Professor Carrere's Catfighting School - Part 1 by Tank

Tia Carrere took her work very seriously. She had worked hard to become known by her peers as the official catfighting instructor to Hollywood celebrities. Combining countless hours of study with personal training as well as relying on her past experiences, Professor Carrere believed she was eminently qualified to teach her course. She had even written the textbook which she entitled simply, The Fighting Woman. The chapter titles included, The Psychology of Female Aggression, Why Stronger is Sexier, Anatomy of a Catfight, The Four Components of Domination, and Developing the Queen/ Slave Relationship With A Rival - to name just a few.

Using meditation as well as role playing in her classes, Tia was accused by some of indoctrinating her students into some strange cult. But those who knew her understood she was just using whatever techniques were necessary to form the finest female fighting machine she possibly could in mind, body, and spirit. Many celebrities were curious to gauge the results of her first course and its effects on her students and Professor Carrere's teachings were soon gaining publicity among them. Many of them began to view her course as a necessary endowment for the woman of the future, others as a sort of novelty.

Her first class consisted of only six students: Jessica Alba, Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Garner, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Denise Richards but they were all intensely interested in what the “professor” had to say…well, all except Denise!

The sultry blond would sit as far to the back as the tiny classroom would allow and just loved to play the class clown. Tia would dress in a low cut blouse and miniskirt and looked the part of a professor in her black rimmed glasses. She would carry a pointer with her as she taught which she often tucked horizontally under her skirt and rubbed against her shapely thighs. Denise would often whisper to a classmate a derogatory remark about her teacher and sometimes her biting remarks and innuendoes were nothing short of blatant ridicule.

Often, the professor would turn to stare at the blond instigator only to find her with a smirk on her face. Denise would even have the audacity to giggle out loud and make jokes as her professor was making a serious point. Tia, however, was remarkable for her self control, but it was obvious to everyone that the student had no respect for her teacher and sooner or later, something had to give between them.

The eight week course seemed to advance rapidly for the students. Tia would often hand out brief quizzes based on the chapters they had studied and the professor was already sick and tired of the smart-alec answers Denise would write. Not only was the blond taking Tia's course as a big joke, but Denise would even answer her teacher back with sharp words whenever she was reprimanded in the least way.

During one class, as her teacher strolled about the room with her pointer tucked under her skirt, the rebellious blond whispered in Jessica's ear, "Would you like me to stick that pointer up her ass?"

Denise and Jessica broke out giggling. The professor was so agitated she broke the pointer in two over her strong thighs with a loud SNAP!!

"Denise?" she asked. "Can you name the four components of domination?"

"Well...all I know is that a woman either kicks ass or gets her ass kicked!" Denise answered. "It's really not as complicated as you make it sound." The teacher turned away from her student in frustration. Clearly, Denise believed there was nothing Tia could teach her when it came to catfighting.
It was the last class before final exams and Tia was teaching her class as usual. She instructed Beyonce and Jessica to stand and face each other from a few feet away.

"Now Beyonce, what would do if Jessica suddenly attacked you with fury in her eyes?" the teacher wanted to know.

"Well, after I kicked her ass, I'd have her beg me to stop....for at least a few hours!" Beyonce laughed.

"Oh yeah?" Jessica responded. "Well, maybe you're not as tough as you THINK you are!"

"Alright, ladies!" Tia interrupted. The teacher then turned her attention to Jennifer Garner and Cameron Diaz. Tia was quick to observe a rivalry between these two since the very first night of class. The professor would add fuel to the fire since she believed from the start that Jen and Cammy were evenly matched and would make for an interesting fight. She even required them to keep diaries with the emphasis on how they felt about each other and why they believed they would win out in a fight against their rival.

"I assume you two ladies are finished with your diaries?" Jen and Cammy nodded. "Fine! Then you will hand them in now. I'm anxious to read them!" the professor smiled. The two students stood up, walked to the front of the class, and placed their diaries on their teacher's desk.

Tia then addressed her class, "This weekend we will all go on a camping trip for our final exams. On Saturday night, you will all prove to me what you've learned or haven't learned in this course. Beyonce Knowles will be matched against Jessica Alba. Jennifer Love Hewitt will fight Denise Richards, and Jennifer Garner will do battle with Cameron Diaz. The three victors will enter into a queen/slave relationship with their victims for the rest of our trip. You’ll all be graded before leaving on Monday morning. I expect every women here to be fully confident of victory based on what you have studied in this course. Any questions?"

