Sarah Carter vs. Jenna Dewan by The Walkin’ Dude

Richard Fannin's Office, Black Swan Hall, Ten Days Ago...

Sitting around a long wooden folding table he'd set up several hours ago, Richard Fannin let out a satisfied sigh as he regarded the rest of the promotion's booking team. "OK, so it sounds like we've almost got the card for the show in Antonio Bay finalized. Archer, you wanna do the honors of reading it back to us?"

The archivist checked his notebook and said, "It's going to open with Ashley and Charisma, then Lacey and Kaley will defend the tag straps against Rose and Shannen. After that Flash and Dru will do an interview with either Allison or Billie, and we're giving it a few extra minutes just in case someone wants to interrupt the proceedings. When that's over Kristen will face Lindsay, oh, and that's Kristen Bell just for the record. Michelle T and Keira are up next, followed by Jessica Alba and Kat Heigl. When that's done we'll pause for a few promos, I'm guessing J-Lo will have something to say..."

Across the table, Flash stifled a laugh and asked, "When doesn't she?"

"Point taken," Archer replied before continuing the run down. "That'll go straight into her facing Tiffany Thiessen in an 'un-official' title match - which will probably see Sarah try to steal the belt back again. That’s good for us because next up is Gellar vs. Longoria in what should be a solid outing. When the ring's been cleared of that carnage, we've still got Love facing Cruz AND Biel battling Durance in the penultimate spot."

After a healthy swig from his Coke, Dru said, "And that just leaves us with the Main Event. Any ideas?"

Glancing up from the fantasy stats he'd been tabulating, Sim offered, "I'm thinking it may be time to give some fresh blood the chance to headline. The fans at Black 13 have always been receptive to new faces, why not use them to help elevate some talent?"

Fannin mulled it over, "Good idea. Let's hear some names folks."

Flash was first to answer, "How about Hayden Panettiere? She's developed a pretty rabid fan base in relatively short order."

"Agreed, but she's still working off a tweaked knee and Straker says she needs at least two more weeks to be a hundred percent. We'll keep her in mind though. Anyone else?"

Archer tapped another name in his notebook, "I know she's not an official member of the roster yet, but based on the heel heat her promos for this show have been getting, I think Natalie Dormer would be a good bet. Folks on both sides of the ocean want to see her get her ass kicked and she hasn't even wrestled one match. If that doesn't say Main Event, I don't know what does."

"Correct all around Arch, but Mz. Dormer's got contractual obligations over here that’ll keep her from working for us full time until at least late June. If we're going to give a push to whoever's in this match, I'd like them to be available to us for more than one show."

The brief silence was broken when Dru asked, "How about Jenna Dewan? Much of a pain in the ass as it is to call her matches, she is fun to watch and the pops seem to be getting bigger every week."

Fannin thought about it, looking for any potential problems with the brunette's situation and couldn't find any. "OK, I think we have the first half of our ME. Everyone agreeable?" There was mixed chorus of ‘yeah’, ‘sure' and ‘yep', so Fannin moved on. "That just leaves us to find her the proper adversary. Who comes to mind?"

Finally finished with that week's stats, Sim put down his papers and said, "What about Sarah Carter? She's certainly not the flashiest girl on the roster, but she's been on a solid win streak as of late and she's just about the same size and build as Dewan."

To that, Flash added, "Blonde and brunette contrast is always nice, that'll make it easier to call."

Dru mused, "And they've both got a pretty devoted following, should make for an involved crowd."

Archer closed his notebook before saying, "And let's not forget, Sarah's got a dance background too. Although we haven't played it up like we did with Jenna, Sarah's regarded as a very good ballerina. If they work well in the ring, this might be a good opportunity to work one of those Hip-Hop vs. Ballet rivalries that dance movies are always talking about."

Everyone but Fannin seemed sold on the idea. Speaking cautiously, he replied, "On paper it looks like a great fight, I'll give you that. But there's something about this pair that bothers me, I got a real Kreuk / Cuthbert vibe from this one."

They knew what he meant. A 'Kreuk / Cuthbert Vibe' was booker jargon for a match that should have been a hard fought, by the numbers outing but in reality turned into a vicious rivalry for no real logical reason. In the years since they'd been running the show, a handful of these feuds had cropped up and they were always careful about weeding them out before they could happen.

Tapping an erratic rhythm on the table, Fannin amended, "But it would suck to derail a potentially great match on speculation. Let's just make sure we've got a lot of extra refs waiting behind the curtain just in case anything unsavory should happen." The others murmured their agreement so Rich got up from the table. "OK, that's a solid card we've got booked. I'm gonna go check out the gymnasium to make sure everything's been set up correctly for the show tomorrow night. Anybody want to join me?"


Black 13, Antonio Bay California where a capacity crowd had just begun to come down from the heart-pounding ending of Biel versus Durance. The Announcer stepped into the ring and brought the mic to his lips, "Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for our Main Event! Introducing first; she stands at 5’4” and is ‘The Genuine Article’… allow me to present Sarah Carter!”

The crunching strains of the Foo Fighters ‘DOA’ rolls through the club for several seconds before Sarah pushes her way through the curtain. Standing still at the top of the ramp, Sarah's pretty face is as inscrutable as ever, but observers in the front row thought they detected a slight upward tilt to her lips, an expression that might have been a smile on someone less in control of their emotions. For her first Main Event in the promotion, Sarah was dressed as usual, in a sporty forest-green bikini with white ring connections at both hips topped off with simple white boots, pads and wrist tape. Breaking her reprieve, Sarah strolled down the ramp and slid under the bottom rope only to pop to her feet in one graceful motion. Flipping her long blonde ponytail off her shoulder, Sarah raised both hands high before heading to her corner to await the arrival of her opponent.

When the blonde's music had faded, the Announcer continued, "And her opponent, standing 5’3”... Jenna Dewan!"

The lights in Black 13 fade out as the first chords to Incubus 'Anna-Molly' fills the club. From the darkness at the top of the ramp, a white spotlight hits to reveal the silhouette of a young woman wearing a short dress more suitable for a nightclub than a wrestling ring. After a burst of pyro, the lights return and Jenna lets her presence be known. Offering the crowd a winning smile, the brunette stunner waits a beat and then makes her way toward the ring, but whereas every other girl on the roster would be content with walking, Jenna covers the short distance with a hypnotic blend of dips, whirls, twirls and spins that draws every eye in the venue. And let's get one thing straight here, this isn't the cheesy bump and grind of some stripper working a bachelor party, this is something far more refined and graceful, incredibly sexy without being sleazy if you know what I mean.

Halfway to the ring, Jenna goes into a tight spin and somewhere in that blur of motion, the dress peels away and when she resumes her jaunt to the squared circle, she's clad in an electric blue bikini with a white JD in tight flowing script on the left hip. Small blue boots and pads finish the look but in all honesty, very few folks were checking out her footwear as the brunette slid under the bottom rope and rolled to her feet in a move straight out of a break dancing video. Saluting the mob with a final twist of her hips, Jenna went straight to her corner to receive final instruction.

The bell chimed three times for Jenna and Sarah’s first, Honest-to-God Main Event of their career; a fight neither intended to lose! Never one to remain still for great lengths of time, Jenna favored her fans with a small smile and then turned her attention towards the blonde on the other side of the ring before sauntering out to the center of the ring.

In her corner, Sarah was trying to maintain her typical show of icy calm, but she couldn't help but crack a smile when some member of her fan club roared, “FUCK HER UP SARAH!'

She nodded her approval in the general direction of the noise and then strolled out to meet her brunette adversary. As she approached her opponent, Sarah let her eyes take Jenna in from head to foot. Though she would never admit it, Sarah was impressed with what she saw. The blonde had about an inch of height advantage on her foe, but aside from that, Sarah thought they were pretty evenly matched. The thought had barely finished when she added, 'Well, at least physically. When I get her on the mat, I'll show her there's a world of difference between us.'

It was at that very moment when Jenna put her hands on her hips and said blandly, "It's not that easy Sarah."

Working hard not to show the surprise she was feeling, Sarah put on the brakes and asked, "What won't be so easy?"

Tilting her head to the side, the brunette answered, "Beating me. I saw you checking me out just now, trying to figure me out like some math problem. That might work for the girl's you've faced before, but if you try it against me, I'll wrestle rings around you. In the words of an old favorite of mine, Every time you think you've got the answers, I'll change the questions." Jenna fell silent, at least verbally. Her body language was all insolence and challenge, and that bugged Sarah more than she'd ever let on.

Taking a step forward, Sarah fired back, "I hate to burst your bubble Jenna, but I've already figured you out. You may be a little more complex than the typical equation, but I'll solve you the same way I've solved all the others; by breaking you down and taking you apart." Sarah concluded her statement by slipping into something in-between an MMA strikers stance and a traditional wrestling crouch; obviously she was more than ready to start solving her foe.

