Belinda Carlisle vs. Trisha Yearwood by Doug Haig 22-Aug-99

"Come on, you Bitch, let's get it on!!!" Belinda Carlisle screamed, and rushed at Trisha Yearwood.

Trisha Yearwood hauls off and smashes the charging Belinda Carlisle in the face, snapping her head back violently. Trisha then slams Belinda in the belly, doubling her over. Belinda comes back up and into a flurry of punches to the face that knock her to the floor flat on her back. Trisha straddles Belinda and starts hitting her in the head with lefts and rights. Belinda manages to grab a fist full of Trisha's blonde hair and pulls her to the side so she can pound her fist into Trisha's gut.

Still on top, Trisha lets Belinda have it with a right cross, blood bursting from Carlisle's mouth. Belinda returns the favour with a right cross of her own which stuns Trisha and allows Belinda to unload with a flurry of punches to Trisha's head that knock her off. Trisha's pretty face is banged back and forth as each on of Belinda's punches lands hard, bringing instant bruises. Belinda hauls off and smashes Trisha in the mouth, the rings on Belinda Carlisle's right hand ripping through Trisha Yearwood's tender lips in a bloody spray.

The two singers struggle to their feet, and Belinda charges in, hammering away at Trisha's breasts through Trisha's black sportsbra. Trisha covers her slightly larger breasts and Belinda grabs her hair with both manicured hands so she can pull Trisha's head down, and straight into a wicked knee to the face that sends Trisha to her back. Belinda straddles a dazed Trisha and wails away at Trisha's head and breasts. Belinda again grabs hold of Trisha's thick blonde hair and pulls her head up so she can let loose with her free hand with a series of punches to Trisha's head and face. The nearly helpless Yearwood reaches up and grabs Carlisle by her full breasts, pulling off Belinda's green jogbra, and rips into the redhead's soft orbs, and mauls her viciously, twisting and crushing the singer's nipples between her nails. Belinda reaches for Trisha's hand to stop the mauling and leaves herself open for a right to the jaw that knocks her off.

Trisha gets to her feet first and is ready for Carlisle who rushes at Trisha. Yearwood sidesteps the charging redhead and drives her knee deep into Carlisle's belly. The air gets blasted from Belinda's body with a loud "UGGGNNHHH!!!" as she's stopped dead in her tracks, slowly bending over double. Carlisle clutches at her stomach and slowly sinks to her knees. Trisha comes up behind Belinda and grabs two fistfuls of shoulder-length red hair, which she pulls back on while she digs her knee into her back. Belinda screams in agony and claws at the air helplessly as Trisha tries to break her in half. After a few minutes of this Trisha releases her hold and kicks Belinda face down in the floor and then leaps on her back. Trisha grabs Belinda's hair in one hand and her green spandex shorts in the other, and then starts pulling them toward the other.

Belinda moans and pounds the floor in agony as her bottoms dig into her pussy. Suddenly, the material rips and Trisha lurches forward onto Belinda, Yearwood smashing her face into the back of Belinda's head leaving Trisha dazed. Belinda rolls away, slowly gets to her feet and turns to face Trisha who is only to her hands and knees. Belinda sees her chance and kicks Trisha full in the face, sending a thin shower of blood flying from the blonde singer's mouth, sending her sprawling in the floor on her side. Belinda Carlisle lays down behind Trisha, grabs an ankle and a hand, digs her heel into Trisha's back and pulls Trisha Yearwood's lithe body into a bow.

Trisha moans in pain as Belinda pulls harder and harder, taking the fight out of her. Sweat pours off of Belinda's pretty face is as Trisha's struggles grow weak and Belinda releases her hold and rolls Trisha onto her back. Noticing for the first time that she is nude while Trisha still has on both pieces of her black sportswear, Belinda straddles Trisha, rips her top off violently and starts tearing into her large firm breasts. The pain instead has a rousing effect on Trisha, who reaches up to claw Belinda's swaying breasts with her hot pink polished fingernails.

