Mariah Carey vs. Shania Twain by D Wolf

Apparently, at the VH-1 Divas show where these two shared the stage with a few other talented women, there were some catty remarks and looks exchanged, this story just takes things to the next logical step.

Both women were in the lounge, with the last three acts of the show ongoing, Mariah sitting sipping a drink with some of her entourage in an ultra-short gold sequined miniskirt, her big hair hanging around her shoulders. Shania sat across them room with some of her band, in a one shoulder black sequin tank top and tight black Capri pants--you could tell she wasn't wearing underwear they were so tight. She could see Mariah eyeing her as she talked to her entourage...

"Yeah I can't believe they put me on the same stage as that country hick, she isn't anywhere near my class of talent. That's why my single bumped hers right out of it's climb up the charts..."

Shania was angry, this rude bitch was talking about her right in front of her as if she wasn't there..."Excuse me, Mariah, were you saying something?"

"Oh, whatever..." Mariah said flippantly and laughed with her group...

Shania got up. She walked over to Mariah, "No, not whatever, what did you say? Are you afraid to say it now that I am listening? Or did all that air in your head leak out?"

Mariah stood up to her full height in her heels, about three inches taller than Shania, their breasts almost touched and each woman began to breathe hard...

"Listen you no good hick, if I was talkin' to you, I would have said, 'Hey dumb hick, what do you think of this...' but I didn't say that, so why don't you sit your little country ass down, before it gets kicked..."

"You know something Mariah, your mouth is almost as big as your hair, but hey, we all know nothing is as big as your head--or what are the magazines saying? Nothing is as big as that fat ass you try to squeeze into those tiny dresses???"


Shania stumbled to the side as Mariah's slap slammed against her cheek... the two groups jumped up but both performers shouted for them to let them settle it..."You stupid bitch!" said Shania, rubbing her red cheek as she stood up and smacked Mariah back.

"Ow!" chirped Mariah, and then the two women buried their hands in each other's hair, pulling each other around the room, kicking at each other's legs.

Finally, shania let go with one hand and began punching Mariah in her back, and giving her uppercuts to her chest and ribs. Mariah let out grunts with each punch until she finally kicked Shania in the crotch. The Canadian let out a moan and crumbled to the floor in a heap, and Mariah realized she had torn her skirt completely and was essentially bearing herself to the crowd. She didn't care though, all she wanted to do was beat Shania, so she jumped on top of the brunette.

By that time, Shania was slightly recovered and the two rolled around for several minutes, scratching and pulling hair, when suddenly Mariah let out an abrupt scream. Shania had returned the crotch blow.. Mariah rocked back and forth on the ground and Shania jumped up. Mariah pushed herself to her feet, tears welling up in her eyes.

Both women were disheveled now, Mariah's pussy fully exposed and her tits pretty much in full view. Shania's top was off and her tits swinging freely.. The two women came together again with a smack of flesh and began pushing and pulling. Mariah slammed Twain into a wall and began punching her tits. Twain began to sob and then lashed out with a roundhouse punch landing squarely on Carey's jaw, causing the blonde to stumble back.

Twain took advantage, following Carey around the room as she stumbled, landing punch after punch to the girl's face before knocking Carey to the ground and jumping on her.

With Carey on her back, and Twain straddling her, the country singer began unloading with a series of punches to Carey's face and tits until the blonde screamed out her submission... Twain got up, grinding her heel into the blonde's pussy as Carey sobbed and moaned in pain...

Twain said, "That's just to show you who's the better woman you stupid bimbo..."

She walked to her dressing room to get changed for the finale, explaining why Carey didn't make it to the finale.