Cady Cantrell vs. Neriah Davis Pt. 1 by Ginny (July 2000)

Since her ignominious defeat at the hands of Petra Verkaik, Cady Cantrell had been despondent. She had not only expected to beat her big-titted opponent rather easily but she had talked her friend Alesha Oreskovich into fighting her rival Neriah Davis for her, fully expecting to see Neriah humbled by the powerful brunette. Neither expectation had been realized however, and both Cady and Alesha had suffered crushing defeats.

After a few months away from fighting trying to shore up her flagging self-confidence, Cady had returned to California and gone back to working out with the other girls. She had endured the taunting and teasing, some of it good-natured although much more was biting and had an edge that Cady dismissed as "envy" on the part of the other girls. So it was refreshing when Alesha called Cady aside and showed her a brochure from a small, private club located in a near-by beachfront community. It was for a bikini contest and offered a $500 first prize. After several months vacation, Cady could use the money to help pay the rent on her apartment which was due the Monday after that weekend's contest. She called the club and entered the contest.

Delayed by heavier than normal traffic, Cady arrived at the club barely 15 minutes before the contest was supposed to start. As she hurriedly changed into a thong bikini, she studied the other girls changing in the small dressing room. Most were unknowns; local girls looking for a break, transients hoping for an infusion of cash to support a drug habit, either theirs or a boyfriend's or perhaps (in the case of one girl) to make a down payment on implants. One girl had a nice figure, but was a little 'hippy'; another had legs that were too thin; a third's abs were a bit weak, etc. Aside from two Cady vaguely recognized - and was confident she'd beat - there were no threats to her winning the contest.

As the girls lined up to go on, the MC announced there'd be a short delay of, "... fifteen minutes or so" and encouraged the restless patrons to buy another round of drinks while they waited. The girls and the audience both muttered and grumbled, but no one left or complained too loudly. The girls milled around backstage until, almost 20 minutes later, the manager came back and told them they were ready to resume. Once more they lined up and as their name was called, each girl pranced onto the stage, swung her hips and shook her boobs for the crowd and did a couple of amateurish poses. All except Cady, that is. She went on last and not only was her figure much better than the rest, it was clear she would win after they saw her well-rehearsed and professionally choreographed routine. Then the MC dropped a bombshell!

"The management apologizes for the delay in getting started," he said. "But we had a late entrant and when we found out who it was we knew you wouldn't want to miss seeing her. I take great pleasure in presenting for your viewing pleasure, Miss March 1994 in all her sexual glory, MISS NERIAH DAVIS!"

Cady stared incredulously as the beautiful blond Neriah jiggled and wiggled across the stage. Her suit was, for all intents and purposes, non-existent! It was really one of Neriah's dance costumes and left nothing to the imagination, the little patch of cloth covering her pussy actually disappeared as she did her bump and grind over the tables closest to the stage. Cady's face became more and more red as she watched this late-comer insinuate her way into the affection of the audience members. Not only wasn't it fair that they let her appear in a non-regulation suit, but she was doing her entire dance routine while the other girls had been restricted to walking across the stage and doing a few wiggles. It *was* after all, a bikini contest, not a strip show.

Angered by the "betrayal" of the club manager delaying the contest until Neriah arrived, Cady ran over to the edge of the stage above where he was sitting staring up hungrily at Neriah and started screaming at him. Neriah stopped dancing to watch Cady's tirade with an air of bemused contempt - until Cady referred to her as a 'cheap whore' then Neriah went ballistic!

"Who are YOU to be calling ME names, you pumped up, pneumatic bimbo?" Neriah yelled as the patron's leaped to their feet chanting, "CATFIGHT! CATFIGHT!"

"Well, well. Look who learned a new word," Cady purred. "That would about double your vocabulary of three syllable words."

Cady testily pushed Neriah aside and leaned over the edge of the stage glaring down at the worried looking club manager.

"What do you mean by holding up the contest so this ... this ringer can have time to get here? And what about letting her do her whole act? Hell, I'd win if you let ME do MY act. It's sure a lot better'n ..."

Cady was cut off in mid-insult when Neriah grabbed her shoulder and turned her around. The crowd gasped and let out a "whooooooh" as Neriah leaned into Cady's chest and shook her finger under the blonde's nose.

