Neve Campbell vs. Reese Witherspoon By Blizzard

“Pack of Marlboro Lights, please,” said Neve Campbell.

The middle-age man working the checkout in the mini-mart reached above his head and pulled a pack from the cigarette rack. Setting them on the counter, he studied the 5’5 ½” brunette with a smart-alecky grin.

“You know those are bad for you, pretty lady?!” he asked.

Neve smiled at him, her dark eyes twinkling and nodded, “Anybody says they don’t is a liar.”

She paid for the smokes and was headed for the door when she heard someone call out her name from behind. Turning, she recognized 5’2” blond Reese Witherspoon who was just setting a gallon of milk on the counter.

“Neve! What’re you up to?” Reese asked.

“Hey Reese,” answered the brunette. “Just buying smokes, how ‘bout you?”

The bubbly blonde fished through her pocketbook for her debit card and gave it to the cashier. “Oh, we’re outta milk, so I zipped down to get some.”

Neve’s eyes did a quick scan of the store, then she asked, “So, where’s Ryan?” referring to actor Ryan Phillippe, Reese’s husband and the father of their young daughter, Ava.

“He took Ava to the park. I’m being a good little homemaker today. You know, cleaning, cooking....that fun stuff.”

“So how is Ryan these days?” asked Neve wistfully.

“Wonderful!” gushed Reese as she signed the debit slip.

“Mmmm, I kno....I mean, that’s good!” said Neve, catching herself. “Tell him I said ‘Hi’.”

Reese felt a slight flush course through her. She and Neve were no more than acquaintances, but Neve had costarred with Ryan in ‘54’ a film about the lurid history of the world renown New York City nightclub. Reese had heard some disquieting rumors, probably just the usual unfounded Hollywood gossip but still, combined with the fact that Reese had turned down the role Neve took in ‘Scream’ it wasn’t conducive to fondness between the two women.

Based on the popularity of the Scream film and it’s sequel, it was probably not the wisest decision of Reese’s career so Neve’s little faux pas about Ryan had effectively pushed the blonde’s buttons. Still, Reese knew how she could unquestioningly convince the brunette of the strength of her and Ryan’s relationship.

As the two young actresses stepped into the bright California sunshine, Reese said, “Why don’t you come over and see our home? You’ve never been over!”

Neve looked at the blonde with a sly smile as she pointed out, “It’s only because I’ve never been invited.”

“Well now you have,” said Reese. “Come on, follow me!”

“Sure, I’d love to,” said Neve warmly.

Both women got into their cars and Neve followed Reese to the home she and Ryan shared. As Reese drove up the street, she peering at Neve’s vehicle in her rear view mirror.

“Seeing our fabulous house and hearing how wonderful our life is oughta put to put a stop to any more smart-ass comments from Miss Smarty Pants back there!”

The next half hour was comprised of a detailed tour of the home, including a lengthy dissertation on the history of each and every picture. The 28 y/o Neve couldn’t help being impressed by Reese’s vivacious personality. She seemed to be truly in love and happy. As the upstairs tour wound down, the two women were at the top of the stairs as Reese lamented about a grape juice stain on the carpet. Toddler’s sippy cups are long as the lid stays on.

“Mind if I use your bathroom?!” asked Neve.

“Sure, go ahead,” offered Reese. “Don’t mind the mess.....I haven’t gotten around to cleaning it yet. I have to pull those cookies out of the oven, so I’ll meetcha downstairs. K?”

Neve was snooping about the bathroom when she heard the stereo volume downstairs being cranked up. Reese was singing along with the music as she busied herself in the kitchen. Once she’d put the cookies on a cooling rack and washed the cookie sheets, the blonde looked upstairs quizzically. She swore she’d heard the toilet flush five minutes ago and wondered if something had happened to her guest.

Reese climbed the stairs and walked down the hall. The bathroom door was wide open and the light was off. She stealthily crept to her slightly ajar bedroom door. She remembered she’d closed it after she’d shown Neve the room. She gently pushed the door open and her jaw nearly dropped to the floor at the sight that met her eyes! Neve was standing over the wicker laundry basket in the corner of the bedroom. She was holding a dirty pair of Reese’s satin panties and she was licking them!

“What the hell are you...........THOSE ARE MY PANTIES!!!” Reese screamed in utter shock.

Neve casually turned to the flabbergasted blonde and inhaled deeply as she brushed Reese’s panties over her cheek.

“Ummmmm. Soooo sweeeeettt!” Neve sighed, her face taking on a dreamy countenance.

