Neriah Davis vs. Cady Cantrell Part One by Kim and Ginny

Neriah Davis leaned on the ropes, her full bosom heaving under a thin top after her warm-up. As she stared across the ring at Cady Cantrell, she couldn't help but smile as she recalled how surprised Cady had been when she accepted Hef's offer for them to fight. Now, with a camera crew at ringside, Neriah was planning to teach Miss High and Mighty Cady Cantrell a lesson she wouldn't forget about messing with her.

Across the ring, Cady Cantrell stood looking at Neriah and nervously rubbing her hands on her hips. She couldn't believe Neriah agreed to fight her, not after the way she beat Neriah's friend Diana Lee a few weeks ago. The word around the mansion was that Neriah was a user who let others do her dirty work for her. Getting her hands dirty wasn't her style. Cady wondered what devious ploy Neriah had in mind for their fight.

They were in a ring in the basement of the Playboy Mansion, both of them in string bikini's and barefooted. They would be filmed by Playboy and it had already been advertised in the magazine as "Two Playmates settle their differences the way problems had been settled since the dawn of time; one-on-one, hand-to-hand combat between two women." Hef was giving the winner $1000 as well as the chance to appear again, and he got his friend Hope Marie Carlton to referee. Hope had been the "third woman in the ring" for a couple of Playmate fights already. She could handle a girl who got "too enthusiastic." Hef used Hope because of the athleticism she'd shown in the "Playmate Games" a few years ago. Also, she was willing and able to back her orders with muscle if need be and quick enough to keep up with the action.

Two cameras filmed the action from raised platforms on adjoining sides of the low ring. There were a couple of dozen of the Playmates seated around the ring as "eye candy" and to give the bout an air of legitimacy with an "audience." Several of them had voiced an interest in fighting and were there to see how it was done and check out the opposition. Among them were Angel Boris, Maria Gil, Tracy Vaccaro and Rachel Marteen. All the Playmates wore low cut tops and micro skirts; there was no doubt they were there to be seen more than because of an interest in the outcome of this fight. Diana Lee was sitting in Neriah's corner with Rosie and Renee Tenison. Make-up hid the damage to Diana's face from her previous fight with Cady. In Cady's corner, Ulrika Erickson stood holding a towel and a water bottle, looking a bit sheepish at her minor role, but eager to get into the ring for her own fight in the near future. The cameramen signaled they were ready and Hef rang a bell hung on the wall in the corner.

As they came out of their corners, Neriah appeared surprisingly confident. Cady too seemed very self-assured. Her surprising win over Diana Lee had buoyed her usually shaky self-confidence and no one at the Mansion could remember ever seeing Neriah Davis in a fight. She rarely even raised her voice. Blonde Neriah had something of a reputation of an airhead, but those who knew her intimately, like Diana Lee, knew she was cunning, crafty and calculating; not at all the "ditzy bimbo" everyone believed. That was Neriah's best weapon, being underestimated by her opposition.

They met in the center of the ring and Neriah went into a crouch, one foot ahead of the other and her body turned to the side, her clenched fists raised. As Cady reached to her shoulders, Neriah suddenly snapped her left foot into Cady's stomach and as she reacted to the kick, Neriah landed a flurry of rapid fists to Cady's head, shoulder and torso. Cady reeled backward against the ropes trying desperately to cover herself with her hands, bending low and half turning away to protect her face from Neriah's stunning attack! Before Neriah could follow-up, Hope rushed in and wrapped her strong arms around Neriah's shoulders and pulled her away, pushing her back into the opposite corner and shaking her finger in the blonde's face.

"No more of that stuff Neriah," she warned, "This is a wrestling match, not a boxing fight. Keep your hands open and watch that kicking stuff. Keep this a fair fight or you'll have to deal with me, understand?"

Neriah muttered something, but nodded her head perfunctorily as she shouldered her way past Hope out of the corner and went after Cady who was rubbing her face and scowling at Neriah from the opposite side of the ring. Hope got between them and, after checking that Cady was alright, clapped her hands and said, "Wrestle." It was permission to resume and also a subtle reminder to Neriah of her warning about using her fists.

