Neve Campbell vs. Ashley Scott (Best 3 of 5 Falls) by The Walkin' Dude

When Ashley Scott entered the dull, unassuming room hidden in the back of the Yellow Sign Tavern she was pleased to see that Neve Campbell had already arrived and was preparing for the battle ahead. As the door closed quietly behind her, Ashley surveyed their makeshift arena. The room was small but well lit. The walls were the same old wood paneling that populated the rest of the Yellow sign. The carpet (which was mostly covered by a large blue mat) was a faded gray, worn thin from years of treading. Otherwise the room was bare, leaving nothing to get in the two ladies way should their struggle leave the confines of the mat.

This quick survey passed through Ashley's mind in the blink of an eye. Finishing, she locked eyes with Neve who was studying her silently from across the room. Smiling coolly Ashley said "Hello Neve. I'm. glad you decided to show up".

Neve's brown eyes sparkled with dark humor as she returned Ashley's greeting " It's not everyday someone vows to hunt me down like an animal. You're going to wish you hadn't tried".

"You may intimidate everyone else with that bullshit, but I don't scare easy hon. After I'm done with you people will be calling you the "Scream Queen" for entirely different reasons". Ashley's voice was all confidence as she kicked off her shoes and removed her warm-up gear, all the while keeping her blue gray eyes trained on Neve as she peeled off her own gear.

Neve responded, "They're intimidated for a reason, 'Huntress'." Neve said the word with mild contempt. "You should really think twice about hunting what you can't kill."

Now clad in nothing but their bikinis, the two lean brunettes stepped onto the mats and faced each other, their subtle war of words growing more and more tense as they reached the point of no return. For their battle, both Ashley and Neve had dressed similarly, Ashley in the two piece, black vinyl outfit that was the uniform of the Dark Huntresses, while Neve's outfit was also two piece and black, but it was lycra and not vinyl. Regardless of material, each looked resplendent and ready for a fight as the moved to face each other.

The two women stood toe to toe, each looking the other up and down. Both had a similar build with strong, lean legs and great hips, not to mention chests that were well proportioned but not ridiculously large like some of their contemporaries in the wrestling world. Ashley had about a 2 inch height advantage over Neve and perhaps a slightly stronger upper body, but Neve held the advantage in the leg department thanks to her years of ballet and yoga training.

The two beauties chests were pressed together ever so slightly as the preliminary was rapidly coming to an end. Ashley spoke quietly but forcefully to Neve "You agree to the rules I laid out? Best three of five falls submissions only, no holds barred?"

"Only if you promise not to try to beg for mercy after the first time you tap" Neve answered.

Crouching slightly, Ashley shot right back "We'll see who begs for mercy". She began to slowly circle Neve, looking for an opening. The talking was over. The Hunt was on.

The two women circled each other cautiously, each well aware of what the other was capable of after their brief but furious fight in the tag match a few weeks ago. The circle between them grew smaller and smaller until finally then both lunged forward and came together, jockeying for position in the collar and elbow tie up. Neve struck first when she slipped behind Ashley and trapped her arms in a full nelson. Ashley grunted as Neve put intense pressure on the back of her neck, forcing her chin into the top of her ample cleavage. Neve increased the pressure on the hold while jerking Ashley left and right, hoping to disorient her early in the match.

Ashley was not so easily trapped though. After a brief period she raised her arms and dropped to her knees, escaping the hold. Acting quickly, she reached behind Neve's legs and swept them out from underneath her, dropping her to the mat. Taking the advantage, Ashley straddled Neve at the waist and entwined the other brunettes legs with her own, locking in an early double leg grapevine. Pinning Neve's arms over her head at the wrists, Ashley looked down at her struggling captive. "You could just give it up now, Neve" Ashley said smugly. "You know, save yourself a lot of pain and embarrassment, otherwise I might be tempted to do something like this". She suddenly spread her legs, forcing Neve's legs apart at a painfully wide angle that sent a burning sensation through her rivals thighs and crotch.

As Neve struggled against the hold Ashley continued her taunting, "Or maybe I'll try something a bit more drastic..."

She thrust her hips down hard, her crotch now mere inches from Neve's. The move forced Neve's thighs even further apart, increasing her discomfort. All the muscles in Ashley's legs, thighs and butt were clearly defined as she repeated this maneuver several times, each thrust of her hips bringing more pained cries from Neve. The last few times, Ashley's crotch actually slammed down onto Neve's, and the Huntress took this opportunity to grind her womanhood roughly against her foes, sneering at Neve's predicament.

Leaning in, her face only inches above her victim, Ashley said, "Is this all you've got bitch? I was expecting a lot more from you. I guess you're nothing but hype."

