Cady Cantrell vs. Petra Verkaik By: John J.E-mail:

The night of the fight had arrived, and both beauties were in their dressing rooms, getting ready for the fight. This was definitely a grudge match. Both women wanted to tear into the other and beat her to a pulp. They both watched the phone on the wall, willing it to ring to call them down to start the fight. Hef picked the fight attire as skimpy one-piece slingshot bikinis and matching heels. Petra's outfit was white, and Cady's was blue, but otherwise they were identical in style.

The crowd settled into their seats in the Playmate Fight Arena in the basement of the Playboy mansion. Once everyone had settled down, Hef grabbed the microphone.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to this evening's main event fight. We have Cady Cantrell fighting against Petra Verkaik. This will be a no hold's barred catfight in the wrestling ring to a submission or knockout ending. You should be in store for a great fight this evening. This is a grudge match. These ladies do not like each other very much. Cady felt that Petra was unfair as the referee in her match against Donna D'Errico, and she wants to teach the brunette a lesson. Yes, Cady won, but she felt that it was in spite of Petra's actions and took a lot longer than it should have. Petra on the other hand, feels insulted by Cady's remarks and wants a public apology from the blonde. She said that she'd be more than happy to beat the apology out of her opponent, if she won't apologize openly."

At this point, the calls were made to the dressing rooms, and the two ladies started down the stairs to the fight arena. Hef paused a moment before he continued.

"Now, let me introduce the referee for tonight's fight, Karen McDougal!"

Karen came out in a black slingshot bikini and took the microphone.

"Thank you, Hef."

Once Hef returned to his seat, Karen continued.

"And now, it's my pleasure to introduce the two fighters this evening. First, we have Petra Verkaik!"

Petra strutted out from her door. She smiled and waved to the crowd, but she quickly climbed into the ring. She stretched and limbered a few times, but quickly settled down into her corner.

"And her opponent, Cady Cantrell!"

Cady strutted out as well. She smiled, waved and wiggled for her fans. She danced, and wiggled her hips and ass for the mainly male audience. She signed a few autographs, as Petra glared at her impatiently. Cady just glared back and smirked. She went back to signing autographs and flirting with the crowd. Cady intended to psyche Petra out, and make the brunette wait until she was ready to fight. Petra fumed as she watched Cady for the blonde was essentially ignoring her.

Suddenly, Cady was shocked as she was thrown forward and almost flipped over the guardrail. She rubbed the back of her head, where Petra had, moments before, landed a spinkick while her back was turned. Petra grabbed the blonde by the hair and whipped her against the steel cornerpost. Cady's head bounced hard off the cornerpost. Her eyes looked glassy as she staggered back. Cady turned, still groggy from smash into the cornerpost, only to meet Petra's fist. Petra pounded Cady in the head with several jabs, and the blonde reeled back and dropped to the floor.

Petra glared down at her.

"Come on, tough girl. Get your ass up off the floor and take the rest of your beating."

Cady rolled and got to her knees slowly. Petra waited impatiently and grabbed the blonde by the hair and yanked her up to her feet. Petra clamped on a headlock and set up for a DDT. Cady reached back and grabbed a solid hold of Petra's long dark hair. Cady gave a hard pull and pulled Petra off her feet and slammed her down to the floor. Petra was surprised and momentarily stunned by the counterattack from Cady. Cady pulled away and climbed into the ring. She rolled under the ropes and pulled herself up to her feet.

Petra got to her feet quickly, angry that Cady had managed to get her with that hair pull tactic. Petra quickly scanned for Cady, and spotted her blonde rival in the ring, just getting to her feet. Petra went for the ring, and started to climb in. She found herself flat on her back on the cold, hard floor after Cady smacked her in the face with her knee. Cady looked down with a wicked grin at her raven-haired rival. Petra started to climb into the ring again. Cady lashed out with a chop to the back. Cady hit nothing but air as Petra reached into the ring and pulled Cady's legs out from under her. The blonde landed on her back with a thud. Petra climbed into the ring, while Cady struggled to her knees and tried to get up.

