Christy Carrera vs. Rhonda Rydell by Kit

Rhonda Rydell pulled her summer sweater off over her head. Her big, braless breasts jiggled loosely for just a second before the motion stopped and they came to rest proudly thrust outward on her slowly heaving chest.

A few feet away, Christy Carrera arched her back as she reached behind her to unhook her bra. As she slid it off, her own impressive breasts bounced a time or two, then came to rest gracefully rolling on her chest.

The two models cast jealous eyes upon the other's healthy orbs although each tried not to get caught staring or show signs of interest or amazement.

Several months ago they'd posed with each other for the first time, an experience neither had enjoyed. Right away the focus of the problem had been their breasts. Both women were quite busty and neither was accustomed to posing with models that rivaled them in the bosom department.

During the photo shoot, Rhonda and Christy had repeatedly jockeyed for the position that would expose her breasts more favorably than the other; a contest Christy seemed to have won as she outmaneuvered Rhonda several times to put her chest out front or by blocking part of Rhonda's chest with her elbow, shoulder or once even her face.

Usually, Rhonda was a professional, though passionate model whoe didn't like to get caught up in these petty 'posing battles' with her partners. Still, somehow Christy seemed to bring out the worst in her and Rhonda became a more aggressive and challenging model during their session.

Today, they were posing together for the first time since that day, for the cover of a national hot rod magazine. The first session had them posing in short, tight, cut-off jeans with high heels and thin, cropped white T's in front of a 1968 GTO.

The second session was going to be posed beside a 1955 Thunderbird with both women in skimpy bikinis.

As they changed inside a tiny green canvas tent set up at the photo location, Christy and Rhonda locked eyes briefly after each taking a long look at the others 'rack' of soft, pink flesh. The fire in their eyes set the tone as they pulled their cropped T-shirts over their heads to cover their chests.

"Just for the record," Christy said, adjusting her top. "I'm not thrilled with this."

"And you think I am?" snapped Rhonda as she pushed her skirt down her long, tan legs.

Christy couldn't help but check out Rhonda's sexy limbs as she also undid her skirt and began stepping out of it.

"Well, I just wanted you to know," Christy added, her legs now available for full viewing.

Like her counterpart, Rhonda also couldn't help but take a long look at Christy's toned, tanned legs as she seductively exposed them.

"So you've said. But let me say this; you'd best keep those damn tits outta my way this time."

Christy turned to face Rhonda, put her hands on her hips and thrust out her chest in a silent, almost brazen challenge.

"What's the matter, hon? Can't handle the competition?" Christy said with a bitch grin.

Rhonda dropped the cut-offs she was about to step into and squared up with Christy, inhaling to expand her own impressive bosom.

"Competition? What competition?" Rhonda sneered, leaning forward until their chest almost touched and then assumed a pose mirroring Christy's.

For a second their eyes remained fixed as they stood just inches apart. Then, slowly, Christy pulled her shoulders back, jutting out her chest as far as she could.

"Don't make me laugh," smirked Rhonda as she too arched her back and forced her big chest out as far as it would go.

Standing in the warm air of the tent, wearing on thongs and tight tanktops, their hands cocked on hips and their feet firmly planted, Rhonda and Christy each seemed to be daring the other to match breasts. The hair on the back of their necks rose as their nipples hardened with excitement and swelled beneath the thin fabric.

"Who's laughing, bitch?" Christy said, her bitchy tone turning challenging as she took a small step forward.

"Fuck you," snarled Rhonda, stepping in herself.

"Fuck you," Christy spat as their breasts came together.

As soon as their nipples touched, Christy and Rhonda drew a quick breath and heaved. Their hard nipples rammed together and disappeared into the mountains of mushrooming breast flesh.

"Slut," groaned Christy, reaching up and wrapping her arms around Rhonda's waist.

"Cunt," Rhonda moaned, embracing her rival the same way.

Each clasped their hands together behind their opponents back and pressed their breasts together under their cropped tops; hard nipples ached to touch and battle in the flesh, instead of being restricted by the fabric between them. Drawing each other tight, their breasts continued to grind and roll as their bellies smacked together when their lungs pumped air in and out at a faster rate.

A little lower, the front of their thongs softly brushed each other with a soft "swish, swish" as their legs slid into, then between the others for better position. But that position lasted mere seconds before even better positioning was sought.

"How do my tits feel, slut?" asked Christy, taking a firm fistful of hair at the back of Rhonda's hair and pulling.

