Mariah Carey vs. Cameron Diaz (3 stories)
If you can believe the scandal sheets (and who doesn't trust THOSE?) Cameron said something about Mariah being a bad singer and Mariah confronted her about the remarks at a nightclub. Evidently Cameron quickly apologized (afraid of getting a beating? Being polite? Not wishing to give the tabloids any fodder? Studio contract clause against 'public brawling'?) There was no actual fight...but what if...
FIGHT ONE: Cameron Diaz vs Mariah Carey boxing by simguy 1/1/01

Before: Diaz neatly getting Mariah into a boxing match rather than the proposed free for all apartment struggle that seemed to favor the singer's ferocious reputation. Diaz the classier technician with the mitts, but Carey's wildness always a potential problem for cuties - Cameron likes to fight with her hands low, trusting her legs to get her out of range - Mariah's looping punches could be a nasty surprise in this one. Leopard print bikini from Rolling Stone shoot for Carey, Gold spangly Angels bikini for Diaz - Carey bouncing up and down in her corner before the bell clearly anxious to get it on.
Round 1: Diaz putting on a clinic at using a girl's anger against her. First, she times Carey coming in with a diving right hand on the nose - Mariah's legs stiffen up as her eyes fill up with water and Diaz goes to work. Carey desperately hurt, responds by winging punches - Cameron able to dart in and out, easily slashing at the blonde's face with low slung lefts and rights, licking her fists across Carey's mug, then dancing away, turning her girl around the ring. Heartless accuracy - Diaz leaning in, letting her hands go from her front foot, then sliding away from the weak, wind-milling blows from Carey. By the end - Mariah all busted up, trembling badly from the hips down - Diaz can't wipe that famous grin off her pretty face.
Round 2: Carey showing her well deserved tough girl reputation, coming out of the carjacking first with dukes up, eyes alert and she grazes Diaz early with a looping right roundhouse as the blonde backs straight up. But Carey's legs are still rocky - Cameron slowly exerts control, drawing Mariah forward with her skipping, bounding footwork, then stopping, slicing and dicing with both hands, then flitting away again as Carey soaks it up. In the final minute, Diaz with her hands low, palms to the ceiling, fights brilliantly in reverse, walking Carey into bashing straight lefts and rights on the mouth that put the singer wobbly butt at the bell. Mariah's face a pulverized ruin after only 2 - chest dappled with nose cocktail - Diaz is having fun touching her up.
Round 3: Getting ridiculous. Diaz back-pedaling in good order, hands low, timing Mariah neat and picking up her face with licking combinations as she hits and runs. Mariah badly hurt, stumbles through it all, crossing her arms, taking punches, then plowing forward again, looking for one right hand to end it. Final minute, Diaz in a loose, jangly rhythm, bounces a short straight right hand off the nose, twists her body into a slapping left hook on the eye, then covers up, bends at the waist and melts away as Carey swats air. Mariah stupefied as Diaz isn't just pouring on punches in buckets - she's setting down and ripping at Mariah with a vengeance. Carey nearly falling to her knees as she waits for her stool at the break.
Round 4: More one-way punishment - Diaz dancing, pecking and tormenting a brutalized Mariah Carey as the limited slugger continues to stumble forward, using her face and tender breasts to block Cameron's combinations. Carey just can't defend herself, hands drooping to her stomach, stooping forward on shaky legs. Diaz having an absolute field day, sliding back flat footed, poking a lead right into a bulging jug, cranking the left hook on the teeth, dipping low under Mariah's sweeping right, and countering with the fall-away hook. Back and forth across the ring - Diaz dancing when she wants, punching when she wants and Carey is gobbling everything that comes her way. Diaz still laughing it up after 4 horrifyingly one-sided rounds, but Carey's taking all of Cameron's best shots and still coming forward.
Round 5: Another shutout for Cameron Diaz - her fourth in five rounds. Cameron just dabbing her fists into Mariah's face, cracking the girl's head back, stepping to the side and raking the breasts with sideways slashing lefts or rights. Crowd groaning as Diaz turns, stops, pokes 3 or 4 quick lefts and rights into Mariah's battered face, then steps away with loose-limbed arrogance. Diaz with her hands low, easily dancing out of range, circling to keep Mariah's bewildered feet moving - it is a tragic, tragic beating. Carey defiant after 5, mocking Cameron's punching power through cracked lips, but she's all but packed up at this point.
