Cuntfighting for Cock: Laurie Carr vs. Teri Weigel by kit

Hooking the last strap of her red garter belt on to her black hose, Laurie softly moaned in her throat as she gently cupped her red panties and gave a little squeeze. Already her vulva was turning plump and juicy.

"There, there my sweet, control yourself," she spoke to her sex. "You'll take home a partner tonight."

The partner she was speaking of was a young, hotshot attorney named Tim that had just recently joined the firm where she worked as a secretary. On Friday she had invited him to meet her and some of her friends Saturday night at a ritzy nightclub downtown that she frequently visited.

"Yeah, okay. I'll probably show up around 10 or so."

"Good. You'll like it, and I'll show you a real good time," she said with a grin. Slipping on her siren-red dress, Laurie teased up her hair and sprayed on her favorite perfume and headed out the door.

It was a little past 9PM. Just about every Saturday night a group of her friends and people she knew had a few tables staked out towards the back of the club where the lighting was the dimmest and the noise not as loud. Some of the people she knew well, and some she didn't. Some she liked, and some she didn't. And sometimes there would be a new guy or girl there. The guys were all hunks and all the chicks were hot. To the bouncers and bar staff, this little group was simply referred to as the 'beer ad bunch' because they all dressed and acted like they were in a beer commercial.

Meanwhile across town, a sexy dark-haired young woman was pouring her 5-7, 108 pound frame into a tight, midnight-black mini-dress complete with matching silk nylons, garter belt and high heels.

"Oh, baby," said Teri, admiring her awesome 34-21-34 figure in the full length mirror, "you'll get some cock tonight!"
Laurie visited with a few friends and turned down several offers to dance as she impatiently awaited Tim's arrival.

"It's about time," she said, taking his hand when she saw him. "I was startin' to get worried."

"Well, I wasn't sure," he said, adjusting his eyes to the lighting.

Laurie squeezed his hand and snuggled up against his arm. "But I'm glad you're here." She led him to back and after quickly introducing him around, she dragged him to the dance floor to show him what she had. The frosted-blonde was a real hottie, and she shook her shit for all she was worth. At 5-7 and 103 pounds, Laurie's package was impressive: 34-21-33. Tim liked her wild, fluffy mane and long dark roots. She had full, perky breasts; a tight, little ass; and long, slender legs. Taking her to his bed would be a real pleasure for sure. After the dance they joined the group back at the tables and ordered drinks. Laurie was feeling real good about the situation and expected to be taking him inside of her by the stroke of midnight. Stroke! She licked her lips at the very thought of it. She couldn't wait to take him in her arms and wrap her long, tan legs around his hips. Her areolas started to crust over as her vagina tingled and grew moist.

"Havin' fun? Aren't ya glad ya came?" she asked, flirting and touching his hand.

"Oh yeah," he said with a smile, checking out a late arrival coming their way.

"Well, I've gotta go to the lil' girl's room, so you behave and don't let anyone start flirtin' with ya," she teased, squeezing his hand. Tim lost sight of the attractive late-comer as Laurie stood up and blocked his path of vision. But he did enjoy the sight of the blonde's little ass wiggling underneath her short, red mini-dress as she walked away. On her way to the restroom, Laurie talked briefly to a girlfriend and took a moment to flirt with a guy she'd recently had a one-night stand with.

"You're lookin' good tonight," he said.

"And why haven't you called? Hmmmm?" flirted Laurie, cocking her hands on her hips.

"Ah, know..."

"What? I wasn't good enough?"

"Oh you were good enough, plenty of that," he smiled.

"You've got a strange way of showin' it," she played.

"Well, maybe I can show you again...tonight."

"We'll see, big boy. You weren't so bad yourself...maybe you'll get lucky again," she said, running her hand up his chest and remembering that he had filled her up pretty good that night.
"Hi there. And just who are you?" asked the newcomer, swinging around from his blind side

"Uh, hi. I'm Tim," he said, startled.

"I'm Teri," she said, rolling her shoulders and tilting her head as she leaned on the chair next to him. "Mind if I sit down."

"Uh, no, go ahead," he smiled, sitting up in his chair.

Teri nestled her ass in Laurie's chair. "I haven't seen you 'round here before. Are you new?" They chatted, and dollar signs went off when he told Teri that he was a lawyer. "Did you come alone?" she asked hopefully, leaning on the table with her elbow to give him a good look at her breasts.

"Well, yeah...actually Laurie invited me, but I came alone."

"Laurie? Laurie?" Teri pretended to think, "hmmmm...blonde? Kinda ditzy? Dresses like a slut?"

Tim chuckled. "Well," he said, noticing that Teri wasn't dressed any differently.

"Yeah, I know the bitch. She's a real slut. She's slept with just 'bout every guy in here," Teri said, looking off as if what she was saying was no big deal.

Tim smiled and shook his head. "And I suppose you're an angel?"

Teri batted her eyes. "No. I'm just plain sinful," she said, pouting.

Gazing into her seductive eyes, he knew she wasn't lying.

"Uh, excuse me," said Laurie, tapping Teri on the shoulder. "I was sittin' there; you're in my seat."

Teri slowly looked up at her, then sneered, "So? Go sit somewhere else."

Of all the nerve! thought Laurie. She was already fuming upon noticing the situation as she walked back, but she sure as hell didn't have to stand for this. Instantly she felt like yanking Teri up by the hair and slapping that slutty look off her face.

Catfight! Tim sensed the situation immediately. "Uh, Laurie, I told her it was alright."