But this goading proved to be a mistake as it provided the opening that Neve was looking for. She rammed her head forward, smashing the Huntress with a close range head butt across the bridge of the nose. Dazed, Ashley let go of the grapevine and Neve capitalized, bringing her legs swiftly up around Ashley's hips in a body scissors. Then she broke her wrists free and wrapped them around Ashley's head. Pulling her in, she engulfed Ashley's face in her cleavage, looking to choke her out with the combination of breast smother and body scissors. Ashley struggled wildly against the hold, firing hard punches into Neve's sides trying to find release, but Neve locked the scissors tighter, crushing Ashley's ribcage with her strong thighs. At the same time she squeezed even tighter on Ashley's head forcing the girls face against her sweating tits.

Enjoying her rival’s flailing, Neve responded with some taunting of her own, " Still think I'm all hype Ashley?"

"UUUMMMPPHHRRRRRGGHH...." was the best Ashley could do as Neve's bounty was slowly choking her out.

I'm sorry I can't understand you with my tits in your face,” Neve chuckled. “You should know not to talk with your mouth full!" She squeezed Ashley hard as she made this statement. The Huntress's response was not one of submission however. She resumed punching Neve in the side trying to break the dual holds. Grimacing at Ashley's assault, Neve maintained her composure, "Good to see you're not done yet; because you've got some more payback coming." She rolled over, breaking the scissors, but straddling Ashley at the waist while still holding the flailing girls face against her chest. "You're nothing but a rank amateur when it comes to humiliation Huntress. I'll humble you in ways you've never even contemplated. Like this for instance!"

Neve released her arms from around Ashley's head, giving the other brunette some much needed oxygen. But her respite was short lived as Neve grabbed two handfuls of dark hair and pulled Ashley's face in again, this time more intent on humiliating Ashley by energetically rubbing and grinding her face against Neve's firm breasts than actually smothering her out. Giving Ashley even that quick breather would prove to be a mistake though as it gave her the opportunity to clear her head and glimpse a chance at escape. As she endured Neve's breasts slapping against her features she kept punching Neve in the ribs with one hand, merely to keep her distracted. Her other hand was slowly creeping along Neve's thigh, to the point where she straddled Ashley's waist. When she found what she was looking for, the Huntress dug her fingers into the material covering Neve's groin, forcing a painful surprised gasp from her tormentor and bringing instant release of the tit smother.

"Ugghh...clever bitch!" Neve gasped as Ashley broke free.

Full of fury after the demeaning treatment at Neve's hands, Ashley was eager for revenge. She fired off a quick left, right combination that connected with Neve's chin and had her reeling. Another quick rabbit punch to the chin and Neve was knocked from her mount position, rolling off to Ashley's right and rubbing her wounded jaw. Seizing the opportunity, Ashley scooted over to where Neve was laying and fired several hard punches into her felled rivals undefended gut. Neve's pale face got even paler as she absorbed this punishment, each strike from the enraged Ashley driving more oxygen from her lungs.

Sensing an opportunity to take the first fall, Ashley moved into position by Neve's face and pulled her arms up over her head. With Neve helpless, Ashley moved forward and sat down, her strong knees keeping Neve's arms pinned. Although the Huntress's crotch was just inches from Neve's defenseless face, Ashley wasn't going to sit on her just yet. When she rode Neve's face she wanted it to be the final fall of their war. But that didn't mean she couldn't have a little fun now. Using both hands she delivered several light, taunting slaps to Neve's cheeks, knocking her head from side to side. When she had Neve's attention, she tweaked her upturned nose playfully simply to demonstrate her foes helplessness.

Grasping Neve's head in both hands, the dominant Huntress delivered this edict, "That was a pretty rough spot you had me in there for a minute Neve, but things are about to get a lot rougher for you. That is, unless you give up right now." She punctuated this statement by digging her fingers painfully into the sides of Neve's skull.

"You'll have to do more than talk if you want me to submit!" Neve fired back, defiant even in this position.

"Oh I intend to!" Ashley said ominously as she moved her thumbs towards Neve's eyes. Horrified at the Huntress's intent, Neve closed her eyes just before Ashley's thumbs pressed down painfully into her eyelids. Neve grimaced as Ashley slowly ratcheted up the pressure of the potentially crippling hold. Content that Neve was listening to her, Ashley said, "You know as well as I do that long periods of time in this hold can cause temporary or even permanent vision loss. So if you want to have any chance at beating me later in the match, you'd better concede right the hell now!" Neve realized that Ashley was right, but she couldn't give up without trying to escape. She planted her feet and bridged trying to buck Ashley off her. The Huntress had anticipated the move however and used one hand to fire three stiff shots to Neve's exposed abs, just above her navel. As Neve slumped back to the mat, Ashley resumed her eye gouge. As she gouged, Ashley kept speaking, "I won't let go. You know it and I know it, so just give up. I want you to be able to see my ass smother you out at the end of this fight."

