Madonna vs. Mariah Carey by wildword 2/9/01

In a scene straight out of Mariah Carey's "Heartbreaker" video, Mariah follows Madonna into the ladies room at a music video awards show. As Mariah enters, Madonna is facing a mirror fixing her makeup. They are alone so Mariah states, "I hear you been putting down my music girlfriend!"

"Is that what you call it, music?" Madonna sneers derisively.

Mariah snaps, "My people tell me that whenever my name comes up, you make a face and pretend to gag."

Madonna giggles, "I ain't pretending. Besides, an artist needs her freedom of expression."

As Mariah replies, "Well, blondie, let me express something…." she delivers a swift kick to Madonna's ass.

Dropping her cosmetic case, Madonna turns around, "You made a big mistake little girl…"

She launches into an attack on Mariah, grabbing her hair. The two singers roll around on the cold tile floor, pulling each others hair. They struggle to their feet with their hands in each others hair, ripping out large handfuls of the others perfectly done hair.

Mariah releases her hold on Madonna's hair and starts punching her in the face. Quickly, Madonna releases her hold on Mariah and the two women square off in a fistfight. Mariah slugs Madonna silly - landing several punches in rapid succession to Madonna's face, both breasts and, finally her tightly worked out stomach.

As Mariah punches Madonna in her stomach, the blonde doubles over and Mariah laughs, "My heartbreaker video was based on true experiences bitch! Now, you're the one in trouble."

While Madonna is bent over holding her stomach, Mariah kicks her in the ass sending her headfirst into one of the bathroom stalls. Mariah runs up behind her, grabs Madonna's hair and plunges her head into the toilet repeatedly. A sputtering Madonna is quickly and efficiently destroyed!

Mariah takes a length of nylon cord from her purse which she carries at all times for just such an occasion and uses it to tie Mo's hands together behind her back. Then Mariah sits on the counter and drags a kicking and protesting Madonna over her knee.

Mariah purrs, "You remember I said "Heartbreaker" was from my actual experiences?"

Crying, Madonna sputters, "YES!"

Mariah states, "Well, we're going to make one of your songs a true life experience. Can you guess which one?"

Sobbing so hard she can't speak, Madonna shakes her head, "no."

Mariah pats Madonna's firm bottom and informs her it's, "Hankey Pankey!"

Madonna begs, "Oh No please not that!"

Smiling, Mariah pulls a thick wooden hairbrush from her purse and proceeds to blister Madonna's bare bottom with it. Howling and bawling, Madonna can only kick her feet and scream as Mariah sets her bottom on fire. Finally, Mariah lays down the now overheated hairbrush and pulls the hair out of Madonna's face. She asks the bawling blond if she'll obey her and treat her with respect in the future.

Through her tears and between gasps, the weeping Madonna mumbles, "Yes."

Satisfied, Mariah pushes Madonna off her lap onto the floor. Mariah hops off the counter, turns around and pulls down her panties. With her bare ass jutting out in Madonna's face, Mariah orders the Material Girl to lick and kiss her ass. After only a moment of hesitation, the crying Madonna obeys and kisses both cheeks, then licks Mariah's bare ass until the singer is satisfied.

Just then, Jennifer Lopez walks in and gasps at the sight that meets her eyes. Jennifer smiles down as Madonna hangs her head in shame, then winks at Mariah and says, "Gee Mar, looks like you've had a VERY good night."

Mariah smiles back and nods, "That I have, but it's not over yet."

Jennifer looks at Madonna's red ass which the blonde is rubbing with her bound hands.

Jennifer tells Mariah, "Well, you just did something someone should've done long ago."

Mariah agrees, "I always thought if this one got more spankings growing up maybe she wouldn't a turned out to be such a bad, bad girl. But I may need help training her to behave."

Jennifer smiles.

"Well, its never too late to start. We'll have to see she gets spankings regularly to keep her in line."

Mariah agrees and the two leave together smiling - leaving Madonna curled up on the floor nude, crying and rubbing her red sore ass with her hands still bound behind her.

(Wonder who's next to the ladies room?)