Christy Carrera vs. Danielle Edwards RGW 2K Octagon Catfight © 2002 by John J. All rights reserved.

Spectators moved around in every direction during the brief break period between fights. They went to get food, use the restrooms, and any number of other various activities they needed to do. As the announcement came to return to their seats, the audience slowly filed back toward their seats, ready to watch the next battle.

The fight announcer appeared on the television screens, and her voice was heard over the loudspeakers as she said, "Our first combatant for tonight's next fight is CHRISTY CARRERA! Christy fought in the games before, but this is her first fight for Senator JJ. She's been training hard, but she's been out of the fights for a while. Here she comes."

Christy, Senator JJ, and Dena Doster, the Senator's other fighter, walked out of the entryway together, with one lady on each of the Senator's arms. Christy waved and smiled to the crowd as the trio walked into the arena. Senator JJ gave Christy a deep kiss, as he and Dena stepped up into the Senator's section of the arena, which was lower and gave a better view of the action. Because Christy was involved in this match, they sat down in the special section, which was reserved for the Senators whose ladies were currently fighting in the arena, which had an even better view than the standard Senators section. The curvy and beautiful blonde adjusted her tight black, string bikini as she strutted around the fight arena for a few minutes, waving, and showing off her body. Christy finally moved into position, ready to start the fight.

After Christy settled down, the announcer continued, "Our second gladiator in this fight is DANIELLE EDWARDS! Danielle is a pretty seasoned fighter, with numerous battles under her belt for her current Senator. Here comes Danielle."

Danielle, her Senator, and her teammate, walked out of the entryway together, arm in arm, just as Christy had done. Danielle smiled, waved and flirted as she made her way down the walkway into the arena. Danielle's Senator gave the gorgeous brunette a kiss just before he and the other wrestler stepped up into the special seating section on the opposite side of the arena, directly across from Senator JJ. The two Senators had some of the best seats in the Coliseum for watching the battle. The sexy brunette adjusted her tiny purple string bikini and flipped her hair as she strutted around the arena, showing off just as Christy had done earlier. Danielle took her place directly across from Christy and the two beauties stared daggers at each other as they clinched their fists, ready to start the action.

As the Proconsul said one simple word, "FIGHT!" Christy and Danielle charged at each other, wobbling slightly on their high heels as they ran at each other; their full, round melons bouncing and jiggling with each stride. As the range closed, both slowed and raised their fists, starting to circle as they continued to close the distance between them, watching for an opening. Christy thought she saw an opening in Danielle's defenses and swung her leg for a high kick. Danielle smiled as she easily deflected the kick with her arm, then countered with a kick of her own that cracked into blonde's ribs. Christy let out a grunt, but shook off the pain and she stepped back to reset her defense.

The brunette moved in and punched at Christy's head. Christy spun and dodged the blow. As the blonde spun, she swung her fist around and backhanded Danielle across the mouth. The brunette's head snapped to the side, with a small trickle of blood in the corner of her mouth. The blonde lunged at her opponent and clipped her legs out from under her, taking both of them down to the imitation stone floor of the Coliseum. Christy landed on top and scrambled to secure her position and hold Danielle down. Danielle gave the blonde a hard shove with her powerful legs as Christy tried to move into a pinning position.

Christy flipped and rolled away, while Danielle charged and jumped at her, splashing down on top of her back. Danielle snaked her arms into Christy's arms and went to secure a full nelson hold on the blonde, but Christy bucked and bridged at the perfect moment and Danielle tumbled over on her side. As Danielle tumbled and rolled to the side, Christy sprang. She aimed perfectly as her knee drove into the brunette's midriff. Danielle wheezed and gasped in pain as Christy’s knee knocked the air out of her. Christy shifted position to hold Danielle in place as she clamped her hands on the brunette's neck in a choke.