Disgusted with herself, but realizing she had no other choice Neve says, "Alright. I submit; now let me go".

Pleased at taking the first fall Ashley stands up and looks down at Neve who is slower to get up. Facing off with her at nemesis Ashley says pleasantly, "There's much worse coming up. Think you can take it?"

Angry at how fast Ashley had forced a submission Neve responded, "I have to congratulate you Huntress. Your tactics surprised me. But if you think I won't pay you back in spades, you're going to be one sorry bitch!"

"I'm only sorry we stopped fighting," Ashley spat as she launched a slap that caught Neve off guard and snapped her head back.

Neve's dark eyes watered from the slap but she fired off a slap of her own that rocked Ashley back on her heels. As she and Ashley surged to meet each other, Neve spoke menacingly, "You've drawn first blood Ashley but it's ultimately meaningless. The last blood drawn is what really matters."

Neve and Ashley locked up in a clinch, each looking for a chance to gain the upper hand. Ashley took the initiative and spun behind Neve and cinched an arm around her throat, going for a sleeper. Neve struggled against the hold and the black dots invading her vision as Ashley's strong arm cut off the flow of oxygen to her brain. She tried to claw at Ashley's elbow but the Huntress had none of it and yanked Neve back and forth causing her to stumble along the mat and expend even more energy. "Sleep you miserable bitch" Ashley hissed as she did her best to choke the fight out of the other brunette.

A look of vicious rage passes across Neve's face as she suddenly brings her foot up and pistons it down on Ashley's bare foot. Ashley howls in pain and surprise as Neve grinds her heel into Ashley's helpless toes. Releasing the sleeper, the Huntress is easy prey as Neve grabs a side waist lock and delivers a high and hard Belly to Back suplex, dropping Ashley to the canvas right on the back of her head and neck. Ashley writhes on the mat holding her throbbing cranium as Neve cleared her head from the sleeper. Sitting behind her downed foe, Neve leisurely pulled Ashley to a sitting position before slowly extending her exquisite legs around Ashley's waist, locking them at the ankles.

Ashley didn't realize where she was until the first titanic squeeze of Neve's python like thighs forced a whoosh of air from her lungs. Cursing, she began clawing at the limbs holding her, hoping to force a release. Neve bore the pain in her legs stoically, determined to take this fall in a convincing and dominant fashion. As Ashley clawed at her legs, she wrapped one arm over Ashley's throat and secured the other over the back of her captives neck, locking in a beautiful scissored rear naked choke.

Cinching the hold, Neve rolled over on her side, taking Ashley with her. The Huntress had stopped fighting the scissors and instead focused on the arms constricting her breathing but she wasn't having much luck at freeing herself. Her long, sleek legs kicked uselessly as Neve alternately loosened and tightened the scissors, draining more and more energy.

What fight Ashley had left was being choked out of her by the sleeper, that hold working in deadly tandem with the scissors to keep oxygen out of her body. Realizing she was in dire striates, but not willing to give up her lead this easily Ashley addressed her captor "Let me go right now" she commanded.

"What's wrong? Neve taunted quietly. "Is the big bad Huntress helpless? What's it feel like being made a victim at the hands of your intended prey? If you want to breathe again you'd better give up before I crush you unconscious!"

"Fuck youuuuuunnnnnnnnnnngghhhhh........." Ashley was cut off as Neve gave her burning ribs an especially hard squeeze.

"I don't think so twat, you're staying put. But you might want to consider giving up. Otherwise your ribcage might crack before you do" Neve said this as she felt Ashley's sweat drenched torso begin to slacken in the grip of her scissors.

Ashley's energy was rapidly being diminished but her will to fight hadn't lessened any.

"Fuck you slut, I'll make you lick the sweat off my thighs before this match is over!"

"That was probably the worst answer you could give," Neve commented dryly as she released the hand holding Ashley's neck and raked it hard across her eyes, drawing a cry from her captive. She released the scissors, and dismissively kicked the wounded brunette away from her. Ashley rolled her sweaty frame away from her tormentor as she tried to get some oxygen back into her body. However, Neve smelled blood in the water and straddled the small of Ashley's back, asserting her dominance by first slapping the winded girl's ass, then raking her nails down her nearly bare back several times.

