Mariah Carey vs. Jewel by Jeremy (2 more fights below)

Jewel had had enough of Mariah Carey. She was so sick of hearing about her accomplishments with her album Rainbow that it was all she could stand. And reason to be so nice Jewel hadn't had a number one hit song since Hands. During press interviews Jewel had called Mariah a 'no account talentless bitch' and said she could 'beat her any day of the week no matter what kind of fight it was.'

Several weeks later Jewel's agent called telling her that Mariah had issued a fight challenge to be held in the Hollywood Underground Wrestling Association (HUWA). Jewel reluctantly agreed. The big day finally came and Jewel was ready. She walked down to the ring wearing a yellow bikini as her song 'Hands' played throughout the HUWA arena. She waved to her fans and began stretching in the ring as she awaited her opponent. Suddenly, the song 'Heartbreaker' filled the arena and Mariah Carey appeared. She walked down the aisle wearing of all things a rainbow bikini that left nothing to the imagination, hoping to entice Jewel even more. It was obvious Jewel was ready for action as her anger was radiating.

The bell sounded and the two stood toe-to-toe. After some back and forth with catty remarks Jewel got the upper hand by slapping Mariah across the face. With Mariah stunned, Jewel leashed several kicks to the singers stomach and then surprised everyone with a bodyslam. Mariah rolled away and got up.

"You got lucky bitch!" Mariah yelled as she charged in.

She grabbed two handfuls of Jewel's hair and began dragging her around the ring. Jewel countered with the same approach but Mariah scored big by latching onto Jewel's tits and twisting hard. Jewel screamed at this new pain but she still had fight in her. As Mariah twisted, Jewel was removing Mariah's top and once she had it off, she latched onto Mariah's boobs, also twisting hard. Trying to regain the upper hand, Jewel tripped Mariah and the two rival singers tumbled to the mat. Jewel landed on top and began punching Mariah's perfect boobs, then clamped her hands around Mariah's neck and began squeezing!

<"I'll make sure you never sing again, you cunt!" Jewel yelled as she squeezed even harder.

However, Jewel had ignored Mariah's actions. Snaking her hands into Jewel's bikini bottom, Mariah grabbed a handful of Jewel's pussy hair and pulled, ripping out an entire handful. The younger Jewel tried to scream but no sound came out as she rolled of Mariah. Jewel curled up in a fetal position while Mariah got to her feet.

Mariah was definitely enraged and now she had her rival at her mercy. Sure she could have finished her off, but she wanted to play with her a little first. Picking Jewel up by the hair, Mariah throws her into the nearest corner. She casually walks over and pulls off Jewel's bikini top - just to return the favor. Then Mariah spins Jewel around and slams her head first into the turnbuckle pad several times. Blood starts to trickle from the young songstresses battered nose. Jewel slumped down and her eyes glassed over but Mariah still wasn't done.

Stripping off her panties, Mariah turned around and rubbed her sweet ass back and forth across Jewel's face for a bit of added humiliation. Mariah stopped and threw Jewel across the ring using two handfuls of her, now disheveled, hair. Mariah finally strips Jewel down completely nude, then smiles at the dazed and disoriented young blond. Curling her hand into a claw, the dusky dominatrix shoves it down onto Jewel's cunt and locks the dreaded crotch claw in hard. Jewel screams and pounds the mat with her fists and feet as she pleads with Mariah to end her pain.

"Do you give?" Mariah yelled.

"Yes, Yes I give," Jewel sobbed.>

"Say I'm the best... say it loud enough for the whole crowd to hear."

"YOU"RE THE BEST!" Jewel screams at the top of her lungs. "NOW, PLEASE....LET GO YOU BITCH, I SAID I GIVE."

Mariah keeps the hold on a little longer, smiling as Jewel screams even louder until she couldn't take it anymore and passes out. Mariah removes her wet hand when it's obvious Jewel had lost control and her love juices were flowing. But for her fans, Mariah still wasn't done. Slapping the stunned Jewel awake, Mariah said, "Now it's my turn, cunt. You're gonna lick me." With that, she dropped her naked ass onto Jewel's face and began to grind as Jewel's tongue submissively slips in and out of Mariah's pussy. It didn't take long before Mariah came with a cry of joy!