Jennifer Love Hewitt glanced at Denise who was smiling at her broadly. "Ready to get your ass kicked, little Jen?" Denise taunted. The shorter brunette appeared nervous and turned her eyes away. Denise, ever the instigator, stood up and moved toward her where she took an open seat directly in back of her. "C'mon, Jennifer, I hope you studied well. But do you really think this stupid class will help you against me?" she asked. Jennifer looked toward her teacher to bail her out.

"What's wrong, Jennifer? You afraid of Denise?" their teacher asked.

"I'm just...uh...not sure I want to go through with it. Will you fail me if I don't fight?" she asked meekly. Denise laughed out loud. She then stood up in her tight denim shorts and white tank top and faced her teacher who was dressed in a low cut black blouse and miniskirt. Tia removed her glasses as Denise spoke.

"I guess your stupid class didn't do HER any good!" she said mockingly.

"Denise, why did you enroll for this course?" her professor asked.

"Because I thought it would be FUN! But you're so damn serious about everything!" Denise raised her voice as her teacher listened calmly.

"You really think you're THE authority on catfighting, don't you Professor Morticia.....or is it Vampirella? Do you know what a pretentious bore you really are? If you could just see yourself! The way you teach, the way you strut around the class like you're hot shit with your stupid, idiotic terminology!" The rebellious student walked back to her seat, picked up her textbook and threw it at her teacher! As it flew past Tia's ear, the problem student continued her tirade.

"The anatomy of a catfight? The four components of domination? WHAT KIND OF STUPIDITY IS THAT? I mean, do you really expect me to take you seriously? That's your problem, you take everything so seriously! I don't need any of this crap and there is NOTHING you can teach me! I'll bet deep down inside, you're nothing but a coward afraid of your own shadow!"

"I'm sorry you feel that way, Denise", the teacher answered. Keeping her composure, a twinkle appeared in her eyes and her lips curled into a slight smile as she added, "Since Jenny is afraid to fight you, I take it you wouldn't mind if I fight you in her place?" All eyes in the class were bouncing from the teacher to her student. It didn't take Denise long to answer.

"I'd LOVE to fight you, just to see what you really got! Will you flunk me after I kick your ass, professor, and make you my slave girl?" Denise smirked.

"Then the match ups are settled," Tia answered solemnly. "We’ll meet here Saturday morning at 9:00 and then leave for our trip. CLASS DISMISSED!"

Jennifer Love Hewitt was the first to leave. She rushed out humiliated by her refusal to fight Denise. Meanwhile, the naughty blond problem student turned to face her teacher. Her big blue eyes met her teacher's brown eyes as Denise wiggled her tight butt at the professor as she strolled out of the room. She smiled and blew her teacher a kiss on the way out. Beyonce and Jessica smirked at each other, then went their own way. But Jennifer and Cameron stopped and entered into a stare down. The two women pressed their sensuous bodies into each other, neither backing down. Jen smirked at her blond rival as Cammy stared into her eyes with bad intentions. Finally, Tia got between them and motioned them to go their separate ways. It promised to be a very interesting weekend in which many questions would be answered; questions involving both students and teacher alike.
Saturday night arrived in the dense forest Professor Carrere had chosen for the camp site. Tia was alone in her tent reading Jen and Cammy's diaries. All the combatants were present including Jennifer Love Hewitt who decided to make the trip after all as an observer. The women were mentally preparing for their encounters in their separate tents. Tia was fascinated with the two diaries and read them with no small pleasure as lay in her tent topless in her lavender panties.

"Cameron sticks up her nose at me even though I've done nothing to offend her,” Jen said. “I've gone out of my way to be sweet to her in class but she treats me like dirt. My feelings are, we have to fight anyway so why not get along until that time? She must think she intimidates me in some way by her rude behavior. If only she knew how confident I feel against her. To me, she's just a weak woman pretending to be tough. Since I began this class, I've really come to see how significant it is for a woman to be physically dominant. I don't know exactly what comes over me but I feel waves of pleasure envelope me whenever I visualize my body dominating hers. I can't wait to fight her and prove myself the stronger woman."

"Jennifer is such a phony!” Cameron retorted. “She approaches me in class with her sweet smile as if she's my friend. Do you really think I'm going to fall for your fraudulent gestures, little girl? Soon, we will be engaged in a savage catfight to prove who the REAL woman is between us. At least, it will be savage on my part. Frankly, I don't believe she can handle what I have in store for her. I take her as very insecure, a girl pretending to be a woman. My favorite chapter in The Fighting Woman is Why Stronger is Sexier. It's obvious to me that when two attractive women are involved in a fight, the winner will always be perceived as ‘sexier.’ I don't have any need or desire to be friends; my only desire is to kick her ass and prove I’m the stronger, sexier woman."

