Pre-fight of Hope Marie Carlton vs. Renee Tenison by Ginny (Southgate's fight story follows)

For the past several months, Hope Marie Carlton had been moping around looking depressed. It was totally out of character for the usually bubbly and vivacious blonde. Few people knew the reason or understood the events that caused her to fall into what could be described as a mild depression.

Several months ago Hope had been kidnapped by Renee Tenison and her twin sister Rosie while she'd been refereeing a match between Cady Cantrell and Neriah Davis (see their fight Pt. I). Since then, people had commented how Hope hadn't been herself. She'd been withdrawn, moody and had steadfastly refused to tell anyone what had happened to her during her week absence.

Hoping to revive Hope's flagging spirits, friends asked Hef to arrange for her to fight Renee in the feature bout of one of his monthly "shows." They knew Hope had been the best athlete at the so-called "Playmate Games" and they desperately wanted to see Renee taken down a peg or two since she'd lorded it over everyone since being chosen PMOY (with a lot of help from her mentor, Diana Lee the rumors say).

Surprisingly, Hope initially declined to face Renee but Hef's legal staff pointed out that her contract required her to appear, "when, where and do to whatever publicity is required by the corporation." Reluctantly, Hope finally agreed to fight Renee, the woman she'd referred to in a weak moment as, "my dark nightmare."

So it was that on a warm, humid Saturday night, Hope found herself in the parking lot of the Mansion sitting in her convertible checking her makeup in the rear view mirror. Her long, blonde hair was wind-blown and she hurriedly ran a comb through it before she slid out of the seat, her short skirt up around her hips revealing a pair of firm, golden tanned thighs and calves sculpted by hours of gym work as she tried to stave off the ravages of time on her tight but nearly 34 year old body.

As she walked toward the Mansion, Hope felt a tingling sensation and she stopped, bent over and paused a moment with her hands on her knees as she tried to catch her breath. That's when she heard it. The sound of feminine laughter was coming from a van parked in a handicapped space near the front of the Mansion. Hope resumed walking toward the front door of the ornately decorated Mansion but just as she passed the van, a long, tan leg suddenly appeared from the vehicle door and almost tripped her.

Hope spun to see Renee (or was it her twin sister Rosie?) sitting inside drinking a glass of champagne. The dusky damsel raised her glass in silent toast, then tilted her head back and drained it in a single gulp.

"Well, well, well," the Black woman said, "I'm surprised you had the guts to show up. I guess you enjoyed your last session a lot more than you claimed. All those protests and yet you've come back ready for more. You really are a glutton for punishment, aren't you? Or is it that you didn't consider it 'punishment' but 'foreplay' eh?"

Hope opened her mouth to reply but couldn't find the words. After mumbling and making unintelligible sounds she angrily spun around and stomped off to the Mansion. Once safely inside the door, Hope stopped and took a deep breath to calm herself, angry that she'd allowed the venomous vixen to upset her.

"Of course," she thought to herself, "that's just what she wanted to do. Obviously her sister put her up to that little stunt. Damn, I gotta calm down."

She started toward the steps that led down to the girls dressing rooms but just as she turned the corner at the top of the steps, she bumped into Diana Lee who had Cady Cantrell pinned in a corner. Diana was shaking her finger at the blonde.

". . . know what's good for you. Do as I say or you're gonna be even sorrier than she is."

Diana looked up when she was jostled but broke into a grin when she saw it was Hope.

"Surprise! I didn't expect you to show up. I heard Hef had to talk you into it. Or maybe 'force' is a more accurate term. When I heard about it, he didn't seem to feel you were up to it, but I assured him you'd never miss a chance to rub that body of yours up against Renee - not after all those nights . . . Well, we don't have to talk about it in front of Cady here, it'll just make her jealous. I'll see you two at Renee's victory party. Save the second dance for me, OK Hope?"

Diana chucked Hope under the chin, then turned and walked away chuckling as Cady looked sheepishly at Hope.

"I'm sorry, but I . . ."