Laurie continued glaring with Teri a few more seconds before looking his way. "Oh," she said, realizing that she must be looking pretty stupid standing there. "Let's dance," she said, taking his arm.

"Not right now," he said, pulling away and indicating that he had just lit a cigarette.

Teri gave her a shit-eating grin. Obviously the blonde had competition and she didn't want to seem childish about it. "Well...later then?" Laurie asked, reaching for her drink but deliberately grinding her elbow into Teri's shoulder as she reached over her.

"Oh sure," he answered, keeping his options open in case things didn't work out with Teri.

"Hey!" spat Teri, moving away from Laurie’s pressure.

"Sorry," hissed Laurie although both she and Teri knew she was lying.

Sitting down at the far end of the table, Laurie boiled with rage as some of the gang had noticed what had happened. Teri looked over her shoulder and give Laurie a 'he's-mine' glare as Laurie sent her a definite 'fuck you' stare. Teri and Laurie had always been rather competitive in their dress and dancing and attraction of boys. There was a mutual sense of jealousy and dislike, and although they'd never gone as far as to 'cross nylons' (so to speak), this wasn't the first time they'd been catty with each other. They definitely weren't friends, and the only way they knew each other was thru association with some of the same people.

As Laurie sat and stewed, Teri took Tim to the dance floor and worked her groove. She knew Laurie was watching, so she shook her ass with all she had. It was just a little payback for the cock that Laurie had stolen from her pussy a few months ago when something similar happened. She had thought about catfighting Laurie then, just like she was sure Laurie wanted to catfight her now. Taking Teri in a catfight was something Laurie’d thought of before - as she was now. But she kept her cool and knew that sooner or later Teri would have to go to the bathroom, or he would, and then she would make her move.
"Let's keep dancin'," said Teri, putting her arms around Tim's neck as a slow song came on.

"Alright," he said, feeling her perky breasts and slender hips press up against him.

"Gggggrrrr, that bitch," grumbled Laurie, watching Tim's hand roam across the brunette's shapely ass.

"Mmmm," purred Teri, working her snatch into his bulging crotch, and then treating him to a deep, sensual liplock.

"Let's go back to my place," whispered Teri, licking his ear.

Laurie lost track of Teri and Tim as they disappeared into the crowded dance floor. A half hour later she resigned to the fact that Teri was giving him her love while she still sat there madder than hell and terribly horny. But Laurie remained true to herself and kept her word about getting a partner for her pussy. As she took in her piece of meat around midnight, Teri was taking in Tim's meat again and giving him the fucking of a lifetime.

"Oh baby," he moaned as Teri straddled him and moved her pussy around and around and around. “You feel so good." Teri smiled as she fucked and rubbed her hands along his chest. She knew that Laurie would eventually get to him (after all they did work together and Laurie was very attractive and forward), but she'd at least have the satisfaction in knowing that she'd fucked him first, and that Laurie would know she was getting her sloppy seconds. "I'm the best," she stated with a groove.

The next morning as Laurie made love to the guy she'd talked to on her way to the restroom, she knew Teri was probably making love to Tim again. She thought about issuing a catfight to Teri but changed her mind when her lover told her that she was the best he'd ever had as he came deep within her. With this compliment, Laurie thought she'd have a better chance at winning Tim over with her sex as opposed of winning him in a catfight. Either way would be tough, but she was more confident of herself as a lover instead of a fighter. Besides, beating Teri with her pussy would be much more fun and satisfying instead of beating her with her fists.
On Monday Laurie dressed to kill and had no trouble coaxing Tim to her place for dinner. She also had no trouble coaxing him into her bed, as they were into it within a few minutes after his arrival. The two made love well into the night as Laurie used all three holes on him and every move in her book. She fucked Tim stupid, but she hadn't out-fucked Teri.

"How 'bout round two?" she asked him the next afternoon.

Tim sighed softly as he politely declined. "I've got other plans, but we can tomorrow."

Laurie was stunned. Was her sex not good enough? Was Teri actually better in bed than she was? Was he even going to be with Teri? No matter what, she still couldn't believe that she'd been turned down. Forcing a smile, she covered up her shock. "Oh sure! No prob. Tomorrow night it is."

For the rest of the day, and especially that night, she just couldn't help but sense that Teri was pouring out her sex and making a strong effort at winning his love.

But Teri wasn't interested in his love; she was interested in his potential income and his big dick that filled her up so nice and full.

But Tim wasn't interested in either of the women; he was simply out for terrific sex and to take advantage of their beautiful bodies. As long as he could fuck both, then he'd fuck both. Just like they'd never had a problem getting men, he'd never had a problem getting women. To him, ass was ass, and Teri and Laurie were both hot asses. So Teri fucked him Tuesday and Laurie fucked him Wednesday. Teri fucked him Thursday and Laurie fucked him Friday - and twice on Saturday afternoon! Teri fucked him Saturday night and all day Sunday, then Laurie fucked him again Sunday night. Teri on Monday and Laurie on Tuesday. But then on Wednesday he left out-of-town and he wasn't due back til Friday!


Teri had just taken off her blouse and was about to unzip her black skirt when there came a knock on the door. A big grin spread across her face as she thought it was Tim coming over for a taste of her pussy. It had been two days since they'd last made love, and she was starting to care for him as a lover instead of just a moneymaker, and this thing with Laurie was now beginning to bug her. She was falling in love.

"Oh, Tim, I hope it's you," she said to herself, glancing quickly thru the peephole. Her smile turned upside down as her belly turned sour and her throat swelled up. "What do you want, bitch?" she asked, slinging the door open to confront Laurie.

