"Trio" starring Charisma Carpenter (with Krista Allen, Heather Locklear and Nikki Cox) by TNT

The morning had started out typically. There was the sudden fender bender accident on the highway in front of her. Two women exited the damaged car's, exchanged curses and got into an all out catfight. Hairpulling, blouse's shredded, skirt's rode high as they rolled around curbside in a small patch of grass. Soon traffic was backed up a mile and a large crowd was watching the excitement. The long legged winner subdued her rival with a most erotic suffocating leg scissors.

"Now that looks like soooo much fun!" Charisma thought. She knew exactly which two women she'd like to have some "fun" with. "C'mon you can do better than that you catty blonde bitch!" she shouted.

Heather Locklear was firing punches left and right, as well as trying hard to land an occasional good kick but Charisma almost laughed as she easily dodged each blow. She was a bit disappointed in the famous blonde, who despite being full of fire, temper and energy, offered no real hard and fast challenge.

Stripping the lovely Heather of first her blouse, then her skirt, heel's and pantyhose was a bit of fun though and it turned out to be worth the price of the plush hotel room. Heather had eagerly accepted Charisma's challenge and the brunette had even "let" the angry blonde strip her down to her bikini bra and panties before showing her true strength and stamina.

Wham! Wham! Two hard and fast punches to the blonde's face sent Heather staggering backward. Charisma charged, slammed Heather into a wall, grabbed the straps of her overstuffed black bra and ripped it downward. The straps broke but Charisma stopped pulling, leaving just the top half of each breast exposed. No need to rush!

THUNK! A light knee tap to the crotch and Heather was ready to be taken down.

"I just love a good leg scissors, Heather honey. What do you think Do you like my leg's babe?"

"Let me go. AWWWWWCK. This was a mistake, all a big mistake. Let me go you crazy hellcat. OW, you're squeezing me to death...Arggggggh!" Heather groaned, screamed, cussed, pleaded, demanded, ordered and did just about everything she knew how to do as she struggled against the two gorgeous ‘pythons’ that slowly squeezed until she was breathless.

"Yeah, you go ahead and cuss, squeal, beg. Kick and squirm you hot little blonde number. Arch that back. Oh my, your big fake knocker's are spilling outta that pretty bra, did you know that?" Charisma laughed as she watched each luscious breast slowly find freedom. She reached for a thick stiff nipple and relished the resounding scream that followed the slow painful pinch and twist. "Your leg's aren't half bad though they’re kinda skinny," Charisma noted.

She grabbed a handful of silky blonde hair, jerked Heather's head back and heard Heather's loud groans grow softer as she tightened her leg's around the slender waist and giggled as she reached down, grabbed the waistband of the turquoise colored French cut panties and started on a most embarrassing painful wedgie.

"Oucccccch, please not that. STOP....yeoooowwwch." More squeezing. Beautiful firm tight thigh and calf muscle's tightened to the max. Charisma winced as she felt a leg cramp coming on. "Umppppphhh. Uggggggh." The two groan's were accompanied by a full body writhe and then the luscious blonde's face grimaced and she lay still.

"Darn, that was over to fast, way too fast," Charisma bemoaned as she released her unconscious prey, grabbed a pitcher of ice water off the stand and doused Heather, giving extra attention to the further stiffening nipples. "Sorry for the rough and rude treatment, Heather. But I’m gonna make you as comfy as possible. My number two appointment is due soon."

Heather groaned as she felt herself being hog-tied with her own bra, then something wet, moist and sweet was stuffed in her lovely mouth. The room had plush carpet; a necessary amenity for a lovely beautiful blonde captive and the first one on the list for a fun day.


(knock knock)

"Hmmmmmm, two knocker's, how interesting," Charisma noted as she opened the door.

"So you called. Are you sure you really want to try and take me?" beautiful busty redhead Nikki Cox asked with an almost incredulous tone. Charisma wasn't impressed. She stared icily and a bit hungrily into her next opponent's lovely eyes. She sensed a bit of fear.

