Charisma Carpenter vs. Heather Kozar with Ali Landry by simguy

Heather Kozar hit the carpet hard, face pinched, lips pursed. That gold bikini - so bright and brassy most fights - now just hung loose on her body: dull, diminished. Her head - framed in soft blonde curls - lolled side to side as she lay on her back, trying to shake off the shoulder block. She'd spent a lot of time doing that, Ali reflected, shaking off punishment, trying to rally. Charisma was too much woman tonight, even Landry had to admit that.

Charisma stalked to her right in a new black bikini for the occasion, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, glaring as Heather sat slowly up. The blonde clutched at her back with her right hand, easing painfully onto her left hip. Carpenter waited until Kozar got to her knees, then scooted in behind her, kneeling quickly on one knee and hugging up the goodness of Heather's belly doggy-style. A low moan escaped Kozar's moist lips as Carpenter cinched up, resting her right cheek happily against Heather's shiny back. Ali pursed her lips at the strength of Charisma's rounded shoulders and tanned triceps writhing and flexing into view. The small, well-heeled crowd of classic black cocktail frocks and tuxedos broke into polite applause at the sight of Carpenter riding her foe, dominating her. Ali sipped at her champagne flute and tried to look unimpressed.

"She's strong tonight, hey?" It was Katherine Heigl, nudging Landry with an elbow, leaning in to whisper. "Charisma I mean. Some show, eh? I don't think anybody's looked at you since the fight started."

Ali rolled her eyes, ground her teeth; Heigl smirked. Heather rode her left arm across Carpenter's grasping forearms, rising up on her knees: Charisma stayed with her, shifting her grip up-torso to wrap up tight beneath Kozar's massive jugs. Heather sobbed in frustration, laying her head back onto Charisma's shoulder. Carpenter grinned like a 20 year old, nestling her face in cheek to cheek over Heather's left shoulder. The crowd loved it, hooting now, growing less reserved in their admiration. Ali felt her cheeks flush at the unabashed Charisma support - she was really winning people over tonight.

"Ouch!" Heigl winced: Charisma had shifted again, now clamping Heather in a kneeling full nelson, the fingers locking at the nape of that blonde neck. Heather's curvy arms hung straight out to either side, palms up, her tummy trembling exquisitely. Carpenter cooed to her foe, pouring it on, backside jostling as she balanced herself on her knees for more and more leverage. Ali narrowed her eyes in irritation: at Heigl; at Charisma; at Kozar for laying down like this; at herself, for letting it bother her so.

All night long, Charisma had seemed to be just a touch stronger, a smidge quicker than her foe. It was always CC getting to her feet first to regain the initiative, or CC shooting for an arm or waist to take Heather down. Kozar had fought hard and well, answering Carpenter's aggression early on and at the start, one would have been hard pressed to have predicted a winner. Ali remembered how the two had come together and gotten brawny on the bed - the girls taking turns muscling one another onto her back in a lengthy test of strength. They'd looked like oil-wrestlers, constantly locking up chest to chest in squirming embraces, falling down onto the cream-colored sheets, writhing for position on their sides. Kozar had done well in those moments - more than held her own. Had it continued on in that vain, she probably would have won.

But what worried Ali was how Charisma had turned things so deftly in her own favor. Kozar was all belly and breasts - just trying to get on top of Carpenter and making her feel weight, hoping to simply crush the fight out of Charisma. Carpenter was craftier, more thoughtful. She'd gone to work on Heather's left arm with wristlocks and arm bars, stretching and pulling the limb, working the shoulder, keeping Heather off balance. She'd had Heather up on her toes with the half nelson, twisting the arm painfully up behind Kozar's back and walking her around the room. It bothered Ali because it was exactly the sort of thing she had always done against Heather. Charisma wasn't just in shape, wasn't just having a good night: she was breaking Kozar down deliberately, purposefully. And Landry didn't like it one bit.

Heigl was clapping - that disgusting fat pig - cheering and whistling like a rube at the county fair as Kozar crawled to freedom, scrambling to her feet and turning to face her tormentress. Heather's curls where in her eyes - damp and disheveled. Carpenter got up calmly, snapping her bikini trunks back into line, bending her knees. She circled to her left, reaching in to slap at Kathy's right elbow with a menacing left. Heigl flinched, also circling, breathing hard, hurting. "Come on, Heath!" Katherine shouted, pumping her fist in the air. Landry nearly curled her lip and wished Heigl would move on. A somalier approached and refilled Ali's glass.

"Why don't you lower your voice?" Ali sneered, not looking at Katherine, but clearly addressing her.

"It's a fight, honey," Katherine jibed, gleefuly pushing bottons. "Lighten up! WOOO! GET HER, CARIZZ!"

