Cassie’s Diaries #1: Nubia vs. Sheena by Tank

Journalist Cassandra Pussein records in her diary the events leading up to a climactic battle between two jungle beauties: Nubia and Sheena. Below are the main characters:

Cassandra Pussein - (Alexis Bledel). Known as Cassie, she was raised in a wealthy family and works as a professional journalist. She is assigned to Africa to do a report for a magazine similar to National Geographic. Cassie is a charming and urbane young lady who loves her work. She is equally comfortable in relationships with both men and women but prefers the company of strong, athletic women, the opposite of herself. Her biggest turn-on is to watch attractive women fight and she often attends female boxing and wrestling matches.

Sheena - (Gena Lee Nolin 5’9”). The strong and athletic Jungle Queen continues to rule her jungle despite the many formidable foes who have tried to bring her down. She has defeated all comers which include many lovely and deadly heroines and villains. She secretly enjoys dominating rival heroines in front of her boyfriend, Cutter.

Nubia - (Jayne Kennedy 5’10” and in her prime). Nubia is Wonder Woman’s arch rival. It is said WW gave it all she had to hold Nubia to a draw in a previous battle between them. Tall, dark, deadly, beautiful, and well muscled, Nubia possesses great strength and courage. She has recently left her misty island home to take up residence in the African jungle she plans to rule.

Shamika - (Beyonce Knowles). A heartless bully and gangster, Shamika is a local tribeswoman who is very haughty and rebellious. Leading a gang of young delinquents, she enjoys preying on female tourists. Shamika corners them before beating them up and stealing their possessions and clothing. She prefers to work alone so she doesn’t have to share the spoils with fellow gang members. The unquestioned leader of the pack, she goes about bare breasted in leopard skin as a sign of her rebellion.

Matt Cutter - Sheena’s boyfriend. Loves to watch Sheena in action, especially fighting female opponents. Matt believes his beautiful ‘Jungle Queen’ is invincible.

* * * *

Cassie’s Diary

April 21: “I am so excited to be in Africa! I love studying other cultures and am working diligently on my report. It feels good to be away from my family and prove to them I can make it on my own. I decided to live in a cottage in the jungle rather than a hotel in the city which is too far away for my interests. Soon my report will be complete and I’ll be able to return home. I am taking pride in my courage. Never thought I would be tramping through an African jungle on my own without fear of being attacked by something. I relish the thought of being a strong and independent woman.”

April 22: “My life has taken an abrupt turn. I was invited to dinner by several of the local dignitaries. Dressed for the event in my frilly ankle length white lace dress, my hair decked in pink ribbons, I heard the sound of loud drumbeats from my window. Having some free time, I took my camera and diary. After walking a considerable distance, I found myself standing behind a tree filming a group of bare breasted young tribeswomen as they danced to the beat of several drums. It appeared to be some sort of war dance. They would jiggle their breasts and stamp their feet violently. Though they were a bit younger than I was, some of them still in their teens, they all possessed bigger breasts and more muscular thighs than myself. Their dance was fascinating to me but also very intimidating. There was one who especially caught my attention. She moved with a power and grace unmatched by the others(Shamika). She was very beautiful and captivating in her leopard skin. I stood filming when she spotted me.

“As the other women continued their dance, she left her place and began to move toward me. As she approached, I smiled warmly and asked her name but she just sneered at me. She spoke neither English, French, or Spanish. Suddenly, she reached out and grabbed my dress at my thigh. I was very frightened. She tore at it and continued her aggression. I found myself in a fight with her. She punched me in the eye and I stumbled to the ground. She then pounced on top of me and began to rip my dress off. I tried to fight her off the best I could but she was too strong and wild for me to handle. A lot of good my judo classes did me!

“She was tearing my beautiful dress off. I kicked at her but she was not phased. RIPPPPPP! She tore my dress clean off and clutched it in her hands as she stood over me. I found myself gazing at her muscular thighs as I cowered on the jungle floor in my matching white lace bra and panties. I was so frightened of what she could do to me! I was praying she would go away. But then she reached down and grabbed my hair. She began to swing me by the hair, my butt bumping up and down on the hard ground. She wanted my ribbons and I couldn’t prevent her from taking what she wanted. I punched her thighs, screaming and crying, but she just laughed at me.

