Cady Cantrell vs. Donna D'Errico, Who's the top Playmate from Alabama?- (c) by John J.

Hef threw one of his infamous Playmate parties over the long Columbus Day holiday weekend. By five o'clock Saturday afternoon, the Playboy mansion and grounds were filled with the gorgeous blondes, brunettes and redheads that graced the pages of Playboy as Playmate of the Month. They all wandered about the party, ate, drank, and generally had a great time. By ten o'clock, some tempers began to rise as the alcohol produced its effect.

Donna D'Errico was in a little group with Pam Anderson, Petra Verkaik, and Karen McDougal and they were all chatting and having a great time. Karen went on about her teaching and modeling, and Pam talked about her TV role. Donna wanted to join in.

She said, "I checked it out, and I'm definitely the hottest gal ever to appear in Playboy from Alabama, and I'm gonna talk to Hef about a special photo shoot for that."

Suddenly, Donna felt a hard shove from behind her and when she turned, she saw Cady Cantrell.

"What the hell's your problem?" she fumed. "Watch where you're going, bitch!"

Cady glared at Donna, "You're the damn problem, slut! I heard your comments about Alabama Playmates."

Cady moved in a little closer and puffed her gorgeous boobs out a little more as she said in her sultriest southern drawl, "I'm from Alabama, and I'm WAY hotter than you any day of the week, sugah."

Donna put her hands on her hips and said, "Oh really." She glanced up and down Cady's body and said, "I'm not all that impressed. Where exactly do you think you're hotter than me, bitch?"

Cady smiled and said with sigh, "Hair, face, tits, ass, legs, I can't possible name everything." Donna visibly fumed at that insult, and it just made Cady smile a little bit wider.

Donna tried to lunge at Cady, but Pam Anderson and Petra Verkaik stopped her. At that moment, Hef walked over. He got into the conversation just as Petra positioned herself between the two battlers.

He said, "OK, ladies, that's enough for tonight. Do you two want to fight this out and settle the Alabama Playmate issue?"

Donna said, "Yeah, I'll fight! I'll tear you to pieces, bitch!"

Cady said, "Sure! Let's go! You're gonna regret screwing with me!"

Hef said, "Fine, ladies. You can settle this two weeks from tonight. Any rules?"

Donna yelled, "Rules? Ha! I just want that bitch! A catfight to the finish!"

Cady said, "Agreed!"

Hef said, "And what's the finish, ladies? Knockout? Submission?"

Donna asked sharply, "You got the tits for an 'Alabama Death' match?"

Cady responded, "What the hell is that? Don't you mean 'Texas Death' you peroxide bimbo?"

Donna sneered, "I mean Alabama Death, bitch! It's like a 'Texas Death' match, except it's a 10-count pin or submission and then a 10-count to get back up again to continue."

Hef asked, "Alright then, are we agreed ladies?"

Cady responded, "Yes!"

Donna said, "Yes!"

Hef said, "Good. Settled then."

Petra was between the two battlers, keeping them separated. Hef turned to her.

"Petra since you were so good keeping them apart tonight, would like to be referee for the fight? Only if you want the job, that is, nobody is forcing you. Think about it, and let me know."

Petra answered, "I don't need to think about. That's fine. I'll do it."

Hef said, "Great. See you all on fight night. Ladies, dress casual, cutoff shorts and crop tops should do nicely. You're going to fight outside this time, not in the ring."

Cady and Donna glared at each other as they turned and departed in separate directions with their friends, while Petra stood between them and kept them apart. Petra and Hef walked off together.

Over the next two weeks, none of the participants saw anything of each other. Cady, Donna, and Petra didn't speak a word to each other. Cady and Donna trained and worked out, as they got themselves tuned into fighting shape. Though neither was at all out of shape, they both wanted to hone in and prepare themselves for the fight as much as possible. They jogged, did aerobics, swam, worked out, sparred and even fought in a few practice fights.

Finally, the day of the fight arrived. The expansive back lawn of the Playboy mansion had been temporarily remodeled, and it was turned into a fighting arena for this evening's battle, to settle the issue of who is the top playmate from Alabama.

