Tia Carerre vs. Sophie Marceau by Belial 21-Jun-2000

Sophie you've seen in the last Bond movie - she's tall, well proportioned with very strong limbs, unusual for the foreign star to have an athletic build. Tia has matured out of her Asian ingenue phase - she's got full hips and curvy legs to complement her exotic looks - she's become a very good big woman over the years and enters the favourite between these two. Recent boxing upset saw slickster Marceau bang out a frustrating decision over Carerre - Tia looking to get even without the gloves. Sophie with a long ponytail and bangs wears a cloud print bikini with a sports bra style top, white shoes - Tia in black sports bra, red adidas terrycloth trunks and black shoes sports a slicked back ponytail.

Impressions and visual highlights of the fight.

Tia's the aggressor, but Sophie plays her cool with a series of sliding arm drags, sending Tia across the ring to abort several rushes. Tia skidding across canvas, breasts jiggling in her top as she comes to a stop. Carerre slapping the mat in frustration as Marceau keeps her eyes on her foe.

With Tia working a little more cautiously, the girls reach to lock up, and Sophie surprises the brunette with a quick arm bar. Marceau works the hold diligently, twisting Tia's arm, jerking the shoulder roughly in it's socket - the girls step heavily around each other as Carerre bellows in rage - she's an emotional contrast to the more cerebral Marceau.

Tia with a hair pull gets Sophie in the side headlock. Carerre playing to the crowd, smiling - Marceau's face crushed to Tia's golden hip, lips bunching up as she rides her hands loose around Carerre's waist. Carerre walks her girl to the ropes, takes Sophie's head and rubs her mouth against the vinyl. Marceau dropping to one knee, spits and shakes her head as Tia laughs it up. Tia goes to pull her girl to her feet, but Sophie with a shoulder butt to the belly hunches Tia over. Sophie takes advantage, wrapping Tia up belly to belly, then lurching over for the suplex. Tia hits with a crowd-pleasing bang and arches her back - she's hurt, writhing in pain. Sophie sits up pretty, adjusts her top, in no hurry to start wearing Tia down.

Sophie works on her opponent's legs with a specialist's determination Tia on her back, groans as Marceau pulls the left leg up and guillotines down with a boom - inner thighs meet and Tia cries out, grabbing her head with both hands to shut out the pain. Sophie with a mocking 'Oh' on her pouting lips, starts to get into Tia's head. Marceau rolls Tia onto her back to work the grinding overlapping toe, pushing Carerre into the mat - Tia gritting her teeth and suffering. Sophie finishing up with a jujistu lock on Tia's knee - arms pulling at the shin while Marceau's strong legs scissor up Tia's thigh. Carerre bucking and slamming both hands wide to the mat as she can't break free.

Tia starting to breath heavy, looking slow and hurting, hair pulling out of her ponytail. Marceau working with her body on Tia at all times, pulling the big girl up and bodying her to the ropes with a shoulder, then OH! Palming her to the belly - Tia folding over as Marceau makes that mock sympathy face, then bodies Tia back across the ropes with with a shoulder. Pressing into Tia before irish whipping the Asian across the ring, Sophie catches Tia with a running left hand on the head, dropping Carerre loudly to her upperback mid ring. Marceau carrying through to the ropes, smiling, enjoying herself as Tia lies on her back, trying to shake it off.

Tia with an eye gouge temporarily has Sophie off balance - French girl staggers to the ropes, blinking and tearing up as Tia stalks her from behind. Carerre a little careless with the come along headlock, takes a few good elbows to the gut, finally collapsing to one knee out of breath. Marceau reaching down to the red trunks, pulls the glistening Asian heavily to her feet and starts working her over - beefy thigh lifts to the belly, pulling the trunks to slam forearms across Tia's lower back. Carerre going down more often - Sophie with a hand at the waist band pulls Carerre up by those trunks, walks her around with those trunks, pushes her to the corners by her trunks. Tia starting to look helpless as it's all Marceau consolidating her lead.

It was supposed to be Tia breaking Sophie down to the body, but in the corner, a withering series of shoulder blocks, stomps, and short arm right hands to the belly finally sit Carerre down, flush faced and exhausted with her arms out across the ropes. Marceau with a series of pounding left hands to the forehead punches Tia into a daze, then lets her slump in the corner as she looks over the devastation. A playful choke from behind using Tia's ponytail brings a smile to Sophie's face as Carerre claws at the air.

Marceau stands and watches as Tia crawls out of the corner, gagging, looking dishelved. Suddenly Marceau comes up from behind dropping down to shoot a low blow WWF style to Tia on all fours, driving the brunette to her chest. Carerre in agony, rolls to her back, hands between her legs as Marceau makes that pout, fascinated at Tia's gyrations. Marceau crawling around Tia to her head, haunches at Carerre's cheeks - taunts Tia playfully, looking down, enjoying the moment. Then, Sophie snakes her legs around Tia's head for a figure four choke, cinching Carerre's skull comfortably to her crotch. Right hand takes hold of errant strands of hair at Tia's hairline, while Sophie sits up, delivers smacking left hands with the side of her fist to Tia's bare forehead.

Carerre pulling at Marceau's thighs, legs bending to one side then the other - she finally cries out her surrender as Marceau pounds stupidly away. Big smile for Sophie as she raises her hands in the air while still trapping Carerre between her legs - then she struts the ring as Carerre lolls on her back, covering her eyes in disbelief.