“She then yanked off my bra. I rolled away from her and got to my feet. I knew she was coming for my panties. I took off running and she ran after me. I was never so terrified in my life! Fortunately, she tripped over a tree root as she pursued me or she most certainly would have caught me. I was panting heavily as I scurried about the jungle looking for a place to hide from her. So much for being strong and independent.

“Suddenly, I heard a rustling in the trees above me. A blood- curdling scream was followed by the appearance of a black Amazon who hurdled from the trees in the path of my pursuer. She was dressed in a skimpy two piece outfit made of python skin. The tribeswoman stopped in her tracks when she saw her. I was kneeling concealed in a nearby brush, shaking like a leaf as I watched. The Amazon was giving the tribeswoman a stern lecture. The tribal woman seemed to have great respect for the Amazon and soon went her way.

“When the Amazon called for me, I was afraid to come out from my hiding spot. But she already knew where I was hidden. When I stood up, she approached me with kindness and asked me if I was alright. I found she spoke English and she had a very sweet and radiant smile. I immediately trusted her. She invited me to her cottage in the jungle. I accepted her invitation and forgot all about my dinner engagement which I was in no condition to attend anyway. When we arrived, I sat and ate with her. She was a wonderful hostess.”

April 25: “Nubia invited me to live with her. Of course, I said yes. Today, she took me hunting. I was absolutely enthralled watching her leap from a tree and take down a solitary wildebeest that had wandered by. She snuffed the life out of it...choked it with her bare hands. I find her to be very wise as well as an incredibly gifted physical specimen. She seems to take no small pleasure in my helplessness. Am enjoying my life with her immensely!”

April 28: “It was a day both terrifying and scintillating. While Nubia was away till evening, I took an afternoon walk up the riverbank with my camera and diary. I was extremely nervous that perhaps, I would meet up with Shamika again. Nubia had told me all about her. I was afraid to wander too far from the cottage. But as I approached the bank, I spotted a tall blond woman swimming in the river. She was nude at least from the waist up. She was big breasted and very beautiful. I dropped my diary, hid behind a tree and began to photograph her as she swam toward me. She was very strong and athletic.

“All of a sudden, I heard a hissing sound nearby. I quickly looked behind me and dropped my camera in terror. I was being sized up by a large crocodile! I had wandered too close to its nest. I tried to run but my stark fear stiffened my body and I fell to the ground. I screamed for help at the top of my lungs. It approached with its menacing jaws opened wide. I continued to scream.

“Suddenly, the blond woman raced up the bank and leaped on top of it! I watched her wrestle it on the bank as I trembled and sobbed. I was absolutely flabbergasted to see the croc wrestled helpless by the beautiful blond. It appeared she put it to sleep with a mighty strangle hold around its neck while avoiding its jaws. She then smiled sweetly at me and assisted me to my feet.”

April 30: “Haven’t seen Nubia in a couple of days and hope she isn’t worried about me. The blond woman’s name is Sheena and she is wonderful! Been staying in her village. She has a boyfriend though, named Cutter. Last night, we got drunk together after Sheena turned in early. He had me totally aroused. Not him... I mean the stories he told about Sheena! He spoke about her all evening and I felt thrilled to my bones listening to him.

“I found out Sheena has defeated in battle some very strong and sexy women. Women I had often heard about. He spoke of her beat down of Black Scorpion and Batgirl. Then he explained in detail her victory over Lara Croft. He witnessed all of them. Then he told me about some other fights Sheena was involved in that he did not see but wish he had. He learned about them from Sheena. Turns out the lovely jungle princess had also proved victorious against Catwoman! She also defeated in combat a wicked and powerful Shaman woman. “I would have loved to have seen those fights”, he told me. So would I, Cutter. So would I!

“I stumbled to my sleeping quarters and got in bed. The ceiling seemed to be spinning above me. My report was overdue but I didn’t care. The sweet smiling faces of Nubia and Sheena dominated my intoxicated mind. I have to know who is the stronger. And I will use all my wiles to bring about a fight between them.”

