Charisma Carpenter vs. Amy Jo Johnson by The Walkin' Dude

It was late August and the rain was coming down hard and fast in the small Florida town of Darkside. Of course, very little had changed in the small town in the few months since we've last visited. There's still very little to do most nights, the people who live there still argue about politics and whether or not this current batch of Hurricanes will ever live up to the fabled storms of yesteryear. One other thing in the backwater town was also the same. Anytime the locals wanted entertainment they headed to the tiny, black walled establishment known as the R'lyeh Club. Whether it be alcohol, sports, getting one's groove on, or more esoteric pursuits, R'lyeh was the place to hang out in Darkside.

Tonight the place was packed because after a long dry spell (at least in terms of wrestling, Florida never really has dry spells in the summer) women's wrestling had returned to the club and the crowd was as exuberant as it had ever been. And tonight's card was special, being not just a stacked card, it was also doubling as a charity event, with all proceeds going to help people displaced by the raging fury of Hurricane Charlize. The owner of the club and the promoter of the league were not only happy with all the positive publicity, but also the hefty tax write-off the act of goodwill would provide down the line.

The card was stacked from top to bottom with the whole event topped off by a grudge match of epic proportions, Jessica Alba and Sarah Michelle Gellar were finally going to settle their differences; one on one! But at this point in time, the audience is only about halfway through the lineup, what the seasoned fan would refer to as the depths of the mid-card. Truth be told, it’s the mid-card where our next encounter takes place.

The Ring Announcer steps into the middle of the squared circle and begins his spiel, "Ladies and gentleman, the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, she stands at five feet eight inches tall, she is as beautiful as she is sadistic, ladies and gentleman I give you.... Charisma Carpenter!"

Saliva's Survival of the Sickest rips through R'lyeh and the brunette goddess appears before the masses. For her battle tonight, Charisma has chosen a bright yellow two piece bikini that shows off every single curve and ripple in her exquisitely molded frame. Her look is topped off with matching yellow pads and boots, her footwear bearing a small stylized CC on each calf. The brunette offered the crowd a confidant grin as she rolled into the ring and made her way to her corner. Silently watching the entryway, she awaited her opponent for the evening.

Bringing the mic up to his face, the Announcer continues, "Her opponent is a woman making her debut with the league tonight; she stands at five feet six inches……Amy Jo Johnson!"

Can't Stop by the Red Hot Chili Peppers starts up and the crowd awaits the arrival of the rookie. They don't have to wait long as Amy strides through the curtain and makes her way toward the ring, a slight bounce in her step. For her debut the auburn-haired girl was wearing a dark pink two piece outfit with complimenting knee and elbow pads. It was worth noting that she had forgone shoes, opting only for ankle wrappings. The newcomer wore her shoulder length locks in a loose ponytail and her demeanor betrayed no fear of her opponent. Rolling into the ring she stood and eyed Charisma wearily, waiting for the ring to be cleared and the match to start.

As the bell rang, the two combatants quickly approached the center of the ring. Stopping a few feet from each other, the two brunette's took in their opposition, Charisma with an cold glare, Amy with a cautious watchful look. Seeing the shorter girl's hesitation, Charisma put her hands on her hips and sneered disdainfully at her. "You really think you can take me rookie? I do evil things to no talent pieces of trash like yourself."

Amy took the barbs without so much as a flinch, assuming a tense martial arts crouch, she locked eyes with her haughty rival said, " Seems to me like all you do is run your big, collagen bloated lips. Lets see how bad you are when I kick those lips right off your smarmy face."

