Even Kittens Have Claws: Heather Carolin vs. Sara Jean Underwood by kit

Sara fumed with jealousy and anger as she sat in the locker room witnessing her fellow cheerleaders congratulating and hugging/kissing Heather on just being named captain of the squad. True, she did miss a step in one of her routines, but so did Heather, and apparently that must've gone unnoticed. How else could Heather have been selected over her? She wasn't prettier; she didn't have the better body; and she certainly wasn't the better cheerleader. Anyway, it was all over now and all those years of practicing, sweating and dedication were up in smoke as her chief rival beat her out of her just due.

Thru the hugs and kisses, Heather noticed Sara over by her locker. She hadn't expect her to be among the ones congratulating her, nor did she give a damn! She disliked the blonde probably as much as the blonde disliked her and all her years of hard work had just paid off as the thrill of defeating her number one rival was exhilarating.

Sara gathered her things and glanced over at the redhead. Heather was looking her way, and for a brief moment they locked eyes and exchanged vicious glares. Sara shot her a 'fuck you' glare and Heather responded with a killer wink and a shit-eating grin. "That fuckin' bitch," she grumbled walking out to her car. "I'm gonna kick her fuckin' ass." Sara started her car and drove it over next to Heather's car and waited on her rival to show up.

"I'm gonna make you the best captain this squad has ever seen," promised Heather as four or five of them gathered outside the locker room before leaving.

"Oh, Heather," said one of them, "we're so happy for you, and we know you will."

"Yeah, you deserve it," chimed in another. They all hugged and kissed one last time before parting and heading their separate ways. But as Heather rounded the building to her car, she saw Sara leaning against her car; waiting on her. Heather's body started to tingle, and the heat of her blood was matched only by the color of her hair.

"Well, well...," said Sara, hopping off the hood of her car. Heather said nothing, but gave the blonde a sharp look. "I guess you think you're pretty hot shit now."

"I've always been hot, but just now does everyone know it," said Heather, unphased as she walked past the blonde and between their cars.

"Uh-huh, you sure smell like it," said Sara as she past by.

Heather unlocked her car and tossed in her bag. "What's the matter? Can't stand it that I beat you out?" She turned to face the blonde.

Sara stepped forward, "We both know that I'm the better cheerleader, bitch!"

"No, bitch, I don't know that, and neither does anyone else."

"Oh please," said Sara, rolling her eyes. "You only got it 'cause your dad's the fuckin' football coach."

"Oh, and I suppose your little fuck-up during the competition wasn't the reason you lost to me," spat Heather, leaning forward.

"Your routine was perfect either, bitch...you just got away with it," snapped Sara.

Putting their hands on their hips, Sara and Heather both took a step forward and slowly started a circle. They didn't speak, but their hateful eyes threw darts back and forth as they stopped about a foot apart and squared off.

"You wanna catfight, bitch?" asked Heather, tilting back her head.

"Is that what you think, bitch?" asked Sara.

"I don't care what you think, bitch," said Heather, shaking back her hair. "We can fight if you want, but win or lose, I'm still head cheerleader."

"Yeah, head's right. I've heard that 'bout you. Everyone knows you're a cheap slut," said Sara, shifting her hips.

"Me? And like you haven't slept with half the football team...talk about bein' a cheap slut," the redhead fired back. The two girls stood quietly for a moment or two as they shifted their weight and felt their bodies tense for a fight.

"Well, bitch?" asked Heather, breaking the ice.

"Well what, slut?"

"Did you wait on me just to talk or are we gonna get down to it?"

"Then you want to fight me, bitch?" asked the blonde.

"Bitch, you seem to want too."

Sara and Heather stepped up nose to nose as the blonde's green eyes tangled with the redhead's baby blues.

"It's been a long time comin', bitch," whispered Sara, her nipples hard and erect.

"Yeah, it has," whispered Heather, her areolas drawn and stiff, "so we might as well get it over with."

The two cheerleader looked down their noses at each other. Oh how they hated and were jealous of each other. Years of being together and competing with each other was about to get settled. They both knew this day would come, and now that it was here, they silently stared and batted their eyes together.

At 5’3” and 103 pounds, Sara was a hot little number. Her silky blond hair (with dark roots) was very straight and past her shoulders. She had a sweet face and sexy green eyes. Her bronze body was trim and shapely and measured 32B-24-31.

