Centerfold vs. Pornstar: Cady Cantrell vs. Sunny McKay by Kim & Ginny

As soon as Charmaine Sinclair wormed her way back into Minka's good graces at the Pornstar Fight Club, she set out to make points with the Queen while at the same time looking to undercut Sunny McKay's influence with her. She thought for a few days, then came up with a fool-proof plan. Charmaine recalled Sunny mentioning many times how jealous she was of the Playboy Playmates who attended club events.

"They've had everything handed to them on a silver platter," Sunny lamented to Charmaine one evening during a domme session as she was putting a former PMOY through her paces. "You and I work our knees to the bone to get where we are while these pneumatic bimbos stick their silicone tits in Hefner's face and become instant celebrities. I wish I'd had their advantages when I was their age. Hell, I'd be a fuckin' superstar today instead of just a 'world famous porn star'."

The next day, while making love to Minka, Charmaine used her talent to convince Minka to have Sunny ask Hefner to include her in an issue of Playboy.

"Not only would it be great for the Pornstar Fight Club, Charmaine hinted slyly, "it'll make the other girls jealous if Sunny got her picture in the centerfold. You could hold out the chance for selected ones to also get that kind of exposure, thus giving you even more leverage over them and helping keep them in line."

While Minka thought it was a great idea, Charmaine thought there was no way Hefner would ever put an over-the-hill blow job queen in the pages of his 'high class' magazine. She was sure Sunny would have her hopes dashed and disappoint Minka. Then, while Sunny was distracted and feeling sorry for herself, she could swoop in and become Minka's new 'favorite.'

The more she thought about it, the more Minka loved the idea of getting one of her Club's girls in Playboy, but she knew she couldn't approach the Hefner's directly so she called on her partner, former Playmate Pam Anderson to make the pitch to Hef. Just as Charmaine expected, Pam was tossed out of Hefner's office by his daughter Christy without ever getting a chance to make her case to Hef! But that didn't deter either Sunny or Minka, who was getting excited at the thought of one of her girls being PMOM. Minka realized the super-inflated pornstars like herself wouldn't make it in a 'mainstream' magazine like Playboy, but a 'wholesome girl-next-door' type like Sunny might just pull it off.

In an attempt to help Sunny, Minka called in a favor owed her by another former Playmate, Diana Lee! Diana not only knew where the bodies were buried at the Mansion, but she had Christy Hefner wrapped around her little finger. A few days later, Sunny and Pam Anderson were in Christy and Hef's office to make their pitch.

Hef listened patiently, but then told them, "Sunny isn't really Playmate material. She's not only got a sordid past, but she's a little older than most of the girls and then she', a, well... she's....a little, little - if you know what I mean!"

Sunny dropped to her knees in front of Hef and clasped her hands at his zipper, rolled her blue eyes and whimpered, "Oh Mr. Hefner, I'll do ANYTHING to be in Playboy. ANYTHING at all."

Having some idea where Sunny's mouth had been in her long and illustrious porn career, Hef quickly pulled back, looking to Christy for help. She took Sunny firmly by the shoulder and pulled her away, telling her only, "Daddy will consider your offer."

A few days later, Minka got a call from Diana Lee with the good news; Sunny would be 'considered for a centerfold' if she first showed the Hefner's she 'had what it takes' (i.e., if she could beat a former centerfold of 'Sunny's size' in a fight.) Sunny hurried to tell her new girlfriend, actress Charlize Theron with whom she'd become intimate since the fight after which they'd both been sold into bondage to Angelina Jolie. Read that HERE

They sat down together to go over the list of possible opponents. Following Charlize' advice, Sunny told Minka she wanted to fight Cady Cantrell, a Playmate who Charlize had easily beaten when they fought but who had later gotten a very public and embarrassing revenge on the blonde actress. Read that story HERE Now, Charlize planned to use Sunny to pay Cady back for the humiliation she'd suffered.

Minka called Diana and told her they'd decided Sunny's opponent would be Cady. While Minka was totally unaware of Diana's long-standing hatred of Cady, Charmaine had heard all about it from her "close friend" Renee Tenison who was one of Diana's coconspirators against Cady and that night, Charmaine, Diana, Renee and Rosie Tenison celebrated together in Diana's bed, their naked bodies slippery with saliva and the several bottles of fine champagne they poured over each then licked off.

Despite a widespread dislike of Cady, few Playmates wanted to see a porn actress in Playboy, even if it meant they got to watch her beat Cady. They felt Sunny being in Playboy would be a slap in the face of all the other Playmates while Charmaine didn't want to see Sunny rise in Minka's eyes. So, for better or worse, they were united in wanting to see Cady prevail in the fight.

Minka and Diana Lee sat down to negotiate rules but couldn't agree. Sunny felt confident in her boxing ability, she'd recently beaten Zara Whites and had progressed more since then while Charlize had found out about Cady's boxing losses to both Petra Verkaik and Neriah Davis. Diana and Cady insisted that the fight be "the usual Playmate no rules catfight" something Sunny had tried hard to avoid even in the pornstar fight club where it was also the norm. Since neither side would agree to the other's proposal, Christy Hefner finally stepped in and resolved it herself. She dictated they'd wear boxing gloves to start the fight then, "after a few rounds" if neither had been knocked out or quit, they could remove the gloves to finish. Neither side was happy, but Christy just shrugged and told Sunny she could, "Take it or leave it."