Arching an eyebrow, Jenna settled into a loose-limbed grappler's crouch and started circling to her right. Keeping her voice neutral, Jenna raised her right hand and beckoned Sarah in with, "All right Brainiac. Let's dance..."

Sarah mimicked her adversary's movements and soon the two grapplers were circling warily, each occasionally darting a hand out to test the other's defenses only to have it slapped away or avoided entirely. After a few such revolutions, Sarah felt confident enough to make the first move and that's exactly what she did. Moving with a speed that most veteran's don't possess, Sarah surged forward, attempting to wrap up her opponent in a simple Collar and Elbow Lock-up. Only problem was, Jenna wasn't were she had been a split second before.

In the heartbeat it took Sarah to get within clinching distance, the brunette dipped low and lunged forward as well, avoiding the blonde's grapple with a smoothness that bordered on scary. As her hands clutched empty air where Jenna had been, Sarah felt the small breeze created by the brunette's passing…but more importantly she felt Jenna's left hand trail across her belly. It wasn't much, more caress than claw, and quite possible could have been accidental, but Sarah didn't think so. While she wasn't blessed with the telepathy necessary to prove it, she could almost hear the brunette chiding, 'You missed. I didn't.' All this played out in less than three seconds and by the time it was all over, Sarah and Jenna had both done 180's and were regarding each other carefully.

Offering Sarah that same small but infuriating smile, Jenna said, "Strike one. You ready to try again?"

Sarah didn't verbalize a response, instead exploding forward a second time, trying to catch the brunette while she was busy running her mouth. But just as the blonde felt her fingers brush Jenna's shoulders, Jenna spun aside, dodged Sarah's charge with the precision of a matador and while a lance was certainly not allowed in a wrestling ring, Jenna had another way to stick it to her adversary. As Sarah passed by, Jenna reached out and swatted her on the butt. Much like their first encounter, it wasn't the force of the blow, but the casual, nonchalant delivery of it that really irked the blonde.

Lips set in a grim, determined line, Sarah whirled to face her adversary and was about to open her mouth when Jenna interjected. "That's strike two Sarah. Would like a few minutes to mull the problem before you?"

The brunette's green eyes were sparkling with dark humor as Sarah fired back, "I thought we were here to wrestle, not dance."

"Who says I can't do both?" Jenna said softly.

Sarah had to ball her hands into tight, white-knuckled fists to keep from slapping the brunette. Maintaining her composure for the time being, Sarah tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear and challenged, "I'd stick to dancing if I were you. This reluctance to lock up isn't proving anything to me."

Jenna’s smile faded. "When I do get a hold of you, you'll wish you'd kept your mouth shut, Sarah plain and small."

The barb was still coming out of her mouth when Sarah lashed out with a tight right cross that was aimed directly at the brunette's chin. Jenna saw the blow coming and ducked aside before going low, where she was promptly met by Sarah's knee crashing into her jaw. Her punch had been a feint, and as soon as Jenna committed herself, Sarah shifted her balance and drove the Knee Lift home.

Smiling happily as the force of the blow popped Jenna up onto her toes, Sarah murmured, 'Gotcha.' and stalked after the brunette as she backpedaled towards the ropes. Catching her with not problem, Sarah darted out both hands and took possession of Jenna's left wrist, then planted her feet and whipped Jenna to the opposite side of the ring - only to reel her back in right before she should've released her grip!

Pivoting into Jenna, Sarah brought her right leg up and RAMMED her thigh into Jenna's belly just above her electric blue trunks. All the air exploded out of the brunette at once and Sarah decided Jenna shouldn't be on her feet in that condition, so helping her out, Sarah sank to one knee and pulled Jenna down over her knee. Fully aware she didn't have much time, Sarah buried a hand in Jenna's dark mane and yanked her head back at an awkward angle. In the same motion, she formed her other hand into a flat, paddle shape and raised it high overhead.

As the audience cheered her on, Sarah brought her hand whistling down three times, tagging the brunette's rump with a crisp series of spanks that THWAP, THWAP, THWAP, echoed through Black 13. After the third spank, Sarah released Jenna’s hair and rudely rolled her off her knee and sent her rolling across the canvas. Faster than Sarah expected, Jenna scrambled to her feet and regarded the rising blonde with wide, furious eyes.

Sarah made a few adjustments to her evergreen top and admonished, "IF that was a little too subtle, I'll explain. If you ever try to embarrass me again, I'll spank that cute little ass of yours raw."

Running her tongue across her teeth, Jenna nodded once and snapped her trunks back into place. Approaching Sarah with a gait that was equal parts strut and stalk, the brunette said in a reasonable voice, "Well, since we're dispensing with the subtleties..." her left hand bolted out and CRACCK slapped Sarah across the face.

While Sarah blinked the tears from her eyes, Jenna leaned in and put her lips to the blonde's ear and whispered, "Bring it on bitch!”

Hating the feel of Jenna so close to her, Sarah was more than willing to indulge the brunette's challenge. Grabbing Jenna's wrist before she could effect a retreat, Sarah planted her feet on the canvas and whipped her towards the buckles as hard as she could. Not waiting to hear what sort of sound Jenna would make when she hit the corner, Sarah followed her victim in, intending to smash her between unforgiving steel and equally unforgiving blonde. This proved to be a mistake on Sarah's part because as she approached the buckles, Jenna reached out with both hands and grabbed the ropes to either side of the top turnbuckle. Then, with no discernible effort, she bent her knees and popped straight up in the air, executing a beautiful handstand that cleared the way for Sarah to crash sternum-first into the corner.

The thinly-padded metal drove the breath from her lungs and Sarah gasped as she tried to stagger back to the center of the ring. Her retreat was blocked by Jenna who came out of her handstand to land directly behind her. Whirling the stunned blonde around, Jenna shoved Sarah backward as hard as she could, sending her wobbling back into the corner. Stepping in close, Jenna spun and leaned back to spoon loosely against the blonde's belly. Resting her head on Sarah's right shoulder, Jenna reached up with her left hand and pulled Sarah's face to her.

With a slow, sultry grind of her hips in Sarah's belly and crotch, Jenna purred, "Told you I could dance and wrestle at the same time."

When Sarah moaned and started to protest, Jenna peeled away from her only to immediately drive herself back to jam a heartless elbow between the blonde's breasts. Sarah groaned and sat down on the buckles, all rebellion quashed for now. Helping herself to a final gulping little grind against Sarah's undercarriage, Jenna strutted out of the corner and proceeded to feed an entire audience from the palm of her hand with little more than a fluff of her hair and the swing of her hips.

Glancing over her shoulder, Jenna called out to the crowd, "So, are you ready to watch me dance all over this cookie cutter blonde's stupid face?"

They replied, “YES!” Since they were ready for it, Jenna wasted no time giving the people what they wanted. With little more than a confirming glance, Jenna was off like a shot, sprinting towards her stunned adversary with the blinding speed that was sure to make her a favorite among wrestling fans for years to come. When there was less than half the length of the ring between them, Jenna dropped low and executed a perfect Handspring, followed by a second and finally a third, the end of which saw the point of her elbow aimed directly at Sarah's heart. But for all her speed and finesse, Jenna made the mistake of giving the blonde a chance to catch her breath and she was about to find out that was a VERY bad idea.

As the brunette bore down on her, the mist clouding Sarah's mind began to clear and she suddenly had the will to act again. Moving in a blur, Sarah spun aside just as Jenna completed the handspring that would have sent her crashing into the blonde. Instead, Jenna sampled nothing but turnbuckle and now it was her turn to cry out in pain and surprise. Jenna was just beginning to realize what had happened to her when Sarah stepped in close and placed a forearm roughly across her throat.

Forehead-to-forehead with Jenna, Sarah whispered, "Go ahead and try all the showy little dance club tricks you want honey. In the end, substance trumps style every time and you're about to find out why." Pulling away, Sarah drew back her right arm and then lashed it forward, lighting Jenna up with a Knife Edge Chop that brought a chorus of WOOO from the audience. Not through with her new friend, Sarah reset her stance and delivered another Chop, making sure this one hit home right across the top of the brunette's décolletage. Smirking as Jenna shuddered with each sizzling impact, Sarah shook the tingle out of her chopping hand and added, "Let's see if those theatrics you love so much actually work."

Remembering a trick she'd seen another blonde grappler use every now and then, Sarah brought the palm of her chopping hand up to her face and made a show of running her tongue across its surface. Ignoring the taste of her own sweat, Sarah lined up her shot and then brought her hand wicking down in smooth overhand arc that ended atop the brunette's left breast. Jenna winced and crossed her arms protectively across her chest as the audience went nuts.

Sporting a small, impressed smile, Sarah muttered, "Who knew? Well, if they liked that, maybe they'll like THIS!"

She grabbed the rope to Jenna's right and used it for balance when she brought left leg up straight and placed the sole of her boot against the hollow of the brunette's windpipe. Displaying an impressive degree of flexibility that came from her dance training, Sarah leeaaaned forward, placing all her weight behind the visually intoxicating but blatantly illegal Chokehold.

