The Babysitters: Hope Marie Carlton & Anne Marie Fox by kit

Anne poured herself a Diet Coke and grabbed a package of chips. It was almost 2 p.m., and time for her favorite soap opera.

"You guys be quiet and don't bother me," she said out the sliding screen door. "My soap’s on."

Plopping down on the sofa, she switched channels as the seven-year-old boys continued to play loudly outside.

Timmy and Johnny were playing with the boxing gloves that Timmy had gotten for his birthday the day before. Dancing around and sticking out jabs, the two playmates trashed each other and came together with a series of hard blows. Timmy knocked Johnny down and taunted him.

"Big deal," said Johnny getting up. "My dad can beat up your dad."

"Can not!" yelled Timmy.

"Can too!"

The boys began argueing and shouting.

"Shut up!" Anne yelled from inside.

"She's mean," said Johnny, in a low voice.

"Is not," retorted Timmy.

"Is too."

"Well, my babysitter can beat your babysitter," snapped Timmy.

"Can not!" shouted Johnny.

"Can too!"

Anne turned up the volume and tried to concentrate on her show. Suddenly the two boys ran inside yelling.

"Anne! Anne! Johnny says his babysitter can beat you up, but I say you can beat up her...can't you, can't you!" shouted Timmy.

"Yes, yes! I can beat her up! Now both of you go away and let me watch my show!" Anne yelled, trying to follow the action on tv and not really paying attention to what she was asked.

"I told you," said Timmy.

"She can not!" shouted Johnny.

"Guys! Please!"

"Let's go ask my babysitter," said Johnny.

"Ok,'' agreed Timmy, as they then raced out of the backyard and across the neighborhood to Johnny's house.

During commercial Anne sensed something was wrong. It was quiet. Too quiet. Getting up she went to the backdoor and looked out. She called for the boys but got no answer. Then she remember something about them going to Johnny's house. She shrugged and thought as long as it was quiet, then so what. Going back to the sofa, she returned to her soap as it came back on.

"Anne! Anne! Anne!" yelled Timmy, bursting inside from the backyard. "She's here! She's here!"

"What? What are you yellin' 'bout?" asked Anne, startled by his sudden interruption.

"Johnny's babysitter is here, and she says she's gonna beat you up, but I know you'll beat her up. You said so," he said excited as he took her by the hand to lead her outside.

"What are you talkin' 'bout?" she asked again, trying to make sense out of what he was saying.

"C'm on, beat her up," he answered, pulling her towards the sliding backdoor.

Upon seeing the sleek, slender blonde, Anne finally realized what this was all about.

"Well, well...Anne Marie Fox," said the blonde in a saucey voice.

"Hope. Hope Marie Carlton," said Anne, stepping out on the patio.

The two girls locked eyes as all their old feelings for each other began to emerge.

"Beat her up," said Johnny as Hope let his hand go.

"Beat her up," Timmy said, looking up to Anne. "You can do it."

The two nineteen-year-olds tuned the boys out as they approached each other at the patio table.

"It's been awhile," said Hope, looking Anne over.

"Yes, but not long enough," Anne answered, eyeing Hope up and down.

The two hadn't seen each other since graduation a year ago, and now they were both babysitting this summer in the same neighborhood. In high school they had been rival cheerleaders together for three years, and had always disliked and been catty with each other. They had never fought, but once came close when Hope's boyfriend had broken up with her to date Anne. Hope always claimed that it was she who had done the breaking up, while Anne claimed to have stolen him away.

"The boys tell me that you said you could whip my ass," said Hope.

"That's not exactly what I said," answered Anne, realizing that the blonde was pushing for a catfight. Anne then tried to explain. "But I can," she said at the end.

"Uh-huh," nodded Hope, picking up a boxing glove from the table. "Care to back that tough talk up?"

Anne raised an eyebrow. "It would be a pleasure...bitch."

Hope raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

"Yep, really," said Anne, hands cocking on her hips.

"Let's just see who's gonna be the bitch here...bitch," smirked Hope.

The boys helped them with the gloves as they exchanged barbs and insults and promises of a royal beating.

Hope was a very cute, attractive blonde. At 5-7 and 112 pounds she had a nice, white body that measured 36-22-32. Anne was just as cute and attractive as her black body measured 32-23-34, and she stood 5-8 and weighed 112 pounds also. While Hope had the better breasts, Anne had the tighter, harder ass, and legs that were sleeker and toner. In high school Anne was nicknamed the Black Fox because of her beauty, and she only dated white boys. A fact that made her very unpopular with the white girls.

"Are you ready to get your brains knocked out, bitch?" asked Hope as they now squared off in the backyard with Timmy and Johnny cheering them on.

Anne chuckled. "Are you still pissed 'bout me stealin' Eric from you?"