Rhonda grimaced, but grabbed a big handful of Christy's hair herself and hissed, "Like two sacks of fuckin' dog shit."

"You fuckin' bitch," Christy hissed, now taking a second handful of Rhonda's hair.

"Blond gutter whore," spat Rhonda, wrapping a clump of Christy's hair in her other hand.

For a solid half minute, Rhonda and Christy twisted and pulled the other's head around while their cropped tank tops slowly rode up between them, exposing the lower half of their mushrooming tits.

"You girls about ready in there?" a voice asked, knocking on the flap of the tent door.

Caught by surprise, Rhonda and Christy each let go of the other and stepped back. Christy, a little out of breath, told him they'd be out in a few more minutes.

"Alright. Hurry, we're all waiting," the voice said.

"Bitch," snapped Christy.

"Slut," Rhonda barked.

"Cunt," replied Christy,pulling up her cut-offs.

"Whore," Rhonda sneered, slipping into her shorts.

The two quickly finished dressing, fixed their hair and makeup even as they continued to trade barbs and insults.

"Just keep out of my way, cunt," demanded Rhonda as they left the tent.

"Suck my snatch, slut," said Christy.

"Sorry, bitch," Rhonda sneered. "I don't eat smelly tuna."

"Mine's better than that dried up, stretched out, ol' hole a yours, bitch," Christy snapped back, giving her hair a toss.

In the twinkle of an eye, Christy and Rhonda changed from insulting bitches back into beautiful babes once again. Their eyes suddenly beamed bright and their smiles spread from ear-to-ear as they walked to the red GTO in front of the camera.

When the photographer asked for some action, action was exactly what he got. Although Christy and Rhonda remained cool on the outside, they were burning up inside. The fire that had been lit in the tent continued to smolder as they pranced, preened and posed it out in front of the camera. Nothing too noticeable or evident, just an elbow here and there to the ribs; quick hair whips to the face; spiked heels stepping on toes; a knee to the back of someone's thigh or an accidental breast slap. It didn't pass unnoticed, but the reason for it was over the heads of the spectators.

"Man these girls are hot," said the assistant.

"Yeah, they are," agreed the photographer.

Neither of them knew quite what was going on behind the women's wide smiles and bright eyes. Just as happened the last time, Christy was winning the battle and Rhonda was flaming inside. Christy could tell but she didn't care, in fact, it just spurred her to turn up the heat a little more.

The last shot of the set had the two girls leaning over under the hood with their butts to the camera. It was a beautiful sight, four toned legs locked, two shapely butts sticking up. But at the last second, Christy rose up on her toes and flexed her leg muscles a little bit more - and most importantly, elevating her ass higher than Rhonda's.

"You've asked for it now, bitch," Rhonda growled under the hood.

Christy just chuckled, and told her, "You don't like what I'm doing with my ass? Well, far as I'm concerned, you can kiss it."

"Alright girls, that's a wrap for this one," said the photographer. "We'll meet over at the T-Bird in an hour."

Rhonda immediately stormed off to the tent while Christy slowly strutted, knowing that not only were all the men's eyes on her, but that another little showdown with Rhonda was coming.

A showdown yes, but a little one, no way! Christy found that out as soon as she stepped through the tent door.


"Bitch!" screamed Rhonda as she let loose with a slap that sent Christy reeling across the tent.

Before Christy could muster a defense, Rhonda landed two more slaps that had Christy's head spinning.

"You've fucked with me for the last time, you whore!" Rhonda yelled as she threw Christy across the tent by the hair, sending her headfirst over the make-up table.

Fully aware of Rhonda's rage at last Christy quickly composed herself as her rival came at her again. This time Christy was ready and the two of them went toe-to-toe as they slapped it out. A multitude of slaps were thrown and both women shouted and cursed like two Saturday night whores fighting over a 'john'. As their adrenaline level waned so did their wild slap fight.

Switching from slaps to fistfuls of hair, Rhonda and Christy tussled body-to-body as they dug into coifed hair with both hands as they reeled and staggered around the tent in circles, twisting and turning each other, yanking heads up and down and shoving bodies back and forth.

"Aaaaaahhh, sssshhhhhit!" groaned Rhonda when a handful of her right tit was suddenly grabbed and squeezed.

She reacted in kind and the two stumbled about, ripping away the other's tank-top, pulling hair and squeezing tits until their legs tangled and they went tumbling to the tents dirt floor.

"Whore," cursed Christy as she fought her way on top only to be pulled back down by her hair.