Ignoring the ref's droning count, Sarah let the thrashing beauty carry her weight until the zebra reached 'FOUR' before pulling her boot away.

Welcoming the stumbling brunette in with open arms, Sarah took hold of Jenna's right arm and forced it around behind her foe’s back. Keeping her grip tight, Sarah worked the Hammerlock with one hand while she threaded the other between Jenna’s legs. Pinching a fingerful of brunette buttocks, Sarah scooped Jenna up for a Body Slam and held her prone.

With the Hammerlock still in place, the blonde strode out to the center of the ring, moving slowly enough to make sure everyone got a good look at her hapless opposition. After a few slow, smug revolutions, she rose up on her toes and tossed Jenna to the mat, noting with no small satisfaction that brunette landed with all of her weight on top of the pinned limb. Jenna tried and mostly failed to bite back the pained scream that rose in her throat as lightning again raced up the full length of her arm. Trying her best to blot out the pain, she got her knees under her and was in the process of getting to her feet when Sarah buried her hands in her hair and helped her the rest of the way.

Shifting her grip to Jenna's right wrist Sarah flipped hair out of her eyes and cooed, "What did I tell you Jenna? The first step in solving any complex equation involves breaking it down into smaller, more manageable pieces. I believe your arm will serve as a useful example."

Ignoring Jenna's muttered response, Sarah directed her rival towards the corner and whipped her into the buckles. Learning her lesson from the last time, Sarah waited until Jenna slumped against the steel before loping in to continue her assault. Unfortunately for the blonde, there was more than one way to counter a charging opponent and Jenna proved it by bringing her boots up and slamming them into Sarah's chin. Her eyes glazed over as she stumbled in a circle, then dropped to one knee holding her battered face while Jenna grabbed the top rope and hoisted herself up to a seat on the top turnbuckle.

Keeping her eyes locked on the penitent blonde, Jenna stood up and let out a low, taunting whistle. When Sarah pushed up and spun to face her, Jenna sprang out of the corner with a high, looping Front Flip that took her over the woozy blonde. In the split second she was inverted above Sarah's head, Jenna reached down with both hands and grabbed Sarah under the chin and then let gravity and physics do the rest.

Jenna landed on her back but Sarah was YANKED off her feet and driven hard into the mat, taking most of the impact from the Flipping Neckbreaker directly on the back of her head and shoulders. Lying on her back, Jenna rolled onto her shoulders and then kipped up onto her feet in a beautiful little hop that brought a loud roar of applause from the audience.

Spinning around to face the flattened blonde, Jenna dropped into a loose crouch. Resting her hands on her thighs as she waited for Sarah to rise, Jenna swayed back and forth, looking for all the world like a cobra waiting to strike. Green eyes glittering, the brunette purred, "C'mon you uptight scag, let's see how tough you really are."

It's impossible to say whether or not Sarah heard Jenna's words, but the blonde did roll over onto her belly and push to her knees a few seconds later. Settling deeper into her crouch, Jenna waited until Sarah got to her feet before lashing out with one of her own. Striking with the speed and grace that came from years of dance training, Jenna sliced her left leg through the air in a beautiful arc that ended with her boot CRASH off Sarah's jaw in a picture perfect Spin Kick.

Sarah went whirling around in drunken stumble that sent her reeling into the ropes. Not currently in control of her body, Sarah bounced off the cables and went rocking and rolling back into Jenna's clutches. When the blonde got within striking distance, Jenna shot an arm out, hooked Sarah under the armpit and hoisted her off her feet only to deposit Sarah flat on her back with a simple Hip Toss.

Things got decidedly less simple when the brunette planted one hand on the mat and executed a gorgeous one-handed Cartwheel that brought her to her feet in front of the seated blonde. Without missing a beat, Jenna hopped up and snapped both feet forward, catching Sarah across the face with a crisp little Low Dropkick. Giving herself a mental pat on the shoulder as Sarah was driven back down, Jenna rolled to one knee and then got to her feet.

Sauntering over to Sarah's head, Jenna put her hands on her hips and told the audience, "Sarah seems to think she can compete with me, but I think you'll all discover..." The brunette trailed off as she brought her left leg off the mat and slooowly extended it until her foot was over her head. Holding that pose, Jenna continued, "That I've got a leg up on her..."

The brunette dropped to the mat, bringing the back of her thigh down across Sarah's face in a oddly delivered, but nonetheless effective Leg Drop. Flipping hair out of her eyes as Sarah flopped beneath her, Jenna gave the crowd a bicep flex and joined the ref in counting off, 'ONE...' Sarah shoved the brunette's leg off her face, breaking the count.

Flashing the official an exaggerated scowl, Jenna pushed to her feet and helped Sarah to hers with a handful of dark green trunks. Tugging the blonde's togs just a little bit harder than she had to, Jenna swatted Sarah's butt twice and then grabbed hold of her left wrist. Directing the wobbly-legged grappler towards the far corner, Jenna set her feet and whispered, "I'll be with you shortly sweetie" right before whipping Sarah into the turnbuckles. The hollow THUD of Sarah's collision hadn't even faded when Jenna sprinted forward, covering the distance between them like it was inches and not feet.

When there were only a few paces separating her from her opponent, Jenna left her feet in a blur of motion, soaring through the air in a hypnotic whirl that didn't stop being pretty even when she drove the meaty part of her right thigh into Sarah's face with a Flying Leg Lariat.

Most folks in the audience expected Jenna to simply fall and hit the mat after her last bit of offense connected, but instead, the lissome brunette used her momentum to roll up and over her blonde victim to clear the top rope and land easily on the ring apron just behind the corner. Grinning like the cat that ate the canary, Jenna looked like she was about to say something when Sarah groaned loudly and started staggering out of the corner. Shaking her head 'no' Jenna leaned over the ropes and snagged a handful of Sarah's sleek ponytail.

Reeling the blonde in, Jenna asked, "Where you going Sarah? My legs aren't done playing with you yet." When she had her foe backed up against the ropes, the brunette looked over her shoulder and told the crowd, "I bet you'll like this…even if Little Miss. Priss here HATES it."

Falling silent, Jenna released her hold on the blonde's hair only to lean to her left and take the rope in both hands. Making sure that Sarah was still in the proper position, Jenna leapt into the air and landed so that she was laying on the top rope. As the guests started to cheer, Jenna scissored her right leg up and across Sarah's throat. Pulling back, she crossed her ankles and locked in a traditional Side Headscissors, albeit from a non-traditional angle. More than a little pleased with herself, Jenna squeeeezed down as hard as she could, choking the life out of the suddenly frantic blonde.

Fortunately for Sarah, because the brunette was using the ropes for balance, she could only maintain the hold for so long before the ref began his FIVE count. Ever the showman, Jenna kept this scissors locked in until 'FOUR' and made sure to give the hold an extra little squeeze whenever the official ticked off a number. Finally, she uncrossed her ankles and kicked the blonde away, allowing Sarah to go sprawling onto her hands and knees a few feet away. Slipping back into the squared circle in one breezy motion, Jenna walked her victim down, making sure to keep the crowd's eyes on her by reaching behind her and snapping those electric-blue briefs back into place across her hips. Circling around Sarah's left side, the domineering brunette reached out with one foot and just nudged Sarah in the ribs, rolling the blonde over onto her back. Hands on her hips, Jenna stepped over her foe's body, coming to rest with a boot just inches from either of Sarah's ears.

Glancing from Sarah to the audience and back again, Jenna's face broke into a coy smile when she said, "My, my, my; kicking Sarah's ass has proven more tiring than I thought it would. I believe I better sit down for a few minutes." On those casually ominous words, Jenna sank down until she was sitting with her butt resting heavily on Sarah's breasts. Stretching her legs like someone waking up from a long, restful nap, Jenna wrapped her thighs around the blonde's neck and crossed her ankles. Almost done now, she took Sarah's head in both hands and pulled up, forcing the other grappler's chin deep into the fork of her crotch. Releasing Sarah's head, Jenna put her hands flat on the mat and asked, "Where's that substance you were talking about earlier Sarah? From what I see, you don't even have any skills to back up your tragic lack of style!"

Sarah groaned, her eyes flicking up to meet Jenna’s and that's when the brunette started to squeeze. Still smiling, Jenna poured everything she had into removing her opponent's head from her body. But even that wasn't good enough for the brunette. Adding insult to the already copious injury, Jenna bounced up and down and ground her hips forward, forcing Sarah to pull back and apply even more pressure to her neck, or face the humiliating option of nuzzling her nose against Jenna's groin.

Purring happily, Jenna rode out Sarah's angry thrashing and said, "C'mon Sarah baby. I know it's over, and you know it's over. Just reach up with one dainty little hand and slap either of my vastly superior thighs to let the ref know too."

