Actress Catfight (Sarah Michelle Gellar vs. Charisma Carpenter) by John J. 01-Oct-99

During the third season of "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" Charisma Carpenter finally got fed up with being the second string on the show. She demanded a bigger role for herself, instead of just the occasional one line biting comment and then a sudden departure.

Sarah, for her part, liked to have Charisma around, as her character, Cordelia, provided some excellent opportunities for subtle humor in the show. Sarah fumed at Charisma's suggestion to have Cordelia become Angel's love interest in the fourth season of "Buffy." Sarah fought every one of Charisma's attempts to improve her character, and make Cordelia into a major character on the show.

Charisma finally had enough. She walked Buffy over to the set where the graveyard scenes are done. There is a small grassy area there, and it's private.

She demanded, "What the hell is your problem? Why are you stopping my plans for Cordelia?"

Sarah smirked, "I like Cordelia just how she is. Besides, your suggestions would ruin the flavor of the show, which is working very well as it is."

Charisma fired back, "Well, I disagree. I think my suggestions would improve the show, and if you'd keep your nose out of it, I would show the producers that."

Sarah sneered, "Don't get that tone with me, sweetie. I'm the star of this show, and don't you forget that!"

Charisma sneered back, "Oh, great comeback. I'm SO scared of the big star!"

Sarah got visibly angered, "I can have you removed from the show, if I want to."

Charisma replied, "I'd like to see you try, bitch!"

Sarah fumed, "Or how about I just knock that smug smirk off your damn face!"

Charisma put her fists up and answered, "Well come on, then! Let's settle this!"

Sarah raised her fists, "I'm gonna enjoy this!"

Sarah charged at Charisma and football tackled her down to the ground. Sarah ended up on top and she tried to maneuver to get into a position to control the fight, but Charisma got her long, powerful legs up, and toppled Sarah before she gained a good position. Charisma tried to pin Sarah down with her legs, but Sarah shoved the brunette's legs to the side.

Both women got up cautiously as they eyed the other for an opportunity to strike. As they both rose to their feet, both young beauties lunged at each other and grabbed at hair. Four fists grabbed long lustrous hair as they both tugged back and forth violently. Each tried to topple her adversary as she pulled from side to side on the other's long hair. Charisma's height advantage won out, and she was able to tug back further and Sarah lost her balance. Charisma instinctively shifted her weight forward as she pulled Sarah down, as her full bodyweight came down on Sarah's ribcage.

Sarah gasped and coughed as the air rushed out of her lungs when Charisma crashed down on top of her.

Sarah hissed, "Fat cow! Lose some weight!"

She reached up and ripped Charisma's flimsy crop top off. She exposed Charisma's full tits, and latched onto them, Sarah sunk her nails into the soft feminine mounds, and started to maul them and scratch them up.

Charisma yelped in pain, and screamed back, "Who are you calling fat, bitch? My figure is way better than yours."

Charisma retaliated and tore off Sarah's tank top and sunk her nails into Sarah's boobs.

She yelled, "Ha! You call these tits, I can barely get a hold on them!"

Charisma sunk her nails in harder and squeezed on the nipples. Sarah screamed out in pain, as Charisma tried to rip the nipples off her tits. Sarah released her tit hold, as she pulled on Charisma's hands and tried to free her hurt globes.

After some work, Sarah finally pulled Charisma's talons loose. Sarah saw the bloody scratches that Charisma left behind. Sarah tried to fight and get free, but Charisma bounced on her midriff and ribcage a few times and knocked the air out of the hurt blonde.

Charisma grabbed Sarah's arms and wound her legs into Sarah's and clamped on a painful grapevine. Sarah moaned in pain.

Charisma taunted her, "What's the matter Miss Tough Shit Slayer? Can't get free? Come on, fight back! Can't fight back when it's not scripted out for you, can't you? Stupid bitch!"

