Jennifer Capriati vs. Monica Seles by bbb4

Monica climbs through the ropes first wearing a light cotton T-shirt, a black and white checkered tennis skirt (you were expecting?) with a matching black neoprene brace on her left knee. As she often does (according to Sports Illustrated), Seles begins warming up and stretching where it becomes plain that she hasn't bothered with a bra. Her small erect nipples are clearly visible as she works up a light sweat warming up and stretching out.

Wild Child Capriati enters the ring wearing plain white T-shirt and a white tennis skirt. True to her newfound freedom, she flips the T-shirt off revealing a skimpy jogbra and some hard abdominal muscles. The crowd roars, but Monica sends them to their feet when she too flips off her T-shirt, starting the match topless. Seles gives the crowd a smile and a little flex, showing off her small breasts and wiry, well defined muscles. Not to be outdone, Jennifer begins to struggle out of her tight jogbra, and is pounced upon by the calculating Seles.

Still helplessly trapped in her jogbra, Capriati catches a foot in the stomach and another to the crotch before she can even free her hands. As she collapses to her knees, Monica mercilessly punches her in the stomach and rakes her small breasts.

Finally, she says, "Here, let me help you with that!"

She strips off Capriati's jogbra, draping it over the top rope and exposing another set of small breasts with equally small nipples. Then she takes a handful of Capriati's short brown hair and lifts her to her feet, where she hefts Jennifer up and body slams her to the mat. Groaning and holding her back, Jennifer is treated to two more body slams before Monica stands her up and crushes her in a face to face bearhug.

Seles smiles as their small breasts mingle, slipping and sliding, lubricated with a thin sheen of sweat. Capriati's free hands climb up Sele's shoulder and she pulls back to belt Monica, but with a pained gasp, her hands suddenly drop to her kidneys, where Monica has jerked her hands, digging and turning her wrists further into Jennifer's soft lower back. Every time Capriati shows any offense, Monica jerks her wiry arms from side to side with the grunt that she has made famous. Capriati finally manages to wedge her hands into the bearhug and flexes her arms and back. Showing some upper body strength of her own, Capriati breaks the hold.

Jennifer collapses to her knees, gasping her air and holding her back in pain. Seles knows that she can't let the younger girl get a breath, and immediately pulls her up by the hair and sends her to the ropes. On her return trip, Capriati is picked up and powerslammed by the smaller Seles, who continues to amaze Jennifer with her strength. Sucking wind again, Jennifer is hefted up and dropped across Seles' extended knee for a spine snapping back breaker.

Seles allows Capriati to rise under her own power, but quickly regains control by grabbing Capriati from behind in a high bearhug, centering her fists just below Jennifer's small breasts. Monica clenches both fists together, wedging them right under Capriati's erect nipples and puts the pressure to Capriati's sternum. Again, Seles pours on the power, grunting and groaning louder than Capriati with each surge of pressure. Jennifer is enraged, but feels powerless as Seles' slick breasts work their way up and down her back. Capriati's arms drop to her ribs, and she again wedges her hands down into the bear hug, but try as she might is unable to separate Monica's steel grip.

Desperate, Capriati instead slides her hand all the way down until it finds the Hungarian girl's fuzzy groin. Raking her fingers up Seles' crotch breaks the hold with a scream, but Jennifer is unable to follow up. As Jennifer again rises from her knees, Seles hooks her tennis skirt and picks Capriati up off the mat before dropping backward into a huge belly to back suplex. Jennifer is dazed and rolls helplessly on the mat, holding the back of her head, which slammed into the mat at the end of the suplex. Seles seizes the opportunity and seizes Capriati's skirt. Pulling the tight fitting skirt off and draping it over the top rope next to her jogbra, Seles exposes Capriati's thin tuft of muff to the world.