Charisma wasn't used to such insolence (especially from some wet behind the ears newcomer) and she responded as such. "Why you mouthy little bitch!" she snarled. Lunging forward, she shot both hands out and pressed one against Amy's face and the other against her chest before pushing back hard, sending the auburn-haired girl stumbling back several steps. Seeing her rival off balance, Charisma strode forward, looking to slap the taste from Amy's insolent tongue. In this endeavor she was unsuccessful because as she approached, Amy recovered her balance and launched a sizzling Knife Edge Chop across Charisma's ample chest. The blow hit Carpenter like a lightning bolt and she went down hard on her back, massaging the red welt already forming across her breasts. But though the chop was powerful, Charisma's anger was moreso and it got her off the mat fast, rage growing in her hazel eyes.

With a primitive cry of fury she launched herself at Amy again, meaning to take the smaller, leaner girl down and destroy her on the mat. However, though this was apparently her first match, Johnson didn't act like it. She ducked Charisma's awkward Clothesline attempt and in one quick motion dropped to her knees, simultaneously pistoning an elbow into her attackers taut stomach. Air whooshed from the tall brunette's lungs and she doubled over, clutching at her gut. This proved to be a mistake as it played into Amy's plan. Still ducking, she smashed a fist back into Carpenter's forehead, knocking her back to a standing position. And while Charisma was preoccupied with attending to her face and gut, Amy stood and grabbed a rough handful of Carpenter's dark hair. With one titanic pull back, she jerked Charisma up on her tip toes before tossing her forward with all her considerable strength. The Yellow Clad beauty hit the mat hard, face and chest smacking against the unyielding canvas.

As Carpenter lay moaning before her, Amy took a second to enjoy the moment. The crowd was cheering loudly at her early, skillful dismantling of the more experienced Charisma and they wanted to see what else the able rookie had in her bag of tricks. Ending her reprieve, Amy bent down and grabbed another handful of Charisma's dark locks. But as she pulled the wounded girl to her feet, Amy was introduced to the first of many painful realities of the squared circle: Your opponent's would do whatever it takes to win. This concept was illustrated when Charisma raked a set of long manicured nails hard across her face, blinding her temporarily and breaking her grip on Carpenter's hair. Johnson was introduced to a second painful reality moments later when Charisma pulled her foot back and drove it right between Amy's thighs. The shorter girl shrieked in agony and fell forward like a downed tree, her hands clutching the wounded region. Carpenter took a deep breath and stared down at her quietly sobbing rival.

She grinned a sadistic grin and said to Amy, "All the black belts in the world can't protect you from a good old fashioned Cunt Punt. Your pathetic ass is going to be mine."

Wasting no more breath, she brought Amy up by the hair before sprinting off the ropes and drilling her across the face with a hard Clothesline. The pony tailed brunette was spun awkwardly through the air doing an almost complete 360 before slamming into the mat again. Pressing her advantage, Charisma brought Amy up again and dragged the weakly protesting brunette towards the corner. Reaching her destination, Charisma tossed Amy face first into the turnbuckle and listened to the smaller girl moan. Enjoying what she heard, Carpenter sank a claw into the back of her victims head and proceeded to grind it against the thin padding of the buckle. Amy writhed in Charisma's grasp, but the other brunette was relentless in her assault, trading in the grind for smashes, ramming Johnson's face into the buckle ten devastating times before changing tactics yet again.

Spinning Amy around to face her, Charisma lit her cheek up with a titanic slap before addressing the crowd, "Let's give our little pink newbie an introduction to the other side of the ring shall we?"

Her voice dripped with sugar coated malice. As the audience urged her on, Charisma secured a grip on Amy's pony tail and charged across the ring on a diagonal, aiming for the opposite corner. Moments before she herself would crash into the corner, Carpenter put on the brakes and tossed Amy head first into the buckle. The rookie's head hit with a sickening thud and her head snapped back hard before her legs turned to water and she rolled head over heels into the center of the ring, finally coming to rest on her back in the middle of the ring. Firmly in control of the match, Charisma arrogantly approached her damaged rival. Seeing that Amy was trying to rise, Charisma lifted her boot and smacked a light, taunting kick into the side of Amy's face.

