Put Up or Shut Up: Amber Campisi vs. Vanessa Hoelsher by kit

It was a nice spring Sunday morning. My girlfriend, Amber, had just left a few minutes ago after a bout of sweet, tender love-making, and I was enjoying a cigarette and coffee and the sports section. It was quiet; peaceful; and I was loving life.

"Oh man!" exclaimed Jimmy, my roommate, as he barged thru the door of our apartment. "I'm glad you're here. Where's Amber? You alone?"

"Dude, she just left," I said. "What the hell?"

I could tell he was excited. I figured he'd been laid since he'd been out all night.

"Oh man, I just got laid!" he said with a grin all over his face. "Man, was this bitch hot. I fucked the shit outta her."

I grinned, and took a drag, and let him carry on.

"Damn was she hot. She was definitely the best fuck of my life."

I took a sip and sorta shrugged. Coming from Jimmy that wasn't saying much since he'd only been with four chicks in his life...make it five now.

"I'll bet she's better than Amber," he stated.

"Easy there, big fellow," I chuckled. "You been fuckin' my bitch?"

"No, but, you're always talkin' 'bout Amber...I mean she's hot and all, but damn was this bitch hot," he said, explaining with his hands. "You know what I mean."

I nodded. I was happy for him. He hadn't been laid all school year. "Great, man. It's 'bout time you had some ass. Tell me 'bout this bitch. What's her name?"

"Vanessa!" he said, excited. "Oh she's hot. Blonde, built and beautiful, and she knows how fuck like a dog."

Jimmy went on to explain how they meet and what she looked like and all the fucking they did in bed.

"I take it you got her number?" I asked, snuffing out my smoke.

"Hell fuckin' yeah!" he barked. "She's comin' over this afternoon and I'm gonna fuck the shit outta her. You gonna be around?"

"Yeah, for awhile, but I'm gonna over to Amber's and fuck the shit outta her," I had to boast.

"She'll be here 'bout three. Stick till then so's you can meet her," he said. "I want you to see the shit I'm gettin'."

About 2:45 p.m. there was a knock on the door. I knew it was probably this Vanessa chick, and since Jimmy was in the shower, I was going to have to entertain her.

Opening the door, my jaws went slack at the blonde sight before me. Standing there in a little yellow tub top and denim shorts was Vanessa.

"Hi!" she smiled. "Is Jimmy here?"

"Uh hi," I said. "Uum, yeah. He's just takin' a shower, but c'mon in."

She batted her eyes with me as she strolled by and turned sharply around, her long, straight hair sailing around her face and shoulders.

"Are you his roommate?" she asked, extending out her hand. "I'm Vanessa."

I cleared my throat and took her by the hand. "Uh, yeah. I'm Pete."

She smiled warmly and twitched her hips as we shook. "Glad to meet ya."

"You too," I said. "Sit down."

She strolled around the living room checking it out as I leaned against the back of the chair with a hard-on.

"He'll be out in a minute."

She twirled back around. "That's okay. I don't mind. I like a guy to be clean before we work up a good sweat in bed."


"Don't you?" she asked with a grin.

"Well...frankly I prefer women," I grinned as we both sorta laughed, "but I know what you mean."

Vanessa gave me one of those looks, and I could tell that she was interested in finding out how I was in bed.

"You gotta girlfriend?" she asked. A sure sign of attraction.

"Well, yeah...sorta," I played it down. "We've been datin' since last October."

"My, she must be special," she said, touching her hand over her chest. "Or either you are."

I blushed.

Normally I'm not bashful around girls. I've dated and fucked my share and then some, but rarely do I ever encounter a chick this aggressive. Too bad Jimmy was around. I didn't mind cheating on Amber. I'd done it once before.

The bathroom door opened up and Jimmy asked me if Vanessa was here.

"I sure am!" she shouted down the hall.

"I'll be out in a minute!"

"No rush," she answered. "I'm just gettin' to know your roommate." We looked at each other. I could tell that something was brewing, and I wasn't sure if I wanted it to happen. This blonde was hot, but something said trouble with a capital 'T'. "Well, I've gotta go now," I said, taking a step back.

"To...what's her name's?"

"Yeah, Amber."

"Gonna work up a sweat with her?" she purred sexily.

I grinned from ear to ear, "Yeah...a pretty good one."

She stepped to my chest and put her hands on my shoulders. "I'll think about you, if you think about me." Our French kiss was quick and hot. Like a branding iron our lips smoldered as our tongues lapped once or twice...perhaps three times.

"I better go," I said softly.

Her eyes danced with mine. "Yeah, you better."


"Fuck! Shit! Damn! Shit! What the fuck?" I shouted in my head while walking to my car.

I couldn't believe what had just happened! I was thrilled, excited, and horney all at once. But most of all, I was just stunned. I mean, this shit doesn't happen except in letters to Penthouse. From my car I called Amber. I needed some time to think and let this pass before I fucked her. I also needed a drink. Too bad the bars were closed.