A breast war ensues with Belinda able to maintain her position on Trisha, but Belinda's breasts are way more sensitive and soon she lets go of Trisha's breasts and grabs her by the wrists to pull her from own breasts. Belinda succeeds and pins Trisha's arms to the floor her breasts dangling in front of Trisha's face. Trisha moves her head up and bites down on Belinda's right nipple hard. Belinda screams in pain and grabs Trisha by the hair trying to pull her away from her breast. Belinda's frantic struggling allows Trisha to get her leg between their bodies and she kicks out sending Belinda flying onto her ass.

Trisha leaps to her feet, pulls Belinda to her knees by the hair and sends right after right into her face, blood splashing out of Belinda's torn lips. On the verge of defeat, Belinda reaches into Trisha's bottoms and begins scratching at her pussy with her crimson fingernails. Trisha moans in pain and backpedals away from her tormentor, giving Belinda time to get to her feet before Trisha comes charging at her. Trisha throws a right at Belinda's face which the redhead deftly blocks, then Belinda blocks a left hook and goes on the counterattack with a left to the jaw and a right to the side of Trisha's head.

Belinda opens up on the stunned Trisha with rights and lefts that have Trisha's head jerking back and forth. Trisha is out on her feet her arms hanging at her sides when Belinda sends an awesome roundhouse left that catches Trisha on the chin, spins her around and sends her face first, Yearwood not even raising her hands to prevent her crashing to the hardwood floor. Belinda flips her over and delivers a vicious kick to the cunt, as Trisha's body quivered on the floor. Belinda savagely punts her foot into Trisha's pussy again, crushing Yearwood's red and swollen cunt lips. Pulling the blonde roughly to her feet, Belinda struck first and hard, a fast jab to Trisha's face that snapped he head back. Trisha recovered quickly and managed to just deflect the next blow, a roundhouse right straight for her cheek that would have crashed painfully into the side of her face and almost taken her head off.

Trisha's own fist flashed out, and before Belinda knew what was happening she was staggering backwards under the onslaught of the blonde's fast blows. Trisha barreled into Belinda with her shoulder, catching her right across the left breast and flattening it painfully as Belinda cried out in pain and retaliated, slamming her own fist into Trisha's kidney with all her might. The punch stopped Trisha for the moment, and she drew back, in obvious pain, raising her fists again, motioning for Belinda to come at her.

Belinda's mouth was trickling blood and her head was ringing from the blows Trisha had rained upon it, so she instead charged forward, catching the sultry blonde by surprise and used her weight to take her down to the ground where she slowly wrestled her way on top. Trisha immediately grabbed a handful of Belinda's huge left breast and used it to tug her off her and onto her side as Belinda yelled in pain. Distracted by the squeezing of her mammary, Belinda was caught in a crushing waist scissors by Trisha's very powerful legs and she screamed in pain as Trisha brought all her strength to bear around her slender waist.


Trisha yelled loudly at her trapped foe, as she twisted Belinda's left breast in her strong fingers. Belinda bucked and twisted and managed to manoeuvre her way on top of Trisha, then drove her hands down onto each of Trisha's tits, mashing them both beneath her fists as now it was Trisha screaming on pain. Belinda ripped her rivals top up and off tossing it to the side and then smashed her left forearm across Trisha's face, stunning the blonde in mid-twist of both her tits. Then, with her face turning red from the pain now exploding from her anguished breasts, Belinda Carlisle slammed the palm of each manicured hand down on Trisha's breasts, crushing them beneath them, before clamping her fingers onto each one as Trisha Yearwood screamed out in pain.


Fighting through a haze of pain, Trisha knew her blood-engorged nipples couldn't take much more, and she balled up her hands into fists and uppercutted Belinda in her taut stomach.

Belinda grunted as Trisha rammed her fist into her belly as she ripped at the front of her body with her hot pink nails. Belinda Carlisle tore Trisha's head around like a rag doll by the hair in response, distracting her from tearing open Belinda's throbbing breast, but Trisha slammed a short and wicked right hook into Belinda's left breast, crushing the mammary under the strong punch and Belinda tried to recover from the painful blow.