Reese’s stocking feet pounded across the floor toward the brunette, her left hand reaching for her panties.

“Get the fuck outta my house!!!” Reese demanded, her blue eyes burning, as the 26 year old snatched at her panties and missed, but at the same time grabbed Neve behind the head by a handful of hair and commenced to pull the wincing brunette toward the door. Suddenly, Neve twisted away and broke Reese’s grip on her. She straightened up to face the red-faced Reese.

Looking innocently at her livid young hostess, Neve waved the panties and cooed, “Mind if I keep ‘em?”

AAAAARRGGHHHH!!!” growled Reese as she unleashed a stinging slap to Neve’s face. “You fuckin’ freak!”

Neve’s head snapped to the side but as she straightened, her hand came up and gently touched her crimsoned cheek. She slowly turned her gaze to the posturing blonde and a tight smile spread across her lips. With blinding speed, Neve’s hand flashed out and she stung the yelping blonde’s cheek with a retaliatory slap of her own.

“Oh boy! This is gonna get so fucking HOT!” Neve panted excitedly.

With a war cry, Reese threw herself at Neve, hitting her low and wrapping her arms around the groaning brunette’s waist. Legs pumping, she drove forward as she lifted Neve off her feet and slammed her to the mattress on the canopied bed. Reese came down on top of the surprised Neve and attacked with tremendous fury, hammering repeated punches to the brunette’s chest and ribs as she climbed up and straddled her on her knees.

Neve desperately tried to protect her body, drawing her elbows to her ribs as she covered her face with her clenched fists. The heavily breathing blonde finally paused, ramming her knee into her foe’s kidney with disdain. Neve lay groaning beneath her, her guard still up. Infuriated, Reese jumped off the bed and hauled the shrieking Neve to her feet by two handfuls of hair.

Again, Reese roughly marched her twisted rival out of her bedroom into the carpeted hallway. With a hefty shove, Reese sent Neve sprawling face first to the carpet with a thud.

Posturing with her hands on her curvy hips, Reese snapped, “Get out of my sight before I kill you!!!”

Neve slowly lifted her head off the carpet, rolling onto her side and brought her fingers to her protruding tongue. She plucked a short hair from the tip of her tongue and crinkled her nose.

“Pthhuuuu! I thought you said you cleaned today?!” Neve sputtered in her usual smart-ass tone.

Reese’s face flushed bright crimson and then she growled as she approached the brunette who was getting to her feet. Reese slammed her hands into Neve’s chest, knocking her right back down flat on her ass. Neve shook her head slowly as she looked up at Reese’s expression then broke into a giggle.

“I was hoping you’d be a little more open-minded, Reese!”

Reese exploded in rage again, fiercely kicking at Neve’s thighs and following up with several slaps that rocked her rival’s head. Neve suddenly broke out into a belly-shaking fit of laughter, causing the stunned blonde to stop and stare at her in confusion.

“What the hell’s so funny?!” snarled Reese.

Neve looked up at Reese with tears of laughter in her eyes, “I’m getting so fucking horny thinking about what I’m going to do to you!”

Reese leaned over and bent down in Neve’s face, her lip quivering as she cocked her fist threateningly, “I don’t think you’ll be doing anything to me….eeeeek!”

Neve’s hand shot up and clamped onto the blonde’s slender throat, putting a premature end to her speech. Reese dropped to her knees wide-eyed, both hands fumbling at Neve’s tight grip as she gurgled and fought for air. The brunette was inflicting crushing pressure with the choke hold and as Reese’s fingernails raked the tall brunette’s forearm her face was deep red.

“I’m trying real hard not to blemish that pretty face.” Neve said calmly. “Don’t force me to.”

As she continued to choke the desperately squirming blonde, Neve turned her shoulders and buried her other fist in the struggling woman’s belly. Reese’s throat convulsed, her cheeks puffed out and a grimace twisting her ‘pretty face’. Neve unloaded another hard gut punch that took the rest of Reese’s breath away, then shoved the gasping blonde onto her back. Reese lay with her knees drawn up, wheezing and groaning, her lungs screaming for air and her rattled diaphragm not wanting to concede to it. The wicked brunette, got up on her knees and swung a leg over Reese’s head so her back was to Reese’s head, then slowly settled her ass on the blonde’s chest in a reverse straddle.