Charisma lowered herself down and tried to smother Sarah out with her tits. Sarah wasn't that beat down though and she bit hard into Charisma's right tit. Charisma screamed as she got up and released the holds. She checked her bit tit.

Sarah got up slowly and in pain. Charisma screamed, "Damn bitch! Look what you did to my tit! I'm gonna kill you!"

Charisma charged and tackled Sarah, but Sarah got some leverage and rolled Charisma over, so she gained the dominant position. Sarah started to punch at Charisma in the tits and face, while Charisma tried to scratch and maul at Sarah's tits. Sarah leaned back for a hard punch, but she gave Charisma a little room to get her leg up, and she kicked Sarah away hard.

Charisma got up quickly and grabbed the blonde by the hair and gave her a nasty knee lift to the face. Sarah went down as she clutched her damaged nose. Charisma started to haul Sarah up by the hair again. Sarah saw her chance and she punched hard at Charisma's pussy. The punch was a little off, and only hit her thigh. Charisma still felt the painful fire sear through her body, but it wasn't a direct hit. Charisma let Sarah go, and both girls went down.

They both got up weary and watchful of the other. In silent agreement, they raised their fists. Sarah came in quick with a straight right to the face, but Charisma sidestepped and countered with a hook that nailed Sarah in the tit. Sarah moved her guard to protect her tits more, and Charisma nailed her with a solid right to the jaw. Sarah spun and nearly went down. Charisma nailed Sarah with a flurry of lefts and rights body, a lot to the tits, some of the stomach and a number of kidney punches. Sarah got free with a backfist to the jaw that backed Charisma away.

Sarah charged at Charisma, but the brunette was ready and she flattened Sarah with a huge spinkick to the side of the head. Sarah went glassy-eyed for a minute, and Charisma put her down with a solid punch to the pussy and then an ax-handle across the back.

Charisma grabbed hold of Sarah's blonde hair and clamped on a vicious bodyscissors hold. Charisma started to play with Sarah like a cat toying with a mouse. She would release the hold a little, and give Sarah a bit of encouragement to take a breath, only to clamp down hard as soon as she did, and knock the air right out. When Sarah was on the verge of passing out or surrendereing, Charisma released the scissors, and kicked Sarah away.

Sarah just laid there as she coughed and gulped down air. Charisma grabbed the blonde by the hair again and flipped her back down. Charisma clamped her legs arond Sarah's neck this time, as she clamped on a powerful figure-4 headscissors. Charisma held Sarah tightly, as she once again deprived the blonde of air and slowly weakened her.

Sarah knew that she was going to pass out if she didn't do something. She dug her nails into Charisma's thighs and raked the sharp nails down her gorgeous thighs and claves. Charisma shreiked in pain and pulled her legs away.

Charisma rolled away and checked her legs, while Sarah tried to pull herself together. Sarah tried to get up, but Charisma was on her and kicked in the pussy and put her down hard. Charlisma schoolgirl pinned the blonde and held her down tightly.

Sarah tried to fight and buck the brunette off, but Charisma held firm.

Sarah sobbed out, "Please stop. I quit."

Charisma smiled and said, "Not yet, you pathetic piece of shit! I'm not done yet! Three years of your barbed comments on the show. Now you're going to get paid back in full!"

Charisma shoved herself forward and sat on Sarah's face. She ground her ass back and forth into the blonde's face, until she was near out. Charisma then got up and body press pinned her, and smothered Sarah's face into her tits.

Sarah again yelled out, "Please stop! I quit."

Charisma pulled away a little and said, "What was that? I can't hear you."

Sarah said, "Please stop. I give."

Charisma said, "Ask me nicely."

Sarah sobbed and said, "Please Charisma. I give up. You win."

Charisma got up and said, "That's better."

Charisma turned and was met with the applause of the show's producers and directors. Sarah started to really cry, when she heard their voices. The executive producer pulled Charisma to the side and said, "How would you like a lead actress role for the fall?"