The scratches left stinging red furrows on Ashley's back, but she was still too dazed to do anything about it. Moving up the Huntress's back, Neve sat down and reached under Ashley's chin. Getting her grip she pulls back hard, bending Ashley's neck painfully with a camel clutch. Ashley grimaces in the hold, but won't give Neve the satisfaction of crying out.

"Is that all you've got?" she taunts through gritted teeth.

"I have something much better in mind actually. Neve says evilly. "I have to get even with you for that eye gouge earlier."

With that ominous warning, she lets go of Ashley's head with her left hand and places it palm down on Ashley's forehead. She then proceeds to hook her index and middle fingers into the Huntress's defenseless nose, pulling back as hard as she can. Seeking to inflict as much pain as possible, Neve jerks her hand violently back and forth causing Ashley to cry out nasally around Neve's intruding fingers. Her mind reeling from the pain Ashley couldn't believe how badly this round had gone and was forced to admit to herself that she'd underestimated Neve's vicious streak.

Through the anguish in her nose she heard Neve, "You know Ashley I'd advise giving up now because I don't think you'd last too long without a nose. So be a good bitch and tap out!"

After one more strong tug, Ashley wearily complied, slapping the mat three times. Neve was pleased. After an unceremonious defeat in the first round, she had completely dominated Ashley and regained control of the match. Looking to keep a psychological advantage as well, she let Ashley's head flop to the mat and then deftly unhooked her opponents top, stripping it off her before Ashley could react. She dangles the top in front of her as Ashley leaps to her feet, furious over the slight.

"Give that back!!" Ashley demands, hatred flashing in her cold blue eyes.

Neve returned the glare before speaking just as coldly, "You of all people should know that any successful huntress takes a trophy from her prey. You want it, come and get it. I've already taken your top. Next I'll take your bottom, and finally I'll take your face between my thighs and grind till you scream for mercy." She nonchalantly tossed the top into the corner of the room and stared back at the enraged, topless, Ashley. "The question is are you going to make it interesting for me or are you going to go down as easily as you just did?

Ashley just stood silently for a few seconds, staring daggers at the cunt who was trying to humiliate her. After another moment passed she said softly, but with the utmost conviction, "I'm going to make you suffer for that." Then she hurled herself at Neve, looking to make good on her threat.

After being embarrassed by Neve in the second fall, Ashley decided a change of strategy was an order. Though it hurt her ego to admit it, she realized that she would almost always come up on the losing end if she locked up with Neve on the mat. So, as she advanced on her defending adversary, she began launching a series of hooks and jabs, hoping to knock Neve off balance. She succeeded in catching Neve off guard, the other brunette was expecting Ashley to grapple with her again. Thus she was caught flat footed when Ashley started firing away with her fists.

Two rights and a left snapped her head back and Ashley took a savage joy in watching her opponent reel from the assault. Working while Neve was still dazed, Ashley fired several more jabs into the stunned girls abdomen, before unloading on her rivals tits with a pair of uppercuts that almost knocked Neve's breasts loose from their confinement. Her head reeling, Neve staggered back from the Huntress's whirling barrage, trying to get her hands up to ward off some of the incoming blows. But Ashley was not to be denied and she skillfully threaded her strikes between Neve's defenses, stinging her rivals face and chest over and over. A particularly vicious right to the tit sends Neve to one knee moaning in agony. Enjoying her opponents pain Ashley stands dominant before her.

"Get up you slut. I'm not even close to being done with you!"

Ashley grabbed a handful of Neve's hair with her left and fired a meteoric shot towards Neve's chin with her right, but at the last second Neve deflects the shot, sending it crashing into her shoulder instead. She fires a few shots into Ashley's gut that double the Huntress over, but as she stumbles to her feet, Ashley unloads on her with a particularly vicious uppercut that catches her flush between the legs. Neve's once strong legs turn to water as she pitches forward, cradling her wounded groin. She stands over Neve sneering as sheputs a foot under the wounded girls midsection and rolls her onto her back. Her sweaty back makes a slapping noise as it hits the mat.

In a voice dripping with malice, Ashley says, "You think you're pretty vicious don't you bitch? Well let me show you what true viciousness is!"

With that she brings her right foot up and then down stomping directly onto Neve's already wounded chest. Ashley's heel crushes Neve's tits underneath over and over again, ballooning the soft flesh painfully against her chest. Neve tries her best not to cry out, but Ashley begins grinding her heels in after each successive stomp and soon Neve is wailing under Ashley's relentless attack. The Huntress flips the unresisting Neve over onto her side, so that one of her wounded globes is lying against the mat.