Cady was a little more cautious this time as they grappled into a clinch at mid-ring. It took her a couple of seconds to get the grip she wanted, but then Cady dipped her knees and used the power of her legs to lift Neriah, turn her and flip her over her hip. Neriah landed on her back with a loud grunt and Cady quickly pulled her arm out and twisted it into a hammerlock as she straddled Neriah's back. Cady put a knee on Neriah's butt and shoved her arm up to her shoulder blade. Neriah was kicking her feet, moaning and even tried to grab Hope's leg with her free hand as she bent down to ask if she was alright.

Cady kept Neriah in the hammerlock for nearly a minute, but eventually Neriah managed to crawl to the ropes and grab on, which forced Hope to make Cady let go. Hope was a veteran of these affairs and she knew more than anyone that the audience didn't want to see the fighters spend too much time in "elementary" holds. Some editing could cut out a lot of repetitive stuff, but Hef preferred the girls to keep the fight moving, "up tempo" he called it and Hope agreed. The fans who paid their money wanted to see action, not girls laying on the mat all the time holding hands.

Neriah got up flexing her arm and as she backed around the ring trying to loosen up, Cady moved forward after her. Neriah suddenly lunged forward and grabbed two handfuls of Cady's blonde hair, spun her around and started to push her back into the corner. Cady brought her hands up between Neriah's arms, then slammed them down on her elbows, breaking the hair hold at the cost of a couple of clumps of her hair.

Cady kept her grip on one of Neriah's arms and spun around, flinging her across the ring into the ropes. As Neriah bounced off the ropes, Cady held out her arm and let Neriah run into it. Her forearm caught Neriah right across the windpipe! She clutched her throat with both hands as she staggered away, gagging and pale faced. Cady glanced at Hope who just shrugged, the move being legal, as well as perfectly executed.

Neriah still hadn't recovered when Cady came up behind her and wrapped her arms around her, trapping Neriah's arms, and lifted her off her feet. Neriah kicked her legs as Cady fell backward, tilting Neriah back over her shoulder and slamming the back of her head and shoulders on the mat. It was a move easily performed, but devastating in its effect on the object of the exercise. Neriah lay sprawled on her back with one knee in the air and her arms spread....semi-conscious after the solid thump her head had taken.

Cady popped to her feet, turned to face the camera and adjusted her top which had ridden up when she lifted Neriah. She puffed out her impressive bosom as she slowly strutted around the ring, giving both cameras a good shot of her physique. A veteran show woman, Cady knew how to play to the camera and didn't waste a second of "face time" as they say. She was proving to the on-looking Playmates just how good she was. So far, all the moves she'd used on Neriah were the same ones she'd used back home in Alabama wrestling hogs on her daddy's farm and tossing them in the truck to send them to market.

Now she was going to give Neriah the same she used to give the other porkers. Cady reached down and grabbed Neriah by the ankle, crossed her legs and with a quick wrenching movement, flipped her over onto her stomach. Neriah yelped as she felt herself flipped, as Cady laughed aloud, "Just like a sausage patty." Cady twisted Neriah's leg, making her yelp in pain. But Cady got careless and her loose hair dangled a little too close to Neriah's flailing hands.

Suddenly, Neriah had a handful of Cady's tresses and yanked her over sideways, freeing her leg and putting Cady on her back beside her. They lay hip-to-hip, staring at one another for several seconds, then Neriah twisted her torso and swung her right fist up from the mat in a huge arc all the way over her body and slammed it down on Cady's chest! Cady made a grunt sound and her knees came up as if to protect her, but it was just a reaction to the punch. Neriah rolled on top of Cady, straddled her waist with her thighs and started to punch Cady's face with both fists, knocking her head from side to side as Cady tried to cover her face with her hands. Neriah landed 2-3 good wallops before Hope grabbed her by the back of her top and dragged her off of Cady and across the mat on her butt.