"Now you look here Miss Thing, don't you go callin' Roy names. If you got a problem, let's settle it like ladies."

Cady was madder than a hatter with the turn of events. She had already started planning how she was going pay her rent with the prize money which meant she'd be able to use what little other cash she had to pay off some of the credit cards she'd been living off of for the last few weeks. Neriah's unexpected, and unwelcome, appearance meant Cady's plans had been dashed.

"What are YOU doing here anyway, you bitch?" Cady blustered. "Hope was the only one I told but I didn't even know about the contest until Alesha tol..."

Cady turned and looked to the side of the room where her friends Hope Carlton and Alesha Oreskovich were waiting for her to pick up her prize money. She gasped and swallowed hard a moment later when she saw two women standing right behind them. It was Neriah's bosom buddies, Diana Lee and Petra Verkaik.

Neriah laughed, "Me? Oh, I just signed up at the last minute. Diana heard about this little contest here and we figured it'd be an easy $500 for me to pick up. Looks like she was right, there's no competition here at all!"

Cady turned back and angrily shoved Neriah away from her. As she fell back, Neriah grabbed the front of Cady's suit top between her breasts and pulled her over on top of her. The two women tumbled to the floor and started pulling hair, scratching and kicking as they rolled over and over until they fell off the stage on top of the club managers table with Cady on top of Neriah. Cady pulled Neriah's head up with a handful of hair and drew back her fist to punch her, but before she could, Petra, Diana, Hope and Alesha leapt in and the table collapsed under the weight of the six women.

It took several minutes for the club manager, the MC, two bouncers and the other contestants to pull them apart. Cady was shaking with anger as she struggled to break free of Alesha's strong grasp while Hope stood in front of her with her hand on Cady's chest trying to calm her down. Meanwhile, the club manager was screaming at both women about 'unprofessional' conduct and busting up his place. Finally, after he calmed down, he handed Diana Lee the contest winners check for $500. Cady protested, but he stood firm, saying, "She'd of won anyway. She's a lot hotter babe than you are hon!"

"I'm sick and tired of you and your friends," Cady yelled at Neriah. "If you have the guts, why don't you step into the ring and face me in that boxing match you've been avoiding. Winner gets the check!"

Neriah sneered contemptuously, "Me? You're the one who's been afraid to lace up the gloves. I'm ready right now, come on."

Alesha spoke up finally, suggesting they settle it that same evening back at the Mansion. "They've got a ring and all the equipment. I'm sure Hef can round up a crowd at a moment's notice, if he doesn't already have enough people there. What do you say Neriah? Unless you really are afraid to face Cady?"

Neriah quickly agreed and the match was set. The manager made sure each group of women was escorted from the club by separate entrances, to avoid any further damage to the furniture and glassware. On the way back to the Mansion, Cady wondered aloud how Diana, Petra and Neriah had found out about the contest and showed up to deny her what should rightfully have been hers, the first place prize.

"How did Neriah find out Hope? I only told you and Alesha, and I know neither of you would violate my trust."

"Well, I didn't tell anyone," Hope said a little too quickly it seemed to Cady. "It must've been Alesha who double-crossed you!"

Alesha bristled at the unfounded accusation, "I never. I told you before you can't trust Hope. Ever since she went off and spent that two weeks with Diana Lee and the Taylor sisters, she's been against you."

"Stop it both of you. That's enough," Cady sighed. "I've got to concentrate on the fight tonight. I'm going to make that Neriah bitch like, so sorry, she ever crossed me."


Cady Cantrell vs. Neriah Davis Pt. 2 by SamDog (July 2000)

The atmosphere was electric in the basement of the Playboy Mansion. This storm had been brewing for a long time, and that night, that storm would unleash its full fury. The basement was packed, as the audience eagerly anticipated yet another great match in the Cantrell-Davis feud. Though they'd agreed to a boxing match after their first fight, both had ignored it as their feud escalated. Hef hadn't, however, and he arranged for the fight to be held as a 12-round encounter with 3-minute rounds.

Neriah made her way to the ring first. Entering the ring, she peeled off her robe, leaving her in a red string bikini and a black pair of gloves. Accompanying her to the ring were Petra Verkaik and Diana Lee, longtime friends of hers. Working the crowd, Neriah saw out of the corner of her eye Cady making her way down the aisle. Cady had as her seconds Hope Carlton and Alesha Oreskovich.