Seles motions to the crowd, slashing her thumb across her throat, indicating that Capriati is about to go down. Monica stands her larger opponent up and chokes her across the top rope for a few seconds. Seles then slings the groggy Capriati to the opposite ropes, and lands a gut punch that seems destined to come out other side. With Jennifer incapacitated in the center of the ring, Monica sidles up behind her and slowly takes a seat on the mat. Wrapping her muscular thighs around Capriati's midsection, Jennifer's head snaps up in agony as Monica pours on the power. Sweat pours down poor Jennifer's chest as vainly tries to break the hold.

First Capriati tosses a few elbows back at Seles, who leans back, out of range and continues to pour it on. Jennifer struggles mightily trying to pry apart Monica's ankles, but they are locked like a Schlage. Capriati rakes her fingernails down Seles' rock hard thighs, earning screams of pain and leaving long red welts on Monica's skin, but still the pressure increases, crushing Capriati's chest.

Finally, Capriati gropingly reaches back for Monica's crotch again, but Seles was waiting for this and grabs Jennifer's arm in a hammer lock. As both girls roll on their sides, Jennifer can barely be heard pleading for Monica to stop. Seles stands up with her deadly thighs soaked in sweat, covered in long red welts and quivering from the effort. She calmly adjusts her skirt, wipes a bead of sweat from her eyes and is awarded the first fall.

Still clutching her injured back and ribs, Capriati gamely decides to continue the match. The two girls circle, but Monica feels the advantage and quickly lunges into the lockup. Capriati takes advantage of the lunge, landing the bottom of her boot on Monica's left kneecap, and collapsing it backward. Rolling on the mat, Seles is obviously hurt, and Jennifer doesn't need a written invitation to take advantage. Grabbing Seles' ankle, she twists it to the left, then the right, and then delivers a series of stomps and kicks to the back of Seles' knee and thigh. With her knee and hamstring on fire, Seles hardly notices Capriati dropping her skirt and tossing it to the crowd. Capriati next goes to the step over toe hold, twisting the knee and leaning into the hold, straining the hamstring on Monica's magnificent leg. Jennifer taunts Seles as she leans forward, using her weight to stretch Monica's leg.

Again, Capriati steps back and delivers a few well placed stomps to the knee and hamstring, ending her assault with a giant groin kick. Still holding the ankle high in the air, Capriati twists it between her knees and falls to the mat, wrenching the leg, and then rolls to her back with Seles' knee firmly between her thighs. Wrenching and rolling and twisting the knee between her shapely legs, Capriati can hear Seles grunting and groaning like she was returning a good forehand volley. Seles finally breaks out after a few agonizing minutes by kicking Capriati's bare butt with the point of her boot, digging the toe into Jennifer's groin. Stung by the kicks, Capriati is still the first to her feet.

Jennifer allows Seles to rise to her feet before viciously sweeping her injured leg out from under Monica with a wide round house kick. Twice more Jennifer allows the hobbling Seles to rise to her feet before dropping her again with a leg sweep. Each time, Seles' leg flies up into the air with a scream, sending Seles crashing down onto her rock hard butt. Climbing the ropes for support, Seles watches as Capriati drapes her injured leg over the bottom rope and begins to stomp it. After each pounding boot, Jennifer asks for Seles to quit, but only receives silence.

Finally, Jennifer sits on the leg, cantilevered over the bottom rope, but Seles won't give up. Frustrated, Capriati rises slowly and takes Seles' leg with her, using it to drag her helpless foe to the center of the ring. Capriati returns to the step over toe hold while contemplating how to crush the mousy blonde and end the fall. After a few lunging stretches of Monica's injured leg, Jennifer breaks the hold by falling forward, taking Seles' leg and hamstring with her. Feeling that she has properly tenderized Monica's legs, Capriati appears to go for the toe hold again, but instead locks a beautiful figure four leg lock, nearly breaking Monica's left leg. This time Capriati is the one flexing her hard legs and butt.

All the hours spent running and sprinting the baseline pay off as Seles nearly passes out under the pressure. Seles quickly begins pounding the mat in submission, begging for Capriati to break the hold. Jennifer instead continues to pour it on, thrusting her sweaty hips up in an effort to add more leverage. After a few seconds, she is finally forced to break the hold and return to her corner. Her face glowing with excitement, Capriati watches as Seles crawls naked to her corner, unable to even stand on her left leg.