Once that was settled, things moved quickly toward the fight. As usual when Playboy was hosting outsiders, Hef assigned a Playmate to act as hostess and liaison. For Sunny, he tabbed Petra Verkaik - no friend of Cady's. Surprisingly, she and Sunny hit it off immediately as Petra made no secret of her dislike for Cady and her distrust of the Hefner's. Charlize, initially wary of Petra's motives, warmed to her once she learned Petra's impressively huge boobs were 100 percent natural. Sunny even joked about it, cupping her own small breasts and observing with a wry smile, "...just like mine!"

Unlike their good relationship with Petra, Sunny and Charlize seemed to go out of their way to insult the rest of the Playboy empire, making dismissive and derogatory comments about Playmates in general and Cady in particular during press interviews. Sunny lamented how, "...girls with big, fake boobs get all the attention from filmmakers these days. It's like 'normal' isn't good enough for a horny male fantasy these days." Sunny also appeared frequently with Charlize who was far more 'acceptable' to the mainstream media but who also pushed the 'small boob' agenda with her own plaintive pleas about how, "the old white men running Hollywood have to be made aware that it's simply bad for teenage girls self-image when they promote actresses like Angelina Jolie and Pam Anderson who get implants simply so they can flash their huge tits in films, print and the Internet. It's a joke!"

Charlize also took potshots at Cady, calling her "soft" and warning everyone to get in their seat early, "....because when Sunny starts pounding Cady's cute little round tummy, she's going to be gasping and wheezing. I don't expect this to last very long. Sunny's on a mission for all of us 'natural' girls and she won't be denied!"

Sunny and Charlize were supported in their predictions of victory by Petra who pointed out that Cady's record in boxing matches "isn't very good. Not only did she lose to me, she also lost to Nariah Davis, of all people. I think with her experience at WINNING boxing matches, Sunny’s got a tremendous edge in this fight."

Unlike the Pornstar camp, the Playmate's rhetoric was uncharacteristically restrained. Christy Hefner established the tone when she was quoted in USA Today as saying, "Cady's training hard at an undisclosed secure location. When the time comes, we at Playboy are confident she'll represent us with the same class and dignity she always has. I just hope that porn actress conducts herself with at least a little decorum while she's on the hallowed grounds of the historical Playboy Mansion."

A few days before the fight, Sunny and Charlize moved into a guest suite in the mansion to make their final preparations and become familiar with the fight site. Every morning the two blondes would go for a run, then they'd spar. After lunch, a couple of hours in the gym wrestling followed by a steam bath and a massage completed their day. At night, Sunny and Charlize were usually in the casino room until they headed upstairs to bed where they would make wild, passionate love for hours before falling asleep in each others arms. Neither woman was known as a 'gym rat' but they both seemed to be taking Sunny's crusade to 'strike a blow for small busted women everywhere' seriously and they prepared fairly hard for the fight with Cady.

Each night as they lay in bed and Sunny 'worked her magic' Charlize continually reassured her she could win, repeating the story of how easily she'd whipped Cady before. Between lusty sessions of rough, wanton sexual pleasure, the two women worked hard, Charlize teaching Sunny the techniques she'd perfected in her boxing career in the FCBA. Charlize even went so far as to paper the bedroom wall with Cady's centerfolds, each magicmarkered with arrows pointing to an x on each vulnerable spot of her lush body. There was a large circle over Cady's smooth, soft, round tummy with a star,, indicating THAT was the spot Sunny was planning to attack early and often. Naturally, the Playboy maids took photos with hidden cameras and prints were on Cady's pillow the same night when she returned from training!

While Charlize worked on Sunny's mental and physical preparation, Charmaine, Diana, Renee and Rosie Tenison plotted to ensure Cady's victory and 'protect the purity and 'sanctity' of the Playmate brand. But since her ignominious defeat by Charlize twenty months earlier, Cady had been training hard under the firm hand of Elke Jeinsen who made sure Cady learned enough to be effective in fights for Diana, but not enough so she could assert her independence! The conspirators were fairly sure Cady would win, they'd studied video tapes of Sunny's matches in both the Pornstar Fight Club and the FCBA! But 'sure' wasn't certain, Diana wanted insurance...just in case!

"I have a sample of a drug," Diana said holding up a small vial of clear liquid. "They were trying to improve on the Viagra formula, but it didn't work out as planned. Still, it proved to have some interesting side effects on women who took it. Within 20 minutes all of the body's nerve endings become highly sensitive. Her erogenous zones (nape of the neck, ear lobes, breasts, inside the thighs, and of course clit) grow so aroused they overload the brain with erotic stimulation. Within minutes, she's heavily lubricating and her labia engorges with blood as it begins to pulsate. From then until the drug wears off a couple of hours or so later, she's totally under its spell. She's like a 'bitch in heat' and will do pretty much anything to satisfy herself or have someone else satisfy her."

As the others looked at her in awe, Diana explained how she intended to slip the drug to Sunny just before the fight. "By the time the fight starts, all you have to do is give her a little grope in the right spot and she'll melt in your arms," she told Cady with a lecherous leer.