"You didn't steal him," answered Hope, raising her gloves.

"Yeah, right, bitch," said Anne, gloves up. "Maybe if you'd been better in bed."

"Don't even go there, bitch," said Hope, circling. "I'm much better in bed than you."

"That's not what he said, bitch,'' said Anne, taunting. "He said you were a lousey lay, and that I was much better."

"That's a lie, bitch," said Hope, getting mad. "I can out-screw you any day."

"We both know the truth, bitch," said Anne. "He left you and came to me."

Hope knew that was probably true. Anne had a reputation with the boys as being great in bed.

"Ggggrrr! Bitch!" growled Hope, lunging with a punch that landed on Anne's shoulder.

Anne swung and missed, but Hope then connected with a left to the eye and a right to the belly. Anne's eye fluttered and she grunted as her abs absorbed the red glove.

"How'd ya like that, bitch?" asked Hope, swinging and missing.

"Fuck you," muttered Anne, missing also.

Hope then put her glove across Anne's mouth, peeling the hide off the lower lip as Anne landed a hook against her shoulder. Tasting her own blood, Anne backed up and spat.

"Had enough, slut?" asked Hope, smiling.

"Go to hell, bitch," said Anne, dabbing her mouth.

Hope lunged, but Anne ducked and came up firing. Both girls hit each other across the cheek. Anne missed with a hook, but Hope nailed her across the jaw and dropped her to a knee.

"Get up, Anne! Get up!" encouraged Timmy.

Johnny chanted Hope's name as his babysitter stepped back and watched Anne shake out the cobwebs.

"Get up, bitch. What's the matter? Didn't think I was this tough, huh?" egged Hope as Anne looked up at her from one knee.

As Anne got up, Hope moved in. But Anne stopped her with a stiff jab to the right tit and then looped a blow across the top of her head. Hope missed with a defensive swing as Anne just missed hitting her across the chin. Hope stepped back, then forward again swinging. Anne missed with her punch, but Hope popped her across the mouth again and hit her in the ear. Anne staggered, but got off an uppercut that busted Hope's right tit. Hope groaned, but kept Anne off-balance with a glove across the cheek. Anne clinched up with her. Their breasts heaved and rolled on each other as they huffed insults in each other's ear. Timmy and Johnny pulled them apart as they both encouraged their babysitter to win. Breathing heavily, Hope and Anne glared at each other. Anne spat blood as her lower lip was much more glossey. Her head was buzzing and she knew she couldn't take much more.

"Had...enough?" panted Hope, also realizing Anne was on the ropes.

"You ain't...shown me...nothin'," puffed Anne, now longing to put some pain on the white girl.

Both blocked blows, then Hope sliced her glove under Anne's ribs. Anne gasped. They missed with punches. Anne stumbled forward, hitting Hope across the hip. The two girls wobbled on each other. Hope hitting Anne on the top of the arm and hooking a fist across her abs. Anne landed a lucky, jarring shot across Hope's jaw. The white girl saw flash, then had her nose bloodied with the following blow. They fell forward and clinched up. The boys tried to break them up, but they staggered on each other throwing rabbit punches as their long legs tangled up and tripped them to the ground. Timmy and Johnny tried to pull them apart, but they rolled into each other and quickly found their legs encased. Drawing each other in by the legs, Hope and Anne wanted to get their hands in the other's hair, but couldn't because of the gloves.

"You bitch," cursed Hope, throwing her arms around Anne's neck.

"Fuckin' ho'," Anne swore, wrapping her arms around Hope's shoulders.

The boys kept trying to seperate them, but the girls went into a long series of rolls with their legs working up and down in their own fight as their breasts rumbled in battle under their tops. Coming to a stop with Hope on top, Timmy and Johnny got to fighting as Timmy tried to pull Hope off his babysitter.

"Had enough, you fuckin' bitch?" asked Hope, her face rubbing cheeks with Anne's as their bodies remained grinding together.

"Fuck you, bitch," grunted Anne, twisting Hope's legs between her's.

Hope winced, but Anne grunted as the white girl mashed her breasts fully across hers.

"You're just lucky I can't get my nails in you," said Hope, grinding with her tits.

Anne forced them over on their sides with her powerful legs. "So are you, bitch. Why don't we really settle this."

Hope's legs strained under the pressure of Anne's legs. "Really fight?"

"Really, bitch. Unless you ain't got the nerve," answered Anne, almost on top now.

Hope lunged up with her hips, forcing them back over on their sides. "Catfight?"


They pulled back and looked each other in the eye. Their bodies slowly relaxed and started to uncoil. The boys were not far from them. Wrestling on the ground and pulling each other's hair as they screamed. Hope and Anne knew this wasn't the time or place, and that they needed to stop the boys before one of them got really hurt.

