Debbe Dunning vs. Charisma Carpenter by Rocko

Debbe accepted Charisma's invitation to a test of strength with the same relish she'd taken the match. Debbe bore down on Charisma's quaking wrists with all the force she could muster, hissing,. "A skank like you shouldn't audition for real roles."

"Fuck you bitch!" replied Charisma as hope returned.

Debbe had tried to pull Charisma into a standing head scissors but she left the door open for a headbutt to the thigh, which left her howling. Charisma delighted in the pained groan as she drove her knee into Debbe's ribs. But her joy quickly turned to pain when Debbe dug her fingernails into Charisma's hindquarters as she drove her shoulder into her belly. The only defense that came to mind for Charisma was to pull Debbe's hair-and oh how she pulled-frantically up , then mercilessly backwards wrenching Debbe's neck to its limit. Charisma then dropped down and positioned herself for the move she dreamed of using on her foe. Still clinging to the auburn tresses of her victim, Charisma backed underneath Debbe sprang into a hangman neckbreaker.

"Don't cry grandma!" Charisma taunted as she tried to unscrew Debbe's head from her neck!

"Stop, you're hurting me," implored Debbe.

"Wait, lemme put you down, I don't want to hurt your pretty little neck," mocked Charisma as she repositioned her hands under Debbe's armpits. Debbe' s neck was throbbing with pain when she realized she was going airborne as Charisma jerked forward and dumped Debbe like a sack of spuds, tossing her over herself to the floor. "You sure did lock up this role when you got the fight test added, didn't you slut," taunted Charisma as she jumped up and dropped with both knees on Debbe's back.

"Whoofmmph ooohaughhhff!" Debbe groaned as the air was forced from her lungs and her body was again contorted.

"I was so sure you were gonna kick my ass....Now what will you do for my ass? Let's begin with some payback..."

Charisma knelt in front of her woozy opponent and propped her knees against Debbe's shoulders as she grabbed a handful of ass with each hand. Tiring of the subdued groans of her foe, Charisma began to spank Debbe's butt.

"OW ooh uh uh oh OW please stop!"

"Sorry dear, but we're not done yet. Make sure the camera's have plenty of film," cooed the Angel star as she flipped Debbe onto her back, took hold of Debbe's legs and turned as if she'd slide down to facesit the tool-time girl. But Charisma wasn't there just to win. She spun around and dropped her ass on Debbe's chest

"Nnnnnooaaaughffffffff!" While still holding Debbe's legs she put her in a legspreader, splitting her legs wide like a cheerleader's with Debbe on her back upside down! "Awnnauughggooh!" Charisma snapped her head forward and headbutted Debbe square on her pussy! Still dissatisfied by Debbe’s pain, Charisma went to the schoolgirl press. Debbe’s total lack of resistance pleased Charisma, but all the dominance was getting her horny and she decided it was time to begin deriving some satisfaction from her vanquished prize.

"Wanna see me do a handstand, you whore?" Charisma sneered as she pushed up on her arms as she pinned Debbe. Without waiting for her answer, Charisma did a handstand, then dropped back down, driving her knee down onto Debbe's battered midsection.


"Whatsa matter foolgirl; am I too much woman for you? Maybe you should stick to fighting other weak-willed bimbos like Casta and Theron!" Charisma giggled as she bent down and slowly pulled down Debbe’s panties. “Ewwwww, they're all wet! Grossss, they smell like fish. Don't you ever clean up? Well, you know what we can do now tramp? Let's play cops & robbers. I’ll be the cop who just caught the dirtiest, naughtiest girl of all.”

“Nnnnooo…wwaa,” Debbe whimpered.

“Now what shall I do?”

“I givvve….please….”

Put these wet ol’ nasty panties in your mouth and then I'll let you go…come on, open wide!”


“There you go...see, that wasn’t so hard, was it? What’s the matter now, Debbikins? You don't seem to be enjoying yourself tonight. Let me think, THERE MUST BE SOMETHING WE CAN DO!”


“Hmmmm, all that sucking in and blowing out of air looks like fun. I KNOW!”

“Nnnmmpphh! NNNNNN….”

Charisma stood up straddling Debbe’s head, then dropped her panties on the tooltime girl's once proud face; then slowly lowered herself into the classic 69 position. Charisma leaned over, letting her long, dark hair gently sweep back and forth, stroking Debbe's pussy as her hands kneaded the fallen stars glorious breasts.

“Aumphaumm….mppfuhununuh.” Debbe's hot moist breath and pained, excited grunts, only made Charisma more excited and she began to grind her pussy into the mouth below. “Unn uhuhuh ommmmmmmmmmppphhh ohohoh mmmppfffff.” Debbe was smothering and her instincts made her grab Charisma's ass. “Unf ow…bitch!”

Debbe’s hot breath did the trick and released Charisma’s smoldering, pent-up juices. They shot out in an eruption that sent a sticky mass cascading like a loving lava landslide down over the tortured tooltime girls flushed face. Debbe lay gagging, trying to wipe the cum off herself but she was too weak to make any headway and Charisma returned for her victory pose.

"Who's the better woman?”


Charisma punched her in the gut and repeated her question, "Who's the better woman you bitch?”


Charisma soon tired of her victim's insolence and dropped a knee into Debbe's once taut tummy, asking again, "Who's da Bomb?"

"Ohhhhh….you are….please, get off me! Aggghhffrrrtttttt!”

Charisma stabbed her thumb into Debbe's cunt and played with her clit until Debbe climaxed, then she yanked Debbe's top off as a prize and began to giggle as she batted Debbe’s full, soft orbs back and forth on her heaving chest. Debbe, unable to resist any longer, passed out and was totally oblivious to the torture that followed. She’ll never know until, or unless, she gets her hands on the tape. Until then, she'll have to settle for plotting revenge and bide her time until she’s able to strike back!.