Deana Carter vs. Lee Ann Womack by Clyde (fr January 2002)

Lee Ann had invited her friend Deana over to her house one evening. She'd had a new gym put in and was dying to show it off. "Do you want to go downstairs and check out my new gym Deana? it's loaded, Lee Ann bragged. "I've got free weights, a nautilus, stair climbers, a heavy bag for punching, all kinds of cool stuff."

"Sure, it sounds pretty cool, lets go," replied the equally excited Deana.

When they got to the gym, Deana was amazed, "This looks great, I gotta try that skiing contraption," she giggled.

"Well I have an extra pair of shorts in the changing room, if you want to try it," offered Lee Ann, already wearing her spandex shorts and sports bra.

Deana accepted, and quickly changed. They went over to the stationary bikes and while they were riding, started to gab.

"This is really a nice set-up Lee Ann, I may have to get something like this," said Deana.

"Yeah, I got tired of going to the gym. If I wasn't getting cornered by a fan, I always seemed to run into somebody I know, and never got to workout," sighed Lee Ann.

"I know what you mean," said Deana quietly.

"I heard you ran into Shania last time you were at the gym," Lee Ann said with a subtle grin, hoping to get a reaction.

"How'd you know that?" Deana gasped, almost in a panic. "Who told you? What did you hear?"

Deana suddenly flashed back to when Shania tricking her to get in the ring to wrestle for fun, only to sneak attack the unsuspecting blond and beat her into submission.

"Oh, I overheard somebody talking," Lee Ann grinned. "They said Shania really took it to you - even made you service her after she kicked that sweet little ass of yours."

Lee Ann was trying to get a rise out of her friend and she certainly did! Deana suddenly quit pedaling, hopped off the bike and went over to face Lee Ann.

"Listen you, I don't know what you heard, or what you didn't hear, but Shania tricked me and caught me off guard. As far as servicing her, I don't know what you’re talking about!" snapped Deana, her face flushed bright red.

Lee Ann got off her bike and faced her sexy looking friend, "Oh, I think you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about! Can you say, ‘Queen Shania’?"

Lee Ann laughed and pulled out a picture of Shania sitting on Deana's face holding a handful of her blond hair in her hand as Deana licked the Canadian Diva's pussy.

Deana's Jaw dropped, "Oh God!! She had CAMERAS in there? Oh shit, I'll never live this down!"

In a fit of rage, Deana shoved Lee Ann as she grabbed the picture out of her hands and ripped it into pieces. As she was tearing up the picture, Lee Ann came back at Deana, but the blond was ready for the sexy brunette. Deana jumped on Lee Ann and tackled her to the ground. She paint brushed Lee Ann's face with slap after slap which only subsided when she grabbed Lee Ann by the ears and started pounding her head on the matted floor. Deana also took the opportunity to bounce up and down on Lee Ann's breasts, smashing her perky little tits under her firm ass. Lee Ann grunted in pain as Deana bounced violently all over her chest and stomach.

"You picked the wrong day to mess with me! I'm no slave and your sure as HELL no Shania!" growled the wild-eyed blonde.

Deana stood up and pulled the dazed Lee Ann's top off, exposing her pair of reddening tits. Then Deana removed the shorts she borrowed from Lee Ann and returned them abruptly by throwing them at the helpless woman. Deana stripped completely, taking off her panties and shirt, then stood over her fallen victim.

"I think it's time YOU see what it feels like to be humiliated and forced to lick some bitches pussy!" barked Deana. "Then maybe you'll have enough class not to take pictures to show everybody." Deana lowered her soaking wet blond pussy right on Lee Ann's face and smothered the sexy brunette. Just before she covered her face fully, Deana spread her pussy lips to make sure she covered as much of Lee Ann's face as she could. "Now it's time to lick my pussy, you little bitch!

Lee Ann didn't hesitate. Her tongue flicked in and out of Deana's pussy almost at lighting speed, causing Deana to moan in pure pleasure. Deana's head fell back, her gorgeous blond hair swaying back and forth as Lee Ann worshipped her pussy. Lee Ann's tongue didn't miss a beat, licking, lapping and kissing until Deana was about to explode.

