Shannon Tweed vs. Lynda Carter by Southgate

Big blonde Shannon is just a few years younger than her 49 year old brunette opponent. Knockouts in their twenties, both women have added a pound or two. Nonetheless, both women are obviously very fit, even if they are now more voluptuous than svelte. The year that Shannon was Playmate of the year, Carter trounced her in a celebrity wrestling match. Evenly matched early on, Carter turned a headlock into a choke and turned the match, dominating Shannon with dirty tactics for easily ten minutes. Worse yet, Lynda used a school girl press to pin then inexperienced Tweed to the mat. Carter sat heavily on her Shannon's chest, slapped her face repeatedly and finally administered the ultimate humiliation, squatting on the blonde's face and tormenting her with an extended fanny smother, long after Shannon had submitted. As Carter's career faded for a while, Shannon made herself a queen of B movies and numerous action flicks. The blonde was out for blood in this long awaited rematch.

Just as the bell rings to start the match, Shannon's sister, the 6' plus redhead Tracy Tweed appears at ringside to taunt Lynda. Carter takes the bait and turns to spit back insults. Shannon surprises the big brunette as she charges across the ring and catches Carter off-guard, slamming an ax handle to the back of Carter's neck. Lynda falls forward into the ropes. Tracy leaps up on the ring apron, grabs two hands full of Carter's hair and jumps back down to the floor, leaving Lynda bent in two over the top rope. Shannon kicks Lynda's legs wide apart. The blonde's fists hammer into the trapped brunette's crotch. Shannon locks her hands and wallops Lynda's back repeatedly with vicious ax handles. Tracy finally lets go of Lynda's hair and backs away from the ring. Shannon wraps her arms around Lynda's waist and lifts her off the ropes. With impressive strength, Tweed lifts Carter off her feet, spins her to the center of the ring. Hoisting the big brunette high, Shannon delivers a tail-bone mashing atomic drop. Lynda writhes on the mat, rolling from side to side holding her lower back. Shannon, hands on hips, casually completes a circle around Carter. She stops to boot Lynda repeatedly in the back. Carter rolls onto her back trying to protect her sore tail bone. In a flash, Tweed launches herself up into the air. She lands with a elbow that cracks across Lynda's chest.

Shannon hair hauls Carter to her feet. She drives her knee into the brunette's belly as she comes off the mat. Shannon knees Carter repeatedly. Each knee slam lifts the big brunette off her feet. Driving Lynda into the corner, Shannon quickens her pace and delivers four rapid knees to Carter's crotch. With her victim trapped and completely disheartened, Shannon grabs her hair and yanks her upright. The nasty blonde unloads a barrage of punches to Lynda's boobs and belly, beating her like a workout bag. After a full minute of pounding, Carter is nearly out on her feet, barely able to draw a breath. Shannon decides to have some fun. She grabs Carter's halter top and yanks it up over her head, throwing it into the crowd. The usually modest Lynda is too beat to cover up, she just hangs on the ropes with a far away look in her eyes. The crowd roars at the sight of Lynda's big, unfettered boobs. Tweed snarls, she steps back and spins. Her left foot smashes into Lynda's right tit. Again and again Tweed spins, delivering thundering, boob-mashing kicks with deadly accuracy.

Shannon finally stops. She abruptly snap-mares Carter to the center of the ring. Straddling the older woman's waist, Shannon slaps Carter's face till both cheeks are beet red. Tweed rolls Carter over, wraps her thick, muscular thighs around beaten woman's waist. Sitting behind her trapped foe, Shannon's first squeeze forces Carter to snap out her daze and shriek. Shannon reaches her arms around Carter head. Her left hand pulls back on Lynda's forehead. The thumb on her right hand jabs hard in Lynda's throat Shannon clamps her hand around Carter's throat.

"I owe you this with interest," Shannon hisses.

Carter tries to buck free, but the blonde is in complete control. Shannon grimaces as she strains, putting everything she has into her waist scissors. Carter's ribs feel like they'll breaking. With Shannon's hand clamped around her throat, she can't scream.

Carter struggles silently in Shannon's vice for nearly two minutes. Her movements grow more feeble as the color drains from her face. After a long, final rib busting squeeze, Tweed kicks away from the barely conscious Carter. Shannon rises to her feet and pulls Carter up by her hair. Bending the gumby legged woman forward, Shannon traps her head momentarily between her thighs and then, in one strong motion, lifts her up to shoulder height and slams her down to the mat on her back in a perfectly executed power bomb. Lynda bounces up nearly a foot off the mat. Shannon walks over to the dazed Carter, again pulls her up by her hair and hoists onto her own shoulders. Shannon spins Lynda around and then tosses her down to the mat in a giant belly flop. When she is done bouncing, Carter lies motionless. Shannon again walks calmly over to Lynda. Squatting down on the beaten brunette's face, Shannon grinds her wide butt down while she waves to the crowd, in no hurry at all to get up.

Tracy applauds her sister's victory, leaping on to the ring apron. Shannon finally stands, leaving Carte gasping on the mat.

A haggard but furious Lynda slowly drags herself to her feet.

"You stinking cheater, you couldn't beat me without your sister's help," shouts Carter.

"Anytime you want a rematch, you just let me know, you fat has been," spits Shannon.

"You come ready to die when we fight again," threatens Carter.

"Oh, yeah, I'm really worried," laughs Shannon. She turns away with her sister and marches off to celebrate her victory.