Bitchy Witches: Charisma Carpenter vs. Alyssa Milano (w/Holly Marie Combs) by bocarat

Charisma was dead on her feet after being up all night with her two-year-old son, daydreaming or should we say very, very early morning fretting, about the health of her young son who was sick with a cold or flu. She was trying to focus on her lines and the movement associated with entering and leaving a scene after she'd earlier moved left when she was supposed to go right and bumped into Alyssa. In the current scene, Charisma is wearing her 'Kira' outfit (barely a series of threads; very tempting to the male viewers while barely satisfactory for the censors.) Needless to say, a lot of bosom and thigh are apparent! Alyssa and costar Holly Marie Combs are talking about some witchy or bitchy subject, Charisma isn't quite sure since she's barely coherent from lack of sleep, something no amount of coffee is going to change anytime soon! Alyssa speaks her lines, and Charisma flubs hers.

Alyssa stomps her feet, and snaps, "Come on bitch! You're pissing me off!"

Charisma apologizes, and they shoot the scene again. This time Charisma sees the concern in Holly's eyes. They redo the same scene again, this time Charisma nails her line, then turns and runs smack into Alyssa once again.

"Shit bitch, that hurt!" Alyssa growls as she rises up on her tip-toes and slams her breasts into Charisma's.

Charisma stumbles back, but quickly catches her balance thanks to years in ballet and dance. Alyssa had to get on her toes to go chest to chest with Charisma and while both young women have full, very firm breasts, Alyssa's artificially 'inflated' orbs really put a hurting on Charisma's softer, 'motherly' mams! Charisma apologizes profusely as she rubs her aching breasts, but Alyssa waves her off with, "I don't wanna hear your excuses! Just get the fuckin' scene right, OK?" Alyssa yells.

Charisma shrugs and rolls her eyes at Holly who smirks. The trio shoots the scene again - finally without any flubs or mishaps. Charisma excuses herself, and rushes over to the side of the set and calls home to check on her son. While she's on the phone, Alyssa walks by and bumps solidly against her, almost knocking the cell phone out of her hand. Charisma's waiting as the phone is ringing and growls in a low voice at the retreating Alyssa, "Bitch!" She ignores the remark with a smirk and walks away.

Holly is following behind Alyssa and stops, turns to Charisma and puts a hand on her shoulder, advising, "Take it easy. She CAN be a bitch when things aren't going well on the set, but you don't want to get on her bad side. Let it go!"

Charisma sighs, "I guess I haven't been much use today?"

"Are you kidding," Holly grins. "Just look at you in that outfit; you'll be fine!"

"Maybe so," Charisma says. "But I'd sure like her to get off my back!"

Holly shrugged, "Good luck with that! Anyway, seeya later; it looks like we've got a looooong night ahead of us!"

Charisma managed to get through the rest of the day without any more miscues, but she did want to bump into Alyssa a couple more times, and hopefully put a hurtin' on her. Charisma called home every hour to check on her child, who was feeling better but missing his mommy! It was dinner break, and the cast had a two-hour break between shoots on the set. Charisma had changed out of her "Kira" outfit into a tank top and blue denim skirt. Alyssa was wearing a below-the-knee brown skirt and tan blouse. Charisma had just put her cell phone down when Alyssa came stalking past. They exchanged a look, except this time Charisma stepped in front of Alyssa and slammed her hip and shoulder into the smaller brunette, knocking her off stride.

Alyssa grunted from the impact, turned and said, "So, you like to play rough eh! Maybe we should get together for some one on one!"

Alyssa punctuated the remark with a devilish smile, and gave a nod and turned and strode angrily into her dressing room, leaving the door slightly ajar. Charisma packed up her cell phone - and her nerve - then followed Alyssa like a beautiful butterfly following a spider into her web. Alyssa opened the door to Charisma's first knock, almost as if she'd been expecting her. The tall brunette entered and Alyssa closed and locked the door behind her. Charisma turned around and they immediately moved into one another, each thrusting her full, healthy breasts into the others. Alyssa looked up and their eyes locked, then she raised her hands to Charisma's shoulders and pushed her away with a growled, "Back off bitch!" Charisma took a firm hold of Alyssa's hair and as they circled, Alyssa spread her legs to show fine, toned thighs. Charisma matched her vampy move for vampy move. The two continued to stalk the other without saying a word until Alyssa broke the silence. "You might wanna leave now you stupid slut, before the producers find out you got you slutty ass kicked to the curb!"

"Screw you!" Charisma retorted. "You're the slut, Alyssa!"

The two actresses immediately reached for each other's hair again, but this time when Charisma lifted her arms, Alyssa slapped her tits and sneered, "I can't imagine why anyone would want to look at THESE!" Then she cupped her own Playboy puppies and shook them at Charisma.