Neriah was kicking her feet at Cady and screaming at Hope, "Leggo me you bitch!" Hope dropped Neriah on her back and put her foot on her shoulder to pin her down. She leaned over and shook her finger in Neriah's face, you could tell Hope was highly incensed.

"I warned you before about using your fists, you stupid bitch. I don't want to screw up this taping, but if you do that again, I'm going to stop this and give the fight to Cady. This is your last warning. NO FISTS!"

Both women got to their feet, Cady wiping a little blood from under her nose with the back of her hand and Neriah grinning proudly at the sight of it. Cady shook her head, either to clear it or to show her disgust at Neriah's tactic; perhaps both. She raised her hands, fingers extended and moved toward Neriah, offering to clasp hands with her. Neriah hesitated, then accepted. The grasped hands and started to push, each pursing their lips and their muscles straining with the effort. It was Neriah who took the first step backward, then a second. Slowly, Cady used her power to force Neriah back into the corner of the ring and then pushed her hands back against her shoulders.

It was quite a sight, the two women's bodies shiny with perspiration as Cady leaned on Neriah. Their breasts crushed together; their tight bellies heaving with their rapid breathing and the squeak of their bare feet on the rosined mat. Cady was giving Neriah a demonstration of her power, forcing her shoulders back over the top rope until Neriah was on her tip-toes, her head outside the ring and her long hair dangling straight down. Then Cady stepped back, sat down and pulled Neriah down with her. As Cady's bottom hit the mat, she raised her feet and slammed them into Neriah's tummy, monkeyflipping her over her head and out into the middle of the ring on her back.

Neriah landed hard and bounced a couple of times. One of her breasts bouncing free of it's containment and jiggling on her chest. Both cameramen immediately zoomed in for a close-up as Cady got slowly to her feet and looked down at Neriah who was tucking her breast back in her top. Cady rested with her hands on her knees, bent over and breathing deeply as she massaged her aching breasts. "Damn! Your tits are hard," Cady spat. "I knew you had something put in there, but didn't know that it was rocks." As Neriah tried to get up, Cady grabbed a handful of her hair and jerked her to her feet as Neriah yelped in pain and protest.

Cady pulled Neriah's head under her arm and clamped down on it, locking her hands under Neriah's chin. She kept up the pressure until Neriah's face turned red. Unable to break free, Neriah resorted to using her fingernails, raking them down Cady's back and "accidentally" breaking the small string holding her top together. As it began to slip, Cady tried to hold it up with one hand while holding Neriah's head held with the other. Both tasks proved to be too much for her and as her top slipped down around her waist, Neriah slipped out of the headlock and backed away gasping for air.

Hope shook her finger at Neriah in warning for using her fingernails as she went to help Cady with her top and check the scratches on her back. The broken string couldn't be repaired and, in disgust, Cady threw the useless top away and gestured to Neriah, "Come on bitch, Let's go."

They came together in mid-ring and once more Cady used her superior technique to force Neriah to back up. She backed her around the ring until she was able to hook her foot behind Neriah's leg and trip her to the mat, falling on top of her and again wrapping her arm around Neriah's head. Neriah squealed and kicked her feet as she rolled from side-to-side trying to wriggle out of Cady's hold, but she was trapped again.

In her desperation to escape, Neriah reached up and raked her nails down Cady's chest, re-opening several of the wounds that had just healed after her battle with Diana Lee. Streaks of blood appeared on Cady's impressive bosom and she clutched her injured breasts and rolled away, tears filling her eyes. Neriah got to her feet and ran her fingers through her hair, tossing her head impudently and grinning at Cady's pain.

Hope was shocked when she saw blood on Cady's chest. She gasped, "Oh my Gawd!" Then she muttered, "I thought they were fake." Adding as Cady looked up at her in shock, "I mean her nails."

Neriah's pleasure at her successful escape was short-lived. Hope immediately got in her face and berated her for using "foul tactics."

"What foul?" Neriah protested. "I wasn't using my fists. My hands were open, like this."