"What do you think you're doing bitch?" Charisma teased. "The mat is where a slut like you belongs," she said this as she delivered a second kick to Johnson's head.

But despite Charisma's assault, Amy wasn't giving up, gamely trying to get off the mat and back into the fight. And as Charisma pulled back for a third kick, she did just that. She caught Charisma's foot coming in and she twisted hard, sending the taller girl down in an awkward heap. Keeping a firm grip on her rival's trapped ankle, Amy locked both of her legs around Charisma's trapped one and latched on tight. With one leg immobilized, Carpenter was almost helpless as Amy went about the work of twisting her foot right off her leg. Charisma cried out in pain and began dragging not only her weight, but the weight of her tormentor the short distance to the ropes and freedom. But just as she was about to extend a hand over the bottom rope to end the torture, Amy changed tactics. Seeing that Charisma had almost reached her out, Amy let go of her Leg Bar and stood up. Still holding the wounded limb, she dragged her bigger, stronger opponent back towards the center of the ring, holding the leg at chest level making it hard for Charisma to find any purchase.

Watching her opponent flail, Amy was filled with a sudden anger. Hissing quietly, she said "There's no escape Charisma. No one gets away from me that easy." Deciding on a simple course of action, she let the captive limb fall to the mat. But before Charisma even realized she was free, Amy brought her heel up and then down hard, right across Charisma's boot covered ankle. The pain was immediate and immense, Charisma felt like these was fire running up and down her leg.

"That fucking bitch fights HARD...." Carpenter thought as she tried to engineer an escape.

Her plans were derailed moments later when Amy stomped on her ankle a second and third time, each blow bringing a new shriek of pain from her lips. The crowd was amazed at the seesaw pace of this battle as it seemed each lady was using vastly different approaches to fighting, Charisma's mix of cat fighting and wrestling matching up evenly against Amy's martial arts and submission holds. And though the styles were different, their goals were the same: The utter annihilation of her opponent. Tired of the stomping, Amy picked up Charisma's ankle and twisted it ferociously in both hands, locking in a Standing Ankle Lock. The pain in Carpenter's leg seemed to intensify a hundred fold as she tore at her hair trying to fight off the urge to tap out right now. The only thing that kept her from submitting right then was the thought of the satisfaction she'd garner from making this torturing bitch suffer the same way she was suffering right now. Putting aside all thoughts but escape, Charisma pulled her free leg in close and then fired it back hard, hoping to hit a soft, vulnerable target. She got what she was looking for because her boot slammed directly into Amy's trim stomach, right above the navel. Amy Jo gasped and released her hold, concentrating more on trying to get her breath back than hurting Charisma.

Finally free of the torturous ankle holds, Charisma gingerly got to her feet and tested her weight. Her left leg wasn't in the greatest of shape, but she could grit her teeth and bring the fight to Amy. Speaking of whom... Carpenter turned her gaze to Johnson who was just now resuming a normal standing position. Two pairs of intense eyes locked and the beauties came together fast, Charisma with a slightly limping stride. Amy didn't bother with grappling, she simply launched another Knife Edge Chop towards Charisma's undefended chest. The yellow clad girl cried out as her chest took the attack, but she responded with a chop of her own, this one sending Amy back a few steps.

Seeing Amy's discomfort, Charisma taunted, "What's the matter bitch, those little tits don't like being chopped?"

Amy fired a response, "Just keep talking Charismouth. I'm gonna chop those flabby sacks right off you before we're done tonight."