R6: Diaz out all business this round, eyes like ice-chips as she circles flat footed, setting down on drilling straight right hands, clipping hooks wide to the jaw. Carey walks through horrible punishment - eyes swelling shut, hands responding randomly to punches that aren't there - she's a fun house caricature of the street-wise blonde who began the bout. Midway through, Diaz finally breaks Carey down with a batting three hook combination on the ear, sending the singer wobbling sideways to the ropes. Diaz pawing with the jab, then slicing her right hand to the eye - Carey's head begins to swivel and Cameron opens up. Diaz licking lefts and rights up and down across the face, connecting with the sides of her hands as well as fists - Carey slumping against the ropes goes out on her feet. The ref. FINALLY stops the carnage only when Mariah is utterly defenseless. TKO6 Cameron Diaz.
After: OH. THE. HUMANITY! Gamble turns into money in the bank for Diaz - MIND BOGGLING dominance shown over a fighter who gave every indication of being a stupid choice for Cameron. Carey still in this fight after 3 rugged rounds saw her face reduced to hamburger, but as the power shots and combinations continued unabated she began to unravel. Fighting on pride alone in the 4th and 5th - a shell-shocked Mariah Carey simply went out on her shield in the sixth as Diaz' skills dazzled on the night. Cameron D making the most out of the unexpected triumph - it's the best she's looked in years - you better believe she takes a battered Mariah Carey for a meandering, stumbling, agonizing walk of shame.
Obviously, Mariah refused to accept this humiliation. In an interview a few weeks later, she claimed she'd been too sick (to one interviewer; said she was too busy to another - go figure) to train properly for the fight. Things came to a head when they 'accidentally' bumped into one another in one of those celebrity restaurants - with the omni-present paparazzi in attendance, no less! Mariah had acted haughtily - that and the preening and posing for the cameras hadn't gone down well with Diaz. So naturally...
FIGHT TWO: by Wright on 1/2/01

After their confrontation in the restaurant Mariah had joked publicly they should let she and Cameron fight in a ring for charity and sell tickets. The fans of the stars would turn out for sure. The news got back to Cameron and surprisingly she thought this was a great idea.
"Mariah talked about beating me more times than I can remember in various other circles," Cameron replied. "She seems obsessed with me. Well, I'm going to pay her back with interest for her mouth."
Cameron holds up a broom handle and says, "She likes to show off that big round butt of hers, well, I'm going to take this broom handle and shove it up her ass!"
When told of this Mariah was furious. "Who does she think she is, Charlie's Angels was only a movie, this is REAL life and I will hurt that bitch!"
So the rematch was set, tickets were sold and fans of both stars arrived, cheering confidently for their idols. Cameron waits for Mariah in the ring wearing a flowered colored bikini and a scowl on her face. She has her hands firmly planted on her hips. Mariah bounces to the ring, wearing a pink thong bikini that is a size too small. Her big boobs barely contained as her male fans scream her name loudly. She slips through the ropes and playfully bounces on her toes with her fist balled up, and a big smile while rotating her fist, playfully mocking a boxing stance. She turns her sexy ass towards Cameron and runs her hand over it. "So THIS is what you are so jealous about, huh, bitch? You're going to meet this ass up close real soon!"
Cameron maintains her position in the center of the ring with her hands on her hips completely unamused by Mariah's ass display. Mariah motions Cameron on as the bell rings. Mariah and Cameron unload a flurry of punches on one another with most of them missing and then suddenly Cameron connects on Mariah hard across the face. All the fun is gone as Mariah quits playing and covers her beautiful face. Cameron hits Mariah in her belly, and the brunette drops to her knees gasping. Mariah tries to get her breath and looks up and sees Cameron swinging again.
Unfortunately she can not move in time and Cameron slams her fist into Mariah's unprotected face. Mariah falls back, seeing stars. Cameron does not give her opponent a moment to recover, seeing Mariah lying on the mat covering her face and rolling in pain, she calmly grabs Mariah's ankles, and spreads her legs a part and looks down at her smiling. Mariah is now in fear as her eyes beg Cameron for mercy. Cameron continues to smile as she crotch stomps the helpless singer Mariah groans in pain and places one hand between her legs on her aching pussy, while the other covers her throbbing face. To Cameron's delight, Mariah was hurting and the gorgeous actress had every intention to make her demise even more excruciatingly painful. As Mariah writhed at her feet Cameron shook her perfect boobs back and forth and smiled down at her dazed rival.