When she was satisfied, Mariah looked down at her beaten choked foe and said, "Don't ever challenge me again. I will beat and beat and beat you, physically, talently and now sexually."

Mariah exited the ring, leaving the crying Jewel for the EMT's to look after. After the fight Jewel went into seclusion for several months, but Mariah and her career, kept soaring.

Jewel vs. Mariah Carey (rematch) by Simguy

Before: After Mariah Carey destroyed Jewel in the 'no rules catfight' Jewel demanded, insisted on, lobbied for and finally got this boxing match. Jewel, a proud blonde, took a lot of taunting from her compadres after the debacle against Ms. Carey and vows to set matters right tonight. Carey acting bad in pre-fight, but pundits like the style match up for Jewel - Kilcher's handlers clever to take a fight with a notorious KO artist, recognizing their girl's compact delivery might actually give her the edge. Mariah in long gold curls, gold bikini, Jewel in slick ponytail, teal tankini.

Round 1- Carey loading up and sweeping wide or overhand rights at Kilcher - Jewel with her right at her cheek, left under her chin, elbows in - she navigates the long armed bombs with good head movement, slipping inside Carey's reach, using a stubby jab to back Mariah up, then fighting off the taller girl's chest to smear Carey against the ropes. Kilcher putting punches together - everything's short, landing heavy to body and head - Carey slightly wide eyed at the bell after getting hammered for all 3 minutes.

Round 2 - More of the same - Carey unable to adjust - she's winging wide, telegraphed blows with plenty of mustard, but Jewel's seeing them, easily bobbing her way inside the arc.Kilcher's hooking Mariah's side savagely, buckling Carey's legs and really taking the wind out of her sails. Mariah collapsing to the ropes once again, hands at her chest, eyes staring as Jewel bounces lefts and rights off her face, sinks in the body punches, and begins to score with that dreaded straight right hand to the heart. Carey hurt, shook up this round - Kilcher just grinding the taller girl up inside.

Round 3 - Starting to get ugly - Kilcher's fists landing with sick leverage against the ribs as she puts her shoulder and legs in behind straight right hands. Carey folded over at the ropes cringes as Jewel cudgels her right side with repeated hooks - Jewel just working methodically, fighting off Mariah's chest and punishing the big blonde with steady output. Mariah wilting badly at the bell as Jewel pushes up off the sweating body for the break.

Round 4 - Carey trembling, legs locking - Jewel slips the right hand, comes back with a crunching left/right to the gut that has Carey stumbling to the ropes from the opening. Jewel moving in with cold eyes, using that left to push Carey back, then piling in with straight right hands to the heart - vicious, driving blows, over and over, pancaking that left breast. Carey getting jostled then rattled as her body soaks up these horrifying right hands - mouthpiece dribbles down her chest - Carey sobbing for the fight to be stopped as the ref. jumps in!

Stunning TKO4 Jewel Kilcher as she leaves Carey crippled in the ref's arms.

Vindication! Kilcher showing absolutely no mercy, does all her talking in the ring, walking Mariah down and bludgeoning the flashier slugger into teary eyed submission in 4 of the most clinically brutal rounds we will ever see. Carey battered into shell-shocked ruin - Jewel putting her punches together beautifully, keeping her weight forward - Carey unable to extend and critically, unable to fight going backward.
Mariah Carey vs Jewel Kilcher (from Diva Sexfights Web Site)

Unable to stand the thought of having lost to Kilcher, Mariah next challenged her to enter a 'no holds barred beach tournament' with several other celebrities. Jewel, her ego bouyed by her easy victory in the ring, accepted the challenge! Mariah wore a 2-piece black bikini showing off her curves as she slid a hand through her long light brown hair as she ran the other hand ran over her light chocolate body. She felt good but also a little nervous about this match in which she thought to be the favorite. After all, she didn't think Jewel was the toughest opponent she could get - better than one of the new young pop stars like Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson; and definitely better than any of the Spice Girls or Geri Halliwell.

