Cady Cantrell vs. Diana Lee by Kim and Ginny

This "little confrontation" (as it was dismissed by a Playboy Enterprises publicist) occurred at a lawn party held on the spacious grounds behind the Playboy Mansion in California. It involved the young, well-endowed Miss April of 1994, Cady Cantrell and the pretty young Chinese-American Miss May of 1988, Diana Lee. Both women were proud and more than a little ego was involved, but more than that it was the devious Neriah Davis (Miss March 1994) who was the catalyst for everything that happened. As it turned out, Neriah and Cady were two of the finalists for the cover photo in a Playboy Anniversary Issue. If Neriah could arrange for Cady's face and figure to get a little "makeover" then she wouldn't have any competition for the choice assignment.

Neriah knew Diana Lee had a hot temper so it didn't take much effort to get her wound up and aimed straight for Cady Cantrell. Neriah casually dropped into a conversation with Diana that someone had overheard Cady refer to her as "over the hill" and then added cattily, "I even heard her call you a pot-bellied pig myself. That's not a compliment is it?" Neither story was true, of course, but that wasn't important. Neriah was from California. She knew how sensitive Diana was about "racial stereotyping" and used it to her advantage. Diana went off looking for Cady to, "Set her straight."

Cady, totally oblivious to Neriah's underhanded scheme, was involved in putting on a little skit with some other playmates and a couple of actor guests of Hefs. When the skit ended, Cady came back to the dressing area, a large tent set up in the side of the yard near the pool building where the filtering equipment was located. Cady was dressed up as Daisy Mae in a pair of short-shorts cut "up to there" and a little scoop neck polka dot halter top. She was barefooted when she entered the tent to change into her dress before rejoining the party. She found Diana standing in front of her dressing table with her hands on her hips, tapping her foot impatiently in the damp grass. Diana was wearing a yellow cotton sun dress, low cut in front with her back exposed. She was wearing sandals without stockings.

"So, you tell people I'm a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, eh? Well, pig girl, I am Chinese, NOT Vietnamese and I don't gotta pot belly neither. You're a lying bitch and I'm going to march you out there where you're going to apologize to me in front of everyone. Right?" Cady shook her head slowly. "What? Why I got no idea what you're talkin' 'bout hon. I shore never said nothin' like that 'bout nobody never. It's jus' not my style honeychile. You must have me mixed up with some other voluptuous blonde Playmate cover girl." To emphasize, "voluptuous" Cady ran her hands slowly down over her breasts to her hips and posed prettily for Diana. To the Oriental, it seemed as if Cady, nearly 11 years younger than she, was mocking her by emphasizing her youth and vitality.

Cady brushed Diana aside, sat down at her makeup table and reached for her cleanser to get off some of the stage makeup she'd worn in the skit. As she unscrewed the cap on the bottle, Diana grabbed her by the hair and yanked her over backward. Her chair toppled over and Cady sprawled on her back in the grass with a dull "squiiishing" sound. It had rained the night before and the dressing tent was set up near where the overflow from the pool deck ran off. Cady felt the mud beneath her as she quickly rolled over and tried to get to her knees while Diana yanked her head from side to side.

Diana jerked Cady's body from side to side and whenever the blonde managed to get her feet under her, Diana pulled her forward or back and sent her toppling to the grass again. Diana managed to drag Cady out of the tent on her ass, her long legs kicking as she screamed, "Let go of my hair bitch!" at the top of her lungs. A crowd quickly gathered around to urge one or the other of them to greater effort and right in the front row cheering for Diana was Neriah Davis! "Rip her blond hair out by its brown roots!" Neriah screamed as she applauded gleefully.

Cady finally managed to get her foot between Diana's legs and tripped the dark-haired Oriental down. They rolled over and over across the grassy patch, slapping and cuffing one another as hard as they could in such close quarters. Diana seemed to be getting the better of the infighting as she landed several hard slaps to the side of Cady's head. Cady got a double handful of Diana's long hair and used it to roll the Oriental bitch off of her. She positioned herself on top of Diana and drew back her right hand, making a fist.