“I love that red bikini I wore in ‘Alias’,” Jennifer Garner said. “I’ll wear it for the fight. I feel all the insults I've taken from her since the beginning of class will come back to haunt her. My body will prove stronger than hers and once I see the hopelessness in her eyes I will dominate her all the more. I don't know why but I feel an insatiable desire or urge to dominate her body every way possible.”

“Well, nobody can be more prepared for a fight than I am,” Cameron declared. “I've studied The Fighting Woman more thoroughly than any other student. I'll wear my sexy powder blue bikini to bring out the great shape I'm in. She will soon be cowering under my savage attack. I'll deal her such a beating, she'll wish she never enrolled in this course. I will definitely enjoy bringing out the little crybaby in that spoiled candy ass!”
Part 2: Beyonce vs. Jessica Alba

Tia put away the diaries and looked outside her tent. Jessica was visible outside her tent and appeared ready to engage in the first fight of the evening. The secluded campground was well lit. The glow of many lanterns and the crackling of a large fire produced numerous shadows which lent a surreal atmosphere to the proceedings. Tia desired it that way. The sounds of crickets chirping and the rustling of a mild wind through the trees were conspicuous in the silence. Jessica made her way to the center of the camping area where she awaited her opponent. The lovely brunette was dressed in a creme white bikini. She began to loosen up by placing her hands on her hips and swaying her fit, slender body sideways back and forth.

Finally, Beyonce, dressed in a skimpier leopard skin bikini, matching ribbons in her long dark hair and leopard ankle bracelets, began to make her way out of her tent. She gyrated her hips and clapped her hands to an imaginary beat as if she were emerging from another world. Then she fell on all fours and began to slither her sensuous body like a serpent toward the place of battle. Jessica, still loosening her sleek body, gazed into the trees as her dark skinned, well muscled opponent snaked within a few feet of her, then leaped to her toes. She began to shake her booty at Jessica who responded in kind.

Beyonce was perspiring as if she had been working out in her tent in preparation. She gazed into her foe's eyes, then cased Jessica's hips and thighs down to her calves and feet like a hungry young she leopard upon finding herself within striking distance of a young gazelle that had wandered too far from its herd. But Jessica viewed the encounter quite differently. She would display her superior fighting prowess to tame this self proclaimed jungle leopard woman by her greater knowledge and discipline acquired through her dedicated practice of the martial arts. Jessica believed her more accomplished skills, her agility, her elusiveness, and underrated striking power would deal the decisive blows. Both stood 5'7” and it appeared a fair match up.

Tia stood between them and gave the signal to begin. Beyonce began to stalk Jessica. The Dark Angel began kicking out with her feet, prying and looking to unleash harder blows as she kept the sensuous leopard woman at bay. Suddenly, Beyonce leaped inside Jessica's defense and punished her with a left and right to her ribs. The angel in white backed up and snapped a kick to Beyonce's midsection. Seeing her opponent back peddling, Jessica rushed in. She launched another kick which was blocked, then threw a right punch which her rival ducked. Beyonce countered by stepping into Jessica and nailed her with a savage left hook to her belly.

"OOWWWWW!" As the Angel in White doubled over in pain, the fierce leopardess snapped a savage knee to her groin and Jessica gave out a pitiful shriek as she fell to her knees.

The dark skinned Amazon danced over the fallen beauty, shaking her booty, then peppering Jessica's face with her gyrating butt. Already, the sleek angel was dazed and getting woozier by the moment as the shapely jungle beauty continued to smack her tight derriere into her face and head as Jessica tried desperately to cover up. The leopard woman continued her assault as she danced around her rival, clapping her hands above her head, then snapping her butt into the back of Jessica's head.

Finally, Beyonce leaped over Jessica's head, then fell to her knees in front of her. Jessica came out of her shell and grabbed her opponent's hair. As she shook and yanked Beyonce's hair, the ebony beauty moved in closer and punished Jessica with a barrage of body punches to her ribs and belly.

"OWWWW HOWWWW! OOHHHH! AUGGGG!" Beyonce imposed her muscular dancer's body into her sleek, hurting opponent as she pressed her hard thighs into Jessica's, then ripped a savage left hook to her belly.

"OOOOHHHHH!" Tears were streaming down her cheeks and Jessica wanted out but the wild jungle beauty quickly nailed her with a left- right combination to her breasts which loosened her bra and left it hanging by one strap, exposing her breasts.