The ladies were each in their own dressing room in the mansion, with attendants to fix their hair, makeup, nails and pick out the perfect outfit to start out the fight in. When it came time for them to come to the arena to fight, Petra called up to the attendants to tell them to come down. Cady and Donna had been put in rooms in different wings of the mansion, so their was virtually no chance of them meeting before the fight. They had different stairwells, entrances, exits, and facilities, just to be as certain as possible that a fight didn't start before the actual catfight event.

Both women had their own section of supporters and well-wishers.

Cady's supporters were primarily Playmates, while Donna's were mostly Baywatch stars.

Hef walked up to the main podium and gave his introduction.

"Let me introduce your fight announcer and referee, Miss Petra Verkaik."

The audience hollered and cheered and gave lots of whistles and catcalls as the curvy brunette strutted to the podium. Hef

walked back and took his seat on the podium, which offered a full unobstructed view of the grassy arena. When he was seated, Petra took the microphone.

"Now, let me introduce the two ladies that will be fighting this evening. In the red corner, we have Miss Donna D'Errico!"

The door in front of Donna opened and she strutted out to the field where she and Cady would soon fight. Donna walked in front of Petra and then in front of Hef. Her Baywatch costars all yelled and hollered and gave big cheers as she walked before them on her way to her corner of the field. Donna wore tight red shorts that hugged her gorgeous ass perfectly and a matching red crop top that barely contained her boobs, along with matching red high heels. Donna went over to her corner and waited there.

When Donna was in position, Petra picked up the microphone again.

"And her opponent, in the blue corner, is Miss Cady Cantrell!"

Cady's door opened and she strutted out, wiggling and grinding as she made her way to the podium in front of Hef and Petra. The Playmates on Cady's side of the stands all yelled and whistled for her. Cady wore a similar outfit to Donna's, tight shorts, a tight crop top and matching heels, only Cady's was all in blue. Cady went to her corner and settled down for the fight.

Petra spoke into the microphone again.

"Ladies, here are the rules for the fight. This is a no-holds-barred catfight, with Alabama Death match rules. That means that when one of you gets a 10-count pin or a submission, your opponent has to get up before the second 10-count is over, OR she is declared knocked out. There will be NO outside interference during the fight. You two can do whatever you want to each other, but it's just one-on-one. Any questions?"

Both Cady and Donna responded, "No."

Petra climbed down and got into position in the field and said, "OK, ladies. FIGHT!"

Cady and Donna snarled at each other and stared each other down across the grassy field where they would soon battle. On Petra's command, they lunged from their corners and charged at each other.

Both women sidestepped and lashed out with their powerful legs in an attempt to kick the other down, but both hit nothing but air. They turned and faced off again. They locked up this time.

Both women grunted and groaned as each tried to gain an advantage. Arms pushed against arms and shoulders as they battled in the grassy field. Donna hooked her leg around Cady's and gave her a hard shove that sent Cady down to the grass, right on her gorgeous ass. Cady flustered for a moment and she tried to wipe the water off the back of her legs and shorts. Cady bolted and leapt at Donna. Donna was surprised and Cady's lunge caught her, and the two blondes tumbled

down to the grass, with Cady on top. Cady struggled and tried to hold Donna still and wear her out, but Donna wiggled and squirmed beneath the younger woman. Donna skillfully bridged and twisted, and soon the two gorgeous blonde wildcats backs and hair were soaked.

Their crop tops and shorts clung to their backs like they were in a wet T-shirt contest, rather than a catfight as they rolled over and over in the watered down grass. Cady's weight and strength advantage won out as she was able to stop the roll and hold Donna down. Cady didn't have a good position for a hold though. Before Cady could secure a good hold, Donna thrust her hips up and clamped her long sexy legs around Cady's midriff and squeezed her with a bodyscissors.

Donna wrenched her body to the side and she brought Cady down to the grass with her legs still wrapped tightly around Cady's midsection.

Cady grunted as she tried to fight her way out of the bodyscissors. She quickly realized that wouldn't work, and she got her arms between Donna's calves and unhooked her ankles. Cady quickly escaped the scissors hold and rolled away from the other blonde. They both quickly got to their knees and faced off again. They both feinted with lunges or swipes with their nails and watched the other, to see her reaction. In a quick move, Donna leapt at Cady.