"Hey, babe," I said over the phone. "I'm gonna be a little late."

"Oh no! How come?" she asked and I made up a lie about having to go by the library and get a book for this term paper I was writing.

"Well hurry up. Me and my lil' puss-puss wanna fuck," she played over the phone. Amber had a good nature about sex. Sometimes she wanted to make love and sometimes she wanted to fuck. And today she wanted to fuck. "She's (her pussy) all alone and very horney."

I laughed. "I'll be there in an hour."

I drove to the park and sat under a tree, smoking and thinking about Vanessa. I wanted to fuck her and I knew she wanted to fuck me, but I also didn't want to jeopardize a good thing I had going with Amber. I had cheated on her once, sorta...but that was last semester, and we hadn't been dating that long anyway. Besides, at the time I thought she was sleeping around also. Anyway, we were sorta an item now, although neither of us were ready for a serious or marriage-type of commitment. I knew Amber would dump me if she found out, and Vanessa wasn't a girl I could trust to keep a secret! There's no way I'd leave Amber for Vanessa who was a whore and just out for a good time…but maybe not! Whatever, I had to fuck Vanessa; she was hot!

Vanessa wasn’t as pretty in the face as Amber; her face was round and kinda flat like it’d been hit with a frying pan. She did have nice, soft blond hair that was straight and of medium length while Amber had a more oval face, and her rich, chocolate hair was straight and a bit longer. Vanessa had pretty blue eyes and a mouth for cock sucking and Amber had warm, brown eyes and her mouth could suck a cock like a Hoover! Both 5’6” but Amber was a bit heavier, 127 to Vanessa’s 120 but that was fine, because I liked a little meat on my women.

From what I could see thru Vanessa's tube top and shorts and from what Jimmy had said, I guessed her measurements to be 36d-25-36. Amber racked out at 36DD-28-36. Amber worked out, and from the shape of her body it looked like Vanessa did too. Both had firm stomachs, but Vanessa's was a little tighter and around back, Amber had a nice, full ass - as did Vanessa. I'm sure she could fuck with it as good as Amber could fuck with hers! In the leg department, Vanessa won. She had much more definition to her thighs and calves, but that's not to say that Amber's legs weren't toned and sexy. As far as their pussies went, Jimmy said that Vanessa was shaved bald. I like a bit of hair, and Amber had a nice, neatly trimmed 'V' of black hair, but was still easily covered up by a thong. They both also had nice tans. A must in my bed.

Lighting my fourth cigarette, I wondered if Vanessa would talk. Did she just want a one-night stand, or perhaps a bit more. Was she really interested in me, or just a tease? What was the deal with Jimmy? Why was she coming on to me when she was fixing to fuck him? I had more questions than answers and only time would answer them.


I left one French kiss and stepped into another.

"C'm on, baby," said Amber, breaking off her sizzling lip lock and closing the front door of her apartment. "Fuck me."

Vanessa's hot, blond image kept me hard for two hours as Amber and I fucked from pillar to post on her bed.

"Oh gawd!" gasped Amber, collapsing on her back. "What has gotten into you?"

"Just your hot pussy," I panted.

"Shit. We've never fucked like this before. I mean after five times yesterday and then this mornin' and now you fuck me like this."

"I thought you wanted to fuck."

"Oh I do...did," she gasped. "Gawd you were great. I'm not complaining."

"It's your pussy. You know you can fuck."

"Wow! Are you takin' Viagra now?" she laughed, teasing.

I laughed. "Just the nectar of your pussy."

Soaked with sweat and covered in sex, Amber and I snuggled up and kissed. I wondered if Vanessa had Amber's staying power, and guessed she probably did.

"Jimmy got laid last night," I said.

"What? Are you kiddin'? It's about time."

"Yeah, I meet her this afternoon," I said.

"Oh really?" she said, drawing back a bit. I could sense she was instantly jealous; that was her downfall.

"I'll bet she's a slut."

"Now why do you say that?"

"She slept with him the first night."

"So. You slept with me the first night," I reminded.

She shrugged playfully. "So! Besides, you were very hot and I was very horney...you can't blame a girl."

I hugged her. "You are hot, and I don't blame you. I'd fuck me too on the first date."

"Asshole!" she joked, gently slapping me across the chest. "Tell me more 'bout this bitch. Is she prettier than me?"

"She's pretty, but not prettier."

"Are her tits bigger than mine?"

"No, but she's got a rack."



"I already fuckin' hate her," she purred.

Amber didn't like blondes.

"What's she like?"

I told her what little I knew.

"So...you'd fuck her?" she asked.

"Oh come on," I moaned. "Of course I would. I'm a guy aren't I?"

"Well...if she ever flirts with you, I'll whip her fuckin' ass."