But suddenly, Lee Ann drew one of Deana's swollen pussy lips into her mouth and then bit down viciously - chewing the wet flesh as Deana screamed in pain and lost her balance. Lee Ann flipped the gorgeous little blond right over onto her back and, within seconds, the tables were turned! Lee Ann had her head buried in Deana's now tender pussy, biting and sucking on her delicious cunt. Deana continued to scream and cry in pain, as Lee Ann dominated her hot little box. Deana reached down and grabbed a handful of Lee Ann's soft brown hair, but the wild brunette moved up to Deana's engorged clit and sank her teeth in!

Lee Ann warned Deana, "Get your fucking hands out of my hair bitch or I'll rip your little clit right off.."

Deana quickly removed her hands, but continued to scream insanely at the pain she was receiving. After several minutes of chewing Deana's now severely tender pussy, Lee Ann let up. As Deana writhed in pain on the floor, Lee Ann went over to a cabinet and grabbed some nipple clamps and handcuffs. She kicked the unresisting Deana over onto her stomach, pulled her arms behind her and cuffed the beaten blondes wrists. Then she rolled Deana onto her back and clamped both of Deana's hard nipples which again caused the trussed up little blond to shriek in agony.

"Now I'm gonna show you how you make somebody eat your pussy, you stupid little whore," growled the intimidating Lee Ann as she lowered her pussy right on Deana's face. With one hand she pulled Deana's soft blond hair so hard, she couldn't even breath while her other hand reached back and pulled the nipple clamp, slightly twisting it as Deana's breast was stretched upward. "NOW START LICKING YOU STUPID LITTLE BITCH AND IF YOU GET AN IDEA ABOUT BITING MY PUSSY, I'LL RIP YOUR NIPPLES RIGHT OFF YOUR BREASTS. GOT IT SLUT?" growled the very intimidating Lee Ann.

Deana once again found herself on the losing end of a match and she did as she was told like an obedient puppy; licking and slurping noisily until Lee Ann's orgasm exploded in her face. Then Lee Ann made the little blonde bitch clean her up which Deana did willingly, licking, sucking and kissing her dominatrix' pussy thoroughly.

Lee Ann slid off Deana's face, she ran her fingers through her blond hair and smiled, "You make a great little pussy licker bitch, just like Shania said you would. From now on, you should service me whenever I want, because now you're MY little bitch. You understand me, SLAVE?" she asked as she ripped at Deana's hair and twisted her nipple roughly to force her to answer.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! Yessss... I....I....IEEE.....uuuhhhhhnnnn.....derstaaahhhhhh....nd mistress," Deana replied, her voice quivering with a tone of submission she knew only to well from her previous experiences.

"Ummmm. That's a good little bitch," Lee Ann praised. "OK, now spread those legs for your mistress, slave. It's time to fuck you into submission," she added in a sexy voice.

Lee Ann lay down on top of her. Deana hadn't seen Lee Ann strap on her 12 inch long "bitch-tamer” dildo but she felt it when Lee Ann drove it deep into her pussy! Within seconds, Lee Ann was pounding Deana so hard she squealed with each thrust. Then Lee Ann pressed her lips to Deana's, kissing the sweet blond as she pounded her toward a new world of passion - grunting and rutting until Deana screamed and gave up her juices to Lee Ann.

When Lee Ann was done, Deana's body was exhausted and hovering at the ragged edge of consciousness. Lee Ann pulled the sloppy dildo from Deana’s well-stretched and badly worn cunt and shoved it into her mouth, forcing it far down her throat. Deana swallowed it willingly, too intimidated not to do anything but try to please her new mistress.

After Lee Ann's “bitch-tamer” was spit-n-polish clean, she dragged Deana's limp, gasping body over to her new sauna and tossed the naked and helpless Deana inside and locked the door from the outside, leaving Deana sprawled on the floor in a sweaty lump, panting pile to await her new mistresses call to service she (and her friends) the next time!