Sofia Vergara vs. Naomi Campbell by jjj

Sofia loved that she'd found a deserted section of the beach where she and her new boyfriend could be alone. She rolled over on her beach towel and smiled at him before laying back to work on her tan. Sofia reached behind and undid the knot on the back of her white string bikini top, allowing her huge breasts to spill out into the warm sun. Placing dropping her top by her head, she lay on her chest to let the sun beat down on her back. Sofia enjoyed coming to the secluded beach even though it often got a little too warm, but today the weather was perfect. She closed her eyes and listened to the waves crashing on the sand below her feet, thinking how much she adored spending time with her man. The sun's warm rays soothed the brunette's back and soon she was fast asleep. She had no idea how long she'd slept when her boyfriend awakened her.

"Hey Hon, I'm going to go for a run. I'll be back in a bit."

Sofia rolled over onto her back, letting the sun warm her topless chest as she smiled, "I'll be here waiting for ya..."

He threw on a pair of shoes and jogged away from the stunning blonde who again fell fast asleep. She awoke knowing instantly she must have slept quite a while for her breasts had already started to burn, the pale orbs taking on a pinkish glow.

"Shit!!!" she muttered as she grabbed a bottle of Aloe Vera from her beach bag.

Looking around, she saw no sign of her boyfriend as she squeezed the cooling gel into her hands. Sofia gasped as she spread the gel over her naked breasts; the large nipples instantly hardening as the soothing substance chilled the sensitive nubs. She rubbed the gel over the rest of her body before she put her bikini top on and tied it in place.

"Where the hell is Brian...he should be rubbing this on," she thought.

Sofia looked down at her still erect nipples poking through the white bikini top, then slipping on her chunky wooden sandals she began to walk down the beach in the direction she had seen Brian run off in. She loved every second of her peaceful walk, the sound of the heavy surf crashing on the beach soothed her ire as she scanned the beach until she saw some signs of life in the distance. Sofia could barely make out some figures and changed course toward them. Her pace quicken as she thought she recognized Brian....but he was sitting astride on someone's back rubbing his hands on them. Her heart thudded as she increased her long strides to close the distance.

"Brian what the hell are you....?" Sofia screamed as she reached her boyfriend who was seated on the butt of a topless black female, giving her a massage.

His head jerked around when her heard Sofia's voice and his face paled when he saw her just feet away, "Uhhh... nothin sweetie, she um....needed lotion," he stammered. "....and I was just errrr.....helpin. That's all..." he mumbled, standing up and adjusting the bulge in his shorts self-consciously.

When the woman rolled over and shaded her eyes to look up at her, Sofia realized it was none other than supermodel Naomi Campbell. She was topless and wearing a barely there G-string.

"Why'd you interrupt my new boyfriend when he was putting sunscreen on me?" Naomi asked curtly as she sat up; her bare chest glistened with a liberal coating of oil.

Sofia was livid, "Did you put that oil on her chest Brian? Chhhrrrriiist!" she screamed, throwing her head back, her loose hair swirling in the air. He was too shocked to answer, just stood with his hands dripping oil on Naomi's big blanket as he tried to figure out what to say.

But it was Naomi who broke the silence, "Yeah he rubbed oil all over my breasts. You got a problem with that?" she asked Sofia.

Sofia could only stare at her man, shaking her head, "You son of a bitch... forget you, I can find a new man... one who doesn't like...." turning to Naomi she spat angrily, ".... your kind!!!!"

Then Sofia spun around and stormed away in a huff. Naomi was livid at being insulted by this bitch and she looked at Brian who was completely dumbfounded.

"Well, maybe she can talk to YOU like that," Naomi growled. "But that shit ain't gonna fly with me!" she muttered as she started after Sofia. "Hey bitch! Get your cracker ass back here," Naomi screamed at Sofia. "You talk to me like that and insult my race? No girl, you don't EVEN think of doing that to me!"

Sofia just kept walking away, back toward her beach setup but when she turned around and saw Naomi striding rapidly toward her, she wasn't sure what to do.

Sofia yelled back, "Fuck you cunt! I'm surprised he could even find those LITTLE tits to put oil on!"

"Cunt! When I get done with you, those saggy watermelons will be flat as clamshells!" Naomi screamed as she started to run at Sofia.

