Charisma Carpenter vs. Kaley Cuoco by The Walkin’ Dude

Talent Lounge of the Torchwood Tavern, Statler Pennsylvania, three hours before bell…
During a lull in what had become their weekly poker game, Lacey Chabert leaned back in her chair, surveyed the other ladies at the table and asked casually, “So did any of you hear about Megan Fox?”

Four heads turned to look at the brunette. After a moment of silence, Alexis Bledel asked, “No, but I bet you want to tell us.”

Lacey’s dark eyes gleamed as she rocked forward and placed her elbows on the table, “You’re damn right I do. Seems Elisha’s hired muscle has taken an unexpected leave of absence. Now the word coming from the front office is saying it’s due to a family emergency out on the left coast, but according to the folks who know, poor little Meg is taking off because someone caught up to her in the Parking Lot behind Pickman’s Studio and messed her up good. According to Straker’s assistant, she spent three straight days in the infirmary.”

Kaley took a long swig from her Diet Coke, “That’s what happens when you fuck with Neve Campbell. I wouldn’t want to be Elisha or Natalie right now.”

Lacey’s grin only got wider, “That’s the best part. It wasn’t Neve! She was cutting a promo when it went down. She’s gonna be PISSED when she finds out somebody else’s hunting down the DI girls for her.”

Sarah Carter arched an eyebrow at Lacey, “So…if it wasn’t Neve, WHO was it?”

Lacey shrugged, “Far be it from me to name names but I saw Kristin’s old sparring partner and current IC champ sporting a fairly serious set of bruised knuckles yesterday. The kind you can get pounding some bitch who wronged you.”

Kristin Kreuk chuckled low in her throat, “Dear sweet Alli? I knew that girl was always meaner’n she let on.” The Hellcat turned her gaze to the others and asked, “Any a you heard anything ‘bout Kristen having dibs on Natalie?”

Everyone shook their heads, but it was Lacey who broke the silence, “I wouldn’t put it past Kris to do something like that. But if that’s the case, she and Allison better be careful. I wouldn’t wanna cross Neve when she gets in one of her moods.”

Kristin’s eyes narrowed and for an instant she was somewhere else, “Tell me about it.”

Cracking her knuckles, Sarah edged closer to the table, “Alright, enough gossip. It’s time for me to do with cards what I already do with my fists; put a hurtin’ on all your pretty little heads.”

Smirking, Kaley reached for her deck of cards and replied, “Dream on small…”

A contemptuous voice from the doorway broke in, interrupting Kaley, “Oh look; penny ante night on the Yellow Brick Road. Or are you betting lollipops and Lisa Frank stickers these days?” Everyone’s eyes darted toward the door where Charisma was leaning against the frame. The brunette veteran was eyeing the proceedings like someone who’s just stumbled upon a particularly nasty traffic accident.

Being the first one to find her voice, Alexis replied, “Uh ‘scuse me Charisma, five foot seven, thanks. Just slender is all.”

Smiling, Lacey added, “Seriously Carpie; short jokes? Is that the BEST you got?”

The brunette stunner shot back, “Oh no; but I’d prefer to save my best for someone who can look me in the eye.”

Silent til now, Kaley stood up and stalked toward the interloper, going nose-to-nose with Charisma. “All right, I’m looking you in the eye. Where’s your best… punk?”

Charisma’s smile faded, but she didn’t back down. “Ohhh, the roster’s biggest midget has something to say. Tell me Kaley, don’t you ever feel bad letting Lacey carry your no talent ass in matches night in and night out?”

Kaley heard Lacey start to protest but silenced her with an outstretched hand. Keeping her eyes locked on Charisma’s, Kaley purred, “Lacey and I make a great team; we help each other. You know, kinda like your walker helps you get to the ring most nights. Tell me Charisma, how was it back in the day…you know, wrestling in front of cavemen and saber toothed tigers?”

The brunette snorted, “Just as much fun as beating the shit out of overrated, no-talent blonde sluts. Regardless of geologic timeperiod, that one never gets old.”

“Unlike you,” Kaley snickered.

“Clever. Well if you’d like to try and make me apologize, we could always settle this in the ring. That is unless you’re afraid this ‘old lady’ is going to beat your ass and sit on your face.”

Kaley chested into the brunette as she replied, “That would certainly aggravate my dust allergy; but if it means I get to fight an honest to God dinosaur, you’re on!”

Charisma nodded once, and then backed away. “See you in the ring newbie. You better bring your books, because I’m taking you to school.”

As the brunette vanished into the hallway, Kristin cracked, “The OLD School I bet.”

Suppressing a laugh, Kaley looked over her shoulder and said, “Deal me out ladies; I have a fossil that needs dusting.”

Without waiting for a reply, Kaley headed out into the hall and headed towards the locker room she shared with Lacey. Watching the tall blonde leave, Sarah cast a look at Lacey and asked, “Aren’t you gonna go with her?”

Lacey shook her head ‘no.’ “Kaley can handle herself. Besides, what sort of poker player would I be if I let you three leave the table with any money?”

Alexis grinned as she dealt the cards. “Keep talking Lacey, you’re going to be buying my gas all next year.” That said, the poker game resumed, one player lighter, but that was all right; Kaley had just signed on for a much more interesting game anyway….
After seeing the tape of what went down in the back before the show, the audience was eager for the action to get underway, and the promotion wasn’t going to keep them waiting any longer. Standing in the middle of the squared circle, the Ring Announcer begins his spiel, “Ladies and gentleman, our opening contest this evening is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, she stands at five feet eight inches tall; she is the UNDISPUTED Mistress of the Backbreaker, ladies and gentleman I give you…. Charisma Carpenter!”

Saliva’s ‘Survival of the Sickest’ rips through the venue and the brunette goddess appears before the masses. For her battle tonight, Charisma has chosen a royal purple one-piece outfit that shows off every single curve and ripple in her exquisitely molded frame. Her look is topped off with matching purple pads and boots, her footwear bearing a small stylized CC on each calf. The brunette offered the crowd a confidant grin as she rolled into the ring and made her way to her corner. Silently watching the entryway, she awaited her opponent for the evening.

Letting the roar die down, the Announcer takes a breath and picks back up, “And introducing her opponent, she also stands at five feet eight inches tall and she is one half of the World Tag Team Champions, allow me to introduce, Kaley Cuoco!”

Marilyn Manson’s ‘The Fight Song’ roared through the club and the blonde powerhouse breezed her way through the curtain. Standing at the top of the ramp, it was easy to see why Kaley was making waves in the promotion. Clad in an electric blue corset and simple black bikini bottoms, her look was completed with white pads and boots. Since forming a team with Lacey Chabert several months ago, the powerful blonde had steam-rolled opposition as she and Lacey were becoming regarded as one of the best tag teams ever in the history of the promotion. Smirking confidently, Kaley strides to the ring, slides in under the bottom rope and goes to her corner. Unsnapping the gold strap from waist, Kaley hands it off to the referee, keeping her eyes locked on the brunette in the opposite corner. Once the belt has been safely deposited at ringside, the official returns to the squared circle and nods to the Timekeeper.

DING! DING! DING! The loud bell in the cozy confines of the club, signals the start of the match. Resting lightly against the turnbuckles, Kaley closed her eyes and visualized her impending victory…no, scratch that…she visualized her SUBJUGATION of Charisma Carpenter! The image brought a smile to the blonde’s lips, but it quickly died away. Kaley might not have had the brunette’s experience, but she knew enough to know that visualization and actualization were two completely different things. She also knew that Charisma was probably the most dangerous adversary she’d faced in singles competition. Charisma wasn’t called ‘Mistress of the Backbreaker’ for no reason.

The powerful grappler had taken that simple move and damn near turned it into an art form. Kaley’s hours of research had shown her that the brunette had more ways to bend the human spine than a whole gaggle of chiropractors. To take too many of Carpenter’s favorite moves would most surely mean defeat, and a humiliating one at that. Still, Kaley was no wet behind the ears rookie; she had several impressive victories to her credit, hell, she wasn’t one half of the Tag Team Champions for no reason. And Carpenter’s ‘world’s biggest midget’ line had really got her blood boiling. Opening her eyes, Kaley cast an emerald glance in Charisma’s direction and whispered, “We’ll see who feels small when the bell rings again Charisma.”