But then Belinda was knocked for a loop by an unexpected right cross to her cheek that rattled some teeth from it's surprising strength. Trisha took advantage of Belinda's extreme pain, grabbing a handful of red hair from the back of Belinda's head, she jamming her face into her expansive breasts, cutting off the redhead's air as she positioned her in a frontal scissors around her waist. Belinda struggled hard, twisting and turning between Trisha's well-toned legs as she tried to get some air into her lungs. Belinda Carlisle's muffled cries got louder as Trisha Yearwood's fist slammed continuously into her ribs from the side of her belly until it felt as if her side was on fire.

Belinda's face was turning red as her body stiffened in response to Trisha adding all the pressure she could to her scissors, reaching down and pinching each of Belinda's tender red nipples painfully over and over, then she began to punch at them grinding her knuckles and rings in hard as Belinda's muffled cries barely escaped Yearwood's firm breasts. Belinda bit down on a mouthful of Trisha's milky titflesh while ramming her fingers deeply into Trisha's cunt. Trisha went wild as she pulled at Belinda's hand with both of hers, her face a white sheet of pain. Belinda spit out her mouthful of flesh and immediately latched onto Trisha's rubbery nipple, pulling the large mammary around by it as she chewed on it. Trisha's legs were but show now as they dangled loosely around her foe's waist, her domination derby at an end, having wanted to humiliate Belinda more than pound her to a bloody pulp, causing her to painfully lose her hard fought advantage.

Screams filled the room as Trisha's nipple was almost severed and she started to punch at the sides of Belinda's head, desperate to get her teeth off her agonised and now-bleeding nipple. Catching the edge of Belinda's right eye with her knuckle pauses Belinda's attack for a needed second and Trisha slips her hand between her foes lips and her ravaged breast and works her soggy nipple out of Belinda's mouth. Just as she thought she was home free more of her yells echo throughout the as Belinda's red fingernails find her clit and dig in, sending waves of pain through her as she rips at Belinda's hand managing to pull it out this time before more damage can be done.

Belinda Carlisle sinks her crimson talons into each of Trisha's breasts, gouging her sharp red painted nails deeper and deeper into the yielding flesh of her younger blonde rival.


Trisha Yearwood is beside herself with pain as frantically pulls at Belinda's hands who's nails are burrowing into her lovely chest. Blood begins to stream down from multiple cuts around some of Belinda's nails, the skin stark white around each finger as it presses painfully into the smooth flesh of Trisha's once unblemished chest. Removing her right hand from trying to free her breast, Trisha continues her earlier battering of Belinda's side, her first few blows bringing a small look of irritation to Belinda's face, another round of blows has her visible pained as she leans into that side slightly and tries to use her arm to block further punches. Belinda's face turns white as Trisha's fist gets past her arm and slams into the now red swollen, and bruised area just above and to the right of her belly, and grabbing a handful of red hair, Trisha tugs the singer off her to crash to the floor at her side.

Mad as she is, Trisha is too devastated to take immediate advantage of her hurt foe as Belinda, holding her side rises to her knees, teary-eyed, her ribs throbbing in pain, possibly bruised or even fractured from the hard blows. Trisha tries not too show how hurt her hand and knuckles are now as she massages her wrecked chest, her eyes taking in the full damage the bitch has done to her once-magnificent breasts. Covered with bleeding scratches and nail gouges, Trisha's tits scream in agony with each breathe she takes, the right nipple still bleeding were Belinda's teeth almost bite completely through. Belinda is standing shakily on her feet waiting for Trisha.

They circle each other slowly looking for an opening. In mutual agreement they come together chest to chest, wrapping each other arms around the other's back and mashing their breasts together as they begin to try and bearhug the other to submission.

Nipples plow into nipples as the breast flesh between them oozes out from in between their sweat-soaked and blood-spattered bodies as it crushed, Trisha's breasts start to overcome Belinda's, engulfing the smaller breasts, but Belinda's larger, blood engorged nipple's spear painfully into the soft flesh of her foe again and again. They stagger around the room deadlocked till they suddenly part.

Trisha yells at Belinda, "C'mon you Bitch, let's see just how tough your breasts are!!!"

Placing her hands behind her back as Belinda follows suit and the two begin a savage breast boxing war, Belinda drives back Trisha with a fast breast-flapping assault, the redhead slapping her tits into Yearwood's hard.