Neve tugged at the bottom of the blonde’s T-shirt, working it out of the waistband of her khaki shorts and pulling it up under her breasts to expose the smooth curving swell of Reese’s soft tummy. The pinned blonde cried out, her feet beating on the lush carpet, as Neve bent over and shoved her spread fingers down into Reese’s belly. The dark-haired wildcat nastily pinched and squeezed the supple flesh, closing her hand and administering a searingly painful stomach claw. Reese moaned sharply as her abdomen was thoroughly worked over. Finally, Reese managed to get her hands up and started to retaliate with several short jabbing punches to Neve’s ribs.

“Ohhhhh....please....get off me!” Reese gasped, bucking her hips in a fruitless attempt at dislodging her heavier rival.

Despite the fact the blonde’s blows were rather harmless blows, Neve became irritated by her resistance and switched tactics. She uncorked a barrage of belly busting blows, raining her fists down on Reese’s navel and again driving all the breath from the gasping blonde. Reese’s knees snapped up, her legs convulsing in reaction to the punishing punches, then when Neve stopped hitting her, Reese’s legs flopped down limp and outstretched on the carpet.

A soft combination of quiet moans and gasps for air emerged from the flattened woman’s lips as Neve paused to catch her breath and gaze down at Reese’s heaving, tortured, pink belly. She playfully slapped the reddening flesh, her open hand producing a hollow echo as each open-handed smack sent ripples through the soft, tenderized flesh.

“So, hot stuff, are we wearin’ cute panties today?!” asked Neve in a kittenish tone as she reached down, unbuttoned the top of the khaki shorts and eased the zipper down.

Reese whimpered as the devilish brunette peeled back the front of her shorts enough to get a good look at her panties.

“Very cute!” exclaimed Neve as she gently ran her fingertips over the mounding front panel of Reese’s panties. “I was hoping for that!”

Reese growled in frustration and ripped and pulled at the bottom of Neve’s blouse, yanking it out of her jeans and raking Neve’s back above the waistband of her jeans with her fingernails.

“You wild little bitch!” shrieked Neve, slapping away Reese’s hand and drilling the blonde’s belly again with a quick punch.

Neve swiftly reversed her position, turning around to face Reese and pinning her shoulders to the carpet under her knees. The blonde squirmed in vain beneath the brunette’s weight, not only trapped and pinned, but starting to appear quite panicked.

“You need to settle down and play nice,” scolded Neve, playfully shaking her finger at Reese.

Neve covered Reese’s face with her left hand and applied a face claw, preventing the blonde from moving her head appreciably while she pressed her right index and middle finger in her neck below her jaw, a pressure point hold.

“I’ve got a very nice afternoon planned for us, sweetie!” said Neve in a sugary tone. “Don’t do anything to spoil it. After all, you deserve a break from all that nasty cookin’ and cleanin’.”

Reese squirmed helplessly as the knockout hold quickly took effect. Her eyelids shut and her mouth drooped open as she let out a weary moan.

“By the way, your cookies smell yummy!” teased Neve as she squirmed her hips on Reese’s breasts, stimulating her throbbing clit.

Reese gave a soft moan and her lips quivered as she whispered, “Don’” then she heaved a final sigh and lay still; her mouth ajar as she drifted into unconsciousness.

Neve released the pressure point hold and affectionately tousled the blonde’s hair, “Trust me baby, my intention is not to hurt you. In fact, I’m gonna send you into an orbit I doubt you even know exists.”

The aroused dark-haired woman climbed off of Reese’s limp body and slowly stripped the snoozing girl of her remaining clothes until the only thing left on her supple body was her flower print string bikini panties. Neve knelt beside Reese and slid her fingers up the inside of Reese’s thigh until it rested on her warm, panty covered pussy. Neve delicately massaged the blonde’s puffy slit through her panties, moaning in anticipation of what was to come. She leaned down and brushed the soft nylon crotch with her nose as she inhaled deeply of Reese’s fragrant essence.

The buzzing brunette scooped up the limp blonde under the armpits and hauled lifted her up to her feet, stabilizing her by leaning her against the wall. Reese’s head lolled to the side, her mouth gaping open revealed the tip of her pink tongue. Neve bent at the waist as she placed her shoulder into Reese’s belly and let her body slump and fold over her shoulder. Neve carefully straightened up with Reese slung over her shoulder, her arms dangling down her back. Neve cinched her arms tightly across the back of Reese’s soft, pale thighs and carried her back into the bedroom, caressing Reese’s fanny affectionately as they went.

In the bedroom, Neve flipped the blonde’s body onto the bed she and her husband shared, tossing her face up in the center with her arms and legs spread-eagled. The dark-haired sex fiend straddled Reese’s unconscious body on her hands and knees, her face inches from Reese’s slowly rising and falling naked breasts.