Itching to get her hands on the grinning brunette, Kaley pushed out of her corner and stalked into the center of the ring. Over on the other side of the squared circle, Charisma watched the young blonde’s meditation with a sarcastic smirk on her face. Truth was, Kaley didn’t impress her at all. Sure, she’d won her share of matches, but she hadn’t accomplished anything of real importance and here she was strutting around with a belt some sawed off brunette dwarf had won for her. Smiling cruelly, made some minor adjustments to her purple one-piece and stepped out of her corner. Rolling her shoulders, that infuriating smirk returned as strode towards the incoming blonde.

As the distance between them disappeared, Charisma purred, “You haven’t got the backbone to stand against me; and even if you do, it won’t take me very long to break it.”

Mere seconds passed and the two vixens were standing nose-to-nose in the center of their battleground. Biting her bottom lip in a coy smile, the brunette said, “You may look like an Amazon Kaley, but I bet you scream like one of the Munchkins.”

Trying her best to stay calm in the face of the veteran’s taunting, Kaley fired back, “And you may look twenty-something, but I hear plastic surgery has made astounding advances this year. Are you sure I shouldn’t have beat you later on in the card? I think we’re right in the middle of the early bird buffet.”

Unfazed, Charisma chested into her opponent and replied, “Oh cute, more age jokes. I guess I’ll have to make sure my AARP card is tucked away before I do this!”

Before Kaley could blink, the brunette snappe her head forward, giving the blonde a solid Headbutt to the bridge of her nose. Kaley’s eyes watered as she staggered back - or at least she tried to! She hadn’t gone two steps before Charisma lashed her hands out and buried them in the younger woman’s mane. Tugging Kaley in close, Charisma released her hair hold and quickly threaded one arm between the blonde’s thighs and the other over her shoulder. With no discernible effort, she hoisted Kaley up, tucked her in position over her shoulder and then tossed her to the mat - a textbook Body Slam in the amount of time it takes a normal person to draw a breath.

Grunting as she met the canvas, Kaley instantly brushed aside the pain and got back to her feet. Since Charisma was still well within grappling distance, Kaley thought she’d show the old lady how these things were done nowadays. Baring her teeth in a low pitched growl, Kaley lunged forward; scooped Charisma up on her shoulder and held her there. Taking the time to display the protesting brunette to all sides of the ring, Kaley patted her rival’s butt and then introduced her to the canvas with a Body Slam of her own. Taking a step back as Charisma got to her feet, Kaley pantomimed rubbing dust off her hands as she said, “That’s how we do things in 2006 Skeletor.”

Patently unimpressed, Charisma put her hands and asked, “Flashy and ineffective? I thought that was a blonde trademark, not a rookie thing. Guess I was wrong.”

While Kaley was trying to formulate an appropriate response, Charisma surged forward and looped around behind her adversary. Before Kaley knew what was going on, Charisma had cinched her arms around the blonde’s waist and lifted her off her feet. In one quick motion, Charisma twisted her hips and dropped down, forcing Kaley to the mat. The long haired blonde uttered a low grunt as she smacked into the unyielding canvas still a captive in Charisma’s Waistlock.

Recovering quickly she powered to her hands and knees, trying to simply wrench her way free of Charisma’s clutches. But Charisma’s grip was incredibly strong; she clamped down like a bulldog and stayed glued to Kaley’s back as the younger grappler led her around the mat. When Kaley finally stopped to catch her breath, Charisma bore down on her hold, forcing her victim flat on the canvas. Releasing the waist lock, she scrambled up her prone rival’s frame until her ass was resting on Kaley’s upper back. Beginning her lesson plan in humility, Charisma grabbed a hand full of golden hair and pulled back hard! As Kaley yelped in surprise and pain, Charisma twisted around and used her free hand to deliver several sharp, stinging Spanks to Kaley’s rotund rump. Kaley tried to pull away from this demeaning treatment, but much to her chagrin, Charisma held in place as she paddled her butt mercilessly.

Yanking back on the blonde’s hair like she was some bronco in need of breaking, Charisma ground her butt back and forth on Kaley’s shoulders as she asked, “Is this all you’ve got punk? I thought you had that belt for a reason, or maybe Lacey really can carry your fat ass all the time!”

Furious at the demeaning treatment, Kaley let loose with an angry bellow and surged to her hands and knees. Spotting the ropes a few feet away, she scrambled lurched forward until she was able to loop an arm over the middle rope and demand, “BREAK!”

Ignoring the babbling of the official, Charisma reached back, pinched Kaley’s ass EXTREMELY hard and pretended to pull a little bit off. Examining her imaginary find, the brunette tossed it away and said, “Just what I thought, it’s made entirely of candy.” Gingerly rubbing at the red welt on her left cheek, Kaley got to her feet and glared daggers at her. Smirking insolently at her adversary’s impotent rage, Charisma cocked an eyebrow and gave Kaley an insolent look. “So, anything else you wanna try kiddo?”

Breathing hard, Kaley raised her arms in a grappling stance and snarled, “Why don’t you come here and find out Gram?”

Charisma did as she was bade and strode forward to meet her opposition. Her hands had just begun to brush Kaley’s when the blonde snapped a two-fisted grip on Charisma’s right wrist and ducked around behind her. With nothing more than a simple tug, Kaley pried a howl from her opponent’s lips thanks to her speedy application of the Hammerlock. Forcing Charisma’s captured arm up between her shoulderblades,

Kaley added a little more pressure to the simple submission and cooed, “I thought old timers like you were supposed to be versed in the basics. Guess you forgot to take your memory meds this afternoon. Don’t worry though; I’ll give you a refresher course. All I have to do is push up, like THIS…” She gave the brunette’s arm a sharp yank, forcing a loud, embarrassed yelp to pass through Charisma’s lips. Waiting for the scream to pass, Kaley finished, “…and I can break your scrawny little arm! So if you don’t do EXACTLY as I say, you’re going to have a trick elbow to go along with the bad hip and saggy tits. Now get on your tippy-toes and MARCH!”

Indulging the blonde, Charisma rose up onto her tip-toes and baby-stepped around the ring, straining to direct the tour to the nearest ropes. But every time she got close, Kaley gave her arm a vile tug, wringing a scream as she forced Charisma to tippy-toe in a different direction. After about three staggering circles of the ring, Kaley put her lips to the brunette’s ear and sighed, “I didn’t mean to tucker you out Gramma, here let’s get you to those ropes you love so much…”

Pushing forward and up on Carpenter’s captured wrist, Kaley led her girl over to the cables and impudently thrust her forward, granting Charisma the rope break she’d been looking for earlier. Not through embarrassing her rival just yet, Kaley pulled a hand free and delivered a CRACK! slap to the side of the brunette’s head. Finally releasing Charisma’s wrist, Kaley chided, “That concludes lesson one. Step up anytime you want a second lesson, bitch!”

Ignoring the slap, Charisma rolled her shoulder a few times before turning back to face the blonde. Stepping forward, she started circling and said softly, “I bet you’re going to sound beautiful when I snap you over my knee.”

Mimicking the veteran’s movements perfectly, Kaley chided, “If anybody’s going over someone’s knee, it’s you Charisma. But I won’t break your back. I think I’ll just paddle your wrinkly cougar’s ass until you start to cry.”

If there’s one thing that got to the brunette, it was being called the C word. Snarling low in her throat, Charisma exploded forward and caught the startled blonde in a hard Collar and Elbow Tie-Up. Hoping the swiftness of her attack would give her a few extra seconds to work with, Charisma easily transitioned Kaley into a Front Facelock.

