Tia Carrere vs. Michelle Yeoh by TNT

"Hmmmmmmmm, just another reason they call it Paradise," the lucky boater said as he focused his binoculars on a delightfully surprising bit of commotion on the nearby island.

"Unggggh," the tall dark-haired, bikini-clad beauty groaned as the small, incredibly hard barefoot smashed into her flat stomach blasting agony throughout her body.

"Couldn't be just a plain barefoot; had to be dynamite," Tia Carrere groaned as she grabbed her tummy and doubled over, gasping for air.

"Thought you were a skilled warrior babe; karate, judo, lots of hot moves," Michelle Yeoh taunted with a snicker as she zipped behind Tia, fired a snap kick to her sexy derriere and watched her tumble to the sand. A light but solid kick to the ribs sent the gorgeous Hawaiian rolling and Michelle smiled as she looked down at her dazed, winded opponent noting her exquisite beauty. Such loveliness invited special attention from her skilled warrior hands. That lovely face, luscious silky long jet black hair, full breasts that bulged out of her bikini top, the tight abs, those long, lithe perfectly muscled legs. "Get up Tia; let's see whatcha got," the petite Asian dynamo's bare feet danced in the sand, her open hands beckoned her rival to partake in battle.

"Here, take a looksee, but make it quick!" the excited boatman sputtered to his girlfriend. "Looks like a perfect time for a pic," he chattered as he grabbed his camera with a high powered telephoto lens.

"Yeah, hon and you just looooove catfights-two gorgeous Asian lovelies on a beach going at it tooth and nail; two celebs to boot, hold that camera still, the pics'll be worth a fortune."

"Why you arrogant little bitch! I'm gonna make you beg for mercy," Tia grunted, still in shock at the ferocity, force and power of her petite attackers assault.

She couldn't believe she had succumbed, after all she was a good fighter. At least in her shows although she had actually beaten a few in real life too. Her all-time favorite was Jamie Lee Curtis, the buxom brunette she'd knocked senseless after they'd filmed their fight scene in 'True Lies.' She'd not only enjoyed stripping the busty beauty down to her panties, but she still had Jamie Lee's bra hanging on her bed post as a reminder of what followed.

Whenever she looked at it she thought, "Those boobs, those huge, lovely, boobs - what targets...what fun!" Now, Tia was on her feet moving in like a panther towards her feisty, cocky young opponent.

"EIIEEYAHHHARGGGGH!" Tia's roundhouse kick made it only halfway home before her crotch exploded in agony. That lovely long leg raised high; the small bare foot released another snap kick that exploded dead center on the tall brunette's groin. One pain times two; first the kick, then the fall! The soft sand seemed hard as concrete block as Tia's derriere and lower spine erupted in numbness. "GAIWWCKKK!" The edge of Michelle's hand slammed into Tia's throat causing her to gasp and cough.

"I see you ARE easy, much TOO easy," Michelle snickered with a tinge of disappointment and dismay in her voice as she watched her lovely opponent groan and grab her throat, offering no resistance as she moved in to finish her off.

"Oh crap, what a waste of film, this'll be dear," the disappointed boatman muttered.

"I'm soooo sorry, hon; now just wait! Look, get ready, there's hope yet," the lovely woman said as she watched the unfolding action.

"See that lone boat out there? We got company Tia! I think they want a show. Hell, I know *I* want a little fun; I much prefer the arts, and a challenge, but it just might be pleasurable to do a little woman to woman fight-you know-catfight style," Michelle said as she wrapped her arm around Tia's neck. She grabbed a handful of hair and pulled.

"Think they can see us up close, huh? OUCH!"

"I sure hope they can see us 'cause they're in for a real trea... UHHHHAWWWWCK!" Michelle groaned in surprised dismay as Tia's long arm shot upward, wrapped around her neck.

"They’re gonna see you go down, you little hair-pullin' skank," Tia snarled as she hurled her startled rival head over heels over her shoulder sending her sprawling hard in the sand. WHAM! The tall Hawaiian beauty smashed her fist down hard into Michelle's hard flat tight stomach. In one smooth move she grabbed her bikini top and ripped it off.

"Bet they're looking at these tiny, tiny little goosebumps," Tia giggled as she gave each small pert breast a stinging slap then a nasty pinch.

"YEOOOWWW!" Michelle squealed.

(Whooshhh) Two legs zipped upwards, spread apart and clamped together around Tia's neck. An amazingly hard pull and twist and Tia flopped to the sand, two small powerful "pythons" holding her neck and head in a vice grip.

"Bet they have a close-up camera; maybe they work for a newspaper. Ohhhh, that's right lots of people have seen these already," Michelle smirked as she reached down, grabbed Tia's loose white top and slowly, deliberately pulled it to the side.