Bitch? She hadn't quite expected to be called that just yet. "You know what I want, bitch," said Laurie.

With hands on hips, Teri stood in the doorway dressed in her black bra, short skirt and matching nylons and heels. "Probably the same thing I do, bitch."

Laurie shook back her hair and folded her arms across her chest. She looked hot and ready to fight in her pink blouse and black skirt with matching pumps, but no nylons. "I know you're sleepin' with my man and I want it stopped."

"YOUR man? I slept with him first, bitch," said Teri.

"And I slept with him last and I'm sleepin' with him next," said Laurie.

"No, bitch. I don't think so," snapped Teri.

"Yeah, bitch. I am,"

"You wanna fight over him?" asked Teri, stepping to the side and inviting Laurie in.

"You're sure as hell not gonna get him without one," said Laurie, entering.

"I guess we'll just see 'bout that, bitch," said Teri closing the door and turning around into a slap.

"Bitch!" yelled Teri, just ducking clear.

"You slut!" shouted Laurie, leaping. "He's mine!"

Teri tried to swat at Laurie's hands, but it was no use as she was forced up against the front door. "Bitch!" she shouted as Laurie sank her hands deep inside of her permed, tangled tresses.

"Slut! Ow!" barked Laurie as her bushy, frosted-blond locks were pulled. The two girls jerked each other over at the waist as they stumbled away from the door and fought between the dining room area and living room. Hurling shouts and threats, Teri and Laurie yanked each other up and started really shaking. Teri grabbed the front of Laurie's pink blouse and ripped it to the waist. "Bitch!" shouted Laurie, grabbing the front of Teri's black bra.

Teri knocked her hand down but found herself suddenly jerked sideways by a handful of hair. Teri winced and grimmaced in pain as Laurie extracted several long strands of her dark chocolate locks. Teri stumbled into Laurie and grabbed the front of her white bra.

"Nnnooo!" yelled Laurie, yanking her backward by the hair. Teri lost hold of the bra and wailed out as she again lost a few more strands of her hair from the back. Stumbling on their high heels, Teri and Laurie fell on top of the dining room table, knocking over two chairs before getting their balance again and coming off it on their feet. "Bitch!" shouted Laurie, shaking Teri's hair with one hand and grabbing a handful of soft tit with the other.

"Oooww! My t-i-t!" cried Teri, jerking Laurie's head with her right hand as her left dropped over her right tit and squeezed. Laurie winced and closed her eyes as Teri squeezed her firm, round boob thru the cup of the bra. Although both measured 34B, Laurie's breasts were fuller and cone-shaped and the pretty pink nipples formed the perfect ends. Teri's boobs were softer, more lemon-shaped, but the areolas were a bit thicker and oblong-shaped - and also formed a pointy end. Either way, both girls had nice breasts for sucking and playing with or in this case, squeezing and pinching.

"You bitch!" shouted Laurie in pain, pulling on Teri's bra.

"Fuck you, bitch!" Teri yelled back, driving Laurie backwards against the wall.

Laurie grunted upon impact, but slung Teri around by hair and threw her shoulder-first into the wall. The two staggered off the wall, pulling hair and trying to stay on their high-heeled feet.

"Slut! Leg' go!" shouted Teri, slapping Laurie across the cheek with her hand.

SMACK! Teri's long fingers left their prints on Laurie's soft, pretty cheek as the blonde stumbled back in her high heels, then fell on her ass…THUD! Teri was also thrown off-balance, but unlike Laurie, Teri stayed on her feet as she caught herself by grabbing the arm of the couch.

"Alright, you bitch," growled Laurie, on her ass, kicking away her shoes and yanking off her torn blouse. "You've really asked for it now."

Teri stepped out of her heels and reached around to undo her skirt, "Let's get out of our clothes and really fight."

"Oh how I've wanted this," said Laurie, getting up and unzipping the back of her skirt.

"I knew it would come to this," said Teri, sliding down her black skirt.

"Bitch, I'm gonna settle it once and for all," Laurie replied, pushing her skirt down her long, silky legs.

Kicking away their skirts, Teri and Laurie lunged all-out, shouting and ready to beat each other up. Laurie blocked Teri's pawing hands and gave her a solid slap down the right tittie. Teri groaned and clutched her stinging orb. Laurie stepped back, and as Teri pounced forward, the blonde ducked down and slung her left forearm into her belly.

"Ooommpphh!" grunted the sexy brunette, folding over and clutching her belly.

"Fuckin' slut!" yelled Laurie reaching beyond Teri's bent body before her and grabbing her by the back of the panties.

"Yeeeoooowww!" squealed Teri as her ass opened and filled with black silk.

Wrapping her arms around Laurie's hips and driving her shoulder into her waist, Teri steered the blonde against the wall. Laurie groaned as the back of her head bounced off, but still she kept pulling on Teri's panties. Coming away from the wall, Teri was stretching Laurie's panties as they spun towards the middle of the living room trying to tear each other's undies off.

"Ow! Bitch, leg' go!" shouted Laurie, tugging. Teri grumbled as she felt Laurie's panties began to tear from her hips. "Bitch! Shit!" swore Laurie, slinging Teri towards the couch as both girls were just about to get exposed to each other.

Two black panties sailed thru the air as Teri toppled to the couch with Laurie coming down on top of her. Swearing, they both grabbed a handful of (head) hair as they went snatch searching with the other. Teri's positioning was much worse. Her right leg was on the back of the sofa as Laurie's body was wedged between her legs, keeping her snatch split and more accessible.