Trisha flinched and gasped in pain at the special attention Carlisle was giving her left breast, the redhead banging it hard, twice as often as Yearwood's right tit. But Trisha surges forward and begins to slam Belinda's breasts silly, her own breasts having become numb finally, she presses her advantage. Belinda desperately swings her breasts into the blonde's, wincing in pain from the blow, bewildered at Trisha's lack of pain as she is again battered back by two hard swung breast blows from her foe that has her breasts in agony as she staggers back cupping them in her hands.

"What's wrong, too tough for you??? You can quit any time...BITCH!!!!"

Trisha charges forward and slams her breasts into Belinda's soft tender breasts head-on and reels back in pain as her wounded nipple takes the blow directly and almost puts her on her knees in agony, Belinda can't help but see the effect and propels herself forward, smashing her breasts into Trisha Yearwood fiery nipple again and again. Trisha feels like someone just smashed a sledgehammer into her tits, as she falls back, sobbing in pain.


"Guess my tits are just too much for you, you Slut!!!" Belinda sneered back at the wounded blonde. "You ready for more pain or are you gonna be smart and quit before I rip those breasts right off you???!!!"

With a sudden scream, Trisha dives at Belinda and they roll across the floor, tearing at each other with their manicured nails until Belinda encircles Trisha's waist from behind in a scissors of great strength. Yearwood roars as Carlisle's gorgeous legs crush her waist, as Trisha's cries of pain are soon replaced with whimpers as her sides are put through a vice while Belinda rips punch after punch into each of the blonde singer's swollen and battered breasts. With each savage breast punch Belinda screams at Trisha to give up, accentuating each word with a hammer fist to her tit.

"DO...YOU...GIVE...UPPPPP????!!!!" Carlisle screamed, banging her fist as hard as she could into Trisha's breasts, knowing it was just a matter of time before Yearwood's tits would explode.

Trisha kept mumbling back "No no no no..." and then as Belinda painfully drove Trisha's nipple hard and flat against the blonde's ribcage, Yearwood let out a ear-splitting scream of total pain.

Knowing that if she lost control of the fight now, Belinda would rip her tits apart, Trisha's legs flashed out and wrapped around Belinda's taut stomach, reversing Belinda's scissors, while Yearwood's manicured hands found a tight hold on the red hair flying around in front of her. Belinda's long sharp red nails still ripped and dug trenches into Yearwood's body, but the redhead's sweaty face showed the power of Trisha's toned legs, the gorgeous gams were like twin pythons crushing her as Belinda tore and dug her fingers into the blonde's larger breasts, and sensing the lessened pressure of the singer's legs on her sides she then elicited a scream of anguish from Trisha.

Yearwood's large brown nipples were assaulted savagely by Carlisle's strong fingers, twisted and pulled like they would just come off it was everything she could do to keep her legs wrapped around the redhead. As Belinda's nails pierced the skin of her areoala, Trisha Yearwood slammed a punch to the side of her head, stunning her and then releasing her scissors she slammed her feet into Belinda's relaxed belly, sending her backwards to land on her delectable ass cheeks, Belinda Carlisle moaning loudly in pain.

Trisha Yearwood came at Belinda Carlisle with a vengeance, and she tore into the redhead, landing herself knees-first onto the redhead's stomach, coming down so hard on the redhead's taut belly that Belinda thought she might throw up from the force of Trisha's landing. Trisha ripped Belinda's breasts open and sank her fingers deeply into Belinda's large creamy breasts. The redhead yelled in pain as the blonde's fingers oozed with her white breast flesh, and Belinda's tits soon were red splotched with finger imprints and in agony, Trisha grinding the tender flesh between her fingers and rings. Trisha heard and Belinda felt one of the milk sacs in her breast pop open painfully, and as Trisha Yearwood rolled and kneaded Belinda Carlisle's swollen breast clear drops of fluid began running from Belinda's bruised and battered teat, as Trisha crushed Belinda's raw and rubbery nipples like putty.


Belinda brought her legs up and around, wrapping them around Trisha's neck. tugged down onto her back, her tight grip on the redhead's mammaries lost as the floor smacked the back of her head, stunning the woman. Belinda took immediate advantage and lashed out with her foot, she arced it down and smashed it heel first into Trisha's round left breast, full-force, as the blonde bellowed out in pain. Trisha Yearwood's nipple was savagely driven deep into her breast, the globe of flesh expanding painfully outward. Belinda whipped her legs out and around and her blonde foe was soon trapped in a powerful neck scissors.