But Cady put up her hand and shook her head, "I don't want any part of it Diana. I've been training hard for almost two years - ever since Theron beat me. I've studied McKay's matches from the Pornstar Fight Club. She thinks she's good, but she's not. The girls she's been beating aren't anywhere nearly as good as Playmates. Most of those porn so-called 'stars' are nothing more than sexually repressed mud wrestlers. There's dozens of girls in the mansion who could beat any two of them on the same night. I don't want my win over her tainted. If you drug her and someone finds out, it'll make me - and the Playmates - laughingstocks!"

"But...." Diana protested, only to have Elke Jeinsen pipe up and agree with Cady.

"She's right! I trained Cady well. She's fit and ready. Besides, you all saw who was with McKay? Charlize Theron, the same bitch I whipped like a puppy in our 'Hef vs. Hollywood' tournament. She thinks she knows Cady because they fought two years ago but Cady's a different woman now; she's nothing like the one Theron fought. Another the few fights she won at the Pornstar Fight Club, McKay always needs some kind of edge or advantage to win. Either the referee or her opponent is paid off. She'd never win unless the 'fix' was in. Tonight, she expects her girlfriend Theron to help her out at some point but I'll be there to see she doesn't! We have all the advantage we need anyway. Petra Verkaik's been working with McKay and they expect her to be watching their backs during the match. What they don't know is that Petra don't wanna see McKay be a PMOM any more than we do. She'll be very visible and vocal - right up until the time she's needed, then she'll disappear. McKay and Theron will be so confused they won't know what to do or where to turn....until it's too late."

On the night of the fight, Hef held his usual pre-fight cocktail party and press conference at which he and several Playmates analyzed the fight and gave predictions. Since none of them usually had the faintest idea what they were talking about, the media only attended for the free booze and the chance to check out the Playmates up close. Petra was in the locker room getting Sunny ready and Renee Tenison was helping Cady get dressed in their respective dressing rooms, but Charlize and Diana Lee had to make an obligatory appearance at the cocktail party to circulate and talk up their respective fighters.

While Charlize was circulating, Elke Jeinsen walked up to her with two glasses of champagne, stopped and offered one to Charlize, smirking, "Come on Theron, let's toast Cady's victory!"

Charlize curtly refused the drink, tossed her long blonde hair and then muttering some snide remark about Cady's chances and a snowball. Her eyes flashing angrily, Elke grabbed Charlize' wrist and gave her arm a sharp twist. Charlize let out a little yelp of pain as she was slowly forced to her knees, her free hand pawing Elke's forearm as her face turned bright red. Suddenly, the blondes free hand was grabbed, her hand pulled off of Elke's arm and twisted back. With her body twisted and bent back, Charlize' back arched until her small, firm breasts almost popped out the top of the low-cut gown that looked like she'd been poured into it.

Then, a second hand grabbed her carefully coifed golden hair and jerked her head back until she could see Rosie Tenison's grinning face looming over her from behind.

"Let go of my ar...glub, glub, glub!"

Her protest was abruptly cut off when Elke poured the contents of both glasses into the blondes open mouth. Before Charlize could spit out the champagne, Rosie clapped a hand over her mouth and held it shut as Elke slowly stroked her throat until she swallowed. Only after she'd swallowed their 'toast to Cady's victory' did the two women release the gasping blonde and let her slump forward on her hands and knees gasping for air. Then Elke and Rosie strutted away, high-fiving each other over accomplishing their task for by the time the fight started, the drugged actress would be on a sexual high, not just wanting but NEEDING sexual gratification.

Christy Hefner stepped to the center of the ring and raised the microphone to her crimson painted lips, speaking firmly and assertively as only she could do, "Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight's fight is first for Playboy; a woman challenging to be the centerfold in a future issue of the magazine. Introducing the challenger who, if she wins, will be considered for a future centerfold. She's a former champion at the Pornstar Fight Club, the star of more than eighty 'adult' movies and she once wrestled in the IFWF. She stands a proud 5'8" tall and weighs 120 lbs. Let's give a polite Playboy Mansion welcome to Msssssssss......Sunny McKay!"

Most of the partisan Playboy crowd booed lustily as Sunny came strutting down the aisle in a pair of her trademark cut-out stockings, a sheer lace bra, thong panties, high heels and bright red boxing gloves, all covered by a sheer robe that was almost invisible under the spotlight. Sunny was. followed by Charlize Theron who already was looking flushed and more and more distracted with each long stride she took. Sunny reached the ring and posed on the apron before slowly bending over and showing her ass to cheers from the crowd, then swung her leg through the ropes and started to shadow box as Charlize climbed the steps and stood in her corner. Charlize couldn't stand still as she watched her lover peel off her robe and bounce in her high heels.

"Next is Playboy's champion, the woman who must win to keep Sunny from getting a chance to become a Playmate. She's the Playmate of the Month for April 1991. At 5'7" and 125 lbs., I want to hear a huge Playboy pop for our own luscious, Cady Cantrell!!"