Squirming furiously under her raven-haired tormentor, Sarah Sarah made a silent vow that not only would she beat Jenna tonight; she'd embarrass her as well. Doing her best to ignore the black fog creeping into the edges of her vision, Sarah did reach up, in fact, she used both hands, but instead of tapping out, she curled her fingers into wicked claws and dug them deep into the meat of Jenna’s thighs.

Jenna winced and gritted her teeth. Despite the pain, she didn't release her grip. She knew that if she could just hold on a little longer, the oxygen-deprivation would prove too much for Sarah to resist. Sadly, the blonde wasn't going to go quietly and she proved as much when she shifted the focus of her clawing from Jenna's thighs to her trunks. Howling in outrage, the brunette gave the Scissors one final constriction and when Sarah didn't ease up, she popped her ankles and scrambled away, leaving Sarah alone to deal with her gam-induced asphyxia.

Hissing quietly as she dealt with the fading pain in her groin, Jenna fan a hand through her hair and thought about all the terrible, humiliating ways she was going to pay back Sarah. She got to her feet and said, "All right candyass, you wanna fight like the big girls? Let's see how long it takes me to make you cry."

Setting about her task, Jenna twisted her hands around Sarah's ponytail and pulled her too her knees. Planting her feet in a rough V, Jenna swung her hips like a pendulum, back and forth they went. Right and left they went. Tick and tock they went. Just when the crowd had settled into a comfortable watching rhythm, the brunette slammed her right knee up, drilling it into Sarah's forehead. The mob groaned in shared hurt as Sarah's head snapped back, but that didn't stop them from cheering when Jenna repeated the maneuver over and over again, punctuating each sultry dip with a vicious shot to Sarah's skull. Finally, after more than half a dozen of these blows had left Sarah's chin nestled in her cleavage, Jenna pulled the blonde up and forced her to bend double.

But instead of applying a Standing Headscissors like everyone expected, the brunette released her grip on Sarah's hair, reached down and took one of Sarah's wrists in either hand. Left grabbing left, and right grabbing right, Jenna pulled the blonde's arms up, forming a tight X across her chest. Keeping her grip on the blonde's wrists steady, Jenna turned to her left, spinning Sarah in the process so that the two wrestlers were now standing back-to-back with Sarah's own arms drawn tightly across her throat. Unable to resist, the brunette did another little grind, slipping and sliding her backside over Sarah's trembling cheeks. When Sarah gurgled and started to pull away, Jenna jerked her back in and sat out fast, yanking Sarah off her feet to drop her on the back of her head with the Cross-Armed Neckbreaker she called the Columbian Necktie. Laying on her back, Jenna let go of Sarah's wrists and somersaulted back onto the blonde's chest.

Planting her hands on Sarah's shoulders, the brunette let her hair hang down into Sarah's face as she cooed, "This is the end for you peg-legs."

Sliding in to do his job, the ref slapped the mat, 'ONE... TWO...' but Sarah rolled a shoulder off the canvas, ending the count.

Face pursed in disappointment, Jenna buried her hands in Sarah's hair and jerked her to her feet. Easily shifting her claws from follicles to wrist, Jenna stepped back and whipped her victim into the ropes. But just before she could let Sarah go hurtling away, the blonde clamped down on her wrist and reversed the momentum of the throw, sending Jenna to the cables in her place. Thinking fast, Jenna sprinted back towards her opponent and Flipped over the woozy blonde. As Jenna passed over Sarah, she reached out with both hands and grabbed the blonde's hips, attempting to take her off her feet and onto her shoulders with a Sunset Flip. Normally it should have gone off without a hitch, but Sarah planted her feet firmly against the canvas and maintained her verticality.

With Jenna flat on the mat behind her, Sarah glanced down at the brunette and snarled, "Let's see how YOU like it."

Twisting hard to her right, Sarah broke out of Jenna's grip and took a position on the brunette's right side. The blonde hadn't even stopped moving when she dropped to one knee, smashing the bony joint down on Jenna’s forehead. She let out a pained grunt and spasmed like a shock-therapy patient. Both hands holding her head, Jenna rolled over onto her belly in a vain attempt to create some distance between her and the blonde, but Sarah wasn't having any of that. Sarah sat near Jenna's left shoulder and threaded her legs around Jenna’s left arm. Resting her legs across Jenna's back, Sarah wormed her feet under the brunette's right shoulder and locked her ankles.

Brushing a lock of hair out of her face, Sarah put her hands on the mat and said, "This might not be as fancy as your slutty tactics, but it'll still snap your arms."

When Jenna didn't respond, Sarah tensed her legs and pressed down hard, putting intense pressure on Jenna's shoulders with a hold that could best be described as a Reverse Cross Armbreaker. Jenna gasped and tried to jerk her way free, but Sarah clamped down even tighter, grinding the brunette's face against the canvas. Balancing on one hand, Sarah reached out and hooked Jenna's togs.

Eyes sparkling malevolently, Sarah cooed, "You like shaking your ass so much Jenna, lemme give you a little help."

She YANKED up on her victim's briefs, treating Jenna to a malicious wedgie. Sawing the distended garment back and forth, Sarah cranked down on the Armbreaker even as Jenna's legs beat a frantic tattoo against the mat.

Growling in rage and indignation, the brunette snarled, "If you don't let me go right now, I am gonna fuck you UP, Sarah!"

Shaking her head 'no' Sarah treated her helpless foe to a hard-hearted pinch on the rump before replying. "Not until you kiss the canvas honey. C'mon, I bet the mat doesn't taste any worse than all those strip club floors you used to wriggle around on."

Fuming, Jenna spat, "Why don't you kiss my ass!"

Sarah rewarded this insolence with another hard SMAACK on the brunette's upturned butt. "No thanks, I don't know where it’s been."

Snickering despite the pain, Jenna fired back, "Well, in case you forgot; it's been on your FACE!"

Sarah responded with another constriction of the hold and while the ache in her shoulders was quickly becoming unbearable, the brief respite had given Jenna enough time to locate the ropes and as luck would have it, they were only a few feet away. Blocking out the burning in her shoulders and butt with all the lovely tortures she was going to visit on the blonde, Jenna squirmed and twisted her way along the mat until she could drape her foot across the bottom cable. Knowing she would only have to endure five more seconds of this torture, Jenna snarled, "GET OFF ME YOU SLUT!"

Ignoring the drone of the ref's count, Sarah raaaaked her nails across Jenna's rump and taunted, "I'm a slut? You're the one with her ass in the air."

Finally releasing the hold, Sarah grabbed Jenna by the scruff of her neck and yanked her to her feet. Marching the discombobulated beauty out to the center of the ring, she took hold of Jenna's left arm and stepped away, stretching the arm out to its full length. Fully aware that keeping up the pressure on Jenna's arms would ripen her up for the Sarahtonin, Sarah twisted the brunette's arm in a wide, slow circle, wrenching her shoulder and elbow with a simple Arm Wringer. Not happy with on revolution, Sarah repeated the wringer twice more, each bringing a pained gasp from the brunette's lips. As Jenna slapped her tweaked joint, Sarah began a fourth turn, but stopped it about halfway through, so that her back was turned away from Jenna.

Holding the brunette's arm over her shoulder, Sarah sneered, "Dance THIS off, you little bitch!"

The words were still coming out of her mouth when she brought Jenna's arm snapping down across her shoulder, bending the limb at a terrible angle. Jenna flung back her head and shrieked, Sarah's attack on her arm and shoulder might have been simple, but that didn't mean it didn't have the ability to bring the brunette to her knees. And as much as she would have liked to have a few seconds to douse the fire running from her elbow to her shoulder, Sarah still hadn't gotten over Jenna riding her face, so she pulled Jenna to her feet and went back to work. Forcing her to bend over, Sarah slapped a Standing Headscissors on and hauled the brunette off her feet.

With the point of Jenna's back resting on her shoulder, the blonde held her position for only a moment before taking two steps forward and then driving Jenna down and forward while simultaneously dropping to one knee. The brunette's tenderized right shoulder slammed full force into Sarah's bent knee, and Jenna sobbed in anguish as she flopped onto the mat. Laughing happily as the Inverted Shoulderbreaker sent shockwaves of agony through her, Sarah pushed Jenna onto her back and pounced across her chest, hooking the far leg.

Dropping to his knees beside the grapplers, the official counted off, 'ONE... TWO...' before Jenna bucked hard, breaking the count with a second to spare.

Taking a moment to smooth out her hair, Sarah scooted in behind the flattened brunette and scissored her legs around Jenna's neck. Brushing the hair out of her victim's face, Sarah grinned down at Jenna and cooed, "You wanna show off Jenna? Lemme show you what you can do if you train your legs to do something besides spread!"

Locking her ankles, Sarah rolled over onto her belly, taking Jenna along for the ride. Planting her hands on the mat, the blonde dropped low, as if she was about to do a Push-up. Sarah did her Push up but in the process she lifted Jenna a few inches off the mat. Holding her position a second, Sarah then dropped her weight down, slamming Jenna’s face into the mat with a dull THUMP! Biting her bottom lip, Sarah looked out at the audience and asked, "You think she wants some more?"