Tia watched closely, impressed by Beyonce's dominance. Meanwhile, Cameron was watching the action from her tent as she pulled her powder blue bottom over her womanhood while dressing for her match with Jennifer. The Alias star was lying nude in her tent grasping her red panties while facing the action, unable to wrest her eyes from Beyonce. "What a mighty jungle woman Beyonce is!" Jen marveled. "Poor Jessica!"

"I GIVE UP! P-P-PLEASE, BEYONCE ...NO MORE!" Jessica pleaded.


Beyonce snapped a savage right cross to Jessica's ribs and the beaten angel burst out crying, her face falling into her conqueror's breasts as they knelt on their knees.


Tia finally knelt next to them and intervened. "YOU WIN, BEYONCE! I'M VERY PROUD OF YOU. YOU CAN LEAVE HER ALONE NOW." the professor told her.

The victorious leopard woman stood and raised her hands in victory as her slender victim sank to the ground sobbing. Beyonce smiled broadly and began to swivel her hips. She danced back to her tent as Tia consoled Jessica who was quivering in her arms.

Just then, Denise strolled into view, returning from a short hike into the woods to practice her fighting skills in private. She had caught the end of the fight and yelled congratulations to Beyonce as she danced past her.

"Jessica's lucky I didn't decide to wrestle her!" Beyonce chuckled, "She got off easy!"

Denise looked ahead and found her professor staring at her. Soon, they would be locked in combat but now the time had arrived for Jennifer and Cameron to display their fighting skills against each other.

Cameron, in her powder blue bikini, reached down to touch her toes as she loosened up in her tent; her mind totally focused on her opponent. Cam looked forward to her encounter with Jennifer and beads of perspiration began to form on the blonde's, tall, sleek, athletic body as she limbered up.

Meanwhile, Jennifer stood in her tent fussing with her red bra. She was so exited about her fight with Cameron that her nipples were already hard and erect as she stalked out of her tent and moved gracefully toward the place of battle like a queen about to ascend her throne. She stopped short when Professor Carrere stepped in front of her and pointed at her crotch. Jenn realized she’d forgotten to put on her panties!

"OOPS! I'LL BE RIGHT BACK!" she said sheepishly as she rushed back into her tent.

While Tia broke up laughing, Cameron came out of her tent looking very businesslike and well prepared for battle.
Part 3: Cameron Diaz vs. Jennifer Garner

Cameron Diaz (5'9”) stood next to her teacher in her powder blue bikini as she impatiently awaited her opponent. "So you won't think less of me if I prove a very demanding queen for the rest of the trip?" she smiled at her professor. "This has been building for quite a while. I mean, I do deserve to enjoy the fruit of my labor, don't I?"

Just then, Jennifer Garner (5'9”) emerged from her tent in her red bikini and made her way toward the center of the campground where the two women were standing.

"You definitely DO deserve to enjoy the fruit of your labor - if you’re victorious," Tia answered. "That's why I implemented the queen/slave girl relationship to begin with."

She smiled on her student as her opponent reached the place of battle next to them. Tia watched them staring daggers at each other, their hair full and medium length, as they began to loosen up. Both appeared strong, sleek, athletic ,and fully confident of victory.

Denise sat in front of her tent interested in the outcome. Jennifer Love Hewitt was sitting under a tree not far from the action. Her eyes often turned their attention to Beyonce who had forced Jessica to sit next to her. The ebony beauty did not waste any time in imposing her queenship on her lovely victim, who was reluctant to obey. But a hard slap in the face and a tug of her hair from her conqueror forced Jessica to comply with her wishes.

Tia stood between Jen and Cammy and instructed them to begin. The blond leaped forward and threw a hard right which grazed Jen's jaw. Cam moved forward punching at Jen's face. The brunette back peddled but ripped off punches to the blonde's face in return. Both beauties threw caution to the wind as they continued to nail each other with solid punches. Defense seemed oblivious to them as they rocked the other with savage blows to both face and body, grunting loudly during the long and heated exchange until Cam ducked a Jen right and snapped a straight kick to her rival's belly.

The brunette doubled over with a loud, "OOHHHHH!"

The athletic blond nailed the brunette with a right to the face, then rushed her and tackled her to the ground. Both women punched and kicked as they lay on their sides on the forest floor. Jen prevented Cam with her arms from forcing herself on top of her. Then they grabbed each other's hair with both hands and yanked with all their strength, twisting their bodies as each tried to gain an advantage. Cam released Jen's hair and dug her fist into her opponent's belly. Then she began to force herself on top of the brunette.