Working Kaley’s near arm over her shoulders, she used her free hand to grab a handful of Kaley’s black briefs. Setting her feet on the mat, Charisma bent her knees and lifted up, attempting to hoist the blonde over her head with a Vertical Suplex. Alas, her plans were thwarted when Kaley threaded her right leg behind the brunette’s left, effectively blocking the throw. Still set on teaching the more experienced grappler a little respect, Kaley pulled her leg free from Charisma’s and tried to return the favor with a Vertical Suplex of her own but Charisma had anticipated it and blocked it exactly as Kaley had done.

Snaking her powerful leg around the blonde’s equally sculpted gam, Charisma held them both rooted to the ground even as Kaley was trying to tug her way free. Sick of the stalemate, Kaley jerked free of the Facelock and shoved Charisma away from her. Adjusting the edges of her electric blue corset, Kaley eyed her foe cautiously and said, “You’re learning.”

Smiling slightly, the brunette replied, “You’re not!”

The words were still drifting towards the blonde when Charisma spun around on her heel and sprinted towards the ropes. Refusing to be outdone, Kaley mirrored the actions of her rival, bouncing off the ropes at her back to head into the center of the ring with much more momentum behind her. Seeing that Charisma meant to run right through her, Kaley lowered her shoulder and waited for the collision. Heartbeats went by, and then there was a muffled THUMP as the two statuesque gladiators slammed into one another. Knowing for sure that the other was now lying at her feet, Kaley and Charisma opened their eyes only to find the other staring at them with a mounting sense of incredulity.

Regaining control of her faculties first, Charisma put her hands on her hips and asked, “Wanna try that again Shortstack?”

Snarling at the totally inaccurate short joke, Kaley shot back, “If you think your brittle bones can handle it Grandma Moses.”

Lips pursed in a thin line, Charisma sneered, “I’ll manage.”

With that, they were off again, Kaley sprinting left while Charisma went right. As she loped back towards the brunette, Kaley waited until the very last second before shooting out her left arm in hopes of catching Charisma unawares with a Clothesline. Unfortunately for her, Charisma had a plan too, and as it turns out, hers was better. Sensing the Clothesline with the sort of foresight that only comes from experience, the brunette ducked low just as Kaley extended her arm, letting the Clothesline pass safely over her head. As soon as she was clear, Charisma whirled around and lowered her shoulder. When the blonde turned to meet her, Charisma shot forward and plowed into the blonde, scooping her up in a messy but effective Fireman’s Carry.

The moment she reached her full height, Charisma jumped up and fell straight back, flattening her rival’s frame between her back and the canvas with an expert Samoan Drop. Smiling as she felt Kaley’s belly deflate against the back of her head, Charisma rolled to one knee and snapped her bottoms back into place. Looking the stunned girl over, Charisma mused, “I could probably just break you right now, but I’d like to find out how far you can BEND first.” Having decided on a plan of action, Charisma sank her right hand into Kaley’s hair and pulled the blonde to her feet. Shoving the woozy girl around to face away from her, Charisma grabbed a handful of Kaley’s tights and folded her other arm up tight. Lining up her forearm with Kaley’s lower back, Charisma mused, “I never understood why they called this move a Forearm Shiver…” When the blonde only groaned, Charisma tugged her back and drove her forearm forward, smashing the bony expanse directly across Kaley’s spine. Kaley sobbed aloud as a violent spasm ran up and down the length of her back. Chuckling, Charisma said, “Ohhhhh, now I get it!”

Securing her grip on the younger woman’s tights, Charisma pulled her back to her feet and delivered a follow-up shot with her Forearm. Kaley’s legs tried to give out again, but the brunette straightened her up and nailed her with a rapid-fire series of three clubbing Forearm Shots, THAWP, THAWP, THAWP! Ignoring Kaley’s boozy sob, Charisma brought Kaley back to a vertical base and purred, “Aww, does baby want to go sleepy-sleep? Let’s put her down then!” With a final sadistic yank on the blonde’s togs, Charisma lunged forward and brought her right arm out level with her shoulder. THWAM! The Lariat caught Kaley across the base of the neck and sent her sprawling flat on her face.

Strutting around Kaley’s downed form, Charisma raised both arms over her head and posed for the crowd. After a taunting little rub of her biceps, the brunette extended her left arm up over her head told the audience, “I’m feeling a little winded after kicking this bitch’s ass, I think I’ll lie down for a while!”

Turning her attention back to Kaley, Charisma rose up on her toes and then dropped down fast, putting all her weight behind the point of her elbow. Kaley twitched like a speared fish but she couldn’t wriggle out from under Charisma’s smothering bulk. Grinding the pointy joint deep into the small of Kaley’s back, Charisma rolled to one knee, pushed back to her feet and immediately dropped a second Elbow to Kaley’s defenseless spine. After that, a third, fourth, fifth and finally a SIXTH Elbow found their home in the blonde’s well defined chassis. Pushing up off Kaley’s quivering frame, Charisma pinned her hair behind her ears and licked her lips. Scraping the blonde off the canvas, the brunette nuzzled in behind her foe and drilled another hard-hearted Forearm Smash to her tenderized back.

Rubbing her forearm across Kaley’s welted skin, Charisma put her cheek against Kaley’s face and whispered, “Feel this baby? This is only the end of the pre-show. The main event is just about to get started!”

On those ominous words, Charisma bent double and applied a Waist Lock with one hand while the other gripped Kaley behind her left thigh. Setting her feet in a position she liked, Charisma lifted up and back, pulling Kaley into the void and into position for a Back Drop Suplex. But the brunette had another move in mind and when the blonde was posed to start falling back, Charisma quickly shifted her weight and dropped to one knee, bringing the full weight of Kaley’s body crashing down across her knee in one of her many torturous variants of the Backbreaker. Kaley shrieked aloud and rolled off Charisma’s thigh, both hands flying to the injured area of her back.

Grinning haughtily, Charisma patted her posted knee and confirmed, “I knew you’d sound sooooo pretty!”

Getting to her feet, the brunette sauntered over to her wounded adversary and brought her up with a handful of tights. Encountering only minimal resistance as she directed the agonized blonde towards the nearest corner, Charisma tossed Kaley face first against buckles and pressed in tight behind her. Leaning in such a way that Kaley would feel every ounce of her weight, Charisma used her right leg to maneuver Kaley’s legs into a rough forty-five degree angle. Resetting her feet, Charisma dug her chin into the hollow of Kaley’s left shoulder and purred, “You wanted to give lessons earlier, well here’s one for you, “When targeting one specific area of your opponent’s body for destruction, alternate between simple and complex maneuvers. This way, your outclassed victim never knows exactly what’s coming. Example…”

Keeping close, Charisma stabbed her right knee up and caught Kaley low in the ribs. The blonde winced and tried to pull away, but that just exposed her left side and Charisma gladly helped herself to a second Knee Lift, this one with her left knee. This went on for the better part of thirty seconds; every time Kaley would twist one way, Charisma nailed her other side with a Knee Lift. And if Kaley didn’t move one way or the other, Charisma would bring either knee up into the blonde’s tailbone, eliciting another breathy sob of protest from the trapped vixen.

When she’d grown tired of the monotonous THWUP, THWUP, THWUP of knee on ribs, Charisma leaned in once more and said, “Remember what I said about changing your offense up Kaley? This is what I meant.”

Bringing her hands up, Charisma settled them around Kaley’s neck and dug in tight, throttling her rival with the blatantest kind of Blatant Choke. Kaley started to gasp and gurgle almost instantly and her frantic twisting caught the ref’s attention just as quick. Seeing the infraction, the official started to count, but that didn’t seem to bother Charisma in the slightest.

Smearing herself across Kaley’s back a final time, Charisma purred, “One other lesson. Referees can be easily manipulated. They only see what they want to see; thusly it makes things like THIS perfectly legal.”

Expounding on just what THIS was, Charisma clamped down even tighter on Kaley’s windpipe, but as she had said, it was only a distraction. When she was sure the zebra’s attention was totally focused on her hands, the brunette slammed her knee up three times in rapid succession and each shot caught Kaley directly between the thighs. Simultaneous with the last unseen low blow, Charisma released her grip on the howling blonde’s throat and backed away without protest. Making sure the ref didn’t pull Kaley out of the corner too fast; Charisma went to mid-ring and settled into a low crouch. Homing in on Kaley’s exposed back, Charisma sprinted forward in a blur of motion. Alert as he was, the official just barely moved aside for the brunette freight train, leaving Kaley all alone to take the full force of BOTH of the brunette’s knees crushing against the small of her back.