Across the floor the two busty models fought, pulling, ripping and squeezing at whatever part of the others anatomy, hair or clothing they could grasp. Over and over they rolled, their big, juicy tits bared and battling the others in their own private little contest. Stomachs worked smooth and flat in the gym, smacked together, often sticking briefly as their lean bodies became moist with sweat in the confines of the tent. Long, lovely legs lashed, tangled and twisted. Jean-covered crotches bucked and ground on one another while tight, sexy buttocks flexed and contracted for increasedpower and support.

For several intense, grueling minutes the battle swung back and forth, the outcome in doubt. Neither woman able to impose her will on the other until, finally Christy struggled up on top and straddled Rhonda's body.

With their tops long since torn away, there was no mistaking what the next targets for their rage would be. Rhonda's tits rose from her chest like the great Rocky Mountains while Christy's tits swung below her chest like a pair of punching bags or trophies to be mounted on the wall of a hunting lodge.

"Gggggggggrrrrrrrrggggg!!" growled Rhonda through gritted teeth when Christy dug in and squeezed her tits.

"Oooooowwwwwweeeeeee!!" Christy howled, her jaw dropping and her eyes bugging out when Rhonda latched onto her pink nipples and pinched.

Mightily, Christy squeezed Rhonda's firm tits while Rhonda savagely pinched Christy's rotund areolas. Rhonda shook her head side to side as her majestic globes felt Christy's talons sink deep and bury themselves in her soft flesh. Christy's head tossed up and down as her nipples were pulled and stretched into points, her tits into long cones.

"Oooooooooowwwww...fuuuuuuuuuuck!!!" Christy cried as she milked Rhonda's tits in vain.

"Aaaaaaaaarrrgggg...mmmmmyyyy tiiiiiits!!!" screamed Rhonda even as she jerked on Christy's nipples savagely.

For a few more seconds Christy continued to milk Rhonda's firm tits even as her own sensitive nipples were turning black and blue and feeling like they were about to be pulled off!

"Oooooooo! I can't take it!!!" Christy confessed with a scream, allowing herself to be dragged off of Rhonda by the nipples. And while Rhonda too was hurting, she wasn't going to let this small window of opportunity pass.

"Fuck you! I'm not done with you, bitch," Rhonda said, scrambling after Christy on her hands and knees.

Throwing herself on Christy, Rhonda pinned Christy's hands above her head while she hooked her legs inside the blonde's. Now nose-to-nose, nipple-to-nipple, belly-to-belly, crotch-to-crotch, thigh-to-thigh and ankle-to-ankle, Rhonda set about the task of destroying the bitch Christy.

Rhonda's ultra-firm tits were superior to Christy's softer ones and her stiff nipples were undamaged as they painfully pierced into Christy's bruised and sore nipples.

"You want to match tits?" Rhonda hissed. "Well, now match this, you fuckin' slut!" said Rhonda as she started to grind away.

"Go to hell," moaned Christy, though Rhonda could see the tears pooling in her eyes.

"Only after you, bitch. I'm gonna make you scream my name," Rhonda said, thrusting her hard nipples into Christy's tender ones.

"Fuck you! Never! Get your...fat...ass..... offfffff," struggled Christy moaning as she frantically bucked her hips.

Feeling Christy's crotch thumping hers, Rhonda buckled down, grinding her pelvis into the blonde's. Christy groaned as her pelvic bone was battered down, slamming her butt into the floor of the tent.

Although Rhonda hated Christy's guts, she had to admit the blonde was helluva fox....and sexy to boot. Now was her chance to break Christy's body as well as her spirit. The moans and groans coming from Christy weren't all from the pain she was feeling. Rhonda knew it because she was feeling the same things herself.

"Let's just find out what kinda slut you really are," Rhonda teased, using a firm tone as she began thrusting and beating herself against the blonde's hot bod.

Mashing and rubbing her tits and nipples against Christy's, Rhonda rolled and banged her pussy against the blondes. This erotic power and control felt good to her, not only physically and mentally, but sexually as well. She could sense the steam building between them and she began to smile as Christy continued to moan and struggle.

Christy was determined that even though Rhonda was trying to dominate her sexually, she wasn't going to go down without a fight. Managing to break her legs loose from Rhonda's legs, Christy hiked them up and wrapped them around Rhonda's hips, then locked her ankles together. Using the power of her thighs, Christy began to control the motion of Rhonda's hips as she struggled to control the sexual arousal building within her loins.

Although both models had thongs on beneath their tight, cut-offs, it didn't hinder the erotic feelings that they were feeling. If they'd been nude, it wouldn't have really mattered, because mentally they were still going at it woman-to-woman and both were racing to make the other lose control first.