"I'm going to make you squeal like a pig, bitch," Cameron yelled as Mariah rose to her hands and knees and tried to crawl out of the ring.
Cameron was not about to let her escape, and captured Mariah by her brunette flowing locks, and pulls her to her feet. Cameron twists Mariah's arm up behind her as the singer cries out in pain. She keeps the arm against Mariah's back and grabs the back of the thong with her other hand walks the sexy singer around the ring. Mariah is forced to walk on her toes to lessen the pain.
"I'm goin' to make you beg for mercy!" Cameron yelled before finally releasing Mariah, allowing her to fall to the mat.
Mariah looked up with total fear in her eyes. She had thought of fighting Cameron many times before, but she never thought that Cameron could be this strong and brutal.
"Beg for mercy bitch, Beg!" screamed an irate Cameron.
Mariah vowed to herself, that she would not give the beautiful blonde the satisfaction of hearing her beg in front of her own fans. Before Mariah could regain any composure Cameron was back on the attack. She hoisted Mariah in the air and dropped her throat first across the top rope. Mariah was gagging, on her knees and still leaning with tits against the ropes and her back to Cameron, Mariah slumped helplessly to the floor.
This did not resemble a wrestling match at all, but a one-sided thrashing.
Cameron sat down on Mariah's back and grasped her under her chin and pulled back. Mariah screamed in pain. Cameron smiled and winked calmly at her fans as the tears flowed down Mariah's face. Cameron continued the pressure as the captured singer could only gag, kick her legs, and renew her vow not to be reduced to pitifully pleading for mercy.
"Remember that time when you got smart with me in the front of your friends? It's payback time bitch!" Cameron muttered.
Every time Cam pulled back, Mariah's cries filled the arena. Some of Mariah's fans began to cry seeing their idol in such incredible pain at the hands of the woman she hated so much. This torture went on for 5 minutes and still the proud singer would not submit.
When Cameron finally released Mariah and got off her, the pretty brunette singer could only lie face down and gasp for air as Cameron loomed over her admiring her handy work. Cameron then pulled Mariah to her feet, and whipped her into the ropes. Mariah was greeted with a dropkick on the rebound. Mariah fell back to the mat, looking up at the ceiling hoping this torment would soon end. Cameron used this opportunity to slowly remove Mariah's tight pink bikini top as her big melons spilled out. The athletic actress then peeled the bikini bottom off Mariah leaving her nude body rocking back and forth, still trying to deal with the punishment she has received.
The whole time Cameron stripped Mariah, she reminded her of the encounter in the past, where Mariah let her mouth run and told the tabloids what she would do to the slender blonde if she ever got her hands on her. Cameron took a moment to revel in her dominance, placing her hands on her hips, and surveying the conquered singer. She then reached down and grabbed a handful of brunette hair to pull her victim to her knees. She pulled Mariah's upper body through the ropes, leaving the rest of her on the apron. The strong blonde pulled Mariah's arms up behind her, bending the singer over at a 90 degree angle.
Cameron used Mariah's bikini top to tie her wrist together to the top rope, trapping the brunette on her knees, while she was bent at the waist till her free swaying tits' pointed directly down to the mat. Cameron dropped to her knees to be face-to-face with Mariah.
"Ready to beg yet, bitch? You're so proud of these big tits, aren't you?" hissed Cameron.
Cameron slowly licked her lips then fired a punch to Mariah's swaying tits. Mariah wailed in pain. Again and again Cameron punched away at Mariah's swinging tits. The torturous punching continued for several minutes, while Mariah helplessly grunted, moaned, and sobbed, but got no relief from her torment.
Many black and blue bruises were raised before Cameron finally stopped her torture, and untied the blubbering, crying vocalist.