The crowd rose as one, standing and whistling and screaming their approval when Cady came dancing out flanked by Renee and Rosie Tenison. She was wearing thigh-hi stockings, a much bigger bra than Sunny, high heels and bright blue boxing gloves. She had a red cape over her shoulders as she strode purposefully to the ring and climbed through the ropes without show or fanfare to join Sunny to get their instructions from referee, Shannon Tweed, Miss November 1981 who was now a successful 'B' movie actress.

As the two women stood face to face in the middle of the ring being given their instructions the fans got a chance to study them side-by-side. Despite their close statistics, seen beside one another, Cady looked bulkier. Since her loss to Charlize, Cady had added several pounds of hard muscle and her 'soft, girlie' curves had flattened and firmed. The Cady Cantrell standing in front of Sunny was nothing like the one Sunny had expected to see. Shannon smiled when she saw Sunny's jaw drop and her eyes turn to Charlize for advice. Glancing over her shoulder, Shannon saw Charlize' fingers tighten their grip on the top ropes as she nodded reassuringly to her lover and silently mouthed the words, "It's OK."

Shannon sent both women to their corner and when the bell rang they came out with their gloves raised. Sunny immediately started to circle to her left, flicking out a left jab into Cady's face, landing solid, hard punches that clearly bothered the muscular blonde. Cady kept trying to flick Sunny's glove aside with her right hand instead of blocking or swinging. Sunny grinned when she snapped Cady's head back with a jab, then bent low and turned into a hard right that landed squarely on the front panel of Cady's panties. The big blonde gasped and bent forward slightly, confirming to Sunny's mind that her belly was just as vulnerable as Charlize said it was. Sunny grinned, stopped and did a little bump and grind, then turned her back to Cady, bent over and shook her ass at the stunned Playmate. Cady drew back her foot to kick, but Sunny danced away before Cady could, then she turned and stuck out her tongue!

With a roar, Cady rushed toward Sunny who stood her ground until Cady was almost on top of her, then spun out of the way and gave Cady's butt a slap as she sailed past her into the ropes and almost sailed over them headfirst and out of the ring! As Cady struggled to pull herself back into the ring, Sunny wound up with a kick of her own - driving her right foot square onto Cady's ass - then she backed off laughing as the blonde hard-body spun around blushing and screaming in a blind rage at the giggling Sunny!

Cady again lowered her head and charged blindly toward Sunny who turned aside and arched her body like a bullfighter, letting Cady brush past her as she brought her right fist up from her hip under the Playmate's chin. Cady's head snapped up and she went skidding across the canvas on her chest and belly, She came sliding to a stop, rolled over and sat up shaking her head while a shocked Shannon Tweed went over, bent over Cady and slowly began to count. Cady got to her feet at the count of five and, after checking her gloves, Shannon stepped back to allow the fight to continue.

Cady backed away and for the rest of the first round Sunny was in her glory! Seeing what she took to be fear in Cady's eyes, the haughty porn diva danced and pranced, running circles around Cady. Then Sunny would stop and land a jab to Cady's head which she kept shaking trying to clear the cobwebs or give Cady an insolent little open-hand cuffing slap. Once, Sunny stopped, wiggled her hips sexily and then lunged in with a hard right to Cady's wide open body. Sunny was putting on a show for the fans and exhibiting her complete dominance over the sluggish blonde Playmate. At the bell, as Sunny returned to her corner, she bumped Cady with her shoulder and with the Playmate off balance, gave her ass a spank. Cady spun around glaring but again, Sunny just stuck her tongue out at the irate blonde and pranced back to where a perspiring Charlize was waiting for her.

As the first round progressed, Charlize had become aware of a growing sexual hunger. It started as a slight tingle in her pussy, but as the round wore on and Sunny acted more and more sexily, her arousal grew stronger until by the end of the round, she found she couldn't stand still. She kept rubbing her thighs together but even that wouldn't quell the excitement building. She'd never been so aroused watching someone else fight and she knew it had to be because of her new-found love for Sunny.

Charlize' nipples which were always extremely sensitive anyway, were now super-sensitized. Even the slightest movement rubbed them on the inside of her bra, exciting her even further. When Sunny returned triumphantly to her corner, Charlize leaned over the top ropes, threw her arms around her lover's neck and gave her a long, hot kiss with plenty of tongue. Sunny finally managed to break free, but they both were breathing heavily; Sunny from exertion and Charlize from pure, unadulterated lust.

"Whoa sugah!" Sunny gasped as she pulled free of Charlize' grasp. "I guess you did *love* that first round, huh? Well, if you liked that, wait'll you see what I do to her the next one."

Across the ring in Cady's corner, the Playmate was greeted by a swift, hard slap by Elke Jeinsen as she returned to her stool. Cady slumped down, hanging her head in shame. While Diana Lee massaged shoulders, Elke knelt between Cady's knees and lifted her chin with one finger.

Staring deep into the Playmate's eyes, Elke told her coldly, "You blow this and you're going to wish that McKay bitch and her whore had you instead of Diana, Renee, Rosie and me...and that's not even considering all the other Playmates you're letting down. Look over there...."

Elke pointed to a small, vocal group of huge-busted bimbos, Sunny's Pornstar Fight Club friends. They were whooping, hollering and raising glasses of Dom Perignon to toast their heroine - and the fight was just in the first round!