The two women grunted, "Noooo" and "Fuck you" as they fought back and forth.

Being taller, Charisma started to pull up on Alyssa hair, but that exposed her own body which gave Alyssa and opening and she threw slaps and punches into Charisma's chest and belly. After a hard punch to her belly button, Charisma bent forward, losing her grip on Alyssa's hair as she let out a grunt. After that first belly blow, Charisma let out a louder grunt with each blow that followed until Alyssa backed off, looking to do some more damage.

Charisma charged Alyssa and tackled her onto a small "director's" couch in the room and as they writhed in close combat on the couch, their skirts rode up high on their thighs, revealing strong, firm legs that entangled as muscle flexed against muscle in each young woman's legs and thighs. While Charisma had her legs spread for stability, Alyssa tried to wrap hers around Charisma's lovely neck. When that failed, from on her back, Alyssa pulled up her knees to kick Charisma in the gut, but Charisma grabbed her ankles and spread her lovely, wriggling legs wide apart.

Alyssa screamed, "You bitch! You fucking bitch!"

The two women grunted with each exertion of struggle and effort to hurt and punish the other. Charisma dug her nails into Alyssa calves and even bit Alyssa's right foot. Alyssa was screaming bloody murder as she lurched up, grabbed onto whatever was handy and dragged Charisma down on top of her, pulling her down by a handful of her full mane and the front of her blouse. Charisma tried to wrestle Alyssa hands up over her head, but doing again inadvertently revealed and exposed her body - this time her cleavage, baring her right breast to Alyssa's teeth! It was Charisma's turn to scream bloody murder!

"Payback's a bitch, huh slut?" Alyssa laughed she spit out Charisma's boob, leaving a red ring of teeth marks on the pale flesh, then went back for a second helping.

Charisma squirmed and flopped around like a fish out of water, until she was finally able to free her breast from Alyssa's gnashing teeth with several well-placed punches to Alyssa's chest. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Charisma slapped Alyssa's face as penalty for damaging her precious assets, then Charisma climbed up Alyssa's body and sat on her stomach. She grabbed and pulled Alyssa breasts through the delicate material and bra. Planting her right leg on the floor with her left leg under Alyssa's right leg, Charisma began to bounce up and down on Alyssa's stomach and chest.

"I'm sure this isn't the first time you've been on your back on this couch, right slut!" Charisma chuckled.

"At least I got TALENT bitch! All you got is big jugs and long legs that you spread on command!" Alyssa retorted.

Charisma was getting ready to strike again when Alyssa suddenly shifted her weight and knocked Charisma to the carpet. Alyssa seizing the opportunity as she jumped on the stunned actress, landing THUD on Charisma, then immediately grinding her pelvis and chest into Charisma's as their hands grabbed each other's hair and they pulled and shook the other's brown tresses.

"Owww! You fucking bitch!"

"Let go of my hair you slut!"

The battle continued with both women's legs were still partially on the couch as the blood in their bodies rushed to their waist, breasts and heads. Alyssa used her weight to control Charisma as much as possible; she then latched on through Charisma's tank top to scratch and claw her foes full breasts. Charisma reached up and started to punch Alyssa's sides, and pull her hair to topple her off of her. This was to no avail, as Alyssa spread her legs for leverage over Charisma's that were still partially on the couch.

Alyssa's legs then slid off the couch, but in doing so she brought her legs and especially her right knees with full force on Charisma's love mound. Charisma had the 'wind knocked out of her' and couldn't scream. Alyssa started to pummel Charisma's breasts with a flurry of hard punches. Charisma was finally able to let out a sound of gasping air, and then an "UGH!" This was followed by screams of pain from Alyssa's slaps as she moved her body up toward Charisma's face and pressed her chest into Charisma's. Alyssa used her legs to bounce up and down on Charisma's torso, driving precious air from the weakened Charisma's body.

Finally, Alyssa pinned Charisma's hands over her head on the floor, then smiled that devilish grin. Charisma knew it wasn't over, but she had a momentary look of horror on her face when Alyssa rose up and drove her right knee up into Charisma's unprotected crotch again. Charisma let out another deafening scream of pain while Alyssa looked down at her defeated fellow actress. She was crying, and kept murmuring over and over, "You fucking bitch…you fucking bitch" between sobs and tears from the pain in her crotch, chest and face. Tears were streaming down her beautiful face, as she lay curled up in a ball of hair, legs and tattered remains of clothing.

"That's right loser! I am a fucking bitch! Hopefully you learned not mess with me, slut!" Alyssa said as she moved away and rested on her knees with her legs tucked up under her, watching her victim struggle with the pain and defeat. But Alyssa was also feeling the effects of the fight. She'd been enjoying the high from the adrenaline rush which was now starting to wear off and she could feel the abuse her own body had endured. She got to her feet and went over to Charisma, extending a hand to help her up.