"Just name it, bitch," said Hope.

"Tonight. My house. My mother's working late and we'll be all alone," said Anne.

"You're on, bitch."

They called each other a couple of names as they shoved each other away in the face with the laces of their glove.


By six o'clock both girls had had time to reflect and somewhat heal from the boxing fight. Hope's nose was still tender and sore, but she felt as if she had gotten the best of Anne, and as she was driving she felt confident that she would do it again. Meanwhile, Anne's lower lip had turned fat and puffy, and as she stood at the window waiting on her rival, she felt certain that she could whip the blonde in a catfight.

"Around back, bitch!" shouted Anne, from her front door as Hope pulled into the driveway and got out of her car.

Walking briskly around the house, Hope couldn't wait to get her hands on Anne and tear her up. As Anne made her way thru the house, she was thinking the same thing, and as she stepped out on the patio, Hope rounded the corner.

"Let's go, you black bitch!" shouted Hope, breaking into a sprint.

"C'mon motherfucker!" Anne barked, running towards her. Coming together swinging, both girls missed as their bodies slammed chest first and their hands instantly went into the back of the other's hair.

"Fuckin'...ooowww!" cried Hope, her hair violently grabbed.

"Oouucchh! White bitch!" Anne screamed as her hair was painfully jerked.

Evenly matched, and equally dressed in tiny tops and shorts, Hope and Anne got it on. Both had been in a few fights before, but none had ever been like the one they were getting into now. Standing toe-to-toe, the white and black pulled hair like never before. Jerking each other back and forth, they cracked kneecaps as they tried to bust each other in the puss. Hope stumbled back, but Anne grabbed her by the top and ripped.

"Yeeooowww!" cried Hope as Anne pulled hair with one hand and squeezed a bare tit with the other.


"Oooowwwwww!" Anne screamed as Hope grabbed both nipples and pinched.

"Bitch! I'm gonna tear your fuckin' titties off! Oooowwwww!" cried Hope.

"Fuuuuuuck! You first, slut!" screamed Anne, both hands squeezing. Hope doubled over in pain as Anne buried her nails in the creamy, white flesh. "Take this, you fuckin' skank!" Anne shouted, trying to grab Hope's cunt.

"Oooohhhh ggggaaawwddd!" screamed Hope as Anne had missed her target and gotten a handful of smooth tummy instead.

Hope came up with a nasty backhand that rocked Anne's senses. Instinctively Anne grabbed a handful of Hope's pretty blond hair and jerked. Hope grabbed Anne's hair and nearly yanked her head off. Balling up her right fist, Hope fired off a pair of hooks into Anne's midsection, catching her in the belly with the first one and in the right tit with the second.

"Uuummmpphh! Uuunngggg!" grunted Anne, holding herself up with two fists of Hope's hair.

The two catfighters spun in a circled as Anne tore out a fist of Hope's hair. The white girl screamed in pain as they then tripped to the lawn and kept fighting. Anne ripped out another handful of Hope's hair and tried to mount her. But Hope slapped her across the face and knocked her over on her back. Hope rolled over on top as Anne tried to slip her legs around the blonde's waist. Hope slapped her again, and made her way on top in a straddle position. Grabbing both of Anne's nipples, Hope leaned back and pulled.

"Yeeeeeoooowwww!!" screamed Anne as her flesh was stretched out.

"I fuckin' hate you!" Hope confirmed, now grabbing the small orbs and squeezing the shit out of them.

Screaming and kicking, Anne bucked Hope off backwards. Hope fell between the black's long legs, but before Anne could lock them around Hope's body, the blonde twisted and got her limbs around the black's neck. Turned into each other, Hope had her thighs clamped around Anne's neck as the black had her legs clamped across the blonde's chest and shoulder. Both girls squeezed while frantically spanking each other across the ass. It was a grueling, painful few moments as they squeezed the life out of each other while blistering asses. Anne had the stronger, more powerful legs, but Hope's legs had the better lock and across the throat. Anne was losing her air supply much quicker, even though Hope's ribs were pressing into her lungs.

"Give it up, bitch!" Hope ordered, digging her fingernails into Anne's fine, black ass.

"Ooooowww! Never!" Anne answered, clawing her nails in Hope's soft, shapely butt.

"Ooowww! Mmmyyy aaaasssss!"

Hope squeezed her legs with all her strength as she grabbed the waistband of Anne's shorts and pulled them up her back.

"Uuuunnggg!" groaned Anne as her hot ass was split open. "Leee' ggoo!"

"You le' me go!"

As soon as Hope felt Anne's legs loosen, she loosened her legs and they quickly rolled clear of each other. Laying on their backs a few feet apart, Hope and Anne gasped as the hot evening sun burned on their sweaty bodies while their lungs thirst for air.