Speaking no more, she lunged and grabbed Carpenter's wrist before tossing the other brunette hard into the corner. As soon as Charisma's back made contact with the post, Amy was off like a shot, aiming a Running High Kick directly at her foes chin. But at the last possible moment, Charisma moved to the side leaving Amy kicking nothing but air, her lean leg extended painfully on the top turnbuckle. Taking quick survey of the situation Charisma seized the advantage, blasting several hard kicks into Amy's taut thigh and exposed groin. Amy Jo collapsed under Charisma's assault and she lay on the mat, weakly rubbing at her abused leg and crotch. Remembering how fast Amy turned the tables last time she had control, Charisma took no break this time. As quickly as she could, she yanked Johnson to her feet. Standing behind her foe, Charisma moved to the corner and sat on the top turnbuckle. Taking a deep breath, Carpenter planted her good knee in the back of Amy's neck and pushed off with her other. Amy was driven forward face first into the mat, with Charisma's knee on her neck doing nothing to soften the blow. She moaned quietly as Charisma pulled her to her feet. Looking to end the match before her ankle could give her any more grief, Charisma locked in a tight Front Face-Lock on Amy and then snapped all her weight down and back.

The Snap DDT drove Amy's forehead into the mat with resounding force, the brunette actually resting on her injured head for a moment before falling gracelessly forward, landing sprawled on her back. Believing her rival was done, Charisma went for a fairly lackadaisical cover and was angered when the other tenacious brunette kicked out at two. Swallowing her anger momentarily, Charisma pulled the pink clad girl to her hands and knees and stood over her, a leg on each side of her opponent. Reaching down, she gripped a handful of hair and pulled up hard on Amy's neck. The newcomer was forced to look at her tormentor as Charisma pulled back her free hand and began smashing Cross Face punches into Amy's cheek and face. Johnson squired helplessly as Carpenter punished her with the brutal strikes. After a sequence of maybe a dozen punches, Charisma switched hands, delivering another series of fists and forearms to the other side of her rival's face. Finally, Charisma tired of her attack and released Amy with a disgusted sneer, letting the smaller girl fall face first to the mat where she just lay groaning quietly.

Running a hand through her hair Charisma snarled at the downed Amy. "I'm going to cave in your pretty little face." she threatened before bouncing off the ropes and racing towards her downed foe. When her position was perfect, she leapt high into the air and prepared to drive the knee of her uninjured leg into the back of Amy's neck. But Amy's instincts were well honed for someone with so little ring time and as Charisma came arcing down on her, she rolled clear leaving her rival to smash into empty canvas. Charisma took the impact full force and her pretty face was contorted by pain as she tried to get some feeling back into her knee.

As she nursed her injury, Amy got back to her feet and turned her gaze towards Carpenter. Seeing her nemesis hobbled gave Amy renewed energy and she stalked over to where Charisma was kneeling. The bigger brunette was totally unaware of Amy's presence until she was roughly yanked to her knees and her head was pulled back at an awkward angle. She didn't have any time to protest before Amy fired a series of three brutal chops in rapid succession. The first caught Charisma across the forehead, the second along the bridge of her nose and the third landed right across her mouth. Milliseconds after the third chop landed, Amy hurled Charisma face first into the mat, letting her already injured features take the full force of the slam. Carpenter could d nothing but moan as she tried to clear the agony from her face. She had managed to work her way to her hands and knees when Amy dropped a leg across the back of her head once again, driving her damaged face to the floor. Through the fog of pain in her brain Carpenter could tell she was being pulled to her hands and knees, but for what purpose she could not say.

Her attackers intention became a bit clearer when she heard Amy say, " I wonder how hard I'm going to have to kick you to take your head off at the shoulders?"

Hoping to find an answer to her cruel question Amy backed up a short distance and then surged forward, driving her foot into the side of Charisma's head like a Field Goal kicker trying to hit one from mid field. The blow sent Charisma rolling like a puppet with cut strings and she thought of nothing but pain and revenge. Unfortunately for her, revenge got pushed from her mind a few moments later when Amy went on the attack again. Kneeling behind Charisma, Amy pulled her to a kneeling position before planting a knee in the small of her back and grabbing a hold of both of her opponents arms. But instead of the fairly typical Bow and Arrow hold, she crossed Charisma's arms in front of her throat and pulled back hard, choking the brunette with her own limbs. Carpenter's strong legs drummed uselessly on the canvas as her face turned red and she fought the paralyzing power of the Straightjacket Choke. Hoping Charisma was reaching her limits, Amy asked "Are you ready to give it up yet?"