Turning to face her as she stepped into the ring, Neriah shouted, "Ready to get your ass kicked, bitch?"

Silent, Cady simply slipped out of her robe. The blonde smiled as Neriah's eyes went wide with shock! Cady was topless, wearing a white bikini bottom and red gloves. The crowd going wild. Not to be outdone, Neriah quickly peeled off her top, glaring angrily at Cady as the crowd's favor shifted more evenly.

The bell rang, beginning Round 1.

The two women stepped out of their corners and cautiously probed the other's defenses. Suddenly, Cady threw two left jabs and a right hook, landing the last punch as Neriah stumbled backwards. Neriah replied with three punches to the body, the last two landing with solid impact. Cady's guard dropped to cover her belly and Neriah lunged forward to hit Cady with a left hook and right straight to the face, stunning her. She next landed a powerful right that slammed into Cady's ribs, sending her stumbling into the ropes.

Grinning, Neriah didn't waste any time as she tried to end the fight quickly. Neriah pounded Cady with blow after blow to her face and breasts, as Cady screamed and tried desperately to cover up. Neriah slammed a right cross to Cady's face, snapping her head back as her punches bent Cady backward over the top ropes. Neriah cocked her fist back to deliver a match-ending blow, but as she threw it Cady suddenly bounced off the ropes, ducked and dug a left hook to the blonde's belly, followed by a hard right. Stunned, Neriah groaned in pain from the blow.

Cady resumed the offensive, throwing punch after punch to Neriah's head in an effort to put the sturdy blonde down. A left uppercut smashed into Neriah's chin, snapping her head back and staggering her. Cady grinned and landed a solid right hook to her left breast, relishing Neriah's scream of pain. She began working Neriah's breasts, knocking them back and forth as Neriah howled in pain. As Neriah's guard came up to shield her tits, Cady began swinging lefts and rights at her face, landing several powerful bombs as she stumbled backwards and struggled to block her blows. Neriah kept Cady back with a few jabs until the bell finally rang to end the round.

Going back to their corners, Cady cupped her tits and shook them at Neriah tauntingly.

Round 2

Both women stepped from their corners cautiously. Bobbing and weaving, Neriah fought out of a crouch and delivered several solid body blows, clearly hurting the blonde. Neriah then unloaded a powerful uppercut to Cady's jaw, sending her stumbling into the ropes. Going after her, Neriah caught Cady with her guard down and snapped the blonde's head back and forth with two hooks. Neriah threw punches at any visible opening, working over the blonde's face and belly. A punch had Cady pressing against the ropes, only to rebound into a powerful right to the face. Hurt, Cady clinched, not wanting to take anymore blows from Neriah. Suddenly, the blonde screamed in agony. At close quarters, Neriah had taken the opportunity and had brought her fist up between Cady's legs and into her cunt. Backing off, Neriah let Cady drop to her knees, visibly hurt by the low blow. Looking up, Cady glared angrily as she slowly rose to her feet. If Neriah wanted to cheat, two could play that game, she thought to herself.

Coming in, Neriah started throwing hooks and overhand punches to Cady's face, hurting her. Desperate, Cady came in low and threw a punch to Neriah's midsection, stunning her. Neriah's guard dropped and immediately she screamed in pain as her head was snapped back by Cady throwing punches to her face. The blonde grinned, knowing how her last blow hurt Neriah by the blood sprayed from her nose.

Cady started throwing uppercuts to Neriah's big boobs, pumping her fists like pistons and grinning with every groan that escaped her lips. Driven back to the ropes, Neriah struggled to fight back, but Cady continued working over her chest, knocking Neriah's breasts back and forth with hooks.

Finally, Cady threw three punches into Neriah's belly, making the blonde groan as she dropped to the canvas. On her hands and knees, Neriah was shaking her head back and forth as Cady went to a neutral corner, blood flowing freely from her nose. Rising at the count of four, Neriah watched as Cady stepped towards her, eager to do more damage, but the bell rang, saving her from any more punishment.