Cady saw the leap, and rolled away. Donna landed face and tits first into the wet grass. Cady also got her front soaked with her roll away move.

Both women were now soaked, front and back. Cady took advantage of the opportunity given to her and she jumped on Donna's back and trapped her rival in a full nelson. Cady grabbed a fistful of Donna's long blonde hair. Cady strained as she leaned in and shoved Donna's face into the wet grass. Donna gasped as Cady leaned in and applied more pressure on her neck. Donna bucked and wiggled and lead as she tried to unseat Cady, but she couldn't do it. Cady held firm and kept her full nelson hold in place.

Cady yelled out, "Say it, bitch!"

Donna spat, "Fuck off!"

Cady just leaned in a little more, and generated a howl of pain from Donna. Petra finally moved in and asked "Do you give?"

Donna finally relented, "Yes."

Petra yelled, "Break!" Cady refused to move for a moment. Petra yelled, "I said, 'Break!"

Cady released her nelson hold and got off Donna. Petra started to count, "1.....2....."

Donna was getting up in the middle of the two. Cady had barely turned to see that Donna was on her way up already, when Donna nailed her with a hard jab to the midriff as she got up. Cady gasped as she felt all the air forced out of her body, and then the pain. Cady's knees began to buckle from the pain, and she would have fallen except that Donna had a firm hold on her hair and kept her up. Donna held Cady by the hair as she clamped on a side headlock. Donna ran forward and gave Cady a bulldog, which sent her down to the wet grass hard.

Cady tried to roll over and regroup, but before she could, Donna nailed her with an elbow to the lower back. Donna tried to secure a Boston Crab hold and work over Cady's lower back even more, but Cady grabbed some hair and unseated Donna before she could secure the hold. Donna lost her balance. That gave Cady enough time to roll away and get up. Donna was just on her way up, when Cady was on her.

Cady grabbed two fistfuls of blonde hair and gave her a nasty knee lift to the face. Donna groaned as her head flew backhards, and she tumbled down as well. Cady got her speed up and charged in for a full speed knee drop to Donna. Donna raised her knees at the last minute and Cady slammed into her deadly high heels. Cady moaned as she clutched her bruised midriff. Donna splashed down on top of her and secured a cross body pin.

Petra moved in fast, "1..2..3..4..5.."

Cady struggled and tried to get free. She thought she got a shoulder up but Petra went on, "6..7..8..9..10"

Petra got up and yelled, "Break."

Donna got up off Cady as Petra went on, "1..2..3.."

At the middle of three Cady was up to her knee and nearly up.

Petra continued, "4..5.."

Cady was up when Petra got to five.

Donna charged in at Cady as soon as she was up. Cady was ready though.

She sidestepped and hiptossed Donna down to the grass. Cady grabbed Donna's leg and poured the pressure into a stepover toe hold. Donna yelled as Cady leaned in and took the fight to her. Cady leaned in just a little too far, and Donna grabbed a fist of hair and toppled her. Donna kept her hair hold as she got to her feet and brought Cady with her. Cady latched onto Donna's hair and they started a seesaw battle as they pulled and tugged on each other's long blonde hair. Cady's size advantage won out and she tugged back a little too far for Donna who partially lost her balance.

Donna went down, and Cady came down on top of her. Cady quickly maneuvered and secured a schoolgirl pin on Donna. Cady tried her best to hold down Donna, and got as high as a 5 count, twice, but Donna was able to slip out of a pin situation. Donna escaped with a sudden bridge that knocked Cady forward and off. Both women rolled and got up quickly, as they faced off again.

Cady raised her arms for a test of strength. Donna's Baywatch supporters, especially Pam Anderson all screamed, "No." Donna hesitated for a few minutes.

Cady smirked, "What's the matter, Miss Big Shit? Afraid?"

That's all it took. Donna quickly obliged and the two blonde battlers locked hands for a test of strength. They both grunted and groaned as they strained to overpower the other woman. Cady started to take command and began to force Donna back. Cady suddenly twisted her arms down and around and Donna screamed in pain as her arms were twisted in the wrong direction. Suddenly, Cady released the arm holds and wrapped her long arms around Donna's arms and body and trapped her in a bearhug.