Jennifer scratched at Cameron's face as she found the blond on top of her. But Cam nailed the brunette with a straight right to her face and Jen winced in pain.

"C,mon, Jennifer! Is that all you can do is scratch like a girl? Huh, you pussy?" Cam was screaming with rage as she imposed her body on top of the athletic brunette; punching at her face and kneeing her foe in her belly.

"You're not hurting me, Cammy!" Jen retorted as she twisted her head to avoid the blows, then pulled the blonde's head into her breasts by head locking her with her arms.

"OOOWWWWWWWW!" Jen screamed as Cam sank her teeth into her left breast above her bra.

Both women were pulling out all stops to be victorious. Jen grabbed Cam's hair and pulled her away from her breasts only to be met by a fist to her right eye which caused her to see stars. Cam began to choke the brunette as Jen lifted her legs and wrapped them around the blond wildcat's waist. Jen slowly twisted Cam off of her and was able to push her away but got nailed with a kick to her ribs as both women, struggling furiously, fell backward onto the ground. Both rose to their feet with Cammy looking fresher and more aggressive.

"Want more, Jennifer…you bitch?" Cam yelled as she moved forward. Jen adopted a kick-boxing posture as Cam moved forward and began to snap front kicks at the blonde's midsection. Cam's aggression was stalled momentarily as she hesitated to advance. Then, she too, began launching kicks; powerful kicks at Jen's face.

Tia watched intently from less than ten feet away, impressed with both her students. Their capacity to give and take punishment was especially noteworthy. Denise gazed at her teacher as she watched her students. She was studying every inch of the professor's body, planning her strategy for their up-coming fight.

Jennifer Love Hewitt gazed wide-eyed at the furious battle while Beyonce smiled at Jessica, greatly amused at the spectacle. Both beauties grazed each other with savage kicks as they grunted with each blow. Cam moved forward and missed with a sweeping side kick and Jen countered her miss with a straight kick to her belly.

"OOOFFFF!" The brunette moved in quickly and followed with a sharp punch to her cheek.

Cam was now back peddling as Jen became more aggressive. The blond attempted a left- right combination with her fists but struck nothing but air. Jen made her pay by moving in and snapping a sharp knee to Cam's belly.

"OOOWWWWWW!" The blond looked hurt. Jen smiled at her and feigned a right cross, then nailed her with a left hook to her belly. A straight kick to her ribs doubled Cam over. Then Jennifer leaped on her rival and bowled her to the ground. Cammy fell on her back as Jen fell to her knees beside her. The blond lifted herself off her back to her knees as the Alias star, quick as a cat, slipped behind her and thrust her knee into Cam's lower back.

"OWWWWWWWW!" Jen kneed her in the butt from behind, then grabbed her hair and bent the blonde's head backward.

Cammy was hurting as Jennifer again kneed her in her lower back.

"UGHHHHH!" Cam reached behind her and grasped Jen's panties as Jen peered over the blonde's shoulder with a grin on her face. Cameron was now panting heavily as she tugged downward on Jen's red panties as if it was the only offense the hurting blond could muster. The brunette nailed her in the face with her right fist, then wrapped her forearms around Cam's jaw and applied pressure.

The blond was weakening and very confused as her eyes began to roll. Still, she continued yanking Jennifer's panties below her waist until the stretched waistband rested below her womanhood and around the brunette's thighs. Cam may have thought in her pain and confusion that Jennifer would relax her grip to tend to her panties. But the sleek brunette beauty couldn't care less.

"You can have my panties if you want, Cammy dear!" Jen smiled.

Seeing the look of hopelessness in her opponent's eyes, she lifted Cammy's face upwards with her arms and stared into her foe's blue eyes. Cammy finally released Jen's panties and began to struggle desperately to free herself. She grabbed Jen's wrists with her hands and tried to pry them loose from around her jaw. But it was to no avail and her futile attempt only served to cause Jen to sneer at her.

Jennifer, in full control, lifted Cam off her knees, then pulled her backward onto her lap. The blond struggled with all she had left but could not prevent the sensuous brunette from lifting her legs and wrapping her strong, athletic thighs around her head. Jennifer glanced at her teacher with a smile before flexing her thighs around her victim's head.

"HAD ENOUGH, CAMMY?" Unable to receive an answer, she released her head scissors only to find tears streaming down the blonde's cheeks. Jen grabbed Cam by her hair, then smacked the back of her head against the ground.

