Elisabetta Canalis vs Elena Barolo-Giorgia Palmas by ItalianGuest

Elisabetta was pissed off by the new showgirls on Italian TV that took her place. Her blonde team mate Maddalena Corvaglia was almost disappeared and these two young sluts were slowly eating Elisabetta's fame too so Elisabetta organized a dinner at her place and invited Giorgia Palmas, the brunette and Elena Barolo, the blonde. The two teen-agers came that evening wearing miniskirts and tank tops. Elisabetta was taller than them, she had larger breasts and wore a black dress. She pretended to be polite with the two teens but they made jokes on her being too "old" to be famous in Italy.

Elisabetta waited for the right moment, then she said, "Why don't you prove me how cool you are?"

The two teens, always smiling at each other, asked what they had to do, and Elisabetta proposed a fight, the two girls against her. The teens were dubious but Elisabetta said that if they won she would have been her slave for the rest of the night.

The two teens were entranced by the idea of enslaving the famous Elisabetta and said they would accept. If they would lose, though, they would be Elisabetta's slaves.

Elena and Giorgia stood up and set ready for the fight. Elisabetta was grinning, sure that she would win easily. The teens charged together, and they smashed Elisabetta's breasts with their shoulders. Elisabetta grunted and fell. The two younger girls laughed and stomped Elisabetta's breasts with their high heels. But Elisabetta was quick to clutch their ankles and they lost balance. Elisabetta stood up and looked at the two teens while they were trying to stand up. She kicked Elena very hard in the midsection, so hard that the teen flew in the air and landed on the floor breasts first. She held her stomach in pain and coughed loudly. Elisabetta turned to Giorgia who was ready to charge her. She ducked and Giorgia missed her target. Quickly, Elisabetta grasped her hair and turned her head viciously. Then she slapped Giorgia in the face with the other hand, many times.

As Giorgia's face turned red, Elisabetta grinned and said, "You stupid slut, you thought you could beat me?"

Elena finally rose from the ground, but Elisabetta saw her and she immediately let Giorgia go. The brunette slumped to the floor, holding her cheeks in flames. Then Elisabetta flew a tremendous back kick straight into Elena's belly. The blonde doubled over.

Elisabetta grasped the blonde teen's hair and forced her to the wall. She locked Elena's neck with an arm, and used the other hand to punch Elena in the exposed belly. The soft flesh was quickly turned red but Elisabetta seemed in a total rage and kept punching the blonde. Elena's mouth began to fill with blood. In that moment Giorgia Palmas punched with both hands Elisabetta's back. The older brunette did not expect the blow. She lost the grip on Elena who slumped to the floor, coughing blood and holding with both arms her aching stomach. Giorgia punched Elisabetta's back again and the brunette fell to the ground.

Giorgia kicked her in the sides to turn her breasts up then jumped in the air and landed heels first on Elisabetta's belly. Elisabetta screamed in pain, but Giorgia jumped again and landed on her stomach butt first. The brunette slapped Elisabetta's face and then she thought it was enough. She stood up, kicked Elisabetta's face on the side and went to Elena, still moaning on the floor, her face contorted by the pain in her stomach. "Are you ok?" asked Giorgia Palmas, but the young blonde didn't answer, she kept moaning so Giorgia caressed her face and told her she would take care of her. Suddenly, she felt two hands at her waist. Elisabetta was not out cold as she thought and now the older brunette was lifting her by the waist. Without much effort, Elisabetta threw Giorgia towards the other wall. The brunette teen smashed against the hard concrete and fell to the floor. Then Elisabetta reached her, she lifted her by the hair and slammed her back against the wall.

"So you will learn not to punch my back, little slut!"

She kept slamming Giorgia's little body against the wall. The brunette teen could hardly breathe. Elisabetta dumped the brunette on the floor and went back to Elena. The blonde tried to kick her away but she was too slow and too weak. Elisabetta grabbed both her ankles and forced her legs open. Then she kicked the blonde straight in between! The blonde teen screamed in pain. Elisabetta ripped off Elena's tank top and her miniskirt. Then she undid her bra, and used it around Elena's neck. She started chocking Elena with her own bra! The blonde girl's tongue was turning blue when Elisabetta saw Giorgia again behind her. She let the blonde go, and grabbed Giorgia by the hair. The brunette teen was unable to fight back. So Elisabetta slammed Giorgia's head straight into Elena's already sore stomach. "Let's see if this slut's head is hard as it seems" she grunted, as she kept crashing Giorgia's head into the soft belly of Elena. Elena was again bleeding from her mouth, but then Elisabetta changed tactics. She ripped off all of Giorgia's clothes so that the brunette was totally naked, and forced Giorgia's panties into Elena's mouth.

"To stop your bleeding, bitch!" she said.

Then she stomped Giorgia's leg right behind her knee. She kept stomping it until she was sure the ligaments were very sore. Then she started with the other knee. Giorgia was screaming at the top of her lungs, so Elisabetta ripped Elena's panties off and forced them into Giorgia's mouth.

When both the girls' screams were muffled, Elisabetta took Elena by the hair and slammed her face into Giorgia's womanhood. She slammed Elena's face there again and again. Elena's nose was bleeding copiously but so was Giorgia's slit. It was hard to say if it was Elena's blood or her own. Then Elisabetta lifted Giorgia's lump body above her shoulders and dropped her back on her knee. She did it again and again, it seemed she wanted to break the brunette's back in two! Not tired yet, Elisabetta stomped Giorgia's back with her bare foot. When she stopped, Giorgia's back was completely red, the brunette could barely move, and she passed out. Elena was crying copiously, but Elisabetta had no mercy. She lifted the poor blonde teen and slammed her cunt first on her knee. She kept doing that until Elisabetta's own knee felt sore. She was glad to see blood on her knee when she stopped. The blonde was out cold but Elisabetta woke the two girls up by pouring ice water on their faces. The two girls were lying on the floor next to each other and could barely see Elisabetta's feet flying in the air before they landed on their bellies - one each!

Elisabetta said "Now I will destroy your pathetic looks."

She took a thick stick, one foot long, and used it to beat the two girl's breasts, their butts, and their faces. She stomped their hands until she felt she had broken some small bones. The two teens screamed and kept passing out again and again, always awaken by cold water. Finally Elisabetta forced the stick into Giorgia's ass, so that half of it was sticking out. She forced the other half into Elena's ass, so that the two teens were connected by the stick. She took Elena's bra and used it to tie the two girls' necks together and used pieces of their clothes to tie their ankles and wrists together. She took the two screaming girls by the hair and dragged them to the toilet, forcing both heads inside. She flushed it again and again until both girls stopped gagging and passed out completely. She watched the two teens. Their faces were bleeding, and so were their cunts. Their breasts were swollen. Elena's mouth was completely filled with blood, and Giorgia's nose was probably broken. She took the two lump bodies, slammed them on the sofa, she sat on Elena's breasts squeezing Giorgia's body below her, and spent the rest of the evening watching reruns of the show where Elisabetta was the star.