The leaping Double Knee Smash bent the blonde into a shape most closely resembling a lowercase ‘r’ but the illusion lasted for only a few seconds because The Mistress of the Backbreaker was just getting started. Her every motion imbued with a sadistic purposefulness, Charisma pulled Kaley out of the corner, scooped her up and held her perpendicular across her chest. Making a slow, leisurely, circuit of the squared circle, Charisma allowed every member of the capacity crowd to get a lingering glimpse of her decimated adversary before she rose up on her toes and then dropped to one knee, nearly smashing Kaley’s spine with a more traditional, but certainly no less effective Over the Knee Backbreaker. Kaley let out a wavering, warbling scream as Charisma pressed down on her thigh and chin exacerbating the pain on her sweat-shined back even after the move had connected. Nearly bending her young foe in half, Charisma removed her hand from Kaley’s chin and sank her fingers deep into the other blonde’s abdomen, adding the pain of a Belly Claw to the already debilitating Backbreaker.

Almost preening as she impaled Kaley’s abs and contorted her spine, Charisma cooed, “Ya see what happens when you challenge big girls to fight honey? You wind up getting mangled and embarrassed. Why don’t you give up now, that way you might still be able to dance at the eighth grade mixer tomorrow.”

Biting her bottom lip to keep from shrieking, Kaley shook her head weakly and spat, “Neh-ver.”

Letting out a deep breath, Charisma merely looked contemplative as she replied, “All right, at least all the junior high’s are required to have ramps now.”

In an attempt to hasten Kaley’s surrender, Charisma pressed down even harder on Kaley’s chin and thigh while simultaneously rocking her planted knee up and down; forcing her victim’s back to bend along the torturously smooth plane of Charisma’s thigh. Casting her gaze along the full length of Kaley’s frame, Charisma noted with some interest that Kaley’s head was less than an inch from the floor of the ring. Gritting her teeth, Charisma applied insidious force to Kaley’s chin, as evidenced by the sudden definition of nearly ever muscle in her arms and shoulders. After a few endless seconds, Charisma watched the crown of her opponent’s skull touch the canvas. Satisfied with her handiwork, she released her holds and sent Kaley sloping and sloshing from her knee to the mat. Blowing a loose strand of hair out of her eyes, Charisma pushed off her knee, but not before she’d taken possession of Kaley’s hair.

Hauling the insensate blonde to her feet, Charisma stalked around behind Kaley and swatted her on the butt. Giggling as the blonde cringed, the veteran grappler taunted, “God, Lacey must have the strongest back of any girl on this roster. I mean, carrying your pathetic ass night in and night out, that’s admirable! Maybe I should have picked a fight with her instead.”

When no intelligible response was forthcoming, Charisma reached her right arm through Kaley’s legs and grabbed the blonde’s dangling left wrist, pulling it back tightly between Kaley’s thighs. At the same time Charisma hooked Kaley’s right arm with her left and pulled it back hard, twisting the blonde awkwardly. Charisma held this position momentarily, looking like she was about to apply some bizarre Abdominal Stretch variation. Instead, she pulled up with both hands, bringing Kaley off her feet and up, positioning her stomach down on Charisma’s shoulder. In the blink of an eye, Charisma shifted her grip so that one arm was looped over Kaley’s back while the other held the blonde’s head in place. But just as Charisma was rising up on her toes to complete the Pumphandle Slam, Kaley started kicking her legs furiously and the sturdy grappler managed to wriggle her way off the brunette’s shoulders and land easily behind her.

Grunting in frustration, Charisma whirled around only to be greeted with a European Uppercut that caught her directly under the chin. The brunette’s teeth clacked together and her vision went fuzzy, but she was still able to hear Kaley sneer, “You talk an awful lot of trash for an old lady. I thought you geriatric types were supposed to set examples for the rest of us.”

Eager for a little retribution, Kaley hauled the dazed girl off her feet and positioned her so that the point of her right shoulder was resting snugly against Charisma‘s belly. Wrapping her arms tightly around the brunette’s middle, Kaley stalked around the ring, letting everyone see her victim’s helplessness. Tightening her grip, Kaley muttered, “Hope you took your OS-CAL this morning bitch.”

Kaley ceased her taunting and leapt into the air. Tucking both knees under her, she landed easily on the canvas while Charisma’s stomach was driven wickedly into Kaley’s shoulder in a move that really was best described as something of an Inverted Holmes Wrecker. Loving the feel of Charisma’s gut fluttering against her shoulder, Kaley tossed the gasping vixen onto the mat and left her there just long enough to massage the worst of the pain out of her tenderized back. Getting to her feet with a groan, Kaley took hold of Charisma’s wrist and scraped her off the mat. Holding the brunette at arm’s length, Kaley thought about saying something, but couldn’t find the words. Settling for an angry growl, the blonde surged forward and almost snapped Charisma’s neck with an explosive short range Lariat that left Charisma flat on her back with her legs kicked up over her head in an ungainly Matchbook.

Pushing up off her belly, Kaley stalked over to the flattened brunette and yanked her to her feet. Pressing her face in against Carpenter’s cheek, Kaley chided, “You’re so one dimensional grandma, there’s more to wrestling than just Backbreakers. You should take a lesson out of my book; I like to use a well rounded offense to finish off lumpy old hags like you. Watch carefully, you might learn something.”

Then Kaley fired a knee into Charisma’s belly doubling her over. Stepping in close, she reached down and cupped her right hand under Charisma’s chin while her left hand grabbed her foe’s right arm by the elbow, the preparation for a basic Swinging Neckbreaker.

Things were still looking pretty simple as Kaley quickly twisted her whole body to the right, beginning the half circle that would deposit Charisma’s back and shoulders on the canvas; but just as Kaley reached the point where she would turn back-to-back with Charisma, she came to a screeching halt and spun back the other way, swinging to her left now. In the next instant shot her feet out behind her and dropped straight down, jerking Charisma off her feet and driving the other girl face and chest first into the mat with an Inverted Swinging Neckbreaker she’d dubbed ‘The Good Luck Charm’ (or GLC for short). Laughing aloud as Charisma’s face hit the mat with an evil THUD Kaley got her feet under her and strutted around to the brunette’s head and ever so slowly extended her right leg straight out in front of her.

Casting her glance from the crowd to her well toned gam, Kaley asked the audience, “Kinda nice to know at least one of the wrestlers in this match doesn’t subject you to varicose veins huh?”

Smirking as the audience roared, the blonde turned her attention back to the brunette at her feet. Steadying her balance, Kaley suddenly sat out, bringing the full weight of her thigh down on the back of Charisma’s head with a simple Leg Drop. Sitting on her butt, Kaley bounced the back of her thigh against her victim’s neck for a few seconds before getting to her feet and helping the brunette up with a sadistic double handful of tights.

Kaley stood beside her groggy adversary and murmured, “All right, enough of that old school shit; time to show you something that’ll blow your feeble old mind.” Bending down, the blonde looped one hand between Charisma’s legs while the other threaded its way around her captive’s chin. Breathing hard, Kaley lifted Charisma off the mat, holding the big brunette draped parallel across her shoulders, trapped in the legendary Torture Rack. Wrenching the hold as hard as she could, Kaley turned in a slow circle and called out, “The Backbreakers are really more Charisma’s thing, but I can show you a version she’s too frail to pull off any more.”

Feeding on the mob’s encouragement, Kaley planted her feet and twisted to her right as far as she could. Calming her nerves, the blonde suddenly whipped back the other way and released her grip on the brunette’s leg, sending Charisma’s lower body swinging out behind her. Thanks in part to the duel miracles of perfect timing and good luck, Kaley shifted her grip, caught the descending wrestler under her arm and sat out hard, drilling the full length of Charisma’s back into the mat with a devilishly modified Sidewalk Slam.