Charisma answered through clenched teeth, "Fuck you rookie!"

"Fine, go ahead and choke then!" Amy snarled as she wrenched back on the hold even tighter. As Amy used Charisma's own arms to strangle her, the trapped girl began to think of revenge again. Fighting off the slow asphyxiation as much as humanly possible, Charisma put all her efforts into standing up. Ever so slowly she was able to get first to a kneeling position and then to her feet, Amy fighting her all the way. When she had managed to regain a vertical base, she fired her injured leg back and caught Amy square between the legs for the second time in the match. Amy screamed silently and fell to her knees finally releasing Charisma from her prison.

As the life giving oxygen flooded her lungs, Charisma went on the attack. Thinking of where she wanted to start, she knelt behind Amy and wrapped her long legs around the slimmer girl's waist. Giving a colossal squeeze she locked in the Body Scissors and listened to Amy wail.

As Amy fought the hold, Charisma whispered into her ear, "I'm grateful you were so willing to share some of your favorite holds with me. Allow me to return the favor you CUNT!"

Keeping the Scissors locked she fell back, taking Amy with her. With the trapped girl occupied with the Scissors, Charisma snaked her hands up to Amy's chest and latched on a vicious Double Breast Claw. Amy shrieked in agony as Charisma attacked her breasts, the tanned brunette pinching, twisting, kneading and mauling for all she was worth.

Amy tried to fight her way from the hold but every time she made an attempt, Charisma would pinch down especially hard, forcing her to attend to her chest again.

Listening to her rival suffer in her grip, Charisma whispered, “C'mon bitch, this is nothing! How do you expect to win any matches if you can't take a little titty squeezing? It's not like I've done anything really evil. I mean something like THIS!"

Charisma punctuated that remark by grabbing a hold of Amy's nipples through the material of her pink top and twisting as hard as she could. Johnson cried out piercingly and Charisma took the opportunity to pile on more discomfort. Moving like a snake, she lunged her head forward and sank her teeth into the soft muscles at the base of Amy's neck, right next to her shoulder. When Charisma bit down on her, the exploding pain gave Amy a moment of clarity!

Abandoning the clawing hands, she brought one hand up and began smashing it palm first into Charisma's temple. She delivered the strikes as hard as she could hoping that enough blows to the head would force the vicious bitch to release her humiliating hold. Eventually the palm strikes did their work, causing Charisma enough pain to relent and push Amy away. Both ladies lay on the mat for some time, Charisma massaging her injured face, and Amy cradling her injured breast and rubbing the spot where Charisma had sunk her teeth in. Several seconds later (about seven on the referee's ten count) they both regained their feet and began circling, each bearing the different scars their opponent had wrought. Face still red from the humiliating breast claw, Amy lunged forward and fired a punch that snapped Carpenter's head back. Looking to go on a roll, she fired another punch, but Charisma ducked that one and fired back with jabs of her own. She connected with one, then another, and another after that.

The third punch glazed Amy's eyes and Charisma stopped just long enough to flip the bird the smaller girls way before she knocked her off her feet with one more huge jab. Amy went down like a laundry bag and Charisma pounced on her, hooking the leg as she went for the cover. The audience counted along with the ref, but both came up short as Amy managed to get a hand up right before the three. Furious now, Charisma brought Amy to her feet and ran toward the corner again, intent on driving her skull into the buckle. But (if your narrator may use a hoary old wrestling cliché) she had gone to that well once too often and Amy was ready for it. As they approached, Johnson brought her foot up high and forced it against the top turnbuckle halting both ladies forward momentum. Before Charisma had time to react, Amy took her foot off the buckle and then kicked high again, catching Carpenter right in the forehead.