But just as Cady was about to punch Diana between the eyes, Diana reached up and raked Cady's big bosom, pulling her little polka dot top down to her waist and exposing the twin globes of flesh beneath it. Cady let out a loud squeal as she felt Diana's fingernails furrow the soft flesh on her breasts and when she looked down in shock she saw six or seven angry red scratches on her pale flesh. "You cunt!" she cried as she rolled away cradling her wounded mams with both hands. Diana scrambled to her feet and kicked Cady in the stomach, dropping her on her belly in the damp grass.

Diana smiled at the crowd as she bent over and wrapped her hand in Cady's hair, then started to drag her on her hands and knees toward Hef. "Come along girl, let's go tell the Boss how sorry you are for what you called me." But Cady wasn't finished yet and she scrambled to her feet while Diana was playing to the crowd and tackled the Oriental around the waist, bearing her to the ground beneath her.

But Diana was able to roll Cady off of her and kneed her in the chest as they scuffled on the ground, rolling over and over as they each swung open-handed blows at the other's face and ripped out hair by the handful. Their screams and cries almost drown out the music from the combo playing at the far end of the patio. They rolled across the wet grass until they reached the top of a small depression where the pool overflow collected. As Cady got to her knees, Diana kicked her in the stomach and sent her flying down until she landed face down in the mud at the bottom of the hill.

Diana clapped her hands with glee as Cady sat up and wiped the dark, sticky muck from her face. It covered her bare breasts, dripping slowly from her erect nipples as she looked up at the laughing crowd. "Ready to apologize now, pig girl?" Diana giggled as she walked carefully down the slope and stood with her hands on her hips glaring at Cady.

"I didn't do nothin' to 'pologize for," Cady said as she gingerly stood up, trying to keep her footing in the ankle deep goop.

"Then I guess you better sit there and think about it some more," Diana laughed as she reached out to shove Cady back into the mud pit.

But Cady grabbed Diana's arm and pulled, throwing the off-balance brunette down in the mud herself. Cady tried to keep her feet, but the effort of tossing Diana made her lose her footing and she followed her rival, landing beside Diana in the mud with a loud "SPLAT!"

In an instant, Diana was all over Cady, pummeling her bare breasts with her tight little fists and kicking with both feet. Fortunately for Cady, Diana couldn't do much except scratch her legs with her toenails since she was wearing sandals. Once they had rolled over a couple of times, both women were covered in mud, their bodies coated with a thick layer of the viscous mud. Cady found she suddenly had the advantage, being able to grab and hold Diana's dress while the angry Oriental couldn't get a firm grasp on the nearly nude Cady's bare skin.

Unfortunately for Cady, Diana's dress was lightweight and with all the pulling and tugging, it was soon in tatters, leaving Diana in just her thong while Cady was wearing only her short-shorts. Each woman took advantage of her rival's exposure to rake and rip at the bare breasts, belly and thighs whenever the opportunity arose, which was often as they frequently shifted position as they rolled in the mud. Diana finally gained the upper hand, getting on Cady's back and holding on to her hair with one hand as she used her free hand to land one punch after another to Cady's forehead, cheek and, once, flush on her nose. Tears filled Cady's eyes as her nose started to bleed. Someone said they should stop the fight.

"Oh, let 'em go a while," Neriah said. "She ain't hurt much and the bitch was asking for it anyway."

Finally, Cady managed to capture Diana's hands which gave her a brief respite from the brutal attack. Next, she managed to force Diana down and rolled her onto her back in the mud. Now that she had control, Cady got up to mount Diana, intent on repaying her for the pain she'd endured. But in her haste to climb on top of her foe, Cady lost her footing and as her feet slipped in the mud, she fell awkwardly. As her legs splayed, Diana drove her knee up between the blonde's legs and crunched it into her groin. Cady grunted and grabbed her wounded mound of Venus with both hands.

Diana grabbed Cady's breasts in both hands and pushed up, throwing the blond off and onto her back in the mud. Diana punched Cady's big breasts with her fist, twice each. Then, with Cady gasping for air and trying to cover herself both top and bottom with her hands, Diana sat down behind Cady and wrapped both legs around the blonde's waist. As Cady twisted and squirmed trying to escape, Diana reached around her and dug her fingers into Cady's bare breasts, burying her nails in the pliant flesh and squeezing . The double attack forced a cry of pain from Cady who appeared to be fading fast.

