Cassie’s Diary #2 by Tank
This story could be classified as Cassie’s Diary 2 even though chronologically it takes place about 5 years before Sheena- Nubia. By “schoolgirls”, I mean women 21 years of age at the minimum. The story is written both in the 1st and 3rd persons. To keep it simple, I limited the narrative to five characters who are described below. I kept their names the same, though Bledel retains her fictional name as in her first story. The ages of those involved in the story are what they would be based on Bledel being 21 years old.

The story is written lightly and is intended to amuse if nothing else. It also may remain unfinished, at least for awhile. Have a busy schedule ahead and no clue as to the ending, but decided to post what I have. There may be little or no interest in completing this story. But anyone who might be interested is welcome to do so.

Cassandra Pussein: (Alexis Bledel,21) Cassie is down and out when she learns she must attend Middlesex Boarding School. But once she is introduced to her primary teacher, Miss Hurley, she becomes very enthused about attending. She soon develops a crush on her teacher and continually fantasizes about her in class. Miss Hurley becomes Cassie’s lovely heroine who is always dominating other women in her fantasies, especially her dreaded Vice Principal, Miss Campbell.

Jessica Simpson, (22): She is Cassie’s roommate and rival. Like her roommate, Jessica enjoys day dreaming about attractive women fighting. She also has a crush on Miss Hurley. But while Cassie dreams of her teacher as dominant, Jessica fantasizes her dominated and humiliated by other women, especially by Vice Principal Campbell. Jessica and Cassie are always bickering over who would win a fight between their teacher and Vice Principal.

Alicia Keyes, (22). A late arriving student, Alicia is very talented but has difficulty relating to the other students. She often keeps to herself. But she quickly develops high esteem for herself when the Vice Principle introduces wrestling into the curriculum. Cassie and Jessica are both planning to call in sick should they ever be scheduled to wrestle Alicia.

Elizabeth Hurley, (37): The primary teacher at Middlesex, she is sophisticated and learned. Far from a bookworm though, she enjoys the outdoors and even possesses a brown belt in judo which Cassie is very impressed with. Hasn’t practiced her judo skills in some time though and is a bit rusty. Always wears skimpy miniskirts to class and is easily given over to vanity. Elizabeth is appalled at the tactics of fear employed by Vice Principal Campbell on the students. She has a letter typed which she plans to send to the Middlesex School Board regarding Miss Campbell’s “unorthodox methods” to strike fear into her students. But for some reason, mailing the letter never gets done.

Vice Principal Naomi Campbell, (32): Miss Campbell ought to feel fortunate to be the youngest Vice Principal appointed in the history of Middlesex. She continually lobbied for the position as a recent member of the school board. Naomi would rather spend her time among young students than in stuffy meetings. She is a “hands on” Vice Principal who takes no small pleasure in spanking any student who may get out of line. It doesn’t take much to “get out of line” with Vice Principal Campbell. She also appears obsessed with Miss Hurley since she is always checking up on her.

Cassie sits alone in detention class practicing her favorite pastime: fantasizing about Miss Hurley. She often tears out pages from her notebook and secretly writes about her teacher when she really should be studying. What she is presently writing is just a variation of the same theme.

“Miss Hurley has the silkiest legs I’ve ever seen. I’m sure she would make one lovely and deadly super-spy. I imagine her on a secret government mission dressed in tight camo shorts. She is kicking and punching out enemy agents as she advances toward the enemy fortress. Vice Principal Campbell is the last enemy agent who can stop her. But Miss Hurley beats her senseless and returns victoriously from her mission! I’ll bet “Queen Elizabeth” could outfight ANY woman without exception.

“Tomorrow we are asked to stand in front of the class and ask a question regarding how long it would take light to travel a certain distance or how long it would take sound to travel around the earth. I would love to stand in front of class and ask, “How long would it take Miss Hurley to thoroughly dominate and humiliate Vice Principal Campbell?” But I’m sure Jessica would rat on me and I would find myself over the Vice Principal’s lap again. Someday Jessie and I will have it out.”

