Brooklyn Decker vs. Rebecca Cartwright (at Wimbledon 2009) by Puyol17

Watching Andy Roddick and Lleyton Hewitt in a long match at Wimbledon, the camera kept cutting to their significant others. What a fun match THAT would be to watch!!

Brunette Brooklyn Decker: 21 y/o, 1.75m tall vs. Blonde Rebecca Cartwright: 25 y/o, 1.68m tall.

Rebecca had been sitting a few rows from Brooklyn as they watched their husbands in an epic tennis match. When Brooklyn's man finally won she had whooped with delight, jumped up and down clapping her hands and started shouting "I knew you were better, hon!"

Rebecca was furious but managed to hold her tongue but later both were waiting for their husbands outside the dressing rooms and Brooklyn started a conversation, "Wow, what a match, huh?"

"I guess."

"What do you mean by that? It was. Andy was awesome."

"Oh for God's sake, won't you shut up about it?"

"You're very touchy lady. No, on the whole I don't think I will shut up about it."

Brooklyn clenched her fist and shook it in Rebecca's face, shouting "Yay! Go Andy!" She started jumping up and down again simply to annoy Rebecca. For her part, Rebecca frowned and turned to leave, she would see her husband later, but for some reason Brooklyn yelled, "Hey, I'm not done with you." and tugged on the blonde's hair to turn her round to face her. She waved her fist in Rebecca's face again and was about to shout once more when suddenly, she was charged. Rebecca ran right at her, wrapped her arms around the younger woman's waist and continued to run with her in her grasp. They ran straight toward the locker room door and both women no doubt expected the door to fly open, but, unfortunately, the door was locked and as such their bodies smashed into it.

At first it was very difficult to know who this had favoured. Rebecca's arms had been totally squashed on impact. The weight of both women's bodies had crashed into her helpless arms and as such, she was now lying on the ground with tears running down her cheeks, whimpering and moaning. Much of Brooklyn's back though had also slammed into the hefty door and, added to that, her nemesis, who had a heavier body than she did had landed hard into her own, pushing it back into the door which simply wouldn't give. Rebecca's firm body had slammed into the corresponding areas of her opponent and now, Brooklyn was also on the ground, gasping for breath, hoping against hope that Rebecca could not get up.

Both women lay on the ground for over a minute before finally Brooklyn stirred. At first all she could think of was running away but as she began to haul her body away from her opponent she became aware of the sounds that were coming from her. The pitiful moans and sobs hadn't stopped and she was hugging her arms in close to her body as though by pressing them into herself she might miraculously recover. Neither woman had ever fought before and were in no shape for the sort of pain which they had just felt, but Brooklyn was smart enough to realize that the person who had hurt her was in an extremely prone position and that despite her own aches and pains she had the opportunity to exact much more misfortune on Cartwright.

She looked over the woman on the ground. True, she was heavier and added to that her stomach was pretty well toned but she was shorter, her legs didn't look like they could be used as weapons and although her arms did have more muscle to them than her own, they didn't look particularly imposing and in any event had just been hurt very badly. She made her decision...

Brooklyn reached down and grabbed the curly blonde hair of her enemy and dragged the stunned, screaming woman down the hall on her back. As she got near the end of the corridor she stopped and yanked the hair upwards bringing her screeching victim to her knees. The idea was to slam Rebecca's face into the mirror which stood nearby. Brooklyn for whatever reason felt that she had to articulate this.

"Your face is already ugly enough, think what it's going to look like after I smash it into that mirror. Let's hope no glass seriously damages it. Heh-heh-heh."

She took back Rebecca's head before attempting to force it forward. However, Rebecca's head refused to move toward the mirror. Brooklyn pushed with all she had, but she simply couldn't slam her face into the glass. Thinking it was a brief, token resistance, Brooklyn let go of the head and started taking deep breaths and rubbing her arms in preparation for another push. But she never got the chance!

As she came back towards her prey, she was met with a kick to the stomach which she hadn't seen coming at all. It was not a kick with much power but somehow it sent the model tumbling onto her back which gave Cartwright even more time to recover. By the time Brooklyn was on her feet again she was looking into the eyes of an angry woman who was now also standing up. It was almost like the fight was beginning again from a fair position, both women, expecting it, standing face to face, neither one confident of their fighting ability and both feeling more pain than they ever had before.

