Tia Carrere vs. Jill Goodacre by maverik

Tia lay there on her bed, trying to sleep. It had been seven years now since her encounter with Jill Goodacre at that resort. She still blushed and smiled lightly. Boy, was she whipped that night!!! What DID she think when accepting Jill's "nightcap" suggestion after dinner, AFTER Jill had easily won their "friendly" armwrestling match? Tia should have known better!

They'd met earlier that day and Tia, the taller of the two, had looked Jill up and down. A fund raising event was going on, and the resort's visiting models and stars were participating in a fun outdoor arm wrestling tournament. Tia considered herself to be in great shape, actually in great shape. She worked out regularly, had decent arms and abs, and was quite sure of herself. Jill had twitching biceps and calves and was no slouch herself. Still, Tia was taller and had a "tough gal" image. Jill was a top lingerie model and relatively less known at the time so when they locked arms, everyone expected Tia to win.

The contest was over in less than 45 seconds! They started with locked arms, but Jill never yielded the advantage and after some exertion from both of them, Jill had beaten Tia soundly. Since it was friendly, both were laughing afterward, although Tia really noticed Jill's arms after the match.....she was not only clearly bested but somewhat flustered by her loss.

That afternoon, they met at the pool and laughed some more, but the vibes were there... Jill sensed Tia was stinging from her public loss. They swam together, but it was during a poolside drink together that sparks really flew. Jill was in black bra and panties that she'd been modeling. Her legs were raised on the chair adjacent to where she was sitting, she was coolly sipping into her margarita. Tia was in a blue bikini and sipping a vodka martini.

Tia eyed Jill and said, "Next time you want to swim, I'll give you my bikini to wear....my top will be a little loose, but it'll still look better than what you're wearing now".

Jill shot back, "Why don't we discuss this in private, dear? Come to my room after dinner for a nightcap. The morning session wasn't enough, I think. Let's do it then".

Tia snarled back "You're on, bitch!"

Before Jill could respond, Tia got up and left the table.

That night after dinner, Tia put on her sexiest red bikini, the one with white polka dots, then slipped on an evening gown for her sojourn with Jill. A part of her was remembering the morning session, the ease with which Jill had beaten her. But that was arm wrestling, this was going to be different. Her plan was to immediately get out of the gown soon as she entered and start on Jill. "She'll know me well after tonight," Tia thought as she walked to Jill's room.

Two sharp knocks, a muted "Come in!" and Tia was in Jill's room. She was shocked to see Jill nude. Tia's eyebrows raised. Tia felt a pang of jealousy on seeing Jill's erect pink nipples jutting from her firm 34D breasts. Jill's light pubic hair was thick and curly. Jill had her left knee on the bed, standing on one leg.

Tia removed her gown and turned around to drape it over a chair by the desk. As soon as she turned back to face Jill...

"Slap!" a stinging slap echoed through the room. Jill had covered the five paces between them and attacked her! Before Tia could recover, she got another hard slap, this time on her left cheek, that twisted her head the opposite way. Taken aback, with involuntary tears welling in her eyes, Tia took two steps back and raised her hands.

"You're getting it so bad tonight, you bitch, you won't be able to pose tomorrow!" Tia snarled as she pounced on Jill.

Jill caught Tia by both her arms at the elbows and pulled her in. Tia jerked forward and then she gasped for air as her tits flattened against her chest under the force of Jill's rising knee. Tia fell to her knees gasping unable to prevent her bikini top from being unlaced. When she stood up, her marvelous breasts swung free, their dark, thick nipples stiffening in the air conditioned room as they were exposed. Jill moved forward and crashed a fist into Tia's belly, knocking the wind out of her again. Tia wrapped her arms around Jill's waist and pulled her to the side as she dropped to her knees.

Jill gathered Tia's dark mane in her hands as they both rolled on the floor near the bed. Jill drove an elbow in the small of Tia's back, bringing a wail that echoed off the walls of the room. Falling forward, Tia's weight carried them onto the bed with Tia landing on top. She bit down on Jill's right tit hard as she pounded her knee into Jill's groin.

Jill's cry was muffled by Tia's left hand which she had clasped over Jill's mouth, in an attempt to choke her. At short range, Jill appeared to be in trouble as Tia seemed to regain control of their struggle!

They wrestled on the bed until Jill managed to raise her arms and lock into Tia's. When the contest turned to upper body strength, it was no contest. Jill pried Tia's hand off of her mouth and they rolled over on the bed. Now on top, Jill quickly moved up Tia's body and straddled her breasts. Tia bucked her hips, but Jill held on, using a handful of hair to steady herself while landing several more stinging slaps to Tia's face.

Next, Jill grabbed Tia's hair and jerked her face up. Jill bounced on her knees, throwing her hips backward so she landed back on top of Tia with her butt a little higher up Tia's chest. "Ooof" was the only sound Tia could make as she felt her arms being stretched back on the bed above her. She gazed up at the smiling face of Jill Goodacre who was now in charge. Jill tilted Tia's body away from her as she slid one leg under Tia's lower back, then she pulled her back to her, securing the body scissors. "What you saw this morning, was one set of my limbs," Jill laughed. "Now, FEEL THE POWER of my legs, you stupid little girl!"