In the six months or so that we'd been dating, I'd seen Amber bow up to three girls. The brunette and black girl backed down during the staredown, and the blonde didn't fight back when Amber slapped her to her hands and knees. Amber had told me that she'd been in some catfights, and had never lost, and I believed her. She had the attitude and physical body to take on and whip just about any bitch in her size and shape range. It made me think about how Vanessa would stack up to her. Surely a girl like Vanessa had seen a few scraps, and physically she was in great shape to do some fighting.

"I don't know," I teased. "She's in pretty good shape and she looks like she can fight."

"Are you saying she'd whip me? I'm in great shape and I know how to fight."

"Yes you are," I agreed.

"It's not my fault you haven't seen me fight. It's those other bitches who backed down," her dander rising.

"Oh I know, baby," I said, my member growing stiff against her thigh. She noticed it and smiled.

Her hand rubbed my shaft as she looked me in the eye, "You'd like to see us fight?"

"I'm not saying you should," I said, rolling on top of her.

She opened her legs and guided me in, "Mmmmmm. Maybe I will."

Having just spent two hours fucking ourselves silly, this time Amber and I made slow love as we did it for nearly an hour. After we did it, I stayed on top of her as my dick went back to size. We kissed and looked into each other's eyes and held each other close.

"I know how our relationship is. We've both got plans that don't include the other," she said softly, our lips almost touching. "This summer I'll graduate and move, but for now I think of you as my man and I'll fight for you if I have too."


I was disappointed when Monday came and went without seeing Vanessa. I was hoping to see if she'd come on to me again. When Tuesday passed by, I shrugged it off that she was just a tease. Still, I thought that I had felt something between us. Wednesday night before I went to bed, I just had to know what was going on. I had thought that surely by now she'd of been over.

"What's up with you and this Vanessa chick?" I asked Jimmy. "I haven't seen her over here since Sunday."

Jimmy kinda rolled his head and shrugged. "I wish I knew. I've tried to call, but she just says she's busy and can't see me. I've driven by her place and seen another car there, but mostly her car isn't home."

"Hmmm. Another dude?" I asked.

"Probably; I'm not sure."

"Well, it's not like you own her, man," I said. "It might have just been a one-time thing."

He kinda looked at me and sighed, "I know."

"Hey, maybe she's tellin' the truth. Give her the benefit of the doubt," I said. But knowing what I knew, there probably was another stiff dick in the picture.

"Yeah, maybe you're right."

"Hey, ask her over for Friday night. I'll have Amber over to meet her and check her out. She wants too anyway. We can play cards or something," I suggested.

The next afternoon when I got back from campus, I heard fucking going on in Jimmy's bedroom and realized that it was probably Vanessa. About an hour later they emerged and she was carrying her bra in hand.

"Oh, hi, Pete," she said with a smile. Her hair was ruffled and her makeup smeared and messy, but she looked hot and sexy in her loose blouse and little skirt.

"Hi, Vanessa," I said, getting up as they came into the living room. "I thought since you hadn't been around that you'd given ol' Jimmy the heave ho or something."

"Nah! I've just been busy what with the semester comin' to a close in a few weeks."

Jimmy was grinning like he was some kinda stud. "She knows a good thing when she sees it."

"I sure as hell do," she said, giving me a special wink.

"I told her 'bout tomorrow night," Jimmy informed me.

"Great! You comin' over?"

"Hell yeah!" she beamed with a devilish smirk. "I'm anxious to check out your girlfriend and find out all your dirty little secrets."

"Well, Amber feels the same way 'bout meetin' you," I said, now realizing that these two would never get along.

"Great. Then I'm sure we'll have tons to talk 'bout," she said, touching me on the shoulder.

Poor Jimmy. He had no idea what was going on between me and Vanessa.

Later I phoned Amber and told her what was going on for Friday night.

"Good. I'm anxious to meet this bitch and see what's what with her."

I didn't know what was going to happen between the girls, but I sure hoped it contained hair; tits; and ass.


Since Amber didn't get off from work until 9 p.m., Jimmy and Vanessa were going to go out and eat while I hung around the apartment.

"Hey, Pete," said Jimmy, sticking his head in my bedroom. "Get dressed, man, Vanessa wants me to ask you to come with us."

I stood by the car as Jimmy went to get her. My eyes popped when I saw her come out and walk towards the car with him. She was wearing a thin, whispy white skirt with little pastel flowers, with the heamline hitting her just a fraction above mid-thigh, showing off 3/4 of her tan, toned legs. Up top she wore a burnt-orange, 3/4 long sleeve, knit-type top that had a swooping neckline with a string that tied across the top of her ample chest, just barely holding it in. The top hung loosely and went just past her belly button, and you could tell that she had on a white bra. On her feet she wore white 3" pumps.

"Get back in the front," she motioned to me as I was about to get in the back. "I'll sit on your lap. Jimmy, you drive," she said pecking him on the cheek. "This way we can all be together."

I looked at him, wondering what I should do.

"Get in the front," he said.

"Alright, man," I shrugged.