With a sadistic smile, Ashley says, "It's fine if you want to scream Neve. In fact, I would welcome it!" She then stepped on the tit pressed against the canvas, leaning as much of her weight on it as possible. Neve does indeed scream long and loud as Ashley goes about the business of trying to remove Neve's breasts from her chest. "You want to throw in the towel, bitch?" Ashley taunts as she really works her heel into Neve's tortured boob. In too much pain to reply, Neve feebly lifts a hand and flips Ashley the bird. "Oh how vulgar." Ashley scolds. "Looks like you need a matching pair." She rolls Neve onto her other side and repeats the tit grinding as Neve barely endures the exquisite pain.

Tiring of the stomping, Ashley slowly straddles Neve's waist, relishing her opponent's pain. Sitting on her sweat soaked stomach, Ashley runs her hands up Neve's quivering frame. Her victim tries to cover her chest, but the Huntress pushes her hands aside before slowly running her hands over the bikini top that has proved less than useless in protecting Neve's tits. Smiling, Ashley rubs her hands over Neve's beaten globes and says "I don't think I want your top as a trophy. I'd rather take your flabby, dangling tits to mount on my wall!"

Hearing Ashley's taunt Neve slowly turns her head to face her rival. "Do your worst you dumb cunt!" She then tried to grope at Ashley's hands, but the Huntress put an end to that by rocking her with a backhand slap.

"Be careful what you wish for bitch!" threatens Ashley as she fills her hands with Neve's tits and begins to maul mercilessly.

She starts with a double claw, kneading and twisting the pliant flesh easily. She then switches over to stinging slaps, batting the breasts back and forth like a cat might do with a crippled mouse. Tiring of the slaps, she rakes her nails up and down and back and forth across Neve's tits. Ashley soon draws blood from the battered breasts and Neve's moans of pain and struggles of resistance are occurring less and less.

After a few minutes of non stop mauling, Ashley leans down and whispers in Neve's ear, "I always wondered how someone as proud as you are would react to having her nipples torn the fuck off!"

Ashley turned her attention to Neve's nipples then, pinching, twisting and rolling the sensitive flesh between her thumb and forefinger. Combined with the other brutal tactics, Ashley pulls up on Neve's nipples, stretching them as far as they would go before releasing them and repeating the whole agonizing process over again. Finally, Ashley began to tire, her arms aching from torturing Neve's tits so much.

She believed Neve would give in immediately and all she had to do was ask, "Are you ready to end this pain and concede the fall?"

Shockingly the battered Neve stares into Ashley's with a look of grim defiance, "Piss off, you second rate cunt!!"

Furious, Ashley screamed at the woman beneath her "I own you! You're beaten! Give it up right now!" When there was no response from Neve, Ashley screamed in frustration. No one should have been able to take that much abuse and not give up. Settling on a course of action, she scooted up Neve's body, paying special attention to bounce her round ass very hard on her rivals tortured tits. With her crotch hovering directly over Neve's mouth and nose, Ashley thrust her hips down hard, forcing her groin painfully against Neve's face. There was no eroticism implied by this move, she just intended to use her pelvis as a battering ram to make Neve give up. She ground her hips into the upturned face of her captive over and over before she raised up again.

"Do you give?" she asked.

Beaten and embarrassed as badly as she had ever been Neve finally relented, "Yes, I give up. You win this round."

Ashley was in the process of rising up off her victim when she suddenly stopped. Neve had embarrassed her after the end of the last fall, so she was going to embarrass her at the end of this fall. Staring cruelly at the vanquished Neve she commands, "Lick my thighs."

Incredulous, Neve replies, "Fuck you! Get the hell offa me!"

"I promised that you'd taste the sweat on my thighs before this match was over. Now do it or I swear I'll rips your tits off. And I won't stop there. I'll make sure you won't be able to show your face again if you don't. So do as I say right now you whipped bitch!" She illustrated her threat by taking Neve's nipples in hand and yanking them as far as they could go, not letting go of them as she had previously, but attempting to twist them right off her body.

Tears streaming down her beaten face Neve moved her head and delivered a tentative lick to one of her opponents sweating thighs. Ashley threw back her head and demanded that Neve continue. Faced with no other alternative, Neve continued to worship her conqueror, the rage and humiliation building in equal amounts. Finally Ashley had enough and got up, standing over the thoroughly trounced Neve.

Looking down at her the Huntress promised, "Next time you'll get a taste of my ass."

She then moved to her corner of the mat, leaving Neve to recover in some small way from the beating she'd just taken.

Slowly Neve climbed to her feet and moved over to her corner. She grabbed a water bottle she always carried and poured some of the contents over her stinging, raw chest. She then toweled away the blood and sweat as best she could. Her head was filled with a cold, black rage and she was already formulating ways in which to make Ashley pay. Turning to face her nemesis, she said, "That's the last time I underestimate you. You're a lot better than I ever expected you to be. But you should know that I'm going to visit on you every drop of pain and humiliation I can wring from your sweating, screaming body before this match is over. You said earlier that one us is going to beg for mercy. That's not true. As of right now, there is no mercy. You've wounded me, but that just made me more dangerous. Bring everything you've got because your going to need it."