Petra was on her, and helped Cady to her feet by the hair. Petra whipped Cady off the ropes and dropped her with a clothesline. Cady gasped as she tried to catch her breath. Petra studied her prey and nailed her with a brutal leg drop across the windpipe.

Cady gagged and coughed as the wind was knocked out of her, yet again. Petra stood up and squatted down beside Cady with her calf across the blonde's throat, in a chokehold. Petra leaned in and used the ropes for support to add more pressure to the choke.

Cady flailed in pain and fear, as Petra's leg suffocated her. Cady dug into Petra's thigh and raked her nails down the thigh. Petra howled in pain and pulled away. She checked the trail of bloody scratches that Cady left on her leg, as Cady rolled to her side and got away. Cady coughed and gulped down air, happy to have a breather and a chance to regroup.

Cady pulled herself to her feet as Petra checked her leg. Cady was still weak, but knew that she had to take any chance given to her, to get back on the offensive. She set herself. As Petra started to move, Cady charged and nailed the big brunette with a drop-kick to the tits. Petra moaned in pain and smacked into the turnbuckle. Cady lashed out and raked her nails across Petra's face. Petra screamed in pain, blinded by the attack.

Cady grabbed Petra by the hair and flung the brunette's head across the top rope. Cady poured on the pressure as she choked Petra across the rope. Petra nailed Cady with a elbow smash to the tit, but Cady refused to release her hold. If anything, Cady added to the pressure. Petra nailed the blonde with her elbow again. Cady's choke weakened a little. Petra fired a third elbow and flattened Cady's boob again. Cady was forced away. Petra whirled and spun around with a big kick. Cady expected that, and ducked under. Petra's kick hit nothing but air.

With Petra off balance and unable to counter, Cady battered her with kidney punches and forced her into the corner. Cady flipped the brunette around and hammered her with lefts and rights to her huge melons. Petra's boobs took a beating before Petra was able to block some of the punches. She staggered Cady as she landed a counterpunch straight to the blonde's nose.

Petra bounced out of the corner and went on the attack. Cady raised her fists to try and protect her face, so Petra battered her tits with a barrage of punches. Cady lowered her guard to try and protect her boobs. Petra just altered her attack and went for the face. She gave Cady a black eye and bloody nose before Cady moved her guard again, trying to protect both her face and tits.

Petra smirked as she moved in and smashed Cady with a hard kick to the pussy. Cady shrieked in pain and dropped to the canvas. Petra grabbed the blonde by the hair and hauled her up to her feet. Cady prepared herself and kicked as hard as she could, and nailed Petra squarely in the pussy. This time, Petra squealed in pain and dropped to the floor. Cady pulled the brunette up to her feet and whipped her into the corner. Cady charged in, and nailed her rival with a brutal running knee lift to the pussy. Cady smiled wickedly as Petra slumped down in the corner, clearly in pain.

Cady pulled her up to her feet by the hair and delivered repeated forearm smashes to the boobs. Cady backed up and gathered speed. She ran in for a big splash, but Petra ducked. She flipped the blonde up and over the top rope, down to the cold concrete floor. Cady moaned as she went tits first into the floor.

Petra climbed to the top rope and set herself. She jumped and nailed Cady with a wicked top rope knee drop to the back. Cady screamed in pain as she clutched her bruised back. Petra showed no compassion as she dug her knee into Cady's bruised back and yanked back on her chin for a camel clutch. Cady refused to surrender, and a frustrated Petra released the blonde and let her slump to the floor in pain.

Cady's relief was short lived, as Petra went right back on the attack and clamped on a Boston Crab, once again putting the pressure on the bruised back. Cady screamed and cursed, but still refused to surrender. Cady surprised Petra. She grabbed a fistful of black hair and toppled her rival off her, breaking the Boston Crab hold.