The sexy blonde Country singer was reeling from the breast kick, but still managed to twist and turn so that now she could reach out and rip into Belinda Carlisle's exposed pussy and firm ass cheeks with her long red nails. Belinda screamed, but could do nothing as the blonde bitch laid into her ass cheeks, Trisha Yearwood crushing the flesh between her hands, then began driving in her nails. The redhead reached down and tried to pull the blonde's hands from between her legs as a small pile of her hair began to appear on the floor next the furious women. Belinda poured on the pressure to Trisha's neck as the pretty blonde singer tugged even more of Carlisle's pussy hairs frantically as her air began to run out.

Trisha was soon beside herself as she tried to escape Belinda's vice like scissors , digging her nails into Belinda's calves as she tried unsuccessfully to pull them apart. Trisha knew the end was near so with all the strength she had left she fought until she was able to struggle to her feet, still trapped in the scissors as Belinda hung backwards down the length of her body. Trisha swung Belinda right into the side of a nearby couch, slamming the redhead's shoulder into it, hurting her, but not managing to dislodge her . Belinda reached out and grabbed the arm of the couch as Trisha tried to swing her around for another slam, crying out as her arm is almost pulled from the socket. Trisha tried to swing her again, but Belinda held on, at the expense of the use of her arm now.

The blonde was starting to get woozy from lack of air and she stumbled forward and luckily managed to trap Belinda's head against the couch, folding her legs till they painfully touched the couch.

Belinda was crushed between Trisha and the couch and was forced to release her scissors. Trisha gulped in some air and brought her foot crashing down onto Belinda's stomach. The redheaded singer let out a wail as Trisha began to stomp her in her breasts over and over.

"THIS FEEL GOOD, BELINDA???!!!" Trisha screamed out in anger as Belinda just screamed.


Trisha Yearwood reached down and tugged Belinda Carlisle up onto a nearby couch with a handful of thick red tresses. Trisha dragged Belinda over to the edge of the couch and draped her full swollen breasts over the wooden arm.
Belinda realised what was to come only seconds before Trisha's forearm slammed down hard onto Belinda's trapped breasts.

Belinda's large and battered globes of flesh were flattened painfully as Trisha raised her arm up for another strike as a sobbing Belinda screamed out, "NOOOOOO!!! PLEASE TRISHA!!!! OHHH DEAR GOD...NO MOOOOOORE!!! MY BREASTS HURT SO FUCKING MUCH TRISHA!!!!"

Paying no attention to the redhead's screams, Trisha just brought her forearm down hard with all her might. Belinda Carlisle's voice echoed continuously throughout the room as her sobs of agony grew louder. As Trisha Yearwood slammed her forearm in again, she heard with much satisfaction the squishing noise of Belinda Carlisle's blood-engorged nipple ripping open. Belinda lay on the couch in a fetal position, cupping her wounded mammaries

"GIVE IT UP, CARLISLE!!! ITS OVER!!!" Trisha screamed out at her redheaded foe.

"NO NO, I'M GONNA KILL YOU TRISHA!!! OHHH CHRIST!!! MYYYY TIT!!!! " Belinda sobbed in pain, her brown eyes clouded with fury and agony.

That was all Trisha had to hear, she reached out and reached down and slapped Belinda hard across her face. Trisha hair-hauled Belinda dizzily to her feet, and the blonde clapped her manicured hands onto Carlisle's large red nipples. Trisha pushed Belinda back into the door hard, slamming the base of the redhead's spine into the doorknob and Belinda again cried out in pain. As Belinda fought the pain in her back she gripped Trisha's breasts by the blonde's blazing nipples. As Belinda grabbed both breasts and began to crush them in her hands, Trisha moaned and wrapped her hands around Belinda's throat, her face showing the pain Belinda was causing her with her painful breast attack. Belinda was slowly forcing Trisha backwards, but Trisha unleashed a knee lift that slammed full force into Belinda unprotected cunt.