Mariah clutched her chest, holding her tortured boobs in agony, but maintained her vow to not plead for mercy. She may lose the fight, but she was determined to never give her younger rival the satisfaction of hearing her beg. Cameron used Mariah's hair to pull her through the ropes. Mariah helplessly crawled behind Cameron on her hands and knees while the blonde lead her to the center of the ring. Cameron flung Mariah face down on mat. Smiling broadly the gorgeous actress retrieved the broom handle from her corner and used the end of the handle to probe between Mariah's round ass cheeks. She stopped once she located Mariah's ass hole - then plunged the broom into the small opening!
Mariah screamed at the top of her lungs, but Cameron pushed again, driving the handle deeper inside. All Mariah's resolve shattered, and she began pleading and begging for Cameron to stop. Mariah pitifully cried out her submission, and begged for mercy, but Cameron only shoved the handle in deeper with a huge evil smile on her face. Mariah begged with all her remaining strength and then began begging her fans at ringside for help.
"Please somebody help me, help me, please make her stop, she's killing me."
A few of them moved to help but Cameron's fans quickly put them in check. They were forced to watch as their idol's body was ravaged by the cocky blonde. While holding the handle firmly in Mariah's ass, Cameron leaned over and whispered something in Mariah's ear.
At first Mariah shook her head no and said, "No, no way, never" so Cameron jammed the handle deeper. Cam then whispered in Mariah's ear again and this time Mariah nodded, "yes" VERY quickly.
Cameron pulled the handle out of Mariah's ass and stood up. She slowly peeled off her bikini revealing her incredible body and sat down in the ring spreading her legs obscenely wide. She snapped her fingers and pointed at her crotch, wiggling her finger as she motioned to it.
Mariah crawled towards Cam's crotch and began to lick. She ran her tongue the entire length of Cam's slit and began to really put her heart into it. She was soon eating her rivals pussy for all she was worth. What Cameron whispered in Mariah's ear had terrified her for she told Mariah if she didn't satisfy her within ten minutes she'd push the broom handle all the way through! Mariah lapped at Cameron's crotch hungrily until Cameron exploded in orgasm on her face.
Cameron never had another problem with Mariah after that and whenever she was asked in public what she thought about her, Mariah referred to her as *Ms.* Diaz and praised her work, even calling her one of the best actresses in Hollywood.
FIGHT THREE: Mariah Carey + Halle Berry vs. Cameron Diaz by Wright (1-6-01)

It had been several months since Mariah was brutalized by Cameron in a ring in front of her fans. The fact that fan magazines and tabloid TV shows still brought it up after all this time haunted her and she'd awake in the night, crying and trembling as the horrible beating replayed itself in her nightmares. She'd been badly battered, had her beautiful butt impaled by a broomstick and, to top it off, been forced to tongue Cameron to orgasm in front of everyone after begging her for mercy. Finally, Mariah got up the courage to do something about it! She couldn't sleep well again until she got revenge and she had a plan. If she couldn't handle Cameron one-on-one, she'd bring a friend who was a great fighter, Halle Berry!
Mariah and Halle had been close for years because both are multi-racial; which gave them one thing to talk about, and both used to date baseball players which gave them another. Halle had heard of Mariah's beating and offered to help but Mariah told her to let it go. Now, however, Mariah called Halle to see if she would still help. Halle quickly accepted because she also disliked Cameron. They decided to pay the pretty actress a visit at her home the next evening.
Mariah and Halle dressed alike, tight jeans and very tight tops showing off big breasts. They planned for Mariah to ring the doorbell. Cameron would see only the tall, shapely singer thru the peephole, unaware Halle hiding out of sight. When she opened the door, they'd both jump her and give her what she deserved.
Mariah was very anxious as she walked up to Cameron's. She was also extremely glad Halle was with her, for she sure didn't want another one-on-one with the athletic blonde. Still, she was confident together they could handle her; Mariah had seen Halle fight and she was awesome. Halle wouldn't need help, but Mariah wanted to get a few shots on Cameron in the worst way, so if Halle had to hold her while she hit her, then that's what would happen.
Cameron peeped thru the peephole and her eyes widened.
"What in the hell is that bitch doing here?" she thought. "Didn't she get enough of me in the ring?"
Cameron was only wearing bra and panties but she flung the door open anyway.
"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT BITCH?" she said with a sneer.
Just then Halle came around the corner and stepped in front of Mariah.
"You made a big mistake when you hurt my friend bitch," she said coolly. "Now you're gonna pay big time!"