Lying across her winded nemesis, Kaley contemplated going for the cover, then rejected the idea. Charisma may be hurt, but Kaley would be willing to bet money that the brunette wasn’t finished yet. Looking to change that fact as quickly as she could, Kaley hauled the brunette to her feet and settled a two-handed grip on Charisma’s right wrist. Pointing her towards an appropriate corner, she sent Charisma hurtling towards the ropes and she followed less than second thereafter. As soon as the brunette’s back hit the turnbuckles, Kaley hit her from the front, using the full force of her weight to crush Charisma to pulp with a ferocious Avalanche Splash. Staying tightly pressed against the breathless brunette, Kaley ground her chest back and forth for a moment before peeling off her prey and letting slump to the canvas on her butt. Having already settled on her next attack, Kaley was in the process of bending down to pull Charisma up, when she stopped in mid-lunge on noting the brunette’s head was resting on the bottom buckle.

Kaley straightened up and put her hands on her hips and, grinning down into Charisma’s pain-bleary eyes, took hold of the top rope on either side of the brunette. “I’ve been looking to do this move for a long time. I guess I should give thanks to your old gamey legs for not having the strength to pull you out of the corner, but I’d rather just kick your face off.”

Attempting to do just that, Kaley lifted her boot and placed the sole against the side of Charisma’s cheek. Holding the cables for balance, the blonde thrust her foot forward, abrading the side of the brunette’s face with her boot. Hardly satisfied after one, Kaley reset her stance and repeated the vicious scrubbing motion more than half a dozen times before the ref scrambled in and started to count. Backing away from the corner, Kaley raised her hands and told the official, “Don’t worry dope, I’m almost done. All that’s left now is the icing.”

Leaving the zebra in her dust, Kaley ran the ropes to her right and came sprinting back towards the corner where Charisma was laid out. Waiting until the last possible second, Kaley violently kicked out with her right foot, smashing Charisma across the cheek with a lower than normal application of the Mafia Kick. Ignoring the sympathetic groans of the audience, the energized blonde grabbed her foe by the ankles and dragged her into the middle of the ring where she dropped Charisma’s feet and swaggered around to her victim’s head before she scraped her off the mat. Treating the veteran wrestler to a few disrespectful slaps, Kaley announced to the audience, “Now that her face has been properly washed, I’ll put the old-timer to bed!”

Trapping her adversary in an inescapable Front Facelock, Kaley used her free hand to grab a rough handful of Charisma’s tights and pull them up quickly, almost baring one half of her opponent’s butt. Bending her knees, Kaley lifted up fast, hauling Charisma off her feet only to invert her directly over the blonde’s head. The second Charisma was over her, Kaley sat out fast, drilling the top of the brunette’s skull ruthlessly into the canvas with a picture perfect Brainbuster. The cranium-crushing maneuver sent a violent spasm through Charisma’s body and then she lay still, dazed and spread-eagled in the middle of the ring. Believing she might have put the last nail in Charisma’s coffin, Kaley draped herself across the brunette’s chest and hooked the far leg. Finally glad to be earning his paycheck, the ref dropped down and slapped the mat, ‘ONE… TWO…’ Charisma snapped her left shoulder off the mat, breaking the count.

Pursing her lips in annoyance, Kaley slapped her hands down across Charisma’s chest and then yanked her off the mat. Securing a manacle-like grip on her adversary’s wrist and whipped her into the ropes. Kaley had just begun the process of releasing the brunette’s wrist when Charisma clamped down and jerked the blonde forward, reversing the momentum of the whip. As the disoriented blonde rushed towards her, Charisma surged forward to meet her with a boot to the gut that stopped Kaley in her tracks!

With Kaley bent over double in front of her, Charisma reached around Kaley’s torso and locked her hands. In the same motion she hauled Kaley off her feet and spun her around nearly 270 degrees right before she dropped to one knee and slammed her down across the posted joint, nearly snapping the blonde in two with a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker. Kaley let out an ear splitting cry and went rigid for a moment before going limp on her tormentor’s knee.

Panting, Charisma’s dark eyes flashed evilly as she said, “Oh sweety, I am going to hurt you SO MUCH.”

More that ready to start acting on her words, Charisma shoved Kaley off her knee only to immediately sink a two fisted grip into the blonde’s sweaty locks. Getting back to her feet, Charisma lifted Kaley’s deadweight to her knees and quickly applied a Standing Headscissors before the other weak-kneed could collapse back onto the mat. Cracking her knuckles ominously, Charisma purred, “I’ve got plenty more Backbreakers to show you hon, but first I’d like to work out a little pent-up aggression.” Balling her hands into fists, the curvy brunette drew a bead on the defenseless curve of Kaley’s spine and proceeded to lace into her trapped adversary with a vile assortment of blow. THUP! Knuckles met kidney.

SLAP! Palm cracks buttock.

THUD! Fist bashes off ribs.

And so it went, Charisma exercised her demons by pounding them into Kaley. It was only when the official chastised her for the use of a closed fist did the domineering beauty stop to take a breath. And even then, she wasn’t done. Wrapping her arms around Kaley’s waist, Charisma exclaimed, “I told you earlier I could hit a Backbreaker from anywhere. I figure you believe me by now, but in case your silly blonde ass still isn’t convinced, settle in and check this out.”

Charisma hauled Kaley upwards, holding her in the stall position for a split second before driving her right back down to the canvas. But Charisma had something special in mind for Kaley’ landing and she demonstrated ably by going down on one knee, letting the full length of Kaley’s upper back and neck get drilled into her posted knee and thigh. The viciousness of the Powerbomb cum Backbreaker actually wrenched Kaley out of Charisma’s clutches and the brunette stunner found she had to wait for Kaley to stop twitching before she went for a rather cocky cover; resting both palms on Kaley’s shoulders and nodding along with the ref’s count.


Kaley rolled a shoulder odd the canvas, resetting the count! Glaring at the official, Charisma soon returned her attention to Kaley. Leaning down into the blonde’s flushed face, Charisma blew a taunting little breeze on her foe’s nose and whispered, “Keep fighting Kaley, it’ll make it all the sweeter when I finally hear your voice and maybe your spine, crack right before you beg for mercy.” Then she pulled the blonde back to her feet with a spiteful yank and stood beside her. The Mistress of the Backbreaker bent at the waist and looped one hand between the blonde’s legs and the other around her victim’s chin. Grunting with effort the move was taking, Charisma lifted Kaley off the mat, holding the lithe beauty draped parallel across her shoulders, trapped in the insidious Torture Rack. Listening to the audience applaud while Kaley shrieked, Charisma strutted around the ring, making sure that every step was of the bouncing, jostling variety. Working very hard to dig her shoulders into the softest, most vulnerable parts of her nemesis, Charisma continued her walk of shame as she asked, “You ready to give it up yet you whiny slut?”

Shaking her head ‘no’ Kaley blinked back her tears (mostly without success) and shrieked, “FUCK YOU CARPENTER! I WON’T GIVE!” She added some veracity to this claim by shooting a hand out and grabbing hold of the top rope. Hanging on for dear life, Kaley tried to locate the official as she roared, “BREAK! I’M IN THE ROPES, BREAK THE FUCKING HOLD!”

Ignoring the babble of the zebra, Charisma laughed and answered, “You want a break Kaley? Why didn’t you just say so?”

Bending her knees, Charisma surged forward, tearing the blonde away from her handhold. With the squirming blonde still draped along her shoulders, Charisma made her way to mid-ring and stopped dead. Shifting her grip ever so slightly, the brunette crouched down, and then pushed up to her full height, hoisting Kaley off her shoulders in the process. As the suddenly freed blonde started her descent, Charisma dropped to one knee and graciously offered up her thigh as a landing pad. Kaley was subjected to yet another Backbreaker variant, and much like the last two, this one tore a wavering, anguished scream from her lips.