Ashley listened to Neve's speech in silence, wondering what the hell it was going to take to break this woman. When she was finished, they began circling again, each more weary of the other than ever before. In the small room at the back of the Yellow Sign Tavern, the fourth fall was about to begin!

As the two women approached each other, Neve spread her arms wide, displaying her wounded chest to Ashley.

"You think you can rip them off me? Take your best shot. But do you have the guts to put your own tits in harms way?"

Neve's voice was vaguely challenging.

"You think I can't beat you in a squeeze-off, is that it?" Ashley's response was full of fire. "I'll take everything you can dish out and then give it back with interest."

The two women moved toward each other with claws extended. Each intending to shred the others bounty.

Ashley grabbed Neve's chest first and squeezed hard, sending bolts of pain down Neve's spine. In spite of the pain Neve smiled. Ashley had played directly into her trap. As the Huntress focused on Neve's tits, Neve fired a knee lift directly into the Huntress's groin.

Collapsing, Ashley moaned, "Ohhhhh, you cheating bitch...."

Neve secured a firm grasp on both of Ashley's ankles, spreading her legs wide and smiling sadistically as she turned her opponent's earlier taunting back on her, "It's OK to scream Ashley. In fact I'd welcome it!”

Then she drove her knee into the Huntress's unprotected crotch without mercy, as hard as she could. Again and again her knee came down, each sending a bolt of agony through Ashley. Neve was delivering the blows so fast she couldn't attempt any kind of counter attack. After ten straight knee drops, Neve plants her hands on Ashley's knees and presses down, forcing her thighs out painfully, squashing them flat on the canvas. With a cruel deliberation, Neve slowly sits on Ashley's upturned thighs, placing as much body weight as possible on them. Neve's brown eyes locked with Ashley's blue gray ones and the Huntress knew that what was to come would test the limits of her pain threshold.

Without a word, Neve begins firing straight punches into Ashley's crotch over and over again. She doesn't listen to Ashley's cries of pain. They don't even register as she just fires an endless litany of fists against the unguarded pubic mound. After every third or fourth punch, she pauses and slowly grinds her knuckles into the sensitive flesh that only a few minutes ago she had been forced to lick like a dog. Tiring of the punches, Neve takes a page from Ashley's book and begins carving slow, painful furrows in her captives upturned thighs. Still remaining silent, Neve starts at just below Ashley's bikini bottom and drags her nails painfully all the down to just above the Huntress's knees. Soon Ashley's inner thighs are as scratched and torn as Neve's chest.

Stopping for a moment, Neve breaks the silence by asking, "Do you submit?”

Ashley, who had been suffering this heinous assault in almost utter silence, looks at Neve with contempt and says, "Never!"

"Good!" is all Neve says as she plans her next move.

Her eyes fill with a cold light as she decides a course of action. Ever so lightly she runs her right hand over the crotch of Ashley's bikini. She traces her finger lightly around the edges of the garment and then over it's middle, feeling the thinly protected lines of the Huntress's womanhood beneath. Ashley sees what Neve is doing and steels herself for what is sure to follow. Seemingly as soon as the thought leaves he mind, Neve's hand shapes itself into a vicious claw and begins raking and tearing at the sweaty material and the flesh beneath.

"I told you I'd make you sorry!" Neve intoned as she cruelly mangled Ashley's crotch.

Ashley tried to bear the pain in silence but soon found it impossible, giving voice to a long, pained scream. Kicking up her torture a bit, Neve slips he hand under Ashley's bikini and focuses her energies on ripping, twisting and tearing the Huntress's thatch of pubic hair. Ashley's screams grow even louder as Neve rakes her nails across her most sensitive area with no signs of stopping. But suddenly the claw does stop. Ashley blinks away tears to see Neve holding a small clump of pubes in her fingers.

Neve catches her eyes and then drops the hairs, saying, "There's more where that came from."

And indeed there was as Neve was relentless in torturing her opponents womanhood. Finally, after an especially vicious tug of the flesh between her legs, Ashley croaks her surrender!

"Unnnnnnhhhhh…..that's enough! I give up." Ashley slumps back sweating, flat on her back on the mat, waiting for Neve to get off her so she could tend to her groin before the final round. She looked up a moment later when Neve still hadn't gotten off of her, she repeated, "I give up!. Get off me."