“OWWWW...AHHHHH.....JENNIFER...PLEASE!" Cammy was now crying loudly. Jen jumped on top of her and began to bounce her knees on the beaten blonde's ribs as Cam screeched in pain. The brunette then spread her sleek body on top of the blond, her womanhood pressing into Cam's panties, her breasts pushing into the breasts of the blond.


Jen lifted her right hand and proceeded to slap Cammy's face with hard slaps and backhands as she lay on top of her.

"PLEASE WHAT, CAMMY?" she asked as she glared into her eyes and slapped her again.

"PLEASE....NO MORE....JEN (BOO-HOO-HOO)!" Cam was bawling like a schoolgirl as Jen glanced again at her teacher with pride.

"DO YOU GIVE UP, CAMERON?" Jennifer asked as she wiggled her derriere and bare womanhood into Cam's crotch while nailing her face with another hard SLAP!


The victorious brunette beauty appeared very comfortable in her position on top of the blond and looked as if she wanted to prolong her dominance over Cammy long into the night. Again, she wiggled her derriere and pressed her opponent more firmly into the ground. WHAP! Then she followed with another slap. Jen stared into Cam's teary eyes and was relishing her triumph. Then she felt someone gently pulling her off her vanquished rival and knew it was her teacher.


As Jen allowed herself to finally be pulled off her opponent, Cam buried her face in her hands and sobbed uncontrollably. Jen stood over her and watched her sobbing like a baby. The victorious brunette finally decided to pull her panties over her waist, then smiled broadly and raised her hands in the air in triumph.

While Tia attended to her victim, Jen joined Beyonce as one of the victors - and would claim Cameron as her slave girl. But there was one last fight to be decided; one that would match the lovely and rebellious problem student against her sexy and serious minded teacher!
Part 4: Denise Richards vs. ‘Professor’ Tia Carrere

"It's not right I should become her slave girl. She didn't have to humiliate me like that.....lying on me and slapping me over and over...(sniff sniff)... she made me feel so helpless..." Cameron sobbed on Tia's shoulder as they sat in the defeated blonde's tent with the professor trying to console her.

"Now, now, Cameron. Take it like a woman. You know you would have taken Jennifer as your slave girl had you been victorious. Jennifer, Come in here!" Tia shouted. Jen, who was standing outside the tent fussing with her bikini, walked inside. She smiled when she observed her victim crying on her teacher's shoulder.

"I have to dress for my fight. Talk to Cameron!" Tia told her before releasing her embrace and leaving. Jen slicked her sleek, athletic body next to Cam and sat down next to her. She reached out and embraced her defeated rival. But it wasn't a warm hug of reconciliation or good sportsmanship.

"I'm so sorry, Cammy," the brunette pretended to apologize as she flexed her hard biceps which transformed her embrace into a crushing bear hug.

"OWWWWWW! You're hurting me, Jennifer!"

"Oops! I guess I don't know me own strength!" Jen answered. She pulled back, then slapped Cam in the face!

"OWWWW! Stop, Jen! Please...." But her experience with Professor Carerre's course had changed the Alias star's disposition from sweet and gentle to that of a wildcat bent on domination.

Cam cringed against the wall of the tent as Jen slapped her face again.

"So what did you write about me in your diary, Cammy? The professor said I could borrow them and we're going to read them together. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?" Jen smiled.

"PROFESSOR, JEN'S HURTING ME!" Cam shouted. But there was no response.

Denise (5'6“) made her way to the center of the campground. Her blond hair full and hanging down her shoulders, she was wearing a skimpy bra and tight fitting shorts of military camouflage fatigues. She wanted to appear intimidating if possible to her professor. Loosening up by casually practicing her kicks, she stopped and glared ahead into Tia's tent.

"Ready to get your ass kicked, Professor? I'm waiting!" Denise yelled. But there was no answer. Jennifer Love Hewitt peeked from her tent, still intimidated by the lovely blond. Beyonce began to strut out of her tent dragging a stumbling Jessica by her arm to get a close in view of the confrontation. "I hope you don't pussy out on me, Professor!" Denise shouted. "Are you afraid of your little pupil?" she chuckled. The blond put her hands on her hips defiantly. "Afraid I'll humiliate you in front of your class?"

Finally, Tia (5'8“) stepped out of her tent. Her raven hair was in a ponytail and she was wearing a black robe and her reading glasses. Miss Hewitt left her tent and inched closer to the place of battle. Cameron then walked out of her tent grimacing, her arm pinned behind her back as Jen walked closely behind her, forcing her forward. Tia disrobed revealing a bra and thong of black satin. She approached within a few feet of Denise and stared into the blonde's eyes with a very serious expression on her lovely face.