Cady grunted as she put all strength into her squeezes, as she tried to knock all the air and strength out of Donna. Donna moaned as she struggled and fought. Soon, her struggled weakened. Apparently, she was just conserving strength, as she bashed up with her head and gave Cady a wicked headbutt. Cady's hold weakened and Donna powered her way out. Cady backed off, a little dazed.

Donna needed time to regroup and regain her strength and was unable to take advantage of Cady's dazed condition, however much Pam and the other Baywatch girls cheered her on to "take the bitch out." Donna couldn't do that though. She got herself together not much before Cady snapped of it. Donna behind her rival and clamped a chokehold on her. Cady gasped and choked as Donna's arm dug into her neck and cut off her air supply. Cady retaliated with several sharp elbows to the gut that caused Donna to back away and release her hold.

Cady turned and swung out with her leg. She caught Donna hard on the side of the mouth with a spin kick. Donna's head snapped to the side and a trickle of blood started from her mouth as Cady's high heeled foot slammed into her mouth. Cady had achieved first blood in this brutal fight. Cady stated to move to continue her attack, but Donna was on the way up. Cady backed off and took a defensive stance, fists raised.

Donna noted Cady's stance and agreed to the silent challenge to fist fight. She raised her own fists, and moved in toward Cady slowly and cautiously. As Donna approached, Cady nailed her with a straight left to the tits. Donna winced and backed away. Cady pursued and hammered her tits and ribs with a flurry of jabs and hooks. Donna tried to counterpunch, but Cady kept just outside her range. Donna realized that she needed to do something quickly. She charged at Cady and got inside quickly. She started to hammer on Cady's tits, and soon the two gorgeous blondes were toe-to-toe as they slugged each other's tits with hard punches.

Cady shoved Donna away and continued to pound her at a distance where she couldn't counter. Donna realized that Cady had the fist fight battle won, so she charged in and grabbed Cady's arm. She dropped back and twisted, which sent Cady down beside her. Donna took Cady's arm and wrenched it around hard, as she applied a hammerlock. Cady yelped in pain and tried to get free.

Cady freed herself after she pounded Donna in her previously battered tits twice with hard punches. Donna released the arm and backed off. Cady got up quickly and they faced off once again.

Pam screamed out, "Come on, Donna! Get her!!"

Donna charged at Cady, and went to tackle her to the ground. Cady dodged out of the way. As she dodged she grabbed at Donna's soaked crop top and ripped it off.

Donna was furious as Cady twisted her crop top in her hands. Donna nearly went down, but she somehow managed to keep her balance. By the time Donna turned, Cady was up again. Donna lunged again. Cady tried to dodge again, but Donna was prepared for that trick and she shifted her movement and hit Cady squarely in midriff as she took them both

down. As they went down, Cady bucked her hips up and locked her long, powerful legs around Donna's ribs.

The two blondes went down with Donna on top, but Cady in control as she squeezed Donna's body. Donna reached down and ripped off Cady's top, leaving both beauties topless.

Donna dug in with her nails and tore at Cady's full, gorgeous tits. Cady screamed in pain, but quickly reciprocated as she dug her nails into Donna's smaller (though still gorgeous) feminine mounds. Both women squeezed and mauled as they tried to rip the other's tits off her body.

After several minutes of this painful tit struggle, blood was clearly oozing out from all four hands. The damage from the earlier fist fight must have taken its toll on Donna's tits as she sobbed in pain, and released Cady's tits. She pulled at Cady's hands and removed them from her sore and aching boobs.

Cady still had her scissors hold though, and Donna gasped as Cady poured on the pressure.

Donna got herself free of the scissors when she shoved her hands up under Cady's chin and shoved her head back. Cady got pushed back just enough that Donna was able to roll free.

Cady quickly got up and went on the attack again. Cady grabbed a fist full of Donna's long blonde hair and clamped on a headlock. Cady ran forward and gave Donna a bulldog. Donna groaned in pain, but didn't move. Cady watched her for a moment and then reached down and grabbed her by the hair again and hauled her up. Cady scooped her up into the air and gave her a bodyslam down to the grass again. Donna cried out in pain.

Cady demanded, "Do you give?"

Donna didn't respond, except to groan in pain as she rolled away.