Round 3

As the round began, Cady stepped forward cautiously and threw a right to Neriah's head but the blonde ducked and smashed her glove into her foe's undefended right tit. Cady screamed in pain as Neriah slammed another uppercut into her other boob; Cady screaming again. Neriah followed with another boob punch as Cady grimaced in pain and threw a jab, trying desperately to fight back. But Neriah slapped her fist away and clocked Cady's face with a left cross that wobbled her legs as she cried out in pain. Neriah sent an uppercut to her Cady's chin, managing to stagger her. Neriah continued pounding Cady with blows to her belly and chest, driving her backward into the corner as she tried unsuccessfully to defend herself. Her defense exposed, Cady repaid Neriah with a pair of tit punches, fighting her way out of the corner although she groaned with each blow. Suddenly, Cady slammed a left hook to Neriah's mouth, splitting her lip and stunning her. Cady stepped back and swung a vicious left hook with all her weight behind it. The punch landed on the side of her foe's head, knocking her to the canvas.

Dazed and flat on her face, Neriah struggled to regain her senses. Crawling to the ropes, she managed to pull herself to her feet at the count of seven. Neriah was badly hurt. Her entire body aching, she didn't want to take anymore abuse that round. Stepping towards her foe, Cady grinned and started pounding away on Neriah's big tits. Her tits had taken tremendous punishment in this fight and another several weeks before. She screamed in agony as Cady batted her big breasts back and forth like punching bags. Cady started slamming uppercuts into her tits, knocking them upward as Neriah sobbed aloud.

Grinning as she tenderized Neriah's tits, Cady brought her arms back and then slammed them together, her fists against the outsides of Neriah's breasts and mashing them together. Cady grinned as Neriah's screams echoed across the gym, her big tits taking a terrible pummeling. Finally, Cady hit Neriah with a powerful uppercut, knocking her to the canvas for a second time.

Neriah lay on her back in the middle of the ring. Almost completely senseless, she could faintly make out Cady standing over her, taunting her to get up until Gena finally started the count. Neriah knew she had to move, but her body wouldn't respond. Standing in the neutral corner, Cady posed and preened, confident of her victory. However, when she looked back into the ring she saw an unbelievable sight. Neriah somehow made it to her feet, barely beating the count. Pissed, Cady knew that she'd just have to make Neriah pay for getting up.

Before either could anything, however, the bell rang ending the round. On her way to her corner, Cady taunted her battered foe, enjoying the beaten look on Neriah's face.

In Neriah's corner, Petra and Diana faced the daunting task of reviving her, the blonde was barely aware of where she was. Working frantically, her corner feverishly struggled to get Neriah back into shape. Neriah slumped on her stool, her nose and mouth bloody, one eye puffed up and blackened, her tits beaten and bruised. However, she did manage to pull herself together and was ready for the next round, though nowhere near full strength.

Meanwhile, all was calm in Cady's corner. Sitting upright, the blonde appeared confident, almost cocky. Neriah would be no match for her, Cady knew that much. Hope gave the blonde some water, while Alesha rubbed and massaged her aching breasts, gently pulling and tweaking her nipples until they were stiff and hard. Cady would have stopped her, but it felt too good.

Round 4

Neriah was in bad shape, and both women knew it. She stepped out of the corner a mere shell of her former self. She jabbed twice, the first was blocked and the second just grazed Cady's nose. As Cady backpedaled, Neriah drove a left hand into her gut and followed up with an uppercut to the tit that slammed it upward but seemed to have little effect on Cady. Suddenly, her vision was obscured by a flash of red leather as Cady slammed a powerful punch to her face. Cady devastated Neriah with a powerful uppercut, sending her stumbling back into her corner. Hanging onto the ropes, Neriah was helpless as Cady sent punches crashing into her face. Pulling Neriah off of the ropes, Cady slammed hard punch to the body. Neriah reeled, backpedaling Cady followed, catching her with two hooks and an uppercut, hurting her again.

Desperate, Neriah suddenly lunged forward and with all her remaining strength drove a right hook to the side of Cady's head and then a left jab to the face. She then slammed a right hook into Cady's chest, the blow burrowing deep into her right tit and Cady's face lit up in pain. As Cady staggered back, Neriah slammed an overhand right into her cheek then spun her head the other way with a powerful left. Cady managed to retaliate with a weak jab to Neriah's already battered right tit, but Neriah lashed out with an uppercut to Cady's jaw that staggered the hellcat.