"I hope I don't break your glasses, professor," Denise smiled. Tia removed her glasses and flipped them to Jennifer Love Hewitt. "Whenever you're ready, Denise," she said solemnly. The blond began to turn away, then quickly snapped a front kick that was blocked by Tia. Both women put their hands up and circled each other. Denise gave out a yell and launched several kicks, one of which penetrated Tia's defense and caught her in the belly. The Hawaiian beauty backed up as Denise charged and fired left and right punches to her face. Tia blocked them but another right grazed her jaw and backed her up again. Denise rushed forward but was met by a straight kick to her ribs.

"Is that supposed to hurt, professor?" the blond chided as she pressed ahead. Denise snapped a kick that was blocked and Tia countered with another kick to the blonde's ribs. Denise backed up. Tia moved forward again and struck her in her belly with her right fist. The student grimaced in pain as her teacher, showing no emotion, followed with a punch to her face. Denise stumbled back but kept her balance. Tia stalked forward slowly. Denise took a deep breath, then rushed forward with fists flying.

"OWWWWWW!" Her teacher struck her ribs with another kick. The student backed up. Tia placed her hands low and Denise, spotting an opening, moved ahead and fired a right cross to her teacher's face. But Tia blocked it, then nailed Denise in her groin with another kick.

"UGHHHHHH!" The blond beauty doubled over in pain as Tia glared at her for a moment.

"Are you alright, Denise?" the professor asked but her student noticed a slight, relishing smile on her lips.

Denise took a deep breath, her large breasts undulating and pushing out her skimpy camouflage bra. She looked disheartened but continued to advance. She grunted as she threw a wild right which Tia dodged. A savage straight kick to her ribs sent Denise to her knees.

"OOOOHHHHHH!" The blond was hurting. Her teacher stalked toward her, then quickly ripped off her bra. Denise threw another wild right from her knees that was blocked. Tia struck Denise with a karate chop on the back of her neck as she stood over her and her student looked dazed as she fell to all fours.

The sexy professor maneuvered her shapely body behind her topless student and struck her neck with another chop.

"OWWWWWWW!" Then, from a standing position, Tia wrapped both hands around her neck. Denise looked hurt and helpless.

"COME CLOSER, CLASS!" the professor shouted. Her students moved closer until they were within a few feet of the action. Denise was breathing deeply, her large bare breasts perspiring as Tia knelt behind her. The sultry professor slowly removed her own black satin bra and casually tossed it on top of Denise's. Her student struggled and elbowed at her teacher's ribs but Tia quickly corralled both her arms and pinned them behind her back.


"The look of fear and hopelessness in her eyes!" Beyonce answered.

"CORRECT! NOTICE DENISE'S EYES AS I PIN HER ARMS BEHIND HER BACK. NOW OBSERVE HER EXPRESSION AS I PULL HER ONTO MY LAP." The professor fell backward and pulled her student onto her lap as a look of fright was evident on Denise's lovely face as Tia wrapped her strong, shapely thighs around her waist while maintaining her Full Nelson. "NOW THAT I HAVE DENISE FULLY SECURE ON MY LAP," the teacher instructed, "WHAT STEPS ARE NECESSARY TO CONSUMMATE A THOROUGH DOMINATION?"

"Strip her of her shorts and force a verbal submission!" Cammy volunteered.

"Shut up! She wasn't talking to you!" Jennifer responded as she pulled her blond victim's head back by her hair.

Denise continued to struggle but was unable to break free of her teacher's full nelson or leg scissors. Tia, displaying her dominance, captured both of Denise's arms with just her right arm. She inched her right hand upward and yanked the blonde's hair back with her right hand. Then she engaged her free left arm to zip her shorts down. Denise gasped as Tia lifted her butt with her legs, then used her left hand to slide her shorts down her derriere and thighs before slipping them down her calves, then yanked them off. Denise, still unable to free her arms or hair kicked down on her teacher frantically in her little white thong. Tia quickly resumed her leg scissors, now loosely around Denise's thong as her rebellious student looked up into her dark eyes in fear.

"GIVE UP, DENISE?" the teacher asked. The blond beauty squirmed and gasped helplessly on her professor's lap. But unable to bear the humiliation of submitting in front of her classmates, she refused to submit.

"NEVER! JUST WAIT TILL I FREE MYSELF! I'LL STILL KICK YOUR ASS!" Denise shouted as she continued to squirm and grunt - but to no avail.