Rebecca launched herself at her opponent, once more landing on top of her, dragging her to the ground. Brooklyn was in big trouble now as she could not move the shorter woman off of her. Her arms and legs flailed wildly as Rebecca slapped her face from side to side. The tears were now flowing down Brooklyn's cheeks as she couldn't escape from her desperate position. She became more desperate as first her tank top was ripped down the middle and then her jeans unbuttoned and dragged down leaving her in just her white bra and panties.

"Oh baby, it's time to suffer"

The Australian squeezed down hard on her opponents boobs making her scream out in pain. This only made her increase the pressure, really enjoying twisting and pulling and seeing the suffering.

"We can't let you keep howling honey. Someone might hear."

With that, Rebecca suddenly undid her own t-shirt, took off her bra and suddenly bit down on the American. As Brooklyn's head came up and her scream began, Rebecca wrapped her arms around the rising head and pushed her face into her waiting breasts in an attempt to suffocate her and stifle the noise. It was working perfectly, she was really enjoying pushing the features of Brooklyn Decker against her and the thought of her soon being KO'd excited her.

Although Brooklyn's arms had originally been flailing without purpose however, they had now found something. She had her left hand on the back of the blonde and was slowly sliding it down her back. The Aussie, too excited by her own success had stopped paying any attention to this and welcomed Brooklyn's hand on her ass as an extra turn on when it eventually got there. One of Brooklyn's fingers managed to squeeze under Rebecca's tight shorts and directly onto her ass. Knowing that there was little time before she may be out, Decker decided that she had to cause quick, sudden damage and hope that Cartwright couldn't take it. She could do little with one finger, especially as there was little room for movement in the shorts. Somehow or other, she managed to sneak the finger round to the other side of the shorts and could feel a few hairs with her finger. She coolly wrapped her finger around what she could feel before suddenly yanking down as hard as she could.

Rebecca's face told the story. She had been enjoying herself so much, her eyes had been bulging widely in anticipation of victory and in total excitement seconds before and she had been grinning from ear to ear at the prospect of telling her story when suddenly she felt the finger which she had been somewhat enjoying desperately travel her body just seconds before, pull out a few of her pubes. Instantly, and for the second time in the fight, Rebecca just burst into tears; fell off of her rival and started sobbing and rubbing her crotch.

Again, the fight stopped for close to a minute as Rebecca continued to cry and Brooklyn tried to get her breath back. Both women slowly got to their feet, both desperate to win however they could but both wanting to stop as soon as possible.

Brooklyn rushed her chance and, remembering what had happened to Rebecca's arms earlier, got into something like a test of strength. Rebecca, still crying, at first thought that it was over as she could barely feel her arms. However, as Brooklyn continued to press her back, she realized that her opponent had almost no power in her arms and began to give some resistance. She began to push Brooklyn back very easily. The American couldn't match the power of the Aussie at all and tried to get out of the hold but Rebecca ensured that her fingers couldn't escape and pushed her opponent back against a wall. Suddenly she twisted the arm of Brooklyn, spun her round, held her arm high up against her back and pushed her into the wall once more.

Brooklyn's tears were coming again and she immediately shouted, "I quit!"

Rebecca though wasn't ready to finish, only to negotiate. "Listen up bitch, I'll either repeatedly smash your face into that mirror like you threatened you would to me until it's unrecognizable or you'll do something for me."

In between sobs Brooklyn managed to communicate, "Anything... please, anything but that."

Ten minutes later, Andy Roddick had been called away from the changing room by Brooklyn to an emergency at his hotel. The changing room door was now unlocked and Rebecca marched Brooklyn through it with a tight grasp on her hair. She kissed her husband before throwing Decker to the ground, sliding down her shorts and sitting on her face.

"Baby, Brooklyn wants to lick me out...don't you bitch!!" Brooklyn nodded sadly and began to do her duty.

Half an hour later Roddick arrived back at the changing room in response to an anonymous text message. He found Brooklyn tied up with her own shredded clothing, totally naked, her face dripping with the juices left by Rebecca, her husband, and Brooklyn’s own never-ending stream of tears.