Heather was a firecracker of a redhead. Her permed, fiery hair was full and wild and fell more than half way down her back. She had enticing baby blue eyes that matched her soft, slutty face. Her milky-white body was sprinkled with freckles, and at 5’4” and 98 pounds, very tightly wrapped and measuring 34B-22-30.

"I don't want you as my captain," said Sara, their noses touching.

"And I don't want you on my squad," agreed Heather.

They shifted their weight and made ready to fight.

"Down an' dirty, bitch," glared the blonde.

The redhead nodded, "Winner take all, slut."

Sara took a few steps backwards and stepped up on the curb. Heather slowly followed her on to grass where they both raised up their fists and started to carefully circle. Still in their tiny practice outfits, Sara wore short white jog shorts and a matching, nylon half-tank-t. Heather had on a black tank-t like Sara's and hell red tight jog shorts.

"You fuckin' bitch," snarled Sara, fists up. "I'm gonna knock your red ass out."

"Bring it on, you blonde-ass slut," replied Heather, her knuckles white and ready.

They both gave a fake, and they both flinched. Sara then sprang forward with a left jab that Heather easily dodged, and then she flipped out her right fist and jabbed the blonde's chin. Sara's head snapped back, but her right hook flew free and caught the redhead along the jaw. Heather wobbled to the side, and they both missed with defensive jabs as they ducked their heads. Swinging quickly to her left, Heather popped Sara with a left hook across the chin, catching the blonde off-guard and causing her to stagger sideways.

"Bitch," swore Heather, stepping in after her and unloading a wild, lifting right uppercut. Sara moved her head as the fist went past her ear, and she then stepped in and caught Heather with another right hook across the jaw. It was a damn good punch, and the redhead's knees buckled because of it. This wild flurry of exchanges caused both cheerleaders to stumble forward and grab each other by the hair.

"Ow!" yelped Heather as her head was yanked straight back.

"Ouch!" Sara barked as her head was jerked to the side.

Their bodies turned sideways into each other, causing their hips to bump as they pulled each other over at the waist and stepped leg-over-leg. "Bitch, le' go!" "Umph! NO, you le’ go!" Drunkenly the two cheerleaders moved in a circle as they pulled up and down on hair and banged hips together. "Oh, you slut!" "Fuck you, you bitch!" They pulled each other far over at the waist by the back of the hair. Their little shorts crept up their cracks as the blonde's right butt cheek rubbed with the redhead's left butt cheek.

"I'm gonna pull out all your hair, bitch," promised Sara, feeling a clump start to come out in her hand.

"Oooww ggaawwdd!" cried Heather, feeling it too, and pulling back hard on Sara's hair. Her knees knocked as her hair was slowly dragged out. Sara hooked a leg and forced Heather to her knees. The redhead pulled the blonde down with her, and they both fell over sideways on the grass.

"Ow, bitch," winced the blonde as her hair was pulled and she felt a leg slide up her hip.

"Now I'm gonna pull out all your fuckin' hair, bitch," Heather threatened, trying to roll her way on top.

"Oh no your not, slut," said Sara, yanking Heather back off and hooking up a leg with her.

Working their sexy, toned cheerleader-legs into a knot, Sara and Heather continued with their vicious hair pulling as they rolled back and forth together. Their young, ripe breasts and smooth flat bellies rubbed and mashed together and their hips butted and banged as they wrestled back and forth in one spot for several minutes. "Aaahh..." "Uumm, bitch!" Their legs slithered like snakes. Heather's milky-white thighs flexed and pumped with Sara's golden-brown thighs as they both tried to wrap them around the other's waist and scissor.

"Ooohh...I fuckin' hate you," moaned Sara, rolling on top.

"Aaahh, bitch, you're just jealous," said Heather, pulling the blonde off by the hair and rolling her way on top. "Ever since grade school you've been jealous of me."

"That's a fuckin' lie, bitch," said the blonde, thrusting her hips against the redhead's hips and dragging her off by the hair.

"Bullshit, bitch," Heather responded, pulling Sara off by the hair and rolling back on top. "I'm hotter, sexier and definitely the better cheerleader."

"Fuck that, you are not," grunted Sara, slinging Heather off by the hair.

Sara rolled on top and Heather tried to get her legs around the blonde's waist, but couldn't.