Halle pushed Cameron and forced her way in the door. Mariah followed and closed it behind her. Cameron swung at Halle but the dusky beauty blocked it and slammed a fist into Cameron's jaw, sending her reeling back. She recovered fast and the two actresses traded hard punches with Halle having a slight advantage. Mariah watched intently, she wanted Halle to gain a little more control over the fight before she got involved. Sure enough Halle began to score solid blows and Cameron retreated although she still fought back. "Yeah!.....Hit her Halle!....Beat that bitches ass.....Pound her Halle," yelled Mariah.
She was so excited, she was jumping up and down. Most of Cameron's punches to Halle's face were blocked and Halle was so quick in releasing her punches Cameron knew she had to get busy - fast. With all her strength, she dipped her knees and brought a right uppercut into Halle's ribs as she leaned in after missing a punch. The sound was sickening...
"OHHHHHHHH," gasped Halle as she bent over and slumped to her knees.
Cameron had just cracked one of Halle's ribs on the left side and the pain was excruciating! One well placed punch and Halle was done. She curled up in a ball at Cameron's feet holding her side, gasping for air, as tears rolled down her cheeks. Mariah's eyes widened in shock and her jaw dropped as Cameron turned toward the trembling singer and smiled.
Cameron took one step and Mariah bolted for the door - but it was useless. Cameron reached the door just as Mariah was opening it, slammed it shut and locked it. The blonde turned to Mariah who started backing up until she hit the wall. Tears were already streaming down her pretty face - it was obvious she was scared to death.
Mariah dropped to her knees with her hands in front of her and began to beg, "Please don't hurt me, please, Cameron...p-p-please, I'll do anything you tell me....I swear....anything......just please don't hurt me."
Cameron shook her head, "You're pathetic!"
She bitch-slapped Mariah across the mouth, sending the frightened diva sprawling on the carpet in pain. Cameron reached down, grabbed Mariah's long hair and pulled her to her knees. A thin trickle of blood ran down from the corner of her mouth from the backhanded slap. Cameron pulled Mariah across the carpet on her hands and knees, past Halle who was still curled up moaning, down the hall way into the bedroom. Only when they reached the bedroom did Mariah speak again.
"What are you going to do? Please don't hurt me...please! I'll pay you a lot of money Cam....a whole lot......please..."
"I don't need money bitch", snarled Cameron. "Your ass is mine tonight."
Mariah looked up at Cameron from her knees and what she saw in her eyes scared her. She'd seen that look before, felt the abuse before.
"Why did I come here for revenge? What was I thinking?" she thought.
Cameron jerked her to her feet roughly and brought her face inches from Mariah's.
"You're going to do everything I say tonight or I will literally beat you to within an inch of your life," she hissed. "Understand?" Mariah began to cry uncontrollably and even had to fight the urge to pee her pants she was so scared. She nodded quickly with wide eyes. Cameron suddenly backhanded her hard and again which sent her to the carpet sobbing in pain.
"OK then get those clothes off.......NOW!"
Mariah got to her feet shakily and slowly began to take off her tight top.
Cameron raised her hand again, "Hurry up bitch!"
Seeing Cameron's hand inspired the sexy singer to disrobe much faster. Off came her top, followed by her shoes and tight jeans. She hesitated until Cameron took a step forward, then Mariah quickly unhooked her bra and let her big boobs bounce free. She peeled down her tiny panties and stood before 'Ms. Diaz' totally naked, tears flowing but silent except for her sniffling.
Cameron walked to her drawer and pulled out a pair of handcuffs, then went to Mariah. She pulled the singer by the arm and cuffed her wrist to the bed post. She left the room and came back dragging Halle by the ear lobe/. She was bent over, her face pale, her hands clutching her ribs. Cameron backhanded Halle and she staggered back against the wall.
"Strip bitch," snarled Cameron. "Or next time I'll break more than your ribs."
Halle thought about charging Cameron, but the pain in her ribs told her she better listen to the domineering blonde if she knew what was good for her. She took her top off, followed by her bra, unleashing a pair of huge tits. Her shoes and pants quickly followed, then her thong.
Cameron unlocked Mariah's cuff and told both women to kneel before her. She told them to begin at her toes and lick every inch of the way up her incredibly long, sexy legs; Halle on the left, Mariah on the right. They began to lick at her toes and both were sobbing softly by the time they slurped their way past her gorgeous calves. When they finally reached the top of her long, muscled thighs, Cameron stepped back and slipped out of her panties.