Sofia's mind filled with panic at the sight of the tall black woman charging, she feared she may have acted too harshly before. Sofia braced for the charging woman, then deftly sidestepped at the last second. Naomi grew even more furious when she missed Sofia entirely and found herself sprawled face down in the sand. Luckily, none got in her mouth which had been wide open screaming. Scrambling back to her feet, Naomi let out a gasp as she started to turn around just as Sofia's foot slammed into her near naked ass. Naomi's tits stung as her chest plowed two shallow furrows in the grainy sand which felt like it was tearing her small perky breasts to shreds!

"Unnnghh!" Naomi groaned a second time when Sofia's big butt dropped onto her lower back.

Sofia's hand's shot forward, instinctively grabbing for where Naomi's hair should have been. But it was cut so short Sofia couldn't get a good grip so she quickly changed targets and wrapped fingers the black woman's neck. Sofia squeezed as Naomi struggled under her weight, her wriggling only causing the sand to scour her exposed breasts painfully as they burrowed in the hot sand.

"Get your fat ass off me you bitch!!!" Naomi screamed as Sofia tried to choke her.

Sofia raised her ass up to drop it down again, but in the split-second it was in the air, Naomi flipped over onto her back and freed one arm which she immediately wrapped in a handful of Sofia's long blonde hair.

"AAAHHHHHHH!! Let go...." Sofia screamed as Naomi shook her head side to side.

Fighting through the painful hairpull, Sofia regained her chokehold but as she looked down she realized there were even more delectable targets awaiting her attentions. Covered with oil, Naomi's breasts had taken on a coating of sand which acted like rough sandpaper when Sofia's hands clamped on and squeezed.

“Ohhh my God!" Naomi screamed, unsure whether she should release her hairpull to defend her breasts or fight on and try to ignore the awful pain of the breast mauling. Sofia began curling her fingernails in as she squeezed Naomi's small, firm breasts. Between the sand and Sofia's fingernails, Naomi quickly decided she couldn't take any more pain and her hand's shot up, latching onto Sofia's massive bikini top.

"You fuckin' bitch!" Sofia screamed as Naomi's nails cut into her enormous breasts, the tiny bikini offering scant protection.

Both women began a breast-mauling contest but it was obvious whose were getting the worst of it! Sofia's fingernails and the sand were ravaging Naomi's tits while Naomi was struggling trying to fight past Sofia's bikini top. When she felt Naomi's nails sinking into her precious breasts, Sofia quickly let go of one of Naomi's breasts and used her fist to beat down onto Naomi's cheek. She tried to ignore the new pain coursing though her face and keep her grip on Sofia's breasts, squeezing for all she was worth. Sofia slammed her fist down again, this time hitting Naomi in the nose which forced the black bitch to release her breast.

"Uhhhhhh...," Naomi moaned when Sofia's fist pounded into her for a third time, this one to her forehead.

Naomi had to remove both hands from Sofia's pendulous breasts to protect her precious her face.

"You fucking whore...can't find your own man so you try to steal one!?" Sofia screeched at Naomi, who was becoming disorientated from Sofia's punches.

Sofia released Naomi's other breast and got to her feet standing over Naomi. Then she slammed a foot down on Naomi's tight stomach!

"Unnnngggghh!" Naomi grunted as her legs and shoulders lifted off the sand.

She fell back, desperately trying to get some air into her lungs. Sofia kept up the attack and as she saw Naomi's hands go to her stomach, she slammed a kick into Naomi's temple. The black girl's head shot backward and smacked the sand, then she rolled over and lay with her cheek resting on the hot sand. Sofia adjusted her bikini top, glaring over at Brian who was very obviously excited at the sight of two beautiful women going at each other over him.

Holding her throbbing breasts, Sofia screamed, "Why don't you go fucking rub those wanna be boobs now? HUH? I don't hear you!"

Brian was speechless as he stared open-mouthed, "I...I...uh, didn't put oil on her chest. I just put a little on her back...honest honey! She couldn't reach her back so I said I'd help out."

Sofia began walking towards Brian, "Forget it! Forget me! Forget us...I don't know what I was thinking wasting my time with you! Why don't you go and comfort that bitc....UUUUHHHHHHH!!!"

Sofia's body shot forward as Naomi's closed fists slammed into her upper back, sending her sprawling on the sand with Naomi on top.