"Get those big boob's in here, Coxie. Let's see what you got. Anything goes, okay?"

"Why hell yes, you smart ass cocky slu...Uhhhhhhh."

"My dear Nikki, please finish your sentence. ‘Slut’ is the word that I believe you failed to finish, right?" Charisma snickered as she withdrew her fist from deep in Nikki's soft stomach, then her lightning fast hands flashed out, she grabbed the redhead's halter top and yanked it down around her waist. Nikki’s two huge, pale, milk jug's had barely tasted freedom when Charisma’s hard knuckles slammed into each stiff pink nipple. "Such nice big tits. You're best asset, right you redheaded heifer?" Charisma snarled as she sunk her talon's deep inside the large melon's.

"YIEEEEEE!" Nikki schreeched as she grabbed Charisma's skimpy top and tore it off with a frantic pull. "Mine are nice too. And firmer, I believe. Let's compare, shall we?"

WHUMP!! Charisma’s knee to Nikki’s crotch widened the redhead’s eyes and sent her staggering backward.

The sound of four beautiful breast's slamming together was followed by a grunt from the gasping redhead as the brunette wrapped her arm's around her back and locked her hands. Charisma's strength and stamina served her well as she utilized every muscle from her sculpted leg's to her upper body to lift Nikki off her feet and drive her back until she slammed her into a closet door. The redhead grunted as the hard door knob rudely impaled her ass crack!

"Think mine are gonna win out; whaddya think?" Charisma sneered as she pressed her firm breast's into Nikki's. Her darker rock hard nipple's seemed to be winning the erotic battle dance and duel as they skirmished with Nikki's thick ‘perfect pinks.’ "It's a tit fight; ever been in one before?" Charisma asked. "Doh! Stupid question I guess. Bet lot's of babe's would be jealous of your lovely oversized chest, huh carrot top?"

Charisma smiled as she took in a deep breath, then grunted as she summoned every muscle in her back, shoulders and arms, perfecting her excruciating bearhug. Nikki gasped and flailed her arm's helplessly. She tightened and stretched out her leg's trying to touch the floor fully to get traction. All to no avail. Charisma kept her a couple of inches away as she bore down.

"Boob's are great huh. But leg's are at least a close tie. Wanna compare them too?"

Charisma didn't wait for an answer as she gave Nikki one last hard energy zapping squeeze. With the precision of a professional wrestler the brunette threw the topless redhead down onto the incredibly firm bed. As Nikki's body and big breast's bounced, Charisma fired a punch between the two lovely leg's and grabbed the short skirt. Two hard and fast pull's, a resounding rip and the redhead was in her dainties.

"Upsey-daisey, I mean get your ass up Red," Charisma snapped as she latched onto two erect nipples and jerked the screaming Nikki to her feet. A nice judo flip sent Nikki sprawling to the carpet, landing hard on her back. "And now for a bit more fun!" Charisma said as she pounced like a tigress on her lovely prey. "Like this move? It's one of my favorite. Like my leg's? Most of my fan's do!" Charisma chirped as she wrapped her perfect leg's tight around Nikki's waist.

"Oooooooh. Please, let go."

Nikki’s plaintive, desperate cries were becoming a most welcome theme for Charisma's sheer delight as she grabbed a handful of red hair, yanked the lovely head back hard as she tightened her leg's.

"I should wear short skirts more often," Charisma thought. "Makes it soooo easy to work over pretty helpless, pleading lovelies'." The brunette listened to Nikki’s heavy breathing and growled, "HEY! You didn't answer me Nikki. What do you think of my leg's girl?"

"Uhhhhhhh...they're beautiful. Lovely, pretty...uhhhhhhh...wonderful," Nikki gasped.

"Are they better than yours Nikki honey? Huh?" Charisma asked with a snicker as she leaned forward and raked her sharp nail's over her captive's firm thigh's. Nikki gasped out a protesting whimper and clawed impotently at her tormentor's hand's and talon's. Her energy was fading fast.

