Jennifer Lopez vs. Mariah Carey by Anonymous Guy 8/11/2003

J-Lo sat anxiously by the phone to hear from Ben. He was two hours late and she was getting pissed. He had promised her a date for the evening and she intended to take him up on his offer. Suddenly, the phone rang. She snatched it up and almost immediately dropped it again when she heard someone on the other end say breathily, "Benny boy won't be home tonight. He's with me. Have a good night sweet cheeks."

It was a woman's voice and she was panting hard from doing God knows what. Infuriated, Jen threw the phone across the room shattering a glass vase. Then she ran to the kitchen table and picked up her keys. She knew who was behind Ben's strange behavior as of late and she meant to put an end to it, to her and possibly to him. The brakes of Jen's car squealed as she skidded to a stop outside the hotel. As Jen strode grimly through the lobby, she removed her ear rings and put them in her purse. Things were going to get ugly! She approached the front desk and after a little persuasion, talked the star-struck young woman behind the desk into giving her both the room number and the key to Mr. Affleck's suite.

With the swipe of the card, Jen heard the click of the lock and she kicked the door open. Ben wheeled around in horror and saw the angry Latina standing in the doorway.

"Screw you, Ben," she screamed.

He tried to explain as the other woman remained laying naked, sprawled languidly on the bed, smiling, not moving. Suddenly, the woman grabbed the telephone and smashed Ben in the side of the head. He fell to the floor in a heap while the woman just laughed, "Not too bright, is he?"

"And fuck you too, bitch!" snapped Jen.

With that, the two lovelies collided. Jen threw off her overcoat as she ran across the room and leaped onto Mariah who clawed at Jen as she descended. Scratching and kicking, they rolled around on the bed as hair extensions, fake nails, and sweat flew everywhere. It seemed Jen had the upper hand at first, being as she was the first to strike. But then Mariah bucked her off the bed. Jen hit the floor hard and the impact took her breath away briefly. Just long enough for Mariah to slid off the bed, grab her by the hair and fling her clear across the room onto the couch. The thud of J-Lo hitting the sofa rattled the lamp shades but Mariah took her time, dusting herself off while J-Lo rubbed her aching back and sat up. Mariah strutted over to the fallen singer but before she could utter a single taunt, Jen silenced her with a well placed high-kick between the legs.

Mariah was speechless and winded by the cunt-punt. Mariah felt a shooting pain radiating outward from the center of her body as she squatted with her knees turned out and her hands holding her crotch. Jen reached down, picked up her husbands shoe from the floor beside the sofa and THWACK!

Mariah caught it across the chin and stunned, she reeled back from the blow as J-Lo rose to her feet growling in anger. She smacked the dazed singer with Ben's shoe again and followed that with a right hand slap to the cheek. Jen swung the shoe again but this time Mariah ducked and countered with a punch of her own, punching Jen in the gut and then punching her again. The second punch doubled the gasping brunette over right into Mariah's rising knee which caught J-Lo full in the face!.

J-Lo went down again and this time, Mariah grabbed her brown hair and dragged J-Lo to her feet grasping. Jen hit Mariah in the left breast with an uppercut, then rocked the songbird with with a right hook she learned training for her role in "Enough." Mariah went sprawled out across the bed but Jen had to pause to catch her breath, resting with her hands on her knees. Besides, she wanted Mariah to be awake so she'd know she'd been beat!

J-Lo straddled Mariah, pinning her arms down. Then J-Lo sat up and reached out to gently stoke the singers hair, brushing it back from her face. Then Jen slapped Mariah trying to wake her up. As soon as Mariah's eyes fluttered opne, J-Lo reared back and slapped the crap outta Mariah, rocking her head from side to side with eight or ten hard slaps until Mariah was fully awake and screaming; the left side of her face already bright red.

"You fucked my man, you bitch!?" snapped Jen. "Well, now you're gonna haveta deal with a angry Puerto Rican woman!"

Jen hissed taunts in Spanish at the beaten Mariah as she disrobed, promising Mariah she was about to have some girl-girl fun (all in Spanish of course). Using her shirt, Jen tied the dazed and sobbing Mariah's hands then stood on the bed with her feet on either side of Mariah's hip and sat down hard, used her famously big butt to drive all the wind out of Mariah's lungs. Spinning around and coming down again, Jen took off her bra and used it to tie Mariah's weakly kicking ankles.

"There we go!" Jen purred, giving Mariah's boobs a slap. "Now you're not going anywhere."


"Shut the hell up, bitch," the wronged women snarled.

Jen stood up, leaving the helpless Mariah pleading and bound hand and foot on the bed. Jen unzipped her shorts loudly so Mariah knew what was coming and let her shorts and panties drop to her ankles. Then she stepped out of them and walked slowly around the bed, letting Mariah's wide eyes drink in the sight of her tan, tight Latina body. Jen laughed as she crawled back onto the bed and curled up next to the trembling singer. They lay naked next to each other for few minutes; one, a sheer look of panic on her face, the the other, a look of utter satisfaction.

J-Lo got off the bed and turned Mariah sideways so her head and feet were hanging down on opposite sides of the bed. Then she pushed Mariah forward until her head was resting safely on the bed since she didn't want to break her neck - although the thought ran briefly through her mind. Mariah’s knee's dangled limp from the far side of the bed as Jen turned around with her back to Mariah..

"'s how you're going to it up to me," she said as she grabbed her butt cheeks and spread them slowly. "You see that? That's my asshole. Here’s where my ass and your tongue get very - VERY - well acquainted with one another. Comprende?"

Mariah squirmed and tried to use her legs to pull herself away, but Jen just grinned as she reached down and back between her legs, wrapped her fingers in Mariah’s hair and held the singer’s face steady as she slowly sat back and dropped her famously large ass down on Mariah's blushing, beautiful face. Jen let her butt cheek go and the massive mountains of flesh formed a tight seal on Mariah's face with a soft “THWAP” of skin on skin.

"Now, you have two - and only two - choices Mariah ma dear. Lick my Latina asshole clean, or smother. And you’d best hurry because the human brain can only survive without oxygen for about five minutes... … OH! Uhhhh. Oh, Mariah, you wicked girl. You DO want to live don’t you! Thatta gal, work it baby…swirl that talented pink tongue ALLL around in there. Yummy, dontcha just love it when a girl knows her place!"