“Yummmmm. Hors-d’oeuvres,” cooed Neve as her lips softly closed around Reese’s surprisingly erect nipples.

Her tongue flicked out and slapped the hardening nubs, bringing them fully erect. She suckled each one in turn as her hand worked between her legs, massaging her swollen slit through her jeans. She moaned with arousal as she lifted her face to study the blonde beneath her.

“Let me see if I can guess where you kiddies hide your toys,” she giggled mischievously.

She crawled off the bed and went to one of the dressers. Opening the top drawer, she smiled as she found herself gazing at Reese’s lingerie collection. She picked out a sheer red thong with a tiny heart embroidered on the front waistband and examined it.

“God, I love a chick who understands the power of sexy undies!” she sighed.

She rummaged through the drawer, not finding what she was searching for. But as she looked, she picked out two bras and two more thongs, tossing them onto Reese’s body on the bed.

“Nope! Not there,” she muttered as she closed the drawer and headed over to the other dresser.

Inside the top drawer were Ryan’s socks and briefs, but as she fumbled to the back of the drawer, her eyes lit up.

“Bingo!” she exclaimed as she pulled out a heavy black 8” vibrator.

The eager brunette returned to the bed with her new toy. She used Reese’s bras and thongs to securely bind Reese’s wrists and ankles to the bedposts. Neve pulled Reese’s legs wide apart, leaving the poor blonde’s panty covered pussy wide open and oh so inviting. Neve knelt between Reese’s knees as soon as Reese showed the slightest signs of movement. The bound girl moaned as she began to come to; her eyelids fluttered open and as her beautiful blue eyes focused on the brunette between her legs they conveyed the fear she felt. Reese’s limbs jerked and struggled helplessly, the panic in her eyes growing as she realized she was tightly bound to her bed.

“Leave me alone you freakin’ wacko!!!” Reese shrieked, her voice trembling.

Neve grinned, bowed her head, pressed her face to Reese’s crotch and took a deep sniff, moaning passionately, “Mmmmm!”

She switched on the vibrator and suggestively waved it back and forth in front of the blonde’s face teasingly, “Silly girl. You were jealous of me because of Ryan when HE should be jealous whenever you and I are in the same room together.”

“Get out of here!” screamed Reese, arching her body as she tugged futilely on her bonds.

Neve laughed wickedly as she reached out to barely brush the sensitive inside of Reese’s thighs with the buzzing toy.

“I’ve wanted to play with that pretty little blonde beaver of yours for quite some time.”

The horny, dark-haired vixen straightened up on her knees and unbuttoned her blouse, shedding it and her white bra as Reese watched wide-eyed. Neve slid off the bed and walked around to the blonde’s head before wriggling out of her jeans and white cotton panties leaving her nude.

“I’m so fucking hot right now!” Neve purred as she stroked her steaming slit with the vibrator making her body spasm.

Neve returned and kneeled between the blonde’s legs with the vibrator. Leaning over Reese’s body she whispered, “Now, let’s get those panties you’re wearing all good and creamy, baby. They’ll make a great souvenir for my collection.”

The blonde growled in helpless frustration, gave her limbs a final jerk and then went limp. She was securely tied and she knew it but still, she couldn’t begin to fathom what was happening to her or why.

“Get....away.....from!” Reese growled.

Neve smirked, “My, my. Such unwarranted animosity! You know, I enjoy both the raw power of a man.....and the sheer sensuality of a beautiful woman.....a woman such as yourself.” Shaking her head sadly, she chastised her captive, “Don’t be so condescending, Reese. You’ve no idea of what I’m talking about............not yet.”

She tickled Reese’s breast with the buzzing vibrator and Reese’s body flinched and stiffened in reaction. Neve lowered her lips to the mounds and brushed them over the blonde’s nipple’s, then planted several soft kisses on the aureoles. Reese sniffled as she squeezed her eyes shut, a tear rolling down her cherubic cheek. She felt so helpless...........totally at Neve’s mercy. She had never experienced such a feeling before and it scared her.

Neve laid the vibrator on the mattress and continued to tease Reese’s sensitive tits as her hand slid sensually down over the gentle swell of blonde’s belly, barely touching the skin as she caressed. Neve kissed up to Reese’s neck and Reese stubbornly twisted her face aside, her lips trembling.

Reese’s body squirmed slightly as she whimpered, “Please Neve.......”