Vanessa worked her buttcheek against the crotch of my pants as she put one arm around my neck. Her little skirt rode way, way, way up high on her thighs, and I'll swear she could feel my boner pushing up into her ass.

"Comfy?" she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

"Yeah. You?" I asked, an arm around her waist and a hand on her tender thigh.

"Sure am," she grinned. "Let's go."

Dinner was interesting. Vanessa played footsie with me a couple of times under the table as she sat in the booth with Jimmy. Poor slob had no idea that his bitch was hot for me. After dinner Vanessa wanted me to drive while she and Jimmy rode in the back and made out.

"I need to pay for my dinner," she teased as we got in the car.

Naturally it was all done for my benefit. She wanted me to see and hear her in action as she kissed and moaned all over Jimmy. There was no mistaking the fact on my part. Vanessa was either the world's biggest dick tease, or she was so hot for me she couldn't stand it. Either way it worked for me! I had a raging hard-on during the drive to our apartment.


We got to the apartment about 9 p.m., and Amber showed up a few minutes later. Jimmy and I were in the kitchen working on the margarita's while Vanessa was picking out some music.

Knock, knock, knock.

I moved for the door, but Vanessa waved me back. "I'll get it."

I swollowed hard and my palms grew cold as I wished I could've seen their eyes when they saw each other.

"Oh hi," said Vanessa, opening the door.


"You must be Amber."

"And you must be Vanessa," I heard Amber say before she walked in.

I moved into the living room and almost bumped into Amber as she strolled past Vanessa.

"Hi lover," she said, throwing her arms around my neck and engaging me in a sloppy French kiss. "Mmmmm," she moaned for effect.

Amber would've French kissed me anyway, but tonight I knew this greeting was directed at Vanessa. Amber was more or less placing her stamp on me.

"OK you two," joked the blonde, lightly pulling us apart. “Maybe you should get a room."

"Maybe we should," said Amber, gently elbowing Vanessa aside as she moved in for another French kiss.

Vanessa stood next to us watching as I kissed Amber and rubbed my hand back and forth over her ass. I did that for her sake.

"Baby," I said, breaking off our wet kiss. “This is Vanessa; Vanessa this is Amber."

"Hi," said Vanessa, extending out her hand.

"Hi, I'm his girlfriend," stated Amber, taking Vanessa's hand firmly and squeezing.

"I know. I've heard so much about you," said Vanessa, painting on a smile.

"I've heard a lot about you too," said Amber, matching the blonde's plastic smile. I watched with curiosity as the blonde and brunette held hands and quickly took inventory of what they were up against. I could see them comparing bodies as each wondered what the other had behind her top and under her skirt.

Amber always looked hot, but tonight she looked especially hot. Her hair and makeup were done just right. She wore dark mascara and heavy coat of lip gloss, and I noticed that her nails were freshly done. She wore a tight, long sleeve Italian blouse with the top two buttons undone, and the shirt was cut short so that it couldn't be tucked in and left a little midriff showing. Her black skirt was snug around her hips, and went to her mid-thigh. On her barefeet she wore black 3" heels.

"Well," said Vanessa, zooming in her blue eyes with Amber's brown ones, "I hope that we can become friends."

"So do I," nodded Amber, as I saw them each dig a nail in the back of the other's hand.

Jimmy and I went back to the task of fixing the drinks as the girls milled around the kitchen with us talking. They were acting nice as they complimented each other's clothes and expressed how happy they were to finally meet. It all seemed so fake.

"Hey, come with me to the bathroom," said Vanessa, taking Amber by the hand.

"A lil' girl talk?" asked Amber.

"Hey, can I come too?" joked Jimmy.

Vanessa laughed, "No. It's just between us girls."

"Yeah, it's private," giggled Amber. My heart was thumping in my chest as I wondered what was going to happen in there.

"Man, why do chicks always go to the bathroom with each other?" asked Jimmy, breaking my train of thought.

"Who knows. They just do."

I didn't find out til later what was said, but it went something about like this:

"You and Pete been datin' long?" asked Vanessa, lifting up her skirt and pulling down her yellow thong.

Amber noticed the blonde's smooth, waxed vagina. Carefully she chose her words. "We've been sleepin' together for 'bout six months."

Vanessa peed. "Is he serious with you?"

"He's as serious 'bout me as I am with him," answered Amber as Vanessa wiped. "What about you and Jimmy?"

Pulling up her thong and pushing down her skirt, Vansessa said, "He's okay, but I've sorta got my eye on someone else."


They rotated positions as Amber pulled up her skirt. "Oh really? Who?"

"Oh you don't know him," said Vanessa, eyeing Amber's vagina as she peeled down her black thong.

"Try me. I might," said Amber, about to sit down.

"You don't shave?" asked Vanessa, switching the subject.

"I shave. I'm just not bald like you," said Amber, peeing. Then she added, "Besides, Pete likes a lil' fuzz on his peach."


When the girls returned I couldn't tell that anything serious had happened in there. I was half expecting to hear shouts and swears, but didn't.