Hope put up her hand to silence her and shook her head.

"Don't! Don't say a word. I don't want to know what you and that bitch are up to."

Hope threw open the stairwell door and it hit Cady in the chest, momentarily knocking the air out of her. Hope disappeared down the stairs while Cady rubbed her throbbing bosom. Cady muttered something under her breath and then joined the pre-fight party in the Mansion's ballroom.

Hope threw her bag in the corner of the locker room and opened a locker. She slowly undressed, hanging her clothes on the hangers provided. When she was completely undressed, she walked over to the full length mirror and studied her reflection, her mind whirring as she mentally ran through her strategy for the up-coming fight. Now that she'd made up her mind to go through with the fight, she intended to not only beat Renee, but to force the haughty witch to apologize to her for her kidnapping in the ring in front of Hef and all his guests.

Renee had pissed off a lot of the girls with her "attitude" since becoming PMOY and Hope found herself looking forward to humiliating her in front of her sister, Diana Lee and Hef himself. Renee's pride was her Achilles Heel, she had always thought of herself as better than anyone else. Her choice as PMOY only confirmed what she already believed. Hope shivered as she ran her hands over her full, firm breasts and down her flat belly. She squeezed her thighs together as she inhaled deeply.

"Get a grip on yourself girl," she thought. "You're going to get yourself so worked up at the thought of what you're going to do to Renee you'll lose your concentration. Stay focused!"

Hope went back to her locker and took her suit out of her gym bag. She'd chosen a hot pink thong bikini - just a couple of strips of thin material really. She figured it wouldn't last long once the fight started but she had to make a statement. The top was a matching pink jogbra that was so sheer that once she started to perspire, the areolas of her big breasts would be visible. The bottom was just a strip up the front that divided into two little cords that ran around the curve of her hips to the small of her back where they joined and ran down the crack of her ass and attached to the front.

She assumed Renee would attack her top and try to pull it down (or off) early in the fight to distract her and force her to cover her breasts. She had a surprise for Renee, however. She'd steeled herself to fight completely nude, her suit was the smallest she could find but the material was strong and stretchy. She intended to put it to good use after she had forced Renee to submit and admit defeat. Her humiliation months before at Renee and Rosie's hands still rankled and tonight she intended to get her revenge for the Hell the sisters and their friends had put her through.

Hope could hear the crowd noise rise and fall as she did her warm-up exercises in the locker room. They seemed to be enjoying the first couple of matches but that didn't bother her. She knew the two new girls in the first match were too inexperienced to give a great show, but they'd make up in enthusiasm what they lacked in technique. The next match would go quickly, both girls were bitter enemies and there wouldn't be anything held back. Hope checked the clock and wrapped up her preparations. She expected to be getting the call in a few minutes and didn't want to "leave her game in the locker room."

Suddenly, the hall door opened and Cady Cantrell came in. She was dressed in a little black bottom and a black and white stripped referees shirt tied under her breasts.

"You're refereeing tonight?" Hope said with a hint of surprise in her tone. "Does that mean Hef is going to let this be a fair fight?"

"You've been working out Hope," Cady said. "You look good. You can beat her, I know you can. I just came in to tell you that refereeing tonight isn't my idea. I think Petra Verkaik, Diana Lee and Renee are behind it. Whatever happens, I want you to know I couldn't help it. It's not personal. OK? We're all hoping you beat that bitches ass tonight."

"What's that mean, 'whatever happens'?" Hope asked as she checked herself in the mirror.

"It means you shouldn't expect me to stop Renee when she cheats. I got my orders directly from Diana Lee and she made it very clear what'll happen if I don't go along. You know those girls, they get off on the rough stuff. Just be careful. Please."

Hope started to say something about how disappointed she was at Cady when there was a knock at the door and a voice called out, "Ready for you Ms. Carlton. Fighttime!"

Cady wished her luck and Hope headed out the door and into the ring….