Ali had to sidestep, sloshing champagne onto Charisma's back as the combatants sprawled into the crowd. Another takedown put Kozar hard on her back, CC up on top and Carpenter was GIVING Heather business to the body! Big, thick, thudding right hands jammed in tight to the paunch of Heather's belly. Kozar groaned underneath, worked her legs, rolling on top. Now SHE punched at Charisma's body - the fist making the same dull, thumping noise against Carpenter's solid torso as the wriggling mass of female flesh tumbled sideways across carpet. Ali's heart POUNDED in her chest at the sound of those punches and she felt her nipples harden against the dark navy satin of her dress. The crowd roared now, getting into it. Kozar was fighting back hard, refusing to give in. Gold bikini on top, black, gold, black - the girls punched into each other from greasy-close range, each wallowing in mindless brutality. Pretty impressive, considering how late in the fight it was, how much energy both girls had already expended.

Ali thought about how Charisma had graduated from Heather's arms to working the blonde's gorgeous, full legs. CC'd put Heather on her belly and dropped knees into the buttocks and hamstrings. She'd hammered away with leg drops against either Kozar quad, ignoring Heather's cries of anguish as the blonde lay on her back and let Carpenter have her way. Smart, Ali admitted, but there was more to it than simply denying Heather mobility. A lot of that leg stuff had been for show, for the crowd. Carpenter had lay on her left side behind Heather, the brunette's legs scissoring up the blonde's right leg, brunette arms clinching up Kozar's left leg and spreading her out for all to see. Heather had howled - undoubtedly the stretch had set her loins humming, but CC had played it sumptuously with her smiles and confident, crowing exultations. She'd won the crowd in those moments, much the way Ali would have.

"OH YEAH!" Heigl pushed forward with the crowd, interrupting Ali's recollections. The scrappers had gotten to their feet near the wall and Charisma pushed in hard, slamming Heigl fully upright. Kozar's eyelashes batted, her lips parted. Her hands were up, out to either side at shoulder height: she wasn't protecting herself now, wasn't able to. Carpenter went to the body, hunkering in close, pumping with her shoulders: left, right, left, right PUM! PUM! PUM! PUM!. Heather gurgled, slumping forward, sloshing onto Carpenter - CC had to stop punching so she could body Heather upright again. A little blonde in a tight white dress screamed her stupid head off - Ali didn't know her name - Kristen, Kirsten - something like that. A brief image of the girl lying in stupor on her back while Ali flattened her with leg drops briefly played in Landry's mind, then was gone.

Heather had gotten to Charisma early in the bout with body punches and Ali recognized now that she should have stuck with it. Carpenter was solid, but Heather had crumpled her with a right hand to the thick of the paunch in standing action - only a heady Carpenter clinch had prevented Kozar from really building some momentum there. Obviously CC hadn't forgotten it: she was stacking Heather up and going to her breadbasket without pity now. Kozar's wracking sobs filled the apartment, drowned out at times by the crowd's enthusiasm. It was all Charisma now: her shoulders reaching in under Heather's arms to stack her up; the right hands plugging in with fresh, meaty, spank; her quivering full backside trembling as she stomped for balance on the attack.

Kozar's back hit the wall: she was a mess. Tears flowed down both cheeks from tightly closed eyes, her chin tilted up as she blubbered and choked. Her knees bent slightly, laying her back flat against the vertical, her hands up and out in a pathetic gull wing. She was all open, all on sale - her body all lit up like a neon sign saying, "PUNCH HERE!" She was done!

Charisma stood up straight, her left hand pushing at Heather's chest to prop her and Carpenter was aglow: she could take anything she wanted right now; the blonde could deny her nothing. CC grabbed the gold bikini top between bulging Playmate jugs and pulled Heather off the wall, reversing their positions. Ali was convinced Charisma was intent on throwing right hands to the chin, but that's not what Charisma had in mind. With Kozar out on her feet and swaying, CC pulled her in close and wrapped her up tight: left arm round behind the head, gripping that right bicep; right hand cupping the top of Heather's damp skull; Kozar's face jammed deep into the buxom swell of Carpenter's heaving breasts. The look on Charisma's face was of unspeakable satisfaction - she leaned back into the wall for support, licking her lips as she cinched in the smother.

Ali's cheeks blushed hot with resentment as the crowd feasted on the sight. Even Katherine Heigl felt overshadowed, growing quiet as Carpenter let her jugs do the hard work of finishing Heather off. Carpenter's hips gulped obscenely as she worked - little pelvic thrusts to articulate her voiceless pleasure - a little something for her friends and associates in the crowd. Kozar's muffled groans couldn't be heard over the noise, but Ali knew they were there - hot and wet against Charisma's flesh. Kelly Brook was here somewhere, and she wouldn't be at all amused by this either. Even as Charisma put the finishing touches to Heather, she was slapping the face of her rivals who had frankly come to see her get her ass kicked tonight.

Carpenter's grin grew wider, raunchier as she felt Kozar go under - the brunette's flushed, shining face resplendent as the last of Heather's resistance seeped away. With a flourish - Carpenter released her burden, and Heather sprawled to her back, breasts sloshing gently in their golden sacks, face ruddy and wet with smother, eyes sleepily closed.

Ali Landry gulped down the rest of her drink and turned on her heel. She heard Heigl's mocking laughter over the crowd noise but she didn't turn back. The night was Charisma's and Landry would be damned if she’d stick around for the celebration!