Belinda Carlisle was blinded by the most devastating pain she had ever experienced, her vagina radiating throbbing bursts of sheer pain.

"TRISHA!!!!! OHHHHH FUCK!!!! MYYYY CUUUUUNNNNNTTTT!!!!!!" Belinda screamed.

Belinda Carlisle released TrishaYearwood's abused breasts, her face white as a sheet as she fell back into the door, just missing slamming her back into the knob again. As she slid down she the wall Trisha kicked out again, this time catching Belinda's right breast and driving her foot deeply into the tender globe of flesh. Belinda screamed in agony and grabbed Trisha's foot twisting it at the ankle hard and caused Trisha to fall to the side of her.

Both women caught their breathe as they glared at each other with unbridled hate. Belinda rose and with a scream of rage dove at Trisha, who thrust her foot out in time and planted it into Belinda's solid stomach as she reached out and grabbed her, tossing Belinda up and over her to land on her back with a jarring THUD!!

Rising fast and turning, Trisha rushed at Belinda and jumping up, came down knees first onto Belinda's shapely breasts, her ass slamming into Belinda's face, muffling her screech of agony as her breasts were crushed into her ribcage. Trisha squeezed her thighs together as hard as she could smothering Belinda's face so she could not breathe. Belinda Carlisle writhed in desperation under Yearwood, and suddenly Belinda's foot rushed up and smashed into Yearwood's pretty face knocking the blonde backwards onto the floor. Both women were soaked now, sweat pouring off their bodies, and streaming between the cleavage between their breasts.

Trisha charged and was meet with a foot to the crotch which just hit above her cunt, causing her pain but nothing like a direct hit would have. Trisha grabbed Belinda's foot and used Belinda's earlier move twisting the ankle harshly, and forced Belinda to fall to the ground. As Belinda landed on her back, Trisha, still holding her ankle, slammed her heel squarely into Belinda's cunt, she did not miss her tender target. The blood drained from Belinda's face and she let out a scream of utter agony as the heel penetrated her cunt lips shoving then aside as it ripped deeper. Trisha twisted her foot back and forth as Belinda moaned in pain and tried to remove her foot to no avail.

"UUUNNNNNGGGHHHH!!!!! OHHHH FUCK---TRISHA!!!! MYYYY CUUUUUNNNNNTTTT!!!!" Belinda screamed as Trisha withdrew her foot before again sending it crunching hard against Belinda's pussy.

Releasing Belinda's leg Trisha straddled her as she cried and moaned in agony. With a huge grin on her face, Trisha grabbed Belinda's very firm left breast and sank her pink nails into it, gouging the flesh horribly then twisting the whole breast a half turn to the right as Belinda bellowed out in pain and terror at the top of her lungs. Trisha was going absolutely wild on Belinda's left breast, corkscrewing her nipple before raking her nails across it repeatedly as she continued twisting it, leaving long bloody fingernail trails.


Belinda, still yelling in agony, bucked wildly trying to throw Trisha off. Trisha then released Belinda's ravaged breast and started to rain down punches and slaps on both her breasts till they were both beet red with black and blues forming all over.

"GIVE, YOU BITCH!!!" Trisha screamed at the top of her lungs at the sobbing and pain-wracked Belinda.

"I didn't hear you, BITCH!!!!" Trisha screamed, as she slammed her forearm down onto both breasts squashing them into Belinda's ribcage.

Belinda moaned in pain, her breasts causing her to feel a level of pain she had never felt before as tears of agony streamed down her tear-soaked face, her body covered with sweat and blood. Trisha bent down and smothered Belinda's mouth and nose with her breasts.

A wide-eyed Belinda struggled to free herself, but she was totally at Trisha's mercy now. Thinking that she had put Belinda out cold, Trisha got off of the redhead and headed for the door. Suddenly, without any warning at all, an arm come around her head and wrapped around her throat and she was pulled backward and as her ass hit the floor a pair of strong legs snaked and wrapped tightly around her waist. Belinda had immediately attacked her from behind. Trisha struggled to get free, ripping her nails up and down Belinda's sexy gams.

But Belinda's well-conditioned legs held her in place as Belinda's free hand clasped her right breast, squeezing it like a visegrip, so hard, Trisha saw stars in front of her eyes.