May 2: “Today I introduced Sheena and Cutter to Nubia. I watched them closely. Nubia was less friendly to Sheena than Sheena was to her. I spoke very little about the other to both of them for I wanted their first impressions to be as free as possible of any preconceived notions. Sheena and Nubia appeared suspicious of each other. The four of us conversed for about 15 minutes. There was a statement by Sheena that I feel I can exploit. She referred to the area as “my jungle”. Though Nubia has resided here for less than a month, I saw a frown on her lips. For she has often expressed to me her desire to rule this place. Fortunately, there was no warm bonding between them. Sheena did joke a bit but she barely drew a smile from Nubia.

“My strategy is to get both of them feeling threatened by the other regarding who the ruler of this place REALLY is. For Sheena has ruled here for some time and must feel threatened somewhat by Nubia’s presence here. But the gorgeous black Amazon is not going anywhere. Certainly these jungles are not big enough for both of them.

“Though I wanted to stay with Nubia, I decided to leave with Sheena and Cutter. Nubia did not look happy as I playfully pushed at Sheena and messed up her pretty blond hair as we left. I’m confident I can bring the fight about but I must not be too obvious of my intentions or my plan may backfire.”

May 3: “I had to laugh! As Sheena and I approached her village, four of Shamika’s gang members drew a beat on me. Sheena was walking behind me and they didn’t see her at first. They surrounded me. I looked back at Sheena and yelled, “Sheena, why are you walking so slowly?” They spotted her and hightailed it out of sight. I knew they wouldn’t DARE try to pick on me with HER around.”

May 5: “I’ll bet Nubia is steaming I chose Sheena over her! Last night I got drunk with Cutter again. I asked him what he thought of Nubia. He let me in on something, something I know I can exploit. It was great news! He told me Sheena is very upset about the animal corpses she’s been finding in the region. She believes they should be allowed to roam free and not hunted for food or for any reason. I began to feel aroused as I pictured an angry Sheena confronting Nubia over this. I believe very strongly that Nubia will hold her ground on this and not back down.

“I informed Cutter that Nubia was responsible. “She hunts for a living and is not about to change her ways.” I suggested coyly that perhaps Sheena should inform the proper authorities and allow them to handle it. For Nubia is one strong black Amazon, I told him, and I wouldn’t want to see Sheena get hurt. He looked surprised that I would dare insinuate that Sheena could be defeated in a fight by another woman. He then told me he would inform Sheena in the morning about Nubia’s hunting and that she would surely be indignant over it. I had to chuckle when he said, “Now if they get into a fight, don’t go trying to break it up.” I began to laugh and joke about the whole matter, pretending it made no difference to me whether they got into a fight or not. I soon realized that he as well was dreaming of a physical confrontation between them ever since he had set eyes on Nubia.

“As I made my way to my bedroom, I looked out a short distance away and noticed the light was still on in Sheena’s cottage. I sneaked up to her door unnoticed and spotted an opening large enough to peek inside. As I put my eye to the small hole, I could clearly see her lying on her bed. She was reading a magazine bare breasted in a yellow thong which appeared to be made of silk.

“I thought it odd for a Jungle Queen to be wearing a silk thong. I couldn’t imagine Nubia wearing one under her python skin. As I gazed at her, I couldn’t help thinking that perhaps deep down inside, she yearned for a softer life. But I may be wrong on this. As I gazed at her exquisite body, I pictured Cutter informing her about Nubia. Drunk as I was, I prevented myself from pounding on her door. I wanted so much to lay in bed with her. I wanted to tell her that Nubia was responsible for hunting down innocent wildlife. That she was an uncivilized beast that needed to be tamed. That she beat me constantly and that I regretted living with her and was really terrified of being alone with her. I wanted to hear Sheena assure me that she would put an end to Nubia’s arrogance and beat the crap out of her. But why get caught in a lie when Cutter would paint a very adequate picture on his own? I made my way back to my room. Ten minutes later I saw her light go off.”

May 6: (Morning) “Nubia is acting cold toward me. I don’t believe she would ever lay her hands on me even when she’s angry with me. Sometimes though, I wish she would just take me over her lap and deal me the spanking I deserve. If she only knew how much I would enjoy it! After all, I have been a very naughty girl tramping around with Sheena and Cutter the way I have with no regard for her feelings. She is very simple in her ways and I don’t believe she knows how to handle me.

“Anyhow, I didn’t tell her that Sheena will be arriving this afternoon to confront her over her hunting. I know she believes Sheena to be a prima donna and has no fear of her. Been fanning the flames by making up little stories about how arrogant Sheena can be and subtly insinuating what two- faces she and Cutter really are. Not going too far with it though. The hunting issue is enough to get them to tussle. For Nubia is a woman who hates to be told what she can and cannot do.