"You have any idea what those sluts are going to be telling the media if their little darling strumpet kicks your ass? Huh? Do you?"

Cady blushed and hung her head, "I'm sorry Elke but she got my goat out there. I'll be careful this round," I promise.

"Well, you've got one thing going for you," Elke said with a grin. "We loaded Theron up with a double dose of Diana's 'love bug' juice. She should be jumping outta her panties by the end of this round. You get in trouble, just run over there and feel her up a bit. When she responds - and I guaran-dam-tee you she will respond - McKay should go ballistic. With her fixated on Theron's 'betrayal' you shouldn't have any trouble landing a couple of good punches. If you can't then God help you, because I certainly won't!"

Cady stood up, her shoulders slumped and her head bowed. She looked like a whipped fighter; it was obvious to everyone in the arena, especially Sunny who couldn't stop grinning as she bounced eagerly out of her corner and raised her gloves.

Sunny immediately went back to what had worked for her in the first round, circling to her left and sticking that annoying jab between Cady's eyes. Again, it seemed to bother Cady. She took a couple of wild swings at Sunny's body but the nimble pornstar easily skipped out of the way and continued to torment the frustrated Playmate as the crowd grew restless and started to mumble. A few even booed! Then, halfway through the round, something happened that changed the entire fight!

Sunny used her strong left jab and a couple of hard rights to the belly to corner Cady. As the busty Playmate lowered her shoulder and bulled out of the corner, Sunny tried to grab her shoulder to shove her back to continue the beating. The thumb of Sunny's left glove snagged Cady's left bra strap and when the Playmate plunged ahead, Sunny tried to pull her back into the corner. The strain was too much and the bra strap broke. As Cady swung around to confront Sunny, her bra slid down and her left breast bounced out!

Sunny spun around with her right fist cocked ready to swing, but when she saw Cady's perfect pink breast jiggling, she stopped and stared in awe of the sheer beauty of her glorious globe! Cady quickly seized the opening, putting her entire weight into a straight right that crashed into the side of Sunny's gaping mouth. The pornstar rocked back on her heels from the punch; taking one step back before sitting down with her butt wedged between the ropes, her hands in her lap and her head lolling over on her right shoulder. Sunny's eyes were open but unfocused and the blonde pornstar was clearly dazed by the heavy punch from the newly muscular Playmate.

Cady wound up to administer the coup de grace but Shannon Tweed stepped in and wrestled the struggling Playmate back across the ring to the far corner. Once Shannon was sure Cady would stay where she put her, she walked back over to Sunny and started to count.

By then, Sunny had slipped out of the ropes and was resting on one knee with both arms crossed over her raised knee shaking her head. When Shannon droned, "eight" Sunny stood up, leaning back against the ropes and raised her hands.

When Shannon asked if she were OK, the blonde nodded her head.

"Her body!" Renee Tenison screamed from Cady's corner. "Work her body!"

Wide-eyed, Sunny started backing away from the advancing Playmate. Cady stalked Sunny who kept running, skipping first one way and then the other just when Cady seemed to have her trapped on the ropes or in a corner. Frustration was showing on Cady's face when she finally caught Sunny and drove two hard, thumping punches to her body, Sunny wrapped her arms around Cady and smothered her attack, trapping her arms at her sides. They wrestled for several moments until Shannon came over and ordered a break. But as soon as she let go of Cady, Sunny whirled her around, threw her into the ropes, turned her back and ran across the ring. Cady slammed her fists on the ropes in disgust before she went after Sunny again.

It took nearly another thirty seconds, but Cady again managed to corral Sunny, walking through a pawing jab to land another thudding right hand to the blonde's body that elicited a little squeak of pain. Sunny clearly didn't like it, because she reached up with both gloves and grabbed Cady's head, covering her eyes and pulled her head down into a knee lift that dropped Cady to her knees. Sunny was about to kick her when Shannon Tweed grabbed her and dragged her away from Cady. Even then, Sunny got her foot into Cady's bare breast before she was hauled out of range and given a finger-wagging admonition by Shannon!

The bell rang ending the round before either could do further damage. As they went back to their corners, Cady pulled down her bra and shook her bare breasts at Charlize who had been staring mesmerized at them throughout the round. Seeing that, Sunny took another kick at Cady that just barely missed but which nearly caused a riot. Both fighters, Renee, Charlize and the referee got into a brief melee until order was restored.

Again, Charlize hotly kissed Sunny when they get back to their corner, rubbing her own perspiring body on the sweaty pornstar's like a cat in heat. She held Sunny so tight and kissed her so hard, the slender blonde pornstar had trouble catching her breath until the brief rest period was almost over.

In the other corner, Renee massaged Cady's shoulders while her sister Rosie removed Cady's torn bra leaving her topless. Elke Jeinsen called Shannon over and said complained that since Sunny tore Cady's bra she should lose hers as well. Shannon nodded, went to Sunny's corner and without a word, ripped open the front of the pornstar's bra and pulled it off. Surprisingly, neither Sunny nor Charlize argued but just smiled with the same smugly superior smiles they'd worn all along. As soon as Sunny's perky breasts were bared, Charlize knelt and buried her face in Sunny's chest while Sunny tilted her head back and downed a half bottle of designer mineral water that had thoughtfully been provided at ringside for the sweating fighters by the ever-thoughtful Christy Hefner.

