve and she acted accordingly.

"ARGGGGGH!" Denise slapped Neve's hands away from her hair, took a wild swing and luckily connected with Neve's jaw. Neve had turned almost in time but the grazing blow was just solid enough to stop her. She shook her head then lunged at her fleeing rival catching her by the hair. "AAAAWWWCK!" Denise yelped as her head was jerked backward. She fired an elbow backwards this time connecting with Neve's left breast. Neve squealed but held on and tried hard to force her struggling friend under. Both had moved into a bit deeper water.

Neither had seen the blur of sparkling white blaze across the far side of the pool. They hadn't even heard the small splash as a beautiful lithe sexy body spit the water's surface. Nor did they see the approaching lovely form stroking stealthily underwater towards them. "Ladies, THIS'S how it's done!"

The words surprised both battlers as the unexpected intruder rocketed up out of the water between them. Neve instinctively stepped back as the petite, dark-haired beauty came down behind Denise, wrapped her arm around her neck, grabbed the top of her head and pulled and pushed the screaming beauty under. Frantic arms clawed both water and air as a crowd of bubbles rose to the churning water's surface. "See how easy it really is!" Lucy Liu noted rather casually as she pulled Denise up, cupped her chin and bent her backwards.

Neve stared at the erotic sight in disbelief, trying hard to shake off the surprise and absorb the sheer sensuality and excitement of the moment. Denise's lovely body seemed to be in almost total submission and control as the beautiful Asian held her tightly. Her full breasts bulged out against the confines of the skimpy bikini top. Neve had never seen such long delightfully upturned nipples.

"Like what ya see?" Lucy said with a chuckle as she slipped in closer, placed a tight fist into Denise's lower back, smiled upon hearing the groan, then withdrew the fist, opened her hand and placed it on her captive's flat tummy. She moved downward, tugged at the bikini bottom's waist band.

"Nooooo, please don't," Denise pleaded.

"OK, I won't-at least not now," Lucy whispered in Denise's ear. She released the thin fabric, gave the tight abs a firm squeeze, then slowly slid her hand upwards. Her fingers suddenly zipped up fast, curled and hooked the right side of the bikini top and pulled down slowly, firmly. "Nice! Full and firm, just the way I like 'em," the Asian beauty noted as she gave the beautiful breast a good hard squeeze. As Denise's breast mushroomed in her hand, Lucy's fingers captured the nipple and rolled the nub slowly before pinching down hard.

"YEOOOWWWWCH!" Denise wailed, thrashing and splashing in mindless agony.

"See how easy it is when you're a REAL fighter, not some movie actress wimp!" Lucy snipped as she pulled Denise's loose top off. She looked at Neve who was quickly realizing what had just happened and that she had a new enemy. She had long admired Lucy for both her beauty and feistiness; but now she bristled with anger at Lucy's condescending, demeaning tone and her 'better'n thou' attitude.

"Why you arrogant little slant-eyed bitch!" Neve shouted angrily as she suddenly lunged. Lucy jerked Denise's head to the side, hooked her leg around hers and sent her flailing backward.

WHAAACK! "Uhhhhhhh." Neve grabbed her throat, groaned out a pained gasp as the incredibly hard edge of Lucy's hand chopped it with martial arts precision.

"No contest sweetie!" Lucy rasped as she clamped a face claw on Neve's beautiful, stunned face. The beautiful Asian pushed backwards hard as she slammed Neve's butt into the side of the pool and then her hand shot out and latched onto a firm breast, pulling her upright at the same instant Lucy's knee slammed up into the young woman's cunt! "Tits and pussy; both make excellent targets!" Lucy snarled as she heard Neve's double groan of agony and felt her thick nipple stiffen against her palm. She smiled as she bent her new rival's head back and watched the beautiful brown eyes fill with tears. "This is way tooooo easy. Soon I'll be having fun, lots of fuuu...uuuuggggggggh."

Waves of pain flooded Lucy's body and she gritted her teeth as she heard a faint chuckle behind her. Denise tried to hold back unbridled laughter as she fired another hard punch to Lucy's kidney, then grabbed a fistful of wet dark hair and pulled hard. Lucy yelped as her scalp felt the burn. Denise was unpleasantly (and surprisingly) strong and Lucy surmised that anger and humiliation only added to her strength and fury.