"Slow motion stripping...it drives guys crazy! Oh my, now he can see all of 'em," she giggled as the bikini released its treasure. Tia's' nipples stiffened instantly in the cool breeze and received a painful rude greeting courtesy Michelle's' angry lightning fast fingers.

"OUCH! Uhhhhhh…Damn you, you little brat!" Tia rasped. Harder pinches and a tighter scissors hold were her immediate reward.

"Oughta snap your neck, but that wouldn't be much fun," Michelle taunted as she squeezed harder on Tia's throat and heard her gasp. The tall Hawaiian beauty kicked, squirmed frantically as her lungs screamed for air.

"And you do want to have more fun, don't you Tia, master warrior?" Michelle laughed as she suddenly pulled her captives top clean off and tossed it aside. She grabbed an arm, jerked it, slid to the side executing a painful arm bar as she released her scissors; a foot rocketed upwards, stopped midair, then the heel plunged downward catching Tia square in the naval. The tall beautiful prone body bucked and arched.

"YIEEEEARGGGHUHHHH!" Tia's' loud groan echoed over the ocean all the way to the observant and once again very excited boaters.

(Click. Click. Click) The camera snapped off pictures like a machine gun. "Oh, nooooo, drat; I thought you packed more film."


"Lets head to shore, we gotta see this up close."

"Hey, Carrere! Big hot, fiery, fighting actress; looks like someone's comin' ta see ya," Michelle said as she heard the boat's motor roar to life. “Now big girl, get your sorry ass up and fight me like a woman, er, I mean, like a big hot master of kung-fu, hapkido, judo, tae kwon do, and all the other arts that you have mastered," Michelle teased as she released Tia's arm, and aimed a light kick to her thigh. She leaped to her feet, took several steps back to give her slowly rising master warrior space to prepare for battle. "Such nice big boobs-excellent targets," Michelle mused as she watched Tia brush sand off her luscious body. Michelle heard the loud boat motor coming closer, then suddenly sputter and cough, then grow silent. She looked out to see the angry frustrated couple standing up in the boat yelling at each other.

"I thought you filled the fuel!"

"Well, I thought YOU did."

"I'm sorry!"


"Ready, set go...No, I mean, come get me, sweetie," Michelle teased as she motioned Tia to come at her. She puckered her sensuous lips in a delightful pout and made kissing sounds, then a few clucking chicken noises and Tia's' beautiful face flushed, her beautiful full lips quivered with anger as she balled her fists.

"EEEEYAIAHHH!" The tall gorgeous brunette warrior charged angrily, fists ready to deliver most devastating punches. She couldn't wait to take the little bitches' head clean off.

(Whooosh…Whooosh) Tight, angry fists missed their lovely target by centimeters and nanoseconds.

WHUMPPPH! THUD! Michelle's powerhouse fist slammed into Tia's' solar plexus a split second after her bare foot smacked into her pubic bone. Another split second in time barely passed as the petite Asians' foot knifed into the back of Tia's knee. She screamed and groaned as she dropped to her knees. WHAM! WHAM! One foot, two blows to the tall Hawaiians' lower back sent her falling forward. Tia grunted as she amazingly landed on her hands. She sucked air rapidly, shallowly as her body throbbed and head spun.

"Nooooooooo," Tia groaned in anguish once again this time not from pain, but the sudden realization that fingers had just skillfully untied the two thin strings next to her hips. One fast jerk and her bikini panties were at her ankles and then pulled off.

"YIPPPPEEE! Gonna play cowgirl," Michelle giggled as she slid onto Tia's back. She grabbed the long silky dark mane and pulled hard. She wrapped her legs around Tia's waist and began a slow squeeze. "How do they say it? Giddy-yup?" Michelle blurted out, suddenly remembering the proper terminology.

"Now, hon, don't ya wish we had a camera with some film in it," the frustrated woman muttered to her hubby.

"Uhhhhh…" (Gasp) "Uhhhhh…" (Gasp) "Yes, next time, I…” (gasp)

The man tried to catch his breath. Rowing and watching a fantastic catfight at the same time left him a bit winded.

"Hey, ride her good! That's it just like a cowgirl," the woman shouted.

"Hey! (Gasp) Lady, why don't you do another barnyard chore?" (Gasp! Gasp!)

"Huh? Oh yeah!" Michelle shouted as she suddenly remembered. "How bout it Tia?"

"Nooooooo! AIEEEEE! Let goooooo...."Small, but amazingly strong hands and fingers reached, grabbed, and squeezed.

"Gonna milk you! Gonna milk the mighty warrior named Tia just like Mr. Farmer does," Michelle giggled as her fingers captured Tia's long, rock-hard nipples and pinched, then pulled; then pinched some more and pulled harder..

"I thought this was a tropical paradise, not some kinda farm!" the woman sniffed as she heard her husband gasp.

"It is dear, it is!" (GASP!) “Ohmigawd….”