"I'm gonna bald you, bitch," said Laurie, combing her fingers thru Teri's thick, fuzzy rug.

"Uuunngg!" winced Teri, her hips jolting as Laurie stretched on some hairs. But Teri had her hand down south also, and she made Laurie buck as she flicked her nails thru her hairy, brown bush. Giving each other pretty good tugs on both ends, Teri and Laurie twitched and shifted so that they now lay a little bit more sideways together as Teri had worked her left knee between Laurie's knees thus opening her thighs a little wider and exposing more of her bush.

"Uuuummm, you bitch," grunted Laurie, getting her pussy lips firmly squeezed.

"Oouuch! You whore," winced Teri as Laurie ripped and yanked her pubes. Although they hated each other, and especially hated each other's pussy, they refrained from doing any real savage mauling or clawing, simply tugged and pulled pubic hair and firmly squeezed or pinched pussy lips. After all, what one could do, so could the other.

"I can take it more than you can, bitch," said Laurie, gathering a wad of hair between her fingers.

"Oh no you can't, slut," said Teri, taking an equal amount and pulling. Teri and Laurie both had very sexy pussies. Teri's hump was a bit darker and hairier while Laurie's lips were a little thicker and fatter. But inside, deep down where it really counts, both were tight, pink, wet and extremely hot.

"Ooouuuccchhhh!" Teri cried, biting thru her bottom lip.

"Uuuunnnggggg!" grunted Laurie, her teeth gnashing together.

"Oooohhh ssshhhit, give it up!" begged Teri, twisting Laurie's hairs in her fingers.

"Aaahhhh, aaahhh…no, you give!" echoed Laurie, trying to pull out what she was tugging.

The two winced and then jolted together. Both had lost a patch, but each kept her hand on the other's sex.

"Uuuummmm," moaned Teri seconds later as she felt a slender finger slide in her.

"You ever had your fuckin' uterus ripped out your fuckin' cunt, you fuckin' slut?" snarled Laurie in her ear as she glided her finger inside.

"Have you, bitch?" asked Teri, hips trembling as she fondled with Laurie's pussy lips a few seconds before dipping her finger in.

"Mmmmm," moaned Laurie, laying her head on Teri's shoulder as they both went past the knuckle up each other. Arching her lower back for greater penetration, Teri cooed as they worked their fingers in and out, in and out. Although both had wondered many times, neither had been with a woman before. It was hard to figure, but they'd both always found the other very sexy and desirable and now they found themselves suddenly locked and naked and catfighting over some (a dick neither could win because their pussies were so equally hot), they had to go all-out and beat each other both physically and sexually.

"I'd say someone is gettin' turned on!" teased Teri, wiggling her finger in Laurie's wet pussy.

"Mmmmm, no, I'm just more woman, bitch," gasped Laurie, running her finger over Teri's hard clit.

"Aaahhhh," Teri gasped. "I am, because I'm turnin' you on more, bitch."

Laurie moaned as her clit was stroked, "You're pretty fuckin' sloppy yourself."

"You'll cum 'for me, bitch," flinched Teri, her hips tightening.

"Oh, I'm gonna finger you a new hole, slut," twitched Laurie, getting very wet indeed. The two turned their faces together and called each other some very choice names as they flicked tongues and took each other on in a deep French kiss.

"Uuumm, uuumm, uuumm," moaned Teri as her cunt was burning with two fingers now inside.

"Cum, you slut," cheered Laurie. "Don't stop, bitch." Teri began rocking and fighting back her will. Laurie tightened her cunt around Teri's fucking finger. Laurie shoved in deep. Teri fingered her clit.

"Don't stop! Don't stop! I'm cum...cum..cuuuuummmmin'!" squealed Teri in utter ecstasy as she soaked the cushions of the couch. Laurie was cheated by only getting to enjoy a brief orgasm. Then for a few moments, they lay together panting; digesting what just went on.

"You bitch," said Laurie, running her hands in Teri's hair (head) and rolling on top of her. "I fuckin' hate you."

Teri grabbed Laurie's hair and tried to arch her back. "Get off, slut." Their sexy bellies moved as one while their bodies rumbled together in a grind. The two swore back and forth softly as Teri slowly pulled Laurie off the couch by the hair. Laurie pulled hair with her as they moved gingerly to floor and quickly wrapped up. Their long, slender legs locked hip-to-ankle as they rolled methodically across the floor, controlling each other by the back of the hair.

"Uuummm, you bitch," groaned Laurie, feeling Teri's wet snatch rubbing along the top of her thigh.

"Slut...oomm, ge' off," Teri grunted as Laurie's hot crotch wiggled against her thigh. Rolling back the other way, the couch stopped them on their sides as they both shoved a thigh into the other and started to pull down the straps of the bras.

"Bitch," whispered Laurie, putting her lips on Teri's lips.

"Slut," Teri whispered, then stabbing her tongue in Laurie's mouth. They both moaned in the other's mouth as they cupped a tit and thigh-fucked. Squeezing and squeezing, the blonde and brunette very firmly squeezed each other's tit.

"Uuuummm, OW!" winced Laurie as her areola was painfully pinched.

"AAAAH…AAAHHH…OW!" flinched Teri, getting her areola sharply twisted. Grinding down on the other's flexing thigh, Teri and Laurie rolled their faces back and forth as they whispered nasty, nasty insults while tugging on the top of each other's hair and letting their tits and nipples get into it. Teri rolled harder into Laurie's body and pinned the blonde firmer into the base of the couch. Laurie yanked back on Teri's hair, but Teri twisted Laurie's head into a neck-breaking position. Laurie let go immediately as Teri released the dangerous pressure.