The mob said they were certain Jenna wanted more, so Sarah hoisted herself back up and repeated the motion over and over again, just BANG slamming the brunette's forehead on the mat until she was almost limp. Satisfied for the moment, Sarah straightened up, so that she was sitting on Jenna's back with the other girl's head framed by her thighs. Mussing the brunette's hair with both hands, Sarah teased, "C'mon little girl, just one tiny kiss. Put those lips on the canvas and I'll finish you off quick."

Panting and gasping, the brunette grunted, "I'm gonna make you kiss my ASS!"

Digging her hands in deep, the blonde said, "I don't think so tramp. Your ass belongs to me now..."

Peeling herself off the wounded warrior, Sarah grabbed hold of Jenna's shoulderstraps and tugged the brunette up with her. Spinning Jenna around to face her, Sarah continued to work the game plan that had continued to pay dividends in the earlier in the match. Pulling Jenna in close, Sarah applied the Hammerlock to the brunette’s arm once again. Still maintaining the hold, she bent down, wrapped her arm around Jenna's waist and then threaded her head between Jenna’s left arm and her torso. Holding her prey tight, Sarah bridged up and fell back once again, hitting a Northern Lights Suplex, that had the added benefit of dropping all of the brunette’s weight onto her weakened right arm. Sarah felt Jenna groan and sputter beneath her and she bridged up even higher as the zebra swooped in and counted off, 'ONE... TWO...' but the brunette rolled onto her side, ending the bridge and stopping the count.

Slapping the mat in frustration, Sarah got to her feet and stalked over to Jenna's feet. Placing her hands on her hips, Sarah told the audience, "Jenna seems to think I'm a little up-tight, but I think she'll like me even less when I let my hair down!"

Smiling mischievously as the crowd cheered, Sarah reached behind her head and undid the ponytail. Fluffing her hair, Sarah took a dainty step forward, placing one foot on the brunette's right calf. Demonstrating remarkable balance, the blonde returned her hands to her hips and walked up Jenna's prone frame, planting her feet carefully so that Jenna would feel every ounce of her weight. When she reached Jenna’s shoulders, Sarah hopped over her victim's head, landing with the heels of her boot a few inches in front of the brunette's face. Almost through humiliating her opponent, Sarah scuffed her feet back, pantomiming flinging dirt on the battered girl's body.

Grinning from ear-to-ear as the crowd roared its approval, Sarah ran her hands over her skin-tight briefs and mused, "Hmmmh, I could really get used to this."

Ready to get back to the business of hurting her rival, Sarah spun around, dropped to one knee and sank her hands into the brunette's sweat-drenched hair. Hauling her off the mat, Sarah stood her up only to immediately release her grip and settle into a striker's stance. Lining up her shots carefully, Sarah hesitated for just a moment and then lashed out…left, right, left… tagging Jenna’s chin with three crisp Jabs. Pretty face expressionless, Sarah walked her victim down, making sure that Jenna's stumbling didn't take her out of range for further abuse. When she close enough to throw another set of punches, Sarah set her feet and fired away with a Right Cross; only this time the formerly dazed brunette stepped aside and Sarah’s fist hit nothing but empty space.

Before she could pull back, Jenna snared her foe's wrist in her hand and chided, "Too slow lame-ass. Wanna try again?"

Sarah growled and snapped out her free hand - but to her rage and horror - Jenna plucked the fist out of the air too. With both of the blonde's hands now in her possession, Jenna spun around behind her nemesis, twisting Sarah's arms so they formed an X across her throat. Pulling Sarah in close, Jenna drilled a brutal Knee Lift to the meat of Sarah's buttocks, not so much because it was an effective maneuver (though Sarah's pained groan indicated that it DID hurt) but because she was still extremely pissed about how the other wrestler had humiliated her when they were tangled up on the canvas.

Looking for retribution, the brunette nuzzled her face cheek in against Sarah's and cooed, "I am gonna make you CRY Sarah. Whether it be from pain or embarrassment, I don't really care, but you will end this match with tears streaming down your cheeks."

Hoping to make good on that threat, Jenna bent her knees, leapt into the air and tucked her knees up between Sarah's shoulders. When gravity reclaimed her a few seconds later, the brunette was pulled to the mat to land comfortably on her back while Sarah was wrenched off her feet and bent backwards at a vile angle across Jenna's folded joints. In most instances, Jenna would have released Sarah's wrists and gone for a pin after the Cross-Armed Lungblower connected, but the blonde had really infuriated her tormentor and Jenna wasn't ready to let her go just yet.

With Sarah still twitching on her knees, the brunette rolled to her right, tumbling Sarah onto the canvas just in time for Jenna to slide into place in a loose Straddle of her lower back. Tightening her grip on Sarah's wrists, Jenna planted her feet against the mat and leeeeanned back as far as she could, pulling the blonde's upper body back at a nasty angle while simultaneously bending her neck with her own arms. Jenna had transitioned from the Lungblower to the Cross-Armed Camel Clutch without a hitch and the crowd voiced it's approval by chanting 'STRETCH HER OUT JENNA!' over and over again.

More than happy to oblige, Jenna alternately relaxed and increased the tension on the hold to maximize the blonde's discomfort. Tugging left and right on Sarah's wrists to grind her opponent's face with her own arms, Jenna bounced up and down on Sarah's lower back and taunted, "I hear groaning, but I don't hear blubbering! And if I don't hear it soon, I'm going to get REALLY nasty." She rose up and smashed her butt down against Sarah's just to prove she wasn't kidding.

Refusing to give the brunette the satisfaction of her tears, Sarah fought for breath and growled, "You're the one who's gonna be sobbing bitch, just as soon as I get out of this!"

Rolling her eyes, Jenna sneered, "And how are you going to do that? You hoping to talk me to deaOWWWCCHH!" Sarah pulled as hard as she could and forced Jenna's left hand close to her mouth. Before the brunette could pull it away, Sarah chomped down hard!

Ripping her hand free of the blonde's maw, Jenna released the Camel Clutch only to plunge her hands into Sarah's blonde locks and drag her toward the ropes. Reaching her destination, Jenna forced Sarah's upper body under the middle rope and quickly took hold of the blonde's arms, folding them back over the cable to hold her in place. Leaning down, Jenna patted the fuming girl's cheek and said, "You just hang here for a little while loser, I wanna show you how easy it is to add a little creativity to your offense.”

Leaving Sarah hung out to dry, Jenna turned around and straddled the blonde's lower back, facing her feet. Sinking to one knee, she took hold of Sarah's feet, tucking her ankles under her armpits, then clasping her hands to form a tight loop. Smiling impishly, Jenna stood up and pulled back on Sarah's legs. With her arms tied up in the ropes, Sarah's whole body was pulled off the mat and bent into a shallow U, as she got stretched by a Camel Clutch from one end and a Boston Crab for the other.

Nodding at the crowd as if to say, ' I know, isn't this fucking awesome?' Jenna kept the hold locked in until the ref reached 'FOUR' on his count. Tossing Sarah's legs to one side, Jenna spun around, planted her right foot between Sarah's shoulders and raised both hands high overhead, the domineering pose serving as an effective reminder of just who was in charge at the moment. Grinding her heel into the blonde's back, Jenna broke the pose so she could lean in and tug Sarah back into the ring. Standing tall over her spattered opposition, Jenna made a few minute adjustments to her top before kneeling down to grab a handful of Sarah's green briefs. Hoisting the woozy grappler to her feet, Jenna relinquished her grip on the blonde's togs only to reach around her chest and again take possession of her wrists; left holding right and right holding left.

Pulling Sarah's arms tight across her chest, Jenna placed her lips against Sarah's ear and whispered, "I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, just how many moves can she hit from this one position? The answer, my sweet, boring, Sarah, is as many as I want."

Jenna bridged up and back, depositing Sarah squarely on the back of her head and neck with a Cross-Armed German Suplex. Increasing the pressure on her bridge after the Suplex connected, Jenna nodded in time with the ref and the audience as they counted off, 'ONE... TWO...' Sarah rolled off her shoulders, bringing the cover to a grinding halt.

Sighing, the brunette rolled to one knee and grabbed the blonde by the ankles. Getting her feet under her, Jenna dragged Sarah out into the wasteland in the center of the ring and flipped her over onto her belly. Moving fast, Jenna took Sarah's legs bent them at the knees and crossed them, tucking the blonde's right ankle in behind the pit of her left knee. With Sarah's legs secured, Jenna spun around so that she was facing the blonde's feet and deftly placed her left leg in the center of the rough triangle that had been formed by Sarah's legs. Completing the move, Jenna grabbed Sarah's left ankle and forced it into place behind the brunette's left knee.

Having thoroughly knotted up Sarah's legs, Jenna looked out at the audience and asked them, "Don't I make this look good?"