Charisma just slapped it away and moaned, "Leave me alone bitch!"

Alyssa backed off and hissed, "OK! But I want you out of my dressing room…NOW!"

"Fuck you!" Charisma groaned.

Alyssa was pissed off as she marched over to Charisma and jerked her up by her hair; "I said…OUT…NOW!"

Charisma screams, "Owwwww!" and reflexively she latches onto Alyssa's breasts with both hands once again.

Charisma's hands bear down on the firm flesh through the overly stretched and tattered remains of Alyssa's flimsy top and this time it's Alyssa who cries out "Owwww!"

She lets go of Charisma's hair. The two are now tangled again in the corner of the dressing room, fumbling and moving awkwardly in circles; as each is struggling and straining to defend themselves, and hurt their adversary. They were attacking each other's breasts with their hands, as their legs were trying to python the other's legs and thighs. Their knees became weapons, as the close, intimate combat led to various kneeing of each other's pubic regions and thighs. Charisma was able to push, and pin Alyssa into the corner as she used her body weight to press Alyssa against the wall like a hockey body check. Through the strains of grunts and cusses, insults also flew between the two beautiful actresses.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door as Holly comes looking for Charisma, "Alyssa, have you seen Charisma?" Alyssa and Charisma ignored the interruption and continued the fight, struggling against the will and strength of the others holds. In their struggle, the two managed to knock over a small table with a vase that broke the deadlock between the two, and heightened the curiosity of Holly. She knocked louder and demanded, "Alyssa open this door, dammit! What's going on in there?" Except it wasn't Alyssa but Charisma who opened the door, Holly was shocked to see her bloody nose, torn and ripped clothing and the scratch marks on her fabulous breasts. She generally looked like hell! "What the hell's going on Charis…"

Before she could finish, Holly saw Alyssa sprawled out on the dressing room floor. She rushed to her friend and cast mate, then glared back at her friend Charisma and said, "Look, I'll try and cover for you two, but you gotta clean yourselves up before they call us. We're due back on the set in less than an hour!"

Alyssa sat up and muttered, "Fuck them! We're not finished!" She got up and moved towards Charisma ready to deliver and accept more punishment, but Holly jumped between the two vixens.

"You two must be crazy; you can't do this now! We've got a show to shoot!"

Alyssa sneered, "And we've got a score to settle!"

Holly didn't want to get between the two wildcats remembering what had happened to Shannon Doherty when she crossed Alyssa and she quickly backed out of the way, watching from the door as the two battered brunettes reached for the other's hair and they begin to twist and pull at the messed up mane's. Holly didn't dare to come between them but she did leave - either to find help in breaking it up or merely to call off the night's shoot until another day.

As Holly beat her retreat, Alyssa was able to shove Charisma down on the couch. Charisma reached up and tried to free Alyssa's sweaty, full breasts from her bra as Alyssa leaned into her, pulling Charisma's head back and forth by the hair while Charisma fumbled with wrenching the bra from Alyssa' shoulders. Alyssa responded by choking Charisma who wrapped her legs like a pretzel around Alyssa's thighs as Alyssa continued to choke the life and fight out of her. Charisma was at last able to push Alyssa's hands from her neck, breaking her choke hold. Now they again with after the other's hair which they pulled and tugged at as if their very lives depended on it!

"AAAAhhhh!" Charisma screamed.

Alyssa hissed, "Let go bitch! Let go of my hair slut!"

The struggle continued as each writhed in the others grip, Alyssa pulling down on Charisma; Charisma pulling her up by her bra straps and shoulders until Alyssa attacked Charisma's chest, scratching and clawing her way down her sweat-slick body.

The red streaks stung the Charisma's tender flesh and she screamed, "OWWWWWW!"

Charisma's scream even scared Alyssa, but Charisma wouldn't give up! She held Alyssa at the back with her right hand while she used her left fist to seek and destroy her womanhood. Alyssa let out her own scream of horror as Charisma's fingers and nails invaded her pussy under her skirt and through her sheer panties. They continued to scream in pain and anger as each tried to destroy the other's precious bodily assets. Alyssa brought her right hand up from Charisma's chest and slugged her just below the left eye, then fell on Charisma. Charisma was able to finger, scratch and then knee Alyssa's pussy, then as Alyssa fell on her, Charisma opened her aching mouth and tried to bite a mouthful of Alyssa's right breast.

"Noooo! Ohhhh, you bitch!" Alyssa said as she slapped Charisma away her left hand.