Jessica has her own fantasies about her teacher and Vice Principle which she occasionally puts to writing:

“Miss Hurley is so sexy but Vice Principal Campbell has the cutest butt I’ve ever seen. I can’t help staring at her whenever she visits our class. Sometimes I think Miss Hurley pushes us too hard. I have insinuated this to the Vice Principle. What I wouldn’t give to watch her force Miss Hurley over her lap, pull down her panties, and give her a good spanking like she would do to the rest of us. Cassie thinks she wouldn’t dare try to spank Miss Hurley but I think Miss Campbell can spank anyone she wants to.”

As the semester rolls on, Cassie continues to engage in her fantasies. Such a bright student, but barely a passing grade. She often talks in class so Miss Hurley will detain her. Cassie enjoys detention where she can be alone with her teacher. But one day while being detained, she gets careless. As she leaves her classroom for the day, she forgets to stuff her written fantasy in her notebook and it lies on her desk in full view of her teacher. It reads:

“Miss Hurley and Vice Principle Campbell are standing close to each other and talking as I write. They both look sexy in their miniskirts and I am looking closely to try to gauge who is more dominant. They are laughing and seem to be getting along fine. I wonder if they are lovers.

“During my last detention, Miss Hurley left for awhile. I went through her desk and buried in her bottom drawer was a copy of Musclewoman magazine. She subscribes to it and she must take pleasure in looking at big muscular woman. She probably fantasizes dominating them...or maybe being dominated by them. I think its for the first reason. I’ll bet she could dominate any of the big, muscular woman in the magazine with no trouble at all.

“My nipples are getting hard as I watch them standing close to each other. I find myself slipping my hand under my skirt. I would just love to see Miss Hurley strip into her panties and b###h slap Miss Campbell around the room. The Vice Principle cowers in fear as Queen Elizabeth knocks her to the floor. Then she wraps her shapely thighs around her neck from behind and screams at her, “Now don’t ever pick on Cassie again!” Miss Campbell is crying and submissive. What a coward she really is! Miss Hurley has her totally dominated! ooohhhh....I feel so aroused thinking of it...looking at them together. I better quit twitching and control myself. They think I’m studying for my exam.”

That evening Cassie skims through her notebook and is terrified to realize she left the piece of paper on her desk. Unable to sleep, she is first in class the next morning. To her great relief, she finds it on her desk as she left it. She stuffs it in her notebook.

She is unaware Miss Hurley spotted it after she left. Sitting at her desk, the teacher has mixed emotions as she reads. She feels angry at Cassie for going through her desk and finding her secret magazine. But her anger soon turns to pleasure when she reads Cassie’s fantasy of her domination of Miss Campbell. She chuckles as she reads it, a feeling of titillation coming over her.

For though she and Miss Campbell pretend to get along, just as Cassie and Jessica pretend to be friends, Miss Hurley secretly detests her Vice Principal and the feeling is mutual. The teacher slowly reads over again Cassie’s fantasy of her domination of Miss Campbell with a great deal of pleasure. She makes a copy of it and locks it in her file. Then she places the original back on Cassie’s desk. Before leaving, she reaches down into her drawer and takes her magazine home with her.

Unknown to Miss Hurley, Vice Principal Campbell had a spare key to her file and a few days later after the teacher had left for the day, she unlocked the cabinet and searched her files. Miss Campbell always tried to know everything she could about Miss Hurley and her students and in the folder with Cassie’s name on it, she soon spotted the piece of paper.

Miss Campbell enjoyed proving her dominance over others and as she read the paper, she felt an uncontrollable rage surging through her.

“What a coward she really is!” Cassie has the nerve to write of her! The Vice Principle is totally mortified by reading of herself being physically dominated by of all people, Miss Hurley!

“Revenge is a dish best served cold,” she thinks to herself. She makes a copy for herself, then returns the paper to the file and locks the cabinet. She won’t let on that she knows but at Middlesex, everyone knows more than they’re willing to share.

The next day, Miss Campbell calls Miss Hurley into her office and informs her she wishes to implement a gym class for the students. “Physical culture is very important,” she tells the teacher. “Besides, you’ve been working too hard. While I run the gym class, you can use your time as you please.”

As Miss Hurley leaves her office, the Vice Principle smiles to herself and reflects, “I’ll soon have the girls wrestling each other.” She peers out her office, spots Alicia walking down the hall and sighs, “What a sturdy young lady. The perfect match up for my ‘dear” little Cassie’!”