Due to Jennifer's extracurricular activity after Monica's submission, Seles is given an extra few minutes of rest, which she spends massaging and stretching her damaged knee. Finally able to stand and hobble about the ring, the match continues. Jennifer too rises with a painful grimace on her face, as her injured back and ribs have had time to stiffen during the rest period. Both girls' torn bodies have cooled down, but their fiery glares haven't lost a degree. The crowd rises to its feet as the two young hardbodies approach the center of the ring. At the lockup, Jennifer feints a tie up and grabs Monica's leg out from under her. Immediately going back to the step over toe hold, Jennifer stretches Monica's left leg and hamstring again.

After a few seconds of work, Monica again relies on a toe kick to Capriati's crotch to break the hold. Monica is able to get up and away fairly quickly, using the ropes to help her make it around the ring, but Jennifer pursues her relentlessly, kicking her leg and stomping the knee. After a few shots to the knee, Monica collapses face down next to the ropes, holding her knee and groaning. Capriati plops her firm butt right onto Seles' lower back, facing her feet. Jennifer then applies what can only be called a butt claw, working the lower butt and back of the thigh where Monica's hamstrings are beginning to feel more like violin strings. Monica lets out cries of pain, but can only slap her hands on the mat as Jennifer tortures her injured leg. Finally Monica is able to reach back and run her fingernails down Capriati's sweaty back, breaking the hold.

Jennifer then decides to shift her claw hold a little north, and slams her hands between Seles' legs. Leaning all of her weight into the hold, Capriati applies what she is sure will be a match winning crotch claw. She gnashes her teeth as she grinds her fingers deeper into Monica's groin, but Seles quickly snap kicks her feet up from the knees, catching the Olympian in the top of the head with both feet, nearly knocking her out.

Monica rolls to the side, dumping Jennifer to the center of the ring, and with a painful gasp and then a relieved sigh, removes Capriati's hand from between her legs. Seles then takes her downed opponent's head and lightly places it between her legs, so that the back of Capriati's head is resting between her legs against her pubic mound. She then grabs a hold of Jennifer's hands, pulls them up toward her. Seles then wakes up the groggy Capriati by cinching her steel legs into a crushing head scissors. What starts as a blood curdling scream ends in a tiny whimper as the pressure begins to take it's toll on Capriati's already aching head. Seles leans back like she was working on the rowing machine, pulling Jennifer's arms over her head, and flexing her muscular legs. Jennifer's screams echo out from between Monica's legs as she kicks and thrashes her feet wildly, trying to wiggle out of the vise like head scissors.

The two girls roll as a single unit, first to one side then to the other, but Jennifer is unable to break the scissors that are crushing her skull. Jennifer's left hand and then her right break free, but it seems to be too late. Monica actually has a large smile on her face when Jennifer's pain clouded brain commands her left hand to smash into the back of Seles' injured knee. The blow buckles Monica's leg and breaks the hold, but neither girl can even rise to her feet.

While Monica reaches down holding her thigh moaning painfully, Jennifer tries to clear her head, still wedged in between Seles' now loosened thighs. With her hair plastered down around her ears from the sweat and crushing scissors, Jennifer rises first, blinking her eyes and holding her ears. Jennifer finally does manage to stagger to her feet, and finds Monica still lying on her side, holding her injured leg. Capriati wastes no time in grabbing both of Seles' ankles, and parting them with a vicious groin stomp.

It's Deja Vu all over again as Capriati locks up Seles' rock hard legs in a figure four and begins pumping her hips, thrusting them into the air and yelling at Seles to quit, which she does not with a scream but with a quiet whimper. Untangling her legs, Capriati painfully rises to her feet holding her back and ribs and claims Monica's belt.

Seles can only watch from the canvas as her belt is wrapped around Jennifer gleaming smooth stomach and bare waist. Jennifer holds her hands over her head celebrating her victory, but the ceremony is short as she too can barely make her way out of the ring and into the hot tub.