The mob replied with an affirmative. The brunette bridged backwards, reaching over her head to get both hands under Sarah's chin. With the crown of her head resting between the blonde's shoulders, Jenna bridged up as far as she could go, torturing Sarah's knees, back and neck with the Inverted STF. Working hard to keep her grip steady, Jenna rocked up and down, jerking Sarah's neck back each time she did so.

After about ten seconds of this pain, the brunette asked, "You wanna give up?"

Shaking her head 'no' as best she could, Sarah spat, "Never!" and tried to tug her way free.

Not impressed, Jenna fired back, "Never's a long time wimp, and you don't have that much left. NOW... GIVE... UP!" She punctuated each of those last three words with a colossal YANK on Sarah's neck.

Fighting desperately to keep from complying with Jenna’s demand, Sarah reached out with both hands, unfortunately the ropes were still several feet away and there was no way she could drag herself close enough to get a break. Unable to resign herself to surrender just yet, the tenacious blonde settled on another plan of action. It wasn't as technically sound as her usual game-plan, but it would get the job done and that's all she needed at the moment. Balling her right hand into a fist, Sarah reached back until she felt Jenna's head under her knuckles. Smiling in spite of the fire raging in her neck, Sarah pulled her fist away and then smashed it forward, drilling Jenna a short, sharp Shot to the temple. Jenna grunted and the STF sagged a bit. But Sarah was still locked tight which meant she was perfectly within her rights to fire off another Shot. And another!

And another. Finally, after more than half-dozen punches, Jenna's grip slipped and Sarah immediately rolled away, hoping that even a brief reprieve would clear her injured head. Several feet away, Jenna was allowing herself the same reprieve, but hers didn't take nearly as long as Sarah's.

Flipping hair out of her face, the brunette scrambled to her feet and stormed over to the penitent blonde. Dragging Sarah to her feet, Jenna whirled around with her back to Sarah. With a decided lack of theatrics, she reached over her shoulder and grabbed Sarah by the head. Pulling her close, she tucked Sarah's chin against her shoulder while securing a Three Quarter Face Lock (basically a headlock applied to jus the top of Sarah's head).

Then Jenna charged forward, sprinting to the corner with Sarah stumbling along in her wake. As she neared the corner, Jenna continued at full speed, running up the turnbuckles while she was still clutching at Sarah's skull. As she cleared the top buckle, the brunette used her momentum to float gracefully back over Sarah's head where she seemed to hang for a second before her weight pulled her over Sarah, the shorter girl falling hard to the mat on the full length of her torso. Tragically for Sarah, Jenna maintained her grip during this fall so as she started to fall, the blonde was torn from her moorings only to be driven viciously into the mat, her head, shoulders and upper back taking the brunt of the amazing Inverted DDT variant that was known throughout professional wrestling as Sliced Bread # 2.

Fully aware of the ring shaking underneath her, Jenna got to her knees and threw herself across Sarah's chest in an attempt to end the match. A heartbeat later, the ref was beside both wrestlers and he slapped the mat, 'ONE... TWO... TH-NO!' Sarah shot a shoulder into the air, forcing Jenna to go back to work.

Banging a fist against the mat, Jenna leaned down into Sarah's face and cooed, "Apparently I'm not hitting your stubborn ass hard enough. Don't worry though, that's going to change REAL soon."

Pushing to her feet, the brunette set her eyes on the nearest turnbuckle and she sauntered towards it without a look back. Placing one hand on the top rope, Jenna bent her knees and then leapt into the air, coming to rest on the top buckle in one sinuous, catlike motion. Spinning to face the rest of the ring, Jenna stood up straight and waited for Sarah to get her feet under her. When the blonde did so, Jenna settled into a crouch and called out, "Behind ya whitebread!"

The brunette expected the blonde to whirl around in a drunken stagger, making her a perfect target for whatever bit of aerial mayhem she had in mind. What she did NOT expect, was for Sarah to spin around and LUNGE towards the corner faster than most people could blink. Before Jenna even realized what was going on, Sarah leapt into the air and landed with both feet on the top rope. With her crotch only inches from the brunette's shocked face, Sarah sneered, "Not as fast as you thought, huh Dancin' Queen?"

Sarah grabbed Jenna's right arm in both hands and leapt back into the void, taking Jenna along for the ride. In one of the most breathtaking displays of agility and balance in recent memory, Sarah threaded her legs around Jenna's captured arm while both rivals were traveling on a wide, looping arc that brought them both down back-first in the middle of the ring. The instant they hit the mat, Sarah locked her ankles and REARED up, arching her back off the canvas to cinch on the Cross Armbreaker that had been started several feet above where they now lay. Working her favorite submission like a champ, Sarah stretched Jenna's arm to the breaking point, trying her best to hyperextend the brunette's elbow and dislocate her shoulder.

After an especially hard jerk forced a watery scream of pain from her captive, Sarah took a breath and panted, "Give it up cutie pie. Or I'll tear your arm off!" She added credence to this statement by yanking back on Jenna’s wrist yet again. Sending the ref packing with a vicious scowl, Jenna writhed on the mat, but she wouldn't cede the fight just yet.

Seeing the ropes out of the corner of her eye, the brunette slowly turned her way towards them, taking Sarah along for the ride. Scraping and clawing her way across the canvas, the frantic beauty was finally able to slip a boot over the bottom rope and scream, "LEMME GO BITCH, I'M IN THE ROPES!"

Huffing in disgust, Sarah cranked back on the Armbreaker one more time and then released it. Rolling to her feet, the re-energized blonde, Sarah pulled the semi-coherent girl to her feet, stepped in close and stood to her right. Taking possession of the brunette’s right arm, the blonde drew the tenderized limb across her chest and held it tight. Without a word of warning, Sarah snapped back, taking them both to the mat, smashing Jenna's face against the mat and wrenching her captured arm at a hideous angle. The Single Arm DDT worked perfectly as another monstrous bolt of pain raced down Jenna’s already wounded arm. She rolled over onto her back, clutching weakly at the injured extremity.

Popping to her knees, Sarah wasted no time in shoving the brunette over onto her belly and pouncing across her back. Laying perpendicular to Jenna's body, Sarah took hold of the brunette’s left arm and stretched it out as far as it would go. Trapping the helpless limb between her thighs, Sarah used her left arm to hook Jenna’s right arm around the elbow. Pulling back with vicious force, Sarah completed the hold by using her right hand to cup the brunette’s right shoulder and yank back, adding even more pressure. The audience let out a wild cheer as the blonde cinched in one of her finishers, a deadly Scissored Double Armbar she called the 'Sarahtonin.'

Wrenching and tearing with everything she had left in her tank, Sarah glared up into the lights and screamed, “C'MON CANDYASS, LEMME HEAR YOU CRY!"

And indeed, there were tears trickling down the brunette's cheeks, but Jenna didn't cry. Instead she redirected all that pain and humiliation into a snarling bellow that took everyone but her and Sarah by surprise. Refusing to accept the possibility that her first Main Event outing might end in a bawling submission, the brunette lugged her way back towards the ropes, but with her arms tied up behind her, she couldn't get close enough to enforce a break. Nearly breaking as she understood she'd have to take the long way around, Jenna steeled herself against the pain and started to wriggle around in a circle, soaking up every bit of Sarah's weight, not to mention the agony of the blonde's finisher as she did so. But Jenna wasn't a quitter and she proved it in the next several seconds. Digging down deep, she fought the pain of Sarahtonin just long enough to bring herself parallel to the ropes. And as soon as she could, she snaked out a foot and laid it along the bottom rope. Unable to muster the energy for a scream, she settled for mumbling, "Ropes..." and prayed the ref would do the rest. He did, and shortly thereafter, the blonde had to release the hold she had been sure would finish her rival.

Deciding it was time for a slightly more visceral approach, Sarah spooned Jenna off the mat and marched her towards the corner. Tossing the brunette back-first into the buckles, Sarah chested into the gutshot vixen and growled, "You and I seem to both like Knee Lifts, the only difference being that I don't have to shake my ass to make the move memorable. The sight of your teeth flying into the front row should do just fine."

Sarah cupped the back of Jenna's neck in both hands and pulled her down. Stepping back, Sarah then exploded forward, absolutely drilling her knee into the brunette's forehead with a shot that would have been more at home in the octagon than the wrestling ring. Beaming savagely as Jenna quaked in her grip, Sarah reset her feet and delivered four more knock out shots…left, right, left, right… before leaping into the air and pistoning BOTH knees into the brunette's forehead. Jenna was rocked up on her toes, and she stayed there for a good two seconds before wandering out of the corner and back to the center of the ring where Sarah was waiting for her.

Zeroing in on Jenna's right arm, Sarah darted her hand forward and grabbed laced her fingers with those of the brunette's. In the same breath, Sarah stepped away from her foe, pulling Jenna's injured arm away from her body. With the brunette standing groggy before her, Sarah sneered, “I can't explain it, but I REALLY like hitting you Jenna."