But Neve's next statement froze the blood of the normally unflappable Huntress as, looking directly at Ashley, Neve said, "You made me lick your thighs before you let me go last round. This round doesn't end until I ask for your submission. Until then, I'm going to have some fun."

"You filthy slut you can't do thaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH…" Ashley's protest was cut off as Neve again resumed her claw this time more sadistically than ever. The Huntress twisted mightily against the hold but Neve's claw was too much for her to handle. Finally the pain subsided and Ashley was ready to submit the moment Neve asked her. But then her world exploded in new agony. Ashley writhed and wailed trying to escape the torture Neve was administering. It took her pain addled brain a moment to actually realize what Neve had done.

"That disgusting, torturing bitch has her claw inside me!!" Ashley thought as she was on the verge of blacking out.

Indeed Neve had slipped two fingers into Ashley's groin and was probing her recesses with all the subtlety of a cruel four year old destroying an anthill with a stick. Finally Neve asked the question Ashley was begging (at least inwardly) to hear, "Now, do you give?" she asked.

"Yes!" moaned Ashley. "Now let me go you evil sadistic twat." That was all the defiance Ashley could muster after this last round. Neve released the claw but didn’t stand up, instead, she straddled Ashley's chest and held her right hand in front of her captives face. Two fingers were glistening, coated with the Huntress's juices which Neve proceeded to wipe clean on Ashley's struggling face. "You're disgusting!" Ashley spat.

"Do something about it!" Neve fired back as she rose off Ashley's spent frame.

Once free, Ashley rolled to her corner of the mat, and like Neve had the previous round, tended to the scorched earth landscape of her groin.

After a few minutes, Ashley rose and looked at her tormentor, "This whole match is going to be decided on one fall. Suitably dramatic I suppose. I have to say you're the toughest woman I've ever faced. But I AM going to sit on your face. And I AM going to savor your nose wedged between my cheeks as I ride you into oblivion. This is going to end with your face buried in my crotch and I won't stop until your face is a whimpering, cum drenched ruin!"

Neve thought for a moment and then grinned, "My sentiments exactly!"

The final encounter between the Huntress and the Scream Queen started off like the others, with circling and testing. At the same instant both women came together, wrapping their arms around each other in a titanic double bear hug. Their chests smashed together as each looked to get the upper hand in the hug. However, due to the terrible beating her tits had incurred earlier in the match, Neve began to falter, her tits being flattened against Ashley's. Her grip on Ashley loosened as the Huntress squeezed her tighter. Realizing her weakness, Ashley lifted Neve off her feet and squeezed as hard as she could, doing her best to break Neve in half.

As Neve's feet flailed a few inches off the ground, Ashley closed her eyes and poured on the pressure, trying to crush the last bit of life out of her rival. Neve knew she couldn't take the bear hug for long at this point so she pulls an arm free and locks a temple crushing claw on the Huntress's unknowing face. Her opponents initial reaction is to tighten the bear hug, but soon the claw forces Ashley to relinquish the hold in order to pry Neve's offending hand away. With both holds broken the two come together again, each looking to throw the other to the mat. In this they are partially successful because they both go down in a tangled mass of limbs. After several position changes, Neve ends up on top and is able to lock her legs around Ashley's head and arm, securing a match ending triangle choke.

As the Huntress's face began to turn red, Neve spoke the first words of the round, "Give up!"

"NO!" said Ashley.

She managed to break her trapped arm free from Neve's grip and briefly mangle Neve's already tortured chest. Neve broke her choke, but Ashley held the claw, bringing up her other hand and latching that one onto Neve's tits as well. Maintaining control, she flipped Neve over onto her back and positioning her on her hands and knees, locked in a camel clutch. Neve groaned as her back and neck were wrenched and stretched. Ashley leaned back as far as possible, her ass pressing against Neve's lower back. Now it was the Huntress's turn to demand surrender.

"Submit!" she commanded while cranking Neve's neck to the breaking point.

Bent at an ungodly angle, Neve's battered tits were thrust out in front of her, completely at the Huntress's mercy; but she wouldn't give in.

"Never!" she replied through gritted teeth.

Seeking an escape, she maneuvered her hands into position and then sank her nails into the soft flesh between Ashley's thumb and forefinger. Crying out the Huntress released the hold and tended to her injured hands. Neve takes the opportunity to lock Ashley in a hold she suffered through much earlier on in the match, the Double Leg Grapevine. Holding the Huntress immobile, Neve forces the woman's abused legs as far apart as they can go. Ashley cries out in pain as Neve really cinches the hold in, forcing her hips down in an attempt to batter Ashley into submission. Neve tries to keep the hold on with everything she's got left, but Ashley is able to wrest an arm loose and poke Neve in the eyes, temporarily blinding her.