True enough, Tia could feel the pain, the breathlessness, the crushing squeezing of Jill's legs and was helpless. Jill had both of Tia's wrists pinned with one hand so with Tia's arms over her head, Jill moved her free hand down over Tia's belly and pushed it under the waistband of her bikini. A less-than-gentle tug on Tia's tangled mass of black pussy hair convinced her to be still. Jill pushed moved Tia's bikini down further, then yanked again.

"Please, please, oooooh it HURTS!!!" Tia moaned, her hips rising to ease the pain as she cried aloud.

"Hmm. So where were we?" Jill mocked the squirming Tia.

"Alright, you win, Jill. I quit," Tia said, her face flushing bright red.

"I KNOW that!!" Jill giggled. "But why should I let you go?"

Jill tugged again, this time pulling out some hairs, then blowing them in Tia's horrified and pain-filled face.

"So tell me, WHY should I let you go?"

"You're the better woman," Tia gasped, tears welling in her eyes.

"I KNOW THAT TOO!!" Jill said, sounding angry at Tia's stubborn refusal to give her the REAL answer.

Jill glared down into Tia's moist, puppy eyes.

"Please....please stop, I'm done. I can't fight you. I'm sorry," Tia sobbed.

Jill chuckled out loud as she asked, "Didn't we agree on a 'nightcap' dear?"

Tia's body slumped, her chest rising as her back bend over Jill's muscular leg. She felt relief. Jill would let her go after all. All she had to do was drink up!

Tia almost smiled as she sighed and nodded her head, "OK, let's have that nightcap. I'll drink to your supremacy, but please, please don't squeeze me again. My stomach hurts. Please let me up!"

"WE don't drink stupid," Jill mocked. "YOU DRINK!"

Jill looked hard down into Tia's eyes, awaiting that flash of realization she had seen often from women trapped in a similar predicament. Once she realized the real meaning of Jill's remark, Tia began to thrash around.

"Oh no!! Please, not THAT!! Please, Jill, I'm sorry I thought I could take you, but you're too much for me. Please don't make me do THAT!!"

Jill's hand balled into a fist as she explored Tia's aching pussy. Tia cried out loud, but her cries were muffled by Jill's other elbow which was pressed across Tia's neck. Jill's thighs flexed as she squeezed her legs until Tia was begging to be let go. After some time, Tia realized she wasn't going anywhere until she submitted and had the nightcap Jill was going to force her into.

"OK, okay," Tia whimpered. "Leggo. I'll do it."

"One stupid trick, and ...," a series of hard, fast slaps rained down on Tia's already red face. "Your bush will go down the flush, UNDERSTAND?"

Tia nodded, tears rolling down her cheeks. Jill let Tia lay there for a while as she tortured her some more. Not until she was certain Tia was thoroughly over thoughts of resisting did she let her go. Jill gripped the bedposts with both her hands as she stretched out her long legs and spread them wide.

"Get up and get on with it. AND MAKE IT FAST," Jill hissed impatiently.

Tia got up and pressed her open mouth onto Jill's pussy. Involuntarily, Tia's hands found Jill's breasts. Jill grabbed Tia's open palms with her hand and squeezed the woman's hands hard, crushing them with her fingers.

"Watch where you're putting you hands bitch!" she hissed.

"Owww Owww Owwww.....please no! It wasn't intentional!!" moaned Tia, her hands on fire and her mouth pouting as she looked up at Jill between her long, strong legs.

Jill let go of Tia's hands and this time Tia performed as desired. The musky smell, slight beads of sweat; Tia lapped it all, partly out of fear, partly out of the thrill of enjoying beautiful Jill with all the things, "too good to beat."

Within minutes, Jill was moaning in ecstasy and soon afterward Tia had the "nightcap" Jill wanted her to have. When Jill came, she yanked Tia up by her hair, and swung around on the bed to feed Tia the result of her, "hard work." Jill shoved her hand in Tia's mound and, finding it moist, gave the wet, hairy mound two quick, sharp spanks.

"So, after all that you enjoyed the nightcap after all!"

Minutes passed before they both stirred from their lustful rest. They went to the restroom together and stood in front of the large, full size mirror drying up. Tia noticed the flexing of Jills's biceps when she raised her arms, and Jill noticed Tia noticing it.

Jill gave her guest a wry smile, "So, should I dress or…?"

Instead of getting dressed, Jill chased the blushing, squealing Tia back into the bedroom, caught her and threw her on the bed. There, Jill pulled Tia's left earlobe with her right hand and raised her left hand to slap her again.

Jill asked, "Will you EVER challenge me again?"

Tia quickly shook her head, "NO! Never again. Now can I go?"

A raised eyebrow from Jill quickly forced Tia to swallow hard and add, "Please....?"

"OK," Jill smiled. "But leave that bikini here. Wear just your robe to traipse back down the hall."

Tia knew better than to question the woman who'd proved in no uncertain terms to be the better woman. Tia put on her robe in intimidated silence, then walked hurriedly back to her room, glancing back over her shoulder every few seconds in fear that Jill might change her mind and come after her.