“I’m ready to film the confrontation when it occurs. I wonder who will win? I THINK I know. I wonder if the loser will be forced to leave the jungle. Would hate to see either leave. I would rather the loser stay and be submissive to the victor....for a very long time. And the way I’ve played both sides, I could have the loser submissive to me as well. Wouldn’t THAT be sexy!”

May 6: (Late Afternoon) “I caught it all on film! It was exhilarating! About 2:30 Sheena arrived with Cutter in his jeep. Nubia was sitting on the floor doing stretching exercises in her python skin. I sneaked away to get my camcorder. Sheena got out first and slammed the door. She approached the cottage and knocked very loudly. Cutter was standing against the jeep watching. When Nubia answered, Sheena got directly to the point and asked Nubia if she was hunting and killing wildlife in “her jungle”. She said she had recently spotted a dead gazelle not far from Nubia’s cottage. Sheena’s voice was raised above normal and she was very firm.

“I was surprised at Nubia’s answer. She calmly told Sheena that she could give up her hunting for she took no pleasure in killing wildlife. She was always a huntress on the island she was raised and it was in her blood but she was getting tired of it. She said she would be just as content fishing instead. Sheena got Nubia to give her word that she would not do any more hunting in the region. Sheena seemed satisfied with Nubia’s answer. She began to walk back toward the jeep.

“But as she was about to open the door to leave she remarked, “And let’s hope you will be leaving soon.” I watched Nubia tense up in anger. As Cutter got back in and started it up to pull away, Nubia quickly walked out and said to Sheena very provocatively, “I don’t need YOU to tell me that. I am not planning on leaving!”

“Oh?” Sheena responded.

“That’s right, jungle GIRL! You have no authority to tell me whether to leave or to stay!” Nubia’s breasts were expanding in her tight python skin bra and her thighs looked poised for combat.

“Is that so?” Sheena asked.

“Nubia backed away from the jeep and placed her hands on her hips allowing Sheena the space to open the door if she wanted to. Sheena glanced at Cutter who appeared to be encouraging her to get out and teach this Amazon come-lately a lesson. Sheena remained in the jeep and again looked at Cutter. Then slowly opened the door, took a step toward Nubia and stopped.

She pointed her finger at the black Amazon and shouted, “I’ll be back next week and if you are still here, I’ll MAKE you leave!”

The blond beauty turned to get back in the jeep when Nubia shouted, “Make me leave NOW, Jungle Girl!”

I rushed outside next to Cutter to film the encounter more closely. I spoke a moment with him as we anxiously watched them. He and I smiled and shook hands.

“The blond turned to face Nubia who immediately put up her hands to do battle. They began to circle each other. Sheena launched a lightning quick leg sweep which knocked Nubia to the ground on her butt. Then she leaped on top of her and began to pummel her with hard blows to her face. Nubia was struggling desperately. Finally, she was able to twist Sheena off of her and as they faced each other lying on their side, they struck each other with several savage punches and kicks.

“Sheena got the better of it, but as she twisted away from Nubia, the black Amazon grabbed her by her tan skirt and yanked her toward her. RIPPPPP! Off came Sheena’s skirt. The blond jungle queen jumped to her feet wearing underneath a pink silk thong. Nubia jumped to her feet as well only to be greeted by two snapping front kicks which knocked her to the ground again on her butt. But as Sheena advanced, Nubia, displaying amazing athleticism, back flipped herself to a standing position out of harms way.

“They sneered at each other, then simultaneously, they attacked with more savage punches and kicks. Nubia was backing Sheena up. A snapping front kick to the blond’s belly doubled her over. But as Nubia advanced, Sheena recovered quickly and her powerful side kick to Nubia’s breasts dislodged the Amazon’s bra. Nubia tore it off and threw it to the ground. Bare breasted she advanced, grunting with each blow. Both struck with a power and force that would have rendered lesser opponents long unconscious.

“Nubia continued the aggressor. But Sheena would skillfully slip her blows and counter with punches and sidekicks. Nubia would be knocked back but would continue to advance. Sheena attempted a spinning back kick to Nubia’s jaw but the Amazon moved swiftly inside and caught the reigning jungle queen with a snapping back fist to her face as she raised her foot to strike.