"You should’ve finished me when you had the chance bitch!" Naomi screamed as she grabbed two handful's of Sofia's long blond hair.

Naomi began sweeping Sofia's perfect face side-to-side, grinding it down into the course sand!. Sofia’s mouth, open in a scream, filled with sand as she never had a chance to close it as she was slammed to the beach. Naomi straddled Sofia's upper back, her knees pressing into Sofia’s ribs as her ass pressed down as she continued grinding the beautiful blonde's face into the sand.

"AAAHHH! M… eyes!" Sofia shrieked, spitting out grains of sand. She tried futilely to get her hands planted in the sand, trying to push up and lift her face as she was starting to lose oxygen. "Get off me you damn skank!!!" she spit once she could speak.

But Naomi didn't answer, instead she reached under her butt and pulled loose the knot at the back of Sofia's bikini top. Naomi quickly hopped up to her feet and began pulling back on the straps, the cups flattening Sofia's massive tits into her chest. Fighting the pain in her breasts, Sofia's hands rubbed her eyes that had been blinded when they filled with sand.

Naomi kept rearing back, hauling on the bikini which was being stretched to the limit. Then she slammed her foot on the back of Sofia's head and forced it forward; Sofia’s open mouth filling with hot sand again, her hands unable to soften the blow to her nose.

"Not so damn tough now are you, ya over-inflated Barbie doll," Naomi said as she flipped the gasping Sofia over onto her back.

Once more, Sofia was spitting out sand, coughing and gagging trying to clear her mouth while she rubbed her blinded, stinging, tear-filled eyes. Naomi smiled at the sight of Sofia's wide-open midsection as she raised her bare foot and slammed it down into the unaware blonde's relaxed, heaving belly.

"HHHHHNNNNMMPPH!!" The air went out of Sofia’s lungs with a whoooosh.

Sofia’s hands left her tearful eyes to ease her churning stomach. Naomi reached forward and, without resistance, pulled off Sofia’s loose bikini top. Flat on her back, Sofia's massive orbs spilled over her chest, sliding off to the sides. Naomi dropped the bikini top and picked up a handful of sand, then scrubbed it into Sofia's face. The blonde screamed, never getting the opportunity to get her hands up before Naomi threw more sand into her eyes. Naomi laughed as Sofia frantically pawed her blinded eyes, then kicked the blonde in the ribs to roll her over on her bare chest. Naomi grabbed Sofia's wrists and stepped over her as she pulled her arms over the blonde's head and stretched them out.

"AAAAHHHHHHHH S…S…Sttttttooooopp! Plllleeease!" Sofia squealed as Naomi started backing up, pulling the blonde on her sunburned chest across the harsh, hot burning beach sand.

"How do those watermelons feel now blondie?" Naomi sarcastically asked as Sofia frantically tried to pull her wrists from Naomi's grasp.

The sand began tearing apart Sofia's erect nipples and the blonde futilely tried flailing and kicking her legs hoping to end the pain. But Naomi was relentless; dragging Sofia up the beach, then turning around and dragging her back down the beach as the grains of sand began tearing into Sofia’s oversized mammaries as she screamed mindlessly.

"Pl…lllease I’m so sorry...just let me go!" Sofia begged as tears rolled down her blushing cheeks.

Sofia was shocked when Naomi heeded her plea and released her wrists. The blondes hands instantly cupped her sun and sand burnished boobs, writhing on her back as she tried in vain to massage away some of the pain. Naomi readjusted her thong, which had ridded up her ass, then turned her attention back to the sobbing blonde. She bent down, grabbed two handfuls of blonde hair and pulled Sofia back to her feet. Sofia's hands were still cupping her full breasts when she felt herself jerked to her feet. Naomi released her hair and slammed a closed fist into the side of Sofia's head. The blonde staggered forward then was caught immediately by the back of her hair and stood up again as Naomi stood behind her securing her with a two handed hold on the back of her bikini bottom. Then Naomi yanked up!

"EEEEEEIIIIIHHHHH!!!!!" Sofia yelped as the material sliced deep between her puffy lips, forcing her onto her tiptoes in hope of easing this new pain.