Angry at the punishment she'd taken, Neriah pounded blow after blow against Cady's big tits. The blonde covered up immediately, but Neriah drove her fists past through her arms and straight into her tits! Blow after blow connected with no reply from Cady. Finally, Neriah drove a powerful right into Cady's belly and the blonde slowly collapsed face down on the canvas, dazed and confused as Neriah made her way to a neutral corner.

Cady groaned as she struggled to recover. She'd been badly hurt by Neriah's attack, her own offensive now in shambles. Slowly, she pulled herself to her feet, barely beating the count. Blood was flowing from her left nostril and her right eye was starting to close as Neriah moved in, intent on finishing the fight once and for all. Neriah's punches broke past Cady's practically nonexistent defense, crashing into her face. The blonde's cheeks puffed up, her right eye closed completely and her lip was split open. Neriah started pounding Cady's boobs as the blonde screamed in agony as her breasts were battered, bruised, and swollen by Neriah's hard punches. Beaten and out of options, Cady slammed her fist upward into Neriah's cunt. Neriah screamed in total agony and sank to the canvas, holding her cunt.

Neriah was lying on the canvas, sobbing as she tried to rub the pain away. Cady raised her arms in victory and waited in the neutral corner, but became incensed when the referee refused to count. Cady started arguing, but the referee insisted that Cady had cheated by hitting Neriah with a low blow. Finally, the referee told Cady to continue fighting.

Turning back to look at Neriah, the blondes vision was obscured by black leather as Neriah's fist slammed into her face. Reeling backward, Cady was pounded with everything Neriah had, driving her into a corner. Cady swung a left hook at Neriah's face, but she ducked and responded with an uppercut to the chin that stunned the blonde. Cady's body slumped, her arms hanging over the ropes. Neriah started taking out her rage on Cady's big tits, slamming unanswered shots to each one as Cady screamed in agony.

Cady couldn't defend herself, just sob as blow after blow rained down on her tits, battering them beyond belief until she begged for mercy. Out for blood, Neriah turned her attention to Cady's face, first with humiliating jabs, then powerful blows landed full force. Cady's face was turned into a bloody mess. Now almost delirious with pain, Cady sobbed out a submission.

But Neriah still continued her attack, this time slamming her fists into Cady's cunt. The pain was unbearable as Cady begged for mercy and pleaded with Neriah to end her suffering but the blonde continued to devastate her hated rival. Finally, Neriah hauled Cady out of the corner. The beaten blonde fell forward and clinched Neriah, hanging onto her as her only way of staying upright.

Cady lay her head on Neriah's shoulder as she hung on weakly and muttered, "It's not... over yet... bitch..."

Smiling through her own pain, Neriah chuckled as she replied, "Oh, yes, it is!"

She pushed Cady away and slammed an uppercut with all of her strength behind it right into her chin. Cady's legs locked, her back arched and the unconscious blonde swooned backwards, crashing to the canvas flat on her back. Cady was in la-la land, her head lolling from side to side. Her proud body had been completely destroyed by Neriah who stood over her as the referee counted Cady out. Actually, the referee could've counted to 100 since Cady was totally unconscious. Though worse for wear, Neriah had managed to triumph over her hated rival. Planting her foot on Cady's red and bruised breasts, she raised her arms and posed for victorious pictures, jubilant in her triumph. It was finally over! One woman had finally and completely established her dominance over her rival by totally destroying her in public.

Neriah won the vote: 175-140
Postscript (by Kim and Ginny)
Neriah stepped over Cady's body as Hope rushed into the ring to tend to her unconscious friend. Alesha followed her into the ring, but walked right past Cady and went to Neriah's corner. She, hugged her, congratulated her on her win and got a big kiss in return.

Diana Lee joined them and gave Alesha a friendly pat on the butt, kissed her and whispered, "Thanks for calling me about the bikini contest. You were right, it was worth the trip! Now we're even."

Alesha glared down at Cady's prostrate form and laughed.

"I just wish she were awake so I could tell her that you took it easy on her compared to what I'll do to her if she ever tries to set me up again. Imagine, she tricked me into fighting Neriah for her benefit. If she's afraid to fight her own battles, she should just stay home in bed with her friend Hope, another wimp."

THE END - or is it?