The bell rang and Cady bounced to her feet while Charlize took Sunny's hand, pulled her up and then gave her another long, hot kiss before putting her mouthpiece in her gaping mouth. Charlize had just swung a long leg over the middle rope when Cady came charging out of her corner at Sunny. The pornstar looked up, her eyes wide, then she quickly scampered out of her corner; looking back over her shoulder, her long blond hair flying behind her as she ran on her high heels with Cady in hot pursuit.

Cady cut diagonally across the ring, grabbed Sunny's shoulder and spun her around. As Sunny turned, she cracked Cady across the mouth with the back of her glove but the blonde Playmate shrugged off the glancing blow and brought her fist up from her thigh; burying the glove in Sunny's groin! Sunny spit out her mouthpiece, her knees bowed and the she dropped straight down, hitting the mat on her ass so hard that ever her perky little boobs bounced. She leaned back on her left hand as her right immediately tried to assuage the throbbing in her aching cunt!

Shannon quickly stepped over, took Cady by both shoulders and pulled her back into the corner. She stood her there, wagging her finger at her, unable to suppress a little smirking grin as she 'warned' Cady about the low blow. Returning to Sunny, Shannon bent over and took her by the elbow, helped her to her feet and then retrieved her mouthpiece. She took it over to ringside and rinsed it off with water from Sunny's water bottle. Walking back, Shannon shoved it in Sunny's slack mouth, clapped her on the back reassuringly and motioned to Cady, telling her, "Come and get her!"

Sunny raised her right hand and brushed her hair back out of her eyes and looked up just as Cady reached her and landed a ripping left hook to her exposed right side. The air whooshed out of the pornstar as her body twisted and bent forward, falling into Cady's waiting arms! Cady caught Sunny under the arms and hoisted her up, shoving her back into the ropes and holding her up with her open left hand on Sunny's chest as she wound up with her right and then turned her hips as she drove her fist into the pit of Sunny's belly. Sunny's left foot came off the canvas and she made a small gurgling sound as she started to fall. Cady quickly wrapped her arms around Sunny and held her up as she walked her back and stuffed her into the corner, wedging her cute little heart-shaped butt in the ropes.


Cady stood in front of Sunny and pummeled her wide-open body with a series of left/right combinations. The gasping blonde couldn't lift a hand to defend herself as Cady teed off.


Cady landed another flurry of combinations, then stepped back grinning and let Sunny slowly sink to her knees, topple forward and drop on her face at her feet. The pro-Playboy crowd leaped to their feet roaring their approval as Cady bent over and screamed at the gasping, writhing pornstar! "Now show us how tough you porn actresses are! Come on big mouth, get up!"

Shannon rolled her eyes as she slowly walked over, took Cady's arm and pulled her back across the ring again. She went back to Sunny and started to count, but Cady came over and again screamed at Sunny to get up. Shannon stopped counting and took Cady back to the corner, then returned to start the count all over again. While Shannon's back was turned, Sunny had reached up, grabbed the rope and tried to pull herself up. She got to her knees before she lost her grip and fell over backward. Shannon returned and started to count again but twice more Cady left the corner and twice Shannon had to wrap her arms around her and wrestle her back into the corner.

Finally, when she had Cady calmed down, Shannon walked back to Sunny, dropped to one knee beside the gasping, wheezing blonde and asked if she'd had enough. Sunny shook her head as rolled over getting to her hands and knees and then staggered to her feet. She almost fell but Shannon caught her by the elbow to steady her. After rinsing Sunny's mouthpiece and slapping it back in her panting mouth, Shannon waved Cady over to finish what she'd started.

Sunny rocked back and forth unsteadily on her high heels, as she tried to hold her fists up in front of her. As Cady approached, Sunny wound up and swung as hard as she could but the wild right haymaker sailed a foot over Cady's head as she easily ducked and came up with a riveting uppercut to Sunny's bellybutton. Wide-eyed with breathless shock, Sunny sat down with her long legs sticking straight out in front of her, rolled over clutching her belly, her face flushed deep red as she wheezed and gulped precious air into her burning lungs.

"Oh my God.....Oh my God.....Oh my God," Charlize muttered over and over in Sunny's corner, pulling her hair with both hands and quivering at the sight of her gorgeous blonde lover in a heap on the canvas yet again.

Cady still wanted to do more damage to Sunny's proud body and she stood over her demanding that Shannon, "Get McKay up and make her fight!"

Shannon waved Cady to the far corner, but before she started counting Sunny out, the bell rang ending the third round. Charlize came running into the ring and bent over Sunny, cradling her lover's head in her lap as Cady came back over and screamed at Sunny some more until Shannon pulled her away and sent her to her corner.

Charlize helped Sunny up and supported her with an arm around her waist, holding a handful of panty as she guided her back to the corner. Sunny collapsed on her stool with a dull SPLAT of sweaty ass cheeks on wood, then leaned back on the turnbuckles panting heavily while Charlize flapped a towel over her, trying frantically to revive the dazed and disoriented blonde pornstar. Slowly, Sunny started to become more alert, sitting up and looking around with her hands clasped over her red and aching belly. Charlize stopped fanning her, picked up her water bottle and poured a mouthful into Sunny's open mouth. After Sunny swallowed, Charlize straddled Sunny's left thigh, grinding her pussy on it as she wrapped her arms around her and kissed her long and hard, her tongue swabbing the insides of Sunny's mouth. After several seconds, Charlize came up for air, leaving Sunny gasping.