Naomi pulled back on the material, stretching it up as far as she could while Sofia's screams echoed across the empty beach. When she released the wedgie, Naomi swung Sofia around and grabbed the front of her stretched-out white bikini bottom. The material again cut deep into her pussy and the blonde's head snapped back, her mouth open in a silent cry of pain. As Naomi tugged more, Sofia’s unshaved bush became visible as her pubic mound bulged out on either side of the rapidly disappearing strand of fabric. Naomi laughed as the material literally cut into Sofia's pussy until the swollen lips were hanging outside of the bikini!

Tears were streaming down Sofia's face as Naomi held the material nearly at the blonde's breasts until her arms grew tired and she let go. Sofia’s body crumpled to the sand where she curled up in the fetal ball with one hand under her red, scoured breasts and the other frantically pulling her bikini from her aching pussy.

"Here, let me help you with that, baby!!!" Naomi said, bending over and grabbing Sofia's bikini at the hips.

She backed up and gave a quick jerk, whisking the bikini over Sofia’s ass and down her legs. In seconds, the sobbing blonde was completely naked, lying sprawled on the sand with her knees slightly raised. That’s when Naomi began slamming kicks down onto Sofia's body, some slamming into her chest, others her ribs, and still others kicking her arms which she was waving over her in a futile attempt to protect her exposed body.

The blonde was totally helpless as Naomi rampaged, not stopping until at least ten kicks had landed on the blondes body. Sofia was almost out when Naomi pulled her limp arms behind her back. She only muttered a soft groan when she felt the material wrapping around her wrists. Naomi laughed as she finished knotting Sofia's bikini top around her wrists, securing her hands with a double knot for good measure. "Get up bitch!!!" Naomi screamed as she gave the weeping blonde a kick in the ass.

When Sofia barely moved, Naomi got tired of waiting and grabbed a handful of hair to force the blonde to her feet. Tears streamed down Sofia's face and dropped onto her massive, cut-up breasts, the salty tears stinging the thousands of tiny cuts. Horror filled her when she tired to move her arms and realized they were bound.

"No, plllleeease let me go...I’ll do anything.!!!"

Naomi yanked the blonde's hair and told her, "Look at this, you worthless slut! Is that who you wanna be with?"

She turned Sofia toward Brian who had a look of lustful awe on his face at the sight of the gorgeous tall, black supermodel dominating the buxom blonde. Whether or not the words registered was irrelevant to Naomi; she slammed a fist into Sofia's exposed breast and the enormous fleshy orb engulfed the tightly clenched black fist as the punch slammed into her already sore mammary. Naomi reared back again, this time driving an uppercut under the globe that sent Sofia's breast shooting straight up. Sofia struggled in her restraints, feeling as if her massive breast was going to explode from the pain.

Naomi stepped behind Sofia, put her foot in front of Sofia’s legs and slammed her face first down on the sand. Sofia gasped when her breasts slammed into the sand. As she lay moaning, Naomi pushed her foot under Sofia’s shoulder and rolled her on her back and straddled her tight waist. With her arms tied behind her, Sofia was totally defenseless when Naomi's salon-sharp talons dug deep into the tender flesh of her massive breasts.

"OOOOOHHHH My GOOOOOOOODDDDDD....let go, let go, let go!!!!" Sofia bellowed as Naomi dug in and then snapped her wrists, raking her nails down the length of Sofia's abused breasts to her already sore nipples.

Dark red welts instantly popped up on the pale flesh, then Naomi began squeezing. Sofia shrieked, her hips frantically bucking up and down under Naomi’s tight ass, desperately hoping to bounce the crazed black woman off of her. Naomi released her breast claw only to begin raining down open hand slaps across Sofia's breasts, whipping them from left to right as she landed heavy, open-handed cuffing slaps. And, with every slap, the sand grains stuck on Sofia's flesh tore into the soft skin of her wildly bouncing breasts. Sofia's once proud breasts turned beet red with welts, scratches and sand cuts.

"No more...please…. I can't …take… any more..." Sofia gasped between heaving sobs.

Naomi move her ass up onto Sofia's sore, stinging breasts, then spun around facing Sofia's fluffy pubic patch. She reached out and took a handful of the short hairs, yanking up and forcing the trapped blonde to let out a blood-curdling scream. Naomi ripped out several handfuls of Sofia's lush bush as the helpless beauty's legs thrashed and whipped from side to side in futile hope of freeing herself.