Charisma almost lost her balance from the slap, as did Alyssa, who broke away, then moved back in to finished her off! Except as she moved in, Charisma kicked her in her pussy! As Alyssa's body doubled over, Charisma punched her in her gut just below Alyssa's bellybutton. Then she pushed up from the couch and pursued the stumbling away Alyssa. Charisma's fists and open hands slapped against Alyssa's head and face. Grunts were coming from Charisma, moans from Alyssa.

Charisma picked up Alyssa's purse and swung it around above her head, trying to hit Alyssa with it. Alyssa raised her hands over face to defend against the assault, then she caught the purse and pulled Charisma's hands forward as they struggled for the prize with their hands above their heads. Charisma finally dropped the purse, spilling the contents on the carpeted floor. They clasped each other's hands and continued their battle of strength and will. Their breathing was heavy, demonstrated by the deep, rapid, heaving of their breasts. They each stared into the others eyes, knowing no matter what the end was near.

"You sorry slut, you ain't got shit!" Charisma said.

"I got a lot more'n you, whore! Shut up and fight!" Alyssa countered.


Charisma found an ounce of strength or adrenaline and pushed Alyssa back against the wall of the dressing room. The two enemies moist, sweaty skin met, and the two women could smell the sweet aroma of each other's expensive perfume. The aroma was almost hypnotic, as the motions and aggressions of the two women slowed down. Alyssa tried to knee Charisma in her thigh, and kick her but the two women were too close. Charisma could only hold Alyssa up against the wall, as she was using the stalemate to draw in precious air through her mouth, and the sweet perfume through her nostrils. Alyssa broke her right hand free, and quickly grabbed Charisma's hair.

Charisma mirrored the move, and the two women were now in their awkward hair-pulling dance once again. The legs clumsily shifted to anticipate the other's move, and also in an effort to get an advantage on the other actress. Alyssa had a brief advantage and was able to trip and force to the floor her rival. Alyssa got her "second wind," and took hold of Charisma's throat as she lowered herself on Charisma. Alyssa made sure to avoid the kicking legs of Charisma as she continued to apply pressure on her neck. Charisma reached up to get a firm hold of Alyssa's hair, but it was becoming evident that it would not help. Alyssa straddled Charisma, as she released her grip on Charisma's neck. Alyssa lowered her stomach to atop Charisma's and locked her legs with Charisma's. Their hands were in each other's hair, and Alyssa was able to again to start to choke Charisma's beautiful throat.

Alyssa lowers her body and face to Charisma's laid out body on the carpeted floor, and hisses, "Give up slut!"

"Never bitch!" Charisma screams just as she's able to roll Alyssa over.

Now, they're fighting on their sides, facing each other, teeth gritted as their hands wrap around the other's neck. Charisma's left leg is locked between Alyssa legs and thigh. The two roll side to side and then Alyssa rolls over on top of Charisma. Their hair is strewn about, as it is hard to tell from where one actress ends, and the other begin. Alyssa sits up on Charisma stomach, and wraps both her lovely, deadly hands around Charisma's lovely neck. Charisma reached up to Alyssa's neck, but she is too late. Alyssa bears down with her weight and pressure and spits down on Charisma's horrified face. The two women are gritting, trying to bear through the pain, and the instinct to get away. Alyssa can feel Charisma's hold on her neck give way, and loosen.

"Let go of me bitch! Or I swear I'll kill you slut!" Alyssa screams.

Charisma's legs are kicking wildly and then stop and land on the floor. Charisma's hands are still around Alyssa's neck, but weakening. She releases Alyssa's neck and slides her hands down the slippery slope of Alyssa's neck, chest, shoulders and strong, lean arms. Alyssa keeps her hands on Charisma's neck, but she's stopped pressuring her windpipe and eases her grasp as Charisma's hands drop at her sides. The fight is over!

Alyssa smiles as she gently strokes the neck, arms and especially the spectacular slowly heaving chest of her defeated rival. She stimulates and plucks at the firm nipples of Charisma's full breasts, tracing the outline of her jaw with her index finger Alyssa is coming down from 'fight mode', playing with her victim. Still seated on Charisma's stomach, she sits up, then leans back, reaching behind her to firmly grasp the pronounced swell of Charisma's love mound. Her hand is under her skirt, fondling Charisma's damp, sweaty panties.

Alyssa says, "Well, SOMEONE is a little excited!" She wiggled her fingers into the moist slit and stimulates the erotic opening.

Her touch beings forth "ohh" and "aahhh" moans from the beautiful, half-conscious actress. Alyssa clutches the love mound tighter, then digs her fingernails into the tender flaps of skin until Charisma screams, "Oowwww!"

Alyssa stops and looks down at her defeated prey, muttering, "THAT should show you who's the Top Bitch Witch!"