“Just let your inhibitions go, Reese............the sensation you feel will blow your mind,” whispered Neve as she slowly dragged her fingers up the blonde’s bare torso, over the swell of her breasts and heaving abdomen to the fringe of light brown pubic hair. Neve licked her lips as her hand pressed gently at the top of Reese’s inner thigh, then continued down to her knee as the leg quivered and Reese moaned, much to her own chagrin.

Neve planted subtle kisses on the silky flesh as her fingers expertly caressed the back of the girl’s knee. She kissed her way back up the inside of Reese’s thighs until she reached her goal. She could smell the blonde’s arousal as her nose pressed on the damp crotch of her panty. As she continued to kiss and flick her tongue around the gusset of Reese’s panty, she used the vibrator to tease the girl’s inner thighs again.

“No............please,” moaned the blonde, her cunt beginning to seep with arousal; an arousal she couldn’t stave off.

Reese’s hips gradually started to move; slowly at first, her butt lifting off the mattress slightly to meet Neve’s lips. The brunette smiled as she pressed her lips to the damp, nylon covered panel. Her affection becoming a bit more forceful, she firmly kissed her rival’s pussy lips through the cloth as her hands roamed up Reese’s body and her fingers plucked her erect nipples.

Neve’s head bobbed up and down as she rubbed her lips on Reese’s pussy, her fingers tracing circles around her nipples. Reese ashamedly moaned, her clit screaming for attention. Resisting Neve was a losing proposition for Neve was manipulating her body and making her respond like a pro. Indeed, it seemed Neve was reading her mind. The dark-haired minx slid the crotch of Reese’s panties to one side and flicked her tongue, tasting the warm fluid that oozed between the blonde’s swollen labia.

Reese responded with a submissive moan and cocked her hips to press her cunt to Neve’s mouth. The brunette eased the buzzing vibrator to the blonde’s slick hole and it slid easily in as Neve teased the tip of Reese’s electrified clit with her tongue. Reese gasped as a wave of rapture swept over her.

“Damn you....,” Reese gasped in a confused, but blissful tone.

Neve unleashed an erotic barrage of techniques on her naïve, convulsing prey as she kissed and licked all around her clit, occasionally trapping it between her pursed lips while humming which produced an incredible vibrating sensation directly to the girl’s love button. Reese’s gasps and groans increased in intensity as Neve fucked her with the vibrator, making sure to intermittently drag the tip of it across the bundle of nerves on the upper wall of her vagina. As soon as Neve’s fingertip probed the pink, puckered opening of Reese’s ass, the screaming blonde’s dam burst, flushing her hot fluid into Neve’s eager mouth.

“!” gasped Reese as her body tensed, arched and then, with a shudder, went limp.

She closed her eyes tight, awash in both humiliation and ecstasy. It was unquestionably the most incredibly intense orgasm she’d ever experienced in her short life. After a few minutes, Reese slowly opened her eyes, still panting in her post-orgasmic state. Neve was above her, gazing down, her dark eyes still full of lust. Neve cupped her hand and fingers to the contour Reese’s pussy and delicately rubbed soaked crotch of her panties, pushing the damp, fabric against her oozing snatch and further coating them with her fluids.

“Now do you see what I mean?” Neve asked huskily. “I lit you up, baby.”

Neve crawled across the bed, jiggling the bound blonde as she straddled her shoulders, resting her knees on Reese’s immobilized upper arms. Neve rose so her pussy hovered just above Reese’s face as she looked down at her amorously. The blonde’s session of unimaginable rapture suddenly came to a screeching halt as she inhaled the thick, arousal scented heat of Neve’s dark, thickly matted cunt.

“If you think I’m leaving without reciprocation, you’re fucking crazy!” purred the lusty brunette.

“No.......,” whimpered Reese, shaking her head, her lips trembling as Neve’s meaning hit her like a slap in the face.

Neve nodded as she smiled wickedly and slowly lowered her cunt onto Reese’s mouth.

“Do me like I know you can, bitch,” growled Neve. “And don’t forget you’re tied up. Try anything stupid and you’ll pay a heavy, painful price for it.”

Neve scrubbed the blonde’s mouth with her slick pussy, making Reese whimper pitifully. But the defenseless blonde closed her eyes and obeyed, realizing she had no choice. She tentatively stuck her tongue out, initially cringing when it touched Neve’s hairy, redolent snatch. Neve began to ease her hips back and forth as Reese’s tongue became more daring, parting her saturated labia to make access easier for the sobbing blonde.

