The Feud: Mercedes McNab vs. Charisma Carpenter by Bob

During a break from the shooting of Angel, Mercedes McNab and Charisma Carpenter started arguing. Finally Charisma had had enough and said, “Let’s end the talk and do what we both want to do.”

The blonde began to cry and stammered as she said, “I can’t beat you.”

Charisma laughed. “That’s too bad because we’re going to fight.”

As the brunette started moving towards the blonde bombshell, Mercedes slowly started moving away. “I told you I don’t want to fight.”

“Then you better run away and hope that I can’t catch you because we’re going to fight.”

Mercedes stopped backing away. Realizing that she was not as fast as Charisma and could not avoid a fight, she lowered her head and charged at the older brunette. The blonde’s attack had caught Charisma by surprise and she was not prepared to defend herself. She doubled over, grabbed her stomach, and went down as Mercedes butted her in the stomach. Mercedes knew she could only beat Charisma in a fight by catching her by surprise and then capitalizing on her sneak attack. She quickly moved to the area where Charisma was lying down and stood over her, waiting for the brunette to get up. As Charisma started to get up, Mercedes kicked her in the chest, forcing Charisma to fall backwards. Mercedes than moved behind the brunette and ripped off her own halter top. Mercedes quickly twisted the halter, waited for Charisma to get up again, and then wrapped her halter around Charisma’s throat. Once the halter was around Charisma’s throat the blonde pulled as tightly as she could. Charisma began to gasp for air. Mercedes continued to choke her older foe, occasionally giving the brunette a hard kick to her back.

Charisma was unable to defend herself. Realizing that she was in a position to defeat the tall brunette, Mercedes tightened her grip on her halter and lifted Charisma to her feet. Once Charisma was on her feet, Mercedes started kneeing her in the back and in the ass. She continued to do so as Charisma tried to grab Mercedes halter so that she could free herself and breathe more easily. She continued trying to pry the halter from her neck but Mercedes held on tightly. Finally realizing that she was not going to get the halter away from Mercedes, Charisma reached back and dug her nails into Mercedes face. Mercedes screamed as Charisma continued to dig her nails into her face. Still holding on tightly to her halter, the blonde could feel blood running down her face. However, she was not about to give up her advantage.

Charisma could feel Mercedes weakening and the halter loosening slightly. Reacting quickly, Charisma raked Mercedes face one more time and then grabbed Mercedes long blonde hair. As Charisma pulled tightly on Mercedes hair, she dipped forwards and watched Mercedes fly over her body. Mercedes was now lying on her back at Charisma’s feet. Charisma stomped her right foot down on Mercedes face. Mercedes screamed, “You broke my nose you bitch.”

Charisma said, “Yes, I did.” She then stomped down on Mercedes face one more time. She looked at Mercedes, and was surprised that Mercedes was making an effort to get up. She was obviously one tough bitch that could take some punishment. As the young blonde got to her knees, Charisma who was still behind the blonde bitch, grabbed Mercedes’ hair and threw her down to the ground again. She then mounted the blonde. As she sat on Mercedes stomach, Charisma decided to remove Mercedes bra. After removing Mercedes’ bra, she delivered a hard left to Mercedes’ right breast and a hard right to Mercedes’ left breast. She then arched her fingers and raked them across both of Mercedes’ breasts.

Once again, Mercedes could sense that she was bleeding. She was desperate. If she didn’t get the brunette off her soon she would be beaten like she had never been beaten before. The blonde tried to move her legs so that she could use her heels as weapons, but no matter where she moved her legs, Charisma, sensing what Mercedes was trying to do, would move her legs so that Mercedes was unable to use her heels as weapons. Finally Mercedes tried one desperation move, bucking like a maniac.

Mercedes bucking had caught Charisma by surprise and the brunette flew off. However, she was able to get to her feet before Mercedes could mount her and the two combatants were now standing face to face, looking each other in the eyes. As Charisma looked in the eyes of her younger opponent she was surprised that she could not see any trace of fear in Mercedes eyes, especially because of the punishment she was inflicting on the blonde. Charisma threw a left hand, which caught Mercedes behind her right ear. Mercedes countered, catching Charisma on her left breast with a hard right. Charisma took a backwards step. As Mercedes stepped towards Charisma, Charisma quickly lifted her foot in an effort to kick Mercedes.

Much to her surprise, Mercedes grabbed her foot, lifting it higher and higher until Charisma tumbled backwards. Mercedes let go of Charisma’s foot so as not to fall herself. As soon as Charisma hit the ground, Mercedes reached down and ripped Charisma’s red dress off. She quickly mounted Charisma and immediately ripped the brunette’s white bra off. Mercedes then landed five punches to Charisma’s face. When Charisma covered her face, Mercedes landed several left-right combinations to Charisma’s unprotected breasts. Realizing that she had to protect her sore melons, Charisma covered her breasts. Mercedes smacked Charisma on the chin with a hard left-right combination and then moved down so that she was sitting on Charisma’s knees.