Cady grabbed Donna by the hair and put her into a standing headscissors. Cady grabbed Donna's legs and hoisted them up into the air. Then she released her own legs and fell on her ass. Donna's head slammed hard into the grass and hard ground as Cady executed the piledriver like a pro. Donna appeared glassy-eyed and nearly out cold. Cady scooped up Donna's legs and bent backwards as she secured a matchbook pin.

Petra moved into position and started to count, "1...2...3...4...5..."

All of a sudden there was a scream. Both Cady and Petra turned and looked in the direction of the scream. Yasmine Bleeth got Petra's attention while Pam Anderson took advantage of the distraction, lunging at the fighters to give Cady a hard kick to the midriff that knocked her off Donna. Cady rolled away, only to have Pam stomp her in the gut, and then pull her up by the hair and slam her down to the ground.

Pam walked back over to Donna and she slapped her face to revive her and get her started back up again. By this time, Cady was up and angry. She charged at Pam and kicked her hard in the back. Pam's squeal of pain got Petra's attention again and she came back to the real fight. Petra forced Cady to back away, as she directed Pam to leave the fight. Pam refused, but Petra shoved her out.

Cady got right back into Petra's face.

Cady demanded, "What the hell is wrong with you? You're supposed to finish the damn count."

Petra said, "I can't now. Donna is getting up."

Cady said, "Bull shit! Yeah now she is! I had her, and you didn't do your job!"

Petra said, "What are you saying?"

Cady said, "You know damn well what I'm saying, that you don't know how to do your damn job! You're supposed to finish counting, you stupid bitch! I had this fight won back there, slut!"

Petra said, "OK! I've had enough from you."

Cady fumed and glared back, "And I've had enough of you too!"

At that moment, Donna came up and delivered a huge drop kick to Cady's back, and she tumbled forward almost taking down Petra as well. Cady went down hard as she landed on her stomach and sore tits. They were beginning to move toward the muddy part of the field now, instead of the area where the grass was wet, but the ground beneath was still hard and dry. Cady rolled onto her back, just as Donna began to charge at her. Cady set herself, and once Donna into range and attempted her attack, Cady kicked her off while she pulled with her arms. Donna went up and over in the clumsy but still effective monkey flip. Donna landed hard on her back in the mud.

Cady lunged and jumped at Donna, as she saw a chance for a pin. Cady tried to hold Donna down, but Donna used her own momentum and they started to roll over and over through the mud. Both gorgeous blonde's backs and asses became soaked with mud. They rolled and rolled. Donna managed to achieve a solid hold and pinned Cady down in the mud.

Donna tried to get a little too greedy. She squirmed up to try and schoolgirl pin Cady. Cady let her get into position, then she bucked and bridged and Donna toppled over, face and tits into the mud. Cady grabbed her leg and dug her heel into Donna's side, right by her wounded tit and yanked on a leg and arm as she gave Donna a nasty bow and arrow hold.

Cady demanded a surrender, but Donna told her "go screw yourself" as a reply.

Cady yanked on the submission hold as hard as she could. She released Donna when she saw that she wasn't going to get a submission that way.

After they broke, Petra sent them back toward the grassy area of the

arena, where Neriah Davis waited to hose them off as they came back. The girls were back on the regular grass and cleaned off from the mud.

Cady charged at Donna and they went back after each other's long blonde hair again, as they tugged and pulled in every direction to try and unbalance the other. They wobbled and danced on their high heels as they sought an advantage. Cady's size and weight advantage quickly gained her control as she began to force Donna back. Donna retaliated as she released Cady's hair and grabbed her shorts and gave them a yank. Cady yelped as Donna gave her a wedgie. Cady quickly returned the favor and they both went to work and tugged at each other's flimsy and wet fighting shorts.

Soon both pairs of shorts were at the point of being torn off. Cady gave Donna's shorts a hard tug and they tore completely off her body, and Donna went down with a hard crash to the grass. She refused to release Cady's shorts and they ripped apart as she went down. The blonde beauties were now going to finish the fight completely nude.