Cady rolled and tried to get away from Petra. Petra quickly gave chase, and went after Cady. Petra went for a leg drop to the lower back, but Cady managed to flip herself out of the trapped position she was in and avoid the blow. Petra landed hard and cursed at both herself and Cady. Cady took her chance for an attack and bloodied Petra's nose with a hard knee to the face.

Cady pulled the brunette to her feet and shoved her against the wall. With one arm across Petra's throat to both hold her in place as well as choke her, Cady used her free arm to rain punches into Petra's boobs. Petra suddenly reached out and grabbed hold of Cady's tits. She dug her nails into them like talons, and raked the nails down the tits. Cady howled in pain as Petra left long bloody scratches down her tits. Petra knocked Cady away with a hard right to the jaw. Cady staggered back and tried to clear her head.

Petra grabbed Cady in a headlock and bashed the blonde's head into the wall several times. She released the headlock and flipped Cady around. Holding Cady against the wall, Petra fired punches as Cady's bruised and battered tits. Petra sadistically concentrated her punches on the bruises and scratches that she had left on the boobs earlier in the fight. A couple hard punches to the jaw left Cady seeing stars and wobbly. Petra released her hold and the blonde flopped to the floor. Petra watched in amusement as Cady struggled to her knees and tried to roll away and get some distance.

Petra didn't let her get far though. As Cady got to her knees, Petra moved in and clamped her in a standing headscissors. She put the blonde down hard with a neckbreaker. Once again, Petra just stood back and watched as Cady struggled to get up again. Petra waited until her prey was on her knees and then clamped on the standing headscissors again. This time she put Cady down with a piledriver into the concrete floor, leaving Cady all but knocked out.

Cady landed hard on her back in a heap, not moving. Karen moved in and started her count out to end the fight.

"1... 2... 3... 4... 5...."

Cady hadn't even started to move yet.

Karen continued, "6... 7... 8... 9...."

Petra stopped the count as she hauled Cady to her feet. Petra put her right back down with a bodyslam. Petra slid into position and sat her butt down on Cady's face. She ground her ass into Cady's face until the blonde was out cold.

Petra got up and let Karen move in.

Karen started to count again, "1... 2... 3...4... 5...."

There was no movement at all from Cady.

Karen went on, "6... 7... 8... 9... 10... YOU'RE OUT!"

Karen raised Petra's arm.

"The winner of this Grudge Match Playmate Catfight is PETRA VERKAIK!"

Petra smiled and waved to the audience and wiggled her ass and boobs for the guys. After she was finished with her modeling and dancing, she went over to Cady and lightly slapped her face to bring her back around again.

When Cady was conscious again, Petra told her with a snarl, "Now I don't want to hear any more shit from your mouth again about my not doing a good job as referee. If I hear anything again about it, I'm gonna really kick that scrawny blonde ass of yours. Are we clear?"

Cady sobbed as she said softly, "Yes. I understand."

Petra looked down nastily, "And?"

Cady was almost in tears as she said, "I understand. I won't say any more."

Petra threatened, "Do you need your ass kicked some more? I want my damn apology."

Cady said quickly, "Yes. I'm sorry. I apologize. I was out of line."

Petra sneered, "That's better."

Petra gave Cady a kick and rolled the blonde over onto her side as she left the room.

Cady watched as Petra walked away down the hallway. She saw Neriah Davis walk up to her and gave her a hug and a high-five. Cady fumed when she saw that. She thought to herself, "I'm gonna both of those bitches for this. I don't know when or where, but they are both gonna get it. Neriah is mine. I've wanted her for a long time. Petra though, I don't know if I can take her. Maybe I convince one of my friends to take her out. Maybe I can get Anna Nicole Smith, or Victoria Silvstedt, or Jenny McCarthy, or that new Playmate Rebecca Scott. One of them can teach that brunette whore a lesson she'll never forget."

When Cady was sure that Petra and Neriah were gone, she got up and went back to the dressing room. There she dressed and got herself ready to go home where she would try to forget this humiliating defeat.

[Petra won the fan voting: 146-118]

The End (_|_)