Shannon Elizabeth w\Mena Suvari vs. Charisma Carpenter w\Sarah Michelle Gellar by Interac 5/2/01

Charisma Carpenter had just finished the 'Angel' season when she saw a picture on the cover of Hollywood Tabloid of Sarah Michelle Gellar with a bad black eye. She bought the paper and read the article which claimed SMG, who's only 5'1", got into a fight with 5'10" Shannon Elizabeth. According to the story, Shannon beat her up pretty bad.

Charisma was a little upset at this, not because she liked Sarah particularly, but she knew Sarah didn't deserve this. So she called Sarah on the phone as soon as she got home.

"Sarah, I seen the picture of you. How'd the fight start?"

"We were at a party," Sarah said. "And she was telling everyone how she didn't want to be a certain kind of actress and referred to ME! Natchurally, I spoke up to defend myself and she just killed me. She threw me all around the room. Jodi Lyn O'keefe was there, she saw the whole thing. But she got beat up by her a few months before and didn't want to get involved with her again. I asked her why and she said something about you and Mena. What was that about?"

Charisma gasped, "Oh God I forgot about that. Mena was acting like she was some big shot at the beach so I told her the difference. She said she wasn't afraid of me and that I should watch myself because she had friends. So I just beat her down and stripped her right there in front of everyone. Then I walked her around like the bitch she is. Sarah this is all my fault! What can I do to help?"

Sarah hesitated, then said, "Well, there's another party tonight but I'm not going. I can't show my face again there."

Charisma bristled indignantly and urged her to reconsider.

"Sarah you ARE going to go! You're going to get to watch me humiliate that high and mighty, Ms Shannon Elizabitch."

After quite a bit of convincing, Sarah went with Charisma. When they showed up at the party, everyone stopped talking and stared at the two former costars. Sarah wore a long dress and Charisma wore a tight, form-fitting mini-skirt and halter.

"Wow look who's here," Charisma said nudging Sarah. "It's the girls of Charmed. Remember what we did to them?"

Sarah smiled and replied, "Yeah, I sure do. But I don't see her. What if she isn't here. Wait there she is," as she saw Shannon.

Charisma nodded and grinned. "Oh, there, coming out of the den. And look, she's with that spoiled little bitch Mena Suvari. This will be even more fun than I expected."

Just then, Mena grabbed Shannon's arm and pointed, "Shannon! It's Charisma and she's with Gellar."

Shannon was surprised.

"God, I didn't expect this. Looks like Gellar's hoping to get some revenge. Well, I might as well get some for what she did to you while I'm at it."

The two women stared daggers at each other from opposite sides of the room until they finally started walking toward each other. The party circled around them as Shannon, wearing a leather mini skirt and a white shirt with a low V neck, approached Charisma.

Charisma spoke first, "Hi Mena. Rowf. Ha ha ha!"

Shannon stepped in front of Mena and stuck out her finger into Charisma's chest.

"Leave her alone, bitch. Oh hiya Sarah, didn't see you hiding back there behind your friend. My your bruises are healing fast."

Shannon brought her hand up Sarah's face to touch it but Charisma slapped it away. You could hear someone in the back scream, "KICK HER ASS!"

Shannon grinned, "Hear that? They want to see a fight. Do you really want that? Do you want to fight me?"

Charisma stepped forward and got right in Shannon's face until their breasts touched.

"Oh I want to fight alright!"

Charisma brought one hand up, grabbed Shannon's shirt and pushed her down while with the other, she ripped the shirt off of Shannon's amazing body right over her head. Then Charisma went to the fallen 'American Pie' star to finish her off, but Shannon suddenly kicked out her leg and drove her heel hard to Charisma's pussy.

Charisma fell to her knees holding her aching woman hood. Shannon grabbed Charisma's shirt and pulled it off as she shoved Charisma over onto her back. Shannon grabbed Charisma's hair and started to drag her around the room.

Shannon looked at Mena and smiled, "See how easy that was."

But while she was showing off, Charisma grabbed Shannon's arms and twisted them. She swung her legs around and tripped up Shannon who fell on her face. Charisma grabbed a handful of Shannon's hair, yanked her head up and then slammed it on the carpet. Then she turned Shannon over and sat down on her stomach.

Charisma started squeezing Shannon's luscious breasts and pinching her nipples as Shannon screamed out in pain. Charisma kept squeezing with all her might as Shannon's soft tit flesh oozed between her fingers. Shannon tried to pry Charisma's hands away from her breasts, but it just made Charisma twist harder. Shannon finally desperately reached up and clawed and scratched at Charisma's breasts which brought a grimace to Charisma's face but didn't stop her attack on Shannon.

But then one of Shannon's nails snagged on one of Charisma's nipples!

Charisma screamed in pain and let go of Shannon's breasts to look after her own. As soon as she did, Shannon balled her two fists together and nailed Charisma right in the belly. All the breath went out of Charisma who toppled over on her back between Shannon's legs. Shannon got up with a hateful look in her face as she glared down at Charisma who lay writhing, gagging and holding her stomach with both hands.