To demonstrate, She grabbed the front of the striped referee shirt Hope wore tied below her breasts above a pair of skin tight bike shorts. She dug her fingers into Hope's breasts, but Hope quickly grabbed her wrists and slowly forced her hands away.

"Don't start any sh*t with me," Hope hissed, "or you'll finish this match flat on your back. Now get over to your corner."

Hope checked Cady's scratches and told Ulrika to get a pair of nail clippers.

While Ulrika was away, Hope told Cady, "The real reason I stopped the fight was to give you a chance to recover from Neriah's fouling. That, and to catch your breath."

Ulrika returned with the nail clippers and Hope walked over and demanded Neriah trim her nails before the fight could continue. At first she refused, but she quickly changed her mind when Hope threatened to stop the fight and give the prize money to Cady. While Neriah trimmed her nails, Diana Lee and the Tenison twins joined her. They were whispering.

"She's just pulling this fingernail crap give Cady a chance to catch her breath," Diana said. "Look at her huffing and puffing. She's got soft since she won that PMOM. Come on Neri, hurry up and take the bitch out so we can go party."

"I will," Neriah said. "But she's stronger than I expected and where'd she learn that 'rasslin' stuff? She's pretty good at it, don'cha think?"

"Yeah," laughed Renee, "she is. But Diana already knows that from last month."

Diana glared at Renee, not liking to be reminded of her failure to beat Cady. "She's strong, but she's getting tired and weak. Lookit 'er. Come on Neri, you can whip her ass. Just do it."

"I would have by now if that bitch Hope'd leave me alone. Every time I hit her, she stops to give her time to recover. It's BS, just total BS. I'd have her crying for mercy if it wasn't for Hope."

"We need a new referee," Diana hissed to Renee, glaring at Hope who was chatting with Cady and Ulrika in the opposite corner. "That don't look 'impartial' to me. See how she's kissing Cady's ass over there. I got an idea. When she starts the fight again, here's what we do. . ."

The crew had taken advantage of the lull and the cameramen reloaded the tape in their cameras. Cady got a drink of water and glanced over to where Neriah was whispering with Diana Lee and the Tenisons. They started to laugh just as Hef signaled for them to, "get back to work." Hope called the girls to the middle of the ring to resume the fight. The break had given Neriah a chance for her ruddy face to return to normal, but Cady was still breathing hard despite the short rest break.

Hope checked Neriah's fingernails and made her trim one of them a bit shorter, then she re-inspected them and gave her OK. As soon as the cameras started rolling, Neriah shoved Hope away and, with a guttural growl, charged Cady who was looking down at her chest. She never saw Neriah coming and the blonde crashed into her and they both hit the floor in a heap with Neriah on top.

Diana, Rosie and several of the other girls were shouting encouragement to Neriah, but twice as many were yelling for Cady. Clearly, Neriah's tactics had splintered the audience into supporting either her "win at any cost" tactics or the "skilled-but-clean" approach of Cady. So far, it looked like the majority was going to be pleased as Cady once again wrestled Neriah to the mat, wrapped both her legs around Neriah's right leg and twisted her arm. As Neriah complained, Cady used her free hand to press down on Neriah's shoulder. Neriah kicked and bucked wildly, preventing Cady from gaining complete control of her thrashing, writhing body.

Cady's bare breasts shook as they wrestled. They slapped across Neriah's face as she tried to use her upper body to bear down on Neriah, attempting to pin her for the quick win after her short rest. But Neriah was determined and despite Cady's legs wrapped around hers, she slowly pushed her body up and managed to roll Cady onto her side. Now they lay almost like lovers, their heaving bellies pressed together and their full, firm breasts mashed flat between them as they seemed to embrace each another like lovers.

Red-faced and breathing hard, Cady's face for the first time showed her dismay at her inability to keep Neriah on her back. Desperately, she opened her legs and pushed herself up, then threw herself at Neriah, pushing her back down onto her back again. But this time Neriah's legs were spread as she tried to brace herself and when Cady came down on her belly, Neriah wrapped her legs around Cady's waist and squeezed. Cady raised her head and gasped in surprise as she felt her waist crushed between Neriah's legs - a sensation far different than her many lovers had felt. Neriah was deadly serious as she arched her back, lifting her hips off the mat and locked her ankles, trying to break Cady's ribs if she could.