And then she began firing high, hard martial arts kicks directly into Jenna’s armpit. The brunette sagged and tried to pull away, but Sarah maintained her manacle-like grip and Jenna was forced to soak up more punishment. Finally after nearly a dozen kicks to her nemesis' arm and shoulder, Sarah blasted one right into Jenna's face. That last kick took the brunette off her feet and she fell to the mat as if shot, her wounded arm still in Sarah's grasp. Moments later, the domineering blonde released Jenna’s wrist and tossed it aside. Saving her breath for the cover, Sarah draped herself across the brunette's belly and hooked the far leg. Gritting her teeth, Sarah nodded along with the ref as he counted, 'ONE... TWO... THRE…NO!' Jenna kicked free of the cradle when the official's hand was less than two inches from the mat.

Kneeling beside her rival, Sarah rested her hands on her thighs and spat, "Fuck!"

Focusing her frustration on the semi-coherent brunette, Sarah buried her hands in Jenna''s hair and tugged her to her feet. Releasing her hair, Sarah placed both hands against Jenna's shoulders and shoved hard, sending the brunette backpedaling into the ropes. The force of Sarah's push was enough to send Jenna stumbling back into the blonde's clutches - exactly what Sarah wanted! Stepping into Jenna, Sarah flung her right arm across Jenna's chest and grabbed her shoulder. Holding the brunette in place for her other finisher, the blonde glared out at the mob and roared, "IT'S OVEER-RRGGH!"

Jenna cut her tormentor off by ramming the point of her elbow into the blonde's temple. Sarah grunted but didn't relinquish her grip, so Jenna blasted another shot off her skull. The second time proved a charm and Sarah went reeling away from the brunette, stepping in fence post holes all the way. A few feet behind her, Jenna shook off the last of her dizziness and stormed after her adversary. Snagging a handful of Sarah's trunks, Jenna whirled the blonde around and roared forward to bury a Knee Lift in Sarah's belly. Overcoming her usual urge to taunt, Jenna applied a Front Facelock with her right arm and held the left up in a wide 'THIS IS IT!' kind of gesture. In the blink of an eye, she spun 180 degrees, switching from the Front Facelock to a Three-quarters Faclock as she did so. Before the audience had even had a chance to appreciate the smoothness of the move, Jenna leapt high into the air and dropped to the mat, pulling Sarah off her feet and slamming her face-first into the mat with the curiously named Twist of Fate Neckbreaker.

Though it wasn't her typical finisher, Jenna knew the Twist of Fate was more than capable of keeping her opponent down for the three, so she wrapped up the blonde in a tight cradle and forced all her weight down across Sarah's shoulders. Trying to ignore the visual of Sarah's legs squirming and kicking at the air, the zebra dropped to his knees and counted off 'ONE... TWO... THRE-NO!" Sarah fought free of the cradle and rolled onto her side, breaking the count at the absolute last possible second.

Growling low in the back of her throat, Jenna fought hard to keep her mouth shut. As much as she was dying to embarrass the blonde, she was very much aware that Sarah was too dangerous to fool around with. So she would stay silent for now, there would be plenty of time to cement her dominance over Sarah after the bell rang. Repeating that thought like a mantra, Jenna threw herself on Sarah's back in a loose straddle. Wasting no time, Jenna lay down on top of her writhing foe, resting her chin on the base of Sarah's neck. Acting quickly, Jenna slipped her legs down between Sarah's gams and then locked her calves around Sarah's calves, applying a slightly modified Double Leg Grapevine. Still resting with her chin against the back of Jenna's neck, Sarah snaked her hands forward and looped them across and under Sarah's jaw, adding a basic Chinlock to the mix.

Hold almost complete, Jenna whispered into her prey’s ear, “I was able to fight out of your best submissions Sarah. Can you do the same?"

Itching to test Sarah's mettle, Jenna suddenly stretched her legs as far apart as they could go while simultaneously wrenching back on the Chinlock. The agonizing tandem pain caused by the pair of holds brought a wild frenzy of thrashing from the pinned blonde, but with her legs incapacitated there was nothing for her to do but squirm and flail her arms across the mat. Hating the twinge of fear she felt as the Grapevine threatened to tear her in two, Sarah blinked back tears and tore at her own hair to keep from submitting. Calling upon reserves she didn't know she had, Sarah calmed her nerves and stilled her flailing arms. Waiting for just the right moment, she whipped her hands backwards and groped blindly at Jenna's face trying her damndest to rip or tear something pretty and delicate of her smug face.

She was unsuccessful, but she did manage to gouge Jenna’s eyes pretty well and that was enough to force the sultry brunette to relinquish her hold. Temporarily blinded, Jenna let out a small groan and rolled free of her victim, leaving Sarah to recover as best she could from her opponent's latest bit of offensive innovation.

Clearing her vision, Jenna shook her head and muttered, "Fuck this silent treatment shit. This bitch is done."

Wearily getting to her feet, Jenna trudged over to Sarah and scraped her off the mat. Cinching in a tight Front Face Lock, Jenna marched Sarah to the center of the ring, making sure that the whole audience got a good look at Sarah's jiggling backside. Done fooling around, Jenna grabbed a handful of tights while simultaneously Sarah's near arm over her shoulders. Set for the Suplex, Jenna waited for another second before popping her hips, taking the bigger girl over with a lightning fast Snap Suplex. The move lived up to its name in two ways in this instance: not only was it fast, but there was a loud snapping noise as Sarah's slick back smashed down on the canvas, causing her whole body to arch violently upward.

But Jenna wasn't even close to satisfied! After the Suplex, she maintained the Facelock and twisted her hips to the side, getting her feet under her to bring both her and Sarah back to a vertical base. Setting her feet again, Jenna popped her hips a second time, taking Sarah up and over with a second Snap Suplex. If anything, the landing was louder and more violent this time but still Jenna wouldn't let her victim loose. Getting to her feet once more, Jenna hauled Sarah's nearly limp bulk to her feet and adjusted her grip on the out-of-it blonde’s disheveled bottom.

Pinching Sarah's ass just for the hell of it, Jenna whispered, "You're gonna wish you'd stayed down earlier Sarah. At least then you could have left the ring with a little dignity. But now I'll have to use you up and expose you for the no talent vanilla drone you really are." Ignoring a weak punch the blonde threw into her ribs, Jenna planted her feet and took Sarah over with a third Snap Suplex!

Finally releasing her hold on Sarah's head, Jenna nudged the blonde over onto her belly and scrambled around to her feet. Drawing a deep breath, Jenna stood on the blonde's thighs, just above the knee. Bending down, she pulled her captive’s lower legs up and locked them inside her calves. Making sure she kept her balance, she bent further and grabbed hold of Sarah's wrists and expertly crossed them over the downed girl's throat. Holding her prey in a death grip, Jenna pulled back and fell until she was on her back on the canvas with the blonde tied up above her. Alternately pulling and bouncing her grip on the Cross-Armed Mexican Surfboard, Jenna put all she had into the body breaking submission and was rewarded with a chorus of tortured gurgles from the suspended vixen.

More than a bit aggravated that Sarah wasn't frantically tapping out just yet, Jenna poured even more of her reserves into the Surfboard and taunted, “What’s the matter little girl? You need me to relax this a bit so you can tell the ref you quit?"

Taking a ragged, panting breath, Sarah gathered her thoughts and panted, “No thanks, the lack of fresh air is actually helping me deal with your disgusting garbage smell.”

Sneering, Jenna replied, "Is that all you've got now? I thought you were the bad ass, ice cold technical wrest… UNNGH!"

Some way, somehow, the blonde wrenched her hands free of Jenna's clutches and twisted as she fell, landing belly-first across Jenna’s chest in a rough pin. Suddenly gasping for breath, the brunette fought wildly as the ref dropped in and counted off, 'ONE... TWO...' Jenna got her hands against Sarah's face and CLAWED down, forcing the blonde to roll off of her.

Infuriated that Sarah had nearly stolen the fight from her, Jenna hauled Sarah to her feet and marched her into the center of the ring. After doubling over the blonde with a stiff kick to the belly, the brunette stood to Sarah's left, lifted her right leg and placed it across Sarah's shoulders, with the pit of her knee resting comfortably on the base of Sarah's neck. Demonstrating remarkable balance, Jenna leaned forward and grabbed hold of Sarah's left arm. Leaning back on her posted foot, Jenna licked her lips and cooed, "Gonna drill you now sweetie!"

Doing just that, the brunette dove forward, dropping to her hands and knees as Sarah was twisted in a violent circle, her neck wrenched evilly as Jenna pasted her with the ingenious Neckbreaker variant known as the Overdrive. With Sarah's head resting on the back of her knee, Jenna bit her bottom lip in a coy smile and ran a hand through her hair. Speaking directly to the audience, the brunette called out, "IT'S TIME FOR SARAH TO FEEL THE RHYTHM!"