Nothing was said for the next few minutes but the heavy huffing, loud breathing and deep grunts and groans spoke volumes. Rhonda remained in control, though both were growing wetter and hotter by the second. Fearing she may cum first, Rhonda turned up the heat on their tit battle and slowed her fucking to a methodical grind. Rhonda rubbed her big breasts harshly across Christy's, bringing the blonde out of her state of pleasure and back into one of pain. Christy's right tit slid off to the side, flat and defeated while her left found itself wedged tight, trapped in Rhonda's long, deep cleavage.

"Uuuuuunnnngggg!" Christy groaned as she felt her tit squeezed between the superior pair.

"Your tits may be big, but they're the softest bags of shit I've ever seen," Rhonda said as she punished the trapped tit in her cleavage.

With great delight, Rhonda used her firm tits to torment Christy's. Like fleshy ball bearings they rolled and flattened the rival tit between them, the stiff nipples gashing along Christy's breastplate, leaving long red welts in their wake.

"Okay...okay, you win. My tit can't take it anymore," sobbed Christy as tears began streaming down her red cheeks.

Rhonda had broken Christy's body, but her spirit was still intact.

"Not yet, bitch. Not until you cream your jeans and scream my name," Rhonda said through clenched teeth.

Christy's legs slipped down over Rhonda's bucking hips until her feet were flat on the floor. The brutal brunette began to fuck her blonde rival raw. Both had soaked their thongs clear through and now their juices were beginning to soak through their jeans. Still, Rhonda continued to pump and hump her hated blonde rival.

"Mmmmmmm, bitch. You are one hot slut," Rhonda moaned as she slammed her hips down between Christy's thighs.

The feeling of domination was electric! Never before had Rhonda been so turned on as she was at that moment. Her exual fluids were building, overflowing the dam. She wanted to cum. She had to cum. But she couldn't, not until she forced the hot blonde below to cum first. Christy's beautiful, tear-filled eyes and her pretty, open mouth were more than Rhonda could stand. She had to kiss her.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," moaned Christy as Rhonda's tongue invaded her mouth and circled her tongue.

Rhonda wrestled tongues with her hated rival. The wetness of their mouths was tasty and the brunette sucked the blonde's tongue up into her mouth, suckling the pink fleshy protuberance. Christy moaned as her tongue was pulled between Rhonda's lips, surrendering to the erotic sensation of being consumed by her rival.

While Rhonda was treating Christy to the ultimate French kiss, Christy's thong had worked it's way between her swollen labia and was rubbing against her hard, erect clit. Christy's clit had always been her soft spot. The pink sex button was big by comparison to most, but extremely sensitive. This rubbing, coupled with Rhonda's passionate kiss was more than Christy could take under the circumstances.

"Uuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm!!! Nnnnooooooooo!!!! Fuuuuucccckkk!!" Christy moand.

Christy broke the kiss and burst out crying as she flooded her cut-offs. The hot, wet fluids soaked completely through and Rhonda could feel the dampness on her thighs and through her own soggy cut-offs. Rhonda was ultra turned on by Christy's bucking body; by the hot sex on her flesh; and by the deep, long moans of the beaten blonde. Rhonda was on the brink of explosion herself!

In the flash of an eye, Rhonda heaved her body up off of Christy and scrambled to position her crotch over the blonde's face. She may have been turned on by this sexy blond, but she was still going to teach her a lesson nevertheless. Dropping her twat hard on Christy's face, Rhonda only needed a couple of humps on the blonde's nose before she release a massive wave of girl cum. She spilled wave after wave of her cum, smearing it all over Christy's face as she rubbed herself in circles. It was the longest, deepest, hardest orgasm Rhonda had ever had, and that it was all over her hated rival's pretty face and hair just made it that much more satisfying.

When Rhonda stood up and looked down, Christy was out of it. Her face was red and raw from the crotch of Rhonda's jeans, but it had a bright glow and shined like a beacon from the wet cum spread over it in a thin layer.

Rhonda smiled, hiked up her shorts and straightened her top. Then she gave Christy a good hard kick in the stomach that knocked all the breath out of her, then dragged her over to the door by the hair and heaved her out of the tent on her head.

Needless to say, the next photo shoot in front of the T-Bird was just a one girl glamour picture. It featured a radiantly beaming Rhonda Rydell and, oh yeah, it made the cover of the magazine too!

Rhonda won the vote: 297-93