"Then I guess that's why Tommy dumped you for me," said Heather, twisting hard on Sara's hair and bucking her sideways.

"Harrumph! I dumped HIM…bitch," moaned the blonde, pulling Heather's hair and keeping her from getting on top.

"No, you just couldn't handle him like I can, bitch," said the redhead, stretching out the blonde's hair and rolling her way on top.

"Oh bullshit," snarled Sara, yanking Heather off and rolling on top. "My pussy is way better than yours."

"Oouuch!" yelped Heather. "Like hell, bitch," she added, jerking on Sara's hair.

"Uuummm...you're just fuckin' my sloppy seconds," groaned the blonde, pulled off.

The redhead rolled on top, "Yeah, I'm sure you do have a sloppy pussy…slut."

"I can out-fuck your sorry ass," Sara stated, dragging Heather down next to her by the hair. Thru gritted teeth and squinted eyes, the blonde and redhead stretched out each other's hair as they squeezed their legs with all their might. Heather's pale, freckled thighs and Sara's tan, toned thighs bulged as they tried to snap each other's legs in half.

"Uuunnngg!" groaned Sara, flexing and pulling hair. "Give it up, bitch."

"Uummph!" Heather moaned, pumping and stretching hair. "You, bitch, you."

Sara let go with her right hand and put it on Heather's left breast. Heather flinched, but immediately dropped her left hand on Sara's right boob. Their hips jolted together and they both grunted deeply as Sara pinched Heather's areola and the redhead twisted the blonde's tit.

"Ooohh...how's...it...feel...slut?" asked Sara, pinching.

"Uuumm...you...tell...me...cunt," responded the redhead, twisting.

Sara fought back her tears as she pulled hair with one hand and pinched a nipple with the other. Heather squirted a tear or two, but still she pulled hair and twisted a titty.

"Uuunnggg," groaned Sara, her body stiff and rigid.

Heather tried to hang on as they mauled each other thru thin, tight tops, but the pain was just too great. "Oooww ggaawwdd! Lee' ggoo!" she cried suddenly, letting go and punching Sara twice in the face. Heather's left hooks were short and choppy and not that powerful, but placed well enough on Sara's cheekbone so she'd have to let go.

"Bitch!" squealed Sara, letting go as they both quickly uncoiled and rolled clear of each other. Laying on their sides now a few feet apart, the girls curled up and massaged their bodies as they looked at each other thru watery eyes. "Had enough, bitch?" asked Sara, a minute or so later.

Heather glared back, "Bitch! Have you?"

They'd both been in a catfight or two in their lives, but nothing as intense as this and with the stakes so great. They were both determined to win this fight and rid the squad of each other.

"Bitch, don't think I'm scared of you," said the blonde, sitting up.

"Well, you sure haven't shown me much, slut," Heather responded, sitting up as well.

"Uh-huh...then why are your eyes wet and red?" asked Sara.

"And like yours aren't, bitch," said Heather. "What 'bout those fists in your face, slut? You're already startin' to bruise."

"Yeah, well so are you slut, and you'll be a lot worse if ya' don't give up now," said Sara, about to stand.

"You're the one gonna be all beat and busted up, bitch," threatened the redhead, on her feet.

"We'll just see 'bout that, you redheaded cunt," said Sara, moving quickly.

"Bring it, bitch!" shouted Heather, taking two steps back and throwing out a SLAP. Both cheerleaders popped each other across the cheek with a slap. Sara slapped again and missed. Heather landed another pop, driving the blonde back a step, but when she went to slap her again, Sara dropped her to a knee with a sharp, driving backhand across the mouth.

"You slut!" shouted Sara, having drawn a dab of blood from the corner of Heather's mouth. Down on a knee, Heather was thrown over on her back by the hair and quickly found herself pinned beneath the blonde as Sara locked up her legs and pinned her wrists over her head.

"You cheap slut," grumbled Sara, pounding her hips up and down on Heather's hips.

"Umph, umph, umph, umph," grunted Heather as Sara bounced up and down on her.

"I'm gonna pound your pussy into the ground," promised Sara, humping the redhead.

"Umph, umph...like hell!" barked Heather, breaking her legs free and bucking back. The sudden jolt surprised Sara, and Heather was able to jerk her right wrist free.

"Yeeeooww!" screamed the blonde sharply as her cheek was instantly scratched.