As Charisma stumbled away from her, Amy used the second rope as a springboard, bouncing off with both feet and leaping at her foe. Seconds before collision, she extended her foot again and smashed Charisma across the jaw. The kick spun the tan girl around completely and she fell forward with all the grace of mannequin dropped from a great height. Sensing the end, Amy flipped Charisma onto her back and hooked both legs, going for her first cover of the match. The ref was in great position as he went to make the count. Amy held her grip tightly, but Charisma was still able to muscle free just after the two count. Frustrated with Charisma's unwillingness to stay down, the pony tailed woman bent down and dragged Charisma to a standing position. She took only a moment to clear her head before she started raining down a brutal combination of elbows and chops, paying special attention to Carpenter's neck and shoulders. Charisma tried to withstand the assault, but eventually she began to wither under Amy's unending attack. In fact an especially hard elbow between the shoulder blades brought tears to the big brunette's eyes and again she thought about tapping out. But her pride wouldn't let her submit to anyone, let alone some lucky no talent bitch who was in her first real match.

"I can still win this!" she thought. "All I have to do is..... URRRGGGGCHHH...."

Her thoughts were cut off as Amy ceased her fistic assault only to begin a more vicious cycle of attack. Trapping Carpenter's head in a viciously tight Front Face-Lock. Amy squeezed with all she was worth, intent on using the Face Lock not a merely a transition to another move, but for the choking power of the hold itself. Feeling Charisma struggle and gag as Johnson's arm cut off her air, the auburn-haired girl wrenched the hold even tighter, going so far as to lift Charisma off her feet with her head still trapped in the hold. The rookie's smile was one of ferocious confidence as she used one of the most basic moves in the wrestling world to choke out her first adversary. Meanwhile, on the receiving end of the hold, Carpenter was searching through possible escape options as fast as humanly possible. Finally eliminating all other avenues, she wrapped her arms around Amy's waist and lifted up with all the strength she had left. Holding Johnson a few feet off the ground, Charisma lunged forward as far and as fast as she could. Eventually her forward momentum ran out and Amy landed again, but Charisma was a few feet closer to the ropes and escape.

Realizing what her debilitated foe was up to, Amy renewed her effort on the hold and screamed at Charisma "Why don't you just give up? I don't want to kill you!"

Mustering as much venom as she could Charisma spat back " You couldn't kill me on my worst day, bitch. I'm going to have my way with you as soon as I'm out of here."

With that, she bulled Amy off the ground again and took a few more staggering steps before they both landed in the ropes. Pulling her arms from around Amy's waist, she gripped the ropes and screamed for the ref to have the hold broken. Johnson reluctantly released the hold and pulled back a few steps, waiting to pick her spot. Seeing that Charisma had to use the ropes to support her weight, Amy took the opportunity and sprinted forward, looking to take the other brunette's head off with another hard kick. But before she could nail her knockout shot, Charisma ducked out of the way, leaving Amy to bounce against the ropes and head back toward the center of the ring. And in the center of the ring was where Charisma was waiting for her. Ducking low, the statuesque brunette snatched hold of one of her rival's legs and lifted up with all her might. Amy was lifted unceremoniously off her feet and held aloft for perhaps three seconds before Carpenter fell back toward the mat, bringing Johnson with her. The pink suited rookie was helpless to slow or even brace for the impact and she hit the mat full force, her chest and face taking all of Charisma's devastating Flapjack.

She could do nothing more than writhe on the mat as Charisma slowly got to her feet and stood over her. Looking down at the brunette flopped on the canvas, Charisma decided to finally put an end to this charade. Looking out at the redlining audience, she rewarded their cheers with a slow, seductive wiggle of her hips. The crowd rewarded her with even more cheers. Flashing a beautiful grin at the positive reaction, Carpenter raised one hand high above her head, forming her fingers into a rough C shape. She held the sign for a few seconds before lowering it and drawing her thumb across her throat. It was, her fans realized, time for the vicious modified Reverse DDT she used as a finisher.