Shannon was holding her own wounded chest as she started kicking down at Charisma landing kicks to her stomach, boobs, and pussy. Then Shannon sized her up, drew back her foot and nailed Charisma square in the head stunning her nearly unconscious.

Shannon bent down and pulled Charisma up by the hair. She walked the stumbling, staggering woman across the room and shoved Charisma's head down into a tropical fish tank. She held the wildly flailing Charisma's face in the water for a few seconds, then yanked her head out. Charisma came up sputtering and spitting water.

"You like that, huh," Shannon sneered before she drove her fist into Charisma's belly making her gasp for air.

Then she plunged Charisma's head back into the tank again. When she hauled it out this time, Charisma spit out a mouthful of water and even a goldfish!

Before Shannon could dunk her again, however, Charisma swung her fist at Shannon's head. She'd picked up a plaster castle from the tank and she nailed Shannon with it right in the temple. Shannon fell back over the arm of a couch and right into the lap of her 'American Pie' costar, Jason Biggs.

Charisma dragged Shannon off him onto the floor. As Shannon slumped on her hands and knees shaking her head, Charisma mounted her back like a horse and wrapped one hand in Shannon's hair. Then Charisma started spanking Shannon's luscious ass with the other a couple of times before she unzipped Shannon's miniskirt. Charisma grabbed Shannon's panties and, using two hands, hauled them up as far as they'd go. Shannon let out a god awful scream as the panties were wedged deep into both crevices before they tore away in Charisma's hands.

Charisma tossed the torn panties to Sarah, who had a huge smile on her face as she stood beside Mena. Charisma grabbed Shannon by the back of the hair and pulled her to her feet. As Shannon rocked unsteadily, Charisma picked up Shannon over her shoulder, nearly lost her balance for a second, but then planted Shannon back down to the floor.

Shannon lay crying in pain as Charisma put her in a body scissors and squeezed until Shannon's screams filled the room. Cruelly, Charisma used one of her free hands to tear at Shannon's pussy hair, ripping out clumps as Shannon was screaming her surrender. But Charisma ignored her cries and added more and more pressure to her scissors. Sarah started to move closer and even started to laugh at Shannon's discomfort.

Then she felt Mena's hand grab her hair from behind. Mena held Sarah by the hair, swung her around and threw her on top of Charisma, knocking the wind out of her and bumping her off of Shannon.

Once out of Charisma's leg scissors, Shannon struggled to rise, still holding her stomach and a bit unsteady on her feet. Charisma angrily threw Sarah off of her but before Sarah could get up, Mena pounced on her and used her hair to start banging her head on the floor. Charisma turned around and caught Mena by the back of the head to pull her off of Sarah - but before she could do anything to Mena, her own hair was being yanked backward by someone!

Shannon was back to her feet and holding two handfuls of Charisma's short hair. She ran her forward and slammed her face down on the floor just as hard as she could. Shannon kicked Charisma in the ribs to turn her over, then dropped on her face and started riding it. She was in ecstasy as Charisma's perky nose was wedged well and truly in her pussy.

When Shannon looked over to check on Mena, she discovered she too had the upper hand and was beating on Sarah pretty good. Mena had already ripped off Sarah's dress and was busily squeezing her pert boobs with both hands. Sarah was helpless and Charisma was already gagging because Shannon had just cum all over her nose and mouth.

Shannon slid backward down Charisma's body a little, both of them now sweat-slick from the action. All the men were ogling her Shannon who interrupted their stroking to ask someone to get some rope or something to tie Charisma with.

"I'm gonna teach this bitch a lesson," she said.

No one had any rope so Shannon used her own shirt which she tore in strips and tied Charisma's legs together, then took Charisma's shirt and tied her arms together with it. She was about to start, when Mena came over and stopped her.

"Me first," Mena said.

Sarah tried to get up to help Charisma but her loyalty was paid with a kick straight in the face by Shannon who then grabbed Sarah's hair and sat down straddling her back. She sat on her like a pony and forced Sarah to watch as Mena ripped apart Charisma's pussy and scratched Charisma's breasts until they were both red and raw.

When Mena finally got off of Charisma she was a mess.

"You know, what Mena?"

"What Shannon?"

"We're through with that trash but let's take this other one home with us."

"Sounds good," Mena giggled. "We don't have any plans for the night anyway."

Mena hammerlocked Sarah Michelle Gellar, forced her to high step out the front door as everyone laughed at the sight and then threw her headfirst into the trunk of her car.

Back inside, Shannon looked down at Charisma's battered body. She kicked her one last time in the head and turned to look at the shocked and stunned party goers.

"Let that be an example to anyone of what happens to somebody who fucks with me!"

Shannon gathered up her torn clothes, threw them over her shoulder and strutted out of the party leaving the cleaning up to the distraught hostess. Neither Charisma or Sarah showed their face in public for quite a while after that and Sarah still refuses to speak about what happened to her during the night she spent as Shannon and Mena's 'guest'.