Tia Carrere vs. Jennifer O'Dell by 2xifpkd

Jennifer O'Dell reflected as she stretched her legs in the corner of the penthouse suite that was the scene of tonight’s action. She thought back to her previous fights and smiled at the realization that this one would finally fulfill her contract obligations. Jenn was growing tired of being forced into matches and daydreamed of how nice it would be when she could pick and choose her opponents once again. Jenn's fantasy was broken by a gust of wind as the door on the other side of the room whipped open and a woman stepped through the opening.

Jenn tilted her neck as she tried to identify her opponent, a thick bodied Hawaiian-looking woman in tan shorts with a white button-down shirt tied up under her breasts. The woman's full firm ass presented itself to Jenn as the Hawaiian bent over to stretch her strong legs, letting her long, dark, hair flip down clear to her ankles. Then a face appeared between the woman's thighs - it was Tia Carrere! Jenn felt what little confidence she still retained after her drubbing at the hands of Rachel Hunter begin to erode. The notoriously nasty Tia smiled as she patted her ass and glared at Jenn.

"Pink bikini. How original Jenn. Glad to see Rachel gave it back to you, huh. Tell you what slut, lick my ass and I'll let you walk outta here without kicking your fat rear end." Tia licked her lips as she teased her opponent. "Then again, I hear you LIKE being dominated, so you may call me 'Mistress Tia' how do you like that blondie?"

"Screw you, you fat wahine!" Jenn hissed as she rose to face the leering girl.

The women drew together and Tia grabbed blonde tresses in her strong hands as Jenn lifted her right heel and drove it into Tia's gut. The brunette held firm to the hair and hip tossed Jenn to the carpet. Tia held Jenn's left knee and cradled the blonde's neck with her other hand as she quickly jerked Jenn's back off the rug and rode the blonde back down with a thump. Jenn grunted as Tia twined her firm thighs around the blonde's waist and squeezed. Tia laughed as Jenn powered her way out of the scissors and pushed her foe away.

Tia lunged forward to tie up the smaller woman's arms and dealt sharp blows to the outside of Jenn's right arm before twisting her hips and bending the blonde over with a wicked left uppercut to the gut. Tia strode forward and drove her left shoulder under the blonde's left shoulder toppling Jenn backwards to her ass. Tia sat down at her opponent's feet and cinched her right knee around Jenn's left knee. Tia grabbed Jenn's ankle and bent it up under the captive knee as the blonde looped her left arm over Tia's neck. The blonde groaned as she rocked forward then swiftly rocked back to drive Tia's forehead into the rug. Jenn shoved the Hawaiian off her and hobbled to her feet as she watched Tia groggily rise.

The women locked fingers together in a test of strength as Tia forced Jenn back before the blonde raised the hands and leaned down on them driving Tia down under her. Tia slapped her left foot off the back Jenn's left leg and followed with a right hand to the distracted blonde's abs. Jenn pressed hips firm to her foe's and ground her chest atop Tia's as the Hawaiian wrapped legs around blonde midsection. The brunette grabbed Jenn's hair and slowly forced the smaller girl's head down toward ample cleavage as the blonde dug fingers into Hawaiian forearms.

Jenn brought her fingers to Tia's full breasts and squeezed while the dark haired woman held blonde head between them. Tia gave in first as she pushed the blonde off her chest and rolled to her side as she continued to grind her legs on Jenn's waist. The vixens hand fought as Jenn wrenched her back around to face her attacker. Blonde grunts turned to gags as the larger woman gripped Jenn's neck and dug fingers in. Jenn managed to swat her right hand off Tia's nose and the angry brunette shoved her to the wall and rose to her feet as Jenn gathered her breath while laying on her left side facing the wall.

Dominance was Tia's fighting claim to fame and tonight was going to be no exception! The brunette tugged Jenn to her knees and stepped over blonde shoulders as she squeezed thighs tight on Jenn's head. The haughty Hawaiian humped her hips as she forced Jenn's head against the wall and ground crotch into the gasping blonde's face. Jenn desperately chopped her hands at the back of Tia's knees and pressed forward until the busty brunette's back hit the floor WHAM!

Jenn stumbled to her dazed foe and drove her right heel down onto Tia's left tit. The irate blonde ripped her left foot into Tia's left ribs drawing plaintive moans as the dark haired woman rolled to her side. Jenn slid her right foot down Tia's shoulder until her toes pressed into neck muscles and held as Tia gagged and twisted her body to buck the blonde off. The Hawaiian rose to hands and knees before Jenn sat on her larger foe's shoulders and squeezed her thighs around the buxom bitch's head. Tia grit teeth as her face turned crimson, the brunette dug her fingers into Jenn's calves and finally succeeded in sending the lithe blonde tumbling forward as she flopped to rest on her elbows.