But Cady wasn't going to lay there and let Neriah scissor her waist without doing something to stop it. Cady started to walk up with her feet, rolling Neriah's body back until Cady was standing and Neriah's shoulders were pressed to the mat once more. Hope slapped the mat once, and then a second time. Quickly, Neriah opened her legs and rolled to the side, lifting her shoulder before Hope could finish the three count that would win the match for Cady. Angrily, Neriah kicked back her leg as she got to her hands and knees and her foot slammed into Cady's stomach, dropping her on her butt hard enough that her big breasts bounced wildly.

Cady sat holding her stomach and struggling to get her breath as Neriah scrambled across the ring and got to her feet. As soon as she realized Cady was hurt, Neriah raced across the ring and threw herself on top of Cady, flattening her beneath her. Hope crawled around and slipped her hands beneath Cady's shoulders, checking to be sure they were flat on the mat. Then she slapped the mat very hard right next to Cady's ear. Cady bucked her hips wildly and dumped the surprised Neriah off of her before she could get herself set. She landed on Hope's back and as she scrambled up, she angrily shoved Hope.

"Get outta my way old woman," she hissed.

Just as Cady was getting to her feet, Neriah wound up and slugged her in the side of the head sending her reeling across the ring until she fell against the ropes. She wrapped her arms over the top strand to keep from falling. Cady rubbed her cheek as the angry Hope grabbed Neriah's shoulder and spun her around to face her.

"Dammit Neri, I warned you about using your fists. I swear if you don't . . ."

Before she could finish, Cady let out an angry cry and came charging toward Neriah. At the last second, she dropped flat on the mat and Cady went flying over her, through the air and struck Hope in the chest with her shoulder. Both Cady and Hope fell through the ropes and landed on the thinly padded floor right at the feet of Renee and her twin sister Rosie. Renee dropped and crunched her knee to Hope's ankle. She let out a scream of pain and then Roxie and Diana Lee quickly knelt beside her feigning concern for the injured referee.

As Cady sat up and looked around trying to figure out what had happened, Hef yelled to stop the taping. In the confusion, Diana snapped her elbow back up under Hope's jaw, knocking her head back sharply. Hope went limp as she collapsed on her back at Rosie's feet.

"She's hurt. She's fainted," Diana cried. "Renee, help me get her to the dressing room. We've got to get some ice on that ankle. It might be broken. Rosie, call and ambulance." Everyone stood and watched open-mouthed as Diana slipped her hands under Hope's arms and used her big breasts as handles to lift her. Renee took her ankles and between them they carried the blonde to the locker room. Rosie followed behind them, pretending to dial her cell phone.

Diana kicked open the locker room door and snapped to Rosie, "Don't let anyone in."

Rosie stood guard as Diana and Renee dumped Hope's limp form on the tile floor. Diana pulled Hope's striped shirt off over her head and tossed it to Renee.

"Get out there and referee the rest of the fight. Tell 'em she's awake. She'll be fine. I'll keep her here 'til the fight's over. Now, git out there before they get suspicious."

Renee pulled on Hope's shirt and returned to the ring while Diana sat down on Hope's stomach and looked at her. Hope lay with her arms spread, her bare bosom rising and falling regularly with each breath. Diana caressed Hope's cheek as she smiled down at her victim.

"Poor baby. You never knew what hit you, did you? Well, we'll take care of you, don't worry."

Back in the ring, Renee told everyone Hope would be fine, that she was just a bit shaken and that she would referee the rest of the fight. Hef just shrugged and told the cameramen to resume shooting as Renee waved the two combatants to the middle of the ring and told them to get back to work. Cady was ready and before Neriah was set, Cady grabbed her by the shoulders and easily forced her backward against the ropes.