Tears streamed down Sofia's face as she whimpered, "SSStooooppp...please are the be…..better woman. Please, I’m sorry..." Satisfied with the result of her attempts to bald Sofia's pussy, Naomi stood up, her long, dark legs straddling the blonde’s body. Then she rolled her back onto her chest again. Sofia lay facedown, sobbing uncontrollably as Naomi picked up her ankles and began slowly dragging her down the beach on her tits for a third time!

Again, the hard granules of sand tortured Sofia's tits as she had to struggle merely to keep her mouth from taking in more hot sand. After a few hundred yards, Naomi dropped Sofia's ankles and kicked her onto her back again. Naomi smiled at the sight of Sofia's breasts. A mass of sand burns covered the fleshy mounds and bright red nail marks streaked both sides of the massive heaving breasts; her damaged nipples were bleeding.

Naomi was laughing as she bent to pick up a large seashell, "Those fucking melons are going to be useless when I’m done slut!"

Whether or not the comment registered with Sofia, she showed no sign of responding until Naomi raked the shell across left breast.

"EEEEEEIIIIIIHHHHHHHHH!!" Sofia shrieked, thinking her nipple had been ripped off.

The seashell tore into Sofia's tender nipple and blood began flowing down her breast. Naomi raked the seashell across Sofia's right breast, drawing a similar, but louder, response as Sofia's head snapped back into the sand as she arched her back and grunted trying with all her fading strength to free her arms from their bondage as Naomi loomed over her and slid her G-sting off her shapely ass, letting it drop around her ankles.

Bending down so her crotch was inches from Sofia's mouth, Naomi yelled, "You ARE going to get me off now Blondie. And it had better be the fucking best O of my life!"

Sofia didn't say a word, just continued to cry as Naomi's moist pussy dropped onto her lips and the smell brought Sofia around instantly.

"NNNNOOOO……. MMHHHHPPPFFFFF...!" Sofia’s shriek ended in a muffled groan as Naomi reached back and yanked Sofia's bloody nipple.

"Come on, fucking bloody lick it you cunt!" Naomi yelled as Sofia writhed and wailed from the pain coursing through her breast.

Slowly, Naomi began groaning as she felt Sofia's suddenly submissive tongue flick between her already wet pussy lips. Naomi's hips began gyrating as Sofia's tongue worked its way inside her. Naomi was in ecstasy, her hands leaving Sofia’s breasts to tenderly massage her own breasts as Sofia’s talented tonguing pushed her toward her inevitable climax.

"AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Naomi's scream could have broken glass when Sofia's teeth bit down on her labia.

Fighting the pain shooting through her as Sofia's teeth bit deep into her snatch, Naomi tried to climb off the battered blonde, but Sofia's teeth were clamped on tight. Tears streamed from Naomi's tightly squinting eyes and her body began spasm from the agony of pain in her pussy! She struggled against the pain as she struggled break free, but Sofia’s teeth held fast, refusing to release their bite. Finally, as Sofia's jaw muscles tired, her teeth slipped and Naomi tumbled over backward, falling down on the hot sand and hurriedly massaging her throbbing pussy.

Sofia was out of it still as her head rolled to the side, breathing heavily as she murmured, "Untie me...Please! Brian please!!"

Brain's mouth was hanging open in slack-jawed awe at the spectacle of woman-on-woman brutality he’d witnessed. At first he was hesitant, but eventually he stirred and gingerly rolled Sofia onto her side. He untied the knot that bound her wrists and although Sofia was finally freed of her restraints, she was emotionally and physically drained! She looked at Naomi who was still laying on her back, legs spread, hands slowly rubbing her pussy. Sofia decided instead of trying to resume the struggle, she’d better go to her car and leave finishing it for another day after she’d recovered. She tried to get to her feet, but her legs buckled and she toppled back on her butt.

Brian quickly reached out, "Let me help you up. Give me your arm."

She looked at Brian and allowed him to help her up and steady her on the aching walk back to her car as she leaned on his arm. Naomi lay still curled up in the fetal position, a small pool of blood between her thighs as she opened her eyes to see Brian and Sofia walking off together. She cursed herself for allowing this to happen, but swore that as soon as her pussy healed, she’d get revenge on the bitch who’d almost chewed it off!