Renee Tenison vs. Hope Marie Carlton by Southgate 23-Jan-00

Hope Marie paces in the corner. Her 33 year old hard body glistens under the harsh lights. She can't stand Renee Tenison, a smart-ass, smart-mouth bad-ass Black bitch with attitude. It's time to kick her ass. Carlton slaps her belly. Solid, she's in better shape than most of the 20 year old playmates. Where the hell is this bitch? She's late. There's a commotion. Hope turns and looks out into the arena.

Renee Tenison moves slowly towards the ring with her twin sister and the rest of her entourage, thronged by fans.

"Sideshow at the freakin' circus," Hope hisses. She's been fuming in her corner for nearly ten minutes waiting for the match to start.

It takes another few minutes for Renee to finally make her way into the ring. Hope steams. She glares at Tenison, studies her foe's body. The 31 year old former Playmate of the year looks like she's been workin' out. A lot..

"BFD. I can take her," Hope shrugs.

Finally, the bell clangs. Carlton takes a step forward, her body taut. She stops. Renee is simply ignoring her foe, running her hands through her hair, she chats with her sister and her fans. Carlton hesitates for just a moment longer, bewildered.

Hope's eyes narrow, she spits, "Hey! You black bitch, if you think I'm gonna wait for you to prim your ratty hair, you've got another think coming."

Like an uncoiled spring, Hope launches herself at Renee. Her thin, strong legs propel her forward. Arms outstretched, she reaches out for Tenison's waist. Tenison, smiling, spins around with near perfect timing. Her foot lashes out and nails Hope in the jaw. Carlton's body careens sideways and crashes to the mat. She lands on her back, holding her jaw. Renee turns back to her sister.

"Okay girl, you keep the fans entertained. I need to kick some white trash around the ring for a few minutes. It won't take long," Renee laughs.

Hope groans, the rest of her face is as red as her jaw. She rolls to her belly. She's up on all four as Renee approaches and kicks her squarely in the ass.

"Girl, you have one bony ass," Renee taunts as Hope crashes face first into the mat.

Tenison wastes no time. Seizing Hope by the hair, Renee hauls her to her feet and slams her knee deep into Hope's gut, then shoves the blonde back into the ropes. Hope clutches her belly with both hands. Tenison backhands her across the face, stinging her already aching jaw. Hope cries out. As she straightens, Renee steps in and pumps both fists repeatedly into Carlton's belly. Hope tries to keep her stomach muscles tight, but Renee hits hard and take the toll. Sliding along the ropes, a reeling Hope tries to cover up.

Renee takes a step back then thunders an uppercut into Hope's jaw. Carlton, momentarily bolt upright, goes slack. In slow motion, she slumps down along the ropes, landing heavily on her butt. Tenison steps back, flashes her sister a 'thumbs up.' Bending forward, Renee grabs Hope's ankles and jerks her forward. Carlton is flat on her back as Renee drags her into the center of ring. Renee lifts her foe's legs up high and spreads them apart into a wishbone. Hope's eyes open wide. Her whole body aches. A wave of panic flashes across her face. Renee sees it. She smiles a wicked smile.

"Oh girl, you know this is gonna hurt. What ever made you think you're in my league, you piece of white trash!" Tenison taunts.

Hope tries desperately to pull her legs free. Renee holds her ankles tight, spreads her legs wider still, then drops forward, driving her knee down into Hope's crotch. Carlton wails. On reflex, Hope sits up, her face contorted. Pain shoots through her body. Renee, showboating, is still on her knee directly in front of Hope.

"White girls can't fight worth a damn! Black women are so hot and white women are so not!" Renee chortles loudly to the crowd.

Carlton reaches out with both hands and ear-claps Renee. Hope's left hand reaches the back of Tenison's head a latches onto a handful of Renee's hair, her right hand rakes across Tenison's face, poking her eyes before clamping her strong hand around Renee's nose and mouth. Carlton pulls Tenison forward, on top of her and locks her legs around Renee's waist.