They bounced off and Cady slipped her arm under Neriah's and flipped her over her hip down onto her back. Neriah landed with a loud grunt and Cady was right on her within an instant. Cady took a handful of Neriah's long, disheveled hair and held it as she sat behind her and wrapped her legs around Neriah's waist.

"Here's how you do this move," she snarled as she locked her ankles and used her powerful thighs to crush Neriah's slender waist. Neriah moaned as Cady twisted her hair and squeezed her between her thighs. Renee quickly slapped at Cady's hand and ordered her to let go of Neriah's hair.

As soon as she could move her head Neriah twisted her torso and slammed her elbow into Cady's stomach. All the air whooshed out of Cady and she crossed her hands over her belly. Cady's legs loosened their hold and Neriah was able to turn around facing Cady. Although she was still trapped between her thighs, at least Neriah could breathe and the pressure was significantly less than a moment before. Neriah drew back her fist and punched Cady very low in the stomach, just above the waistband of her bikini bottom. Cady's face went white and she bent forward. For an instant, Neriah was afraid Cady was going to barf on her, but the look passed.

Neriah started to use her fists on Cady, but unlike Hope, Renee didn't seem to mind. She slammed Cady in the belly again, then in the abdomen, then her left breast. She worked her way up Cady's body which shook with the impact of each punch. Finally, Neriah got to her knees. As she got up, Cady's legs parted and slid down over her hips, her feet hitting the mat with a thud and laying apart while Cady struggled to get air into her burning lungs.

Neriah reached down and pulled Cady's head and shoulders up using her hair, drew back her right hand and drove it straight forward into Cady's nose. The blonde's nose flattened under the impact and spread out against her face. Her eyes crossed as blood began to run from her nose. But Neriah didn't let her fall back. Instead she got to her feet and dragged the groggy and semi-conscious Cady to her knees in front of her. Neriah slapped Cady's face until she moaned and tried to lift her hands to protect her face.

"Upsey-daisy," Neriah laughed as she lifted Cady to her feet by one arm.

Cady's body was bent forward, her head resting on Neriah's chest, her arms dangling limp at her sides, her knees slightly bent. She looked ready to fall but for Neriah holding her up. Neriah turned her body, swinging Cady around several times before she let go and sent her to the ropes. Cady hit the ropes chestfirst, but instead of bouncing off, she took a step back and then toppled over on her back.

Neriah walked over and picked up Cady's feet, then stomped on her stomach. The blonde's body jerked and she tried to sit up, but Neriah kept lifting her feet higher until Cady rolled onto her back. Neriah folded Cady's legs over her body until her toes were touching the mat on either side of her head. Cady's face was bright red and she was having trouble catching her breath in that position. Her hands pawed weakly at Neriah's legs, but ineffectively.

Neriah sat on the back of Cady's thighs, bringing a low groan as the muscles in the back of her legs were stretched nearly to the breaking point. Renee slapped the mat once, but Cady lifted her shoulder.

"You wanna quit?" Renee asked.

"No," Cady gasped between attempts to breathe.

Neriah bounced up and down a couple of times, each one forcing Cady to emit a little pained squeak.

"Ask her again," Neriah said.

Renee asked, but Cady stubbornly refused. Instead, she started to wiggle her shoulders, trying to work her way to the ropes where, hopefully, Renee would make Neriah release her hold. But Renee planted her foot on Cady's hair to prevent her from squirming away and Neriah, seeing Cady was trapped, bounced harder this time. Cady wiped tears from her eyes as Renee asked her for the third time if she wanted to quit. Silently, Cady shook her head as emphatically as she could with Renee's foot on her hair.

"Then I guess you still need some persuading," Neriah chuckled as she reached behind her and slowly raked her nails over the bulge of Cady's asscheeks and down the back of her thighs.

Cady whimpered and squirmed uncomfortably, her mind conjuring up all sorts of dire thoughts about the awful things Neriah could do to her in that exposed and vulnerable position. Renee stepped back and winked at Hef as Cady's feet waved weakly in the air over her ears. Neriah stood up, her long legs straddling Cady's folded legs and then she swung her leg over Cady's head and allowed her to unfold, her legs flopping to the mat and twitching as the muscles reacted to the strain and stress they'd endured.