"Now for the fun part," she purred.
Realizing what was to come, Halle and Mariah both began to beg, "No, please, no!"
Cameron snarled, "Don't make me get violent again bitches. Lick, dammit! Halle you get here in front, Mariah you're in back." Mariah went first. She spread Cameron's incredible ass cheeks and began to lick. Halle just knelt there until she got a jolting slap across the face for her delay. She moved forward and began to lick between the blondes spread legs as she stood over her, looking down and grinning.
"If I don't get off in 10 minutes, I'm going to have to whack you two around some more!"
With that, the multi-racial beauties went to work with fervor on their feared rival. Mariah buried her tongue deep in Cameron's ass as Halle slurped at her love slot like a cat lapping up milk. After a few minutes, Cameron gushed. She held Halle's head tight to her crotch while her body quivered. Finally, as her orgasm waned, Cameron pulled away and retrieved another pair of handcuffs. Along with the first pair, she handcuffed each woman to a bedpost then went to shower and clean herself.
Later, Cameron returned and went straight her closet as Halle and Mariah looked on in anxious fear. When she found what she was looking for and pulled it out, Mariah let out an agonizing moan and her tears began again. It was the infamous broom handle! Cameron walked to the terrified women and Mariah began to beg again with renewed spirit.
"Please, no....anything but that, please Cameron...I'll do anything you want."
"I know," snapped Cameron as she unlocked Halle and pulled her up on the bed by her hair.
Halle tried to resist but Cameron quickly straddled her on the big bed and pinned her arms with her knees while sitting in a schoolgirl pin position. Cameron slapped Halle's face back and forth eight times until she was crying in pain, then dismounted. Halle just laid with her head ringing, unable to move, slapped semi-conscious. When Cameron got off the bed, she picked up the broom handle and held it to Mariah's mouth.
"Lube it up for your friend, bitch," she said with an evil laugh.
Mariah began to lick and suck the broom handle until it was dripping. With the handle in hand, Cameron got back on the bed between Halle's legs. She began to poke the end of it in Halle's sweet pussy, working it gradually deeper with every stroke. At first, Halle just lay there, but after about 5 minutes her breathing picked up and she began to moan, followed by an orgasm she tried to hide but Cameron recognized. After Halle had cum on the broom handle, Cameron pulled it out, got off the bed and shoved it in Mariah's face.
"Clean it up, bitch," she ordered.
Mariah didn't have any fight left in her and certainly didn't want to feel Cameron's backhand again. She immediately licked the broom handle until there was no sign of Halle's love juices. Cameron handcuffed Halle to the bed and released Mariah; pulling her up by her hair and slapping her so hard she staggered four steps before she went down. Cameron hair hauled Mariah to her feet and backhanded her back down to the carpet yet again. She repeated this four more times until Mariah was almost unconscious like Halle minutes before. Then she led Mariah to the bed and threw her on it.
"Please Cameron.......please don't hurt me anymore...please," gasped Mariah slowly.
Cameron ignored her begging, rolled Mariah over and positioned the broom handle at her love opening. She began to fuck the diva just as she had Halle. After only three minutes, Mariah was moaning in lust. She exploded on the very broom handle she'd had nightmares about so many times. The broom rape got Mariah so hot she cried out loud when she came; not understanding her excitement, but not trying to hide it either. Again, Cameron forced Mariah to lick the broom handle clean, this time of her own fluids.
The rest of the night was a perverse adventure as Mariah was forced to service Cameron three different times. Surprisingly, there was little or no resistance from the diva. Mariah lost all will to resist and the third time Cameron only had to lay back on the bed, spread her long legs and point before Mariah scrambled into position and licked Cameron to another orgasm. Of course, Cameron also made Halle tongue her to orgasm, then forced Mariah to service Halle from behind. It was late when Cameron handcuffed her sex slaves and got a few hours sleep herself.
In the morning, Cameron took Halle and Mariah to the kitchen and made them cook her a huge breakfast. As her two naked beauties cooked over a hot stove for their new mistress, Cameron sat at the table thinking up new ways to torment the girls. Struck with an idea, she picked up the phone and called a friend.