"Bitch, ge' off!" bucked Heather as her nails ripped down Sara's cheek. Sara fell off slightly, but ran a set of nails down Heather's cheek.

"Oooww!" cried the redhead as her skin was sliced open.

"Fuckin' cunt," growled Sara, balling up her fist and hitting Heather just above the mouth and next to the nose. From flat on her back, Heather grabbed Sara's crotch as the blonde tried to straddle her.

"Yikes!" screamed Sara from her knees.

"Rip out that cunt!" shouted Heather, trying to sit up as she squeezed Sara's box.

Sara grabbed Heather's wrist with her left hand as her right went for the redhead's snatch. "Nnoo!" cried Heather, feeling the blonde clamp down on her sex.

"I'll rip your pussy out first, bitch," said Sara as Heather pulled on her wrist. For several seconds the two cheerleaders squeezed each other's snatch until Sara fell over on top of Heather and they both lost their holds.

"Bitch," grunted Heather, jerking Sara off by the hair.

"Oouuch!" cried Sara as she was yanked off and thrown on her back.

Heather rolled on top, but Sara jerked her off and made her scream as she tore out a lump of hair in the back. Rolling up on their knees now, Sara and Heather swore at each other as they grabbed for hair with one hand and starting swapping slaps with the other. Heather slapped Sara. Sara slapped Heather. Heather slapped again. Sara slapped again, knocking the redhead over on her back.

"Fuckin' cunt," cursed the blonde, her eyes bloodshot and her cheeks rosy as she dove on top of Heather and straddled her.

"You cunt," swore Heather, trying to shove Sara off with her left hand as her right hand was trapped beneath the blonde's kneecap.

Sara cocked back her right fist and hit Heather hard across the chin. "Bitch, you better give it up," she said, running both hands underneath Heather's tight black top and finding her soft titties.

"Oooowww! Mmmyyy titties!" screamed Heather as Sara's fingernails bore in her milky flesh. She yanked her pinned hand free and pried at Sara's twisting, churning hands and wrists.

"Give it up! Give it up! I'll tear these bastards off!" shouted Sara, gritting her teeth in pain and anger.

"Oh fuck! Le' go my fuckin' titties, bitch! Oooww! Le' gggooo!"

"Give it up, slut! Give it up!" the blonde demanded, her wrists and forearms now mauled.

Closing her right fist, Heather punched Sara two goods ones across the jaw and yanked her by the hair with her other hand. The blows were crisp and clean, and Sara was somewhat dazed, but when Heather tried to mount her, Sara jerked her hair and stopped her.

"Oooww! You bitch!" cried the redhead, grabbing the blonde's hair with two hands as they went into a roll.

Pulling on each other's hair, Sara and Heather traded the upper position a half-dozen times before they stopped on their sides and went for a handful of young, tender tit. With her black top already pushed up, Heather's soft, right tit was already out and exposed for Sara's vengeful fingers.

"Ooowww!" she cried as her purple areola was pinched and pulled.

Grabbing Sara's right tit, Heather squeezed it thru the top as she tried to get her hand underneath and really dig in with her nails.

"Oouucchh," winced Sara thru cinched jaws as her hair was pulled and her boob squeezed.

Heather continued to wail out louder as she too had a handful of hair stretched out to match that of her areola. With their legs drawn up tightly together, both blonde and redhead poured it on as they raced to make the other give in.

"Oooohhh sshhhit!...you're killin' mmee!" cried the redhead, her areola stretched into purple taffy.

"Ooww! Give then! Just give!" screamed the blonde as her precious tit was still somewhat protected by her top.

"Oooohhh...pppleeeaase...b-i-t-c-h!!" screamed Heather, her nipple nearly popping off.

Sara held back her urge to scream, and gave Heather's areola a savage shake, yank and twist.

"Oooooooowwwwwww!!! Fuuuuuuuuck!!! I G-I-V-E!! I G-I-V-E!!" screamed Heather at the top of her lungs as she bucked wildly on the ground.

Sara let go and rolled quickly over on her back, drawing her knees up around her breast. Heather balled up in a fetal position and choked for air thru her multiple hard sobs and wails.

Finally it was over! Years of pent up hate and frustration had been released as these two lovely little cheerleaders went all out in one nasty, deciding catfight. Sara's dream of being captain came true as Heather did indeed drop out from the cheerleading squad, and nearly school altogether.