As Neve rubs her eyes, Ashley moves into position to finish her off. She grabs the kneeling Neve by the hair and forces her into a standing head scissors. Sensing the end, she can't resist taunting her captive, "You remember this Neve? Last time we met you drove me headfirst into the floor. Now I'm going to return the favor."

Holding Neve in the pile-driver position, Ashley runs both hands over the smooth, damp expanse of Neve's rear. Using both hands, she secures a grip on Neve's bikini and yanks up, torturing the trapped beauty with a malicious wedgie.

"You're finished," Ashley said emotionlessly.

With one final taunting squeeze of her thighs, Ashley inverts Neve and drives her head into the mat. The brunette beauty collapses onto her back, spread-eagled, in perfect position for Ashley to administer the match ending ass smother. Savoring her imminent victory, the Huntress sits on Neve's face, facing her head. Resting her crotch directly on Neve's chin, Ashley stares defiantly into her furious brown eyes and says, "Now you're going to find out what it's like to be my prey."

Neve's cry of protest is cut off as the Huntress's womanhood engulfs her mouth and nose. Ashley grabs handfuls of Neve's hair and pulls her even closer to her snatch as she grinds all over the protesting girl's face. She enjoys feeling Neve's cries reverberate against her moist groin. Neve's struggles weakened as Ashley's hip thrusts become faster and more energetic. She was just about to finish when she remembers a promise she made earlier in the match.

Letting go of Neve's hair and staring into her half closed eyes, Ashley says matter-of-factly, "I promised to give you a taste of my ass before this match was over. And I always keep my promises!!"

She turned around, intending to wedge Neve's nose between her cheeks when her intended victim came alive underneath her. Neve moved like lighting, getting her hands up under the Huntress's ass and shoving forward with all her might. At the same time she scissored her legs up, catching Ashley around the neck and yanking forward ferociously. Ashley's face slammed into the mat and before she knew what was happening, she found herself flipped, straddled and trapped, staring up at Neve who had sat her crotch directly below the Huntress's chin. Ashley couldn't believe it. She had been so close.

"How'd you do that?" she fumed. "I dropped you with the pile-driver. You should be out cold!"

Neve responded, "I spiked you on concrete. You used a padded wooden floor. Wood's hard, but it's not concrete. Of course you still could’ve beaten me if you'd just rode out the first straddle. But no, you just had to try and humiliate me. That's going to cost you."

"Fuck you! This isn't over!" Ashley screamed.

From someone in her position it wasn't very convincing. She struggled, but Neve held her fast. She gave Ashley's face a very brief squeeze between her thighs, mainly to get her attention, then looking down at her trapped nemesis she said, "Listen up. I'm about to make you a once in a lifetime deal, so pay attention." Ashley listened. "If you submit right now, I won't use your face for a barstool. I'll let you up and we can both walk out of here at the same time. What do you say?"

Ashley thought about it for just a moment before answering "It really kills you that after all you've done today you still can't make me submit the last fall. Well screw you! You can ride my face all you want but that shit washes off. YOU CAN'T BREAK ME!" The Huntress was still defiant, even now, moments away from an ignominious end.

"Have it your way" Neve said as she lowered her crotch onto Ashley's face.

"This isn't over Nevvvvvvvve...unnnnnhhhhhhhhh..." Ashley's threat was muffled as Neve began her victory ride; pulling the Huntress's squirming face into her hot groin and enjoying her defeated rivals final struggle.

Ashley's indignant cries slowly faded away under the steaming heat of the face smother. Neve threw her head back, a rapturous expression on her face as she continued her grind. She pulled Ashley's face in even deeper as her thrusting becomes more rhythmic and labored. Neve feels the last little breath leave her rival as Ashley loses consciousness. Neve forces the now unresponsive mouth and nose directly against her womanhood. The Huntress's only movements now are set in time with the thrusting of Neve's hips and her own shallow breathing. Reaching the ends of her limits, Neve erupts, her sweat soaked bikini doing very little to separate Ashley's face from the tide of her juices.

After the last little tremors and shivering have subsided, Neve stands on wobbly legs and surveys the room. Moving a little stiffly, she removes Ashley's bikini bottom, leaving the defeated woman nude on the blue mat. She also scoops up Ashley's top in the other hand. Looking at the sodden garments, she says in reference to her win, "I really earned this one." Quickly throwing on her warm-up gear she heads to the door, in search of a shower where she can clean up.

Throwing one last glance over she as she leaves the unassuming room, Neve says to Ashley's unconscious form, “Whenever you're ready to hunt again, you know where to find me!"

With that she closed the door and left the Huntress to fend for herself.