"Come on Cady," Neriah sighed as she dragged the blonde up by the hair, ignoring Cady's wails of protest as she pawed at Neriah's fingers in her hair.

Desperately, Cady shoved Neriah in the chest and tried to pull free, lunging toward the side of the ring closest to where Hef stood, apparently idly checking his watch in boredom since the pace of the action in the ring had slowed dramatically. Neriah caught her by the hair and pulled Cady back, turned her and drove her fist into her belly. Cady doubled over and pitched forward onto the mat right at Renee's feet, her face and shoulders on the mat and her butt in the air. She slowly rolled onto her side and lay in a fetal position with her hands holding her stomach.

"Ask her again," Neriah giggled. "She looks like she's had enough."

Renee bent over and lifted Cady's head up by the hair, looking at her glassy eyes, then dropped it with a little "thump" on the padded ring.

"She didn't say nuttin'," Renee chuckled. "Maybe you have to wake her up a bit first."

Just then, Hef rang the bell loudly.

"Time's up girls," he announced.

"Wha...?" Neriah shouted, "That can't be. I haven't made her quit yet. Give me a few more minutes, I'll have her beggin' for mercy."

Hef just shook his head, "You had plenty of time Neri, you should have been paying attention. Come on, help her up. We better get her looked at. And where's Hope? How's she doing?"

"She's fine Hef, just putting some ice on that nasty ankle of hers."

Everyone looked up to see Diana leaning on the door to the locker room, a little smirk on her face. She carefully ran her fingers over her hair which looked a little disheveled, and swivel-hipped over to the side of the ring and leaned on the ropes.

"Cady looks terrible Hef, maybe you want me, Renee and Rosie to take care of her too?"

Cady was trying to sit up and she turned to look pleadingly at Hef.

"No, I'm alright. I can take care of myself."

"That's not what it looks like," Neriah laughed, "You're a mess hon. You better learn how to fight."

Cady pulled herself up with an assist from the ropes and leaned on them as she rubbed her stomach which was red where Neriah's fist had imbedded itself in the pale flesh.

"You didn't fight fair, bitch!" Cady sneered. "This's supposed to be wrestling. You cheated! If Hope hadn't gotten hurt, I'd have tied you in knots."

"Oh yeah?" Neriah giggled as she strutted back and forth in front of the camera, preening and adjusting her top to emphasize the size of her bosom. "If you hadn't gotten lucky and the time ran out, I'd have had you on your knees BEGGING me not to hurt you. You're such a little baby. A couple of punches and you're all weepy and rubber leggy."

"BS!" Cady screamed, "I can beat you any time - in any kind of contest. I just wasn't prepared for you to be using your fists. Next time, I'll do the same and you won't have any more chance than you did when we were wrestling. I had you beat and that's why you cheated. You were scared to death you'd lose."

Neriah walked over and pressed her chest against Cady's bare bosom. She leaned on her and forced Cady back over the top rope until her shoulders were almost parallel to the mat.

"You think you can stay in the ring with me boxing....bitch? Come on, let's put the gloves on and do it right here and now. I'll ring your bell for you, you spoiled slut."

Cady put her hands on Neriah's shoulders and shoved her away, stood up and shook herself.

"I don't want to do it today. But if you really want, let's do it in a couple of weeks. I'll make you eat your words."

Renee and Diana exchanged high fives as Rosie sniped, "She'll need two weeks 'for her body stop hurtin' after the whuppin' you put on her Neri-girl."

"I'll make the arrangements," Hef said as the cameramen started to disassemble their equipment. Neriah was smiling and Cady looked a little stunned as they climbed out of the ring on opposite sides. Diana, Renee and Rosie were congratulating each other as they went back into the locker room where Diana had taken Hope before.

"Where IS Hope?" Hef wondered aloud as everyone disappeared. "I hope she's alright."

(Note: This was Part One of Cady and Neriah - the vote was tied at 86 apiece. Part Two coming soon.)