“Sheena went sprawling to the ground. But as Nubia rushed her, she launched her feet out and caught her in her belly. Nubia doubled over as Sheena quickly rolled away and got to her feet. Both women wasted no time in attacking the other. Punishing blows were exchanged. Both seemed to believe they had the other hurt and with another violent flurry in their favor, they thought, victory would be theirs.

“Sheena began to deliver slashing front and side kicks to Nubia’s body as she advanced. I heard the Amazon grunt a couple of times after being nailed. Sheena looked calm and in control while Nubia looked more scattered though very determined. Suddenly, the Amazon moved in and blocked Sheena’s side kick, then landed a savage right cross to her jaw. Sheena stumbled backward but kept her balance. Nubia quickly leaped at her with both feet flying and grazed the blond’s jaw.

“Though not hit flush, the force of the impact sent her to the ground. Nubia hit the ground also, but braced herself as she fell. Sheena got to her knees and found Nubia on her knees as well a few feet away. Now it was Sheena who looked angry and determined. Both beauties slowly moved toward each other. Still on their knees, Sheena struck Nubia with straight punches to her face. Nubia’s neck snapped back. Sheena lunged at her and executed a head lock. As the Amazon struggled, the jungle princess tightened her grip.

“I took a quick glance at Cutter who was cheering Sheena on. I got a few feet closer to the battle. Sheena’s pink thong was slipping down her butt as she grunted to apply pressure. Nubia wrapped her arms around Sheena’s waist from the side. Both women were grunting now and breathing heavily. Both of them were flexing their forearms and biceps around the other. I could not see the expression on Nubia’s face but I occasionally observed Sheena wincing in pain as Nubia slowly gained greater leverage with her pressure around her rival’s waist. Nubia looked to have the stronger, harder biceps.

“The Amazon gradually began to free herself from Sheena’s headlock and slowly maneuvered her body toward a position behind the blond, her arms still wrapped tightly just above Sheena’s hips. Nubia was struggling to improve her grip into a powerful reverse bear hug from behind. Her arms continued squeezing Sheena around her belly, then raising her powerful grip to apply pressure around her ribs. Sheena was wincing more noticeably. It was obvious to me that she began the wrestling encounter with a decided advantage. But Nubia was proving herself the stronger woman.

“Suddenly, Nubia raised her head and butted Sheena in her face. Now free of her lovely rival’s headlock, she slipped directly behind her and tightened her torturing vice grip around around her ribs. Sheena was in obvious pain. She slashed her elbows behind her to strike Nubia’s face and ribs but could not land solidly. I glanced again at Cutter and he looked very nervous.

“Nubia lowered her body as she knelt behind Sheena and lifted the jungle beauty off her knees with her arms. I watched Sheena grimacing as she kicked her feet and struck backward desperately with her elbows and fists but it was in vain. Nubia had a very confident expression on her face for she was now gaining greater control of the shapely body of the blond princess. Sheena’s great strength appeared to be draining quickly in the powerful clutches of the strong and sensuous Black Amazon.

“I watched Nubia lower Sheena back to her knees, then quickly snap off her bra with her left hand. Poor Sheena looked nothing like the fierce Queen of the Jungle as she knelt in front of Nubia trembling, her big breasts expanding as she panted heavily. She was now naked except for her pink silk thong. She was moaning as her stronger adversary then wrapped her left bicep around her jaw. Twisting her face upwards, Nubia raised her upper body from behind until Sheena’s contorted face pressed into Nubia’s breasts. Sheena’s tongue began to cleave to the breasts of her tormentor, her will to fight being crushed out of her by Nubia’s devastating vice grip around her ribs.

“Then the shapely, dark Amazon stared into Sheena’s blue eyes wickedly as the blond trembled, her mouth partly open and drooling slightly on Nubia’s large bare breasts. Nubia sneered at her. Then reaching down with her right arm, she clamped it around Sheena’s thong. Lifting the jungle beauty slightly off her knees again after grabbing hold of and stretching her thong upwards with her right hand, the Amazon pulled Sheena into her, Sheena’s butt yanked against the front of Nubia’s python skin bottom. Her right arm now even with Sheena’s bottom, she began to ripple her forearm and hard bicep into the front of her victim’s thong. With Nubia’s left bicep locked around Sheena’s jaw and her right forearm and bicep flexing through Sheena’s skimpy covering and into her womanhood, even Cutter knew it was over. Nubia continued to sneer at Sheena, her hand clutching Sheena’s bottom at her hip while her hard, flexing bicep penetrated the front of the blond beauty’s thong.