"What's your major?" asked Vanessa.

"Elementary ed. What's your's?"

"Finance," stated Vanessa proudly.

"Oh, a rich bitch, huh," teased Amber.


"Oh yeah," joked Vanessa, "that's the only kinda bitch to be."

The two talked about college, and Amber thought she had Vanessa in a class in few semesters ago.

"Well, no, but you do look famaliar to me," said Vanessa. "Maybe we ran into each other in a bar or something."

"I doubt it. I don't hang out in bars like some people do," said Amber, cutting eyes with the blonde.


Amber had called her a bitch and now insinuated that Vanessa was a 'bar fly'.

"Hey, it's a good place to meet hot guys," said Vanessa, defending herself a bit.

"I've got a hot guy," boasted Amber, giving me a look.

"I know," spat Vanessa.


Amber looked back at her, and I could see the fire flashing in her eyes.

"Hey, I resent that!" said Jimmy, pouring the drinks.

"Oh, relax," said Vanessa, breaking off the staredown. "I wouldn't be humpin' ya if ya weren't."

I moved between the girls as I handed Amber her drink. I could see in her eyes that she wanted to get into a catfight with Vanessa and kick her ass.

"Here ya go, babe," I said, giving her a kiss on the lips.

"Thanks," she said, now looking at me and not Vanessa.

Jimmy and I now dominated the conversation as we moved into dining portion of our apartment, which was just a step or two from the kitchen.

"Let's play some cards, huh," he said, telling rather than asking.

Amber and I took on Vanessa and Jimmy in a game of Hearts. Jimmy and I did most of the talking as the chill between the girls was growing a bit frosty.

"Yeeaah! We won!" celebrated Vanessa, clasping her hands above her head.

Amber just rolled her eyes. "OK...big fuckin’ deal."

"Now me and Pete verse you guys," chirped Vanessa, her bare foot suddenly running up my shin.


"No...Let's just leave it..."

"Yeah, it'll be fun," said Jimmy. "We'll show 'em, Amber."

"Oh, alright."

"Goody," squealed Vanessa.

Vanessa played footsie with me as we got the crap beat out of us.

"Yeah, I won," cheered Amber, clasping her hands over her head.

"Pete, looks like you're still a loser," teased Jimmy, collecting the cards.

"Oh, he's not a loser," baby-talked Vanessa as she softly patted my cheek.

Daggers flew from Amber's furrowed eyes as Vanessa gave her a shit-eating smirk.

"You and me, Pete," barked Jimmy, not noticing a thing. "I'll make you a winner."

Amber gave me a distinct kick under the table for letting Vanessa touch my face. But she wasn't really mad at me like she was at the blonde. I knew what the kick really meant. She was getting sick of Vanessa and about to catfight her.

Jimmy and I blew away the girls. It was easy because they couldn't get along and work with each other. Nothing harsh or catty was really said, but they just couldn't, or didn't want to play with each other.

"Let's play some poker," Jimmy suggested as I gathered in the cards.

"Get the chips," I said.

"Yeah, poker...strip poker!" Vanessa said enthusiastically.

"No! No, we're not playing strip poker," Amber stated firmly.

"Oh c'm on. Don't be a prude," accused Vanessa.

"I'm not a prude, bitch," snapped Amber, her brown eyes crossing with the blonde's blue eyes.

"What's the matter, bitch? Scared of showin' your tits?" snarled Vanessa, leaning forward.

"I'm not scared, bitch. I'm just not a slut like you are," Amber spat across the table.

"Oh, so I'm a slut because I don't mind showin' off my tits?"

"Hey, bitch, if the shoe fits."

"Girls, girls!" exclaimed Jimmy, waving his arms across the table.

I glared at him and shook my head 'no', meaning for him to stay out of it.

The girls ignored him and weren't watching me.

"Well maybe I'll just stick my shoe up your ass, bitch," said Vanessa, standing up from her chair.

Amber jumped to her feet, and took a swipe at her across the table. "I'd like to see ya try!"

Vanessa easily ducked back. "Bitch! You wanna catfight me?"

Jimmy jumped up and held them at arms length as they were at his end of the table. "Girls!"

But they were more determined to get at each other than he was able to stop them.

"Fuckin'-A, I wanna catfight you!" shouted Amber, lunging around Jimmy and trying to get Vanessa's hair.

By now I had rushed down to the other end of the table to get him out of the way. As I did, Vanessa went the other way and Amber pushed past me as I held Jimmy back.

"Let 'em go," I said, holding his arms, but watching them as Vanessa came around the end of the table.

"Let's go, bitch!" shouted Vanessa, swinging with a slap.

But it was all Amber at the start as she blocked Vanessa's slap and countered with a blistering slap of her own and a knee between the legs. Vanessa doubled over grunting, and Amber slung her to the floor by the hair. Vanessa hit the floor hard and rolled over on her back just as Amber dove on top of her.