Charisma realized that she now had a chance to throw Mercedes off, but she was in a lot of pain and had been badly weakened from the punishment Mercedes had issued, the blonde was deceptively strong and Charisma suddenly she realized Mercedes was not going to roll over and quit. Once again the blonde went to work, landing several hard punches to Charisma’s groin. Charisma screamed with each punch until her body went limp. The blonde looked at the brunette, who was lying motionless, with her eyes closed.

The blonde looked at her unconsciousness foe and said to herself, “Remove her panties and stockings Mercedes. Then tie her up and gag her.”

Acting as if someone had ordered her to remove Charisma’s remaining clothing and tie her up, Mercedes moved with precision like quickness. She then removed all of the under-garments of the unconscious brunette and tied the brunette’s hands behind her back with one of the brunette’s stockings. Grabbing Charisma’s other stocking; the blonde quickly tied the brunette’s legs. With the brunette’s legs bound, the blonde beauty grabbed the stocking that had been used to tie up Charisma’s legs and pulled it until she could then tie the remaining part of the stocking to the stocking that had been used to tie the brunette’s hands. Mercedes then grabbed Charisma’s panties and pried the brunette’s mouth open until she was able to stuff the panties into Charisma’s mouth. Mercedes stood and admired her work. She then smiled, turned, and walked away from the conquered brunette.

Charisma awakened several minutes later bound and gagged. As she squirmed and wriggled in vain, she vowed once she was free, she WOULD get revenge!
A month passed and just as Charisma worked out intensely after her lose to Mercedes. She repeated her routine, working out harder than ever, practicing her boxing and weight training. Charisma was gaining weight, however, it was all muscle and her body had definitely become cut. The more muscular she had become the more fanatical she had become about a rematch. Mercedes had kicked her ass and embarrassed her and she was determined for a little revenge. Finally the time came that Charisma walked into Mercedes' dressing room and issued her challenge.

“You want me Carpenter, you’ve got me. But let’s not wait, let’s do it right here and now, just you and me. Shooting for today might have to wait. Although I plan to finish you off pretty quickly, it’s going to be awhile before you’ll be ready to finish the scene and you’re going to need a lot of makeup.”

As soon as Mercedes said her last word, Charisma grabbed her blonde hair, pulled her head forward and started kicking her in the stomach. With each kick, Mercedes was lifted off her feet. After kicking the blonde beauty several times, Charisma let go of her hair. Much to the brunette’s surprise the blonde was still on her feet and looking if all she had proceeded to do was make the blonde angrier. Even more surprising was the fact that Mercedes grabbed the brunette by her hair and started kicking her in the stomach. Mercedes kicks were hard and Charisma grimaced with each kick. When Mercedes finally stopped kicking Charisma, she slapped her across the mouth with her right hand, which sent Charisma flying backwards. As Charisma flew backwards, Mercedes followed her, using her right leg to sweep Charisma’s legs. Charisma went down, landing hard on the back of her head. Wasting no time, Mercedes leaped on top of the brown-haired challenger, grabbed her hair, and banged the brunette’s head against the floor. Charisma screamed. Still holding, Charisma’s hair, Mercedes slammed Charisma’s head against the floor three more times.

Charisma was dizzy and dazed. Mercedes continued to fight aggressively, easily ripping Charisma’s white blouse off. She then started slapping Charisma across the face with the garment. Charisma’s head rolled to the side with each slap. The blonde then wrapped the ripped blouse over the brunette’s face, making sure to cover Charisma’s eyes and nose. Next the blonde-haired wild girl ripped the brunette’s black lace bra off. Capitalizing on her advantage, the blonde strong girl started working on Charisma’s tits, landing punch after punch. Not only wasn’t the brunette fighting back, she was not even trying to defend herself. Mercedes was on the verge of giving the brunette another savage victory. Her lone regret was that none of her fellow cast members were there to witness how easily she was dominating Charisma. However, they would hear about it from her and see how Charisma’s spirit had been damaged.

Of course, the blonde-haired beauty would have to land some punches to Charisma’s pretty face so that the cast members would know how easily she had defeated her hated rival. But first, there was some unfinished business. Mercedes reached out and grabbed Charisma’s plaid skirt and ripped it off. So there the brunette was, wearing just a pair of white panties. Of course, that would change in seconds. Charisma was still lying on her back and not making any attempt to throw the blonde off her. Just to be on the safe side, the blonde landed two right hands to the brunette’s stomach. Although Charisma was not fighting back, her body would spasm every time the blonde’s fists landed into Charisma’s rock-hard stomach. Thinking she had inflicted enough pain, the blonde then ripped the white panties off.

Now it was time to work on the face. The blonde assassin started throwing rights and lefts to Charisma’s face. With each punch the brunette’s body would quiver. The dominated brunette beauty was not so attractive anymore as both eyes started to swell and blacken. Her nose was also starting to swell. Surprisingly Charisma was not crying and was still conscious. Frustrated that Charisma had not given up, the blonde got off her foe, bent down, lifted her by the hair, and started spinning her around. After going around several times, Mercedes let the brunette go and watched as Charisma’s head hit the wall. Charisma fell backwards, landing hard on the back of her head…out cold!

Charisma wouldn’t challenge her anymore, Mercedes figured; but if she did she felt confident she would tear the brunette apart again. And although she was pretty sure she and Charisma were done fighting, she hoped she was wrong!