"Uuuummmm," moaned Laurie, her nipples turned beneath Teri's as Teri dug her fingernails into her scalp. "OW! Uuummph," winced Laurie, getting terribly turned on.

Teri sucked in air thru her clinched teeth as Laurie's thigh pumped on her clit. "Ooooh...don't stop."

"Don't you stop, bitch," groaned Laurie, her pussy about to explode. The two groaned as their hips shook together and they drenched each other's thigh. Laurie came first, but they both came hard.

"Bitch," muttered Teri, rolling out of Laurie's arms.

"Cunt," Laurie huffed as their long legs untangled.

For the next couple of minutes the blonde and brunette lay on their backs next to each other panting. A little ashamed and slightly embarrassed the two girls looked over at each other. Teri's nostrils flared as Laurie's eyelids flickered and blinked. There was no sense of affection or sudden change of attitude. They still dislike each other, and although they acknowledged each other's physical beauty and sex appeal (something that had already been established a long time ago), they were still very jealous and envious and determined to put the other in her place.

"You fuckin' bitch," said Teri, looking away as she started to sit upon her knees.

"Go to hell, slut," snapped Laurie, running her hands thru her hair and taking a deep breath.

Teri glared at her, and started to remove her bra, "It's not over, if that's what you're thinkin'."

Laurie sat up to her knees, "Oh no, bitch. It's far from bein' over. I'll fight your ass all night if I have too."

Teri watched Laurie take off her bra. She shook back her hair, "Hurry up, bitch."

"Fuck you," said Laurie, unlocking the hook and tossing the bra over to the recliner.

Standing to their knees, Teri and Laurie flicked their fingers together a second or two before shoving their hands high and deep into hair. Both winced and yanked back. They spread their legs a little wider for greater stability.

"Ouch! Bitch," yelped Teri, her head twisted sideways.

"Uuunngggg!" Laurie grunted, her head stretched back. Laurie jerked Teri's hair. Teri tugged Laurie's hair.

"Uuunnggg," groaned Teri. "I've always...uumm...wanted this...a fight with you."

"Ooouuch! How's this?" said Laurie, slinging a slap at her.

Teri threw up her arm and blocked the blow. "Bitch!" she shouted, yanking Laurie sideways and giving her a taste of her open palm. The sound bounced off the walls as Laurie was slapped to all-fours. Teri yanked her back up by the hair, cussing her. Laurie squealed, but went for Teri's snatch.

"Uuummgh!" grunted Teri, and then going for Laurie's box as they threw their shoulders together, causing their dangling tits to slap nipples. Squeezing each other soundly, they stood fully on their knees, throwing back their heads in pain as their tits completely crushed together.

"Ugh! Ssshhhit!" cried Teri, her lips pinched.

"Oooouuuccch!!" Laurie wailed, her pussy pulled. Grabbing hair at both ends, the girls doubled over and pulled.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!"


They raised back up, flicking the loose pussy hairs from their fingers as they went back at it.

"Uuuuuummmmm!" groaned Teri, two fingers entering her.

"Oooohhh! Ooohhh!" Laurie moaned, taking on a couple of guests. They fell shoulder-to-shoulder as they flat out finger fucked. Like a machine their two fingers shoved in and out, plunging deep and hard and making each other extremely wet and horny.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!!!!" wailed Laurie, cumming very hard.

Teri was right with her as her hips shook and her pussy squeezed the pounding fingers. "You bitch, you fuckin' bitch," huffed Teri, totally turned on and completely hot. Shoving Laurie over on her back, Teri straddled over her and continued driving her fingers in and out.

"Wha...wha..." moaned Laurie, on her back and waving her arms as she couldn't help but let Teri finger her out. Her motor was revved and running.

"Shut up, slut!" snarled Teri, sucking Laurie's left nipple into her mouth.

"Aaaahhh!!" cried Laurie, her nipple sucked and firmly nibbled. "Oohh ssttop! Sssttop! I... I'm... Uuuuuuuummmmm!!!" Laurie quaked out some more girlie-cum, and Teri rolled off huffing as Laurie lay on her back gasping and clutching her cunt. Then they took another break as they lay on their backs catching their breath and trying to cool down their sexual desires. So far it had been a good, tough fight. Just the kind they'd both expected, except without the sex.

"Damn!" mumbled Laurie, sitting up.

"Havin' second thoughts, bitch?" asked Teri, sitting up and leaning back on her hands.

Laurie glared over at her, "No. Are you, bitch?"

Teri smirked, "Hell no. After I'm done, I'm gonna tell all our friends about it and fuck Tim every night of the week."

"Your pussy ain't gonna be doin' nothin' after I get done with it," said Laurie.

"Seems to me like my pussy is the one winnin', bitch," smiled Teri. There was a ring of truth to that, but not much.

"Oh, I don't know 'bout that, bitch. Seems like you've been soakin' my hand pretty heavy," said Laurie, looking at her hand. The two continued to look at each other as they got up and started to circle. (Laurie was completely nude as Teri still had on her garter belt and hose, although her two back straps were popped off and dangling against her hips.)

"You're a bitch. You know that," said Laurie, moving with her hands on her hips.

Teri shook her head, "And you're nothin' but a lil' slut."

"You're a bigger slut than me," said Laurie.

"Bullshit, bitch. You'll lay down with anybody!" said Teri.