Though temporarily blinded, Renee thrashes violently trying to break free. Hope holds her head down. The smothering fingers of her right hand tighten around Renee's face. Hope bears down with her scissors hold. The black woman groans as Hope's thighs crush her ribs. She tries to pull her head free of Hope's deadly grip. Unable to break out of the scissors, Tenison struggles to catch a breath. Changing her tactics, she reaches up and grabs Hope's nose and mouth, fighting fire with fire. Hope's body stiffens. Renee has both hands clamped around her nose and mouth.

In a test of wills, the two women struggle to breath but neither will disengage. Hope tries to use her scissors to gain advantage. Renee's eyes bulge in double jeopardy as Hope pours on the pressure. Tenison manages to plant her knees on the mat. Determined to break out of the scissors hold, Renee moves her hands from Hope's face to her hair. The muscles in Renee's thighs strain as she straightens her legs and powers herself up. Carlton's legs are still clamped around Renee's waist.

As Renee rises, she lifts Carlton up with her. Hope's head hangs down dangerously close to the mat. Renee drives forward, slamming Hope's head and back into the mat. Carlton looses her smother hold but doggedly maintains her scissors. Renee beats her fists into Hope's ribs, determined to punch herself free, but the blonde grabs her by the hair and jabs her fist into Renee's face.

Carlton's legs are doing real damage to Renee's ribs. Twice more, Renee slowly fights to her feet and repeats the move, but Hope holds tight. Again, Renee beats on Hope's ribs but cannot break free. A fourth time Renee hauls Hope off the mat. With a desperate lunge she drives Carlton into the mat with enough force that Hope's scissors is finally broken. Renee falls on top of Hope but rolls off. Hope lies flat on her back.

Both women pause for a moment to regain their composure. Both push off the mat. On their knees, they face off. Renee slaps Hope across the face. Carlton slams her right fist into Renee's left tit. Renee howls. Hope knits her fingers together, raises her hands high and slams an ax-handle down on Renee's chest. Tenison sits back on her haunches, rocked. Carlton slams her left elbow and forearm across Renee's chest, relishing the look of agony in Renee's eyes as her boobs flatten. Hope lifts an ax-handle high once more. Renee's left fist rockets forward. She straight arms Hope in the jaw. Carlton falls to her right side, her bottom lip instantly puffy. Renee can't press her advantage. Both woman slowly drag themselves to their feet. With fists raised, they rejoin the battle. Renee is favoring her right side. Her ribs throb.

"You're not mouthin'-off now, are you," Hope spits.

Carlton lashes out her left foot, twice catching Renee in her upper thigh. Gaining confidence, Hope moves in on Renee jabbing at her boobs with both fists. But Renee counters and staggers the blonde with a thundering right to the chin. Carlton reels back and then moves in again, fakes a punch and spins around 180 degrees, slamming a side kick into Renee's bruised ribs and nearly knocking the tough brunette off her feet. Hope attempts another spinning kick, but this time, even as her leg crashes into Renee's ribs, Tenison wraps her arms around Hope, crosses her leg in front of Hope's left leg and shoves her to the mat. Renee drops her full weight on top of Carlton, driving her knee into Hope's belly. Kneeling beside Carlton, Renee slams three hard jabs into Carlton's left tit, then follows up with three more to her right tit.

"How do you like it, honkey?" Renee jeers as Hope screams each time Renee pounds on her boobs.

Renee quickly straddles her foe. Hope tries to roll her off. Tenison grabs her wrists and slowly forces her arms down to the mat. Pressing her body on top of Hope's, Renee grapevines the blondes legs and subdues her flat on the mat.

"Get off of me you stinking bitch," screams a very frustrated, very tired, very pinned Carlton.

Renee lifts and bounces her body down on top of Carlton. Chest to chest, she taunts the trapped blonde.

"Don't you go callin' me stinkin' girl. You don't know how sweet it is, but if you're good, you might find out," Renee answers, pressing her chest hard into Hope's.