"Ready for some unexpected fun?" Denise hissed as she turned Lucy around and gave her a blistering backhand that send Lucy reeling backward. She lost her footing and down she went, her mouth open to scream, sucking in a large quantity of chlorine-saturated water. "Wanna join me for some Chinese take-out?" Denise asked Neve.

"Most definitely girlfriend, I LOVE Chinese; it's always a surprisingly delightful treat," Neve smiled most wickedly as she rubbed her sore breast and groin. She chuckled as she watched her friend reach under the water, grab Lucy's lovely head and jerk her to her feet.

"Shall we play or shall we fight?" Denise asked flippantly as she drilled a punch to her drenched "friends" solar-plexus. Lucy grunted and swung. Whether Lucy was too slow or Denise was much too fast could be debated by any lucky observers - but alas the call wasn't to be made. "Whatcha think of THIS move Luce?" Denise asked as she treated the brunette to a painful upper body forearm smash across her small, firm breasts; making Lucy yelp in pain as she staggered back.

"And how about THIS? Am I the next female Bruce Lee?" Neve queried as she whipped her arm out and chopped Lucy in the throat. Not as precise as Lucy's original, but definitely effective! The belabored Asian grunted as her hands fluttered to this new sore spot.

"See, it's really quite easy - when you're not a wimp!" Denise cackled; her voice full of mimic and malice as she slipped behind Lucy, wrapped her arm around her throat and bent her backwards.

"My oh my Mz Lucy; aren't you the friggin' tough girl!" Neve smiled as she slipped up close to her angry cursing quarry. "Such a lovely beautiful white bikini, but kinda skimpy though; don't you agree Denise?" Neve continued as she reached up and ran her open palms over Lucy's firm bikini-cupped breasts. She smiled as Lucy moaned in protest as she pressed an index finger down, inverting the stiffening nipples.

She heard Denise snarl, "Stick 'em out a bit further!" Denise bent Lucy further backward and although Lucy struggled against the firm grip, she felt her captor's hard nipples stabbing into her back. In an angry - but foolish - move, Lucy suddenly reached up and grabbed for Neve's top.

"AAAWWWWCK!" Neve yelped and stepped backwards as she grabbed for Lucy's hand. Lucy pulled hard. The top stretched and Neve dug her sharp nails into Lucy's wrists to discourage her but finally the top broke.

"That was really dumb. You'll pay dearly for that you stupid bitch," Neve snarled as she slapped Lucy hard.


Lucy just snickered as her now topless enemy ripped the torn top from her hands.

"Nice tits…for a cow," Lucy chirped a split second before a second slap blistered her lovely defiant face.


"She really needs to be taught a lesson. A good lesson," Denise said as she angrily tightened her choke hold. Neve shook her head in agreement as she grabbed the top of Lucy's head.

"Nooooooooo..." (splash)

"A clear blue water attitude adjustment oughta work, right?" Denise asked as she and her friend pushed Lucy under.

"Couldn't hurt-and it's kinda fun too," Neve laughed as she watched the flailing arms, ascending bubbles and maneuvered out of the range of the angry kicking legs. She nodded the "time to let the bitch up for some needed air" gesture and both released their gasping, cursing prey.

"Gonna kill the both of you!" Lucy snarled between gasps and coughs.

"Oh yes, Neve, we'd better run away before she kicks our asses; dontcha think?" Denise asked sarcastically as she suddenly turned and pretended to start to run, then suddenly turned back and slipped behind Lucy to catch her in a full nelson.

"That's great. I've got a better idea than fleeing from Miss Tough Ass," Neve said as she moved in close. "What was that you were saying Liu?"

"OWW! Unnnnhhhhhh..." Lucy yelped, then groaned as a hard fist slammed into her left breast and an equally hard knee bid a painful "Hello, how ya doin'?" greeting to her groin.