"I....I can't go on anymore," Sunny panted. "When she hits me, I get all funny inside. Jeez, I almost had an orgasm that last round."

Then looking down at the wet spot on her thigh between Charlize' thighs firmly clamped on her thigh, Sunny reached down with her glove, wiped her thigh and brought the sticky residue to her lips. Tasting it, she gasped in shock!

"Oh my God! Your poor pussy's drooling all over me! You're turned on seeing that bitch beating me up. This is sick! I'm getting out of here right now."

Sunny tried to get up to leave the ring, but Charlize shoved her down and straddled both legs, pinning her in the corner.

"All you've talked about is how badly you want to be in Playboy," Charlize told her as she urgently massaged her own aching breasts. "You CAN'T quit! Besides, you can still beat her. Look at Cantrell, she's breathing harder than you. Just keep stay from her a couple of minutes, catch your breath and make her run after you. Use those great legs, wear her out and then finish her off. You can DO it dammit, I know you can! Do it for all of us small boob babes who believe in my...I mean, our, crusade!"

Sunny looked down and realized that while Charlize had been talking to her and pleasuring herself, her own gloved hand had been idly rubbing between her own thighs, massaging the aching tingled of her own pussy. A small puddle had already formed on the canvas between their feet where she and Charlize' juices and sweat had collected and run together.

Across the ring, sisters Rosie and Renee Tenison kept their backs to Sunny and Charlize as they untied the laces of Cady's gloves while the two blondes were busily oblivious to what was about to happen! When the bell rang, Charlize pulled Sunny up, gave her a ravishing kiss and fondled her butt, grinding herself against the pornstar. Sunny pulled away from the kiss and started to plead with Charlize, who was so hot she couldn't think of anything except how badly she wanted to make love to Sunny, even right there in the ring! Only her deep-seated fear of making a fool of herself in public prevented her from yielding to the throbbing demand of her over-heated pussy and her overdrive libido.

While they were still kissing, Cady came over, pulled Sunny out of her corner and out of Charlize' arms by a handful of long, blonde hair and dragged her to the middle of the ring. Cady knocked Sunny down with a single uppercut before Sunny could raise her hands, then dropped and straddled her waist. Cady flung off her gloves and went to work on Sunny with her bare hands. Sunny, who still had her gloves on, couldn't defend herself as Cady pounded her bare knuckles straight down on Sunny's erect, hard nipples. The overwhelmed pornstar squealed with each blow that landed until, finally, she stopped kicking and thrashing and lay still!

Charlize was still standing shell-shocked in Sunny's corner, unable to comprehend what was happening to her lover right before her eyes. Cady continued to sit on Sunny who lay unmoving while Shannon counted her out, then raised Cady's hand. Shannon, strolled over to Cady's corner and leaned on the ropes, shaking her head ruefully. Cady got off Sunny and used her toe nudge Sunny's body to be sure she wasn't going to resist, then planted her foot on Sunny's small, proud, black-and-blue breasts and flexed her muscles for Playboy photographers who took dozens of photos that would appear in the magazine and on the web site.

Once that was done, Cady walked to Sunny's corner, elbowed Charlize aside and picked up the spit-bucket. She walked back and threw the contents in Sunny's face to bring her around. As Sunny sputtered and shook her head, Cady used the pornstar's long, golden blonde hair to drag the sobbing and pleading woman to her knees. Now the boxing was done, Cady started putting Sunny a wrestling hold...planning to torment her by never letting her pass out as she abused and degraded her, punishment for the 'crime' of thinking herself good enough to be a Playmate!.

Unable to stand idly by and watch her beloved Sunny be abused, Charlize started across the ring to put a stop to Cady's humiliation. She'd only gone two steps before her ankles were grabbed by Elke Jeinsen who reached into the ring and yanked the tall blondes feet out from under her. Charlize fell hard on her chest, knocking the air out of her as Elke dragged her out of the ring under the bottom rope. Elke stood her up, grabbed her by the throat with her left hand and shoved her right up under Charlize' short skirt. As the actresses eyes widened in shock, she squeaked, "Petra, HELP!" But the Playmate (who was supposed to be watching their backs in just this situation) grinned, turned her back and strolled over to join her Playmate sisters.

Muscular Playmate Elke Jeinsen closed her hand on Charlize' dripping, aroused pussy and squeezed until the actress rose up onto her toes trying to ease the pressure which allowed Elke to push her back against the ring apron and bend her back over it. Elke stepped between Charlize flailing legs, wedging them apart with her hips and leaving the actresses long, strong legs sticking straight out behind her around either side of the Playmate's hips.

