Geri Halliwell vs Mariah Carey Match! By BABYSPICEXXX (Delphi Celebrity Catfights Jun 4, 1999)

The two hot pop stars Geri Halliwell and Mariah Carey had decided to meet in the ring after much discussion of who was the tougher of the two. A lot was anticipated from this fight since both girls were regarded good catfighters not to mention hot sexpots.

Mariah Carey was introduced first. She was in the ring wearing a skimpy white bikini with the top covering her breasts not completely and the panties being very tight. Her hair hang lose and she looked ready.

Geri Halliwell entered, wearing an even more skimpy bikini, red and very tight. The top hardly covered the big breasts and the red thong almost rode up Geri's ass, making the asscheeks jiggle.

The match started.

Mariah approached Geri, feeling confident because of her height advantage. However Geri tackled her and got hold of her in a bearhug, using her big breasts two force the dark girl back against the ropes. Mariah gasped but put her hands on Geri's breasts and after a test of strength managed to push the redhead off her.

The 2 fighters circled each other now with Mariah trying to regain her breath. Geri jabbed at her but Mariah blocked most of the jabs. Then she decided to retaliate and reached out for Geri's long red hair, catching it and pulling hard. Geri screamed in surprise as she was pulled to her knees in the middle of the ring.

Mariah laughed and then pulled Geri down on her breasts and belly by her hair, pulling her around in the ring while laughing.

Suddenly she stopped laughing as Geri reached out and hooked her left ankle with her hand, pulling Mariah down. She landed on her ass with a thud and Geri was over her in no time.

Again Geri used her breasts as a powerful weapon, pressing them against Mariah's, forcing her down on her back.

Geri straddled Mariah now and reached down for her skimpy white bikini top, yanking at it hard.

'No you don't!' yelled Mariah but to little avail. Her top came off, revealing her brown nipples erect.

Geri giggled at the sight and then used her hands to slap Mariah's now naked breasts. She then quickly got off Mariah and took her to her feet by her dark curly hair, slapping her face.

Mariah stepped back, gasping, covering her face with her hands.

Geri followed up with a quick kick to Mariah's midsection, making her bend over. Then she grabbed her by her dark hair again and, pulling her head down, kneed her breasts one by one.

Mariah coughed as she went down on her knees, rubbing her sore breasts.

'Can't you handle it Mariah?' teased Geri, putting her hands on her hips, looking self-confident.

Mariah didn't even get time for an answer before she was pulled to her feet again by her hair, her arms waving about wildly. Geri placed a solid punch in her stomach, making her double over again. She then grabbed her by her white bikini panties and started pulling up on them, forcing the fabric into Mariah's slit.

Mariah gasped in surprise, pain and arousal as she felt the fabric of her panties pulled up into her slit and she grabbed Geri's hands and tried to get them away. However she was too weak and Geri too worked up already. She started rubbing the fabric up and down, sending shivers through the tall dark Mariah's body, her breasts jiggling softly.

Then a ripping sound was heard as Geri pulled a little too hard, making the panties tear, exposing Mariah's dark pubes and wet pussylips.

Mariah stumbled backwards, blushing, trying to lift her hands to defend herself. She was still gasping and moaning and her nipples were hard.

So were Geri's under her small red bikini top and she could feel victory was near.

She aimed another kick at Mariah, but this time a little closer, catching her right between her legs, her bare foot connecting with Mariah's dark wet pussy.

Mariah let out a muffled scream and went straight down, rolling around on the mat in pain, holding her pussy.

But Geri was soon over her, picking her up by her hair again. Mariah looked at the hot redhead and started begging. 'No please Geri.....please stop it!'

But Geri just smiled and reached down, grabbing Mariah's sore and wet pussy.

A loud scream was heard from Mariah as Geri started squeezing her pussy, and Mariah soon went down on her knees panting and moaning hard. Her breasts jiggled up and down as she breathed hard and sometimes her whole body would spasm.

Geri was dominating her, adding pressure to the squeeze, seeing the sweat run down Mariah's face and breasts, feeling the wetness of her pussy in her palm.

'Please.....' whispered Mariah. 'I submit. I give up. You're better.....!'

Geri smiled and squeezed a little harder.

'Stop!' cried Mariah. 'I SUBMIT!'

Again Geri smiled, but this time she took Mariah by surprise as suddenly the dark defeated singer felt two fingers entering her battered pussy. She gasped but soon started moaning hard as Geri began fingerfucking her.

It didn't take much fingering from Geri to make Mariah cum. She came hard and went down on her back, panting and moaning, her breasts heaving up and down.

Then Geri got up, smiled and placed her bare foot on Mariah's stomach, as the winner of this match!