Pushing to her feet, Jenna stood at Sarah's head and pulled her to her knees. Smiling down into Sarah's sweaty face, Jenna pulled the blonde's head back at an awkward angle and stepped forward, wedging Sarah's head between her thighs and clamping them shut, applying the agonizing Standing Inverted Headscissors she had dubbed the Circadian Rhythm.

Placing her hands on her hips for balance and style, Jenna poured everything she had left into the hold, not only putting intense pressure on the blonde's head, but bending her neck to the limit AND - as a final humiliating touch neatly forcing Sarah's nose deep into the crack of her ass!

Swinging and swaying her hips to a beat that only she could hear, Jenna continued to groove on Sarah's face as she said, "This is it baby! If you don't tap out, you're gonna pass out with my ass molded to your face!"

Sarah slapped and clawed at Jenna’s hips as she tried to draw a breath that wasn't filled with Jenna's scent. She used the boiling rage welling up inside her to turn her head just enough to open her jaw and BITE Jenna's left cheek. The brunette's sassy grin was replaced with a pained howl as Sarah continued to chew on her. Wanting nothing more than to get the blonde's teeth off of her, Jenna released her Scissors and scrambled away, rubbing gingerly at her chomped cheek. Green eyes tossing sparks, Jenna exploded forward and drilled a boot into the blonde's temple.

As Sarah slumped forward on her face, Jenna drew a thumb across her throat and screamed, "THIS IS IT!"

Leaving Sarah puddled at her feet, the brunette strutted to the most convenient corner and leapt onto the top rope. Turning to face the ring, Jenna dropped into a crouch, drew a bead on her prostrate victim and soared out into the void. Extending her legs straight out in front of her, Jenna came down hard and fast, her shadow long and getting longer as she prepared to take Sarah's head off with a Guillotine Leg Drop. This plan hit a sizable snag when Sarah rolled out of the way, leaving the brunette to come crashing down tailbone-first on the recently vacated canvas. The crowd let out an 'OOOHHH’ as Jenna and Sarah were laid out flat on their backs in the middle of the ring.

Glancing back and forth between the two beaten vixens, the ref started his slow TEN count; if he reached the end and neither girl was on her feet, the match would end in a draw - and that would just suck. But luckily for us, both ladies let out exhausted groans right around SIX and were on their hands and knees by EIGHT. Running on fumes by this point, blonde and brunette regarded one another from across the ring with hard, angry eyes.

Getting her feet under her, Sarah raised her hand and curled her fingers, beckoning Jenna in, "Come and get it baby..."

Jenna surged forward and raised her arms as if going for the lock-up. But when Sarah moved in to meet the grapple, Jenna pulled back and buried a stiff boot in the blonde's belly. Snarling savagely as Sarah gasped for air, Jenna grabbed hold of Sarah's dangling wrists and crossed them over her chest. Cinching Sarah up in a tight Front Facelock with her arms still tied up, Jenna sneered, "Consider it got, bitch."

She bent her knees and started to lift up, hoping to spike Sarah's head into the mat with the diabolical Cross-Armed Brainbuster she called the Tango de la Muerte.

But Jenna's deadly dance was foiled when Sarah threaded her legs between the brunette's, effectively blocking the throw. The moment her feet came back into contact with the mat, Sarah brought her left foot up and then smashing down on the brunette's toes. Jenna shrieked and staggered back, hobbling on her mangled foot. Sarah on the other hand was feeling pretty good and she went for the knock out shot; taking a side step to her right, the blonde hopped forward and sent her left foot blasting towards Jenna's face for a jaw-shattering Super Kick.

However, the pain in her foot had actually heightened Jenna's senses to a certain degree and the brunette ducked under the blonde's foot and spun around behind her. Setting her feet, Jenna waited till Sarah turned to face her before swinging her right leg up in a wide, swinging arc that would have taken her head off had Sarah not ducked at the last second. Cursing, Jenna regained her balance and spun around... directly into Sarah’s waiting arms. Lacing her left arm across Jenna's chest, Sarah grabbed the back of her foe's neck and pulled her in close.

Nuzzling her lips against Jenna's ear, Sarah whispered, "Gotcha."

Then she bent her knees and executed a perfect back-flip with Jenna still wriggling in her clutches. The end result was something that mixed the best of a Rock Bottom and a Standing Moonsault to flatten Jenna against the canvas with Sarah's other finisher, the visually stunning Sarah-rizer. Hooking the brunette's legs, Sarah hooked her foe in an inescapable cradle and leaned all her weight down across Jenna's chest. Bearing down as hard as she could, Sarah closed her eyes and waited as the ref counted, "ONE... TWO... THREE!"

Jenna shot a shoulder off the mat a second after ‘THREE’ but it didn't matter! The bell rang and Sarah was the winner!

Breaking away from the brunette, Sarah sat on her knees held her face in her hands. She'd held back sobs during the course of the war with Jenna, but now that she had won, the tears came hard and fast. The win had taken everything out of her, but it was HERS by God and damned if it didn't feel good. Regaining her senses, Sarah rubbed a forearm across her face and then crawled to her feet.

After she let the ref raise her hand (and a few celebratory circuits of the ring) the exhausted blonde limped over to the kneeling brunette and held out her hand. It wasn't that Sarah liked Jenna, because she didn't. But Jenna HAD given her the toughest battle of her fledgling career. Like her or not, Sarah respected that and she felt obligated to shake the brunette's hand. For a moment, Sarah wasn't sure if Jenna would even accept her gesture, but after several tense seconds, the brunette extended her hand and allowed the blonde to pull her off the canvas. As the crowd cheered them on, Sarah nodded once and said, "Good fiUNNNGHHH!"

Jenna had tugged her forward and slammed her knee up squarely into Sarah’s trunks. Sarah's jaw unhinged and she tried to scream, but all that came out was a gasping rattle. Her features twisted with rage, Jenna crossed Sarah's arms across her chest and slapped on the Front Facelock. Glaring down at the blonde's exposed back, Jenna spat, "Fuck you and your sanctimonious bullshit! Here's a little preview of how our next match is going to end." Without another word, the brunette hoisted Sarah into the air over her head, held her perfectly inverted for a split-second and then sat out, just SPIKING the crown of Sarah's skull into the mat with the Tango de la Muerte. Ignoring the buzz of the crowd and the official, Jenna scooted into place over Sarah's head and then sat down, treating the Starfished blonde to a nose-pinching Reverse Face Sit. Placing both hands on Sarah's gulping belly, Jenna rocked her hips back and forth as she cooed, "You'll be awake for this next time Sarah. Butt for now..." she wiggled her backside in a tawdry little circle as she continued, "... the video evidence should be enough to get your boring ass riled up for the sequel. Sleep tight loser."

Pushing up off the blonde with slow, steady deliberateness, Jenna basked in the cheers and boos before strutting to the edge of the ring. Slipping out onto the floor, she flashed the fans a knowing little smile as she made her way up the ramp. She was about halfway there when a ragged, amplified voice growled, "Don't turn your back on me just yet you bitch!" Jenna stopped, looked over her shoulder and saw Sarah glaring at her from the ring, microphone in hand. Regarding the brunette with undisguised hate, the blonde sneered, "You wanna finish this now? Then get your cheap shot taking ass back in here!"

Smirking, Jenna walked back to edge of the ring and looked up at Sarah, "I'd rather wait til next time. I mean, it wouldn't be fair of me to COMPLETELY rob you of moment in the spotlight would it?"

Leaning on the ropes, Sarah appeared to mull this over. "No I don't suppose..." she jerked the mic aside and spat down into Jenna's upturned face. Fixing the stunned brunette with a sadistic leer, Sarah taunted, "That's better than you deserve slut! Next time I get my hands on you I'll do worse."

Sarah got the last word out but just barely because an enraged Jenna grabbed her ankles and dragged her out of the ring. The moment the two rivals were in contact again, it was like some secret switch had been flipped. The expertly trained fighters of the last half hour were gone, replaced by the most savage of hellcats that appeared more interested in tearing out huge hunks of hair and skin. Digging their claws into the other's scalp, Sarah and Jenna ripped and tore at each other for nearly thirty seconds before a horde of officials swarmed down from the back and pried them apart.

Surging forward against the zebra's, Sarah kept reaching for Jenna as she screamed, "THIS ISN'T OVER CUNT! NEXT TIME YOU DISRESPECT ME I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!"

From the center of her own black and white prison, Jenna raged back, "BRING IT ON CUNT! WE AREN'T DONE YET!"

She was about to say something else, but by that time, the refs had pulled her through the curtain and out of sight. Relaxing considerably once Jenna was no longer in the arena, Sarah shrugged off the officials and caught her breath. It took her several seconds, but she eventually became aware of the crowd chanting, "FUCK HER UP, SARAH; FUCK HER UP!"

Finding the energy for a small smile, Sarah nodded and muttered, "You're god damned right." as she limped her way up the ramp and disappeared through the curtain.