Swatting the younger girl clear with the sort of absent-mindedness most people would show a buzzing fly, Charisma took hold of her victim’s ankles and dragged her towards the nearest corner. When her back hit the buckles, Charisma stepped to the side and went from the ring to the floor in one easy motion. Still holding Kaley’s ankles, Charisma maneuvered her foe around until Kaley was perpendicular to the steel ring post. Taking special care to make sure that the small of the blonde’s back was pressed tightly against the unpadded metal, the brunette took Kaley’s right ankle in one hand and her chin in the other. Setting her feet firmly against the floor, Charisma murmured, “All right you insolent sack of shit, let’s see you stand up to ANYONE after I’m done with you.”

Only vaguely aware of the ref’s count, Charisma pulled back with all her strength, bending Kaley’s 5’8” body in a terrible ‘U’ around the unforgiving ring post. Hating the sound her own voice, Kaley sobbed aloud as the Bow and Arrow variant destroyed her back, but the blonde wasn’t so far-gone that she didn’t recognize the move as illegal. Groping blindly, she felt the ropes above her and grabbed them once again.

Hoping to God that the ref was paying attention, Kaley screamed, “LEMME GO YOU CHEATING BITCH!”

Outside, Charisma suddenly realized she was on the short end of two counts. The zebra was already more than halfway through his TEN count before he started the FIVE count with his other hand. If either of them reached the end, she’d be counted out, disqualified - or both! Refusing to let a guaranteed win slip through her fingers, Charisma quickly released her holds on Kaley and slide under the bottom rope with a few seconds to spare. Allowing herself the time to pluck and smooth the rumples out of her battle gear, Charisma made a show of dabbing the perspiration off her brow and showing the crowd just how little there was. When she’d satisfied her appetite for theatrics, the brunette swaggered over to the corner and hauled the blonde up by the straps of her corset.

Leading a complaint Kaley out to center ring, Charisma slipped behind her captive and took her time in applying a Full Nelson. Digging her hands into the base of Kaley’s neck, Charisma bore down hard, making sure the younger had to bear every ounce of her weight. Resting her head against Kaley’s Charisma grinned maliciously and licked her foe’s ear lobe from bottom to top. Enjoying the disgusted shudder she felt pass through the other woman, Charisma cooed, “I bet you can guess what’s coming... and I bet you won’t like it.”

Saving the rest of her breath for the move itself, the brunette bent her knees and suddenly shot straight up. As Kaley’s feet left the canvas, Charisma twisted her upper body hard to the left, sending the blonde’s body trailing out it that direction. As soon as she had room to move, Charisma dropped to one knee and yanked down hard, reintroducing Kaley to the knee and thigh she was getting all too familiar with. The second the Full Nelson Backbreaker connected, Charisma tossed Kaley onto the canvas and went for the cover, this time in a simple schoolgirl pin. Smirking triumphantly, Charisma glared out at the fans and mouthed, ‘ONE… TWO… THR-ARRRGGHH!’

Her lip sync and the count were both broken when Kaley darted her head up and bit down hard on the inside of the brunette’s right thigh. Seething with indignant fury, Charisma forced Kaley to release her grip with a pair of open handed slaps that rocked the blonde’s head back and forth. Getting her feet under her, Charisma tore Kaley off the canvas and marched her towards the closest corner. Dumping the blonde against the barely padded steel, Charisma chested in against her hapless rival and went to town, both verbally and physically.


Still righteously pissed over the bite marks on her leg, Charisma climbed onto the middle rope and grabbed Kaley’s hair in her left hand. Holding the blonde’s cheek against her gulping belly, the brunette balled her right hand into a fist and proceeded to drill short, sharp punches into Kaley’s hairline. The fans had just reached ‘SIX’ on their traditional count when Kaley’s arms shot up and wrapped around her thighs. Before the brunette even had a chance to comprehend the trouble she was in, Kaley charged out of the corner and took off at a dead run, cutting across the ring on a diagonal before she leapt into the air and slammed Charisma down spine-first into the mat, nearly breaking the cagey veteran in half with a Running Sit-Out Powerbomb.

Shrieking joyously, Kaley scrambled to her feet and thanks to the adrenaline rush was able to ignore the terrible pain running up and down her back. Knowing the hurt would be back soon enough; she stalked over to Charisma and yanked the stunned vixen up with a hardhearted pull of her hair. Going nose-to-nose with the breathless brunette, Kaley panted, “Sorry gramma, you just don’t have what it takes to hang with us youngsters any more.”

Receiving no meaningful answer, Kaley ducked down and wrapped both arms around the brunette’s sturdy hips (and they were sturdy, no matter what Kaley would have you believe) Tightening her grip on Charisma’s chassis a final time, Kaley rose up on her toes and then dropped to one knee, slamming the posted joint deep between Charisma’s thighs with an eye-watering Inverted Atomic Drop. Resting on one knee, Kaley was about to toss the brunette aside when she thought better of it.

Recalling a move she’d caught during one of her last MMA marathons, the blonde maintained her grip and stood back up, hoisting Charisma up onto her shoulder like a sweating, bawling sack of potatoes. With the brunette’s face hanging just above her butt, Kaley made a fast, looping circuit of the squared circle before she rose up on her toes and dropped down and forward, spiking her nemesis against the mat with one HELL of a Double Leg Takedown. Watching the base of Charisma’s skull bounce off the mat, instinct was telling Kaley to go for the pin, but her pride wouldn’t let her. This brunette witch had embarrassed her over the last several minutes and the blonde wanted that debt to be repaid by the time the bell rang again. Still fighting off the effects of Charisma’s offense, Kaley took a deep breath and peeled the brunette off the mat with a handful of her top.

Spinning the groggy brunette around, Kaley reached out and locked both her arms in a tight loop around the brunette’s and then clasped her hands tight. Steadying her footing, Kaley bent her knees and then hoisted Charisma clear off the mat, holding the struggling brunette aloft in a debilitating Double Chickenwing Stretch. Shaking Charisma back and forth like a terrier with a dead rat, Kaley tried her best to wrench the veteran’s shoulders out of socket as she slowly made her way towards one of the corners. When she was where she wanted to be, Kaley stopped moving and taunted, “You know the only thing more pathetic than a beaten cougar Charisma? A CRIPPLED cougar!”

She tossed Charisma forward and down, leaving the helpless brunette to smash face-first into the top turnbuckle. The blow snapped Charisma’s head back and her vision was nothing but dark swirls of color, as she lay slumped in the corner. Watching her handiwork with a discerning eye, Kaley rolled her shoulders and backed into the middle of the ring. Smiling at the sight of Charisma offering her back, Kaley dipped into a low crouch and roared forward. When her shadow was covering most of the brunette, Kaley left her feet and floated the rest of the way in, smashing her oblivious opponent chest-first against the mat with a second Avalanche Splash.

Holding her position just long enough to help herself to a few exaggerated hip grinds on Charisma’s quivering butt, the blonde stepped back and allowed the brunette to stumble out of the corner. Positioning herself behind and slightly to the brunette’s right, Kaley forced Charisma to bend over double. Keeping one hand planted on the back of Charisma’s neck, Kaley told her, “I’m going to drop you on your head and then sit on your face. Remember that feeling the next time you try to hold down a younger, better talent.”

Speaking no more, Kaley looped her left arm across the back of Charisma’s neck while she threaded her right arm through Charisma’s legs and locked her hands against the brunette’s middle, trapping her in a sort of Standing Cradle. Forcing the injured grappler to balance on one foot, Kaley bent her knees into a deep crouch before surging straight up with Charisma still in her grasp. At the apex of her lift, Kaley flung herself backwards and fell back to the mat, dropping Charisma directly on the back of her head and shoulders the modified Cradle Suplex she called the Kalumniator. Unlocking her hands, Kaley shoved Charisma over onto her back and wasted no time in nuzzling her buns down on the brunette’s nose in a Reverse Face Sit. Resting her hands on her hips, Kaley ground back and forth in slow, sultry circles as the official counted off, ‘ONE… TWO… THRE-NO!’

