Neriah Davis vs. Cady Cantrell by Southgate

As the match starts, the women lock their hands in a test of strength. Davis looks angular, her athletic hard-body glistens from her pre-match warm-up. Cady has a softer, curvy look. Her legs seem thick compared to the blonde's, but every bit as strong. With fingers locked at shoulder height, the two women shove into each other, their chests mash together. Boobs flatten and swell as they press up together. But Neriah slowly forces the brunette backward.

Cantrell finds herself beginning to tire as Neriah leans hard into her. Stepping back, Cady switches tactics. She slams her shoulder into her adversary's chest, pulls her arms up high, which forces Neriah up on her toes. The blonde is momentarily off-balance. Cady slams her knee into Neriah's belly and drives her surprised foe down to her knees. Maintaining the finger lock, Cantrell holds Neriah down and twice slams her knee into the side of the blonde's head. Gaining confidence Cady next slams her knee into her foe's chest, mashing Neriah's left tit badly. Balancing on her right foot, Cady cranks up the pressure on the blonde's hands and then crashes her foot into Neriah's chest, just above her boobs.

The force of the blow has pushed Neriah back onto her haunches. Cantrell's left foot crashes again into the side of Neriah's head. The blonde falls backward as Cady releases her finger lock. Cantrell stomps repeatedly on Neriah's belly and ribs. Neriah is trying to cover up, but the big legged brunette is relentless. Moving her attack up to the

blonde's ample chest, Cady kicks her tits right out of their bra. Grabbing the bruised Davis by the hair, Cady pulls her to her feet, back-hands a nasty slap across the blonde's face, then scoops her startled foe up and body slams her to the mat.

Pulling the struggling blonde to her feet, Cady traps her in a full nelson. Cantrell bends forward, intent on dislocating Neriah's shoulders. But the blonde is too strong. She straightens up. With a burst of power, she shoves her hips back and concentrates the power of her arms and shoulders, breaking free of the hold. Neriah slams her heel down into Cantrell's foot, spins around and buries a looping fist into Cady's belly. Davis grabs two hands full of hair and, in one fluid motion, slams Cady face-first to the mat. Before the brunette can recover, Neriah leaps into the air and lands with both knees crashing into Cantrell's back.

Neriah rolls Cantrell onto her back. Tearing off her foe's bra, Neriah stomps down on each of Cady's tits, mashing her heel in payback. Davis hauls Cady to her feet by her hair. Holding the brunette around her head in a reverse headlock Neriah unloads a barrage of punches into Cantrell's belly and ribs. The force of the blows lifts the brunette off her feet. Neriah traps the battered Cantrell in a bear hug. Lifting the brunette off of her feet, Davis bends her backward while tightening her grip around the woman's ribs. Cady groans as her back feels the pressure. She buries her hands in Neriah's hair, trying to pull her head back, but Neriah bears down, overpowering the brunette.

In complete control, Neriah starts squeezing her arms together in jerking motions, shaking Cantrell's pained body like a rag doll. Neriah throws her adversary to the mat. Cantrell lands heavily on her side. Neriah again leaps high into the air and slams her knees down into Cady's rib cage. Cady's body shutters and Neriah repeats the move twice more. Pulling the brunette up by her hair, Davis scoops Cantrell up and slams her down on her outstretched knee. Again, she repeats this move twice more. Standing over her foe, Neriah twists Cady's hand into an arm bar.

Holding her in place with the arm lock, Neriah stomps down repeatedly into the brunette's ribs and belly. Finally, Davis drags her foe up to her feet, lifts her horizontal and then crashes her ribs down on her own outstretched knee. Neriah rolls Cady to the mat onto her belly. Straddling the brunette's waist, Neriah locks her hands under Cady's chin, presses up with her thighs and punishes Cantrell with a camel clutch. Cady struggles for a moment then screams out her submission.