"Bitch!" shouted Amber, quickly straddling the blonde's waist and slapping her across the cheek again.

POP! Amber's palm cracked like a whip, and then she grabbed her by the hair and proceeded to bounce her head up and down against the thin, brown carpet covering the floor.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! H-e-l-p!" cried the blonde, kicking her legs wildly in the air as her hands clawed at Amber's wrists and forearms.

Jimmy tried to break loose, but I held him tight, "Uh-unh. Let's watch."

"You fuckin' bitch," cursed Amber, letting go of Vanessa's hair and grabbing the front of her flimsy top.

"Nnnooo!" wailed Vanessa as her top was ripped open. She grabbed Amber's hands just as they were about to pull down her bra. Amber wrestled her hands free and laced her fingers with the blonde’s. Still on top and very much in control, Amber forced Vanessa's hands back down above her head, then proceeded to lay on her in a body press.

"Ge' off bitch!" shouted Vanessa, struggling.

"Oh my gawd," said Jimmy as we watched a very erotic thing. Glancing over her shoulder, Amber smiled at us as she locked up her legs with Vanessa's, then used her tits as a weapon against the blonde's tits.

I was popping a major boner as I watched Amber's fit, toned legs hold Vanessa's fit, toned legs at bay as she bounced and mashed her 36dd into the blonde's 36ds. With her legs and hips immoblized, Vanessa struggled to break her hands free as she moaned under the pressure her breasts were taking. Jimmy and I looked at each other as Amber harshly cursed and Vanessa deeply groaned. But Vanessa was strong; too strong! Amber was only able to hold her in check for about a minute.

"Fat...pig," huffed Vanessa, bucking, kicking and breaking her hands loose.

Once Amber had lost control, she immediately rolled clear and out of harms way before Vanessa could retaliate.

"You fuckin' bitch," swore Vanessa, instantly getting to her knees. "You're gonna pay for this," referring to her top.

"C'mon an’ make me, slut," said Amber, up on her knees and ready for action.

Standing on their knees, the blonde and brunette traded slaps to the face. Each gave as good as she got, but Vanessa blocked Amber's next slap and connected with one of her own that knocked Amber to her hands. Now down on all-fours, I watched as Vanessa grabbed her by the hair and nearly tore her head off as she pulled her upright.

"Oooowww!" screamed Amber, jerked to her knees and bowing sideways.

With her left hand, Amber grabbed the back of Vanessa's hair as her right hand slipped between her torn top and clamped down on her left tit.

"Ooohhh mmmyyy t-i-t!" yelled Vanessa, still holding a handful of Amber's hair as she now grabbed the brunette's expensive Italian blouse and tore it open.

"Ssshhhit!" swore Amber as her right tit was then squeezed.

For several seconds Jimmy and I stood slack-jawed as we watched our girlfriends standing on their knees with their heads stretched back and their tops tore open as they squeezed each other's tit.

"Oooowww...leeeee' gggooo!" howled Vanessa.

"Ssshhhit! You leggo!" Amber barked as they gave each other's tit a final twist of the bra, then they let go together and fell back to their hands.

"Ooohh, damn," moaned Amber, rubbing her head.

"Ooww, fuck," Vanessa swore, examing her boob.

Jimmy and I stood still as our girlfriends were silent for a second or two.

"You bitch," spoke Amber first. "This was a $90 blouse."

"Well, mine was $75," responded Vanessa.

"You got $90?"

"You gonna pay for mine?"

Amber began to unbutton her sleeves. "Bitch, I'm takin' $90 out of your fuckin' ass."

"Girls, there's no..." Jimmy started to say before he was interrupted by Amber.

"Shut up, Jimmy!" she shouted. "Y’all stay out of it!"

"Don't you tell my boyfriend to shut up, you bitch," said Vanessa, throwing her tattered top behind her.

"Your boyfriend? The way you've been flirtin' all night with mine?" spat Amber, to her feet now.

As Vanessa started to rise, Amber stepped in and punched her across the jaw. Vanessa's head spun sharply, her hair flying around her face as she was then doubled over by a hook across the belly.

"Ooommpphh!" grunted Vanessa, cut in half and holding her guts.

"That's right, bitch," snarled Amber, looking down at her. "He's my boyfriend and I don't like you flirtin' with him."

SMACK! Out of nowhere Vanessa came around with a torid backhand that nearly knocked Amber's head off.

"You bitch," said Vanessa, going for Amber's hair as she staggered back a step.

"Ooooww!" cried Amber, her hair pulled on top.

"He'd rather be with me than you," Vanessa said, adding another slap to my girlfriend's face.

Amber then slapped Vanessa and grabbed her by the hair.

"Ooooww!" Vanessa winced as her hair was now pulled by two hands.

"Uunngg!" grunted Amber, yanked by two fists in her hair.

Staggering around in their heels, our girlfriends had a hair pulling party. For close to 30 seconds they yanked and jerked each other from side-to-side and back-and-forth, shouting and screaming.

