Mariah Carey vs. Jennifer Lopez by StoneRage 14-Jul-99

Mariah and Jennifer have been rivals on the female fight circuit for some time now, each getting in her own victories against each other and others. Jennifer of late has been leaving Mariah behind garnering more and more victories. Mariah already envious is all the more with Jennifer's recent success as a singer. Mariah was only too happy to face Jennifer when given the opportunity.

Jennifer wanted to have a boxing match, her forte. But Mariah knowing Jennifer was the superior boxer opposed and wanted to wrestle. Finally both agreed to a bare knuckles anything goes fight. Jennifer seems ready for anything as she relaxes along the ropes limbering up. She wears a black sports bra, very short sexy satin boxing shorts split up the side, black in color with a white stripe and waistband, she has black boxing boots and white socks, her dark hair is tied back in a pony tail. Mariah doesn't seem flustered either eyeing Jennifer as she enters the ring. Mariah has on a checkered blouse cropped and tied which show her breasts easily and blue denim cutoff jeans that are cut short enough to qualify as briefs. She wears her long curly hair loose.

The bell sounds and the two seeming confident smirking approach each other slowly with their fists raised. The first couple of fists from each miss their mark - hitting only air or at worst lightly grazing the other. They bounce in a boxers stance as they feel each other out.

Mariah throws a wild right and Jennifer ducks, coming back with a right uppercut and left jab that connects well - bloodying Mariah's nose and snapping her head back. Jennifer continues on the offensive as Mariah blocks. Jennifer moves in grabbing Mariah and backs up only far enough to land some knuckles in the ribs which hurts Mariah. A left to the stomach has Mariah gasping for air and mad.

Mariah bears in and grabs Jennifer in a headlock flipping her to the ground. She stomps her but only manages to land 2 kicks before Jennifer topples her back grabbing a foot and scurrying back to her feet with a head full of steam at Mariah's action. Mariah still grabbing at her ribs wincing in pain, goes for Jennifer who waits her out as they start again exchanging fists. Mariah manages to strike a good blow to Jennifer just below her eye leaving a mark but Jennifer returns a vicious combo of unrelenting punches. Right, left, right, left, face, stomach, ribs.

Jennifer only backs off when Mariah resorts to kicking but then moves in with all the more viciousness snapping her head back. Mariah is on rubber leg street as she desperately tries to stay on her feet and even launch an offensive but Jennifer is merciless. Getting near the ropes, Jennifer lets loose with the last volley of fists. Mariah is now bleeding from the mouth as well as the nose as her eyes roll back. She slips back into the ropes falling through the middle and top ropes onto her back landing on the floor. A scene similar to the old famous painting depicting the Dempsey-Firpo fight in the twenties.

Mariah lies motionless on the floor as Jennifer holds her hands up in victory dancing around the ring as the ten count is counted down. Everyone knowing it is a mere formality as, "10. . . THE WINNER, JENNIFER LOPEZ!", is finally announced. Jennifer leaves the ring jubilant as Mariah is carried out.