"Oh, and like you won’t."

"At least we know who Tim took home first," taunted Teri.

“Ggggrrrr!” grumbled Laurie. "Wipe that slut smile off, bitch or else I'll slap it off."

"Oh really? You're gonna slap my face?"

"Yeah, really!"

"You wanna have a slap fight, bitch? I just love slappin' slut's faces off," challenged Teri.

"Yeah, I wanna slap your slut face off," accepted Laurie. Trading slaps with each other was going to take a lot of nerve. It wasn't easy to stand and let someone slap you while you waited your turn to slap her back. This was going to take a bit more jawing to work up a good nerve. Squaring off, Teri and Laurie continued trashing as their palms grew cold and sweaty.

"I think I've heard 'bout all your shit that I want too, bitch," said Laurie.

"Then go for it...cunt," challenged Teri, shaking back her hair and bracing herself while Laurie squinted her eyes and let unleashed a slap that blistered Teri's face.

POW! "How'd that feel, slut?" asked Laurie, bracing for her blow.

Teri rubbed her cheek and stared back at her. "You tell me, bitch!"

POP! Laurie's head snapped violently sideways.

"Did that feel good? How'd ya like that, bitch?" snarled Teri as Laurie rubbed her cheek.

", bitch!"

POW! Turning quickly back around and refusing to rub her face (which now had three red welts from Laurie's fingernails), Teri slapped Laurie hard.

POP! Ignoring her pain also, Laurie wheeled around and both girls threw hell out the window as they stepped toe-to-toe and went to 'slap city'.

SLAP! SLAP! POP! POW! Teri hit the floor on her knees. Laurie shoved her over and straddled her crotch to crotch. Lifting Teri's left leg up and holding it, Laurie saddled her pussy into Teri's pussy and fucked her 'ride the pony' style.

"I'm gonna fuck your damn guts out, bitch!" shouted Laurie, throwing back her head and cussing up a blue streak as she hunkered down and fucked. Teri howled and moaned, and tugged on her own hair and areolas as her pussy budded open and allowed Laurie's clit to drive down. Grunting and groaning Laurie and Teri tangled clits as their cunts spread out and sucked each other.

"Oh! Oh! Uuuumm! Oh! Uuuummm!" sang Teri as Laurie's clit was all up in her hood and fucking the shit out of her clit.

"Cum, you fuckin' bitch, cum!!" shouted Laurie, fucking and flexing her cunt and clit into total control.

"Oh, you...bitch...damn you," moaned Teri, holding on to Laurie's hip as her brew began to rise. “Uuuuuuuummmmmmm!!!"

Laurie felt Teri's pussy jello against her. Teri gasped as her cum ran down her crack and across her brown bunghole. Mad, determined, and highly aroused, Laurie didn't let up one bit as she yanked Teri up by the hair and then slid around behind her. Now sitting on their butts, Laurie snaked her legs around Teri's waist from behind and then gave her a 'reach-around'.

"Oh, oh, oh...bitch," flinched Teri, her guts squeezed and her sex fingered. Laurie swore in her ear as she gave her pubic hairs a good tug and then slipped her finger in and stroked her clit. Teri's ass bounced on the floor as she was quickly brought to another crushing climax.

"Uuuunnngggg! Uuummmm! Aaaammmpphh!" moaned Teri, orgasming and scratching at Laurie's thighs. Laurie winced as her flesh gathered beneath Teri's nails. Unlocking her legs, she fell to her backside as Teri quickly turned around and dropped on top of her. Grabbing each other's hair, their legs coiled up as they went into a series of rolls until Teri came out on top.

"Uumm, you bitch," she groaned as Laurie tugged on her hair. "Let's see how you liked gettin' fucked." With their cunts already touching, Teri pushed down as Laurie puckered up. Still split and spread, their soft folds slid into place as their clits poked out and fenced. Laurie gasped as Teri's clit turned hers over and bulled underneath her hood.

"Uuuuummm," groaned the blonde, trying to get her legs around the brunette's grinding buttocks but Teri's legs held strong and squeezed hers back into place - open and flat to the floor. Their matted cunt hairs now knotted as Teri sealed lips in a hot French kiss. Their wet tongues rolled, and they both moaned as their clits did likewise in Laurie's dripping hood. Tit-to-tit their nipples catfought, both twisting and inverting each other time and again as their cunts grew hot and wet with snatch steam. Both were on the verge of shooting sex and seeing stars.

"Cum, bitch," moaned Teri, running her hand between their bodies and finding Laurie's left areola.

"Ooooww," winced Laurie, totally moved by this cruel pain, and treating Teri's right nipple to the same agonizing pleasure. Teri's tight buttocks flinched as she suddenly thrust downward and drove her clit high against Laurie's wall.

"Uuuunnggg!" groaned Laurie, shaking. Teri felt the wave of the blonde's cum rush across her elongated sex horn. It made her cum, but not as hard as Laurie had cum.

"Slut," hissed Teri, pulling her dripping pussy off Laurie's completely soaked snatch. Yanking Laurie sideways, Teri pulled the blonde's chest between her thighs and clamped down. Laurie groaned as her chest spread out beneath Teri's smooth, tan thigh, and she could feel pussy juice running down her tit and over her ribs.

"Now it's your turn to be squeezed and fingered," said Teri, flexing her legs around Laurie's torso as she dipped two fingers up her spread and open honey hole.