Her blond captive continued squirming as the class watched intently. Then their teacher decided to increase the pressure.
Part 5: Dominating Denise

Maintaining control of her opponent with her full nelson and hair pulling with just her right arm and fingers, Tia rubbed her free left arm around Denise's breasts, then locked her arm around them.

"OOHHHHHH!" the lovely blond groaned as her teacher gazed into her eyes to judge how close she was to submitting. Denise watched her classmates gazing at her in her utter helplessness. Tears began to well up in her eyes and the figures of her fellow students became blurry. The professor glanced down at her pupil's white thong which Tia's well- muscled thighs encompassed. She found her lips beginning to curl in a mischievous grin, then immediately controlled herself, her countenance revealing her usual stoic expression.

"A VERBAL SUBMISSION IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. IF DENISE WAS PAYING ATTENTION IN CLASS, SHE WOULD UNDERSTAND IT'S ONE OF THE FOUR COMPONENTS INVOLVED IN A DOMINATION." Professor Carerre toyed with Denise's thong with her shapely legs as the blond beauty continued to squirm on her lap. Then the sexy oriental goddess pinned Denise's arms more painfully behind her back while giving her hair a yank. She rippled her biceps and forearm more tightly into her pupil's large bare breasts, then flexed her strong, sensuous thighs around Denise's thong while gazing into her eyes.

"OOOOHHHHHH.....AWWWWWWWWW......OHHHHHH!" Tears streamed down Denise's lovely cheeks as she quivered in her teacher's lap. The professor looked up at her students and ever the teacher, she instructed them,


"YESSSSSSSSSSS!" the lovely blond yelped in a high pitched squeak. Tia loosened her vice grip leg scissors around Denise and released her arms while maintaining her grip on her hair. Denise burst out crying. Tia looked up at her students.


"Make her BEG you to let her go!" Jessica responded.

"Keep quiet, Sugar, before I make YOU beg!" Beyonce shouted at Jessica, then tripped her to the ground.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" Jessica whined.


"NO PROFESSOR (BOO HOO HOO). PLEASE NO MORE! PLEASSSSSSE?" Denise looked up into her teacher's eyes in utter dread, wondering how she could be so cold.




"A good spanking! Like the one I'm gonna give Jessica!" Beyonce yelled.

"NOOOOOO...." Jessica whined as the ebony tough woman stood over her.

Tia twisted Denise over on her lap until the vanquished blond was lying on her belly. She pulled her thong down below her thighs as Denise screamed and cried,


WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! The teacher spanked her problem student severely. Denise lay bawling loudly on Tia's lap as the professor finally put her domination to an end and again addressed her class.



Later that evening, the professor and her students gathered around the campfire for a group discussion. Tia informed the class that all had passed her course with the exception of Jennifer Love Hewitt. The professor failed her because she had refused to fight. As the women disbanded to their tents to recline for the evening, Jennifer Garner borrowed the two diaries from her teacher and made her way into Cameron's tent.

"Now let's see what you wrote about me!" Jen told her sternly as Cammy's face dropped.


But there was no response. Jen twitched at her red bikini bra and sat next to her blond victim. She smiled at her wickedly as she began to open Cam's diary.

Beyonce, grabbing Jessica by her arm, forced her way into the tent occupied by Jennifer Love Hewitt. One captive wasn't enough for the fierce ebony beauty. She spent the night slapping and bossing both of them around. Beyonce heard them whispering something about joining forces and ganging up on her. But neither could muster the courage to put their plan into action. The sight of the dark diva's rock hard abs and muscular thighs protruding from her skimpy and sensuous leopard skin coupled with her toughwoman demeanor was enough to fully quench any potential rebellion against her authority. "I DARE YOU!" was all Beyonce needed to assert with her hands on her hips as her two subjects huddled together in fear. Jessica had fancied herself a toughwoman in her own right. But tonight, she and Jennifer Love would be extremely obedient to their lovely but steely empress.

Ironically, it was Denise who minded subjection the least! The former delinquent was transformed, amazingly, into her teacher's pet - and a very cheerful one at that. All she needed was a good beating to bring out the docile little girl within. After her total domination and firm spanking, Denise reflected on what a naughty girl she'd been as she spent the better part of the evening over Tia's lap.

Denise had the utmost admiration and respect for her strong and wise professor and Tia returned the kindness well into the early morning hours. Professor Carerre's Catfighting Course had certainly proved itself enormously capable, for better or for worse; transforming the minds and hearts of the women who enrolled in her classes.