Mariah Carey vs. Angelina Jolie by tmbraidr

Angelina was in the process of filming her hit movie "Life or Something Like It" when she heard the news; Mariah had publicly slandered Angelina about her 'supposed lesbian-esque' behavior - and that after she'd married Billy Bob Thornton. Mariah hadn't even attempted to explain the obvious contradiction! A little miffed, Angelina decided to let it go and continue her film - until Mariah had the gall to show up on the set to make a few sarcastic comments! Mariah began to comment on the long, French manicured nails Angelina was sporting for the film. She went on and on about them, rarely changing the subject at all for several minutes. After Mariah left, Angelina was 'like totally confused' by her behavior and she back and thought long and hard about it. That evening, Angelina spoke to her agent and then the next morning issued a private challenge to Mariah for a catfight/sexfight at Angelina's home. Surprisingly, Mariah agreed!

Within a week things were all set and Angelina awaited Mariah at her home. Angelina was wearing a sultry purple bikini with matching thong that was covered, for the moment, by a white silk robe. Finally, the doorbell rang Angelina let Mariah in. The diva was wearing a skimpy pink top and a white mini skirt short enough to be panties but the best was on her head sat a sexy leopard print cowgirl hat! She looked ready to go.

Before they tangled Mariah looked at Angelina grinning, saying "Sexfight huh bitch? I knew you were a dyke!"

"We'll see slut!" grinned Angelina "Tell me, why are you so fixated on my fingernails?" she purred seductively.

Mariah, infuriated at Angelina's remarks, charged the sexy actress and grabbed Angelina by the hair. She backed her into the wall and as she tried to slam her head on it, Angelina grabbed Mariah's auburn locks and tries to turn her around against the wall. Suddenly, Angelina felt a heavy impact between her legs as Mariah's knee connected swiftly into her barely covered pussy. Gasping in pain, Angelina slumped to the floor while Mariah slowly strutted away and removed her hat before she resumed her assault.

As Mariah turns around she is met with a slap from Angelina's right hand which spins her around. Angelina now wraps her discarded robe around Mariah's throat and begins to choke the life out of her.

"Arrrpfffffftt!" Mariah mumbled, desperately gasping for air.

Suddenly, Mariah was free and she looked up at Angelina in disbelief, knowing the fight could've been over then and there.

"You didn't think I'd let you off that easy, did you?" purred Angelina "I want you to be conscious for the big climax I have planned!"

Without warning, Angelina reached down and ripped off Mariah's top but Mariah answered with a hard slap, then another. Neither seemed to effect Angelina who lashed out, rocking Mariah with her own slap, then she latched onto Angelina's big succulent breasts, digging her long nails in deep making Mariah scream in agony.

"How do you like my nails NOW, you dumb bitch?" Angelina demanded.

Mariah's arms and legs begin to flail, not even thinking about fighting back - only wanting to escape this madwoman and the awful pain in her precious puppies! But Angelina was far from finished! During Mariah's frantic flailing, the singer didn't notice Angelina's soft hands had pulled off her panties. When Mariah felt a cool breeze ruffling her dense thatch of dark pubic hair, she looked down in surprise, just in time to see Angelina's hand snake into the space between her firmly planted, muscular legs! Angelina released her claw on Mariah's throbbing tits as she began to slowly massage the battered singers crotch, splitting her slit and flicking a long finger on Mariah's hard little clit.

Mariah grabbed Angelina's wrist, but as she struggled in vain to pull her hand away, she began to moan as she felt the heat rising in her aroused pussy.

"Nnnoo...OOH! P...p...pllleeEEEEzzzzz!"

In desperation, Mariah grabbed Angelina's hair and pulled her head backward.

"OOOuuch!" screamed Angelina who ignored her own pain as she increased the pace of her pussy diddling.

Mariah's breasts shook as her breathing became heavier, struggling to increase the pressure on Angelina's hair with one hand, the other still pushing ineffectively against Angelina's invading digits! As the pain seering Angelina's scalp became more than she could stand, she decided to finish the little bitch off for good. She quickly turned her delicate fingering of Mariah's clit into a seductive sexual tickling of Mariah's insides. Angelina's fingernails slowly flicked and scratched Mariah's clit, sending jolts of pain and pleasure to her brain. Mariah's hand slipped from Angelina's hair as her mouth fell open, gasping for air and her bulging eyes fluttered, and then closed as she struggled against the urge for release she could feel building up in her loins.

Mariah's body began trembling as Angelina assaulted her pussy with both hands as Mariah squirmed and trembled, fighting to hold everything in. But Angelina smiled evilly, seeing her opponent being completely dominated by her fingers and fingernails!

"Look at you," Angelina hissed. "You slut! You're loving every minute of this! I guess you're the dyke now baby. Come on Mar, cum for me!"

The dominant brunette pressed her thumbnails inside of Mariah, exploring her void...knowing the time was almost right. Mariah, gazing at Angelina with a mix of lust and hate began to lose herself. Her sensitive mound could take no more of Angelina's sexual torture and her juices started to run wild! Angelina just smiled as she continues making her assault now even more intense. Mariah's love juice flowing relentlessly.

Mariah began to plead, "P...p...please....please I...I'll do anything!"

Angelina, enjoying her domination is uninterested in Mariah's plea and she continued pouring it on; working Mariah's hard clit with her thumb and forefinger as her nails massaged the singers sweet spot which caused more of her sweet nectar to erupt from her love volcano.

Angelina was grinning when she leaned over and whispered to Mariah, "We'll discuss your bargain later hun!"

She digs her nails in for one last plunge and Mariah's face explodes in ecstasy which is soon accompanied by tears. Her pussy now sore from Angelina's hands. Mariah takes one last breath and passes out. Angelina released her now wet hands from the soaking cunt of her adversary and begins to set up for her real treat!

A while later Mariah comes to and looks around not realizing where she is. Still feeling the sensation in her pussy she remembers. She struggles to move but realizes she's been tied naked to a bed. Suddenly Angelina strolled into the room.

"Finally awake hun.." she says, "I thought I'd give you a little rest before we finished."

Mariah began to mutter through her tears, "Please more... I ....I'm ....sorry..."

"Oh hush" Angelina interrupted. "Don't worry I'm just here to discuss your surrender terms."

"Ah...ah...yes…anything you want!" Mariah offered, her shoulders slumping in submission.

"Oh yes dear, it WILL be anything I want," Angelina snickered. "You see unless you want this to happen again and again, you'll become my bitch. Is that understood?"

Mariah hesitated, then bowed her head and sighed, "Y...yes...OK, anything! Just....please....let me go....?"

"Oh, I'll let you 'go' soon enough," Angelina smiled. "But first....I have a surprise for you....just so you'll know I'm serious." She opened the door and in walked....Cameron Diaz....Mariah's worst enemy. "I told Cameron about your nail fetish and the sweet girl went right out and got hers done... especially for you," Angelina said evilly.

Mariah stared at the long red nails on Cameron's eagerly flexing fingers as she walked toward her and she began to tremble, "No...NO! Please...!!!" she begged as Cameron stopped in front of her and began force her hands down between Mariah's thigh.

As Angelina left, she looked back over her shoulder and purred cattily, "Nightie night! You girls play nice....hee-hee-hee!"

Then she closed the door behind her, leaving Mariah in Cameron's eager and well-manicured hands.