This time it was the blonde’s turn to shriek as the ever aware brunette chomped down on the intruding cheek to break the count without a moment to lose. Rubbing at the angry red welt forming just below the line of her trunks, Kaley scowled at her oxygen deprived foe and sneered, “That is the LAST time you’ll ever get to do something so fuckin’ stupid Charisma.”

Flattening the brunette out with a short, evil kick to the forehead, Kaley turned her back on Charisma and strode over to the corner. Climbing the ropes a bit more gingerly than she normally would (her back was really beginning to bother her) Kaley nonetheless reached the top rope without incident. Turning around to face the ring, Kaley raised both arms over her head, channeled her inner Macho Man and soared off into the void with her right elbow positioned neatly over Charisma’s sternum. Less than two seconds later, the blonde dropped out of the sky and landed with the full force of her weight behind the Elbow. Charisma nearly folded up double and made some noises that sounded an awful lot like vomiting, but luckily for her, Kaley, the ref and ring crew, Charisma held her lunch in for the time being.

That didn’t mean she was safe though, not by a long shot. Kaley was firmly in control of the match at this point and the blonde was looking to end the battle sooner rather than later. Drawing on her reserves, Kaley rose to her knees, snagged Charisma by the hair and hauled them both to their feet. Leading her gut-shot adversary to the center of the ring, Kaley released her grip on the brunette’s hair only to clamp down on her throat. Wedging her free hand under Charisma’s right armpit for more lifting power, Kaley leaned in close and whispered, “How sad, you’re going to be Choke Slammed by the world’s biggest midget. You really are pathet-UGGGH…”

She never finished her missive thanks to Charisma’s knee finding a comfortable new home in the pit of her stomach. Kaley’s grip on the brunette’s throat loosened considerably and it was all the veteran needed to wrench free of her predicament. Snarling hatefully, Charisma stalked after her staggered adversary and reeled her in with a double handful of hair. Whirling Kaley around to face her, Charisma added to the blonde’s misery with a pair of quick Forearm Smashes that caught the younger woman flush in the mouth.

Holding Kaley close the brunette growled, “I’ve bent you enough bitch. Now it’s time for you to break.”

Speaking no more, She pulled her head away from Kaley’s ear and then slipped an arm across Kaley’s chest. Holding her victim tight, Charisma sank into a deep crouch and then pushed up fast, hoisting Kaley up in what looked like the beginnings of a Rock Bottom. But things got interesting when, at the highest point of the lift, Charisma violently twisted to the right and dropped to one knee, bringing Kaley’s back down across the posted joint in yet another brilliantly applied modification of the Backbreaker. The blonde let out a low, gurgling moan and then she rolled bonelessly off Charisma’s knees to pool silently on the canvas. At this juncture in the battle, the brunette would normally set her victim up for her lethal ‘Charisma Bypass’ finisher, but Kaley had pissed her off and she wanted the blonde to suffer a little bit longer. Moving with a dark purpose, Charisma strutted around to her opponent’s feet and lifted them up, tucking one ankle under each armpit.

Looking down into Kaley’s face, the brunette purred, “Luckily you’re tall for a midget, I wouldn’t be able to do this...”

The words were still coming out of her mouth when Charisma turned over and sat down hard, trapping her smaller rival in a spine wrenching Boston Crab in the middle of the ring. With the Crab locked in perfectly, Charisma leaned back as far as she dared, putting insidious pressure on Kaley’s lower back and legs. Roaring her triumph, Charisma slammed her butt down repeatedly into Kaley’s back, all the while demanding that the official check the blonde to see if she had quit. Down on the mat, Kaley was tearing at her hair in a last ditch effort to avoid tapping out. Looking at the ropes a few feet away, the blonde seriously considered tapping out, if only to end the terrible pain racing up and down her back.

As Kaley was raising an arm to slap the mat, she halted her progress and thought, ‘You’re gonna let this dumb bitch beat you? After SHE interrupted your poker game and tried to punk you out in front of all YOUR friends? Fine, be a loser. Maybe you aren’t cut out to be a singles wrestler.’ Placing both palms on the canvas, Kaley growled, “Fuck that” and began to claw her way towards the ropes and the release they promised.

Feeling herself begin to move, Charisma looked over her shoulder and screamed in dismayed rage when she saw that Kaley was somehow still in this fight, “YOU STUPID DITZ! YOUR BACK CAN’T TAKE ANY MORE PUNISHMENT! GIVE UP BEFORE I SNAP YOU IN TWO!”

But Kaley just ignored her and several long, agonizing seconds later the weary blonde reached out and snagged the bottom rope, immediately demanding to the ref that Charisma release her hold. Charisma roared her fury and the brunette fought against the urge to simply keep the hold cinched on, she may get disqualified, but there would be no doubt in anyone’s mind who the REAL winner was. Fighting off her baser instincts, Charisma released the hold when the ref reached ‘FOUR’ and stalked away to take a well deserved breather.

After some small adjustments to her outfit and a few deep breaths, Charisma started to feel much better about her situation and it was with a renewed sense of confidence that she strutted back over to the crippled blonde. Bringing Kaley to her feet with a mean-spirited tug of her black briefs, Charisma led her foe to the middle of the ring and then forced her to bend over with a sadistic yank of her damp hair. Holding Kaley’s locks in a steady grip, Charisma gazed over the scorched earth landscape that was Kaley’s back and she was pleased. She knew she would crack Kaley open momentarily and feel all that delicious quit come pouring out of her, but before she got to that point, she wanted to treat the blonde’s impudent face to a little punishment. After all, Charisma prided herself on being an equal opportunity tormentress.

Licking her lips, the brunette pulled her right knee back and then drove it home, drilling Kaley’s forehead with a dull THUD! Laughing as the blonde shuddered, Charisma asked, “You feel that Kaley? THAT’S (THUD!) HOW (THUD!) YOU (THUD!) BREAK (THUD!) A (THUD!) GIRL (THUD!) DOWN! (THUD!)

When the last Knee Lift connected, Kaley’s legs gave way and she sank to her knees, but that didn’t stop Charisma, not by a long shot. Moving slowly, almost regally, she laced each of her arms under the under arms and clasped her hands together across Kaley’s upper back. Tightening her grip, Charisma cooed, “I can already see the write-ups for this match on the forums tomorrow: TACKY GIANT MIDGET DEVOURED BY BEAUTIFUL COUGAR. Almost reads like a circus obituary, but the only thing funny about this is how much of a loser you are.”

Laughing at her own joke, Charisma bent her knees and lifted Kaley straight off the canvas. When she could lift her foe no higher, Charisma Flipped Kaley over so that the helpless blonde’s back was to the canvas, then dropped to one knee and jammed the small of Kaley’s back over her bent knee. The Double-Underhook Backbreaker sent a nearly electric jolt of pain through Kaley’s body as plainly evidenced by the piercing shriek and erratic twitching that ensued after the move connected.

Unclasping her hands, Charisma shoved Kaley off her knee, sending the devastated vixen sloshing out to mid-ring before coming to a stop with her face down and her back deliciously exposed. Deciding it was time to go back to a move that had brought her much success earlier in the fight; Charisma bent down, hooked her hands into the straps of Kaley’s corset and scraped her off the canvas. Standing to the front and slightly to her side of her oblivious victim, Charisma bent down, looped one hand between Kaley’s legs while the other snaked across her captive’s chin.

Bracing herself with nearly half a dozen deep breaths, Charisma let out a triumphant roar and lifted Kaley off the mat, draping the blonde across her shoulder in another cruel application of the Torture Rack. Not bothering to tour the ring this time, Charisma remained firmly planted at mid-ring. She was perfectly happy to simply rock up and down on her heels to ensure Kaley’s sobbing complacency. Working the hold with everything she had left, the brunette cast her glance upward, trying to get a glimpse of Kaley’s agony. Not getting anything entertaining, Charisma sneered, “Where’s that submission Kaley? In case you hadn’t noticed, I can keep you here all day!”

Suffering through some of the worst pain of her career, Kaley was defiant nonetheless, “Yeah, I guess chugging four bottles of Centrum Silver before the match really helps with the old stamina. Tell me, do you like Metamucil too?”