"Oooooh, bitch...nnnnoooo," wailed Laurie, arching her back as her cunt took in two deep, penetrating fingers. The aroma of Laurie's cunt swirled around Teri's head. She breathed in deep as though it were a flower in blossom. Watching her fingers slither in Laurie's cunt, Teri's eyes glistened at the sight of Laurie's pink, wet innerds and hard, pointy clit. "Uuuuummmmm!! Ooooooohhhhh!! Mmmmmmmm!!!" Laurie orgasmed as Teri pinched her clit and gave it a rolling tug. Looking to put a cap to this awful ordeal, Teri unlocked her legs and pushed Laurie over on her belly. Getting to her knees, Teri grabbed her by the back of the hair with both hands and pulled her face up off the floor.

"Oooowww!" cried Laurie, clawing at Teri's hands.

"You give, bitch?" asked Teri, wincing and stretching.

"Oooowww! Leg' go my fuckin' hair!" snarled Laurie, her jaws clinched as she continued mauling at Teri's hands. Struggling to her feet, Teri pulled Laurie up with her. Laurie continued to claw but couldn't get herself turned around to face Teri.

"Ssshhhit!" swore Teri, her hands and wrists turning red. "I said, give dammit!"

Teri shoved Laurie into the wall chest first and put her knee into her ass as she stretched her back by the hair. Laurie refused to give, but screamed as Teri tore out a handful of her hair. Still bending Laurie like a bow, Teri threatened to tear out more hair if she didn't submit.

"Fuuuuck! Never! Never!" yelled Laurie, still scratching and fighting to get off the wall. As Teri tore out a second chunk of hair, Laurie twirled around and drove her elbow into the brunette's abdomen.

"Ooooommmppphhhh!!" whooshed Teri, dropping to both knees as her lungs emptied out. Laurie also dropped like a rock as she doubled over on her knees, sobbing and holding the back of her head. Teri fell over and curled up, her knees close to her chest as she rolled back and forth fighting for air. Both were on defeat's doorstep, but neither could push the other in. Laurie sobbed and swore while Teri gasped and gagged. Finally, after several minutes, Laurie sat up and looked at Teri.

"Bitch," she puffed. “Have you had enough?"

Teri, on all-fours, looked back at her and glared, "Bitch! Have you?"

Laurie shook her head in disgust as Teri hung her head in disbelief. "Well, bitch," said Laurie, slowly standing, "I'm not quittin'."

Teri rose up with her, "Well, slut, I'm not either." The two feathered back their hair and started to circle. They mumbled back and forth, and Laurie then put up her fists. Teri nodded in agreement and lifted her fists.

"I'm gonna knock your ass out, bitch," Laurie predicted, moving to Teri's right.

The brunette shook her head 'no', and said, "Your ass is the one goin' down." Circling the girls tried to measure out the distance with a few harmless jabs. Both knew the effect a good fist to the face could cause, and neither wanted to be the first to get hit, but both wanted to be the first too hit. Clinching her fists a little tighter, Laurie's knuckles turned white as she lunged in swinging. The brunette blocked the first blow, but the blonde kept on coming and forced her up against the wall.

WHAM! Teri's head turned sharply as Laurie's knuckles cut the corner of her mouth. Laurie's left then sailed high as Teri's head ducked down and her right came down against Laurie's lips.

SMASH! Teri's fist had split open Laurie's bottom lip in the middle. Laurie staggered back and Teri came off the wall. They both unleashed a hook as Laurie's left fist nailed the corner of Teri's right eye, and Teri's right fist pulped the left half of Laurie's upper lip. Laurie went reeling backwards, plopping down on the couch as Teri was sent sideways into the arm of the recliner. Both were dizzy and both could taste blood. Already Teri's eye was red and starting to swell, and Laurie's lips were getting fat and starting to look like the plump lips of her pussy.

"Uuummm, fuck," groaned Teri, dabbing the back of her hand on the corner of her mouth.

"Shit...bitch," mumbled Laurie, spitting blood on Teri's floor. Looking at each other, they both knew it wasn't over.

"You bitch," said Laurie. "I fuckin' hate you."

"Yeah, well, fuck you too, you sorry-ass slut," replied Teri.

"Let's just lock up and settle this once and for all, bitch," suggested Laurie, moving from the couch to the floor and parting her legs.

"You wanna scissor up?"

"Yeah, bitch. Woman-to-woman."


"That's right, bitch," said Laurie. "Clit-to-clit until one of us has to give."

"Alright, bitch," said Teri, crawling towards her. “But let's have that end it."

"Fine," said Laurie as Teri started to spread out. "Pussy-up, bitch." Leaning back on their hands, Teri and Laurie draped their legs one across the other and squared up their hips. Aiming their dark, hairy beavers at each other, Teri and Laurie called each other a 'cunt' as they plunged forward and smacked their juicy lips together.

"Uuumm," grunted Teri, upon impact.

"Uunngg," groaned Laurie as their lips spread open. Rolling their hips counter-clockwise, their pussy lips lapped and took turns sucking each other in and using their folds to squeeze with. The girls really started to swear and trash-talk as they mashed down harder and tried to take the other in.

"My pussy's gonna kick your pussy's ass, bitch," said Laurie, looking between their thighs.

"No way, bitch. My pussy is gonna fuck your pussy raw," Teri said, watching as her pussy and Laurie's pussy catfought each other. The fighting was getting intense, as even their hairs were getting into it with each other. Knotting and tying together, their kinky locks tugged and tried to pluck each other out as their sex horns now emerged and looked to catfight each other.

"Where's your fuckin' clit, slut?" asked Laurie, eager to clash and end it.