Leaning over the gasping, flushed actress, Elke began to roughly massage her pussy and almost instantly, Charlize' hips began to hump and grind as her aphrodisiac-laced body responding to Elke's skilled manipulation until...with a cry....she climaxed right there in the ring in front of the laughing, jeering crowd. Elke pulled Charlize up and stood her on her wobbly legs, stripped off her dress, turned her around facing the ring and pushed her unresisting body forward until her torso above the hip was laying in the ring. Shannon swaggered over, knelt down and took hold of Charlize' wrists. Spreading her legs again, Elke ripped off Charlize' panties, leaving her completely nude.

More than a dozen Playmates took their favorite strap-on dildos out of their purses, dropped their dresses and formed a line behind Charlize, ready to take brutal revenge on her for all those spiteful pre-fight remarks she'd foolishly uttered. Charlize screamed as Elke raised her arm in the air and jerked it down, making a "whoooo-whooooo" sound as she rammed her dildo into Charlize clear to the hilt to start the train.

Meanwhile, back in the ring, Cady was having a ball working over Sunny's aroused body using her favorite wrestling moves to sap the last bit of resistance from the proud pornstar. Cady scooped Sunny up and held her shoulder high as she carried her limp body completely around the ring before she stopped in front of Charlize. With a grin, Cady hefted Sunny's body, and then body slammed the pornstar down flat on her back right in front of her lover's disbelieving and tear-filled eyes.

Just as Sunny's ass slammed down on the canvas in front of her face, the next Playmate’s strap-on dildo pounded deep into Charlize' pussy. Her head jerked up, her eyes like saucers as she screamed, "Nooooooooooooooo.....AAAAAAAARRRRGGGHHHHH!"

Cady bent over and kissed Shannon who released one of Charlize' wrists long enough to playfully tousle her disheveled hair, then recaptured her wrist and stretched her arms out a little further, scraping her hard, long, sensitive nipples across the rough canvas and the sensation it cause forced a moan from the tormented blonde's trembling lips. Elke stood smiling at Charlize' hip, a hand on her bouncing butt as a grinning redhead Playmate pumped her pelvis; her smooth belly slapping Charlize' ass as she drove her dildo home with wicked grunts of delight.

Cady bent over Sunny, twisted her fingers in her hair and pulled her head up until Sunny was forced to her knees, then bent her back over her feet until her body was arched and her pelvis thrust up wantonly. Cady fanned Sunny's long golden hair over the mat and stood on it as she leaned over her and started to swipe her open hands back and forth over the pornstar's tight body, using her fingertips to whip Sunny's aroused nipples as she flapped her hands blindly trying to block blows she couldn't see coming with her head bent over backward.

When Cady tired of tormenting Sunny's breasts, she pinched her nipples and used them to bring her to her feet, stood facing her and drove her knee up into Sunny's belly. Her body jerked forward, but Cady propped her up and kneed her again before she stepped away and let Sunny slump down on her knees facing Charlize just as the fifth Playmate reached up under the actress, centered her dildo and with a loud whoop of joy, threw herself onto Charlize' back, driving home the shaft with cold-hearted enthusiasm!

While the Playmate lay on Charlize, she reached around to pinch, pull and otherwise abuse her tender tits as she kept pumping that awful dildo, bringing Charlize to another climax despite herself. Unable to control her drug-laced body's response to stimulation, and unable to move with Shannon pinning her wrists to the mat, she could only stay bent over spread-legged while one after another of the cruel Playmates took her with ever-larger dildos. As soon as her pussy was stretched to accommodate one, the next girl stepped up with a bigger one and the whole process began again!

Cady kept hauling Sunny up and beating her down, holding her in a hammerlock while she fingered her to one orgasm, then putting her in a front headlock so she could reach under and tease and tweak her ever-more-tender breasts until she climaxed again. Then she spread Sunny's dance-toned legs wide in a grapevine so that the evil, back-stabbing Petra could use a small silver vibrator to get her off once more. Sunny was drained and limp after multiple orgasms when Cady hauled her back to her feet and pushed her back into the corner, draped her arms over the top rope and left her hanging with Renee and Rosie Tenison holding her arms; the restraint was only to hold her up rather than prevent an escape for at this point Sunny couldn't have walked, let alone run away.

After almost an hour of terrible abuse, both Sunny and Charlize were drained, exhausted and too sore too move. Shannon dragged Charlize body into the ring where Cady picked her up and carried her draped limp over her shoulder to where Sunny had been laid on her back. Cady turned and body slammed Charlize down on top of Sunny in the classic 69 position. Charlize bounced once and lay still. Again, Shannon and Cady shared a long, hot kiss. Then they rolled Charlize off Sunny and used Charlize' bra that someone got from her dressing room to tie her hands behind her back.

Cady told the audience to loud laughter, "Well now, looks that thing will finally be of some use."

Sunny was likewise bound with her top before they were left in the ring with the Tenison twins as Shannon and Cady exited the ring hand-in-hand to a standing ovation. Sunny and Charlize spent a long and memorably painful night with the Tenison's and several of their friends, but sadly there's no space here for that story. Suffice it to say, when Sunny realized she'd been the victim of 'second hand drugs' from the spit she swapped with Charlize during the match, she was outraged and angry. She blamed Charlize for losing the fight and not fulfilling her life-long dream of appearing in Playboy. It led to a falling out between the lovers that may be explored in a future story.

Final vote: Cantrell 934; McKay 131