Unable to believe the blonde’s call, Charisma’s face darkened as she muttered, “All right bitch, you wanna play games? Let’s see you make something funny out of THIS!”

Bending her knees slightly, she took two giant steps forward and then sat out, landing on her butt with Kaley still draped across her shoulders. The impact bent the blonde even more forcibly for a moment but then Charisma released the hold and Kaley assumed a more normal shape as she dribbled off Charisma’s shoulders and lay sprawled helplessly on the canvas. Kicking the semi-coherent grappler over onto her back, Charisma got to her feet and strutted to the near-by corner where, with disdain for her foe coming off her in waves, Charisma slowly climbed to the top buckle.

She turned around facing the ring and raising both hands out at her sides, looked to the audience and shouted, “HOW ’BOUT I CUT THIS MIDGET DOWN TO SIZE?!”

As the crowd egged her on, the brunette sank into a deep crouch before she sprang off the top rope, hung in the air for a moment, then let gravity take over as she went into a descent that would drop her weight down onto Kaley’s defenseless belly…at least, it WOULD have if the supposedly insensate blonde hadn’t rolled out of the way at the last second! She didn’t even have time to curse her own mistake before the mat met her with a cold embrace and an ear shattering WHAM!

The impact forced all the air from Charisma’s lungs in a single gasping explosion and for the time being, the Mistress of the Backbreaker was able to share in the sort of pain she had inflicted on her nemesis over the past several minutes. Knowing that she had avoided disaster by the slimmest of margins, Kaley got her hands against the mat and pushed to her feet with a sound that was equal parts groan and scream She took about two steps before her hands flew to the small of her back and she almost dropped to one knee right there, but she managed to fight through the pain and maintain her vertical base.

Turning her attention to the flattened brunette, Kaley’s face twisted with rage as she snarled, “Enough of this shit. It’s time to mount this cougar’s head on my wall.”

Attempting to act on her rather morbid visual, the blonde limped over to Charisma and pulled her to her feet, much more slowly than she normally would. Gritting her teeth against the pain she knew was coming, Kaley lowered her shoulder and muscled Charisma’s weight up across her shoulders in a simple Fireman’s Carry. With one hand looped across the back of the brunette’s neck, she busied the other in crossing Charisma’s legs across one another, keeping them pinned in place with a solid grip on her foe’s ankles. After a few seconds had passed, everything was in place for the blonde to administer the deadly ‘Kaley Shock’ she’d been using as a finisher for the last several months.

She had just begun the process of pushing Charisma off her shoulders when the brunette helped her out, wriggling free of the predicament and landing on her feet just behind the startled blonde. Knowing her window of opportunity was very small, Charisma spun Kaley around and slashed her right hand forward, jabbing her thumb into the other woman’s eye. Kaley yelped in protest, but that didn’t stop Charisma from booting her in the gut and wrapping her arms up in a second application of the Double Underhook.

Breathing hard, Charisma panted, “That’s the difference between us Kaley. When the chips are down, you can’t hit your finisher and I can. Think about that when you wake up in the infirmary.”

Through with words, Charisma hoisted her victim off the mat and flipped her over, so that Kaley’s head was pointing towards the mat. In the same instant, the brunette dropped to her knees, spiking Kaley’s neck and shoulders against the mat with the Modified Tiger Driver she called ‘The Charisma Bypass.’ Kaley jerked once and then lay still as Charisma put all her weight into keeping the blonde’s shoulders pinned to the mat. Glad that this battle was finally over, the official swooped in and counted off, ‘ONE… TWO… THRE…NO!’

Somehow, some way, Kaley jerked to her left, pulling free of Charisma’s grip to stop the count at the last possible second. Shocked and disgusted, Charisma almost turned the full force of her wrath on the zebra, but her instincts redirected her focus to its proper target before she could get herself disqualified. Positively radiating fury, Charisma grabbed a huge handful of the blonde’s hair and scraped her off the mat. Going nose-to-nose with the crippled Amazon, Charisma whispered, “You must be the STUPIDEST bitch I’ve ever had the displeasure of facing. You think what you’ve dealt with so far is bad? Kaley, honey, I’m going to snag ‘BEATING OF THE YEAR’ honors for what I do to you nexummggpphhh!”

The brunette’s words were devolved into a surprised jumble of muffled syllables as Kaley shocked the world by darting her head forward and planting an aggressive French kiss on her opponent. And as much as it would disappoint some folks in the audience, this was nothing like an act of love. See, Kaley had learned something from Charisma. The brunette had told her that referees are easily manipulated, and a little girl on girl action was as mesmerizing to the official as it was to everyone else. While everyone was occupied with Kaley’s lips, the blonde sent her knee pistoning up into the center of her trunks. The heinous low blow went completely undetected; only the disappointed groan came from the audience was evidence of the knee as Kaley tore her face away from the brunette’s suddenly anguished countenance.

Flashing a grin that was really more snarl, Kaley said, “Oh gross, you taste like Poli-dent.”

Grabbing Charisma by the shoulder, she stabbed out her right hand, gripping the brunette around the throat. Without so much as a growl, Kaley hauled Charisma off her feet, one arm locked around her throat while the other grasped at her purple bottom to hold her in place. At the tip of the arc, Charisma stopped moving and had the very briefest sensation of floating before gravity and Kaley yanked her back down, driving her back-first onto the mat with a Choke Slam that left her Spread-eagled and quivering in the center of the ring.

Her breath coming in great, tearing gulps now, Kaley straightened up, glared out at the audience and drew her thumb across her throat in an unmistakably savage gesture. Pulling Charisma off the mat as quickly as she could, Kaley lowered her shoulder and had no trouble spooning Charisma onto her shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry. Keeping one arm draped loosely across the back of the blonde’s head, Kaley once again forced the brunette’s legs across one another before grabbing her foe’s upper ankle to keep the grip secured.

Groaning with the exertion, Kaley bent her knees and pushed up hard, sending the brunette flying off her shoulders. In the split-second before Charisma started tumbling to the mat, Kaley sat out, accompanying Charisma on her descent where the veteran landed on the back of her head and shoulders with her face framed by Kaley’s thighs. Nodding slightly as the Kaley Shock connected, Kaley scooted forward and sat down on Charisma’s chest while maintaining her grip on Charisma’s ankle in a sort of Cradle meets Reverse Matchbook Pin.

Resting all her weight on Charisma’s chest, Kaley leaned her head back and ticked off the numbers as the ref counted, ‘ONE… TWO… THREE!!’

The bell rang to signal the end of the match and shortly thereafter, the blonde’s theme poured through the speakers, but Kaley was so exhausted she didn’t really didn’t register any details. Aside from ‘I won’ the only other thing going through her head was how much her back hurt.

Letting the ref help her to her feet, Kaley raised an arm in victory and was about to salute the crowd when the mob started to roar. Unsure of what was going on, Kaley whirled around; expecting to see Charisma up and on the attack, but the beaten brunette was still rooted firmly to the canvas. Frowning, she looked to the ramp and saw the source of the commotion just as Lacey Chabert slid under the bottom rope and popped to her feet.

Rushing over to her wounded partner, the diminutive brunette looped an arm around Kaley’s waist and gave her a hug. “Hey blondie I knew you could pull it off. Had me worried for a minute there though. Thought you were going to give all us short girls a bad name.”

Grinning despite the pain, Kaley replied, “YOU were worried? My back feels like a smashed accordion and you were worried? You sure know how to empathize don’t you tiny?”

Lacey grinned, “Hey I just want to get you to the back before you collapse in a heap. I’d hate to be forced to carry you any more than I have to.”

Rolling her eyes, Kaley grimaced and sighed, “Go ahead and twist the knife Chabert. Let’s just see what happens the next time you need something off the top shelf. Then we’ll see who gets the last laugh.”

With her retort made clear, the adrenaline rush wore off and Kaley slumped noticeably in her partner’s grip. Saving her best material for later, Lacey led her friend and partner to the edge of the ring, helped guide her onto the floor and then led her up the ramp that led back to her locker room.