Carlton tries to rally. She pulls one leg free from Renee's grapevine and rolls to her side. Tenison rolls with her and pulls Hope in a waist scissors. Wrapping both arms around the back of the blonde's head, Renee shoves Hope's face into her boobs as she scissors her waist. Carlton is unable to offer much resistance as Renee catches her second wind.

Renee loosens her thighs, grabs Hope by the hair and quickly wraps her thighs around Hope's neck. Carlton twists onto her knees but Renee uses her steely thighs to throw Hope to back to the mat. Tenison clamps her thighs tight. Hope's body convulses.

Fighting wildly, Hope makes it to her knees once more. Desperate, she rakes her fingernails down the back of Renee's thighs. The black woman curses, releases her scissors. Hope rears back, still on her knees, relieved to be free. Renee's left foot slams into her chin. The blonde sprawls out on the mat.

"You've got a bony ass and a glass jaw--and not much hope at all," Renee laughs.

Renee grabs both of Hope's ankles, twists her onto her belly and applies a Boston crab. Carlton wails and howls, cursing her tormentor. She tries to kick free, but Renee holds her tight. Tension toys with the blonde, pressing down then relaxing just as Hope's back feels like it will break. Finally, Renee lets Hope's legs go. Carlton rolls onto her back, holding her sides. Tenison walks around her several times.

"Should I do it?" Renee asks the crowd. "Shall I show her how sweet it is?"

The crowds screams "Do it!"

Renee straddles Hope's belly. She rips off the blonde's jog bra and tweaks both of her tits. Tensions slides up onto Hopes chest and sits heavily. With both hands, she lifts Hope's face gently for a moment, then starts to slap both side's of Hope's face repeatedly. The blonde is stammering and stuttering.

"Okay, okay. Now you find out!" Renee teases.

Standing, Tension does a sexy strip-tease as she slips out of her bikini briefs. Hope rolls to her side, trying to get herself together.

"Going somewhere? I don't think so," Renee threatens.

The brunette kicks Carlton in the back. Bending forward she grabs Hope by the hair and slams her head backwards into the mat. Renee squats down on Hope's face. Holding the blonde's wrists, Tenison rubs her bush into Hope's face.

"Tell me you think I'm sweet," Renee hisses at Hope.

"Dead fish!" Hope sputters.

"Damn fool! You must be white trash with an uneducated pallet. Time to give you and education, girl," Renee jeers.

Renee wraps her fingers in Hope's hair and rolls to her side. Pulling Hope's head up into her crotch, Renee scissors her legs tight around the blonde's head.

"I'm gonna keep you here till you learn to appreciate the finer things in life," Renee jeers.

"Dead fish! You stink worse than dead fish!" Hope sobs out.

Renee looses her smile. She tightens her thighs around Carlton's neck. The blonde's whole body flails for a few moments, then goes limp. She's out cold.

Renee loosens her legs and stands up, raising her arms in victory. Smiling at her fans, she turns to walk towards her sister, who has jumped up on the ring apron. But she spies her bikini briefs on the mat. She stoops to pick them up, walks back to Hope. Straddling the beaten blonde's waist, Renee begins to pinch Hope's left tit. Hope wakes up with a yelp. Renee shoves her briefs into Hope's mouth.

"Here, eat my shorts. It will give you an appreciation for the finer things in life!" Renee laughs as Hope gags.

Renee springs to her feet joins her sister. All of the sistah's join her in the ring.

Karin Taylor gives Renee a hug. Holly Hart wraps her arms around Renee and kisses her on the lips. Renee's sister Roxie joins them.

Roxie whispers into Renee's ear, "You can't leave it like this. She diss'd you. You beat her ass good, but she still diss'd you. This isn't done yet."

Renee nods, knowing that it's by no means done.

"Let's party!" Renee shouts, as she leaves the ring to celebrate. "I'll deal with Hope-less later."

She gestures to Diana Lee and Petra Verkaik who are sitting at ringside.

"Get her dressed and bring her to the party. She's gonna be the featured entertainment!"

(and, later that night, she was)

Vote totals: Renee Tenison-130, Hope Marie Carlton-113