"Have you had enough, bitch?" Hope asked, looking over at her rival after a few minutes.

"Me? Have you, slut?"

"I'm askin' you, bitch," said Hope as they stared into each other's eyes. "You thought I'd be easy just because I'm white and blond."

"For a white bitch, you're pretty tough," agreed Anne, sitting up. "But you're not tough enough for me."

"Then let's finish it, bitch," said Hope, sitting up and pulling her torn top off.

Anne removed her top, and they both stood up. Their supple bodies gleaming with sweat as their breasts showed signs of swelling and purple splotches.

"Just for the record," said Hope as they got ready to fight again. "You didn't TAKE Eric from me, I DUMPED him."

Anne smirked. "Believe what you want, bitch; but he left you to be with me."

"Then you're gonna pay, bitch," said Hope.

"You just come and collect it, slut," said Anne as they came together grabbing for hair.

Anne knocked Hope's hands away and was able to grab the blonde's hair from behind her.

"I'm gonna tear this blond mop out," growled Anne, yanking back on Hope's hair and bowing her backwards.

Hope cried out as she reached back and clawed her nails in Anne's wrists and forearms. Anne held the position for several seconds as she shook Hope's head rapidly from side-to-side.

"Oooowww! Gawd, le' go!" Hope bawled, twisting around and wrapping her arms around Anne's waist.

Lifting Anne up, Hope speared her to the ground. The fall knocked Anne's hands out of Hope's hair, as the blonde now took her turn at dishing out the hair pulling. Anne tried to get her legs around Hope's waist, but the blonde's legs locked up with the black's legs and they went into a roll with Hope tearing at her hair.

"Oooww! Fuuck!" Anne howled as her right tit was clawed by a set of flashing fingernails.

"You fuckin' bitch!" Hope shouted, trying to now straddle the black fox.

Anne leaned up and sank her teeth into the dangling boob just above her face. Hope screamed as her left breast was biten just below the areola. Hope fell to the side, and both girls scrambled to their knees with a handful of hair and a look of determination in their eyes.

"You bitch!" yelled Hope, slapping Anne's cheek.


"You cunt!" Anne shouted, slapping Hope's cheek.


"Whore!" yelled the blonde, slapping again.


"Slut!" the black shouted, slapping again.


Hope fell over backwards, dragging Anne down with her by the hair. Anne's face landed on Hope's left boob, and once again she took a bite, this time catching the pink areola in her pearly white teeth.

"Yeeeeeooowwweeeeooo!!" screamed the blonde, pulling hair with her right hand as her left slid inside the front of Anne's little shorts.

"Nnnooo! Ooooowwweee!" screamed Anne, falling off to the side, going for Hope's snatch as well.

With an arm around the other's neck, the black and blonde pulled on each other's pubic hairs as they lay cheek-to-cheek screaming. Hope moved her fingers as she drove her knee directly into Anne's hole. The black fox groaned very deeply, but continued mauling the blonde's snatch.

"Ssssshhhhit!" cried Hope, her fingers back to work as both girls put their nails into the other's sweaty vulva.

Having once shared the same cock, it was obvious that the root of their hate and envy lay between their legs, and both girls let it all hang out as they savagely mauled each other.

"Oooooowwwww!!" cried Hope as her whispy, blond hairs were plucked out.

"Fuuuuuuuck!" Anne screamed as her juicy pussy lips were pinched.

"Give it up!" bawled Hope.

"You give it up!" wailed Anne.

Hope ran her nails thru Anne's dark jungle as the black stripped out a wad of soft, curly pubs. They both screamed at the top of their lungs.

"Fuckin' whore!" screamed Hope, pulling her hand out and drilling her fist squarely under Anne's chin.

Anne bit her tongue hard as flashbulbs went off in her eyes. She fell to her back as Hope instantly rolled over and straddled her. Not realizing the exact, full damage of her uppercut, Hope immediately squeezed Anne's perky breasts and dug in with all ten nails. Anne cried out as blood drooled down both sides of her mouth. Hope, eyes closed and head thrown back, didn't see the blood as she continued to squeeze and scratch the living shit out of Anne's black breasts.

"Aaaarrrrggggggg!!" Anne bawled, weakly prying on Hope's wrists.

Hope looked down and noticed the blood painting her rival's pretty face. She devilishly grinned and kept twisting her nails back and forth.

"Fuuuck! Ppplease..." moaned the black fox.

"You give, motherfucker?" asked Hope, pinching Anne's areolas now.

Anne nodded, her eyes fluttering. "Fuck, more."

Exhausted as she was, Hope didn't stop tormenting the beaten black beauty until she admitted that Hope dumped Eric and that she’d only gotten Hope’s sloppy seconds.