"B-i-t-c-h! Leggo!" Amber yelled, giving Vanessa's cheek a crisp SLAP!

POP! Vanessa yanked Amber into her by the back of the hair. Amber grabbed the back of Vanessa's hair. Both shoved their chest together as they stretched back on each other's hair. The two spun around, and Vanessa somehow steered Amber up against the door of the apartment. Amber's head slammed hard against the wood, and I knew it had to hurt. Vanessa pulled back with her chest and began to batter Amber's breasts with her own. Seven or eight times the blonde busted her 36ds with Amber's 36DD’s, and each time Amber groaned.

"Uuummpphh!" grunted Amber, pushing herself off the wall and driving Vanessa backwards into our dining room. Jimmy and I had to move out of the way as Amber shoved Vanessa against the kitchen table. The table slid across the tile floor until it banged up against the wall and stopped. Amber bowed Vanessa over on it and beat the back of her head against the top as she now bounced her tits up and down on Vanessa's tits.

"Ung! Ung! Ung! Ung! Ung! Ung! Ung!" groaned the blonde with each thump of the head and bust of the tit.

But Vanessa wedged her knee against Amber's ribs and pushed while pulling back on her hair with one hand and giving her a smart slap to the face with the other. Amber peddled backwards until she was stopped by the back of the recliner, and Vanessa just sorta slowly rolled across the table until she dropped her ass in a chair.

"Is it over? Who won?" Jimmy whispered.

"I don't know. Maybe," I whispered back. "Let's just see."

Amber was leaning an elbow on the top of the recliner and slightly doubled over, rubbing the back of her head with one hand. Vanessa sat folded over in the chair holding the back of her head. Both girls were softly moaning and breathing very deeply.

"Uuummm...you fuckin' bitch," moaned Amber, looking over at the blonde.

I could now see a dab of blood in the corner of her mouth. Probably from that wicked backhand Vanessa gave her.

"You had enough...bitch?" panted Vanessa, staring back at her.

Amber didn't answer for several seconds, "Have you?"

Vanessa sat upright in the chair and looked at Amber as she took a deep breath and ran her hands thru her hair. Amber stood up straight and shook back her hair.

Unzipping her black skirt, Vanessa muttered, "Guess not." She stood up and slipped her skirt down her legs as Amber stepped out of hers.

"Just a sec!" I shouted, stepping between the two. "If you two wanna settle it, let's do it right. Jimmy, help me move some of this stuff."

Very quickly Jimmy and I moved some furniture around. I didn't want to waist much time in fear that one or both would call it off. After pulling out an end table and putting a couple of lamps in the kitchen, Jimmy and I got the long coffee table out of the way, putting it down the hall. But before we could get back, our girlfriends were already locked up and grunting.

With their hands clasped and their fingers tightly sealed, Amber and Vanessa pushed and shoved each other around as they tried to break back the other's wrists and force a submission. Now down to their bras and thongs (Amber-white bra, black thong with red spaghetti strap waistband. Vanessa- white bra, yellow thong with spagetti waistband.) one could really see the outline and definition of their bodies. As I said, both girls worked out and were in excellent shape, and it showed as neither could impose her will against the other.

"Uuunnggg," grunted Amber, her muscles straining. "You slut."

"Uuummph," Vanessa puffed, flexing her muscles. "Cunt."

Slowly sinking to their knees, Amber put her shoulder into Vanessa's chest and bowled her over on her back. The blonde tried to get her legs around the brunette's waist, but Amber was too quick and in a flash she was seated across the blonde's impressive chest. From this superior position, Amber was able to pull Vanessa's arm along her waist and get them between her knees. Now with Vanessa's arms secure, Amber was free to use her hands to assault with.

"Nnnnooo!" cried Vanessa in fear.

Defenseless and open, Vanessa bucked like a bronc as Amber slapped her twice across the face and beat the back of her head against the floor.

"I've gotta stop this," said Jimmy.

I grabbed him by the arm just as Vanessa broke her arms loose and shoved Amber in the shoulders backwards.

"Let 'em fight!" I said.

Being something of a leg/ass man, what happened next was one of the most erotic things I'd ever seen. And even though it happened in mere seconds, it was like slow motion to me.

Amber slid back on her ass, and then all the way to her shoulders as she now lay between Vanessa's legs. Vanessa tried to sit up, but couldn't because her 36" ass was pressed firmly with Amber's 36" ass.

Vanessa's left leg then went straight up in the air with Amber's right leg. The two tan, chisled limbs were touching from the heel of their pointed feet, down past their balled calves, along the back of their flexing thighs, and ending at their shapely buttocks.

"You slut," huffed Vanessa, her left leg sliding to the outside as her right leg slipped between Amber's legs.

"Uuumm," moaned Amber as her right thigh was suddenly scissored and crushed by Vanessa's strong, tan thighs.

"Oooowww!" screamed Vanessa as Amber ran her fingernails down her shins and pulled at her locked ankles.