"Yes, they're better...prettier...ummmmppfffh!" Nikki's barely audible appreciative complement's brought a delightfully mischievous contentment to Charisma as she slowly tightened her leg's for the last bit of pleasure. She leaned forward, grabbed Nikki's chin, turned her head sideways and placed her full firm breast against the redhead's lip's.

"Pleasant dreams. Nice pillow, huh babe?"

"Umpppppfffh!" Nikki's last moan followed what Charisma took as a bit of extra admiration. She could have sworn Nikki had added a quick suck to the wet kiss as her mouth caressed her nipple.

"You were more fun than number one, Nikki dear. Number three had better be good. Real good!."


"Uhhhhhhh, please stop. Let go, my rib's, my rib's, you're crushing my rib's, uhhhhhhhhh." Pretty brunette Krista Allen gasped, pleaded and groaned as she strained helplessly against the two gorgeous perfectly muscled leg's that held her tight and continued their erotic crushing, air stealing, energy zapping action.

"And you're number three! A rather fun and delicious number three," Charisma sneered as she tightened her perfect leg's even tighter around Krista's slender waist. The captive brunette squealed as long strong finger's buried into her silky hair and yanked her head back. "You're so pretty when you struggle Krista dearie. You squirm and beg just as good as the other two did. Maybe a little better. Come on arch your back. Stick those boob's out a bit further. Squirm honey."

"Oooooopfhhh. Ungggggh." Krista sucked air and instantly regretted it as like before each breath she took was followed by a further tightening around her waist. She whimpered as she felt a firm tug on her skimpy white bikini top.

"Nice tits. Perky nipple's too. Oh my how hard and long they are becoming." Charisma's humiliating taunt's and teasing added further to her now red-faced and gasping prey's embarrassment and agony. "Such a pretty body. Such a lovely but oh so easy conquest. Soon you'll complete my fun. Ready for the end?"

Krista's frantic energetic struggle's were slowly subsiding as her energy and stamina seemed to blast away into nothingness. Her sneering captor's beautiful face seemed to be fading as fast as the pain in her now rock hard tender nipple's was increasing.

"Uhhhhhhhh..." The final moan was barely audible. In a flash Charisma was jerking her dazed barely conscious topless victim halfway upright, then placing her in a subservient position.

"Kiss 'em," the muscular brunette actress ordered as she tore off her own bikini, exposing her perfect breast's. Krista offered only a groan and token resistance as she kissed each luscious breast. "Now a bit lower sweetie. Like what you see?"


"Sorry I don't have time to totally strip for you," Charisma laughed as she pressed her blubbering captive's face between her leg's. "You like the thong?"


"Why thanks! The other's did too! And now my legs; they're really beautiful - and strong too - you agree?" Charisma chirped as she pushed down, forcing the pretty head to descend obediently until soft lip's caressed every smooth firm tight inch of each perfectly muscled, perfectly chiseled leg. "And my feet? Just what are your thoughts about THEM bitch?" Charisma asked with a most mischievous demanding tone. "Oooooooh, that tickles. Ummmmmmm, nice, very nice."

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The delightful and quite sensuous foot kissing was followed by three quick swat's on the now quite submissive brunette's firm, sexy, raised derriere.

"Nooooooo. Please. Yeowwwwwch."

(whooosh) THUNK! WHUMP!

"Number three down. That makes for the end of a very pleasurable day," Charisma laughed as she twirled her third conquest's bikini bottom's in her finger's and gave them a toss. As she put her clothes on she took a long hard appreciative look at the nude brunette that she had just bid "Nighty-nite" to.

"Wonder if she'll meet the others. That WOULD be interesting, verrrrry interesting,” Charisma thought as she closed the door and exited the room. "I think number one was the best. No, maybe number two was!" Charisma pondered their relative merits as she replayed the days most memorable moments in her head. "It’s been a really pleasant day so far," she thought as she slipped into her sports car. "Wonder what number four's gonna be like?" she wondered as she pulled onto the Coast Highway, stepped on the gas and pointed her car toward Charlize Theron’s house!