Jewel was wearing an orange 1-piece bikini and her blonde hair was flowing gently in the breeze. She looked a little nervous too but tried to remain focused as she glared at Maria as she slowly approached her, raising her hands and looking wary. The girls started circling each other and for a long time nothing happened. No one seemed willing to make the first move and it only happened by chance when they got close enough to lock hands which they then did. This proved not a good start for Jewel as Mariah was clearly stronger and the bigger woman soon forced the blonde backwards. Jewel tried to put her weight into it but Mariah simply did the same and soon Jewel was on the retreat again and wincing. In fact, she was close to losing her balance several times before, in desperation, she kicked Mariah right in the stomach, causing the pop singer to let go and gasp, stumbling back and grabbing her belly.

Jewel gasped too but was quick to follow with more kicks but this time aimed for her opponent's chocolate thighs. Not all hit home as Mariah went on the retreat, yelping and gasping, but it was clearly Jewel who had the upper hand in the match right now and she felt the sudden wave of success and went at her opponent with slaps to her head and breasts, causing Mariah to yell and look frustrated. The dark girl tried to block as best she could but Jewel was actually faster than she thought and quite a few slaps went straight at Mariah's now reddening cheeks.

In an attempt to get back into the match Mariah lashed out at her opponent and punched her, hitting her right breast hard. This took Jewel by surprise and she stumbled back gasping for air but only received a very hard slap across her face as it was now Mariah taking over the lead in the match. Another punch hit Jewel right in the midsection and she doubled over in pain, clutching her sore stomach and feeling her legs wobble a little.

Mariah smiled because she felt she was now back in control of the match and she grabbed her doubled over opponent's blonde hair and pulled her head between her strong chocolate colored thighs where she squeezed hard, causing Jewel to let out a scream. Mariah then went for a serious ass spanking and slapped away at her trapped opponent's ass, going a little harder with each slap and soon leaving Jewel's ass cheeks reddened and burning. Jewel was squealing and groaning as she found her head trapped between Mariah's strong thighs and her ass spanked hard.

This went on for some time with Mariah slapping away and Jewel trying to break free of the vice-lock that was Mariah's strong thighs. But Mariah wouldn't budge, now matter how hard Jewel tried. The blonde was completely red in the face now and she knew she had to do something to break free or this match would soon be all over. In desperation she grabbed hold of her opponent's black bikini bottoms and yanked it to the side, and before Mariah even knew what was happening she felt a sudden pain in her pussy as Jewel shot twp fingers hard up into Mariah's unprepared and unready slit in a desperate attempt to get free. It worked!

"Aoooooouuuuuuuww!" Mariah screamed as she felt the sudden and unexpected pain.

She released Jewel from between her thighs and stumbled back, causing Jewel's fingers to slide out of her pussy, quickly pulling the bikini bottom in place, gasping and moaning. Jewel was gasping and moaning too as she finally got free from in between Mariah's strong thighs and she rubbed her sore neck with her hands and glared at her opponent who was glaring back at her. Soon the girls started circling again but looking even more warily. Somehow they both knew the rest of this match wasn't going to be clean either and none of them was happy about that. But neither felt like giving in either.

Mariah started jabbing, making solid contact with Jewel's breasts and face now and then, but Jewel, remembering her earlier success, went for kicking again and she landed some solid kicks to Mariah's thighs, actually driving the bigger singer back, causing her to wince and block. And when Mariah lowered her hands to try and block Jewel's kicks that's when Jewel landed a perfect slap on Miss Carey's cheek, almost spinning the dark singer around, causing her to stumble, looking confused.

Mariah felt her legs go weak and suddenly she was on her butt in the sand. It took a few seconds before she realized she'd been hit by a vicious slap from Jewel and then she looked up trying to see where her opponent was now. And that's when she felt Jewel's hands grabbing hold of her light brown hair and yanking her to her feet, Mariah screaming all the way at this pain which was now inflicted on her, waving her arms in frustration.

Jewel, however, just laughed as she yanked her opponent to her feet, now holding her by the hair with one hand and pulling back the other hand, only to plant it seconds later as a fist in her opponent's stomach, doubling her over. Jewel mercilessly pulled Mariah's hair so she stood up again and then repeated the procedure, punching again, once again hitting her opponent's belly. This time Mariah dropped to her knees and sobbed in pain. These punches were too much for her and she was shuddering in the sand and didn't feel like fighting back.