"Right here, bitch!" answered Teri, poking her pink horn out. Both girls threw back their heads and moaned as their stiff, wet sex horns locked and fought. Back and forth beneath their hoods their clits slashed and flicked. No longer was this catfight over Tim. This catfight was now about being a woman, and proving her sexual abilities over another woman.

"Cum, bitch, cum," grunted Teri, leaning up on one hand and pinching Laurie's nipple with the other.

"Oooww!" cried Laurie, leaning forward and doing likewise to Teri's nipple. Stretching and twisting, Laurie and Teri nearly came as both were highly aroused by the pain and the fight between their clits.

"Why don't you cum, bitch?" growled Teri, gritting her teeth and shoving her middle finger between their grinding pussies.

"Mmmmm," moaned Laurie in delight. "You cum," she said, sticking her middle finger in the action also.

Teri and Laurie were both on fire as their pussies fucked and their clits got fingered. Never in their lives had either been so hot and so wet and so horny.

"OH! OH! OH!" gasped Laurie, her body going stiff.

"UUUMM! UUUMM!" Teri moaned as her titties started to shake. Laurie screamed first, and her ass lifted off the floor as she blew the largest shit of her life. Teri came right behind her. She too came off the floor blowing juice straight up in the air as their pussies squirmed in unison.

"You fuckin' bitch," swore Laurie, taking a few fingers full of Teri's wet pubic hairs and pulling.

"Oooouuuccchhh!" cried Teri, but twisting her fingers in Laurie's wet hairs and tugging.

Laurie squealed, but neither one let go until they had torn out what they had.

"BITCH!" yelled Teri, slapping Laurie across the face.

"SLUT!" Laurie shouted, slapping Teri right back! Teri fell backwards and Laurie dove right on top of her. Instantly they filled their hands with all the (head) hair they could pull. Over and over they rolled; fur flying from their heads as sparks ignited between their legs. Grabbing a handful of tit, they brought each other to tears as Laurie rolled on top and started fucking the shit out of Teri. Snatching Teri's hand off her tit, Laurie laced up her fingers with her and pinned that arm to floor. Still pulling hair with one hand, the two girls screamed in each other's face harsh words as they sealed lips and swapped bloody spit. Laurie rolled her tits and nipples against Teri's tits and nipples as their legs locked up and their cunts opened. Grinding down with her ass, Laurie speared her clit into Teri's pussy as the two hard sex horns locked up and fought.

"Fuck me, bitch!" shouted Teri, breaking off the kiss and spitting in Laurie's face.

"You fuck me!" yelled Laurie, spitting right back.

The two girls dug their fingernails into the back of each other's hand as they hugged each other tightly around the neck with their other arm. Moaning in each other's ear, Teri jacked her legs as high as she could around Laurie's ribs as Laurie spread her legs as wide as they could go.

"!" huffed Teri, thrusting her clit into Laurie's clit.

"Uuunnggg! Les...fuck!" Laurie wailed, driving back Teri's clit into her hood. Teri poured all she had thru her legs. Squeezing Laurie's guts out, she kept Laurie's pussy firmly squared on hers as her clit fought like hell to make Laurie's clit cum. Laurie smashed down with her tits and nipples and grinded like hell with her hips. Her clit continued to dive and dive into Teri's hood, fighting to make the brunette's clit cum.

The battle hung in the balance as it now came down to who's clit could make the other's cum.

"Uuuuuunnnggggg, Laurie, you miserable bitch," moaned Teri in her ear.

"Uummm, damn you fuckin' cunt," Laurie swore.

Both could feel it coming. Gnashing their teeth and squinting their eyes, Teri and Laurie held on for the ride of their lives.

"Oooooooooooooo!!! Ooooooooooooooooooo!!" shot Teri.

"Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmm!!" fired Laurie as their juices splashed and squirted out between their asses.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!" squirted Teri.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!" Laurie squirted back.

"Uuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg!!!!" Teri blew again.

"Oooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!" erupted Laurie.

"Uuuunnnnnnnnnnnggggggg!!!! Uuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnggggg!!!!" grunted Teri, suddenly shooting blanks.

"Oooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss!!!" Laurie spit in her pussy.

Teri grunted again as if she were taking a big shit. She shot nothing. Her pussy was drained and dry heaving.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuck! Yeeeeeeeeeesssssssss! Yeeeesss!!" Laurie cried in glee, still firing off girl-cum.

Teri went limp. Her legs dropped around Laurie's jacked ass like a pair of wet ropes. Her ass flattened across the floor; wet and sticky from all the cum she was laying in, and what was running out of her pussy and down her crack. Laurie rolled off and over on her back. Her hands ran thru her hair as her whole body heaved up and down. From her chest to her knees she was covered with cum.

"'," panted Teri, her right eye now nearly closed and blood draining from the corner of her mouth. Laurie coughed, and spit some blood from her busted lips. She had won. She had won, but she’d paid a heavy, heavy price.

"Bitch," she gasped. “Don't ever...ever...fuck me again."

Teri, still half out of her mind, mumbled, "Bitch...I ain't...fuckin'...nothin' for a...for a...while."
The girls never saw each other again after that night. Teri moved away within a few months as Laurie and Tim dated steady, but not exclusively as Tim still had a roaming eye. Desperate to win his love, Laurie let herself get pregnant, but then had an abortion when he dumped her and refused to marry her. Crushed, the blonde turned to drugs as her life plunged into a black hole of prostitution and petty crime. At last report, Laurie was doing a stretch of time in a county jail as her old rival was living the life of a socialite in South Florida.