"Had enough honey?" Jenn snarled as she hoisted Tia's elbows off the rug, "This is what a real woman's legs feel LIIIKE!" Jenn's taunt rudely cut short as her opponent flipped her over top to her back.

Tia hooked her right leg over top of Jenn's left knee again and leaned forward to pin the blonde's shoulders to the carpet as the brunette's left hand searched successfully for Jenn's thrashing left ankle. Tia winched the ankle up towards the blonde's knee as Jenn groaned from the pain. Jenn fumbled around and eventually got her right hand under Tia's neck and shoved the brunette's torso off her chest. Tia lifted up on her captive knee and dropped her weight on Jenn before rolling off the shrieking woman.

"Ready to quit 'Barbie?'" Tia quipped as she circled around the blonde as Jenn tended to her sore knee.

Tia took tresses in hand and tugged Jenn to her feet. The dark haired woman grabbed waistband as she hoisted her foe onto thick shoulders and slowly backed Jenn to the wall. The cruel Islander rode shoulder into Jenn's gut as she drove the blonde's back against the wall. Tia stepped back as her prey bent at the waist then slumped to hands and knees. The brunette straddled Jenn's abs as she playfully swatted her right palm off Blonde ass three times, then grabbed the tie strings of Jenn's top. The blonde coughed and grunted as her attacker pulled the strings tight to flatten full breast, then cruelly yanked them back and forth until she saw a swaying bosom below. Tia stepped back and flipped Jenn to her back by the ankles.

"Give up or I'll do it!" Tia ordered as she spread Jenn's legs slightly apart. The blonde shook her head defiantly and screamed as Tia hopped up to drop her chest between the battered blonde's legs. Jenn managed to squeeze her knees together and drew hope from the sound of Tia gasping after colliding with them.

"How'd you like that bitch?" Jenn stuttered as she crawled towards her breathless foe. Tia's bleary eyes watched as the proud blonde with her left tit swaying free crept near and slammed her right knee into lush tropical breast. The brunette grunted angrily as her eyes were diverted by the blow. Another strike mashed the mammary again as Tia was rolled to her gut by the impact.

"Get away from me! Damn it! Stop that slut!" Tia groaned as her shirt was ripped off to reveal a blue lace bra. The Hawaiian slumped flat on the rug as she plotted her counter attack while Jenn hooked her left knee over Tia's right thigh and pressed against her opponent's left inner thigh slowly spreading the brunette's crotch open.

"I should rip your huge legs off you big cow! Instead I'll let you gracefully leave if you submit. Give it up. I've got you bitch!" Jenn cooed as she rested the back of her right elbow on Tia's shoulder as the brunette's torso spun to lessen the pressure on her groin.

"OK! Enough already!" Tia moaned. "Stupid 'Barbie' now I'm REALLY gonna kick your ass!" Tia giggled with an evil smirk as Jenn had released the hold and backed away .

"Get up liar!" Jenn shrieked as she yanked Tia up by the hair.

Tia swung the back of her left hand up until it swatted Jenn's cheek. The stunned blonde wasn't ready for the right hand her foe arced up into her left breast. Jenn staggered back and tripped to her ass while Tia sank to her knees with a satisfied look on her face. Tia crawled atop the blonde pulling Jenn to a seated position before pressing down on her foe's neck and trapping Jenn between her thighs and knees. The game blonde moaned as she gripped back of knee and wrenched her back upwards sending Tia's head slapping off the wall. Jenn caught her opponent's right ankle and used it to drag Tia back towards her.

Jenn crawled aside Tia and drove her right knee into Tia's ribs. The tired blonde rested her chest on Tia's back as she drove an elbow to her left ribs, then mustered the energy to pound her knee into the right ribs of her sobbing foe. Jenn mounted the battered brunette and relaxed as she heard the shrieks of discomfort as she clamped fingers onto Tia's ta-ta's! Jenn hauled her up off the rug by her breasts and tried to trip Tia, but the weary blonde's shoulder slipped off her foe's sweaty hips and instead it was Jenn who flopped on the floor in a dejected heap of flesh.

"Get up if you can stupid slut!" Tia laughed as she bent over and waited for her rival to rise.

"You asked for it. Here I am bitch!" Jenn snarled as the two gassed gladiators leaned on each other for support.

Hands clenched behind opponent's back as the proud women hugged tightly grinding tits together in a hold neither vixen found pleasant. Grunts, hisses. sexual threats, and boastful taunts filled the room as the battle for supremacy raged on. Jenn broke the stalemate by lifting her right leg and sweeping Tia's feet off the rug as the blonde hip tossed her girl THUD onto her back. The blonde teetered forward and dropped her right knee between Tia's thighs.

Jenn smiled as her body relaxed and she crumpled atop her crushed conquest. Jenn cinched her arms around Tia’s chest as she grapevined the bawling bitch's legs and pressed her forehead down on Tia's right tit.

Happiness is coming out on top!