The blonde's sexy legs spring apart and she falls backwards on her shoulders with her ass lined up crack-to-crack with Amber's ass.

"You cunt," said the blonde, leaning forward.

"You slut," the brunette said, reaching towards her.

Sinking their hands into the tops of each other's hair, their bronze, muscular legs pretzel around the back of the knees as they now scissor up and go back-n-forth and from side-to-side pulling hair and cussing each other out.

Twisting and turning, their equally matched asses churn and grind as their thongs catfight at the crotch. Firm thighs squeeze and flex as their calves roll into balls of steel and mash on each other. Their chins are pulled into their chests as they tug on the top of long handfuls of hair.

"Oooowww!" cries out the brunette, letting go and falling back on her shoulders.

Vanessa leans forward (legs still very much locked and fighting) and reaches for Amber's bra with her left hand.

"Ssshhhit!" howles the busty brunette as her right double-d is savagely squeezed.

With their legs to the point of breaking, Amber reaches out in retaliation and gets her right hand around Vanessa's left tit. The blonde squeels in pain, and they both yank out each other's tit and trade agonizing nipple twists.

"Fuuuuuck! Leee' gggooo!" screams my girlfriend as her tit is stretched to the max and her legs go soft between the blonde's legs.

I came in pants as I saw my girlfriend's legs go down in defeat to Vanessa's.

"Dude, I just came in my shorts," I said, white-eyed.

"Shit, I'm 'bout too," said my stunned roommate.

Even though I was spent, Amber and Vanessa weren't. Now standing on their knees, I watched with amazement as Vanessa tore out a fist of Amber's hair as Amber plowed into her and drove her into the floor. Calling each other a few choice names, the blonde and brunette grappled on the carpet a few seconds before Amber was able to roll on top and pin Vanessa's wrists over her head.

"Shit!" swore Amber, having a hard time hooking up her legs with Vanessa's legs.

"You slut, get off," struggled Vanessa on her back but bucking hips with Amber.

Amber scissored up Vanessa's right leg and then went to work grinding down on her. Jimmy now came in his pants as he watched his girlfriend's breast take a beating by Amber's breasts.

Even though their bras were still on, both of their tits were out and going at it in the bare flesh. Amber, rolling with her shoulders, was smashing out Vanessa's tits as her hips sorta fucked on the blonde's gyrating hips. Having spent the last six months getting to know Amber's hot body, I was very impressed with Vanessa's body as she soon had her legs snaked up with Amber's legs and crushing them. She had also broken her wrists free, as they were both now rolling back and forth on the floor tearing at each other's hair. Back and forth the girls traded the upper position as their legs tangled in heated combat and their tits beat on each other.

"Uuuuunnnngggg!!" grunted Amber from the pit of her gut as she was pulled off and now lay sideways with Vanessa.

"Give it up, bitch," growled Vanessa, grabbing Amber's right tit and squeezing the shit out of it.

"Oooooowwww!!" screamed Amber as Vanessa worked her sharp, clear fingernails into her double-d.

"Fuuuuuuuuuck!!" Vanessa then cried as her precious tit felt Amber's clear, sharp nails sink in.

"You give, cunt!" yelled Amber, as they both clawed into each other. "Oooooowwww!!"

In what appeared to be a state of seige, Amber and Vanessa threw everything they had into this tit attack. Both busty babes turned their fingernails as far as they could go and held on for the ride.

"Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggg!!!" screamed Amber, throwing back her head as Vanessa's mouth was now sucked around her areola and biting.

Falling over on her shoulders, Amber came under even greater attack as Vanessa replaced her bit with a hand between the legs. Just like that, Vanessa had shoved her hand in Amber's black thong and was now up on her knees clawing at Amber's snatch.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!" my girlfriend screamed at the very top of her lungs. Amber's legs jacked and folded over. Her thighs clamped shut around Vanessa's twisting, turning hand, making it even worse as she couldn't pull her hand out.

Looking at Vanessa's face, her blue eyes were wide and open. Flashing with bolts of pure anger as she intended on tearing out Amber's uterus. I could only cringe at the thought of what her sweet, tender pussy was under as I watched her flop on the floor and scream out her lungs. It had all happened so suddenly, and I was frozen with shock and couldn't move.


"That's enough! She's out!" I shouted, grabbing Vanessa's arm and yanking it from between Amber's stiff legs.

Glancing down, I'll never forget the expression on Amber's face. Her brown eyes were huge, and the white part even whiter and bigger than possible. Her nostrils flared and her mouth was locked open with her lips curled back over her teeth. Then a split second later, her head rolled limp and her eyes and mouth closed. I thought for a moment that she was surely dead. And all this with Vanessa hugging me around the shoulders and clinging to my neck.

Jimmy was shocked when Vanessa announced she’d fought Amber for the right to be with me and he insisted that I fight him, so I knocked him out with just a few punches. We left him on the floor next to Amber.