Christy dug her thumbs into Danielle's windpipe and squeezed as hard as she could, her fingers turning white from the pressure as Danielle coughed and gasped. Danielle struggled to pry the blonde's fingers off her neck, but met with no success. Growing desperate, she changed tactics and grabbed Christy's full ripe breasts. She squeezed and twisted the blonde's big globes, attacking them as hard as she could until the blonde's choke hold weakened and a pained groan came from her lips. Danielle continued the boob attack, sinking her nails in, leaving welts and scratches on both of Christy's proud melons. The pain from the scratches was the breaking point, and Christy released her choke to pry the brunette's hands off her aching tits.

With both beauties now free of the other's grasp, they rolled apart and gulped in air. The break in the action was brief as both gorgeous gladiators took just a moment to catch their breath, then got to their feet and closed the distance, ready to resume the battle. With fists raised, both lovely ladies moved in and Danielle fired a jab at Christy's aching melons that Christy blocked easily. She countered with a hook to the jaw that snapped the brunette's head to side. Danielle stepped back to regroup, but Christy gave chase and continued to pound her with punches. Danielle blocked most and only a few shots got through to her midriff.

The blonde's arm began to tire from throwing punches and Danielle countered with a roundhouse kick to the head that staggered Christy and sent her backpedaling. Christy backed away as Danielle pursued. Christy blocked and dodged effectively as Danielle drilled punches and kicks at her body and face. Christy evaded most of the blows as she retreated but she got into trouble when she backed into the arena wall.

With a wicked snicker, Danielle charged in and kneed the blonde hard in the gut. Christy wheezed and gasped as she doubled over. With a rough yank of her long blonde mane, Danielle pulled the blonde upright and whacked her head against the wall. Danielle drew back her fist and shot at straight jab at Christy's lovely nose. The blonde moved her head aside at the last instant and the brunette's fist slammed the wall. Though it was padded, pain still surged through the brunette's fist and arm.

Christy took advantage of the situation and grabbed the brunette's arm. With a hard twist, Christy pivoted and swung Danielle into the wall, face first. Danielle groaned as her face and tits took the brunt of the impact. With Danielle now trapped against the wall, Christy went on the attack. The blonde unloaded a flurry of punches into the brunette's lower back, landing repeated kidney punches, and eliciting numerous pained grunts from Danielle's lips. The brunette tried to counter strike as she swung around and attempted to backhand the blonde across the mouth. Christy stepped back and avoided the clumsy swing with ease. Danielle had swung so hard, she was unable to stop her momentum and the angry brunette spun around and fell to the Coliseum floor.

The blonde straddled her and pinned her down. The sexy blonde lowered her full round boobs over Danielle's face and started to breast smother the brunette. Danielle's screams and curses were muffled between Christy's ripe melons. The blonde took a fistful of dark hair and used it to secure Danielle's face deeply into her cleavage. Christy was so preoccupied with smothering her that Danielle was able to shift her legs and, with a hard push off the stone floor, kneed the blonde hard in the pussy. Christy yelped in pain and as she rolled off the brunette, she had her hands between her legs protectively, forgetting her breast smother.

Danielle gasped and coughed as she gulped down air, her face flushed from the smothering. A few feet away, Christy held herself between her legs as she willed the pain to stop, to continue the battle. It took over a minute before the two gorgeous battlers pulled themselves up to their feet. They panted heavily, as they moved in slowly, ready to continue the battle. But just as the ladies got into range to fight again, the Proconsul spoke, "TIME!"

The two beauties separate and lowered their defenses, as the audience erupted into applause for the two gladiators as the Proconsul spoke again, "We have a draw due to time expiration!"

Christy and Danielle shook hands in a good show of sportsmanship, before they turned away from each other and walked over to their respective Senator's boxes. Christy waited on one knee, bowed down, as her Senator came down out of his seating area. Christy got up when he approached and commanded her to rise. The voluptuous blonde rose and nervously looked at her Senator, concerned he’d be upset she’d failed to get a win in the fight. He congratulated her on the good showing in her first match, but made some veiled comments about her failure to take advantage of several opportunities to put the brunette away and win. But the tone wasn’t quite as positive across the arena where Danielle's Senator wasn’t pleased at her inability to beat Christy, calling the tie against a rookie as bad as a loss.