"Those tempting targets; what'd she say they again....oh yeah; tits and pussy....hehehehe…OOPS! Soooo sorry sweetie; didn't mean to hurt such a pretty lady; a fighting tigress," Neve guffawed in mock remorse touched by a twinge of lustful admiration, as she reached up and tugged at Lucy's bikini top, pulling it out just far enough to expose the dark stiff nipple to their lustful downward gaze.

"Yeah strip her! Rip it off!" Denise said her voice low, raspy, full of lust.

"Whatcha think Luce; wanna be stripped by two younger, sexier, stronger women?" Neve asked as she looked into their captive Asian's beautiful deep brown eyes as she pressed her knee harder on Lucy's pubic mound and stared deep into her defiant eyes, "Do whatever ya want bitch...'cause you're gonna pay big time!"

"Yeoowww!" Neve yelped as a foot slammed into her shin. Her lovely eyes rolled as she hopped back on one foot, amazed and angry both at the strength in Lucy's legs and her still-strong defiance of her dominance as she tried hard to hold onto her captive who seemed to suddenly have a turbocharged burst of energy.

"Unnngggggh!" Lucy gasped as her groin exploded in pain. Neve had recovered quickly and treated her defiant rival to the most powerful groin kick she could remember ever giving another woman! Lucy screamed and doubled over as two angry hands grabbed either side of her bikini top and yanked hard, splitting the fabric in two between the cups. Neve stepped back, swallowed hard and intentionally tried to control her rage before peppering the now topless Asian captive's tight abs with a flurry of hard punches.

"Now you've done it! You've gone and made her mad; really mad," Denise said as she tightened her grip on the stubbornly defiant Asian beauty who was barely grunting as Neve worked her abs over with cruel precision. Then, suddenly, Neve stopped punching and looked at Lucy, then at Denise, then back at Lucy. WHAM! She snapped a punch to the beautiful left breast.

"Uhhhhhh.... Oh @#@#$#@#$! You bitch!!"

"Hey, maybe you should try a different strategy," Denise suggested, sensing Neve's growing frustration with their mutual rival's lack of submission. Neve looked as puzzled as she was angry and frustrated. "Too much booze," Denise mused as she smiled at Neve's not thinking exactly what she was thinking. "You know, hot and spicy like Kung Pao, get it?" Denise huffed, giggling at Neve's raised eyebrows and licking her lips as the light finally dawning.

"Why of course," Neve said with a delightful snicker. She curled her fingers into a fist, snarled, cocked her arm and looked at Lucy's defiant face. "You're toast sweetie. Take THIS!!" The fist blazed forth like a torpedo. Lucy closed her eyes, snapped her head to the side and grimaced. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The Asian lovely slowly, carefully opened one eye and saw the fist suspended an inch from her jaw. "Change of heart my lovely," Neve laughed as she morphed her fist into an open palm, reached down and cupped Lucy's left breast. Lucy groaned as she felt her nipple teased and tantalized. Hungry eager lips pressed against hers as her other nipple began to feel the same sensations.

"Nuhhhh...oooooo....aaaaaahhh," Lucy's gasps and groans though still defiant were squelched and overpowered by Neve's determined and forceful kisses and tender skilled caresses. The Asian beauty struggled and squirmed hard as she felt Denise tighten then loosen her full nelson. Not letting her captive ever feel real freedom, Denise slipped her left arm around Lucy's neck and let only her right hand have a bit of fun. "Ummmmmmm. Noooooo. Stop it. Ooooooooh," Lucy groaned as Neve suddenly broke off a long kiss.

Lucy turned her head to the side, sucked air, then felt pressure once again as Neve positioned her head perfectly. This time it was Denise who locked lips with her. Denise slipped her tongue in deep. Lucy groaned as she began she felt another hand on her right breast, this time squeezing the base firmly, forcing the nipple to jut out and receive a most skillful flickering tongue, then eager hungry sucking lips.

"Stop, please, noooooo, please you two stop it…HELP!" Lucy's silent embarrassed and soon overpowered moans went totally unheeded as her two captors exploited her once defiant defenses. Neve hungrily worked with Denise on her right breast. "Nooooooo, not that, ohhh please, ummmmmm." More silent unheard halfhearted requests went totally unheeded as Neve's hand slipped underwater, moving downward; ever downward.