“OOOOOOOOHHHH!” I heard Sheena moan long and deeply. I have never heard anyone moan like this before. It sounded like a long drawn out sigh or something like it and it came from her very depths. It was a very pitiful and mournful sound and I knew it was an act of submission. For no one moans from so deep within unless one feels totally conquered. It was the voice of someone who has fought with all her might, with all her being, yet is brought to the very unfortunate conclusion that it wasn’t enough, not nearly enough. Her opponent is just too strong and her body can no longer handle the pain and the pressure.

“The beautiful blond jungle princess was resigning herself to defeat at the hands of her ravishing, mighty and muscular ebony woman conqueror. But Nubia wasn’t quite satisfied. She asked, “DO YOU SUBMIT TO ME, SHEENA?”

“yessssssssssssss…” Sheena let out a long, low, moan. It was similar to the first for it was from her depths. Nubia finally released the pressure from around her lovely victim but continued to hold her. Watching Nubia, her big breasts expanding against Sheena’s teary face as she held her tightly against the front of her sensuous python skin by her sassy little thong, Nubia in total control, and Sheena fully submissive, was an incredibly erotic scene to witness. Observing intently, I felt overwhelmed!

“I watched Sheena, now able to twist her body toward her conqueror, fall into Nubia’s arms blubbering. Nubia breathed deeply as their breasts pressed into each others. Cutter and I watched Sheena bawling loudly on Nubia’s shoulder for about ten minutes before my victorious Amazon gently forced her onto her back and got to her feet. Excited, I couldn’t help running to Nubia and I threw myself in her arms!

“Standing next to the new Jungle Queen, I glanced back at Sheena who was sobbing pitifully on the jungle floor. Cutter was consoling her.

“A check will be alright, Cutter!” I shouted. For our handshake as the fight was about to begin confirmed our wager. Cutter, of course, bet on Sheena and I wagered on Nubia. The bet was $1500.00 although I’d wanted to up the stakes - but he refused. I can use the money and I am not worried about Cutter paying me.

“I had to take a good look at the former Jungle Queen, though, before I left with Nubia who was waiting impatiently. I walked close to her and knelt next to her as she sobbed in Cutter’s arms.

“I’m very sorry, Sheena,” I told her. She refused to look at me. As I spoke, I noticed a small puddle on the ground under the spot where Nubia was crushing her in her arms. Don’t know for sure if it was the result of Nubia’s rock hard bicep flexing into Sheena’s little thong or not, but the poor defeated Jungle Girl still refused to look me in the eye as I filmed. I’m sure she was too ashamed to. Cutter then looked up at me with an angry expression on his face.

“Bye Cutter,” I smiled. Then I hurried toward Nubia as she began to walk away. I had finally found out who was the stronger woman and I was not the least bit surprised!

May 8: “Nubia and I have never gotten along better. She did keep her word to Sheena and now instead of hunting, we go fishing together. But that’s fine with me. I would like to know what Sheena’s plans are though. I hope and pray she stays. I have the strongest desire to visit her and Cutter and it’s not only to collect my money. But I can’t tell Nubia for she wants nothing to do with them. She’s very stubborn. I want to continue being friends with all of them but I’m afraid to venture to Sheena’s village alone. I’m still scared of running into Shamika or her gang on the way.

“What I wouldn’t give to have Sheena move in with Nubia and I! And Cutter can visit us often as long as it isn’t TOO often. Would just love watching Nubia boss Sheena around! Sheena would look so sexy cleaning our cottage in her little thong. She’d make such a lovely jungle maid! And I’ll bet I can convince Nubia to take her over her knee and give her a good spanking if she didn’t do a good job! Oh, well! (sigh). Where there’s a will, there’s a way.....and I’ve always been an exceptional young lady when it comes to getting what I want.”

Author’s Note: This story is out of the ordinary from what I usually write. Wanted to overstress the psychological and emotional factors involved in the battle as experienced by the writer of the diary. I hope at least a few enjoyed it!