"I WANNA FEEL YOUR BREAST EXPLODE IN MY HAND TRISHA!!!" Belinda screamed out at the blonde. Belinda was in total control and she relished in hearing Trisha's cries of pain as she mauled her breast and choked the life from her.


Trisha screamed until she was hoarse.

Trisha finally managed to remove Belinda's arm from her throat and turn around to face Belinda, and then it was Belinda Carlisle's turn to scream in absolute pain when Trisha viciously punched the underside of Belinda's left breast, smashing it upwards to slam off her shoulder, the breast being very, very, tender after the pounding it had been through. Belinda's brief offence now totally crumbled as she decided to defend her breasts. Trisha started punching Belinda's completely undefended stomach and face, as Belinda used both hands to cover her breasts from further attack.

When Belinda was a sobbing, quivering mess, Trisha reeled back to lay Belinda out with a spectacular punch to her face, but Belinda Carlisle ripped her manicured fist deeply into Trisha Yearwood's swollen right breast, flattening it painfully against her ribcage while Trisha screamed. Blood vessels burst in Trisha's breast as another harsh flattening blow drives in, again sinking in deeply as Trisha's face contorts in agony. Trisha backhands her fist across Belinda's lower lip, splitting it open and snapping her head back as red hair and blood flew through the air in unison. Then Trisha drove her fingers into Belinda's pussy and ripped her hard pink nails into the walls of Belinda's cunt.

"Oooooooo!!!!!! MY CUNT YOU FUCKING SLUT!!! GET YOUR FUCKING FINGERS OUTTA ME TRISHA!!!" Belinda moaned out loudly.

Trisha was soon driving Belinda off her as she twisted her clit in her nails painfully, and Trisha reached out, gripping a handful of the redhead's titflesh and crushing the tender orb between her fingers and palm, Belinda's screams bouncing off the windows. Trisha Yearwood started to force Belinda Carlisle onto her back as Carlisle's hand now found Yearwood's cunt lips and Belinda tugged at them like they were removable as Trisha now cried out in agony.

The blonde's pink nails still clinging onto her ravaged clit, Belinda desperately smashes the heel of her palm hard against Yearwood's breast and Belinda rubs her palm savagely over Trisha's erect nipple, almost rubbing the distended nipple right off her areola as Yearwood screams out in utter agony, as her nipple slightly but painfully splits of her brown areola. Trisha abandoned her attack on Belinda's clit to grab at her hand to stop her from further antagonizing her cut. "OHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"


Blinded in a haze of completely devastating pain, Trisha Yearwood gouges and rips her pink and chipped nails into Belinda's right breast now and squeezes for all she is worth, the fingers turning white as Trisha's chipped fingernails scratch Belinda Carlisle's red bloodstained breasts painfully.


Then suddenly blood is flying from her face as the blonde's head snaps back from an unseen punch to her chin from Carlisle, tugging on Belinda's throbbing breast until her nails rake down it, opening cuts as they go till five bloody scratch marks cover the whole front of Belinda's raw breast.

Belinda clutches the wounded breast in her hand as she moans in pain, blood again welling up between her beautifully manicured fingers, then with her eyes blazing Belinda slams her hand palm first down onto the nipple of Trisha's breast, sending the titflesh outwards as her hand rams into it, driving the nipple painfully almost into Yearwood's the ribcage. Belinda slaps at the outside of Trisha's breast, the ring on Belinda's finger painfully clouting the tit before the redhead sends the torn globe flying into Trisha's other breast, then proceeds to forehand and backhand them over and over with her fist until both gorgeous breasts are covered in black and blues. Grabbing the now tenderised flesh in her hands, Belinda has Trisha screaming at the top of her lungs, her once magnificent breasts all bruised up and swollen to twice their normal size.

"YOU READY TO GIVE UP, YOU BLONDE BITCH???!!!" Belinda all but screams into Trisha's face.

As Yearwood desperately shakes her head no, Carlisle threatens "ITS GONNA BE FUN RIPPING THESE MILK-BAGS OFF YOUR FUCKIN' BODY, TRISHA!!!!"