"I think Miss Lucy much prefers play time to fight time, don't you?" Neve asked excitedly as she took a break from the long dark rock hard nub that seemed to be pleading for more attention.

"Yeah, I think so. She seems to be a lot less catty now, doesn't she?" Denise answered when she finally broke the deep kiss.

"Ooooooh you #@#$#@#$# bitches, I'm gonna kill both of you....Ummmmmmmmm."

Once again, defiance met resistance....if you could call it "resistance."

"That does it Miss. You're gonna pay the ultimate price for breaking up our little party. How dare you intrude on us," Neve snarled. She fired a punch deep into Lucy's stomach. A deeper groan was heard than before.

"Tcccccch- tcccch- tccccch. Temper, temper, temper," Denise reminded her friend.

"Oh yes, how careless of me," Neve replied instantly switching her attitude and modus operandi.

"Hold her still," Neve ordered. Denise quickly obeyed executing a perfect reverse headlock. Lucy grunted as she felt her upper body bent backwards. Neve moved into position, reached up and cupped Lucy's full breasts. Her flickering tongue teased the dark nipples totally completely to their full length and pleasure. Neve's full lips hungrily gave each it's due bringing uncontrolled gasps of pleasure form the lovely captive.

"Stop it. Damn you bitch," Lucy snarled her melting defiance and threats seemingly half-heartedly as Neve worked her lips downward inch by pleasurable inch. "Nooooo. YIEEEEEE!" Not a pained response, more embarrassed, diligently regretted, hopefully stifled unbridled anticipation was expressed through Lucy's lips as she felt determined angry hands grab either side of her white bikini bottoms and yank down.

"Ohhhhh my, just what have we here?" Neve chortled as she heard Denise chuckle and felt the firm flesh beneath her fingers quiver.

"Noooooo, you wouldn't dare," Lucy said as she felt Neve's fingers move toward the target of choice. Lucy squirmed as she struggled to avoid the inevitable. She shouted at herself to stop the rising heat, her inner volcano of desire that was rapidly threatening to blow.

"Guess you're in quite a pickle, huh girl?" Denise chirped as she looked down into Lucy's beautiful eyes that seemed to be glazing over. She reached down, cupped a perfectly upturned breast and teased the rock hard nipple. Moans, deep and rapid oozed from Lucy's lips.

"Not so defiant NOW, are we sweetie?" Neve asked as she broke her path of kisses. Her fingers were creating small splashing noises that seemed to be in perfect harmony with the rhythm of her captive's groans and gasps.

"Nuhhh, yes, yes, please more."

"What? Did you hear that? Was that a Yes and not a NO?" Neve asked with glowing mock surprise. Lucy continued her responses both unintelligible and in the quite clear affirmative. "Sorry, so sorry but I'm not sure about what you said," Neve said as she suddenly stopped both sources of Lucy's pleasure.

"Noooooo.....uhhhhhh, don't stop.....pleeeeeeessss......" Lucy whimpered.

"Imagine that!" Neve chirped. "The great catfighting dominatrix begging for more...how much of a wimp is she?" She looked down at Lucy's beautiful, quivering body, reached out and gave each dark nipple a firm, twisting pinch as she leaned over and gave Lucy a long, slow, forceful French kiss as she firmly pressed her knee on her groin. "Whoops, got a little carried away in the heat of the moment," Neve chuckled as she suddenly stepped back. "Bet you think twice about interfering again, huh babe? By the way; here's a most tempting target - up close and personal."

Before Lucy could snarl, beg or even turn away, Neve moved in cupped her full right breast and flattened the large mound firmly into Lucy's flushed face. Lucy's arms flailed frantically for a moment, then her once-defiant body went limp. Together, Neve and Denise pulled Lucy to the pool's edge, then they slipped toward each other.

"So, ya wanna fight or play?" Neve asked coyly.

"Play of course...and I wanna win," Denise said as she slipped one hand over a firm breast, the other going lower as she pressed her hungry lips against her rival's....er, I mean her friends!