“Kiss my pretty pussy,” moaned the dark-haired vixen as she closed her eyes and tugged at her own hard nipples.

Reese sniffled and tilted her head back slightly, her lips smacking against the soft folds of Neve’s slit.

“Mmmm, I like that,” sighed Neve as she rose higher on her knees. “Now kiss my ass.”

Her right hand had slipped to her crotch, teasing her hooded love button as her breathing became more rapid. Reese was crushed with shame as she reluctantly planted a smooch on her rival’s smooth, sweaty ass cheek. Neve giggled and slid her cunt back within the blonde’s reach. Reese resumed her oral worship, her eyes shut tight as she lapped Neve’s pussy.

Neve allowed her to continue for several moments, adjusting her position several times attempting to guide Reese’s tongue where she wanted it. Finally, she heaved a long, heavy, frustrated sigh.

“This should come natural to you, honey. I mean.....shit, you oughta know exactly what a woman wants. Hell, maybe I’m asking too much of you, huh you nookie rookie?!” Neve pushed her pussy down on the protesting blonde’s face and started a slow ride of her own. “That’s okay, you just lay there. I’ll do all the work this time. This time!”

Reese’s panicked plea’s were muffled by Neve’s snatch as the brunette slowly worked herself to a climax. The excited brunette squeezed her tits and diddled her clit before finally settling into a vigorous face-fucking pace as she rubbed her tingling cunt back and forth on the suffocating blonde’s nose, mouth and chin. Reese’s garbled vocalizing trailed off as Neve hit full speed, and soon the brunette was moaning loudly as her body shuddered and her climax washed over her like a powerful wave crashing on a beach.

Neve gasped for breath as her convulsing pelvis came to rest, her ass resting on the blonde’s chin. She remained seated on her victim for several minutes until the powerful impulses coursing through her body subsided. She sighed with sheer satisfaction and slowly lifted her hips from Reese’s face. A long stream of her thick come stuck to Reese’s nose and as she rose it stretched and spiderwebbed to her wet pussy, finally breaking and plopping onto the blonde’s flushed face.

“We’ll practice your technique another time, greenhorn,” Neve said as she reached down and pinched Reese’s nipple, receiving nary a moan from the unconscious girl. “Looks like I put you out..........again! Sweet dreams, sugarplum.”

The spent brunette rolled off the bed and picked up her clothes, put them on and sat down on the edge of the bed, her body still feeling the effects of her powerful orgasm. She took a deep breath, turned and gazed down at her overwhelmed and out-matched opponent.

“Well, I guess I can’t leave you like this.........eventually Ryan and Ava will come home. She doesn’t need to see Mommy like this, there’ll be plenty of time for that when she’s a teenager, right sweetum’s?”

Neve untied Reese’s wrists and ankles, lifted her feet and pushed them back over Reese’s head, lifting her hips off the bed. Hooking her fingers in the back of Reese’s panty waistband, she slowly peeled the wet, sticky panties off her ass and pulled them down her legs as she lowered them.

Neve sniffed the fragrant aroma and smiled, “Mmmmmmm.......what a treasure. Wait’ll I show the others, they’ll be so damn jealous. I’ll really cherish these, Reese. Fond memories, indeed.”

Neve turned to go and had reached the doorway when she suddenly halted and turned back to the bed.

“Damn, I can’t resist,” she muttered as she picked up the vibrator. “A taste of honey,” she sighed as she leaned on the bed and slowly ran her tongue up the full length of Reese’s slit. “Yummy! Ryan, you’re one lucky shit!” she said.

Then Neve slid the vibrator easily into the blonde’s sopping wet love tunnel until it was buried half it’s length.

“Thanks ever so much for being such a generous hostess,” Neve chirped happily. “I really should’ve come over long before this! Wow, I need a goddam cigarette! Be sure to give me a buzz next time you wanna get buzzed, babe!”

Then the grinning brunette strode out the door and down the hall with Reese’s soiled panties in her hand.

Some time later, Reese awoke to an empty house and a tingling sensation in her pussy. She ashamedly removed the vibrator and staggered to the shower. Ryan and Ava would be home soon, she had to hurry! As the water pulsated from the shower head onto her body, she found herself replaying the afternoon’s events with Neve. As she replayed the sensations the wicked lesbian had awakened in her, Reese’s clit came alive and demanded attention. With thoughts of Neve’s pussy hovering over her face filling her mind, Reese pleasured herself to a potent orgasm. She hated to admit it, but she knew she would have to see Neve again - and soon!