Donna lunged at Cady and took her down. She achieved a fast cross-body pin and tried to hold Cady down for the pin. Petra moved in and started her count. She was up to seven before Cady shoved Donna off and got up. Cady barely felt like it was a 3 count, rather than 7 but she wasn't going to make the mistake of arguing with Petra again and losing track of the fight. Cady pivoted and swept out with her leg as she took down Donna. Cady held Donna's arms still and wrapped around her legs as she gained a perfect grapevine hold. Petra started to count, but the count was so slow that Donna had wiggled free by the time Petra got to a five count.

Cady fumed and got into Petra's face again.

"Do your damn job and count right, bitch! Or I swear I'll fuckin' deck YOU next time!"

Petra glared at her, "Watch it, sweetie! I'm still the ref. here, and I set the rules! I'm counting right. You just didn't have Donna held down well. That's not my fault."

Just like before, Cady's preoccupation with Petra had allowed Donna the

chance to get up again. While Cady argued, Donna lunged at her legs

and took her down hard. Donna held Cady's legs apart wide and dropped her knee into Cady's exposed pussy. Cady screamed out in pain. Donna sneered as she went for an elbow drop, but Cady rolled away before she hit. Cady grabbed Donna by the hair and then slammed her down hard to the grass with a bodyslam. Cady lifted her rival up again and hoisted her to her feet. She got Donna in a headlock and bulldogged her down again, and she worsened the bleeding from her mouth and nose. Cady continued her assault as she put Donna in another standing headscissors and then another piledriver, which effected Donna just like the first piledriver did. It nearly put her out cold.

Cady hoisted up the semi-conscious girl and clamped on a vicious bearhug like she had before. Cady held the bearhug for a long time, as she really drained the energy from her enemy. Cady showed remarkable strength for so late in a long fight as she lifted Donna up and then dropped her down onto her own extended knee. Donna shrieked in pain as her pussy was nearly torn in half when she landed hard on Cady's knee.

The pain immediately revived Donna. Cady held Donna down as she hammered her pussy and tits with a flurry of punches until both tits and her crotch bled steadily.

Cady moved in behind Donna and clamped on a tight figure-4 headscissors. Donna tried to struggle and get free, but it was no use. She was too weak and Cady had too good of a hold. Cady poured on the pressure until Donna was out cold.

Cady released the scissors and pinned Donna down. She glared at Petra.

"Now, you damn bitch. . . COUNT!"

Petra did count, but slowly, "1.....2.....3.....4.....5....."

All the while, the Baywatch girls yelled, "Come on Donna, you can do it. Don't let her get ya."

Petra continued, "6.....7.....8.....9......10"

Petra pulled Cady off Donna and went ahead with the knockout count.

Petra counted slowly, "1......2.......3.......4........5.......6.......7.......8.......9.......10."

Then she waved her arms over her head and said, "You're OUT!"

Petra grabbed Cady's arm and raised it in the air.

"The WINNER IS!! Miss Cady Cantrell!!!"

Cady smiled as everyone gave her a thunderous round of applause, along with whistles and catcalls.

Petra tried to sneak away, without Cady spotting her, but Cady caught up to her and got in her face.

"Where the hell are you going?"

Petra said with a sneer, "The fight's over, you won. I'm leaving."

Cady said, "The hell you are. We're not done yet, sweetie. What the hell was the big idea, bitch. You cost me the fight."

Petra said, "Oh, fuck off. I didn't do anything wrong."

By this time, Hef had walked over to join the two women.

"Petra, Cady is right. It wasn't very professional to stop your count like that. And Cady, you can't complain just because you don't like the way Petra counts. You might have a point that she was slow, but that's not at issue."

Petra said, "I'm leaving."

She tried to push past Cady, but Cady gave her a shove backwards. Petra fumed and shoved her back.

Karen McDougal was there and she quickly split the two beauties apart.

Hef said, "Alright, I can see you two aren't going to just settle down. Cady, do you want to fight Petra to settle this?"

Cady said, "Hell yes!"

Hef turned to Petra, "What about you?"

Petra responded, "I wasn't looking for a fight, but I'm sure not gonna back down either."

Petra turned to Cady, "What do you, sweetie? Right now? You want to go for it?"

Cady responded, "Oh, I bet you'd like that. No, I think next time. Hef, I want four weeks to recover and get ready. I think that's fair."

Hef thought about it, "Yes, four weeks is fair. Done. See you then, ladies."

The end!