Looking down and seeing her swollen and bloodstained breasts, Trisha moans out "OHHH GOD BELINDA---MY BREASTS!!!! MY BREASTS!!!!"

Belinda desperately punches Trisha in her side again, striking almost the same exact spot as earlier and sending waves of pain shooting through Trisha's side as she gasps in agony and releases her titty hold, grabbing at Belinda's arm. Trisha screams as Belinda's ringed fist again finds her rib, this time definitely bruising or cracking it, as Trisha falls over onto the floor in agony, trying frantically to get back up before Belinda can. Belinda's face is a mess, her nose bleeding and broken, her lips mashed into her teeth and also bleeding while they blew up, her tits were covered with dark black and blues, scratches and huge bruises around the nipples from being battered by Yearwood's fists, each tit swollen to almost twice it's normal size.

Trisha's cheek is swollen and bruised, her lower lip swollen and bleeding, her stomach and side have huge black and blues from Belinda's punches, the five deep scratches running down her right tit still bleeding as are the multiple ones on her left tit and both have many bruises and small cuts from Belinda's constant assaults on them. They each tried to get to their knees shakily and soon were facing each other when Belinda reached down and began to tear at Trisha's cunt with her nails as Trisha followed suit burying her own hand deep into Belinda's love nest, ripping her nails around inside as blood started to make it's way down her arm as it poured from Belinda's ravaged pussy walls.


Trisha was not in much better shape as Belinda's crimson nails found her clit and dug deeply and painfully into it, both women crying out loudly, their heads on each other's shoulders as they rocked back and forth in battle. Trisha had her other hand ripping out all of Belinda's pubic hair as she grunted with each tug. Belinda's punched weakly with her free hand into Trisha's right tit then her left, back and forth as Trisha followed suit and soon both women were screaming at the top of their lungs as each of the once magnificent tits were pounded into a bloody bruised mess, the titflesh popping out their sides as each stinging blow was driven in with all their remaining strength.

Belinda was in utter agony, barely keeping from passing out, her tits throbbing from Trisha's constant punches. Belinda gave her another hard punch to her side and Trisha saw stars as pain exploded from her wounded ribcage, and in a last-ditch effort Trisha switched tactics suddenly, poking Belinda in the eyes and blinding her. Belinda frantically rubbed at her watering eyes with her free arm as Trisha's fist plowed into her face, snapping her head back.

Another blow slammed into Belinda's damaged right breast, sending it flying upwards as she cried out, then Trisha grabbed a handful of titflesh from each one, and pushed them upwards so hard she slammed Belinda onto her back with her legs trapped under her in a kneeling position. She mashed the mammaries into each other then again Trisha used her fists and rings to try and send the nipple of each breast right through Belinda's ribcage.

Belinda reached up and wrapped her fingers around Trisha's breasts and began to squeeze for all she was worth as Trisha smashed her fists into Belinda's face and breasts over and over till Belinda's hands dropped down at her sides and still the furious Trisha continued to punch her face to a bloody pulp then she wrapped her own fingers around Belinda's swollen, sweaty breasts, mauling them viciously.


As her breasts felt like the were getting torn from her body, Belinda moaned out in pain, her hands slapping ineffectually at Trisha's hands. A sobbing Belinda Carlisle screamed out her surrender at last, but Trisha Yearwood was not about to let her off so easily now with all the damage and pain she'd caused. Trisha clambered on top of a sobbing Belinda, kept the redhead's arms crushed hard under her knees as she straddled Carlisle, and ripped into Belinda's breasts again as the redheaded singer moaned in pain and defeat. Trisha clapped her hands tightly onto Belinda's sweaty globes, and kneaded and crushed the reddened mounds of titflesh.

"TRISHA!!! NOOOO MORE TRISHA!!! PLEASE!!! ENOUGH!!! STOPPPPPP!!!!" but Trisha Yearwood kept on working Belinda Carlisle's breasts savagely, rolling and pinching her mouthwatering nipples as Belinda screeched out in anguish.

Trisha Yearwood kept up her vicious mauling until she had split both of Belinda Carlisle's nipples painfully in half, then left the beaten singer moaning on the floor, Belinda's breasts throbbing and radiating pain outwards.