With Neriah and the audience cheering her on, Diana started to squeeze the last of the resistance out of Cady using her strong legs. She would yank Cady's her hair until Cady raised her hands and then Diana dropped her hands and raked Cady's firm young bosom again. Cady gasped for air and writhed in pain from the double-ended punishment, her eyes full of tears although for the most part the tears were more from frustration more than pain.

Diana arched her back and raised her hips as she leaned back, supporting herself with her hands as she gave one final crunching squeeze with her powerful legs. When she felt Cady's body go limp, Diana breathed a sigh of relief and opened her legs, pushing Cady away and getting slowly to her feet. She kicked Cady in the ribs and used her toe to roll her over on her back. Diana stomped on Cady's stomach and then dropped to straddle her waist. The well beaten Cady tried to push Diana off, but she was too weak, lacking the power she needed to get the older Playmate off of her.

Diana traps Cady's arms and forces them back over her head. Diana leans forward and pins Cady's crossed wrists with one hand as she reaches down and scoops up a handful of mud which she tries to shove into Cady's open mouth as she gasps for air. Cady is frantic as she feels Diana is going to kill her for sure.

In her desperation, Cady dug her heels into the mud and bucked and twisted her hips. Off balance, Diana was thrown off and fell on her side in the mud beside Cady. Cady rolled over and wrapped her legs around Diana's thighs as she grabbed her in her arms in a bear hug. Using her remaining strength, Cady tried to crush the life out of Diana as they rolled back and forth in the mud.

They slithered and squirmed in the slimy goop, both of them now covered from head to toe with the thick, dark mud. Both women's well-coifed hair was wet, stringy and caked with the mud. Cady finally felt Diana's resistance begin to fade and she climbed off to pull Diana up to her knees. Cady slapped Diana back and forth across the face, but Diana grabbed the waistband of Cady's shorts and desperately tried to pull them down to her knees to once again turn the fight her way.

Cady realized Diana wasn't as weakened as she had thought and she desperately kneed Diana in the chest to break her grip on her shorts. Cady pushed Diana face down in the mud and used some of her good ol' country wrestling holds on the Oriental girl but Diana kept slipping out of them because of the mud. But Cady had the top position now and Diana was getting tired after fighting from the lower position for too long.

Cady kept Diana trapped longer and longer as Diana used up all her remaining strength struggling to keep from having her face shoved into the mud by Cady's full weight on her back and shoulders. In minutes, Cady had her and Diana can't get Cady off of her. Cady slipped her left arm under Diana's and clamped on a half nelson, using a handful of hair to press Diana's face down in the mud.

Cady pushed Diana's face in the mud, using her right hand to fend off Diana's panicked attempts to pry Cady's fingers from her hair. Diana's legs kicked, but weaker and weaker. As Diana's struggle stopped, Hef and two of the other girls pulled Cady off of Diana and picked her up. Cady collapsed on her back in the mud, her bare chest heaving. They lifted Diana and dragged her over to a hose where they washed the mud from her nose and mouth.

Cady was on her knees when Neriah laughingly joked, ""That little old Chinese gal turned out to be a real handful didn't she."

Cady glared at Neriah as she slowly wiped mud from her breasts. The wet orbs glistened as the sunlight reflected off the moisture on her pink flesh as Cady cradled her battered breasts in both hands.

"These are the only real handfuls around here, hon," Cady sneered flipped the mud from her hands in Neriah's face and onto the bodice of her dress. Neriah screamed in rage and tried to kick Cady who ducked and grabbed her leg, trying to pull her down into the mud alongside her. Neriah was caught by a couple of men and Hef stepped in before any blows were struck.

Neriah, tried to make points out of Cady's embarrassment and take advantage of her injuries, saying to Hef, "Well, since Cady's all scratched up, I guess I'll do that anniversary cover after all."

Hef smiled as he separated by standing with his arms up between them. "If you two wanna fight so badly, I'll get a camera crew and you can do it in the ring. I'll use the winner on the cover of the anniversary issue." Both women agreed at the same time - practically before the words were out of his mouth.