Someone who loved alliteration named it, “The Charisma Carpenter Cutter" or “3C” for short.

With a sadistic gleam in her eye, Carpenter brought the exhausted Amy to her feet. Standing behind her foe, she bent Amy backwards, positioning her for the first stage of the Cutter. Holding Johnson bent backward and prone with one hand, Charisma raised her other arm high and again showed the C sign. Finally prepared to put Amy out of her misery she scream to the crowd "Let's cut this bitch down to size!" Amidst the roar of the audience, Carpenter suddenly unleashed a sudden twist of her hips, releasing the hand holding Amy while simultaneously bringing down her raised arm and driving it across her captive's throat. As soon as her elbow was in contact with Amy's windpipe, Charisma fell to the mat, bringing Amy down hard with her. The back of the newcomer's head, neck and shoulders were driven into the mat with insidious force. Feeling rather than seeing her finisher connect, Charisma knelt at the side of her spread-eagled opponent and placed both hands on her chest, intent on an embarrassing and dominating pin fall to end the match. She smiled salaciously as the ref went to make what was supposed to be an academic count. But no one had bothered to tell Amy that. At the very last possible moment, she managed to roll a shoulder free of the canvas. The crowd roared in disbelief and admiration while Charisma just roared.

"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? Why won't you stay DOWN?"

Her mind burning with an incomprehensible rage, Charisma pulled Amy to her feet and stood her on wobbly feet, inches from the fuming woman. "Looks like I'm just going to have to knock you the hell out." Charisma hissed and segued into another series of scintillating jabs. The first three found their target, but on the fourth punch Amy suddenly came to life and ducked the blow. Moving like lighting, she stood up behind Charisma and pulled out her Ace in the Hole. In one fluid lunge, Amy wrapped her left arm around Charisma's throat and cinched tight. At the same time, her right arm shot under Charisma's flailing arm and pulled up hard. Milliseconds later, both hands were clasped tight and she pulled up with all her strength, yanking Charisma from side to side as she did, listening to her opponent’s gasping and retching. Amy put the last nail in the coffin when she grapevined Charisma's legs and pulled her down onto the mat, the vicious choke still locked on tight.

Carpenter tried to fight the monstrous pain of the hold as best she could but that was quickly becoming an impossibility. Red faced and choking, she extended her one free hand and slapped the mat repeatedly, signaling her submission. Amy heard Charisma's tap out and immediately released the hold. Without so much as a thought she pushed Charisma's sweat soaked frame away, taking mild enjoyment in the wet splat it made against the canvas. Standing slowly, she let the referee declare her the winner and relished the mixed cries of shock and adulation that were coming from the audience. Some of them were cheering her amazing win, but most of the others were simply trying to comprehend the power of the brutal hold she had used to break Charisma so suddenly. Indeed only the audience members familiar with martial arts (and Judo in particular) were able to correctly identify the hold as the Katahajame, a move that had been banned in most if not all Judo competitions!

All of the crowds wonder and speculation over her finisher mattered not a whit to Amy; all that mattered to her was to leave an impression; not only with the audience but with her fellow wrestlers as well. Grabbing the mic from the announcer she calmly addressed the crowd, "In case some of you don't know me, my name is Amy Jo Johnson! I want everyone in this crowd and in that locker room to consider this your notice: I've seen the way you all fight. All those smothers and claws and other thinly disguised sexual fantasy..... Well, it makes me sick! Let me tell you all something right now; if you try that shit on me I'll choke you out just like I did Charisma. If you want to beat me, you'll have to adapt..... or die! Be warned ladies, the rules have just changed."

With that she dropped the mic and left the ring, leaving behind a crowd buzzing over the amazing arrival of a lethal new player.