Jewel now planted a foot on her opponent's forehead and pushed her down on her back in the sand. She smiled down at Mariah who looked back up at her, dazed and hurt. Jewel then knelt down next to her opponent and grabbed her black bikini top and started yanking at it. Mariah gasped and tried to push at her opponent meekly but it didn't have any effect. A few seconds later Mariah's bikini top was ripped off and her big chocolate coloured breasts and dark nipples were on display. However Jewel didn't intend to just stare at them. She placed herself astride Mariah's stomach, then she put her hands on her opponent's big naked breasts and dug her fingers into the tender flesh and started squeezing - hard!

Mariah let out a scream as she started shuddering and kicking about with her legs. Her breasts hurt bad and she reached up for Jewel and tried to push the blonde away but again without any success. Another scream followed as Jewel grabbed her dark nipples and started tweaking, pulling and squeezing them, sending waves of pain through her opponent's entire body, causing the chocolate coloured singer to squirm and shudder, throwing her head from side to side, tears running down her cheeks.

This went on for a while and Mariah felt completely wasted. She was unable to fight back and she just wanted this to end. She was hardly thinking about the shame of losing and getting knocked out of the sexfight tournament in the first round. She just wanted the pain to STOP!

And it did. But only because Jewel got off her, giving Mariah a few good slaps on each side of her pretty face to make sure she'd stay down on her back. This wasn't even necessary, Mariah was in no position to get up now. The breast torture had gone on for several minutes and her stomach still felt bad because of the vicious punches she'd received earlier.

Jewel towered over her opponent. She knew she'd won this match and she felt happy because she hadn't quite expected it. Now she just wanted to humiliate her opponent a little and then force her submission. She placed a foot on Mariah's right breast and stood down on it pressing her heel against her opponent's sore nipple, causing Miss Carey to scream again.

"Oh stop it. Please stop!!" Mariah yelped as she once again felt immense pain.

Jewel smiled and lifted her foot from her opponent's breast and took a few steps back, smiling to herself, thinking how she'd just end the match now but in a spectacular way. She'd run at her opponent and then throw herself at her, winding her, letting all air out of Mariah. There'd be no singing voice left in her for a couple of weeks! Jewel smiled as she ran at her opponent and threw herself over her...Mariah gasped as she saw her coming and when Jewel threw herself down, Mariah screamed and lifted her knees in defense which saved her! By pure luck, one of her knees hit Jewel's soft spot, her crotch, as she came down hard. There wasn't even a scream from Jewel, her whole body just shuddered as she felt violent spasms of pain as she rolled in the sand and curled into a fetal position, panting wildly, her mouth forming an 'o'.

It took a while before Mariah realized what had just happened, but she managed to rise to her knees and looked at Jewel laying shuddering in the sand, unable to do anything but feel the intense pain in her pussy, feeling stunned. Mariah could hardly believe her luck. Just few seconds earlier she'd lost this match, no doubt about it, but now everything looked different. Even if she felt battered, she felt she could still win if only she'd fight mean and dirty. She grunted and grabbed Jewel, rolling her over on her back and climbing on top, straddling her as she reached one hand down and grabbed her crotch, digging her nails in as she squeezed - hard! Jewel screamed out loud, her eyes widening in pain as her body shivered and shook. But there was no mercy from Mariah; she knew where to attack and she kept squeezing and digging her nails into Jewel's pounded pussy, feeling the moisture welling up through the orange fabric of her bikini bottom.

Jewel held out bravely and for long, but there was nothing she could do. She was still stunned from the massive blow to her crotch and all she got in return was more pain from Mariah's strong, digging, probing fingers as they crushed and clawed her tenderest spot. Jewel held out surprisingly long as she managed to hold back her tears for a while, but there was no doubt about the result. In the end Jewel broke down sobbing and gasped out her submission. The moment she did Mariah rolled off and collapsed panting on her back in the sand beside her. She might have won the match, but she was every bit as battered as her opponent. Still, Mariah was confident she'd hurt Jewel enough she wouldn't have to deal with her again.